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EI Paso, Texas,
Friday Evening,
All tie News
Herald Prints It First
July 8, 1910 - - - 12 Pages
Woman F,alls In Aeroplane; Skull Crushed
While It's Fresh. nB -B - & P d fc- iiftfSi m Wt i W mol ndnai aflMMi HSfciW
i - - - - - - "J j
Very Little Excitement in
PoEUics Sheriff's Race
Appears Only Close One.
Even as the time nears for the pri
maries in El Paso county, there is little
excitement, for the contests are going to
be few. As yet the Republicans have
taken no action toward nominating a
ticket and "the county ring" is only
opposed in a few instances. Those who
know, say there will be but one fight
and that will be between Florence Hall,
present sheriff, and Peyton J. Edwards,
"ring candidate" for the same Job.
Hall is making a fight to hold the
Job and Hall has a strong lot of
friend. Hall has made a good sher
iff in the opinion of many people, and
his friends who are rallying to his sup
port are asking why he should be turned
cut merely to please the whims of the
men who control the ring patronage.
On the other hand, friends of Ed
wards claim that Hall has left the work
to deputies and has not given very
much active attention to the office;
that Edwards is a young man, learned
in the law and withal would make a
better official. Besides, they say Hall
I.as had the job, two terms, and why
7iot rotate? But they are not making
finy such rotation talk about Park Pit
nan, county clerk, who got the Job
Just after the Ark settled down on
Ararat and has held on ever since, or
Henrv Kelly, who has Jield on a few
3 ears himself, finding time to look
after the county cash between dictat
ing -srho shall fill the other offices.
Regardless of the merits of the case.
Lie shrievalty Is going to be a real
fight The wool is going to fly. Both
Hill and Edwards have lots of friends
nd it is going to take the final count,
in the opinion of the wise ones, to settle
the question.
The District Attorneyiihip.
In the race for the district attorney
ship, it is admitted that Joe Nealon
the Joe Folk of El Paso, to recall Zack
Cobb's dodgers of the famous Nealon
Sweeney campaign Is going to win.
W. D. Howe has been In one term and
Y?s made as good a record as most pre
des essors and better than some, but "the
t'.v," leaders wanted to take some ot
f e wind out of the "opposition" by tak
ing Joe intocamp and assigning him to
Howes place. This was a surprise to
many who know the standing of W. H.
and R- F. Burges In the ring councils.
"t was known that the Burges 'support
put Howe where he is and many thought
he would stay there until the Burges
boys broke with Kelly, Harper & Co.,
Lut he didn't. Now It is said that the
elder of the two Burges brothers was so
Fet on ousting Hall from the sheriffs
' fku- that he agreed to allow Howe
to walk the plank, if his brother powers
that be In the ring would take Peyton
Edwards under the shelter of their poll
tax receipts and help him over the
rough places. That, then, if so, ac
countsfor the shelving of Howe If he
Is shelved. Howe has a lot of friends;
he has been here ever since he came,
as the Irishman says, and has always
been a "jolly good fellow" with lots of
people ready to extend the glad hand.
Some say he can go back as United
States commissioner If he loses the dis
trict attorneyship. but Howe hasn't
admitted defeat and that he will be
about as wejl off back in the old job
as prosecuting box car thieves and try
ing to get a jnry that wIH consider mur
der as great a crime as stealing a door
mat, and convict once in awhile.
Fke Not Afraid.
Ike Alderete has opposition from O.
M- Tally, a railroad man and former
(ULloon keeper, also one time a printer
like Albert Elyar, but Ike is not afraid.
Ike is the king pin of the muchachos
of South El Paso and with brother Frank
who has gathered the city garbage and
made it pay so well that he can now
ride in an automobile, and brotherinlaw
Joe Escajeda when Joe is In the right
mood politically he believes he can
garner in enough Guatemalans In East
El Paso and at Tsleta, Socorro and San
Ellzario, to offset any vote that Tally
may poll above the tracks and away
down in the south end of the county,
even Including "the railroad boys."
H. F. Stacy, the ring candidate for
Justice -against E. H. Watson, stands
more than 100 to one chonce of -winning,
say those who know how the votes
are going to count or ought to count i
for watson didn t run a winning race
two years ago and he had some of the
ring men with him. Now he has tbem
all against him and besides Stacy is
popular himself and Is an ex-confederate,
which counts for a good deal in
Sop to Union Mea.
