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EI Paso, Texa,
Tuesday Evening,
July 12, 1910 - - - 10 Pages
AH the 3Tew
Herald Prists It First
While It's Fiesh.
Pleads for Special Session of
Congress, to Save Himself
From His Wife.
Nyack, N- Y-, July 12. Census enum
erators all over the country, still -waiting
for Uacle Sam to compensate them
for their fcervices. will sympathize deep
ly with William C. Grant, of Rockland
county, "who has -written census super
visor Kilby. of this district, complain
ing of the delay.
ThA ifttr savs: "Now that all dang
er from Halley's comet has passed and j
Theodore Is home again. I most respect-
fnllv inquire if the government can
spare the small amount due me for my
service as an interrogation point dur
ing March and April.
-If tfcev really need it, I can wait
a little longer, but iny wife is arrang
ing celebration of our silver -wedding
In the fall; she believes now I have re
vived It and blown it in and nothing
bTit the sight of a check will convince
hr- For the love of God, call an extra
Weston of congress or something and
set it through. If they can't spare
t.- cask, tell thorn to send two cent
stamps. ir i -woum c '" "" I J
roo of it fcefore the
zasnuy na' lu u-(
It to bay a -white tombstone to put over
zny jrrave.
Salinas. CaL, July 2. Fur cars and
nro. of n ue'ial tr-tin c-irry.ng
Monto; to the AraTl-un Chemical j
Focierv convenUon in San Francis o.
fmn. "Trt Antreles and the czt. were
derailed early this ran-nin, tvro ni'les j
..-,-,. nf "fts: Siatl""l.
The slet-perr .id rot 3"-ive the track
and oe of rhe passeouor we'e s-cri-onsiv
injured. -.-Wlijro r.i:l-oad of
ficials, though several Mista'ml bruises.
Th" caase of the eccWf't is unknown.
itar.nt owin- Julv 12. Fire. ac-ib
Ktrd to defective wu-ing, put out tf
commission the Pio:i.jr Teleplioii's c.r.
nziwS wiant at S o'clock this morning.
Tanv s man
nrf Iterant todav io wxtavut
joal or
long distance tcleih:me conatction.
The flames destrotd connect icns
tvlth Dallas t.nj other nortn Te:.as
point, east with Jkiahonuc CJty. and
to tsp north threatened "the .lesruction
of the Dsratu XatioocJ bank bunding.
Baenos Ayres. Argentine, July 12. 1
The mtematienal conference of Amerl-
can Republics was formally opened in j
l- Is ity today and will remain in ses- j
si"ti five or six weeks. , j
The importance of this gathering is
rn-ifri a, :eond only to the great J
peace conference of The Hague.
Ea-lc Pa Texas, July 12. Atten- Coahuila Mexico. Sr. BKninKuez is the
tionil overe state is bein- ibcussed greatest Mexcan authonjy on this sub
onSe cSTeSnrv Farmine con- jeet and will speak on the methods and
eL o beh5d at EagiePass on Aumst j resulte obtained by dry fernunjr in that
7 in tA to country.
PrVpStions have been ninr on ac- Prof. B. mnblood of .the United
tfverv at Ea-Io Pa? to make this con- States department of anctilture at
SSSon krlnperforrboth in attendance, Oklahoma City and Prof. J D. Tnutej,
I2S anl StSnJafahed speakers, to - of tbe AgnculUiral college, 2Sew Mexico,
th-' successful cosp-ess held at Alpine vill be amony the distinguished speakers
las car " S fro111 outside the state.
