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El Paso, Texas,
Tuesday Evening,
June 7, 1910 12 Pages
All the News
Herald Prints It First
White It's Fresh.
ill jl 'J J H 111 Ll H IH 1 1 Li
Tells British That America
And England Face the
Very Same Danger.
It Is the Treachery Within
That Hurts Free People
Must Master Selves.
Oxford, England, June 7. Former
rres?dent Theodore Roosevelt was the
Sliest of Oxford today. He delivered a
i lecture at the uni
versity of Oxford,
of the corporation
tion by the mayor
there was a recep-
known. FirsC
made the fact
president and
see the former
of Civil Laws. Ox-
legree of Doctor
him the honorary
pnnf0r,i o n
and the university
at the town hall, a big- audience sing-
ins, "For He's a Jolly 5ood Fellow,
when Mr. Roosevelt appeared.
Mr. Roosevelt made hurried visits to
leadlnsr collesrians and to nlaces of his-
t.K -interest. He ?ws entertained a.t 4
luncneon oy tne American ciud leaving
afterward for the Speldonian theater
where his lecture was delivered.
The Speeck.
Col. Roosevelt took as the subject of
his lecture 'Biological Analogies in
History." Col. Roosevelt said:
"Rome fell by attack from -without,
ily because the ills- within her own
bordecs had grown .incurable. "What is j
true of your country, 'my hearers, Is i
true of my own; while we should be '
vigilant against foes from without, yet
ne Wp safeemard ourselves asrainst the I
M'jvttfrf JBBWtocTsrMF
enemies within our own households; managers estimate the plurality of fcam
and these enemies are our own passions t'el Fired for governor to be 10,000 or
and follies. Free peoples can escape j 12,000.
being- mastered by others only by be- j Insurgent managers claim that Gov.
ing able to master themselves. We 1 Vessey's renomination is assured by 10,
Americans, and you people of the Brit- J 000. Thev also are confident of the vic
Ish Isles, alike, need ever to keep in tory of the entire insurgent state con
m,nd that, among the many qualities ; gressional ticket.
indispensable to the success of a great j
democracy, and second only to a high i GTtf- ATYfYPnY T.d TT7CTniT!"PT?
OTir? ctorn :ancn nf rJlltx r mnml olfcli
gotion are self knowJedge and self I
Is Radical Democrat
"You. mv hosts, and I may not agreft '
in all our views; some of you would
.... .i
tiinlc me a very raaical democrat a
for the matter of that, I am; and my
Ihporv of ImDerialism would nrobably i
- j a.- s r ,1 j. . 111. m '
smt ine ami-imperiaiists a-s jilcjc a jjih.i n-vun-nuf; "i ji suu ue uia
It would suit a certain type of forci- ' charged- It is thought that owinr to
ble feeble Imperialist But there are the precautions which have been taken
some points on -which -we must all agree on both sides of the line to prevent the
If w0 think soundly- The precise form disease, no spread will occur in Juarez,
of government, democratic or other- at least.
wise, is the Instrument, the tool, with Juarez officials are no lontrer demand
nhich we work. It is important to have , jnrr vaccination certificates from persons
a good tool. But, even if it is the . entering that citv from El Paso.
best possible, it is only a tool. No ira- j I!
plement can ever take the place of the BROTHERHOOD ELECTS
guiding intelligence that wields It. A ;
very bad tool will ruin the work of the j
best craftsman; but a good tool in bad j
hands is no better. In the last analy
sis the all Important factor in national
greatness is national character.
. strong forces at worn. j
"There are questions that we of the j
great civilized nations are ever tempted
to ask of the future. Is our time of j
growth drawing to an end? Are we as
nations soon to come under the rule
of that great law of death which is it
self but part of the great law of life?
None can teil. Forces that iie can see
and other forces that are hidden or
that can but dimly be apprehended are
at work all around us, but for good
and for evil. The grorrth in luxury, In
love of ease, in taste for vapid and friv
olous excitement, is both evident and j
"The most ominous sign is the di- j
minution in the birth rate, and the rate !
of natural increase, now to a larger or j
leFer degree shared by most of the
civilized nations of central and western
Europe, of America and Australia; a
diminution so great that if it con
tinues for the next century at the rate J
which has obtained for the last 25
years, all the more highly civilized peo-
(Continued on Page Two.)
