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June 8, 1910. The Herald's Sporting News
News Wednesday THT. IP A SCl HKli
The Herald's Sporting
' " i
Just at This
Season of the Year -1
'talrps tliP. TriTiTr out of strained nerves and overworked bodies. During the heated season in the interior, many
joyfully' fly to the Pacific Coast, there to lave ,their parched selves in the limpid, cooling salt water, and to
loll contentedly on the shining sands with the blue waives caressing their very feet. Soft, invigorating breezes
constantly blow, every day and hour spent in such recreation means renewed health, longer life and a greater
fullness of life's pleasures.
Thousands TodaysAre Disporting Themselves on the Beautiful
Beaches at San Diego,
where the perfection of bathing is attained, where every moment is filled with a joy nowhere els(e to be
found where mingled with the life-giving sea breezes is the exquisite odor of countless millions of flowers
which grow in profusion throughout that ""thrice blest' region." There a great host is gathering, there many
El Pasoans and the elite of Texas foregather for their summer's pleasure, and in San Diego and its suburban
districts is many a rose and vine embowered bungalow which is owned and inhabited by a contented Texan.
1 f San Diego Wants More of You. '
It offers opportunities for investment that we shall tell you of in articles to follow, opportunities that will,
when fully known and understood, send a stream of the best people on earth to Sn Diego, and, in. fact, the
hegeira has already begun.
If you can only srend your summers there, come and see us and let us show you how to make your
money grow while you rest. If you desire investment on the Pacific Coast, San Diego, the city by the Silver
Gate, offers to you4 'Golden opportunities."
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See Our Exhibit.
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questions. ' '
This Exhibit Is Free to All, ' . '
there is not one .penny to .pay. Come up and see wnere tiie golden apples grow m this "Garden of the Hes-
The information you obtain will mean DOLLAES for you if you can use it. ,
Um K vOlllCi Cy vO
Rooms 402, 403, 404. Trust BFdg., EI Paso, Texas
unfairly dealt -with In an allotment of
home games for June, only having- one
Saturday and Sunday. O'Donovan said
he couldn't make expenses at that rate
ana asKea tnat jisDee piay m uu"b""
on June 11 and 12 instead of the De
mons at home. The Bisbee directors
-wouldn't stand for the switch. Then
a compromise was agreed upon and
Clifton and Morenci scheduled -with
Bisbee and Douglas for those dates.
Now O'Donovan is going to play out the
schedule as originally intended. Rea
son, his grand stand burned down and
Bisbee offered to make the Sunday
game a benefit on her home lot, the
proceeds to go toward the erection of
a new srrand stand at Smeltertown. Cir
cumstances alter cases, and -wise Dan- J
iel A. may figure out that with the J
rivalry between the two (jonvns, the Cop
per Hill burg -would ne a Dener pro
ducer of crowds and consequent cash
than his home hearth.
Cananea feels better, breathes easier
and crows louder now that they re-
1 taliated on the Demons by taking a
brace of victories. Before that, things
were much disorganized in the ilex
lean camp. Two or three men were let
go and new ones tried out, but the
strengtheni-ng process has eased up ap
parently for awhile. ResuLts of reju
venation can be best decided -when the
Qien Sabes come over Friday for a se
ries with the Huskies. Rest assured
that Mr. Guillotine Decapitation has
not yet fallen upon the Whalmcr triplets.
They're still sticking around, Bert, the
boy behind. Bob on first and Thomas
'n middle patch.
Jackson, although still troubled with
his leg and but recently threatened
with blood poisoning, is keeping up his
gameness by getting out to practice ev
en" day- The first workout since the
return from Bisbee came off Tuesday .
and with Jackson holding down flrt I
as usual. It does net seem to affect i
his playing in the least.
