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The Herald's Sporting News
Every variety of fruit preserves may be had in the
Perndell line put vp in refined Sugar Syrup. The
varying temperatures and time required for pre
serving and the proportions of Sugar Syrup most
desirable for each variety of fruit, are known
exactly and Kept just right.
Pitted Bed Cherries, per jar 40c
California Apricots, per jar 40c
Yellow Crawford Peaches, per jar 40c
'Green Cage Plums, per jar . 40e
Strawberries, per jar 40c
Blackberries, per jar 40c
Plum Tomatoes, per jar 40c
Black Raspberries, per jar 40c
Sliced Quince, per jar 40c
Damson Plums, per jar 40c
mountain pare: oheeeies
This is the finest cherry yon can get for preserv
ing . It is the Large Kind. Very juicy and de
licious flavor. The supply will be limited place
your order now.
15c Per Box; $1.75 Per Dozen.
Phone 151. 210-212
As you are aware, -all -high-grade paints in the U .S. have advanced
20 to 25 cents per gallon, onving to short crop of ilax seed.
We Jxraght two cars before the raise and will still sell at our old
price, $L80 per gallon.
Tuille Paint
See Us or Write for Prices on
Hammocks, Water Bags, Tents, Cots, Durham
Duplex Razors.
and anything in the
Saddlery or Sporting Goods Line.
"Work on the exterior of the new
Look building1 started Monday morning.
The "West San Aatonlo and El Paso
Btreet fronts will be of pressed cream
brick and will be three stories high on
the two streets. The second and third
floors of the remodeled building will
Candy Special
Regular 25 Cents
a Pound
Peanut Bar
15 Cents a Pound
2Q6 N. Oreeea St. Pkons 347
The Best
We would like to
have you see our
line of
Shoes and
Before buying your
Summer Footwear
Texas St Auto 1161.
Glass Co.
be converted Into a modern rooming
house with 50 rooms fitted with indi
vidual baths and telephones.
An elderly woman with slight over
plus of avordupois, came near letting
Sunday night's G. H. train run away
without, her. When the eastbound train
stopped at the Stanton street station
she alighted from the observation car
and strolled about a dozen steps from it,
to the rear. Here she stood for several
minutes contemplating the wonders of
El Paso's plaza and business center.
Now, with that eastbound limited,
noise is a feature that doesn't develop
when the iar of its 12 car starts to
pedal it out of town. S It was in this
case. The train began slowly to creep
The woman still stared at El Paso's
glories. Then she leisurely turned as
though the Idea had just occurred to
her that the train might be getting
ready to move. It was about 40 feet
"With a loud scream that attracted ev
erybody's attention she started to run.
But. on account of her weight she
couldn't make much progress. Three
trainmen who happened to be near,
rushed to her aid and. half dragging!
half carrying her along, managed to
thrust her aboard the observation plat
form on the run.
Ask For Prices
Standard Electric Co.
107 S. Stanton St.
Both Phones
HYG-IA in the office
proves a discriminating
knowledge- of the Pure
Water question and a
desire to promote health
of employes.
Dope On Texas
Saturday and Sunday Games
Sun Antonio, Tex., June G. Before 4000 spectators, many of them rooters
from Houston, the Bnfialoes defeated the Bronchos Sunday, 5 to O. Ross was
Invincible while errors, combined with five hits got as many runs off Abies.
Ikey Pendleton, a former Broncho, started the scoring which resulted in the
defeat of his former teammates.
San Antonio Saturday defeated Galveston 7 to O. Billiard pitched. That
tells the story. On the other hand Crabble clouted hard and Alexander was
a batting hero. Out of four times up he got one tvto bagger and a home
run, which scored the runner ahead.
Waco, Tex., June 6. Houston and Waco played Saturday in a rain which
stopped the game at the sixth Inning. Xeither side scored.
Port Worth, Tex., June 0. The Oklahoma City Indians got their tomo
hawks out for the Fort Worth Panthers In the second inning Saturday and
the game was won by a score of 3 to 0. Except for this inning the game was
n fast one with both pitchers going in fine form.
