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nirtiwj Sff'Ig
Carrying out our plan of making Saturday the most attractive day in the
week, we offer for tomorrow the following most unusual Clean Sweep specials
The success of our Clean Sweep Sale proves, beyond a
doubt, that we are giving the best values in Ready-to-
Wear and accessories to be found in El Paso.
These items, listed below, are for "Saturday only", rso be on hand bright
and early to take advantage of them.
(Saturday Only)
"Redfern," "Bon Ton," "Lily of
France" 'Olodart FronLaced'
"Warner's IRusfc-ProoF' and "Roy
al "Worcester" Corsets in a great
variety of late summer models
and regular $5.00 grades iomor
nxx" only for
Yoa (know these makes they
represent the height of the cor
etiere'i? set combining cotmlori
mrith fijtie gracerul lines of the
present season.
(2o fittings can be made at the
above special pries.)
Saturday Only
. $1.95
A very special lot of about 200 dainty house
dresses. They are made of ginghams, lamas and
linenes some dozen different styles to choose
from. "We mention particularly the dresses "with
-white waist and colored skirt. You never saw a
more attractive lot of dresses some are intended
tot morning .wear, others make dainty afternoon
costumes. Regular 5.00 dresses; tomorrow only
Tailored Wool Skirts
25c Handkerchiefs
12 l-2c
(Saturday Only)
Ptire linen Handkerchiefs, with,
dainty hand embroidered initial,
rar regolsi: 25o ihandkerchiefsj to
morrow only at
Only during a Clean Sweep Saie can you buy a
tailored skirt for $1-95. These are light weight
wool skirts, just the thing for summer time trav
eling. Come in stripes in grays and tans. Alto
gether, they are such stylish, well tailored skirts
as sell regularly for $5.00: Clean Sweep Price,
Linen Suits
Linen Dresses
$pQ9 UU
This is the 'big feature for tomorrow
$15.00 linen suits and dresses for
$5.00. The reduction is so great it
hardly seems possible, but we guaran
tee that any suit or any dress in
this lot sells regularly for not a cent
less than
These suits and dresses come in all
colors, including white. There are
many styles to choose from both
plain tailored and trimmed garments.
The favorite Russianand tunic styles
predominate. ' There are all sizes of
course, both in suits and dresses.
$15.00 Linen Suits and Dresses; to
morrow onlv. choice for
JLwlili 8 St SJ w i i l 1
r A r 111 r! ! I r
LAiUU ! U 1 S u 1 L5
Charter Taken Out at Santa
Fe for the New
Santa Fe. X. M., July 8. The Rock
Island, Tcxi o, Farwell and Gulf rail
way has filed Incorporation papers
It will build the New .Mexico portion rf
the road, 75 miles from T:c:co tn roach
Cu ry pr-d Quaj counties to a fonsi-if-tion
with the Chicago, Rock Island &
Choctaw. 20 miles east of Tucumcarl. A
corporation has been formed to .r
tinu; tne road Into Texas to a junction
with the Texas Pacific at Pyote
Alexander R. Shephard, jr.. general
manager of the famous Batopilas mines
in Chihuahua passed through El Paso
Thnrsd3jr night on hip way to meet his
wife and" family in New York on their
return from Europe. They will return
by way of California and thence down
t Sinaloa to SanBlas and up the Ori
ent iailroad to Choix, and from there
j on muie oacK over me nign oierras iu
liiQ unite. iu.i. oiicpiiiiiu, niiu '19 cue
son of the late governor Alexander R.
Shephard, of the district of Chihuahua,
says that work is progressing on the
StWwell railway line in western Chi
huahua and that it "Will run within a
reasonable distance of the mines.
