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LlJiliU 1 1 It Costs 70 cents per Barrel to Manufacture Flour 1
1-1-miiitn ni m
fpB I If TV m C
Sideboards and
i Other Funture
Carpets . . .
Fancy China . .
Joseph F. Applet!!, Gen. Mgr. Underwriters' Salvage Co.
ST Oil
(Continued From Page One.)
Mr. Roosevelt by the members of the.
organization and -with due deference to i
honest difference of opinion, have ex
pressed the view which I still enter
tain that the solution of the direct pri
mary issue can be found In provisions
fcimilar to those of the Cobb biil."
Grlscom'u Comment.
In commenting- on president Taft's let
ter and the situation -which It discloses.
"Mx. Griscom gave out the following:
"The methods used to accomplish the
defeat of Mr. RooBevelt when his name
was before the state committee are now
clear to the public.
"I have not the slightest doubt that
the action of the state committee will
be reversed and that Mr. Roosevelt, if
his engagements will permit him to
accept will act as temporary chairman
of the convention and make the prelim
inary speech. As chairman of the New
Tork state committee, I shall cooper
ate with Republicans throughout the
state who believe it in the Interest ot
the party that this result be brought
Mr. Taffs reply to my telegram dis
closes that the reports industriously cir
culated of a supposed conflict between i
the president and the ex-president on
New Tork state matters are baseless.
"The way ds now clear for the Repub
lican part?- of this state to take steps
which will warrant and secure success
at the polls in November. It is evi
dent that some of the socalled 'old
guard' are not seeking Republican suc
cess at the coming election; they wish
to perpetuate their control of the Re
publican organization at any cost to the
Roosevelt's Statcwieiit.
Col. Roosevelt at Oyster Bay, after
reading the full text of president Taft's
letter, dssued the following formal state
"I am very glad to see president !
Taft's statement and am pleased with It. j
"Before the meeting of the state com- j
mittee I had repeatedly expressed to '
various leaders not merely my willing
ness, but my desire to see them. Since
the meeting I have not -thought that
there was any particular object in meet
ing them, as, owing to their action, the
situation had become uch as to admit
of no compromise and I had nothing to
add to what I had already said. I may j by W. H. Weldon, who alleges that he
add that I have not changed my mind jtwas permanently Injured in the street
now. j car accident on Arizona street in Feb-
"My position is KTfectly definite and i ruary, wheriy the controller blew up
I haye nothing to change in it. I had J and two pepople were killed. "Weldon is
never desired the chairmanship and con- jsaid to be a wealthy cattleman of Kan
sented to have my name considered on j sas. The suit was filed by Turney &
condition only that, in platform and j Burges, who. represent attorney H. J.
candidate aljke, the party should en- j Bone, of Topeka. The accident in which
deavor to achieve success In the only ( Weldon claims to have been perman
way worth trying that is, by not de- ; entiy injured, was the worst in the
celving, by making it evident that the
Republican party of the state of New
Tork Intends in good faith to serve the
Interests of all the people of the state.
"I cannot speak definitely at the mo
ment of my whole plans because I do
not know how far the situation will
be changed by the president's letter and
bo I can say nothing more definite."
Sherman In a Huff.
TJtica, N. T., Aug. 23. -Vice president
Sherman said last night that he did not
desire to see copies of the Taft letter
and the Griscom and Roosevelt state
ments, and declined absolutely to make
any comment on the matter.
Mr. Sherman wiH go to Watertown, N.
T., today on business and will not see
Col. Roosevelt when he comes here to
day to address the Grangers. He starts
west Friday on a campaign tour.
Sulphur, Okla., Aug. 23. The name
of senator Robert I. Owen, of Okla-
OneSizeoly, soa Bottle
Buffets . . . .
,. . .....
. .....