Oklahoma and Fort Worth battled Sunday for 12 innings to a tie, the
score being: 3 to 3. Morris made five hits out of as many trips to the plate,
but did not connect vhen the hits meant runs. A record breaking crowd saw
the contest, which darkness stopped.
"Waco, Tex., June G. The tallenders defeated Galveston Sunday by 2 to
1. Thebo knocked one over the fence for a home run after "Williams had
been given a free pass to first, scoring two runs. This was In the eighth
inning. Gordon's failure to field a thrown ball by Thebo allowed Dundon to
score Galveston's only run.
Dnllns, Tex., June G A base on balls by Randall and errors by Maag
and Randall gave Shreveport two of its three runs Sunday on which the vis
itors won the game by 8 to 2. The contest went 10 Innings and was won when
Gardner's single and Gears' two bagger came bunched.
Dallas and Shre-veport couldn't play Saturday; rain.
By Horace
The players of the Texas league seem
more popular with the American league
than with the National league. Where
there Is one man in the latter there are
five in the former. The recruits must
be proving of value for already scouts
of the American league are working in
It looks as if Dallas would put the
rollers under Pitcher Hirsch. He has
now lost six games in succession and
those he played in have been in many
instances mere farces.
Despite all the changes in personnel,
Houston still keeps the lead by a con
siderable percentage. With Salms and
Truesdale in the line up It looks as
if the champions would have a walk
away unless -some of the teams
strengthen very materially.
Kelsey, whom Houston recently in
duced to join that team, is playing
good ball. He is clouting the horse
hair in fine shape and so far has not
made an error in fielding. He held
out a long time for an advance in Sal
ary. "Get some new pitchers" is the cry of
Dallas fans. The cry should be heeded
if the management is to stop the head
long tumble of the Giants towards the
cellar championship.
Pendleton, the old San Antonian, is
now on the bench with the Houston
team. He is being carried as a utility
player. Houston, it is understood, has
asked other -teams for an offer for his
services. He played with Waco earlier
in the season.
Storch, left fielder for Dallas, is keep
ing up his reputation as a hard hit
ter anda heady ball player despite the
poor showing made by his team mates.
In addition to his record as a pitcher,
Durcke of the Indians, is getting a rep
utation as pinch hitter. He was sent
in the other day to bat for a fellow
player and lined out a three bagger
which won the game.
Not a single one of the Texas leag
uers is showing well in the Southern
league this year. Usually this league
has a number of them. The big lea
gues got the pick last year and noth
ing was left for the Southern except
some second choices and these have not
been doing exceptionally well.
After being temporarily smothered
the movement for wafting Shreveport
and Okahoma City from the Texas lea
gue has been renewed. This comes as
Seattle, Wash., June 6. For the sec
ond time within a few months, members
of the 25th Infantry of the United States
aimy, (the negro regiment of Browns
ville, Tex., fame) were paraded before
a woman today In an effort to pick out
a criminal.
The result so far has been negative -as
"was the case in the first affair.
Mrs. J. W. Redding, the woman who
claims she was attacked in her home
Saturday night by a negro dressed as a
soldier, was unable to identify any of
the soldiers.
It was impossible to parade all the
soldiers before Mrs. Redling Sunday as
a number of then acted as escort at
the funeral of Maj. John S. Kulp, but
the inspection will be continued to
Traveling eastward for his first view
of the country's metropolis, Wau Kin
Fong, a wealthy Chinese merchant of
San Francisco, passed through El Paso
Saturday night over the Southern Pa
cific bound for a four months' tour of
the east.
With his native wife, he occupied a
compartment in a tourist car. But it
was Feng's baby boy, about two years
old, who attracted the attention. The
baby paraded about upbh the confines
of the car seat, took In everything
through his funny little eyes, crowed
his delight in the Celestial dialect and
modestly received the numerous atten
tions lavished upon him by the Ameri
can tourists in the car.
