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El Paso's Only
Exclusive Ready -to-
Wear Store
A EKE we are again with specially selected Saturday
bargains that will prove to be the best values that
you can possibly find. We believe you will save a
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Wash Skirts
The phenomenal values we hayj
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ear nd tiere are many models to
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$L50 skirts; Saturday "bargain
Made of gingham and ehambray,
in fancy stripes and solid colors.
Included in the lot are a number
of .black Heatherbloom petticoats.
These are regular $1.50 values;
Saturday" bargain
T" ' I
Helpful Words
From an El Paso citizen.
Is your back lame and painful?
Does it ache especially after exer
tion? Is there a soreness in the kidney
These symptoms indicate weak kid
neys; i
There is danger in delay.
Weak kidneys fast get weaker.
Give your trouble prompt attention.
Doan's Kidney Pills act quickly.
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Pvead this El Paso testimony.
set aside the indlctmenuagatast him for ," 'o TeB VayS- -Shave
24th. The said grand jury was after- a several other kidney medicines
wards called together and that some but Doan s Kidney Pills are the onlj one
of thP mmhr, f v, .,, -iw a mat nas given me prompt renei. l can
prior to the time the indictment was J
returned in said cause.
That the alleged offense for which
the defendant Is charged took place on
Friday evening, June 17, 1910, about 5
oclock in the evening and after the ad
journment of the court. That a special
grand jury -was called without the
knowledge of the defendant and tha
Indictment was returned against him at
8 oclock of the same evening, and while
the defendant was In jail, he being
without counsel and without the means
or opportunity of securing same, and
that the defendant was given no oppor
tunity to raise any objection to the
qualification or the legality of said
grand jury.
Defendant further tit-ays hfi court to
Made of fine, sheer white mater
ials. Daintily trimmed with Val.
inserting, medallions and embroid
ered bands. 3any stylish summer
models are offered; high necked
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All sizes. Our regular $1.50
waists; Saturday bargain
liiarv'f frir'TrHHB
AKsiiH. Tex June 24. The San An-
to-ni street opening bonds were duly
apprvved by the attorney general, reg- (
isterd by the controller, and passed
by the trustees for the school fund.
&ad jarwr Rpbinsen and Winchester
C0tey left for Cincinnati with tne
beads Thursday night.
City clerk Fassett Is on his way back
Efniii ofdp inyi! i rrnii n
! iUJiiLQcnd dunn lllu o
(Continued From rage One.)
was visibly affected by the presence of , on the cr.own. Is parted on the side and
the crowd, a number of whom were cut closg to the scalp; although not
! Close menus or ms victim. pipped. Leech has a mustache or the
. -. n e rt-rr-n-srTCfmft 1 Dead 3Iaa'B Son PreKea- i &anie color and his face has the "outdoor
ASSAYEHS & CHSMISTS i Walter Kohlberc was the only mem- tinge of the man who works with his
j ber of the dead business man s ianiny nands. lie wore a heavy suit of clothes
j to appear in court during the opening with an olive tinge and'a soft shirt uu-
session. He sat at the table with the I buttoned at the neck with no necktie.
attorneys for the prosecution, witn nis
Ore Shippers' Agents
Kelt and Refine, or Purchase,
Gold and Silver in any form. Corre
spondence invited, Strictly confidential.
0. W. WINSLOW & CO.,
304 San Francisco St, EI Paso, Texas.
indmpmndent Assay Office
D. TV. Excxhaet. E.U., Proprietor.
Acest fer Ore Shippers Assays actf
Chemical Analysis. Mines Examined
tad Repsrtcd Upon. Bullion Work a
Spedattg. p Q R(JX ,
Office 2i Laboratory:
Ccr. S Fraschea & CkSuafcacSfe.
. PA?i. TEXAS.
back to Leech, as if he did not care
i to see. the man who had killed his fath
er. Ydung Kohlberg was dressed in
black and wore a black tie, the strain
j of the tragedy still visible on his face.
.tie remainea in court auring tne muru
ing session, smoking and taking an
active interest Jn the preliminaries in
cident to the trial of his father's slayer.
S. Aronstein, one' of the late Mr. Kohl
berer's close business associates, and a
Crowd Not JLnr&e.
