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Saturday, July 23, 1910.
SFJm fcr-Tn
Your iW
Vacation Sfe
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because they never chafe the heel or
pinch, but keep your feet cool and com
pilable even though you walk, climb
or stand all day long. Regal quarter
sizes afford you the same excel fit as
made-to-measiire shoes. Com e in for a
perfect-fitting pair of Regals before you
start on your vacation, and your pleasure
will not be marred by foot-troubles.
y,m SHOE
primary in McLennan county today. It
is generally conceded that the contest
here is between Davidson and Johnson.
The country voters are casting almost a
1 solid vote and interest in the outcome
I is keen.
Five Precincts Use Bnllot Box.
Laredo, Texas, July 23. Despite the
vrnrning by chairman A. B. Storey of the
Democratic state executive committee,
that the entire vote cast will be thrown
out of Webb county, the Democratic
committee is today holding a primary
election for five precincts using- only
one voting box.
Election X.nvr Violation Charged.
San Antonio, Texas, July 23. On a
charge of selling liquor on election day,
Juan Ramon, a Mecan, was today ar
rested by deputy sheriff Flores after a
boy sent to the home of Ramon re
turned with two bottles of beer which
I he reported was sold to him by Ramon.
I Campbell Votes Against Colquitt
Palestine, Texas, July 23. Ballot No.
04 was cast in me xjeniui.-ra.wc pimin.,y
I lAftinn "hnrp tnrlnv hv CTOVemOr T. N.
Campbell, who arrived from Austin last
night. He did not vote for Colquitt.
Titled Englishman, Loses His American
illions, Goes To Dancing For Livim
Timber Inspection.
Washington, D. C, July 23. The for
est service is engaged in cruising the
national forests in the south and south
west for the purpose of determining the
stand of saw timber. The examination
Is being conducted in Arizona, New
Mexico, Arkansas and Florida, and the
work will probably not be completed
before the close of the year 1912.
311 ss Alice Thavr, and her divorced husand, the earl of Yarmouth. Tt Tiill e recalled that the earl held up the mar
riage to MIks Thaw, for a half hour for the additional snm of SOOjOOO, he having already received 1,000,000 previously.
Today the carl is 'broke' and Is novr doing fancA dancing steps on the London Htage, which earned aim an honest liv
ing before the Thaw millions loomed on his horizon.
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xTry Herald Want Ads.
Prime Rib Roasts,
Per ib
Chuck Steak and Roasts,
Per lb. . '
Fresh Pork Sausage,
You get the Finest Meats at the Lowest
rices, am
erviee at
J. C. PEYiON, Successor
114 N. Stanton Both Phones
Janitor service is furnished together with all
the incidental requirements that help to make an
office building more comfortable than the ordi
nary office can be without these requisites.
LOCATION located in the very heart of
the business center where all street cars pass
its doors, well advertised, large signs on all sides
of the building, and immense electric signs on
tower show day and night where The Herald
Building can be found. This one feature is worth
money to any business man, to be in a building
that can be located without the assistance of a
city directory and one or two policemen.
REMEMBER, while you know where your
office is located, strangers and others must find
it. Therefore it is goctd policy to be where you
can be found when people want to do business
with you. Nbw-a-days the average person will
not hunt long, he will do business elsewhere.
Apply for full particulars to
Herald Bui!
Room 326
Top Floor
Develln & Spelt's Jevrelry store, the
Bonanza saloon, the Sherman elgnr
store, the Orpheum theater and all
basement places of business. "
The Fair, one of the large establish
ments, suffered severely.
The people hesitated to leave at first,
then the city was turned Into a panic.
The Bisbee electric line ivas torn up
and the damage is heavy. !
Liovrell and Johnston's addition were
swept by the rusliog -waters and many
had narrow excapes.
The body of Irs. Baker was found
not far from her place- of business and
the bodies of 3Iurphy and AValsh at
All train service on the El Paso &
t Southwestern is badly crippled. The
Drummer's special never left Douglas
last evening. The Arizona delegation
to the Ivnights of Columbus convention
at Quebec is held over at Douglas. The
train due at Douglas from Bisbee last
evening at six ivas all ulght seesawing
back and forth, unable to ge tto Douglas
or back to Bisbee. "Water was up to
the carwheels nog the fills.