.00 Silk Petticoats
(Saturday Only)y
Here is a limited number ol high grade
silk petticoats. Come in all colors
including white, black, tan, brown and all
the summer shades. Several different
styles in the lot some petticoats have
deep tailored flounce, others accordian
pleated flounce, and so on. Our regular
5.00 petticoats; tomorrow as long as
they last,
Ankle Hose
50c a pair
The newest in hosiery Foot
and ankle are silk, the rest
of the hose is lisle. We have
received a special shipment
of just 100 dozen pairs of
these Silk Ankle Hose
come in black only and of
fer them tomorrow, the pair,
El Paso's
Only Exclusive Ready, to
Wear Store
ZMifmiuH a 1 vwtmfR&Emnsmssm
lMOWaHtMiMIM 9 Si yjrVu W. dl X .ggWM
(Saturday Only)
$1.50 Veils
This is a new shipment of veils, just
come in, and we have decided to make
it a Clean Sweep Extra Special for to
morrow. They are chiffon veils, a
yard wide and 2 3-ards long. Gome in
all the pretty summer shades, as well
as tihe new colors that the Fashion
experts say will be worn the coming
fall. Such veils would sell in a regu
lar way for $1.50; tomorrow only
Clean Sweep Price is
The train of the Mexican National rail
ways, from the .south, due in El Paso at
7:25 a, m., did not arrive until 11 oclock
Friday morning, due to extra equip
ment being carried and to engine trou
ble south of Chihuahua.
Conductor J. W Harrison, of the
Santa Fe, accompanied by his wife, left
for Chicago Thursday morning.
S. P. Hostetter, commercial agent of
the Mexico. Kansas City & Orient, left
for Tucson and other points in Arizona.
Thursday afternoon.
5. C. Gardner, assistant district super
intendent of the Pullman company, left
Friday morning for Roy, N. M., on busi
ness. W. P. Stiles, sperintendent of the
.Southwestern dining car service, left
Friday morning for Detroit and other
points in Michigan, to be gone about 30
H. Lake Haynes, traveling freight and
passenger agent of the Southwestern,
and E. G. Mustain, traveling freight
agent, accompanied the Phoenix Elks"
special as far as Tucumcarl Thursday
Roswell, X. M., Julv S. The Demo-
eratie political campaign in southwestern
JSew Mexico and the Pecos alley opened
here today with two mass meetings, one
a business meeting at the armory at 2
o'clock p. m., and the other at 8 o'clock
tonijrht. The most important questions
relating to the constitutional convention
will be discussed. There are delegations
from Artesia, D?xter, Carlsbad, Haijer
man, South Springs, Lake Arthur, Day-
i ton, breenneld, Kenna and Clovis.
jamHHP mb msmb iBsg-irnni ii gMaaBBMBtaBBiwg inn "'i igtac.imu mu rmmm . nunnri
A. 98.d08 land deal was closed tadar vrhen Math errs and Dyer sold to Cy
ras H. Janes of El Fmo 2000 acres of land in the upper valley, ten miles no
Tth ef El Paso. The laad Belonged io Tom AV. Zimpleman. It Is not In cul-tfratie.
The comedy, "C-h-i-c-k-e-n Spells
Chicken,"' drew capacity crowds to the
"WJgrwam last night. The scenes Jn this
picture were all taken in Bl Paso and
dl easily recognized. It "will be shown
again totiight. Three other pictures
re also on the program.
The Crystal will show two cexcellent
dLraznas. One is a BloRraph.
The world's most successful medicine
for bowel complaints is Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It
lias relieved more pain and suffering,
and saved more lives than any other
medicine in use. Invaluable for chil
dren and adults. Sold by all druggists.
Quartet of Mexicans, all Said to Reside
In El Paso, Are Arrested by
tie 3Iexican Police.
A burglary but no robDery occurred
Thursday afternoon in Ciudad Juarez.
Tour arrests of alleged hardened crim
inals resulted very promptly.
When Miss 3Iatilia Rosales was ab
sent' about 4 oclock from her home, 6
Calle deMina, three men "were seen by
a neighbor to enter. The police arrived
in -tri-r to arrest on the spot Isidro
Padllla, not unknown to them. But
Xiuiz G. Calderon, known to El Paso
authorities; Juan Cheves, said to be
well known in the city of Chihuahua,
and Nicholas Chavarria, known vari
ously, made good their escape for a
large part of an hour. A detail of po
lice located all three in a corral on the
outskirts of the city, and they were
jailed with their companion, Padillo.
Commandante Ponce de Leon says that
all four men live in-El Paso. The
quartet has been turned over to the
court of letters.
Juan Long, a Chinaman, was fined
$10 for selling bad meat at Friday's
police court session in Juarez. Juan
conducts a market on Calle Porvenir.