The crowd present at the opening of
ccurt was not as large as usual for
murder trials, the benches being filled
mostly with the business men who had
been summoned as a part of the -special
venire of 100. A few idle spectators, in
cluding four Chinese, formed a fringe
around tne wall of the courtroom out-
noi notified of said call and had no op
portunity to be present at the deliber
ation at said meeting and that said in
dictment was returned against this 'de
fendant by only 10 grand jurors, the
other two members of said grand jury
having no notice of said call.
That the indictment against the de
fendant in this cause was brought
about at the Instigation of a combina
tion of influential persons and was not
tbs result of calm deliberation.
Wherefore by reason of the premises
the defendant prays the court to set
aside the indictment returned against
him as aforesaid. ,
(Signed) John Leech.
P. E. Gardner & J. E. Wharton.
Attorneys for defendant.
State's Answer.
The answer of the state to the motion
of the defence to set aside the indict
ment reads:
The state of Texas vs. John Leech.
In the above styled and numbered
cause now comes the state of Texas hy
her district attorney and excepts to tie
defendant's motion to set aside the in
dictment filed herein on the 24th day
of June, 1910, for the following rea
sons, to-wit:
That the same Is wholly insufficient
in law and presents no sufficient rea
son why saidy Indictment should be set
That further contesting the matters
set forth in said motion the state of
Texas by her district attorney shows
the court that heretofore, to-wit, on
the second day of May, 1910, the grand
jury for the present term of this court
and for El Paso county, Tex., having
been duly and properly summoned, was
impaneled and sworn as the grand jury
for the present term of said court, as is
shown by the order of the, court duly
made and entered of record on the min
utes of said court.
That said grand jury thereafter con
vened from time to time' and date un
der proper order of the court duly made
from time to time, and on, to-wit, June
17th, 1910, met and held a legal meeting
and by permission of the court on said
date given, as shown by the said min
utes Jand record of said court, ad
journed to Friday, June 24, 1910, that
after said adjournment on to-wit, the
17th day of June 1910. by an order of
the court and the judge thereof duly
made and entered of record in the min
utes of said court, the said, grand
jurors were reconvened pursuant to the
aforesaid order, and in fact met In tho
grand jury room of the court house
at to-wit, S oclock. p. m. on the said
17th day of June. 1910, there being pres
ent at said meeting 10 members of said
grand jury as is shown by the affidavit
of J. F. Coles, hereto attached, .and
hereby made a part hereof, -said J. E.
Coles being foreman of said grand jury;
that after due deliberation and the
hearing of testimony, the indictment in
this cause was duly returned In open
court, it was ascertained that there
were 10 members of the grand jury
aforesaid present and participated in
said deliberations, and the refurn of
aforesaid indictment and that as many
as nine members of said grand jurors
concurred in the finding of said Indict
ment asls by the record manifest.
That the Indictment against the de
fendant in this cause was not brought
about at the instigation, of a combina
tion of influential persons, and that the
indictment in this cause was the re
sult of calm deliberation.
That the aforesaid offense for which
the defendant is indicted in this cause
was committed on the 17th clay of June.
1910, and after the aforesaid grand
jurors had been duly summoned, im
pended and sworn as aforesaid, and the
said state of Texas by its district at
torney therefore says that the afore
said Indictment is a valid, legal indict
ment and was returned into this court,
by a valid? legal grand jury, as afore
said. Wherefore the state of Texas prays
that defendant's motion to set aside the
indictment filed by defendant this day
be overruled and held for naught.
(Signed) W. J3. Howe.
District Attorney.
recommend them highly to anj'one suf
fering from kidney trouble."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents.
Fo3ter-Milburn Co., Buffalo, New York,
sole agents for the United States
Jtemember the name Doanfs and
take no other.
BROADWAY and 1 1 th ST.
Wkhin easy access ot every point or in
terest. Half block trom wanamsxer s.
Five minutes walk or snoppmy lysines.
NOTED FOR: Excellence of cuiame.
coMtortable appointments, courieo
service and homelike surroundings.
Rooms $1.00 per fey and eg
With privilege ol Ban
$1 .50 per day and up
Taht d'Hafa Breakfast 50a
Sanitary confectionery, on
shady side Oregon street, op
posite Postoffice.
Quality Goods Properly J
Cor. Kansas & Boulevard
Quick Sales and Smail Profits
Three Bell Phones, 884, 844, 823; Auto, 1691.