De "Wiggins will probably work the ,
next series on the home grounds, giv- .
inrr El Pasoans their first view of the i
exKansas leaguer. He gave entire sat
isfaction in both games between Doug-
las and Cananea, and when those teams '
are satisfied with arbitrating it must '
be pretty nearly on the level. "Whether j
Mackey or a new man will -work the ,
Douglas-BIsbee series Is as yet un- '
known. ,
Cllfiton and Morenci are now using i
extra players as Indicator holders. Geo. j
Quilling has been doing the stunt until,
on Sunday, Clifton decided he was
needed in their lineup. He was put at
second and played a snappy game, i
Quilling has played ball for several j
years, this year, deciding to become an
umpire until Riley persuaded him he
was needed in harness.
Clifton Dejected, Cananea Also By L. R.
Afflicted; Morenci Has Chances Crawford
Clifton, Ariz., June S. The burning
of the Douglas baseball grand stand
has resulted In a shakeup in the Cac
tus ipasni erranerements. The Clifton
while -unknown in the Cactus beltcome horizon looks bright. The five straight
with a string of recommendations a (games that has denressed Clifton has
same boat as Clifton. If the arrange
ments go through for these teams to i
meTt this -week it will be hard to dope
out the possibiilities. Clifton has al-
Douglas series has been called off and ways played her best games away from
S.L. . - .,. . fr-rWWfr to ar- ! home, but in its uresent crippled state
the management here is trying to ar
range to swkch Clifton into Cananea
on June 11 and 12, while Morenci plays
in El Paso. -
The El Paso Herald's suggestion of
an excursion to El Paso will probably
be carried out by the Clifton fans and
a number have already expressed a de
sire to accompany the team on its first
trip to the Bass city. The feam is in
a bad slump and the fans. are exerting
every effort to get the boys back, in
shape. The loss of five straight games
lias created a reeling of discontent
among the players. The old heads are
s. bit dubious about the team taking the
road in fts present- condition, but think
a brief session away from home may
help to chase the "jinx."
Judging from -the reports from Can
anea, that team must be in about the
mile long. The boys will start here as
soon as the college doors close upon
them, and should arrive here by June
20. In the meantime Clifton has four
hard games to get aw ay with.
But the "jinks" are all forgotten
when the fans size up the prospects of
Morenci. Forgotten are the growls and
home, but in its present crippled
things look doubtful. To add to the these sister camps take the road it's
string of hard luck Billikins nave , shoulder to shoulder, and the Morenci J
percnea on tlie umton Banner, ana.ii
ager Riley has been summoned to Globe
for duty on the grand jury and the team
must make Its first road appearance
without a head. If the team plays in
Cananea, the question Is, will "Vic "Wall
ing permit Clifton to retain Baroldy or
will he use him to bolster up his own
team? The Clifton pitchers are not
working any too good and the loss of
Baroldy would further weaken the
fired the hill top boys with the confi
dence of a winning team leaving home
in first place. The boys are working
together like a clock -and hitting the
ball and what is so all Important in
baseball, the entire pitching staff is
in rare form. Ashley, Cummlngs and
Merritt can all be relied on to get away
with a game, while Parks, the little
kicks and the old hatchet, for when; southpaw who performs in left garden.
can work with the best
called on for box duty.
of them if
Advices from the east throw a ray of
sunshine into the lives of the dejected
Clifton fans. Five and a possible six
collegiate players will be in Clifton in J
two weeks. Of these Earl Mason, Bull
McCleary and Cactus Kelley are well
known here. Vorhls and Hirschman,
ague uatnes
Tuesday's Games Special "Wire to The Herald.
San Antonio, Texas, June S. San Antonio beat Houston TueMday, 4 to 2.
Bonehcnd work by pitcher Mitchell and catcher Burch lost the Rome after
Houston had it iron. In the sixth inning Xantz popped up n fly to the infield.
Both the pitcher and catcher went after it. Instead of catching the ball, both
cansht each other and the ball rolled away. Two men scored. "While the team
was np in the air two nore scores came in. i
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Fort Worth, Texas, June 8. Fort Worth divided the double header Tuesday,
the first game solngr to Fort Worth by a score of 4 to 1 and the second to
Dallas by a 2 to 0 score. The presence of Ben Shelton In the second game
probably broke the hoodoo, for his -work won the first piinc for Dallas out
of the last 11 played.