Has Anjbody Here Seen Irwin?
Has anybody here faeen Irwin, Mich
igan, '85'' The Alumni association of
Michigan university is trying to locate
l Willam Warren Irwn, who graduated
I at Michigan university with the class of
I1SS5 and who was afterwards employed
in the railroad business in the south
west. The association is desirous of
obtaining information about Irwin and
has written to The Herald for any In
formation regarding the missing Michi
gan man.
Denison, Tex., July 8. Elsie Yan
cey, a lQyearold boy. killed himself
here this morning by drinking car
bolic acid. The youth lived a few
hours, but did not discuss his self de
struction. He left a note addressed
to his mother, with the simple words:
"Goodbye mama. All in, down and
Eggs In Powder Form.
1 Van Wilson has an artificial egg. It
, is in powder form and he says he has
been having egg omelets at his hoube
each morning this week from the little
sample can of the egg powder sent him
bv n. maniifn.rtiirAr. Th( ca-tr nnTrrtor
J is not really an imitation of old Mrs.
I Hen s product. It is prepared from
real eggs but Is condensed and concen
trated until a teaspoonful in a glass of
water will make enough omelets for a
small sized family.
George E. Shick, of the customs
train force, is spending his'vacatlon at
Madera, Mexico, on the Mexico Northwestern.
ay specials
Cheese Cakes, on special sale Saturday
Lemon Cream, Cocoanut Layer Cakes,
on special sale, each ,only
We no longer maintain a branch at the corner of
Oregon and Franklin streets, and .you do not get Bel
gian Bakery Goods when you buy there.
" V 3. "C TTb IT W-m W "5
1 I 1 1 A m K A if h w
jL2Lm(2M?MJrzi.L jUp&jLM. aJhLji il J.
210 Overland Street
Both Phones
Mrs. E. E. Syme, of the bond depart
ment of the customs service,' is taking
a 30 day vacation.
W. O. Howey, liquidation and entry
clerk in the local customs house, is
spending a 10 day paction in California.
J. N. Wafer, mounted inspector or
the customs service, is spending his
vacation at Cloudcroft.
H. B. Lane, deputy collector, who
has been ill at his rooms at the Lake
house, returned to his duties in the
customs " off ice Friday morning.
D. W. Pollard, territorial secretary
of the Y. M. C. A., of Arizona, with
headquarters at Bisbee, is in the city
In connection with the field work of
the association. Mr. Pollard states
that excepting a few summer camps
the boys are establishing, the regular
routine work has ceased and will not
be resumed by the various branches
until fall. '
Xesro Lynched.
Lit.Tlft TJnnlc VrV Tnlx S Jnhr. Paw-
j ell, an 18yearold youth, charged with
having burglarized the residence of a
prominent citizen, of Huttlg, of $500
and then ffred the building, was lynch
ed there. He confessed, the police
say. The rather frail prison which
housed Powell was broken into with
out much effort by the mob. The fact
that the negro had been hanged was not
generally known until his body was
found today.
Let us suggest a dainty frozen desert.
Phone the Elite, anytime.
Colonia Diaz, Mexico, July S. It has
just been reported ,that Pedro Ostelo's
brother shot and killed his sweetheart
and then killed himself by shooting in
the heart. The girl was shot in the
mouth, the ball coming out at the back
of her neck.
Lodge No. 152 of the Brotherhood of
Railway Carmen of America, held its
regular monthly meeting at the Knights
of Pythias hall Thursday night and in
stalled officers elected for the ensuing
year. Two new members were added to
the roll of membership, which totals
over 150 members. After the business
session, refreshments were served.
s :
Cor. Kansas & Boulevard
304, 844, 323. Mo Phone : 1691
The onlv Strictly Cash Grocery in El Paso. We can
save you money on your groceries, because we have no i
accounts to lose, no soncrcors, no collectors mu nu uuujs.
keepers to pay.