Best Creamery Butter (Blue Ribbon) 3 lbs. for. .$1.00
Fresh Kansas Eggs per dozen 25c
fJjmtalmTnps. la.ve-e size and fine nualitv. each.'. . 5c
Extra Eancy Peaches, per basket 20c
Watermelons (extra nice lot) per lb lc
California Apricots (in long baskets) only . . .v 35c
Extra Fancy Tomatoes, per basket 40c
Extra Fancy String Beans, per lb -. 7c
California Head Lettuce, 2 for 15c
3 bunches nice Beets or Turnips for 10c
Summer Squash, per lb " 5c
Extra nice ISTew Potatoes. 12 lbs. for , 25c
-Nice Green Cooking Apples, per lb 5c
Fancy Lemons (none better anywhere) per dozen 20c
Kellogg 's Com Flakes, Post Toasties, Dr. Price's
Fook, 3 packages for ' 25c
Shredded Wheat, 2 pkgs. for ' 25c
rape-Nuts. 2 pkgs. for 25c
Triscuit, 2 pkgs. for 25c
Welch's Grape Juice 10c, 25c, 45c and 80c
B. & M. Baked Beans. 1 lb. size 3 cans for. 25c
Heinze's Sweet VIixed Pickles, per pint 15c
ITeinze's Sweet Pickles, per dozen 10c ;
Blue Ribbon Pure Cider Yinegar, per bottle. . .. . 15c
Swift's White Soap, 6 bars for . . 25c
Swift s Pride Soap, 7 bars for .-. 25c
Best Bulk Starch, 4 lbs. for .'. . 25c I
Best quality Gasoline, 5 gallons for 95c
4 large foils good Toilet Paper for 25c 1
The verjf best Bulk Teas, all kinds, per lb 60c
Eyster'l C. 0. D. Coffee (has no equal) at. 25c
Phone your order early for Strawberries, Rasp
berries, Logan Berries and Blackberries, 2 for. 25c i
Friday's Results.
, 1
At Philadelphia R. H. E.
Boston 21000001 2 6 9 0
Philadelphia 02200000 0 1 6 4
Batteries: Boston. Mattem andy&ra
ham; Philadelphia, ilcQuillen anjl Mo
ran. Umpires O'Day and Brennan.
Cor. Kansas & Boulevard
Leaders In Lower Prices
New ork .. 0 0000200 x 2 8 1
Batteries: Philadelphia, Coombs and
Lapp; New York, Ford and Sweeney.
Umpires Sheridan and Egun
R.H. E.
At Pittsburg
Chicag-o 0 0050000 0 5 7 2
Pittsburg- ..2 0100300 x 6 10 2
Batteries: Chicago, Richie, Cole, Mc
Intyre and Archer; Pittsburg, Camnitz,
Phillips and Gibson. Umpires John
stone and Moran.
At St. Louis R.H.E.
Cincinnati ..3 0100000 0 J S .
St. Lou-Is 00000020 02 5 3
Batteries: Cincinnati, Gaspar and
Clark; St. Louis, TVilHs and Bliss. Um
pires Emslie and Rigler.
At Detroit R. H. E.
St. Louis ...0 0004210 1 S 11 1
Detroit 00000000 1 1 t4 3
Batteries: St. Louis, Lake and Steph
ens; Detroit, Stroud, Willetts and Stan
age. Umpires DIneen and Connolly.
Try Herald Want Ads.
Use Herald Want Ads.
The most delicate part of a baby Is
It's bowels. Every ailment that it suf-
J fers with attacks the bowels also en
dangering in most cases the life of the
infant. McGee's Baby Elixir cures di
arrhoea, dys-intary and all derangements
of the stomach or bowels. Sold by all
side of the rail, while within tvt-p thf. TJTiirrk Mm-n-n-r -r-n"x-rk
members of 'the local bar and rpnortpr iSUrlU DiibilfjLj itUUO
, I brotherinlaw by marriage, was also in j lhe defense has but two lawyers, P. E.
f j ccurt, sitting In one of the windows and i Gardner, a local young man, and J. E.
consulting with the attorneys who had : nortort, formerly district attorney of
been retained for the prosecution. j Otero county, N. M., whose long ex-
Leech's Family Not Present. j periene as a practitioner in New Mex-
No member of Leech s family appear- Jco gave mm tne ease of the veterans
Custom Assay Office
Successors to Hughes & Critchett.