"Waco, Texas, June S. Galveston biokc her losings streak Tuesday, beating
J Waco by the score of 4 to 2. Garber was the stumbling: bloek in the vrny of
j "Waco making; runs, vthile costly errors by the Navigators helped the Sand
j Crabs to score. Gordon and Loudell were the chief offenders, their errors bc
i ing responsible for runs that vron the game for the visitors.
Shreveport, La., June 8. Tuesday's game established a new record for the
season on the number of innings, going to the fifteenth, Oklahoma City vriu
ning In that inning, score 4 to 2. "With the exception of the fifth inning,
Tesrenu pitched wonderful ball until he became exhausted. He was relieved
by Orvrin, vrho proved to be a disaster. The visitors landed on him for suffi
cient hits to bring two runs in.
Starxs tT-Q . .. . j tN v A. & ff. B
IMUT :Airir.Vr fL. UJ
1 kW4 fvl r S 1
1 y?illl I fir B& ' I
1 f Ml AW i
1 Jr
Regarding umpires, it now- seems
necessary that someone be secured to
take Mackey's place if the local man
aerement and directors have things their
iway. A likely candidate Is Homer Plake,
formerly with the Bisbee team, who
gave complete satisfaction in Saturday's
game in which he handled the indica
tor, Plake likes this part of the coun
try and the umpire's job would keep a
steady, gentlemanly chap among the
Local players are having lots of fun
at the expense of the Bisbee scorer. In
the summary they say he scored stolen
bases Tvith the simple word "none." In
ning by inning, he had them dawn as
"going to second on a strikeout." He I
also scored one that Duck Gowan
beat out, as an error for the shortstop,
Ducky having the clean throw beaten
and having overrun the bag when the
ball reached first.
' I
There was such an awful veerinsr of
the betting In Bisbee that the local con- i
tlngent was unable to get up a cent.
Everybody had all kinds of El Paso
money while but a very few dollars
went to back the home team. Saturday's
victory brought out a little more Sun
day, however, and those who remained
away from the park missed the best
game of the year, barring umpirical decisions.
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is of little more real protection aaginst the
wily burglar than an ordinary cupboard.
Of course, it gives the thief a little trouble for
a few moments, if it should happen to be locked,
but the combination is easily wrenched off by
even the apprentice cracksman, and your dia
monds, your jewelry and silver, your prized
heirlooms, vanish in a twinkling.
But how-different is the bank vault!
Iade of armor-plate steel hardened to turn
the edge of almost any tool.
Fitted with the most ingenious time locks, that
can be opened only by high and trusted officials
of the bank and even by them only during office
Be wise, be provident, be economical, use the
bank vaults, and know that your treasures are
safe, 'and let the children use the home safe as
a dolPs house.
starts an interest account.
Percent interest on savings' 'accounts, in
terest compounded every 6 months.
Percent interest on time deposits.
Who will lead the ; Cactus league
after Morenci breaks into the Big
Four? Hitherto she has only been bat
tling with Clifton and has had things
pretty much lier own way, as her per
formance in gobbling the last five
from the tailenders would tend to
Over Bisbee they're not worrying, but
Morenci may cause everybody some
quivers when the break-in event comes
off. Apparently they have a pretty
classy bunch of ball players, especially
in the twirling department, where Mer
ritt and Ashley particularly shine on
account of their small hit records.
Manager Tyler, of the Morenci team,
who recently paid El Paso a visit, said
the club would be somewhat strength
ened iu the field before they went
against the other four. This may mean
something, as Mr. Tyler went from here
east, through Texas league towns
principally, and it's hinted that he will
line up some talent not being used back
there. Taken all in all, Morenci must
be seriously considered as a contender.
The fans up there are about wild and
will go to almost any lengths to secure
the talent needed to cope with Cactus
Regarding Clifton, they're not doing
much right now. Frequent shifts have
been made in the lineup and Pete Riley
is straining every nerve to get in shape
for the games to come. Several uni
versity of Pennsylvania stars are ex
pected at the camp shortly, some of
whom played on the team last year.
While Clifton will probably not make
the showing Morenci will against the
big ones, yet she can be counted upon
to give a good account of herself.
