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, Mk.w Nadinola.
Saturday , Jwl 3fe
f Hose Specials Ili-JP y$Mp)
Sale of Manufacturer's Mjjp u
Tl J TFfi Tl i - Sold by
Tmr 2G?'-Jfcada. &tt -13 I "- -
I u dl unuvvii ur
Our purchase of the entire sample line of one
of the big hose manufacturers enables us to ,
give hose values that you cannot pofesiblv buy
elsewhere in El Paso. For convenience, 4 lots
have been made as follows.
LOT IfO. 1 LOT NO. 2
Ladles' regular 35c Hose; Ladies' regular 75c Hose;
special sale -a q special sale 5Q
price JLtO v price -lC
-pKaas LOT NO. 3
jwKlj Glen's regular 35c Hose; special -fl fj r
MpPW sale price . I i 2C
Safe t J Men's regular 75c Hose: special sale etf i
B f price t U j
fi 1 f n addition t" the Hose Specials
M many other bargains for Satur-
y-MM day only are to be found here.
- -nosi: or lov rRtccs-
Ljjyv yj i l iw uu ilil n H 1 1- u mil up
Lflil ilIIl 111 i OliviHOlLu uniuOUl!!;
The supreme beauty re
quisite, is endorsed by
thousands. Nadinola
banishes tan.sallowness,
freckles, pimples, liver
spots and other facial
discolorations. Worst
case in 20 days. Rids the
pores and tissues of all
impurities, leaves the
skin clear, coft and healthy.
Directions and Guarantee in each packasre. 50c
and $1.00 by high class Toilet Counters or Mail.
Prepared fay KAT10NAL TOILET CO., Paris, Teen
Kelly & Poliard
and Other
nun of;
Eef orms Certain Campbell
and His Low Tax
Zaek Cobb Declares There Is
Rottenness and He Means
to Tell It.
Undoubtedly the largest vot eever cast
in the 'El Paso county Democratic pri
maries wHI be polled Saturday. Within
the count' 5942 poll taxes have been
paid, but all of these voters will not go
to tSie primaries, many of them being
Republicans and others "who are Demo
crats being out of terra.
The places where votes are to be cast
and the presiding judges follow:
2so. 1 W. C Bulger, Franklin school.
!o. 2 J. A. Bock, 319 South Oregon
2s o. 3 F. del Buono, Central fire sta
tion. No. 4 E. A. Escajeda, Alamo school.
2s o. 5 A.,G. Duchene, B. Solis's store,
2130 Bassett avenue.
Xo. 6 Joe Dunne, Shobe's restaurant.
Xo. 7 31. X. Shine, Highland. Park
Xo. S Chas. LeBaron. Lamar school.
Harfina Soap
If yoa saffer from Eczema, pimples
or other eruptions, if your complexion
is dull or unsightly, your skin needs
Pine-Balsam in its purest form. You
can get it in EAEEINA. SOAP and at the
same time have a delicate, refined
soap that will be a constant pleasure
to use.
H ARFINA SOAP is absolutely pure
z.n6. marvellously cleansing, soothing
and healing. It "will make bathing a
delight and keep your skin and com
pletion m perfect condition.
' At druggists, 25c, or di
rect on receipt of price.
Send 2c for on r books. "The Care
of the Skin and Hair.' PHELO
HAY SPEC. CO.. Newark, N. J
U. S. A.; Toronto, Canada.
b. 9 Lamar Davis, 3Iesa school.
Xo. 10 H. Letard, city hall.
Xo. 11 P. B. Price, Fraser Bros.'
plumbing shop. 416 Xorth Oregon street.
Xo. 12 Robert Hollidav, E. E. Xeff
company, Xorth Santo Fe street, be
tween Slain and Franklin streets.
Xo. 13 E. J. Hadlock (Concordia),
void Angerstein house.
Xo. 14 W. W. Davis, Ysleta", Benigno
Alderete hall.
Xo. 15 Oatarino Caraveo, Socorro,
Xo. 16 Pedro Telles, San Elizario,
Xo. 17 TV. D. Krebaum, Clint, school
house. Xo. IS J. E. Jimenez, Quadrilla, Fa
bens schoolhouse. J
Xo. 19 Jesus Arroyos, Island, Jesus
Arrovos's house.