Not onh- -will tie convention be a lib-1 Plenty of Entertainment.
crai education in tie processes and sue- In addition -to the educational and
ccsful results of drr or scientific farm- ' practical benefits of the congress the
inir but a revelation to the" uninformed : citizens of Eaple Pocs have not nesjlect
of wiat has already been accomplished ' ed to provide some umque amusement
and what '"escr achievements may be features. Besides smokers, receptions,
made bv tius inodern method of asjricul- j baseball, etc., arrangements are being
iJre " made to entertain the visitors "with &
Lands in Texas which formerly would j roping contest in C. P Kaz, in old IMex
not wrinjr 25 cents an acre are liowr, un- ico.
ler drr farming conditions, bringing $20 Representation.
to 30 per acre. Tbe object of the Dry Each county m Texas is expected to
Farmin"- con'Tess is to demonstrate to ! send delegates to the Dry Farming con
the people ,and especially to the farmers ! gress, and an the convention each county
of the semiarid regions of Texas, how I represented tviII be entitled to one vote
this increase in values can be applied I for every delegate present up to five.
to oar own lands. i If there are more t;han flve delegates
Prominent Speakers. J from a county that county will be en-
Tfee program includes speakers, not titled to five votes; if less than five
onlv of state, but of national reputation, are present, the countv will be entitled
s? authorities on drv farming and scien- to as many vote3 as there are delegates
tific sgricnltore- Among t3ie most noted present. Already -Home of the western
is r. Zeferino Dominguez, professor of counties are linin" up fpr a fiht for the
agriculture. Hacienda de Santa Maria, I next meeting.
"SVfcHe attempting to cut paper with a large cutting machine at the prlnt
lajf plsirt of the Bnle-Haghes company, George 3IeBdoza, 23 years old, lost hiss
rfstot luizd, -which -was severed ly the sharp knife at the wrist stt 7:10 Tues
day rsoraln. The weight of the knife was so great that It cut clean through
the wrist bones.
Xont of the employes knew hovr the accident happened, as he had gone to
work eTly and when one of the Eaea turned around i from his vrork he heard the
rasyx scream and groan and rushed to him. The severed hand was lying on
the cutter and fhe arm was bleeding profusely.. His brother, Fred Mendoza,
who I nlfo employed at the sbop, eaught him as he fainted, while another of
the mea. tied a string around his arm to stop' It from bleeding.
He wa Immediately removed to the Hotel DIeu aHd Is expected to recover.
3Iendoza lot consciousness shortly after the accident and could not tell
Snstt bow it happened, bat It I believed that he was trying to push paper under
the cutter when the knife fell.
Man's Arm
Terrell, Texas, July 12. In a prisonal encounter arising over cnttiufi a
bee tree on land owned by Jfouer Cox't-r, a fa -iner In Iva-.C t a .!' t c er"s
am tt3 cut off y a bi from an ax. Louis Dosicr was placed under arrest la
connection with the -iiiir. '
Flint, Mich.. July 12. A spe
cial Detroit TJn'ited Railway ln
terurban car. crowd ed -with ex
cursionists bound for an orange
men's celebration At Windsor,
Ont., cra.shed into a -work train
today at Wilkes crossing near
Forty passengers were injur
ed, six of them fatally.
The carp met at full speed on
a sharp curve.
T "f 41 'J'
Louisville Manjs Short Sev
eral Hundred Thousand
Louisville, Kj. July 12. At a direc-
tors' meeting of the Fidelity Trust com
pany today, it was announced that
glUCHnUiUKlb ui iiivr iu,i- i ..... .--
elude many
leading capitalists of the
citv. had made up a fund to meet any j
losses that have come to the company up
to a inilliou dollars.
iThis would seem to indicate that the
. ",".., ,.i, m!ia
iLonice. assisuuiiL sccicuii, ii ... ,
arrested yesterday. vli never be
kn0wn, although rumor placed
It at
from S400.000 to $o00,000.
Ropke appeared in court today with
out counsel, waived examination ana
-was held to the criminal court for trial ,
Octooer o.
Since Ropke's arrest it has come to ,
light that his speculation on the New
Tork stock exchange and -with local
brokerage houses amounted to hun
dreds of thousands annually.
HEAD OF ELBjfyerfurch0
Ti -p, . -ranim.Q1.J -Crt f ,A
j.cAau j. av jl' ui ua.u j-wx "-" j
Place Didn't Get Look
in on the Job.
Detroit, Mich.. July 12. August
("Garry") Hermann, of Cincinnati, was
.elected grand exalted ruler of the Be-
TiAvnlMit and Protective Order of Elks
. i
npclnmation at the first session ot
the grand lodge here today
The Texas Elks had united on Chas.