For constable Domingo Montova has
been picked by "the ring," not only be- I '
cause he belongs to a eot of Mexican so
cieties and holds office in some of them;
not only that, but because he Is a
union man. and doesn't the ring want to
show the unions some favor, even if a
little one? Montoya fe a cigar maker
and belongs to the cigar makers' union.
He has lived in El Paso for a long time,
a mighty long time not to have gone
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On a charge o assault with Intent to rob, men docketed as Magdaleno and
CIprlano Lopex, brothers, are held at th police station, the arrest having been
made by detective George Harold near the ssmelter Friday morning.
The Lopez brothers are accused of having .attacked a Mexican .goat
herder, who had some money in his possession. The man sold some goats
Thursday and the other two saw him get the money.
Early Friday morning a man entered his home with an ax and another
Mood guard nt the rear door with an iron bar, it Is charged. The man with
the ax demanded the money.
The gout herder stalled about until his wife slipped him a six-shooter
wrapped In a clolh. Then he held the two at bay until his wife sent for tle
tectlve Harold.
The eicb nere docketed as Magdaleno and Cnpriano Lopez.
Mrs. Fraser Loses Valuable
Jewels From Her Room on
Hutton Street.
diamond rings, of a total value
were stolen some time Thurs-
day night from the room of Mrs. M.
H. tFrasier, at 1217 Hutton street, ac
cording to information received by city
detectives early Friday morning.
C. V. K. Sturges, who also rooms at
the same address, made the report. He
took an auto load of detectives out to
the house, and a thorough investigation
of the premises was made. It "was found
that entrance was made to the house by
forcing a back window.
Suspicion K points to a Mexican who
was employed in carrying several trunks
to different rooms tabout he house
Thursday afternoon. The Mexican en
tered Mrs. Frasier's room. The jewelry
vas on the dresser.
Save a description of the Mexican,
the detetctives have no clue as to the
United States Will Likely
Eefuse to Grant Extra
dition. New York, N. T., July S. A further
postponement, today of the hearing of
Porter Charlton, at Jersey City until
August 11 seems to forecast an early
ending of the case.
Papers demanding Charlton's extra-
dltion to Italy to stand trial for killing
his wife, Mrs. Mary Scott Castle Charl
(ton, at Lake Como, have not been re
ceived and unless the .state department
at "Washington takes some action with
in the next few weeks, Charlton will
be discharged from custody.
Should Italy demand Charlton's ex
tradition the state department will re
ject the demand unless Italy agrees in
future to turn over to the United States,
Italians who have committed crimes, in i
this country and have then fled to Italy.
This, it is understood, Italy declines to
Brownwood, Tex., July 8. With a
break between the pumping station and
the city greatly depleting the water
pressure, flames raged here this morn
ing, -which caused datmage estimated at
m-or QO nnn TVio fm nrlp-inntpfl In a
small room in the rear of Ratllff's meat
market- That building was damaged,
Neal's hardware store -was burned and
adjoining buildings were endangered
and only saved by heroic work.
Chicago, 111., July 8. The last
rites over the body of the latte $
chief justice Melville W. Fuller
were performed here today. In-
terment was at Graceland In a 4"
grave beside that of his wife. 4"
4"$"-$"fr 4'4'4'''4'4'
Negro Champion to Be Given
Great Demonstration with
Two Brass Bands.
New York, July 8. The negroes of
the "black belt" of New York are plan
ning a big reception fpr Jack Johnson
when Tie arrives Monday Permits will
be applied for today for a oarade of
100 automobiles from granfl central sta
tion across town and, down Eighth ave
nue. The fistic champion will lead the
procession while two brass bands will
dnliven the line of march.
Banquet for Johnson.
Chicago, J.1L, July 8. Jack Johnson is
to attend a banquet tonight given by
the negroes. His house has been sur
rounded all day by crowds of blacks.
Not Hunting a Fight.
"Sam Langford," exclaimed Johnson,
to a question. "You make me laugh. I
am not running around, now, looking
for fights. Let Langford put up his
$20,000 first, then he can talk. Just
now I am going to rest. I am going to
New York Sunday afternooh to begin
a thirty weeks' vaudeville tour at least
I have that many at my disposal. If it
looks like a good thing, I may accept
offers to go to Europe.