Xo". 20 E. 3Iontes, Fort Hancock,
schoolhouse. ,
Xo. 21 J. W. Duncan, Sierra Blanca,
Xo. 22 C. B. Hamilton, Figure 2
Ranch, ranch house.
Xo. 23 J. A. 3foxine, Van Horn,
Xo. 24??. Ii Richburg, Plateau, sec
tion house.
Xo. 25 Fred G. Irby, Kent, school
house. Xo. 26 3L C. Santena. Towne Smel
ter, schoolhouse.
Xo. 27 James Brock, Vinton, brick
3a!d store.
Xo. 2S J. P. Seay, Sayles's ranch,
Sayles's ranch.
"Oi laid the first track into El Paso
on the Santa Fe line in 1S81. I was un
der Mr. Robinson, president of the
Mexican National railroad, -who in
those days tvas'a small boss." Mike
Murphy, arraig-ned on a charge of be
ing1 drunk, made this statement in po
lice court Friday morning and was
dismissed. ' v
The rally of the Cone Johnson adher
ents will be held in the Crawford the
ater this evening at 8 oclock. Z. L. Cobo,
wno has not made a political speech in
three years, has consented to talk and
he declares that he is going to "expose
and denounce the "corrupt methods re
sorted to In behalf of Colquitt in El
Paso county." As Colquitt is backed by
the ring, this probably means an assault
on the bunch vvho control the county's
' Cobb will be preceded by F. "W. Free
man, Rev. P. J. Riciand Atlas Jones,
each in a 15 minute Weech. Cobb is to
make the principal address and expects
to peel the cuticle from the opponents
of his candidate. During the day Cobb
received the following telegram:
From Tyler Reports received yester
day and today by uail, telegraph and
telephone from every part of the state
show landslide to Jo'hnson as only can
didate for governor who can defeat
Colquitt and his iniquitous policies. Tex
as favors the rule of the people and
Cone Johnson "will be .nominated.
James M. Edwards.
From Dallas Cone Johnson spoke to
more than 10,000 people in the ma
chinery hall at the fair grounds last
night. Great enthusiasm. Adivces from
all parts of Texas show that Davidson
and Polndexter men coming to us. E.
E. Brooks, Bob, John and "Win. Autry
have quit Poindexter and made speec
at Houston last night for Johnson. Rev.
Eichelberger, of Fort Worth, has quit
Poindexter and come to Johnson. A
landslide seems imminent.
J. A. Germany,
H. G. King,
Cullen F. Thomas,
M. A. Crane.
From Houston Poindexter and Da
vidson men are stampeded. They are
coming to Johnson in droves. His vote
in south Texas -will be tremendous and
his nomination Is assured.
Tom Swope.
From Sherman Cone Johnson is rap
idly drawing recruits from the other
J. H. "Wood.
Austin, Tex., July 22. The in
vestigation of the Texas prison
system by the joint committee of rep
resentatives and senators appointed at j
the last regular session of the legisla
ture will probably bear fruit earlier
than was expected. It is stated that
Gov. Campbell is anxious to make the
reformation of the management of the
penitentiary affairs of the state one of
the features of his administration. It
exDected that considerable time of
the present special session will be de
voted to the consideration of meas
ures to bring about the desired changes
not only in the general conduct of the
prison system but in the treatment of
convicts. "
The report of the investigating com
mittee was placed in tlfe hands of the
governor a few months ago. He has
gone through it carefully and is well
Informed as to the deplorable condi
tions as brought to ligut by the testi
mony and personally conducted investi
gations to which the committee de
voted several week.3 of constant work.
Radical changes in the prison man
agement and in the rules governing
the working and treatment dt the con
victs are proposed. An eifort will be
made by the legislature to place the
administration of the prisons on a
higher plane. Instead of being used
as a source of financial profit to the
state, it is proposed by the members
of the committee to try and bring about
the reformation of the convicts through
legislation that will tend to uplift them
mentally and spiritually.
Xcwspaper Man at Head.
Clarence E. Gilmore, member of the
house of representatives and a news
paper editor of "Wills Point, is chair
man of the investigating committee.
He has devoted much time and study
to the penitentiary problem. He. will
take the lead In the movement to bring
about legislation that "will remove the
revolting conditions which now sur
round the convicts. The committee in
the course of its investigations found
that in many. instances the convicts
were inhumanely treated by irrespons
ible guards in whose keeping they
were placed. The whipping "evil was
only one of many bad features which
the conpnittee found in the peniten
tiary system.