Fong and his wife both speak Eng
lish fluently, and he says the baby shall
have the best of American education
when old enough. Fong was one of
the few merchants of 'Frisco who ral
lied from the effects of the earthquake
sufficiently to rebuild his place of bus
iness in Chinatown upon a better scale
than formerly.
is the only fit description for the
man or woman who is crippled with
rheumatism. Just a fev rheumatic
twinges may be the forerunner of a se
ver attack stop the trouble at the start
with Ballard's Snow liniment. Cures
the rheumatism and all pain. Price 2oc.
30c and $1.00. Sold by all druggists.
League Games
Special "Wire to The Herald.
H. Shelton.
a result of the rumor that Oklahoma
City is figuring on breaking Into the
Western league. The new plan calls
for strictly a Texas league. Temple
and some favor giving Austin another
,and some favor giving Ausin another
trial. It -is very probable that this will
be the case during the coming season.
It is possible that Dallas may secure
pitcher Crabble from the Galveston
team. A deal has been on for some time
and it 'now looks bright for an ex
change. Newman is already being roasted by
the St. Louis newspapers. His errors
were by no means pleasing to the fol
lowers of the game.
Shelton played for Dallas In a recent
exhibition game with Ennis. He did
not show much form, as he made four
Waco has hired a pitcher named Max
on from, the Peacocks, an amateur team
of Fort Worth. He is said to be a fast
Pitcher Eubanks Is on his way to join
the Houston team and will soon be seen
in action.
Louis Drucke is still in the limelight.
He struck out 11 men and won a 10
Inning game between New York and
Philadelphia. The beautv of Drucke's
game was that he won it himself with a
pinch ait at the proper time.
It is awful the slump that the Dallas
team has taken. The fans of that city
have- set up a roar, which is right and
proper, and it looks like the near
champions would have to take a hitch
to themselves and get busy with new
Stinton, outfielder for San Antonio, is
making a record as a batter. He is
about the best pinch hitter on the team.
He has probably scored as many runs
in critical periods of the game as any
man in the league.
Conoway is doing good work on the
initial sack for Waco. The Individual
members of the team are all good. Gor
don, who is one of the best organizers
in the league, does not seem to be get
ting the work out of the team that has
usually been the case.
Coyle, first baseman for Fort Worth,
is doing some good work. He is a hard
worker when his team is dragging be
hind. It takes that kind of a man to
Cananea, Son., Mex., June 6. Umpire
Jack Goyheneix has been released by
Vic Walling, . captain of the umpires.
This announcement does not occasion
any surprise because it has been half
expected for the past three weeks.
The reason Is not that he is unquali
fied to officiate at a game ball, but
that he hasn't the makeup of a man who
can command respect of the players.
Jack is small, and because he is built
under.size he is jumped upon by every
man who doesn't like his decisions.
Jack Is recognized as a good fellow,
square as a die, who renders his de
cisions as he sees the plays. Some be
lieve he made a great mistake bv not
arming himself with a .45 Colts and
club when he officiated at his first
Goyheneix is succeeded by C. de Wig
gin, who hails from Las Cruces. N. M.
Within two minutes from the time
an alarm was telephoned to central sta
tion Monday morning, the automobile
fire engine had reached The Herald
building and 'had a line of hose Into
the basement There was no fire. A
clogged flue caused a stove in the res
taurant in the basement of the building
to fill the room with smoke. Tom
Conklfn did good work as a volunteer
fire policeman In keeping the crowd
About 200 people tooK part in the
first Sunday excursion to Cloudcroft.
They left here at 8 oclock Sunday morn
ing and got back about 11 at night.
They report that a recent storm blew
down the new hotel in process of con
struction at High P.olls, on the Cloud
croft line near Mountain Park.
Irrigation Consrress Procrnm.