Fairbanks was In the sweep of the
flood and' there was much damage to
crops and buildings. Hundreds of cat
tle and hogs were drowned, but the ex
tent of this damage is not yet known.
Douglas was protected by a storm
ditch east of the city and heavy.
The precipitation did hundreds of
thounands of dollars good In Sulphur
Springs valley. The area of the rainfall
extended 200 miles north and south, the
greatest ever known.
One freight train between Douglas
and EI Paso was lost, the phone service
being wrecked, and an engine was sent
out from Douglas to find this one.
Henvy washouts on the Xacozari line
running Into 7Iexico put the service out
and no trains will run before Tuesday.
A thousand acres of Irrigated lowlands
In the Xacozari valley were washed out
by the flood. Many cattle were drown
ed there, too.
The flood caused a shut down of three
hours at the Calumet & Arizona smelter
at Douglas. 3Iuch coke was washed
nway and the water flooded the power
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I For Rent In New I i
I I Herald Building 1 1
terson, and Saturday morning the writs
were issued after the judges had quali
fied. Hall men closed the polls in the fourth
precinct from 8 until 9 o'clock, as the
judges refused to appoint the supervis
ors until forced todo so by the court.
In the third precinct, Frank Del
Buono, who was presiding, allowed the
opposition to have an associate judge.
two supervisors and two clerks.
Tom Powers and His Gun.
Shortlv aftr 9 rxlnck Sfltiirrte-r mnrn-
insr there was KnmA ftrpifpmftnt nf bf 1
Alamo school, when, according to some
of those present, Tom Powers and two
cowboys from his ranch entered the
polls after drawing their guns.
Frank Alderete said In referring to
the incident:
"I do not know why Powers went in,
but he said that If I was going in, he
was. He put his hand on his gun and
came in but I' told my special officers
to put them out and they went without
any trouble. A man who draws a gun
and does not shoot is a coward. I
went In because one of tne judges
called me.
Tom Powers, who holds a deputy
sheriff's commission, smid: "The su
pervisor called me in to put Frank Al
derete out. The policeman said I could
not go but I went and we all walked outi
together. I did not draw my gun and
did not make any threats."
J. L. Doherty, a Hall supervisor, said:
"Yes, we called Powers in to take Al
derete out. He was marking the bal
lots and trying to run the whole busi
ness; we had to do something. I did
not see any gun play and do not think
there was any." t
Another Judge Arrested.
Shortly before noon lianuel ilenes,
one of the associate judges, was ar
rested on a warrant issued by justice
E. H. "Watson, and taken to the county
jail, charged with violating the Terrell
election law, it being alleged that he
had solicited a vote for Domingo Mon
toya. Francisco Escajeda was sworn1
in as a judge to fill the vacancy.
Shortly thereafter, city attorney TV.
M. Coldwell appeared on the scene ac
companied by Henry Keljy and mayor
Robinson and Instructed, policeman
Harry Cherry not to permit any more
arrests of judges, saying: "That is the
law; a judge of an election has the
The Herald Best Advertising Medium In El Paso
dins1 1
& ' ' ' -'
same power as a district judge; he can
not be legally arrested." After that
the city attorney, mayor and boss rode
around to several precincts.
TV. B. "Ware, candidate for Democratic
county chairman, said: "An electibn
judge Is exempt from arrest except for
a felony or breach of the peace.'
Tom Powers Active.
Tom Powers remained at the Alamo
school all day working in the interest
of Hall for sheriff and Joe Brown re
mained at the fire station also working
for Hall.
The voting is heavy throughout the
city and the race looks as if it was a
tight one between Hall and Edwards.
There is much scratching of tickets.
Many Republicans entered the primaries
and thereby pledged themselves to sup
port the state Democratic ticket this
Clint Morning Vote Light.