"Quit? Well, I'll tell you, sonny, I
never told any one I would quit, but it
looks as though I'd have t, desn't
Johnson's New Auto.
Jack's new automobile can "go
some," too. It went 71 milss an hoar
for a while till it was slowed down
by a park policeman.
"Here goes" the profits," laughed Jack,
but the policeman grasped the cham- j
pion s nana and clouted mm on tne i
Leaning ov,er he whispered:
"Don't tell anyone, you old war horse,
but I won $20 on you."
"Good," answered Johnson, and anoth
er whizz and cloud of dust later re
vealed him at a certain corner, "up
south," where one may acquire liquid
refreshments after a dusty ride.
"Did you hear aout the picture
men troubles?" Johnson was asked.
"Yes" he answered, "but it doesn't 1
bother me. They all told me I was a
fool to sell for $50,000. but they
thought I culd not whip Jeffries, too."
Hii future plans, he says, can be out
lined only generally and this is -how he
generalized them:
Sleep some; eat much; and drive his
racer. It remains to be seen whether
the thousands of negroes who
choked the street in front of his Wabash
avenue home for hours and kissed and
patted his automobile when they
couldn't reach him, will allow him to
dispose of himself thus easily.
Ag to the fight, he has adopted a
new answer to inquirers. It is a nod, a
knowing wink and a smile of depreca
tion and gold teeth.
England Objects.
The movement in favor of gover
nment action loking to the suppression
of the pictures Is extending to a con
siderable section of the house of com
mons in England. Both parties support
the movement.
Some of the morning papers advocate
a general suppression as tending to
prevent glove fights, wiilcn, they say,
are promoted mearely for the sake of
the profits from the pictures. The
question was discussed by the Glas
gow corporation yesterday.
Sir Howell Davies has given notice
of his intention to ask the home secre
tary In the house of commons, In ihe
interest of public decency," to prohibit
the exhibition of the pictures.
Antipodes Raise OIieuiln.
The clergymen of New South Wales
have sent a petition to Andrew Fisher,
the premier of Australia, asking him to
prevent the Introduction into the com
monwealth of the fight pictures. A
similar movement is afoot in New Zea
land. Mexico "Welcomes Pictures.
Mexico CItv will welcome the moving
pictures. Governor Landa Escandon, of
the federal district, bays that he will
not attempt to put the fl-ht films undT
his jurisdiction, but on the other hand
would like to have them exhibited here.
"Happily," he said, "we hav- no iiesiues
Africa's Objection.
All the Johannesburg newspapers de
mand the suppression of the moving
pictures in South Africa. It is believed
the town council of Johannesburg in
tends to forbid the exhibition as detri-
cental to public peace and other towns
Pittsburg to Act.
Following a mass meeting of minis-
j ters, religious societies and civic bodies,
wnicn iormuiaiea a petition to mayor
Magee, urging the suppression of the
fight pictures in Pi'.tsburg, the mayor
said: "If it appears at the time that
such an exhibition would incite u
breach of the peace, the showing of the
pictures will be stopped."
Ministers Busy.
The TideWater Virginia Interdenom-
i inational Ministerial union has adopt
ed resolutions calling on the authorities
in Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News,
Hampton, Phoebus and other places to
suppress the fight pictures.
Ivansans Are Firm.
Citizens, business men and city offi
cials have started a movement In Wich
ita Falls, Kas., to prevent the fight
pictures being exhibited In that city.
Wichita was the first city to forbid the
exhibition of the Dalton pictures, re
producing scenes at the famous Coffey
ville, Kas., bank robbery.
Albany Mayor Investigates.
Mayor James B. McEwan has request
ed the corporation counsel of Albany,
N. Y., to give an opinion as to whether
he has the right to prohibit exhibition
of the pictures.
Epworth League Protests.
A protest against the moving pictures
was made In a resolution adopted at a
j meeting of the board of control of the
Epworth League of the Methodist
church of Boston. The resolution calls
on public bfflcers everywhere "To for
bid the production of moving pictures
tending to destroy the morals of the
American people."
Mayor O'Malley of Geneva, N. Y., says
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;sr , - nx&&- J&&v&hr& &?t -1 jt ?? ,. . &':iT :& JTs'&pras: - im&cJ&fm
44&:4 5?S..5v . i
c. VJfti t . f. VTV -, JL-.. .