New York, June 7. It is reported here that the Phelps-Dodge company is
seeking to control the copper market.
The extension of Its El Paso & Southwestern line from Tucfcon to tide
water Is Intended to enable the company to dictate terms to the proposed mer
ger, it Is declared.
Are After Berths in Iowa
and Have Faith in Land
ing the Whole Thing.
Des Moines, la., June 7. Tire "stand
patters" and "insurgents" of the Repub
lican -party are locking horns in Iowa
toda3r. Both the Democrats and Repub
licans -will nominate state and congres
sional candidates today in. the primar
ies, but interest centers almost solely in
the Republican factional fight.
The slogan of the "progressives" is She
endorsement of the state's insurgent rcy-
resentatives at w ashington. The "stal-
I warts" are for party regularity as rep-
( resented by congressman Hull of Des
rrw:T10c -md rnriovpss'mn'n Smith. Judre
prouty js fighting aeamst Hull m the
iJi. -p-5. ?A y,a a.ir k
.Lfea a.u.uiiics yi.iaui.iK.it nuu. unv. vanj ....,
, s ver-v harr- .
! Progressives Win.
I Congressmen Picicett, Hanghen, Good,
' Kendall and Hubbard, all 'progressives,
I are almost certain of renomination.
u" -"""""'""" ..
J in most or tne distnots ngnt voiiug
is reported, as unravoraiDie oveatner pre-
j vailed. i
Gubernatorial Fight.
' Tn flip rnhprnntnrin1 fi"ht Gov. B. ?.
- Carroll and Warren Garst, his opponent.!
elaim maiorities of from 25,000 to 40,
000. Gov. Carroll claims to be running , , ., ., , , . .
on his record as business mana26r of the terda afternoon the representatives of
state, despite efforts made to make him -western trunk lines agreed to with
stand as a 'stalwart Republican" cindi- draw all increases in freight rate to
date m a national sense, barst has been
referred to as the "nrofrressive" Itermbli
i , nrii-iofp InrmOv he-misp senator j
; Quxnming as spoken "in his behalf. i
South Dakota Fight
Pierre, S. D., June 7. South Dakota
insurgents and stalwart Republicans are '
nchtmg ror supremacy at the primary
election today. The stalwart campaign
"-' J'A ' ' '"" K ill i J J-WAtl
According to reports of the Juarez
health department, no more cases of
smallpox have been found. At the erup
4i-f n r?m4-n I J. rt rr wr -P-vj. -u irt-,- ,n,1
T.-,rt !. vnsrTTrmrr iI -m.,11 .An. T- ??a
I International lodge of Fraternal
Brotherhood, No. 690, elected officers
j and gave a dance Mondaj night at
j Fraternal Brotherhood hall. The offi
i cers elected are:
uce Alderete, president; Manuel E.
Fiores. past president; C. Aguirre, vice
president; F. G. Alderete. treasurer;
Carlos Ainslie, chaplain; Eva Forgan,
secretary; E. Martinez, mistress-at-
arms; J. J. Fiores, sergeant-at-arms;
S. Porros, inside guard; Miguel Del
Hierro, outside guard.
Suffering from the intense heat, Jo
seph Gottleib, 213 West Overland street,
created some excitement in the Hotel
Sheldon lobby yesterday, giving rise to j
me rumor mat ne naa gone insane. He
paced about the rotunda, muttering dn-
coherently, although what portion of his
discourse was heard dealt -with the
court of Louis XV, and the fact that
dogs should not be allowed in public
places. Gottleib was removed to his
lodging p'ace and has now regained his
Charles N. Bassett has returned form
California, where he has been on a
business trip.
S. ! "c uiouii-ji mtiiT cu c in: uabicuu. .Ill I ,, " , . . , , , ,
i ot wnom naa smallpox Detore there was 1 " , ." i"ui'u .. .i.....
anv quarantine. AKnother patient is . !''lu wcc" ?i - jomaj .....