Pueblo, Colo., June 6. The boards of
control and governors of the loth na
tional irrigation congress to be held
in Pueblo Sept. 26-30 next, Sunday
began a two days' session outlining
the program and completing prepara
tions. Features of the program will
be Ave minute discussions On general
reform and home making, with re
valuation and kindred topics asso
Scores Six Euns and Shuts
Out the Boys From the
Other Gamp.
Clifton, Ariz., June 6. A shutout was
what Morenci handed to the Clifton
club Sunday afternoon. Getting to Clif
ton's two crack pitchers, Clifford and
Abbott, Morenci hammered out 11 hita
TT-hioVi ncrcw,VAfI six runs. The fielding
of the locals was also ragged at times, !
there being five errors cnaiKea against
the boys from this side of the "moun
tain, ilerritt pitched for Morenci and
allowed but three hits, none of which
were score getting ones.
The score:
R. H. E.
Morenci 6 11 2
Clifton 0,3 5
Batteries: For Morenci, Merrltt and
Hoffman; for Clifton, Clifford, Abbott
and Crittenden.
4 By Art "Wood.
Xational League.
Cincinnati at Brooklyn.
Pittsburg at Boston.
Chicago at Philadelphia.
St. Louis at New York.
American League.
Washington at Detroit.
Philadelphia at Cleveland.
New York at St. Louis.
Boston at Chicago.
Texas League.
Dallas at Fort Worth.
Galveston at Waco.
Oklahoma City at Shreveport.
Houston at San Antonio.
National Lea true.
Played. Won. Lost. Pet.
Chicago 38 25 13 .60S
New York 40 25 15 .625
Cincinnati 37 19 18 .514
Pittsburg 36 1J3 18 .500
St. Louis 41 20 21 .483
Brooklyn 41 19 22 .463
Philadelphia 36 14 22 .389
Boston 41- 15 26 .366
American League.
Played. Won. Lost. Pet.
New York 36 25
Philadelphia 38 26
Detroit 42 26
Boston 38 21
Cleveland 34 15
Washington 40 17
Chicago 34 12
St. Louis 38 S
Cactus League.
P. W.
Bisbee ... .' 12 S
Morenci J. . . . 9 6
El Paso 14 7
Douglas 16 8
Cananea 14 5
Clifton 9 3
11 .694
12 .684
16 .619
17 .553
19 .441
23 .425
22 .353
30 .211
L. Pet.
4 .667
3 .667
7 .500
8 .500
9 .357
6 .333
No more "rough-housing" and coaching-
from the sidelines in basketball. The
collegiate rules committee, "which met in
New" York 'Sunday, drew the lines more
taut and next season four personal
fouls, instead of five, will be sufficient
to disqualify a player.
The Latonla Derby was, contested to
day at the opening of the spring meet
ing of the Latonia Jockey club. The
meeting is scheduled to run until July 9.
W. K. Vanderbilfs Oversight added a
drop to his master's bucket Sunday at
Parte. Oversight finished second in the
Trlx Hedouvllle, a ten-furlong affair.
The race was run on the Chantil y
Detroit's picking up. Three straight
from Philadelphia has just about brok
en the Quakers' winning streak which
has been the sensation of the big
leagues since the opening of their sea
son. Stroud, the Tiger find, must uo
some twirler. Sunday he let the Ath
letics down with four hits and not al
lowing a base on balls.
Those four motor boats, Berneyo,
Caliph, Caroline and TUya, making a
race from Philadelphia to Havana and
return to Atlantic city, are now on their
final lap homeward bound. They passed
Key West yesterday. The Cuban cutter
Gypsy was with them.
That automobile owned and operated
by "Mistah Johnslng" seems bound to
get hhu into trouble. He's faced courts
all over the land for exceeding the
speed limit, now It's the innocent cause
of the scrap with his manager, so the
champion says. Little didn't like It be
cause Jack took another man out
Donau, winner of the Kentucky derby,
at Louisville, will carry top weight, 127
pounds, in the Latonio big event. Joe
Morris, Boola Boola and Royal Report,
also entered, will be asked to accept 117
pounds as an Impost. Gallant Pirate
will carry 114 and Milton B. will have
the least heft, having been allotted 111
When Corbett and Joe Choynski
boxed at Jeffrless' training camp Sun
day, it's said their pace was awfully
slow. Choynski was apparently fresh
at the finish but the former champion
was badly winded. Yet he wants to fight
Bushels and bushels of joy. The St.