There is such a diversity of views
as to the character and extent of re
forms that should be established that
it will be difficult to shape up a meas
ure that will satisfy all who are inter
ested in the subject. It is the general
sentiment that the convict lease system '
should - -bp abolished. Thf srrpntpst
abuses uncovered by the committee in
! its work of investigation were In the
camps of contract forces of convicts
upon the farms and coal mines. In
some of the camps the penal forces
were' treated more like brutes than
human beings. The chief object seemed
A Golden "Wedding
means that man and wife have lived
to" a good old age and consequently
have kept healthy. The best way to
keep healthy is to see that your liver
does Its duty 365 days out of 365.. The
only way to do this to keep Ballard's 1 to be to get as much work out of them
Herbine in the house and take it when- as nossible
ever your liver gets inactive. 50 cents
per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
This market will have the finest fresh
fruit and vegetable display in El Paso
Saturday. Come in person or. phone
your orders. "We will take care of them
to your entire satisfaction. Ardoln's
UnoblaucIiDnig Co.
, Born, to Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Jameson,
jr., 1116 North Oregon street, Thurs
day morning, a boy.
Young veal will make your Sunday
dinner a success. Found at Ardoln's.
Our Saturday Specials are growing in favor all the
time. The reason for this s easy to understand. We
offer always XDerfeetly baked goods, made of the
choicest ingredients. Specials for tomorrow are as
35c Value for
Lemon and
Custard Pies
New Members Are Elected
by El Paso Poultry As
sociation. Judge C. P. Van "Wimcle of Dallas will
judge the poultry exhibit at the El Paso
fair. He was decided upon at the meet
ing of the Poultry association Thursday
The catalog committee of the associa
tion was ordered to issue 2500 copies of
a special premium catalog of the show,
to be distributed among the breeders of
the southwest. F. A. Grace read a pa
per on "Comparison Versus Score Card
Judging." The answer to the paper was
made by J. M. Morrison.
The following new members were
elected to the Poultry association: Sey
mour Thurmond, jr., A. X.. Howard, Seth
Orndorff, S. P. "Weisiger, C. A. Kinkel,
T. M. "Wingo and Dr. F. P. Miller.
George "w! Clayton of Chicago has
been selected to act as judge at the dog
show to be held during the fair in Oc
tober. E. H. Yale stated Friday morn
ing that at least 300 entries are expect
ed for the show.
SPECIAL NOTE line above spe
cials are also on sale at the Pio
neer Bakeix which is under our
The Beigia
210 East Overland Street.
m i
- ' I
El Paso Women Are Finding- Relief at
It does seem that women have more
than a fair share of the aches and
pains, that afflict humnnlty; they must
"keep up," must attend to duties in
spite of constantly aching backs, or
headaches, dizzy spells, bearing-down
pains; thej' must stoop over, when to
stoop means torture. They must walk
and bend and work with racking pains
and many aches from kidney Ills.
Kidneys cause more suffering than any
other organ of the body. Keep the
kidneys well and health is easily main
tained. Read of a remedy for kidneys
only that helps and cures the kidneys
and is endorsed by people you know.
Mrs. E. D. Nichols, 1220 Texas street.
El Paso, Texas, says: "The result I re
ceived from the use of Doan's Kidnev
Pills were so satisfactory that it is Im
possible for me to praise them too high
ly. For a long time I was troubled by
backache and was hardly ever free
from a difficulty with the kidney se
cretions. Often sharp twinges darted
through my kidneys and I was also dis
tressed by headaches. Learning of
Doan's Kidney Pills, I decided to try
them and procured a box at Kelly &
Pollard's drug store. They proved to
be just -what I required and In a short
time completely cured me."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
! What Shall Couvicts Do?