Watermelons, extra fine lot, per lb . . . -. . . . lc
Valley Cantaloupes fresh every morning, 3 for 25c
Alberta Peaches, per basket 25c
Fine Tomatoes, per basket 35c
Wild Goose Plums, 8 lb. baskets '. 50c
jSTeTv California Grapes, per lb 15c
Green String Beans, 2 lbs. for 15c
California head lettuce 2 bunches for 15c
Green String Beans 2 lbs. for 15c
Beets and turnips, 3 bunches for 10c
New celery, extra nice, per bunch f. 15c
Xew cooking apples (Large and Good cookers), 6 lb 25c
Good hot or cold B. & M. baked beans, 3 cans for. .25c
Good hot or cold B. & M. baked beans, -large cans
each 15
Extra good lemons, per dozen 20c
Kellog?s Corn Flakes or Post Toasties, 3 pkgs for . .25e
Puffed Rice, per pkg 15c
Puffed wheat, per pkg 10c
Shredded wheat, 2 pkgs for , 25c
Grape Xuts 2 pkgs. for 25c
Scotch or Quaker oats, per pkg 10c
Large pkg. Gold Dust 20c
4 lb. bulk starch for 25c
6 bars Swft's White Soap for 25c
7 bars Swift's Pride soap for -. 2-oc
3 boxes Swift's or Dutch Cleaner tor 25c,
4 large rolls toileipaper for 1 25c
s 5 gal. best gasoline for 85c
5 gal. best Eupion oil for. 80c
11 lb. large white new potatoes for 25c
3 lb. best head rice for 2oc
Z ft
I IH CI IjiUa Us liifitf yisii I
Thg Store That Saves You Honey
Cor. Kansas & Bculevard
Robert Blaelc Erected Many Building
In Boston nnd Havana Promi
nent In Politics! Affairs.
Silver City, July S. Robert Black,
who suffered a stroke of apoplexy at
Cliff a- month ago. died Thursday af
ternoon at his residence in this city.
He had not been conscious for 4S nouns
and hopes of his recovery had been
abandoned by his friends. Air. Black
was one of the oldest residents of this
city, in point of residence, having- es
tablished the lumber yards and plan
ing1 mill, known in recent j'ears as
Black & Atkins Co., in 1871.
He was one of the best known build
ers and contractors In the territory,
and prior to locating here built a num
ber of the large buildings in Boston,
Mass., and later a number In Havana,
Cuba. He served as first mayor of the
city; was for 21 years a member of
the board of education of the city,
and served a number of terms in the
territorial legislature. At the lun
bermens last convention In El Paso
he was elected one of the officers.
Boy lircd of Hobo I.Ife.
Sayng that he was tired of the ho
bo's life and wanted to go back home,
Hayden Reynolds.' aged 17, up in po
lice cpurt for vagrancy, was held until
his parents in Essex, Connecticut, wire
him a ticket. He was picked up while
begging on the streets.
Mrs. J. E. Nagley, 111 North St.
"Vrain street, has returned vfrom Ohio.
On a charge of cruelty to children,
A. Glades was arrested Thursday night.
He is out on a ?10 bond for appearance
at the Friday afternoon police court
Mrs. Felicita Garcia, of Virginia
street, was declared not guilty of a
charge of disturbing the peace by jus
tice Watson, Friday morning. The
complaint was made by a neighbor,
who alleged that Mrs. Garcia had
whipped her little girl.
Frozen Errs' Seized.
Xew York, July S. More than 12
tons of frozen eggs or dessicated eggs,
shipped here from Chicago, -were seiz
ed as unfit for human consumption at
Kings County Refrigeratinjr company's
plant in Brooklyn Thursday. Govern
ment inspectors, acting under orders
from the repartment of agriculture,
made the seizure. It is the largest one
Santa Fe, N. M., July 8. The fol
lowing delegates to the 18th National
Irrigation congress at Pueblo, were
today appointed by Gov. Mills: George
Curry, Tularosa; H. J. Hagerman, Ros
well; Charles Springs, Cimarron: Xor
man W. Bartlett, Vermejo: R E.
Twitchqll, Las Vegas: A. A. Jones, East
Las Vegas; G. F. Flick, Santa Fe; Ama
do Chaves. Albuquerque: Oscar Snow,
H. B. Holt, Las Cruces: George H.
j Webster, jr., Cimarron; F. G. Tracey.
Carlsbad; Byron O. Beall. Roswell; Ho A
mer W. Schoflold, Alamogordo; E. L.
Bernard, Fort Sumner.