Underwriters' orices
107-111 N. Stanton St.
homa, entered into the indian lands
investigation Monday. "
EP. Hill, an attorney for the Choc
taw nation, testified before the special
congressional committee that is over
going the Gore bribery charges, that
senator Owen is the principal in a suit
in which are Involved contracts with
the Indians calling for ax50 percent
Mr. Owen, however, testified attor
ney Hill entered into the contracts with
the indians some years before he be
came senator and is not now trying
to secure 50 percent, but has left it
to the United States court of claims to
cJeermine how much he should be paid.
The value of the property which, it
was asserted, in Mr. Owen's suit had
restored to the Indians is fixed by the
department of justice at from $12,000,
000 to $14,000,000. As attorney for the
Chocta,Tvs Mr. Hill said, he was resist
ing the suit.
Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 23. Joseph M.
Brown, governor of Georgia, and for
mer governor Hoke Smith, political
Tivals and personal enemies, matched
forces today for the second time in the
Democratic primary for the guberna
torial nomination. Little interest is
shown for other state officers.
Washington, Aug. 23. Senator War
ner, of Missouri, in a formal statement,
announced that he will not be a can
didate for reelection. He gives ill
health as the reason.
Arthur H. Kennedy Seeks
Separation A Heavy
Damage Suit.
Arthur Kennedy nas filed suit for
divorce from Winifred E. Kennedy, in
l the 34th district court. Mr. and Mrs.
Kennedy recently figured in a kidnap
ing case, in which the mother took
her little girl from the possession of
the father at Lordsburg. The court
gave Mrs. Kennedy custody ot tne
Pedro A. Paredes and wife have filed
suit for damages against the El Paso
Electric Railway company in the 34th
district court.
Walter R. Randall has filed suit for
divorce, in the 41st district court,
against Sarah S. RandalL
J. i. .Nations et aL ha
against J. W. Campbell, In the 34th dis
trict court, on a contract and foreclo
sure of a lien.
Suit for S50.000 damages has been
i filed against the El Paso Electric Rail-
way company in the 41st district court ;
history of the company. Three of the
passengers are said to have jumped
from the car, of whom two -were killed,
Weldon is believed to have been the
third of the three who jumped.
J. A. Brent Says That His
Well Is Now Down 1200
Peet and Still Going.
J. A. Brent, who in company with
J. M. Duke is engaged in sinking a
well prospecting for oil at Shamrock,
formerly known as Camp City, N. M.,
says the indications for oil there are
1 good. Mr. Brent, who Is In El Paso se
curing some new drills and supplies,
"We have sunk our well to a depth
of 1200 feet and have good indications
of oil. We are casing the welL At a
depth of 900 feet ,we struck a forma
tion known as Ellinite, -which was of a
thickness of IS feet. This is a sub
stance iwell knovn to oil men and while
It resembles mica, being transparent,
yet it will burn, while mica will
"At the 1200 foot level, we struck
a hard shale and there has been some
gas which indicates to us that the oil
is below. We have contracted for the
sinking of the well to a depth of 2000
feet and, while we expect that we will
not have to go below 1600 feet to strike
oil, yet with our equipment, we can
go to a depth of 3000 feet.
"In the canyons leading to the claim,
there is oil shale and seepage and, af
ter breaking through this shale, there
is determined an- oil smell. Yet there
is nothing proven as yet.
"We have nothing,to hide and the re
port that we have been gobbling up
all land in sight is not true. I did take
up several claims when I first went up
there, but many others have taken up
claims and all the land has been lo
cated for a distance of 15 miles around
Julian Johnson, a mining man from
!La Colorada, Son., Max., Is here on
"business connected with his mining
properties in western Mexico.
J. M. Wvatt. cashier of the Amer!cnn
2JSV"a "S ."nebse,at h,s
nt,ir:eltvered a"e? anp-
cut 0. . . 50
cut. . 33.1-3
cut . . 33 1-3
cut . 33 1-3
at the
Train Bullet in.
All afternoon and eening trains are
reported on time.
Smith's delicious ice cream, made in
aH flavors and packed especially for
the family trade. Both phones.
Order some of that delicious ice cream
from the Smith Ice Cream company.
Packed especially for the family trade.
Dr. AV. R. Weeks, chronic diseases.