I One of the chief problems to be
solved by the legislature In disposing
of the convict question is what em
ployment shall be given the men who
now comprise the contract forces. From
a reform standpoint it Is urged by some
mernhprs nf thu l-f;l?? tttrp- that all rnn i
m.0 w
of the prisons where they can be care
fully looked after. The state has sev
eral extensive plantations upon which
sugar cane is the principal crop. All
labor upon these plantations is done
exclusively by convicts. Highly prof- j
ltable returns come to tlte state from
the farming operations and the aban
donment of this plan of using convicts
would mean a heavy annual financial
loss. It is considered improbable that
any legislative reform that may be
adopted for the penitentiary system
will not abolish the use of convict la-,
bor upon the state's plantations. On
the contrary, the purchase of additional
land upon which more -convicts may
be worked is being advocated by many
people who claim to have the better
ment of the condition of the men in
penal servitude at heart. It Is claimed
that outdoor exercise and rational
treatment of the men, both in the field
and in camp, will be of benefit to them.
The proposition to work the shorti
term convicts upon the pubjic roads i
does not seem to be in much favor I
among the legislators. It is claimed 1
that the convicts would fare worse in j
that kind of service than they now do J
in the contract camps.
Campbell's Taxation Policy.
Although all -of the ambitlo'ns of Gov.
Thomas M. Campbell have not been
gratified, his ambition to be the lowest
tax rate governor that Texas had ever
had has now become a part of the
history of the state and no one can
deny him that coveted title.
But economy in the administration j
of the state government Is not the
cause. The tax rate has been cut be
cause the state Is digging injthe thou
sands of dollars brought into the treas
ury through the fine assesed against
the Waters-Pierce Oil company and
other trusts. Really whatever credit
there is to the lower tax rate should go
to the attorney general's department
and not to Gov. Campbell.
The rate this year is 4 cents. Last
year's rate was 5 cents, representing a
reduction of 7 cents from the prevail
ing rate at the time the Waters-Pierce
litigation was Instituted. The inter
vening year had axtax rate of 6 cents.
The average rate for the Campbell ad
ministration has been 7 cents
Not only did the money paid in by
the trusts have its effect on lowering
the tax rate, but the full rendition bill
has also had Its effect, the total Valu
ation being $2,350,00,0,000, the largest
by far the state has ever known.'
Spokane. "Wash., July 22. Rain yes
terday throughout the Crow's Nest dis
trict and in the vicinity of Nelson, B. C,
checked the forest fires but high winds
.last night fanned the embers Into fresh
The fate of Sandom is still in doubt
all wires being down. Men and teams
today are moving powder magazines
from the vicinity of Phoenix, which is i
the path of the flame
' -.
1800 Pairs of Women's Fine Hose
A Manufacturer's Sample Line of
Styles Worth to-$1.25,a pair . . . .
IG-HTEEN hundred pairs -to choose from! Think what a wonderful
range of choice every color, every srze, plain or lace ettects, solid
pnlm-nrfjiTifiv. flmhroidered. cotton, lisle threadand silk finished in
fact, every style of good hosiery-is found in this splendid lot that will be
on sale fromf to 9 oclock tomorrow night. We limit each cus- q
truer to three -pah's at this price. Qualities made to sell fpr up y y Q
to $1.25 a pair
Fancy Neckwear
Dainty style Jabots and Dutch
Collars embroidered and lace trim
med styles worth regu- fl p7
larly up to 50c, each ... JL C
(Only two to each customer.)
Apron Ginghams
(On Sale In the Basement.)
Extra quality Apron Ginghams in
all size checks, in fast color blues
and browns. Our regular 81-3e
quality. Ten yards AQc
(Onlv ten yards to each customer.)
Boys' Blouses
A new lot of Boys' Blouses made
of madras and gingham, in a large
variety of patterns and colors. All
sizes in the 50c quality, OQ
each 02C
(Only six to each customer.)
Rubber Gloves
Pure Rubber Seamless Gloves, or
the best quality, made to fit well.
The regular $1.00 quality, will be
sold from 7 to 9 o'clock QQ
for t J w
(Only one pair to each customer.)
Hat Pins
Very handsome fancy Hat Pins, set
with brilliants, amethyst, sapphire
and a variety of other stones.
Regular 50c styles,
(Only two to eadh customer.)
Good model Corsets, in long, me
dium and 3nort styles, good fitting
and with hose supporters attached.
Regular 65c and 75q 40,
one to each customer.)