Sergeant S. W. Davis, of the police
force, returned from a 30 day vaca
tion Thursdaj' night, after visiting at
San Antonio, Johnson City and other
points. Other officers circulated the
report that he had been married dur
ing the absence, but he states there is
"absolutely nothing to the report."
A Golden Wedding:
means that man and wife have lived
to a good old age and consequents
have kept healthy. The best way to
keep healthy Is to see that your liver
does its duty 365 days out of 365. The
only way to do this tfo keep Ballard's
Herbine in the houe and take it when
ever your liver gets inactive. 50 cents
per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Babj's Coffin Hum..
Pittsburg. Pa., July Startled by
crackling flames from the slumber that
had overcome them while keeping a
death watch beside the body of a baby
brother, the two children of John Kro
nosky of Sharpsburg, found the baby's
casket afire Flames from the candles
about the bier had set fire to palms
amid which the coffing rested, and the
blaze was fast consuming it when the
children fled to give the alarm Fire
men took the corpse from the burning
casket which was destroyed, with much
of the furniture in the room.
Automobile Speeding: Charged.
Charles E. Springer was arrested
Thursday night on a charge of speeding
his automobile above the limit as pre
scribed by law. He was driving car
No. 44G, and is out under his own
Deming, N. M., July S. S. Lindauer
has been nominated as candidate on the
Socialist ticket for election to the con
stitutional convention
The fixtures for the retail department
of the Krakauer, Zork & Move build
ing on San Francisco street are being
installed. The furniture and fixtures
are of dark oak and are being put up
in sections like sectional bookcasces. A
representative of the factory is here to
superintend the instalation.
Scott & Thornton's
New Store
' Everything For Men
215 San AntonioSt.
For the alleged use of abusive lan
guage Anita Rodriguez, 110 Chihua
hua street, will be given a hearing In
justice Watson's court Friday afternoon.
El Pasoan's Brother Pictured.
In the July number of "The World
Today" magazine there is a full page
picture of Lr. William A. Evans, com-
misslorter of health for Chicago. Dr.
Evans is a brother of W. W. Evans, of
the Darbyshire & Evans Fuel company
of El Paso. He was here two years
ago and gave a lecture on the subject
of tuberculosis before a large audience
in a local theater.
Shady side Oregon St., opp. postoffice.
Pancho is Some Fljchter.
Pancho Araiza, who licked his wife
with an old shoe and knocked his sis
terinlaw down with his fist, pleaded
guilty and was fined $10 by judge Lea
yesterday. Both the wife and sisterin
law were in court to testify, the latter
with hor head bandaged.
New Cottasre.
The Great Texas "company is started
work on a five room cottage on Hutton
street, making the third this company
has built on the stret this year.
Peath Ice cream delivered after sup-
.fv... i nunc nie jciiite. , j
Model A67
is a new onea
Two Killed In a Well.
Girard, Kas., July S. Roy Duncan, 24
years old, and his father. R. S. Duncan,
were killed by gas- while cleaning a
well at their farm, nine miles south
west of here. The son was overcome
first and the father hurried to his res
cue, only to fall a victim to the fumes.
Garment AVorkers Strike.
New YoYrk, July S. Fifty thousand
ijarment ,and cloakmakers, of which
S000 are women, nalked out yesterday
afternoon at the call of the Internation
al Ladles' Ganuent Workers' union.
Sanatorium Chnnpres.
. Dr- R- JB. Homan has taken charge
of the Baldwin sanatorium. He will be
assisted by M. C. McKInney. formerly
cashier of the custom house, who will
act as superintendent.
Accused of Hop Smoking;.
Emilio Barlllo is charged with smok
ing "hop," officers catching him with a
quantity of opium in his possession
Thursday night. He will be tried at the
afternoon session of police court.
Rockefeller Is 71.
Cleveland. Ohio, July S John D.
Rockefeller will celebrate his se- cntv
first -birthda today at Forest j1 11,
is summer Lomt !.. re.
APoiniec! Question!
Where to buy hay, oats,
grain, etc., etc. This question
is satisfactorily settled if
you decide to favor us Tvith
your orders. We carry a
large stock on hand which as
sures prompt .delivery. Also
headquarters for fresh field,
garden and flower seeds.
Third and Chihuahua Sts.

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