Will Withdraw Suit and the
Railroa'ds Will Withdraw
Bates and Await New Law
"Washington, D. C, June 7. By a vote
of 155 to 162 the house rejected the mo
tion of Lenroot of "Wisconsin to accept
the senate amendments to the railroad
bill and make the section affecting in
creases in rates effective immediately
upon approval of the new law. The bill
now goes to conference- Speaker Can
non appcinted Mann of Illinois, "Wagner
of Pennsylvania, and Adamson of Geor-
t gia, as the house conferees.
j Mr. Taft today sent a message to j
j congress in which he recommended that
i ai, i , ; i. ... ..iij -i.:n i.:t.
-,,-,,, .
gives the interstate commerce commis-
. . . ... .
sion power to investigate ana suspend
increased rates filed bv a railroad be
modified so as to take effect immediate- j
ly upon signing of the act. This will i
... .. . . .. .
4UUW "" niwmm.u i.ic imvaw
will uphold their new rates until then,
rhp commission can nnw take nn t.h
matter without court interference.
Rates Suspended.
At. f.Tip cnnffT-pnfA wiHi "Jr. 'TVi-tf toi.
await the operation of the new railror?
t .
law. On this understanding president
Taft announced that the injunction suit
would be withdrawn when the new rale
law goes into effect and the commission
1 will pass upon the new rates.
Presidents Brown or the New York
Central and McRea of the Pennsylvania
road, representing' eastern and central j
lines, went into conference this aiter
noon with president Taft to ratify, it is
believed, the agreement outlined yester
day. Market Recovers.
Xew York, June 7. The stock mar
ket showed a "violent transformation from
the demoralized weakness of yester.Iay
and prices jumped in even greater dis
order than attended the' slump of yes
terday. The news that the dispute btv
house conierence threw the uncorrs-i
foears into a panicky condition and they
scrambled wildl for stocks.
For the concert by the Municipal
band from 7:30 to 9:?0 tonight in Cleve
land square. Following is the program:
March "Blaze of Glory . . . .Holzmann
Overture "Stradella" Flotow-
Waltzes "Love Dreams" Fahrbach
"Reminiscences of Verdi" ..... .Tobani
Overture "The Beautiful Galathea"
"Paraphrase on a German Melody"
I.. Nesvaldba
Mexican serenade "Adoraclon"
Coronation -march Meyerbeer
Jose Lagunas was arrested Tuesday
and delivered to the immigration
apthorities. He was deported on a for
mer occasion.
That neither Watts water or anesa
water are dangerous to health is the
declaration of professor Henry W. Har
per, of the University of Texas, who
was appointed by federal judge T. S.
Maxey to analyze it. He says there is
no danger in drinking them and that
mesa water after it is pumped, deterior
ates and becomes unpalatable, more
rapidly .than the Watts water. x
He says tHere is great danger from
contamination in the open reservoirs of
the city and says also that the sunlight
striking the water causes a growth of
plant life that gives the water a bad
In taking samples for analysis, he
found more bacteria in some of -the
hydrants, especially that at the city
hall, than he found in he water taken
from the wells and reservoirs.
The feport has been filed in federal
i Itween the srovernment and the raihvads
West Texas Does Not
g mi . aJM VI H Cf'v3 y4 . ,-,adbpBn-T wr . Jp-, . . . ,
Aluine. Texas, hirh school, now
school buildings in Texas. The Alpine
Washington, D. C, June 7 Formal charges affnin.it senator WJHinm I,o
rimer, of Illlnoit, were laid before the senate today by his colleague, senator
Cnllom. 'The nrceeedinp; was the presentation of r.mcmorlcl by Clifford W
Barnes, of Chicago. president of the Illinois Legislative Voters' League, em
bodying charges of bribery of members of the Illinois legislature.
The memorial was referred without comment to the committee on privi-
i loses and elections.
t-jttstto tit tjaoa
. --
ttt-t-ct-ct tttt t c TXTTCT"? A Tvm
A. Kent, Former South
western Employe, Shot
at Tucumcari.