If you want something really enjoy
able, order some of Smith's ice cream
today. Both phones.
Flagpole For Toltec CInb.
A flagpole 35 feet high Is being
erected on top of the new Toltec club
building. The pole will be arranged to
fly" the American flag and also the club
flag from the new mast.
C. L. BiHlngtoM, 70S Magoffin. Tel.
14S9. painting, paper hanging, decorating
Nothing better for you than plenty
of milk. Get the El Paso Dairy kind.
Both phones. Free deliveries.
Dr. Cameron reliable dentistry, reason
able price. Over Guarantee shoe store.
Grading County Road.
The first mile of the new Clint-Fabens
county road has been graded and the
Caples Construction company's crew is
now at work on the second mile of the
county" road extension. The work is
being done on the Clint end of the
Clint to Fabens road.
Get the best milk and when you get
the El Paso Dairy milk you get the
If you want something nice try one
of Mrs. Dan Kelly's home-baked cakes,
75 cents each.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phone 353.
DKD. Drake Moved.
Temporarily to 211 Mills street (St.
Louis), with Cassidy & Davidson. Both
Phones, Bell 920; Auto 1905.
E. K. Senmands, Mgr.
Tobin To Have a Bank.
The town of Tobin is to have a bank.
Frank R. Tobin says he has. applied
j for a charter for the new bank and has
j purchased the vault of the National
j Bank of Commerce which will be in-
be erecfced -n Tobin f0r the bank Tobin
has moved his office to the mesa town-
These days are milk days.
Paso Dairy milk.
Drink El
Freh Vegetables.
Cauliflower, pound, 15c.
&SS plant, pound, 10c.
Summer squash, pound, 10c.
Cucumbers, 2 for 5c.
Celerj-, 2 bunches for 25c.
Bell Peppers, pound, 15c.
Fancy Sweet Potatoes, 6 pounds, 25c
Fresh Asparagus, 2 bunches, 25c.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phone S53.
MONITION: Notice is hereby given
that there has been seized in this col-,
lection district, for violation of the cus
toms laws, one gray horse, with Mexi
can brand on right thigh, which will be
sold In front of the Custim House at 10
oclock a. m., August 30, 1910. Anyone
claiming the same is required to ap
pear wfth'in the time prescribed by law.
Alfred L. Sharpe, Collector of Customs.
Mrs. George Westinghouse, wife of
the famous millionaire inventor, now at
Lenox, Massachusetts, who demon
strated recently that despite all the
wealth and luxury at her command that
she possesses the elements of a calm,
efficient and sympathetic nurse. Miss
Annie J. Norman, living nearby was at
tacked suddenly with appendicitis. Mrs.
Westinghouse helped to prepare the girl
for the ordeal of immediate operation,
and remained at her side assisting the
surgeon until tne knife had performed
what it is expected will be a successful
and permanent cure.
ar ews
Eapid Work of Clearing the
Southwestern Property
on Mesa.
A great change is taking place in
the landscape in the vicinity of the
Southwestern general office building.
i Almost overnight the buildings on the
1 road's property between Wall and Main
I streets running east and west and Stan
ton and Mesa, north and south, have
disappeared. All or the buildings hav
been wrecked except that on Mesa for
merly occupied by a cleaning and dye
ing establishment, and that building
will have been razed by "Wednesday
The improvement made by the leveling"
of the buildings is a revelation and
when the plot of ground is parked it
will be merely a continuation of beau
tiful San Jacinto plaza. The change
will make the general office building of
the Southwestern seem at least a block
nearer the center of things.
The curbing will 'be put down around
the plot as soon as the block is cleared
of debris, but the grass will not be put
down until next spring.
The only spot at variance with the
general parking scheme will be that
property of the G. H. railroad, which
extends from the southern border of the
Southwestern's property to the G. H.
tracks. If that road sees fit to park
, ii jjiujjeny, me scneme oi Deauty will
be complete. It is believed, however,
that the G. H. intends to erect an office
building on this plot and this belief
is borne out by the fact that it did not
cooperate with the Southwestern in its
scheme of improvement. Plans have
been drawn for the' building
"Work on remodeling the old general
office building of the Southwestern
road on Campbell street, to be used as
a club building for Southwestern em
ployes, win begin soon after September
1, the time set for the vacation of the
building by tenants. The contract has
not yet been let
Stflwell Hopes To Extend
Line to Pacific Coast
in Year.