A. Rasbury, of Dallas, for the place, but
he wasn't one, two, three.
Rasbury 4s a prominent lawyer resid
ing in Dallas, associated In a law part
Tiprshin with senator Culberson.
Garrj' Hermann was defeated for the j
place at Los Angeles last year, ana was
i,i..ora AiotAri in th noition this !
therefore elected to the position
year without opposition.
Austin, Texas, July 12. In- &
terest is Increasing in the '
special session of the legisia- &
ture callod by tiqv. uampoej
to convene he-c July 19, next
Tuesday. Speaker John Mar
shall, of Grayson county, is
expected to arrive Friday night
or Saturday morning. Repre
sentative Clarence E. Gilmore,
of Van Zandt county, chairman
of the committee that Investi
gated prison fcffairs, is ex
pected Friday.
- .
Man "Wfoo Crossed English
Channel Twice, Crushed
in Fall to Earth.
Rudder of Biplane Breaks
and He Falls in Heap,
Over 100 Feet.
Bournemouth. Eng., July 12. The
first flying tournament of the year In
England was brought to a tragic close
this morning by the dramatic death of
the most daring British aviator, Hon.
Charles S. Rolls, third son of lord Lang
attock. Rolls was the man who crossed the
, 4. r i t
ami feiuni wimout liyiitiiiij, a lew
j weeks ago, after Bleriox and DeLesseps
had crossed it but one way.
In the presence of great company of
spectators today, a
majority of whom
were women and children and many per
sonal friends of the young aviator, the
Wright bi-plane on which he was fly
ing, fell suddenly -iih terrific speed
from a height of 100 feet.
It struck the ground close to the
crowded errand stand. tvn5 sma!hPil intn
tan(rlM mas nd bfoft th dotor
could reach the spot. Rolls was dead.
Rolls was competing for a prize for
the aviator alighting nearest a given
mark.. He had risen to a good height
and then shut off his motor, when, with
out warning, the tail piece of the bi- i
The machine gave
and the framework
f C?
c?csLyvjrj?i, jlt 6so Jiw
j&aiz-s- jixx.iv&.s rzxsvssz
crumpled up and tvhen it struck the
ground it was smashed to splinters.
Rolls's skull was fractured and he
was killed aknost instantly.
Lord and lady ILangattock, parents of
Rolls, did not witness the catastrophe.
Audemars, the Swiss aviator, had a nar
row escape while making a trial flight
J this -morning. His monoplane overturn
ed but descended safely to the ground
and he escaped injury.
silver crrr max sols
Server Contractors use Steam Digger for
Excavating; Land "Will be Sold
for Delinquent Tnxefc.
Silver City, N. r., July 12. Former
sheriff A. S. Goodell Is rapidly solving
j the shortage of water supply, which has
confronted this city for the past month,
by sinking a well on his residence
block. The well driller is now at a
depth of about SO feet and has 46 feet
of water. This city has very few pri
vate wells, as it was thought water
would not be encountered except at
great depth.
The sewer contractors are making
rapid progress with their steam digger
in the western part of town. The larger
part of the downtown work had to be
done by hand, as the sewer ditches
ran through many blocks of hard rock,
which had to be blasted.
The city Is proceeding to advertise all
delinquent taxes. The county treasurer
is preparing the delinquent tax list for
the county, which he expects to adver
tise in the early fall.
Attorney R. P. Barnes has gone to
Albuquerque to attend a Republican
committee meeting.
W. E. Clark and "Will Fleming have
purchased the Old Man Corral and Feed
Stables from W. J. Crueton and have
taken possession. Mr. Crueton expects
to leave within a few days for Califor
nia for a vacation.