- White Batiste Dresses, $L45
Prettilv made dresses of fine quality white batiste, lace or embroi-
' dery trimmed, made with either the Dutch neck or hign neck, three-
tL-. .. ..,11 1 H, nlnnTTAf. All Mrroc- -ftA-m QJ. r J-J- A S M Prf
are included in this very special lot of $3.00 and 1
$3.50 garments at - '
(Only two to each customer-.) N
Saturday' Shoe Sale
The "Saturclav special .offerings in the Shoe Department nave met with a
gratifying response. The knowledge of the fact that high quality is coupled
with a low price inspires confidence and liberal buying. Even the shoes
which are most deeply cut in price are sold with the "Popular V guarantee
oL entire satisfaction.
Women's Patent Leather Pumps, made in the newest
style, with turn spies aud Cuban heels. 6 Q&
Our regular $3.50 quality Pot70
Children's Viri Kid Pumps and Oxford Ties, in styles
for dress or every Uay wear. Jtteguiar i.ou q
sizes 5 1-2 U 12, a pair tC regularly sold for ?4.50 and $5.00
Odds' and, ends of Women's Pumps and Oxford Ties,
broken lines that sold regularly up 5Q
to $3.50, in many different styles P i. 0y
Odds and ends of Men's -Shoes and Oxfords, good
tyles in all stylish, leathers, in qualities tf0 QO
&ml OQjrKJ
ens Drawers
We find that we have in our
stock of summer underwear a
greater number of drawers than
is proportionate to the stock of
shirts. In order to correct this
we offer as an all day Saturday
special men's balbriggan, sea
island, lisle thread and mercerized,
in white, tan, natural and colors.
A full range of sizes, frcm 30 to
50, is offered in qualities regu
larly sold at 50c, 65c, 75c Og
and $1.00, a pair wOC
Specials -
Bet quality, yard wide
Silkolines in a variety of
handsome designs and plain
colors. Regular 12 l-2c Q
quality, a, yard JJ C
Curtain Swisses with white
of colored fancy woven dots
in fast colors, in our regular
15e qualify. Special all day
Saturday, a 1A
vaTd $lJ
Boys Hats
All day Saturday we offer a spe
cial lot of boys' felt hats, an ad
vance shipment of the new fall
styles, at a very special price. This
ot is made up of new styles and
new colors, including several styles
worth regularly $1.50each. Spe
cial all day Q&1
Saturday .- JOC
With each boy's wool suit we sell
on Saturday, regardless of the
price, -whether it is the cheapest
or the finest, we will give a base
ball, a hardwood bat and a field
er's glove.
500 Pairs of Women's Oxfords
and Pumps .
(On Sale In the Basement Tomorrow.4) ' "
jSTOTHER lot of those splendid shoes reached u& yesterday and will be
placed on sale tomorrow m the basement. Five hundred pairs have
been added to that grand $1.6S lot that has saved many a woman
more than half the price of shoes she needed.
Lots of new styles for you to choose from tomorrow hi "shoes 'ha.t you
usually have to pay $2.75, $3.00, and $3.50 for. ' .
$1.68 a Pair
Store Closes .
at 9 o'clock
Saturday Night
Specials in' all
Returned to Waxahachie
Prom Ft. Worth Makes
Long Statement.
Waxahachie, Texas, July 22. -From
Fort Worth where he was taken follow
ing his capture near Kenndale yester
day, Mark Rochester, accused of at
tempting to kill his step-sister and her
husband by cutting their throats early
Wednesday morning at their home 16
miles north of here, was brought to
Waxahachie this morning. He was
takens to the county attorney's office
where he made a detailed statement of
the assault and was then placed in the
Ellis county jail.
There were no demonstrations at
the railroad station when the. train
bearing Rochester and the officers ar-
rived. Rochester made a confession at I
Fort Worth Thursday night and his
statement here today Is understood to
bo practically a repetition of wnat he
said there.
Plans are being drawn for a new
heating plant to be installed in the
administration building of the Military
institute. Thjs plant will be put in
before fall and will be used .to heat
the main building and also the new
dormitory and gymnasium.
BROADWAY and 1 1 tri T.
Within easy accss of every point of in
terest. Half block from Wanamaker'a.
Five minutes walk of Shopping District.
NOTED FOR: Excellence of cuisine,
comfortable, appointments, courteous
service and homelike surroundings.
Rooms $1.00 per day ami
With privilege ei Bath
SI. 50 per day and up
Table d'Hote Breakfast - 50q
In Genuine Faille Crepe
Bows and Four-in-Hands.
50 cents
Geo. A. Mansfield
& Co.
206 Mesa
Get the Habit Pay Cash

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