Louis Browns kicked in with a victory
Sunday, amidst the gasps of the half
fainting populace. Seems as though It's
the first one in many moons.
President Navin, of the Detroit team,
announces that pitcher Frank Browning
has been released by Detroit to San
San Fraucisco, Cal., June 6. Catcher
Orendorff, of the Los Angeles team of
the Coast league, was struck in the
head by a pitched ball during the morn
ing game with Oakland Sunday and was
injured so badly that he may die. He
was taken to an Oakland hospital suf
fering with concussion of the brain.
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Rayjiolds, ac
companied by Mr?. Jefferson Raynolds,
of Las Vegas, N. M., have gone to Cali
fornia and other parts of the west on
a month's vacation trip. While away
the party will visit Yellowstone Na
tional park and will also spend some
time with the family of Mrs. Raynolds's
brother In Portland. Or
New Arrivals in
Linen Suits
Specially Priced for This
Week's Selling
It would- be impossible to quote
lower prices than those noted below
on high quality linen suits. These 0
have just arrived and all the latest
summer models are represented. ,
By reason of the fact that
York buyer succeeded in securing a
special price concession on these
suits, we are enabled to feature
them this week. Three lots, as fol
lows :
$10 Linen Suits $6.95
$12.30 Linen Suits $7.95
$15 Linen Suits $10.95
m L ,&&am
L )
When the Savior said "Occupy till I come," he meant for his people In EI
Paso to take this city for Christ. Rev. m T. Hanks ttt Cnlvarr Baptist
Satan's favorite agent for banishing love from the earth and kind 11ns is
Its place the hell fire of suspicion, distrust a&d hatred Is a slanderous tongue.
Rev. C. O. Beckman at First Methodist church.
Jesus Christ vra the first to teach the truo fatherhood of God and the
brotherhood of man, the great fundamental doctrines o Christianity. Rev.
Robert Bruce Smith at First Baptist church.
If vre are not Trilling to go to heaven according to God's plan, verj- fefT,
If any, of us vfould set there, If a half dozen other alternatives were offered.
Rev. Charles jL. Overstreet at First P resbyterian church.
Truly there is nothing: nevr under t he sun, and I say unhesitatingly, that
there Is no ism of modern times, which has not under some form or other,
been met, answered and disqualified by the ancient church. Rev. Henry
Easter at St. Clement's Episcopal church.
Individuality Is a force, a power, an
and form the multitude, acordlng to the
use to God until we give Him ourselves
to give the Lord some other man. Rev.
Many people are troubled about the miracles of Jesus; It is because they
see them singly; they are each part of a greater whole and each falls Into the
rythmic march of a life that cannot be measured "by the figured lines of
mathematicians. Rev. Perry J. Rice, First Christian church.
A man's reputation is an Inestimably precious possession, something
which no man can purchase with gold or gems, but which he comes to own only
after years of earnest, thonghtful devotion to duty and the most conscientious,
self sacrificing labor, and It is a mean, vicious, dastardly act to rob him of
it. Kenneth Brown, East El Paso Presbyterian churuch.
In this night of agony, we have a full representation of mankind a Lord
to pray, a Judas to betray, a Peter to deny, a John to abide faithful to his
mnster, to my mind a true picture of enr day, a Lord to pray, "He ever liveta te
make Intercession," a Judas to betray, a Peter to deny, and loving John whs
still abides faithful. Rev. A. J. 3IcElwain, Houston Square Baptist church.
1 s s
Churches to Hold Sunday
Evening Preaching in
Cleveland Square.