. .
San Francslco, Cal., July S. Tex Rfcknrd has given some Inside facts
nbout the deal by Trhich he secured the Jeffries-Johnson fis;ht two days before
the bids were opened. "" "
,.,,. .
"I offered Johnson a bonus of $10,000" said Ricknrd, "and I told his wife
I would buy her n seal skin cont if her husband would sign. The cham-
pion accepted and, In addition I had to loan him $2500 when the articles vrere
"3Iost of the negotiations with Jeffries were worked through Berger. Ber-
ger told me he had promised Gleason the fight and said, 'tou can't iret the
fight without Gleason.' That was vrhy I took Gleason into the combine.
My contract with Gleason called for me to furnish all the money vrhile he
was to have half the profits."
It is stated on the best of authority that Berirer also Tw!vn lnnn
of $2500.
The city health department has been hnving trouble with the butcher., who I
have been killing sto'efcoutside of the city without having an inspection made j
of the cattle before and after the killing. Dr. W. H. Anderson ordered the j
inspectors to voxzr coal oil on an animal that was brought in from the val- '
ley Friday morning which had been killed vtithout being inspected. Other'
meat will be similarly treated where the Inspection is not made bv the 1
health department.
A Coachman Swallows Two
Kinds of Poison and
Leaves a Curse.
Los Angeles, Cal., July 8. To whom
it may concern:
"This is plain suicide. I shall take
either strychnine or chloroform, there
fore an autopsy Is not necessary. Bury
me as I am. My curse shall follow the
doctor who uses my body for any pur
pose whatsoever.
"Paul Mullenoux."
After penning the above, the hired
man of John Carse, of Alhambra, evi
dently decided to make death certain,
as he took both poisons.
The man is said to have a sister in a
convent at Albuquerque, K. M.
New York, N. Y., July S. Information
from a reliable source here this morn
ing Is that the Texas Central road will
not be extended in the near future. The
directors" of the Missouri, Kansas &
Texas which recently purchased the line
through an option held by Baker, have
j not so much as authorized a survey of
an extension, although Baker recom
mended Jt.
No definite steps will be taken by the
Hawley interests in regard to the line
until the legal formalities touching the
Katy securities are completed. It has
been understood In financial circles here
for some time that the Texas Central
expected to buldd an extension of 200
miles. It Is now considered likely in
view of the attitude of Hawley, that
the Katy will wait until the year elapses
before expending the money.
5- 4" -5- 4-4"4- -$'5'
New York. jily S. Col. Ed
ward H. R. Green, son of Hetty
Green, has been made a director
of the Seaboard National bank
here. This is taken in some
measure as confirming the re
ports that Col. Green is to quit
J. !
Texas to make his home in New
York In order to give his at
tention to his mother's Inter
Calumet. Mich.. July 8. A
heavy rain here last night broke
the prolonged drouth and extin
guished the forest fires In nu
merous parts of this dLstrict.
One of these fires raged for five
miles along the shore of Lake
Superior, -nest of the village of
4. J
Washington. D. C. July S. Popula
tion 13th census. Texas counties: Run
nells, 20.S5S. Karnes, 1-1,942
f -j
Saw"- UJavX?NA
A7IA!Iai3s wheoc ah? bethent.
riTT i .t i.i TTTriitiTrtTi
jj3lJ2ij: a UiOliuHi
Reported That Taft Will
Elevate Secretary of
State to Position.
, Washington, D. C. June 8. A re
port received here today from Beverly,
Mass., where president Taft is spend
ing his vacation is to the effect the
nation's chief executive is now serious
ly considering appointing Philander C.
Knox, secretary of state, to the chiof
iii?r!fhin nf fha c., r .t.
TTntto,t ct-
United States.
One friend of secretary Knox de
clared today that Knox is willing to
accept If the appointment is urged
upon him. It is known that Knox de
clined to accept a place on the su
preme bench some time ago, but it is
possible that the chief justice place
would be a different matter alto
gether. In this connection it will be remem
bered that Knox only recently Issued a
statement In which he said he had de
cided that under no circumstances
won id he be a candidate for the Re
publican nomination of governor of
Dallas. Tex., July 8. E. H. Tits worth,
whose home is Athens, is in a serious
condition today as a result of being
beaten into insensibility and roDbed
by thugs In Oak Cliff, a suburb of
Dallas, last night. Tits worth was
struck by brass knuckles and'ms skull
fractured. After the assault he
crawled to the home of W. K. Gooa
nlght. on Beckley avenue. The DQlice
were called and soon bloodhounds
were on the trail, but no arrests have
been made. The thugs secured $S.