Sari Antorrio, Texs, Aug. 23. Within
a year it is predicted that the Kansas
City, Mexico & Orient railroad will be
running through trains from Wichita,
Kas., to Topolobampo, a harbor on the
Pacific coast of Mexico.
From Wichita the line is in operation
as far southwest as San Angelo and
trains are running northeastward from
Chihuahua, Mex., to a station across the
Conchas river. Between these two ter
minals the distance is 365 miles and con
struction will be pushed with all speed
to through service from Wichita, Kas.,
to Chihuahua, from which point, the
road is finished for a considerable dis
tance westward.
construction is progressing rapidly j
iium oan angelo southward towards
Del Rio, where connection will be
made witlythe National Railways of
Mexico, building northward from Al
lende to meet the Orient at the Rio
Grande, where another international
bridge will be built.
Important traffic agreements will be
made between the Orient and the Yoa-kum-Hawley
interests, controlling the
Texas Central, the Mlsouri, Kansas &
Texas, and the St. Louis, Brownsville
and Mexico lines, by which combination
another through short line to the Citv
of Mexico is available.
The Texas Central line, of 281 miles
crosses the Orient a short distance
south of San Angelo. and through the
Katy connects with Brownsville, offer
ing a direct thoroughfare to the capital
or Mexico, over the newly completed in
ternational bridge at Brownsville It is
possible that joint deliberations between
the Orient and the Mexican North West
ern may result in the determination to
combine on one line through the Sierra
Madre mountains, one of the most dif
ficult routes on the American continent
The completion of the Orient will
open up a vast and fertile territory to i
uuiuHiaauon ana result in west Texas
building up rapidly. That section has
onij Deen waiting on rail transportation
to take its place among the great agri- I
LUUUia' regions ot the world.
W liilj isiil jl TOWW l
jSTo Saloons Will Be, Allowed
at the J3ig Danisite by
the GoveiTLment.
The t vendors of suspenders and collar
uulious, wno always follow the flag,
not to mention the frontier saioon will
not be able to get in on the ground
floor at the terminal of the Elephant
Eutte and El Paso railroad. It is prob
able that the point where the new road
will branch off from the main line of
the Santa Fe, three and a half miles
this side of Engle, will be marked by
a sign post. When service is estab
lished, trains -will run from Elephant
Butte to Engle and it wjll be necessary
i.ur me people going to the butte to go
to Engle and transfer to the branch
Several years ago the possibility of
a saloon town growingg up in the
neighborhood of the dam site'' was re
moved, when the government withdrew
a large tract of land in that vicinity,
and in the immediate territory of the
south boundary of the land grant in
which the dam site is located, there aro
said to exLst but tvo claims. There
will be lots of water at Elephant Butte
but none of the fiery variety. The land
which was -withdrawn as not irrigable
and no one is the loser but "Alkali
Ike's Lone Dorg" saloon.
The second instalment of mules and
working equipment has been shipped
to the construction camp of the Petro
lithic Construction company on tho
right of way of the Elephant Butte
and El Paso railroad. A force of la
borers was sent up to the camp. Tues
day morning. Dr. Brady, of the firm of
contractors who has been on the
ground since the first of the equipment
was shipped, was returned to El Paso.
The hospital operatea by the South
western at Alamogordo will be discon
tinued after August 27. Hereafter pas
sengers or employes' Tho are injured on
that division of the road, will be
brought to El Paso to Hotel Dieu,
which has been designated by the
By Cuticura After 5 Years of Suf
fering Beyond Description
Thought Death was Near
Calls Cure Wonderful.