The voting at Clint was light Satur
day morning, as it usually is in the out
lying precincts where the voters make
an effort to get their work done in the
morning and go to the polls in the aft
ernoon. No trouble was reported from
the Clint polling place.
Very Nice Now.
Wait a Couple of Weeks,
Will Show You
The Handsomest
Gents' Furnishing Goods House
In the Southwest.
Some Rare Bargains
While the Store Is
Being Remodeled.
I '
Tri-State Company Begins
Improvements Cable
Shipment Received.
Las Cruces, X. 31., July 23. The Tri
State Telephone company, which has
taken over the local telephone exchansje,
will at an early date begin the erection
of an entire new plant, also the con
struction of a new system throughout
the rown. The company now has about
13,000 feet of new cable here and enough
more will be received to cover the en
tire line systonx of all the principal
streets. The country lines are also prom
ised a share in the eneral iuiurove-ment.
Las Cnices, X. If., July 23. The fol
lowing deeds and other papers of record
have been filed with the" recorder of
Dona Ana county :
Deeds Filed.
United States of America to Joseph
H. Lonsdale, patent title to the south
west quarter of section 5. township 26
south of range 3 east, containing 160
acres. Dated December. 20, 1909. '
VTm. Moeller et aL to Charles E. "But
ler, -warrants' deed to Iots10, 11 and 12,
in block 35, of Altura Park addition to
Mesilla Park; consideration $35. Dated
June 23, 1910.
j Wm. Mbeller et al. to Jessie Sparks,
warranty deed to lot 5, in block 2. of
i Alfairn Park ncMttinn in "fp;;ilJ "Pn-rl--
consideration $10. Dated June 2, 1910.
Win. 3Ioel!er et al. to Ek'ttie Ray,
warrantr deed to lot 13, in block 2. of
Akura Park addition to Mesilla Park;
consideration $10. Dated June ,23, 1910.
Sunshine Vallev companv "to H. D.
Banlhas. warranty deed to lots 1 and !
2, in block 33, of Mesa Hekrhts second
addition; consideration $70. Dated July
20, 1910. "
L. H. Vanderwerf to Reid Bossel. war
ranty deed to lots 12 and 13, in block 33,
oi .Aimers Washington Park addition;
ctinsideration $1 and other valuables. -Dated
May 9, 1910.
L. H. Vanderwerf to L. Lanejston, war
ranty deed to lots 16 and 17, in block 42,
of MiHerV College Park addition,: conr,
sideration $1 and other valuables. TJated
January 26, 1910.
L. H. Vartderwenf to Vv. W. Duke,
warranty deed to lots 1 to 12, block
70, of Miller's Washington Park addi
tion; consideration $2 and other val-
uables. Dated February 24, 1910.
Bihs Recorded.
Daniel McBride Robert and Pa-trino'
Las Cruces. X. sNL. July 23. John
Engler, the pear grower of the Mesilla
valley, was in Las Cruces Friday with a
load of fruit.
Las Cruces, X. 3L, July 23. The fol
lowing guests are registered at Hotel
Don Bernardo: 0. H. Hitchcock, Chicago
H. F. Morril. John Hill, .Miss Ora Slater,
A. TV. Hadlev. B. C. Fuller, El Paso;
C. V. Stansburs". Detroit: J. C. Caperton,
Indianapolis; R. S. Trumbull, Lincoln,
The Herald will collect the re
turns from the primaries -tonight
as rapidly as the count can be
made and will be glad to give
the information to anybody in
terested enoigh to ring up 2020
and ask about them.
The bulletins on the county
and state election will also be
posted in front of the office.
W. R. Jackson, playing manager and
first basemau on the El Paso club, will
leave Monday for Philadelphia, where
he will play first base for the Philadel
phia Xationals. Jackson received a re
ply to his offer Saturday morning: and.
iiranediately wired his acceptance. Xo,
one has vet been secured to take his
place, although Baron Ozee is reported
to be an applicant' for Jt- Uzee placed
the saroc position last season.
The Hall Room Boys in The Herald.
"Watch 'em.
Meet me in The Herald Gold Feeto.
the monk.