Tucumcari, N. M., June 7. Mrs. Irene
Kent, of this city, shot and killed her
husband, A. Kent, in a Quarrel Jsere.
The ball entered his head near the right
ear and lodged above the left eye, kill
ing him instantly.
The body was taken to the Koch em
balming parlors, where an inquest is
being held. At a preliminary hearing,
MrA. Kent waived examination.
Jealousy is assigned as the cause of
the killing.
Mr. and Mrs. Kent came to Tucum
cari from El Paso about a year ago.
Kent at one time was an employe of
the E. P. & S. "W. railway.
Waco. Tex., June 7. J. S. Ab
bott, food commissioner of the
state, in pursuance of a canjr
paign against alleged violators
of the Texas statute, caused the
filing of five complaints here
this morning charging the use
of injurious preservatives in
sausage. It is said other prose
cutions will follow soon.
I j
Tex., June 7. Rains which I
began yesterday, continued last night
over the lower Panhandle, in some
places reaching near flood proportions.
Reports received here this morning
say the general effect will be of great j
benefit to crops
Washington, D. C,June 7. Gen. Estrada, the Nlcaraguan chief, has ap
pealed to the Cartago court of justice asking Its Influence to obtain from
president Madrid a reply to his offer of March 14, proposing that the United
States mediate between th3 tvro that an election be held for president at
which neither Estrada nor Madis shall be a candidate.
New Orleans, L,a., June 7. Consul erenerul Suxsman, of the Estrada govern
ment, cabled from Blucfields this morning that Estrada and Madrix viere ar
ranging a conference for the purpose f f footing pence. According to a state
ment this afternoon, negotiations between the chiefs opened yesterday.
ourt. After a preliminary statement
concerning his appointment and his trip
to El Paso, professor Harper says:
Taking the Samples.
During the afternoon, accompanied
by Dr.,F. H. Thatcher, city bacteriolo
gist, a more extended reconnalsance
was made, and sample- of water for
bacteriological study were secured by
standard methods from the following
Sample A Water from Watts well.
Sample B Water from "Settling"
Sample C Water from "Suction" tank
Sample D Water from Rio Grande
river a short distance above Watts well.
Sample R Water from reservoir.
Sample T Water from tap at city
The samples of water were promptly I
nearing completion. One of the costliest
Normal school will be held there this
Overruled in Contention
That Only Federal Court
Can Hear Case.
Chicago. III.. June 7. Representative
O'Neil Browne, Democratic leader
j In ' the Illinois legislature, accused- of
bribing fellow
legisltors in the elec
tion of United States senator Lorimer,
was today refused freedom on a writ of
habeas corpus.
Judge Scanlan denied the plea that
only a federal tribunal has power to
try such a case. An anneal front the
decision -will hft nunrri thl aftomnnn.
Meantime judtre Scanlan remanded
Rrowno to the cu.f-odv nf dfnntv shr
! iff Peters.
Vernon. Tex., June 7. Several thou-
sand dollars damage was caused by a
wind and rain storm here last night.
The fire wall of Perkins's dry aroods
store was smashed. Welton's store was
unroofed. Considerable other damage
of a minor nature was done in various
parts of the cit5
The buildings mentioned were flooQ-
ed with water.
Belton. Tex., June 7. Over a hundred
divorce cases are on the docket for the
une term of the district court, which
has opened here. This is the largest
number ever known in Bell county.
Richard Warren, Southwestern gener
al agent at El Paso, has returned from
taken to the laboratory at the city hall
e i i o,"4"". rx ir"""-"'!"1:
r ... j-.u...! .,(. , ,, luuiua litClUSU !
agar, tn fcmnn fermentation tubes con
taining dextrose broth, and In Hun
ham's( solution, then placed in art in
cubator and maintained at a tempera
ture of 37.5 Centigrade through succes
sive periods of 24 hours, 48 hours, 72
hours, 96 hours, and, in some instances,
120 hours. At the end of each of these
periods the growth of each sample was
studied and the number of colonies of
bacteria recorded. The results are
shown in Exhibit A.