The pastors of the various Protestant
churches have a plan on foot to hold
union services every Sunday evening at
Cleveland square.
The first of these" meetings will b
the patriotic service to be held on
July third and it Is planned to con
tinue them throughout the summer
months. If this Is abandoned then some
of the churches will close Sunday
evenings and hold no services.
Houston Square Baptist Church.
In spite of the dust storm which was
raging Friday evening, the monthly
covenant meeting of the Houston
Square Baptist church was well at
tended. The pastor. Rev. A. J. Mc
Elwaln, his flock think is peculiarly
gifted as a leader of prayer meetings
and covenant meetings.
Notes of Trinity Methodist.
The home missionary society meets
Monday at 3.30 p. m. in the parlors
of Trinity church
The Wednesday night prayer meet
ing will be conducted by the board o
stewards and following the meeting
there will be a social hour during which
light refreshments will be served.
St. Clement's Summer Services.
The Sunday evening services at St.
Clement's have been discontinued for
the summer.
The Men's Bible class meets at .
church Monday evening.
Rev. Henry Easter, the pastor, will
leave Tuesday morning to establish
his family at Cloudcroft and will re
turn to the city Friday.
Children nt First Christian.
Sunday evening the regular annual
children's exercises were held at the
First Christian church.
The Christian Endeavor society meets
Monday evening.
The Woman's Missionary society
meets Thursday at the home of its pres
ident, Mrs. P. J. Rice at 915 Lee street.
Entertainment nt Cnlvnry Baptist.
The Woman's Aid society will hold a
social session at Calvary Baptist church
Tuesday at 3:30 p. m.
TAere will be a business meeting of
the congregation Wednesdaevening at
The Sunshine society will give a lit
our New A
agency which can be used to shape
divine Trill; we are therefore of ne
completely; too many of hs are trying
C. S. Wright, at Trinity Methodist
erary and musical entertainment Fri
day evening.
No Sleeting at First Methodist.
While the regular Wednesday night
prayer meeting will be held at the First
Methodist church, there will be no other
meetings during the week.
Special Sermon, First Presbyterian.
Rev. Charles L. Overstreet has an
nounced a special series of- Sunday
evening sermons for the month of June
at the First Presbyterian church on
"The Great Hymns of the Church." The
first was "Christian Unity or Our Com
mon Hymnology." On June 12 "Hymii3
of Homage." On June 19, "Great Mis
sionary Kynms." June 26, "Hymns of
Our Country." The choir and vngrt. -gation
will sing a. number of these
hynms as they are discussed by the
The Aid society mee. Tuesday after
noon at 3 oclock.
The church session meets Tuesday
evening at which time a meeting- of the
trustees will also ?e held.
The regular Wolno-Tlay evening biDle
class will be led by E. B. Elfers.
The First Baptist Notes.
The Women's Missionary society
meets Tuesday afternoon at 3 oclock at
the First Baptist church, the subject to
be discussed being "South America."
Those leading the discussion will be
Mrs. Ashton and Mrs. St. Clair.
The advisory committee will meet at
the church Tuesday evening at S oclock.
Y. TV. C. A. Meeting.
The board of directors of the Y. W.
C. A. will hold its regular monthly
meeting Thursday morning at 10 oclock
at the rooms of the association in Tho
Herald building.
Thousands of people throughout
Texas and the South have been perma
nently cured by Imperial Eczema
The product is a nice, clean liquid,
made from sruch well-known antiseptics
as wintergreen, carbolic acid, chloral
hydrate, etc Tho liquid penetrates the
skin, opens the pore3, goes down to the
very roots of the trouble and purifies
the diseased parts. It Immediately
stops all kchlng and pain, you feel
soothed and refreshed. It soon leaves
the skin perfectly normal, purer soft
and white, and the trouble will never
return again.
If your druggist hasn't Imperial Ec
zema Remedy in stock and will not get
It for you, mail us $1 and we will send
you a bottle by express, charges pre
paid. Imperial Medicine Co., Houston,

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