Jeffries-Johnson Fight Duplicated
Sliver City "When Neanro Boxer Is
Sliver City. N. M.. . July
City's prize negro boxes, Wm. McNeal,
who has given a number of boxing ex
hibitions the past few months, was called
upon here following the Jeffries-Johnson
fight, to make a fight of his own.
A number of Jeffries's admirers, and
possibly losers, attacked McNeal and
McNeal backed away, endeavoring to
avoid trouble. The white fight enthu
siasts then advanced and started in to
whip the negro in true western style,
but McNeal was equal to the occasion
and quickly landed some knockout
blows. McNeal and one of his principal
assailants were arrested.
Chicago. 111., July 8. By an order
of the United States circuit court of
appeals here today, the reduced sleep-
Ing car rates ordered by the interstate
I commerce tuiiiiiiissiuii ttxunui. , uilu
effect for several months. Judges
Seaman, Grosscup and Baker grantee?
a stay of an order, pending a rehear
ing by the commission as to the justice
of its mandate.
Gets Confused in the Air and
Tumbles Fifty Meters
in a Heap.
Bethanj Plains, Rheims. France, July
S. rBaroness de La Roche, the first
French 'woman aeroplanist. was fatally
injured here this af cernoon by falling
j from a height of 50 meters.
The baroness had flown around the
I field once at a height of 80 meters, when
! suddenly In front of the applauding
tribunes, she appeared to become fright-
j ened and confused at the approach of
' two other aeroplanes. She started to
descend but at a height of 50 meters,
I ost contrl f the machine, which
( turned over and fell Jike a log.
The baroness's legs and arms were
broken and her skull fractured. She
was removed to a hospital in a dying
This is the second fatal accident at
this meeting, Wachter having been
I killed last Friday.
The doctors after a careful examina
tion declared that the barones' skull
was not fractured and that she might
011esleer, the Belgian, broke she rec
ord for a 150 kilometers today, covering
the distance in one hour, 53 minues nd
20 seconds.
San Antonio, "Texas, July S. Miss
Josephine Kemp, aged 45. died this
j morning as a result of burns received
J when kerosene exploded while she was
I preparing a meal -last evening at her I
nome nere. uunaing tne lire tne wo-
""" !'""- " ". - v.v,x ""
1 -m o r nAiiroH nil nvoi thA II ti Anole OTirf
an explosion toiiowea, enveloping her in
i flames. She leaped through a rear win
dow Into the back yard, screaming and
the wind fanned the flames, "which
caused terrible burns about her body.
Dalhart. Tex.. July S. The Elk -special
from Phoenix, Ariz., to Detroit,
Mfch., over the Rock Island road, pass
ed throunrh Dalhart at 4 a. m. It was
! met by Dalhart Elks and the train dec
orated properly.
The speed record was smashed on the
El Paso division. The veteran engineer.
! Jack Chandler, covered a single stretch
! of straight
track east of Dalhart, 66
miles, in 60 minutes.
" Everyone on the train is jubilant and
a big time is promised.
Kansas City will be reached early
this evening.
j v
Paris, France. July S. Con
tinuous cold and wet weather In
France is beginning to cause se
rious alarm. There has been a
daily rain for six weeks; many
.streams ore out of their banks,
grape crop is suffering heavily
and mildew has made its appear
ance in the damp district.
The ' loss in the champagne
district is officially estimated at
New York. July 8. -Copper
stocks on hand increased 7.960,
044 pounds -compared with June
first, according to the monthly
stsrtement of the Copper Pro
ducers' association. Stocks on
hand July 1 were 1.16S.3S6.017
4 4 4s 4 4" 4 4 4 4s 4 4 41 4"
New York, July S. The Joint legisla
tive committee appointed to Investigate
the charges of legislative corruption in
New York state, effected organization
todaj- and adjourned to July 26 to take
up the work. Edwin A. Merritt, the ma
jority leader of the assembly, tvas elect
ed chairman.