Galveston, -Texas, July 12. Three of
ficers of the United States marine hos-
nj fssie, c
7r'2'2C-s ,
T he Silly Season 1 a" 1 Doroy Dix
THE silly season is upon us now.
when the general public seems to
entertain a fatuous belief that the
Recording Angel knocks off work and
shuts up Ms books, and when one may
do with impunity the thing that would
shock one half to death to even think
about doing at any other time of the
year. '
"Wh3 people's morality and sense of
propriety should melt down into a mush
in August, instead of rearing itself into
an adamantine column as it doe- in De
cember, nobody knows. Suffice it to,
say that it does. "We behold modest
matrons that would blush if anybody
saw the tip of their toe peering from
under thelrgWlnter skirts calmly parad
ing along the beach in Summer in a
ballet costume that displays their
curves to all.
Devoted wives, who are very pinks
of propriety in Winter, -indulge In Sum
mer flirtations that would land them In
Charles 8. Rolls In
$gj. V"--
s&-r y mrnrn
Another sSTScrsnes Iz being planned for El Paso. In the office ot D. K
Coburn, superintendent of bridges anT !:h,,'Ui!5 - the G. H. &. S. A. railroad,
t?e drsfiMien are drawing plans for a general office building to be erected
on the company's pro-crty facing Mes ' -j ... k uiitt- of the
G. H. main line.
This building will be at least three stories high and may go five or more
into the air. It is to be of mission design, the first large building of the
kind to be built here, and will be of reinforced concrete throughout.
Sketches of the building have been submitted to the different depart
ments of tho railroad which have offices In El Paso and the completed plans
will arrange for spacious accommodations for all these departments.
The city ticket office and the general agent's office will occupy the first
floor of the Sunset skyscraper while tho engineer oflec, the office of Supt.
"Waid and assistant superintendent R. 31. Hoover, the office of the mainten
ance of way department, the resident engineer's offices, the dispatcher's of
fice and the other offices now in El Paso will be located in the new build
ing. The old Stanton street station, now occupied by these offices, may be
wrecked after the new building Is completed, although n small local station
will be built on the site of this building in order to hold the railroad com
pany's title to the ground. It Is known that the G. H. & S. A. has been con
templating the erection of a modern office building In EI Paso for some time
and the actual work on the structure Is expected to begin this fall.
nital service sitting today here
as a
courtmartial hearing charges filer
against Dr. G. M. Corput, a hospital sur
geon at this port. The nature of the
charges is not made public, but it Is
understood from a reliable source that
there are five specifications which al
lege conduct unbecoming an officer. Dr.
P. M. Carrlngfon is here from -San Diego,
Cal. as a member of the board.
A daily short story every day in The
Herald; also the serial.
.. , -rrr.i i , ,.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox is on The Herald
the divorce courts if their husbands
knew of them; and even conventional
people, who demand the grip and the
passwords of society from all they meet
in the Winter, pick up chance acquaint
ances in Summer without even so much
as asking their names.
Reputations Spoil la Ilot Weather.
Probably men are just as s&lly in the
Summer as women are, and do just as
many foolish things, but because the
consequences of a woman's folly are -so
much more serious to her than a man's
: xa iu linn, a aii lumuwu cv -iuxivi; cu pica
to my sisters to at least try to be a3
j little silly as they can through the dog
j days.
Because it is Slimmer, and most of the
bars are down, girls, don't let men treat
you with a familiarity that you wouldn't
stand for at any other time of the
year. Don't forget that reputations spoil
more quickly in hot weather than at any
other time and that when you leave the
Milwaukee, "Wis., July 12. Michael
j Si. Reilly of Fond du Lac, temporary
j chairman, opened the Democratic state
j convention today by outlining the plan
j of Democratic campaign.
' More government for the people and
j by the people and less government by
j class and for privilege, were among the
I things advocated by Mr. Reilly.
The majority delegates favor naming
a list of candidates to be voted on at
. the primaries. A number favor at
j least two candidates for each place. The
platform will devote considerable soace
j to the critIcism of 4he present trlff
seashore or the mountains you don't
leave the report of your indiscretions
behind you. Don come home with any
mud on your skirts, metaphorically or
Because you happen to be on the sea
shore or In a camping party, don't he
sillj- enough to let any young man lie
around with his head In your lap, or for
you to sit up with his arm about you.