The Mesa "Water.
The forenoon of Tuesday, April 12,
was devoted to a study of the wells
and the reservoir on the Mesa, and to
securing samples of the water and of
(Continued on Page Nine.)
& " 19 1 ilSlli 11
UlilU I w UL i
Maya Indians and Spaniards
Rise in States of Yucatan
and Campeche.
Xeiv Orleans, La., June 7. Advices re-
' eclxed late last night by the Texas Zfevr.
j Service bureau from Mexico City sfcow
that as a result of an uprising' of 10,000
Maya Indians In Yucatan, not les than
1300 Including iroir.fn and chlldres have
been killed In the last six days
Bands attacked the cities of Miguel,
Cbnxnl and Valla dolid.
Mexican gunboats save Tjeen ordered
to land an armed force at Sarxall.
Mexico City, June 7. Dissatlsfactioa
vrith the Mexican regime in Yncatan
and Campeche has resulted In an upris
ing In thete territories in southera Mex
ico of Indians and Spaniards. Twenty
five Inhabitants of the town of Valla
dolid are reported slaughtered by the
recIixiionixtK nud a number of Mexican
troops have been killed in the garrison,
vhile plantations ovrned by the Mexican
officials haie been laid In vraste over a
large section of country and many of the
officials Ih Isolated regions have been
killed. Especiali3- were the plantations
of Mexican official made to suffer.
Thousand of revolutionists are re
ported as Ib "arms.
The Spaniards and Indians f the two
territories have been opposed to the
Mexican government for years, as their
section- of the eountry wai at one time
an Independent dependency of Spain.
The natives of these territories did not
rise in arms against the mother country
when Hidalgo led the revoilt of the Mex
ican:, but they were later conquered by
the Mexicans, but .have been In almost
constant revolt since that time. The
Maya Indians bave always beea Ih re
volt and at present, from meager re
ports from the scene, the Indians are
the principal fighters In the uprising,
! thonsrh they are led by the Spaniards
IThe Maya have been slvlng the Mex
ican troopx tronble for yenrs especially
.' In the Isolated regions, and the dissat-
isflcd Spaniards, vrho hate the rule of
j Diaz because he Is" of Aztec blood, arc
i bcfileved to have vrorked thcwi Into
! their nresent frenxy. It Is known that
many Spaniards are concerned in the- I
I nresent uprising nnu it is siatea at
the lenders of the revolutionists In the
more thickly populated regions are
Spaniards, althongh the interior depre
dations are entirely those of Indians.
The country is Isolated and the Mexi
can troops In the region are In most
cases convicts and almost worthless for
array duty. It Is the policy of the Mexi
can government to send convicts to'the
ho't country" In the army In punishment
for crimes, ancJ so many of them have
been sacrificed In the half hearted,
sanguinary conflicts with the Mayas,
that there Is little sympathy for the
government among the ordinary class of
?ilexlcans at home. The country Is fever
ridden and miasmatic and soldiers die
In isrge nrvnbers when merely confined
to the barracks.
Mexican soldiers liave been ordered
to the affected region from several
quarters, but as transportation facijl-
J ties are poor, their arrival will be slow.
House Committee Makes io
Report on Anti-Gambling
Washington, D. C-. Juno 7. Unless
there is a change in the attitude of the
j administration forces of the house rep
resentative ocott s Din. proniDiting tne
dtallng in cotton futures will not be
considered at this session of con
gress. This was determined this morning
when the house committee on rules, of
which congressman John Dalzell, of
j Pennsylvania, K chairman, declined to f
make a report on the resolution or even
ccnsiaer tne measure.
The bill is one In which the south Is
greatly Interested and in behalf of the
passage, the Farmers union made a
great effort. It is not believed the I
stand pat Republicans will yield. j
' I
adjustors are "here from r
lias. aj.ust the lft the
J J3
Welch & Co. stock, which was de-
stroyed by fire and water last week.