Princess Parlaghy, of Hungarj' froma painting by herself and her por
trait of Joseph H. Choate. The princess recently sailed for Xew Amsterdam
after a two years stay in America. Before sailing she announced that she had
completed three of the life sized oil portraits of fjamous Americans.
City Is to Be Supplied From Avalon
Dam City Will Pay Enough to
Pay Interest on the Investment.
Washington, D. C, July 23. The town
of Carlsbad, New Mexico, will receive
its water supply from the irrigation
system of the Carlsbad project.
A contract for five years, which has
been approved by the secretary of the
interior, provides that the town is to
pay the government at the rate of $1.25
pex acre foot, which is the price at
which water was rented to agricultural
Jands within the project.
This represents a net annual income
of 8 per cent on the construction charge
Clint, Texas. July 23. There will be
a dance at the Clint dance hall Saturday
- Mrs. E. A. Collins,, mother of Mr. Ed
Schultz, Is quite ill at the home of Mrs.
v'vrA; v -W ..
' ..." ? V fc w - ,1
the new modern structures are being erected the school is located in elegant
quarters never before occupied, thoroughly uptodate in all appointments.
Ycung men will room near the school with private families- Boys under care
of teachers if requested. School quarters patroled all nigt. Students ac
cepted on advanced standing in Eastern universities. Faculty of twentyi-six
from leading universities and conservatories of America, and Europe. Mod
ern language and music teachers of European training. Advantages in Mu
sic. Art or Oratory unsurpassed. A Business College of very high grade work
is thoroughly established, whose students enjey all advantages of the uni
versity at no oxtra cost. Our Department of Education is recognized by the
State authorities and state cert'neates for teachers are issued to students of
this department. ADDRESS CLTNTOX LOCKHART, Ph. D.. L.L. D., President,
Fort Worth, Texas.
H. D. Bowman. President: V. B. May Vice President: R. E. McBride, Sec
retary; Chares E. Miller. Anthony. X. M.; W. W. Ox, Organ, X M.f
Capital $100,000.00
This Bank is in a Position to Undertake Any Kind of Banking Business.
Will Act as Executor, Administrator, Trustee, Assitniee
Las Cruces, Xew Mexico.
The Hall Room Boys in The Herald.
Waich 'em-
Miss Claire iFrewen, daughter of Mere
ton Frewen, the author and economist,
and niece of Mrs. CornwalHs. "West, for
merly lady Randolph Churchill, whose
engagement to Briney Sheridan, of
London, has been anounced. Miss Fre
wen has been a great social favorite
and, wlch Nellie Post, was recently pre
sented at the Swedish court, to which
they were invited by the duchess of
Scania. They were royally entertained
and marked attention was paid to them
i by king Oscars
ion jj '
y to New York
"The 24-Hour New Yorker"
Leaves St. Louis each evening at 6.00 o'clock. Maid, mani
cure, stenographer, valet and barber are continually at your
service. Compartment-observation sleeping cars, library-smoking
and dining cars form a solid, electric-lighted, vestibuled train.
Another train equally equipped is
"The New York' Limited"
This superb train leaves St. Louis 1.02 p. m. daily. Arrives
New York 5.30 p.m. Your nest trip to New York will be especially
comfortable aboard either of these splendid trains.
Other New York trains leave St. Louis 8.44 a. m., 12.45 p. m.,
8.15 p. m. and 11.35 p. m.
Baltimore and Washington sleeping cars in 1.02, p. m. and
11.35 p. m. trains.
Further information, berths, tickets and reservations may be
secured by addressing, phoning or calling at
GEO. T. JIUI.,1.. Disirlct Asent.
007 Seventeenth St., Denver, Colo.
What the Titanic New York Station Means to Travelers
The new ; $100,000,000 Pennsylvania Station soon to be opened in the very vortex of New
Yorks business heartjv.U make it possible to step from yonr St. Louis-New York trahi rizht
into the center of the hotel theatre and business district of Gotham. Trains will nTnaader
the Hudson River through mammoth steel tunnels and into the world-wonder station
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