Because it is summer doesn't alter the
fact of his being a man or you a wo
man, or of any of the relationships of
life nor make it one whit lei5s vulgar
and dangerous.
Because it is Summer, don't be silly
enough to let the idiot "with the camera
snapshot you in an affectionate atti
tude with some young man. It may
seem awfully funny at the time, and be
perfectly innocent, but just reflect how
that picture will look on some young
(Continued on Page Three.)
! dL.
& & $"
Columbus, Ohio, July 12.
Four men were arrested at New- .
ark today charged with partici-
pating in the riot and lynching" fr
Friday night.
The names of the men arrest- 5
ed are Weldon Kerr, Charles 4,
Bagley, Ed Willis and Edward i
Shaller. The arrests were made
by the new chief of police. In
addition to the police chief, It is
stated that director of public
service Milton Taylor and di- , w
rector of public safety Harry v
Runkle will be deposed. '
Cuban ' ' Insurgents ' ' in Oom-
niunication Witli New
York Market Men.
Havana, Cuba., July 12. The purpose
of the conspiracy for which the mulatto
colonel, Jorge Valera, and his associ
ates, tv ere arrested yesterday was to
compel American Intervention, accord
ing to the government's information.
A further investigation resulted in
tre shrdleutaolshrdl onngkmrbi cmfm
the discovery that the suspects were in
constant communication with a stock
broker whose name is unknown.
A description has been obtained and
the police are searching for him. "When
arrested one of the conspirators, Valer
iano Pico, made a voluntary statement
declaring the whole conspiracy a fake
and its purpose was not to cause Ameri
can intervention, but simply to break
the local stock maTkct by committing
some damage, not serious to property.
Sets Fire to an Adjoining
House, Then Chokes
Wife and Mother.
Denison, Texas, July 12. Nemesi3
seems to he following J. "W. Harvey, a
Katy railroad conductor, and family,
and the nemesis is a burly black negro.
This -was determined this morning when
at an early hour an adjoining dwelling
was set afire, evidently by the black,
who then secreted himself in the Har
vey home. The family retired after the
fire was extinguished. Soon a negro
was heard stirring about the place. Mrs.
Harvey discovered him. He reaized this
and set upon her, choking her desper
atey and then escaped. Mrs. Harvey's
condition is serious.
Several months ago an unidentified
negro was shot and killed while at
tempting to force an entrance into the
Harvey home.
Ballot casting on the part of electors
of the, Juarez district ended Tuesday
morning in Ciudad Juarez with the
naming of judges of the supreme court.
Six judges occupy the supreme bench
at? Mexico City. All named on both
Republican and Democratic tickets are
attorneys of Mexico City. The voting
of the local electors resulted as fol
lows: Eduardo Castaneda,, 72; Julio
E. Obregon, 9; Jose T'errel, I: Bmelio
Alvarez, 72; Jose M. r. Suarez, 10; Cris
tobal Chapital, 72; C. Caledonia Padll
lo, 10: Emeterio de la Garza, 72; Jesus
I. Gonznles, 9; Manuel O. Toro, 72; Jose
Ferrel. S; Emilio B. Goyrl, 72; Filomeno
Mata, 10.
Visiting electors are departing for
their homes. E. Montes de Orea acted
as president of the college.
San Antonio, Tex., July 12. Having
as an object the promotion of the gen
eral welfare of the abstract business,
and to make it more systematic and
better understood by the general pub
lic the third annual convention of the
Texas Abstractors' association was be
gun here today. J. C. Crisp, president,
is In the chair. Twenty-live members
are present, representing all portions
of the state. Mineral Wells and Fort
Worth each desire the next meeting of
the -organization.
Bathhurst, New Brunswick, July 12.
Fully 3000 persons in Cambellton are
homeless today as a result of fire
which yesterday and last night destroy
ed a large portion of the town. The
probable death list will not exceed two.
Cambelltown Is the largest cedar shin
gle mill center in eastern America and
practically all the mills there were destroyed.