Assayers; Chemists, Metallurgists.
Agents for Ore Shippers.
322 Saa Francisco St- Phone 324.
ed in court during the session, although
the gallery over the main entrance "was
watched by those In the room below as
if Mrs. Leech was expected to appear
there as she did when Leech was first
brought into court on the habeas cor
pus hearing. But no one but a crowd
of boys and two negroes appeared In
the gallery.
j Leech's eyes are deep set and close
t together, but his chin Is that of one
j having strength of will rather than
j lack of it. He has hair which is just
i turning from dark to gray, 'it is thin
Saturday Specials
eal Good Cakes
Sunshine Cakes oniy .
Maple Nat Layer Cakes only . 25c
Belgian Bakery
Both Phones
210 East Overland Street
of the local bar. In addition to district
attorney TV. D. Howe, who appeared
most nrominently in the case, the state
is being assisted by Victor C. Moore,
Dan M. Jackson, T. A. Falvey and M.
TV. Stanton. TV. TV. Turney and TV. H.
Burges were also active at the opening
session, although they are not directly
retained in the case. They were busi
ness attorneys for the deceased mer
chant. - ,
Motion io Set Aide.
The motion to set aside the Indict
ment read:
The state of vTexas vs. John Leech.
Comes the defendant in the above
styled and numbered cause and moves
that the court to set aside the indict
ment against him in this case for the
reason ihat the defendant was given no
opportunity to challenge the array of
the grand jury or the personnel thereof
The steel reinforcing for the first
floor of the American National bank
building is being bent into shape and
laid over the boxing for thcfloor. As
soon as the reinforcing is completed
the mixers will be started and the con-
crete floor of the building will be
Never Falls to Restore
CJray HaiF to its Natiural
Color and Beauty.
No matter how long- it has been gray
or faded. Promotes a luxuriant growth
of healthy hair. . Stops its falling- out,
anfi positively removes Dan
druff. Keeps hair soft and glossy.
"Will not soil skin or linen. Will not
injure your hair. Is not a dye.
$1 and 50c. bottles, at druggists
w i&S?,'1?? "The Care of theHairand
Skin." Phiio Hay Spec Co., Newark,N. J..U.S. A
Hay's Lily WbSSe Cream beautifies
the complexion, prevents wrinkles, sunburn, freo-Ss,-,pip,csJ
Wackheads. NoS creasy or gritty.
Knoblauch Drag Go.
Deeds Filed. '
Northeast corner Hillside street and
Prospect avenue, Mundy, Heights
Samuel Lapowski and wife to Evelyn
LapowskI Hague, lot 13 and northwest
erly half of lof14, block 4, JIundy
Heights addition; consideration $1. June
21, 1910. I
El Paso county-f-Hamp P. Abney to
D. Estes, one-half interest in east one
half of section 33, block 47, El Paso
county public school land; considera
tion $10. June 17, 1910.
El Paso county D. Estes to TV. E.
Shero, one-half interest in last one-half
of section 33, block 47, El Paso county
public school land; consideration $1600.
June 17, 1910.
Boracho, Texas J. TV. Balke, trustee,
to E. S. Drerv, lot 5, block 52, Boracho,
Texas; consideration ?30. Jan. 27, 1910.
Boracho, Texas Jv TV. Balke, trustee,
to R. L. Gantt, lot 1, block 21, Boracho,
Texas; consideration $30. Jan. 27, 1910.
Boracho, Texas J. TV. Balke, trustee,
to A. Alpelt, lot 6, block 18, lot 3, block
10, Boracho, Texas; consideration $30.
Jan. 26, 1910.
Boracho, Texas J. TV. Balke, trustee,
to A. L. Sawyer, lot 12, block 8, Bo
racho, Texas; consideration $30. Jan.
26, 1910.
Building; Permits.
To Simon Kinsella, to remove adobe
wall and erect a brick wall In its place
on lot 35, block 6, Mills"s map, near
the corner of San Antonio and El Paso
streets; estimated cost $445.
To Julio Martinez, to build a one
room adobe residence at the corner of
South Oregon and Ninth streets; esti
mated cost $30.