Funny about that Bisbee-Douglas
benefit series arranged for Saturday
and Sunday. Awhile bade, O'Donovan
was kicking because Douglas had been
4 ,
5" By Art "Woods. - 6
Cincinnati at Brooklyn.
Pittsburg at Boston.
Chicago at Philadelphia.
St. Louis at New York.
Washington at Detroit.
Philadelphia at Cleveland.
New York at St. Louis.
Boston at Chicago.
Dallas at Waco.
Ft. Worth at San Antonio.
Oklahoma City at Houston.
Shreveport at Galveston.
P. W. L. Pet.
Chicago 40 25 15 .625
New York 42 26 16 .619
Pittrburg 37 19 18 .514
Cincinnati 39 20 19 .513
St. Louis 43 21 22 .48S
Brooklyn 43 20 23 .465
Philadelphia .'38 16 22 .421
Boston 42 15 27 .357
P. W. L. Pet.
New York 38 27 11 .711
Philadelphia 39 26 13 .667
Detroit .44 2S 16 .636
Boston' 40 22 18 .550
Cleveland 35 16 19 .457
Washington 42 17 25 .405
Chicago 36 13 ' 23 .361
St. Louis 39 8 31 .205
P. W. L. Pet.
San Antonio 45 29 19 .604
Houston 49 29 20 .592
Galveston 50 27 23 .510
Dallas 51 25 26 .490
Shreveport :..50 24 26 .4S0
Ft. Worth 50 24 26 .4S0
Oklahoma City 4S 23 25 .479
Waco 47 16 31 .340
Both Teams Recruiting For
eign Talent for Sunday's
Big Contest.
Mogollon, N. M., June 8. A baseball
game hetween the Mogollon Miners and
the Alma Blues, for a purse of $600,
will be played Sunday at Mogollon, and
interest in the game is taking prece
dence. Mogollon was defeated on the
Alma grounds in the last game, losing
a $200 purse.
"Bull" Durham, a National league
AS THE season gets in deeper it
begins to dawn upon the friends
of Wlngo Anderson, who is with
Cincinnati of the National league, thac
said Wlngo is ekher not getting a
square deal with the Reds or was pick
ed too ' green. Day after day the fan
bunch scan the National league column
until the Cincinnati game isfound and
then a look at the batteries that work
ed for the Reds show that Wlngo boy
was on the bench, again and had no
chance to get into the going. Some
thnes his name will appear in the line
up as having been sent in in the ninth
or replaced In the sixth, but as yet the
boy with the awful break ball has
never gone the distance since that day
he curved 'e-m over when old Clark
Griffith said to shoot 'em straight. All
of which cost Anderson 10 daj's pay
and a jacking up from the old Red.
The truth is beginning to break in
on the followers of the game (that An
derson has not made it stick in the big
league as he was expected to do and
I that he has proved to be another of the
early season phencms who has so far
failed to. deliver the goods.
This gives rise to the surmise as to
whether it would nqt have been better
for the husky from-down Waco way to
have stayed in the Texas league or the
American association until he had a
chance to get fhe hang of the fast
company game and then gone higher
up at the right time.
De Wlggins's work Saturday and
Sunday in the Cananea se'ries will be
watched with as anuch anxiety as In
interest hy the local supporters of
baseball. With Goyeneix, who meant
well- but could not make his decisions
stick, and Mackey. who got bull head
ed and tried to run the name like it
was a prize fight, the umpire question
has become a serious one. De Wiggins
looks to have the firmness needed to
(Continued on Page 11).
pitcher, recuperating at Alma, is cap
taining the Alma boys and getting
them in fine shape. The Mogollon boys,
under manager Chris Sorensen and cap
tain Irvln Moore, 13 working out and
getting In splendid condition. Pitcher
Dan Nolan has been retained, and he is
expected to twirl the winning ball.
Both teams are exceedingly strorg
this year. Both are supported by a
strong and sporty bunch of fans, and no
doubt, the betting will be heavy.
Transportation facilities are such that
the teams here cannot get out and play
with other southwestern teams.
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