Austin, Tex., June 7. The preliminary report of the condition of crops by
the department of agriculture this morninsr' shown the cotton acreage increas
ed In 23 count Ism and decreased In 14. Cora hrs Increased in 43 and decreased
in 11. The total cotton increase Is per cent. The condition Is unchanged to
slightly better. Wheat and corn are decidedly improved.
The grain acreage increased 120 percent.
Half the Town in Ruins and
Twenty Persons Known to
Be Dead in Debris.
Town After Town Suffers
and Populace, Driven Into
Streets, Is Praying.
Naples, Italy, Jhhc 7 Hsavr earth
quake shocks cansed. a xuafecr et
deaths and much, damage to ynaper;
In central Campania early -todaTalie
delsturbanc appears to havtf""ceaar&
In the province of Avelllno.
ThI afternoon It Is beileve& that art
least 37 people were killed , aad th
property losses in certain districts will
be heavy. The disturbance prostrated,
telegraph service and further details
are awaited with apprehension.
Fatalities are reported at San Sessfe,
Chlanche, Castel Barents and San. Sele.
Five deaths occurred ha 7the latter
The town of Calltri was half de
stroyed and 20 people are reported
killed there.
Other deaths ocenrred at Valata.
At San Sojisio, several aeases fell
and a number of persons were injured.
Considerable damage was doHC t
Salerne, 30 miles southeast of Naples.
The shock was felt at Cozens, Paola,
Cntanzaro, Reggio, Benevento, Capua
and Melfi.
Calitri Is a town of SOOO Inhabitants.
The shock was' also felt In the de
partments of 3asllcata, Calabria, and
Sicily, and the provinces of Benevento,
Campohasso, Caserta, and Naples-
A panic was created at Torre Annuii
zlata and Torre del Frocee, where the
populations like in constant fear of an
eruption from mount Vesuvius. e
The shock was- severely felt at Pa
lermo, on the northern coast of Sicily.
The government will ask parliament
for 3100,000 for Immediate relief work.
King Victor Emmanuel has ordered a
special train, as he wishes personally
to visit the scene of the disturbance.
Reports from the stricken districts
are coming In slowly, as the wires ara
I.ater advices say 10 persons met
death at San Sosslo, -where snlphnr
waters were released by the shocks and
flooded the vicinity. From the flood
noxious gases arose.
One person was killed and several in
jured at Castel Baronla.
Clabriteo -was badly damaged.
Soldiers have been sent threnghont
the stricken districts.
It was tho darkest hoar of early
morning when the shook was felt at
Avelllno. The sleeping town was
aroused by the shaking of walls, the
rattling of furniture aHd the falling
of plaster A panic seized the 20,800 in
habitants, who live daily In fear of a
seismic disaster Half naked men, vro
mea and children fled from their heme
screaming with terror.
In the public squares handxeds threw
themselves on their faces and Implores!
the mercy of the Almighty.
Then the religions fervor feand ex
pression in half organized processions
to the shrine of St. Andrew, protester
of the town.
Rome, Italy, June 7. King Victor
Emanuel, accompanied by queen Helena
left for Avelllno at 2 oclock this after
noon. Two automobiles for their aae
were placed on the train. The sover
eigns left amid a great public desaea
Admit Taking Money Erom
Chihuahuk Gaming House.
Officers Coming.
Through telegraphic descriptions fur
nished by the authorities at Chihuahua,
the Juarez police Monday arrested two
boys and are holding them on the
charge of larceny, awaiting the arrival
of Chihuahua officers.
The lads are Jesus Cruz, aged 12.
irn Trrim Reftl. acred 13. Thev are
charged with having stolen $200 "from
the till of a gambllng-tablo during a
fiesta held at the state capital on May
C. It is alleged the boys sneaked up
behind the counter while the game was
in nrocress. reached Into the drawer
nr,r Hinr! thmsftlv to S200 in bills
" Thev wore taken from the train, but
wnen searched had no money. They ad-
mit the theft but claim to have spent
nil th monev.
Officers are of the opinion that the
vonnffsters have the money hidden
somewhere. resrviusr only enough to
pay their fare to Juarez.
7 gy

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