At Cleveland R. H. E-
Chicago 0 3000100 0 i 9 1
Cleveland ..0 0001100 0 2 13 2
Batteries: Chicago, Olmsted and Payne
Cleveland, Falkenberg and Easterly.
Umpires-1 Evans and Kerin.
At Boston R. H.E.
"Washington 00100000 0 1 5 3
Boston 10100000 x 2
Batteries: "Washington Gray
Street; Boston, Hall and Kleinow.
pires Perrlne and O'Loughlin.
S 3
At New York N R. H. E.
Philadelphia 00, 0 01000 0 1 3 2
Gave Out Cotton Informa
tion 'and Plead Guilty in
Federal Court.
-"Washington, D. C, June 24. Moses
Haas, of New York, and Frederick Peck
ham, of Cincinnati, after fighting for
five years indictments returned against
them in the cotton leak in the depart
ment of agriculture, today entered
pleas of guilty to the count in the in
dictment charging conspiracy to effect
misconduct in office.
On recommendation of the depart
ment of agriculture, justice Gould Im
posed a fine of $6000 on Haas and $5000
on Peckham, which they paid and were
released from custody.
Other indictments pending against
them were nolle prossed.
py, nappy,
A Marvel For Sore Fe,et. Acts Right Off
Niagara Falls, N. Y., June 24. An un
known man jumped into 4fle Niagara
river from the second of the Three Sis
ters islands this morning and was car
ried over horseshoe falls.
Never After TJsinjc TIZ
feet, aching feet,
Sore Feet?
Good-bye sore
swollen feet, sweaty feet, smllling feet,
tired feet.
Good-bye -corns, callouses and bun
ions and raw spots.
You've never tried anything like TIZ
before for your feet. It is different
from anything ever before sold.
It acts at once and makes the feet
feel remarkably fresh and sore-proof.
TIZ Is no't a powder. Powders and
other foot remedies clog up the pores.
TIZ draws out all poisonous exuda
tions which bring on soreness of the
feet, -and is the only remedy that does.
TIZ cleans out every pore and glorifies
the feet your feet.
You'll never limp again or draw up
your face in pain, and you'll forget
about your corns, bunions and cal
louses. You'll feel like a new person.
IfNyou don't find all this true after
trying a box of TIZ, you can get your
money right back. -
TIZ is for sale at all druggists at 25
cents per box. or It will be sent you
direct, if you wish, from Walter Luther
Dodge & Co., Chicago, 111. Recommend
ed and sold by Knoblauch Drus: Co.,
Herald Building
Palace Cafe.
A. H. Richards, Jeweler.
International Book and Sta
tionary Co.
TVm. Moeller, Rcai Estate.
Cigar Stand.
Herald Business Office and
Press Room.
El Paso Printing Co.. fac'ng
Main St., near St. Regis testel.
John Brunner. Tailoring.
Y. W. C. X Lunch andRest
Miss Hilpert. Dressmaking Par
lors. Standard Home'' Co., Money to
Public Stenographers Co., Ruth
.Williams, manager.
Mrs. J. B. Cass.
Miss B. Garra. Dressmaking
Drs. Satterlee & Satterlee, Os
teopaths. Dr. Nettie E. Satter
lee, Dr. Flora L. Satterlee.
First Church of Christ, Scien
tist, Reading Rooms.
The Wm. Jennihgs Co., Con
sulting Engineers Machinery
Southwestern Portland Cement
A. Courchesne.
R. E. Ruthsteiner, Mechanical
Colorado National Life Insur
ance Co. E. McMillen, agent.
R. L. Nichols, Attorney at Law.
Lee & Woodyard, Contracting
Chairles M. Gibson.
Carter & Robertson, Mine, Mi'i,
Smelter and Railway Supplies.
The Ludlow Saylor Wire Co.
T. E. Robertson, manager.
H. L. Howell, Real Estate.
A Gooi Rule to Follow
Buy your grain here and
yoii will never be disap
pointed in quality, as we
make it a point to see
that nothing but the
best enters our stock.
The better judge ol
quality you are, the
more pleased we will be
to serve you.
Third & Chihuahua Sts.
And for information regarding that
section, call at or address our offices
in this city. Be sure and see our
exhibit; it's free.
D. C. Collier
8l Company
Rooms 402-3-4
Trust Bldg., El
Paso, Texas.

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