Washington, D. C. July S. President Taft ha appointed
Rodey, of Albuquerque, N. M., United States attorney at Nome,
George B. Gricsby, removed.
It was .said at the department of justice that certain charges were pre
ferred against Mr. GrigHby, -nrhich he did not explain satisfactorily to the at
torney tgeneral.
Mr. Rodey was until recently judge of the United States court of Port
Rico, and prior to that, delegate to congrvs9 from New Mexico.
SI Paso Officials Secure In
formation That Leads to
Captures in Many Cities.
Two Women Among Number
Arrested Biggest Band
Ever Operating in West.
Through information gathered hers
by customs inspectors and special
agents Burton Parker and I. J. Ayres,
the largest bunch of alleged opium,
smugglers ever arrested and accused of
operating together as a hand, has re
cently been taken into custody in many
different parts of the United States. The
last arrest of importance on the Infor
mation furnished by El Paso officers
was made at Atlantic City Wednesday,
when the two Wong brothers were ar
rested and $2000 worth of contraband
opium seized.
Beginning with the arrest of Olln,
alias Snake Pool, and a number of
smaller fry back several months ago,
the officers of the El Paso custom
house and special agent's office have
been working every day on evidence
Recently a prisoner confessed and gave
Information sufficient to confirm all
that the officials had suspected. The
arrests were at once mande in El Paso,
Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlantic
City and Atlanta, Ga.
The man who made the confession is
J. C. Hall, alias J. C. Hamilton, alias
Paul Hall, alias Paul Herman, alias
Paul Cohn. He had been making fre-
5 quent trips between El Paso and the
Pacific coast, according to the officers,
and they arrested him on the charge of
smuggling opium, after securing some
pretty- strong evidence. He made a
statement confirming many of their
suspicions and giving them pointers on
how to locate some of the people they
were after, including C. B. Stevenson,
alias Moore, alias Burnet, who, work
ed around the Juarez race track last
winter and is accused by the federal of-
j f icials of having operated a contraband
ODium business on a large scale in San
I . - , -
i irrancisco. Stevenson was arrestee, in
El Paso. A man alleged to be connect
ed with his business in San Francisco
was also arrested.
The Arrests. ,
The entire list of arrests that fol
lowed the confirmation of the officers
suspicions, Included:
Frank Welch, Los Angeles.
Ethel Jackson, El Paso.
C. B. Stevenson, alias Elijah Moore,
alias C. B. Burnet, El Paso.
R. S. Flynn, San Francisco.
C. R. Young, San Francisco.
Tillie Hall, San Francisco.
C. Chisholm, Atlanta, Ga.
Charles and Jim Wong, Atlantic City.
The latter two were the last arrested,
and are the last of the larger offenders
suspected by the government officials
here. With their arrest culminates one
of the biggest jobs of detective work
ever performed on the Mexican border
and ends the largest number of arrests
ever made in connection -with the same
offence against the customs laws, on
the Mexican border.
Smuggling May Be Stopped.
The officials have for a number of
months been making smaller arrests,
but they had not been able to get to "the
men higher up." They claim to have
done so in th.ese cases and. with the
arrests made independently in Califor
nia by 'California federal officials, El
Paso officers believe that opium smug
gling on a large scale has been dealt &
blow that will hold it in subjection for
long time to come.
Flynn and the Hall woman "were ar-
r rested m San Francisco on information
received here by the officers that two
shipments of opium had been made to
the two people in question from El
Paso. Officers were at once wired and
they were taken into custody when the
packages were delivered.
Stevenson was located in El Paso
and arrested here.
Flynn. said to be in the employ of
Stevenson, was arrested in San Fran
cisco at 1037 Stockton street. Young
was arrested at the Palm house. Both
have been indicted by the federal grand
jurv since their arrest, according to the
j federal officers. Tillie Hall was arrest
ed at the Plaza hotel In San Francisco.
Flynn was aid to have been Stevenson's
manager in the distribution of the
opium in San Francisco.
How Two AVere Cnught.
Ethel Jackson was arrested In El
Paso alter she had placed an express
package in the local office the da -Frank
Welch. left here for Californi-i
She denied at first that it- was opium,
but the officer ascertained that it was
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Bernard 9.
Alaska, -vice

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