Secretary R, A. Ballingcr, of the Interior department, is advertising: la Tho
Herald for bids on the railroad construction work on the Elephant Butte dara
railway, which will he built from The Junction, n point on the main line of
the Sauta Fe between Ensle and Cutter, to the site of the hlg government
project. The line will he about 10 miles In length and the bld. vrlll he re
ceived lrnlil August S.
The grading contract will include fhe removal of a large quantity of stone
In the cnts which will have to be madenlong the rlvThtofvray of the line. The
concrete foundation for the bridges will he hnllt Isy the reclamation service
engineers at one in order to allow them to settle properly before the bridge
construction Is built. It Is expected to have thin psrt of the project com
pleted by January 1, when the heavy roncMnery and materials for the dam will
he hauled over it from the Santa F main line.
The advertisement says that the work Involves tlte excavation of about
14,000 yards of earth, 50,000 yards of rock, and the placing of approximately
400,000 feet 15. 31. of timber.
Pittsburg, Pa-, July 32 A povrder magazine at Cabct, Pean.. exploded
early today, killing at least one person and tujnrlng aboat 20 others. The
magazine vols the property of the Standard Plate Glass company, nnd contain
ed 1000 pounds of dynamite and 5000 pounds of blasting powder.
Former Forester Goes to
California to Fight Stand
Pat Bepublicans.
New York, July 11. Otfford PInchot.
a close friend of Thaodore Roosevelt
and deposed United States forester, an
nounced today that he will leave for
California tomorrow to taks tne stump
in behalf of Hiram Johnson, who Ib
seeking the gubernatorial nomlnaion
and is endorsed for that honor by the
Lincoln-Roosevelt league of progresgiT
Republicans of California.
Mr. PInchot's announcement wss
made shortly after a conference with,
colonel Roosevelt, in which marsUall
Stimson, of Los Angelos, took part,
i Mr. Pinohot indicated mat Johnson
I candidacy is being strongly opposed 'or
! the "old line" RepubHian organization
of that state
Mr. PInchot also said ha w: aid mats
four speeches In California in behalf ot
"William Kent, insurgent candidate for
congress, who is opposing congressman.
- McKinlay.
i -Slayer and Slain Are Alone
Wnen the Shooting Oc
curred; iSTo "Wit
nesses. Bisbee, Ariz., July 12. Arthur Bean,
a mining engineer, was shot and killed
here last night.
"W- H. Hart is charged .with causing
his death.
Arthur Bean was an engineer for the
Copper Queen. The shooting occurred
at 6:45 last evening. Bean died at 1:13
this morning.
Bean went to Hart's house for an
explanation as to Mrs. Bean's arrest
by Hart yesterday for disturbing the
peace. They walked a short distance
when Bean was shot In the neck.
Hart alleges that Bean drew a kn fe
and attacked him, thus obliging Mm
to fire in elf defense. Bean siatc- bf
fore dying that Hart shot him with' "
A knife "was found in Bean';; pocket.
There were no (witnesses -to the shoot
ing. Hart was arrested on a charge of
murder. Bail was refused.
That the eyes of the world are turn
ed to fche United Statds great Irrigation
scheme of the southwest and particu
larlv to the EleDhant Butte dam on
Tfhich work has just been started, is j
evidenced by representatives or. zoreign
governments stuaymg tms country s
scheme of irrigation.
Bearing a letter from director F. H
Newell, of the reclamataon service, I.
SIro, a representative of the Ruaaiasts
government, axived in the city Tuesday
morning and presented his introduc
tion to district engineer W. M. Reed.
The Russian will visit the dam site and
there study the government methods of
reclaiming the desert.
A representative of the Netherlands,
having charge of the irrigation work in
the Netherland East Indies recently ln-
( spected the Irrigation projects In the
southwest and other zoreign engineers
have taken the opportunity to study
the southwest irrigation scheme whller
in the country.
1 -rl j ta3
In addition, the Inter-colonial station,
the round house, hundreds of railway
cars, two churches, two banks and
other business houses and many dwell
ings were obliterated.
The fire spread to the woods and ex-
( tends as far as Richardsville, two miles
away. Several buildings in Richards-
l ville have burned. The loss to Camp
belltown is estimated at $2,000,000.

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