"No tongue can te) how I suffered
for five years with itching and bleeding
eczema, until i was
cured by the Cuticura
Remedies, and I am
so grateful I want the
world to know, for
what helped me will
help others. My body
ana face were covered
with sores. One day
it would sefm to be
better, and then break
out again with the
most terrible pain and
itchine. I have been
sick several times, but never in my life
did I experience such awful suffering
as with this eczema. I had made up
my mind that death was near at hand,
and I longed for that time when I
would be at rest. I had tried many
different doctors and medicines without
success, and my mother brought me
the Cuticura Remediest insisting thrt
I try them. I began to feel better after
the first bath with Cuticura Soap, and
one application of Cuticura Ointment.
" I continued with the Cuticura Soap
and Cuticura Ointment, and have
taken four bottles of Cuticura Resolv
ent, and consider myself well. This
was nine years ago and I have had
no return of the trouble since. Any
person having any doubt about this
wonderful cure by the Cuticura Reme
dies can write to my address. Mrs.
Altie Etson, 93 Inn Road, Battle Creek,
Mich., Oct. 10, 1909."
Cuticura affords the most economical treatment
lor affections ot the skin and scalp, from infancy
to ace A cake or Cuticura rfoap and box of
Cuticura Ointment are otten sufficient. Potter
Drug fc Cfceni Corp, Sole Props, Boston . Mass.
Southwestern as the hospital to take
care of its patients. Dr. W. L.. Brown
is the company's surgeon here.
The Mexico North Western has placed
an order with the Westinghouse elec
tric company of Pittsburg for electric
equipment including 160 induction
motors aggregating 3736 horsepower.
The motors will be shipped to Madera,
Mex., to be used in the operation of the
saw and planing mills.
The Texas & Pacific is building 300
flat cars in its shops at Marshall, Tex.
The road will also add two steel postal
cars to its equipment, the order for
them having been recently placed.
A. L. Sharit and
oeen employed as
W. G. Griffin have
operators' Jay the
G. H.
Judge R. H. Ward, local counsel
the G. H., left Moi'day afternoon
Spofford. Tex., on business.
R. S. Hardie and W. J. Forehan have
been employed by the S .P. as brake
men and have gone to Tucson for dutj'.
H. G. Noble, clerk on the office of
superintendent Waid of the G. H., has
returned from a week's vacation spent
in California.
G. F. Hawks, superintendent of the
Southwestern, left Tuesday morning
for the -svestern division of the road,
j in the private car Cloudcroft.
Mar Lee Chung Calls His Ac- j
quaintances Highbinders
and Smugglers.
Mar Lee Chung is making things live
h for his enemies. It is beiieved that
this fo-ish Chinee, who heaped indignity
on Mar Wing Kee bv pulling the latter s
cue and thus started a tong war, is re
sponsible lor the raid of a Chinese --m
bling den by the police Monday night, in
which nine ot the Celestial;, fell into
which nine of the Celestial
the htmds of the law.
Mar Lee Chung, to a casual observer,
iveess nvere the last thin" he was pos-
sesseu oi, out t-ne ponce Know uetter.
During the last tong wur, -when six of
Chung's enemies, including the nw or,
Mar Wing Kee. were arrested, Chung
lead the way into the midst of his ene
mies. with such running continents as,
"That's him; him highbinder, had son
of a gun."'
Chung asserts that the trouble started,
following his failure in business on
Broadv.ay, wheie he yas conducting a
Testaurant. His creditors, he avers,
agreed to settle with him at 50 cents or.
the dollar. He sayt he gave the mone
to Mar Wing Kee to effect the settle
ment, and that -when a settlement wita
Kee was made he found that the latter
had retained $G0 Or $70. In the dispute
which followed he admits that he pulled
his enemy's .pigtail and brought him to
earth. '
"Last two or three days,' continued
Chun jr. "me learn he say he kill me. Xo
care r money spend thousand, mebbe
two thousand dollars, get somebody chop
my head with hatchet."
Ohuiig carries further his little joke
and says that Mar Wing Kee is at the
head of a bunch of highbinders, which
accusation always makes the accusea
Chinaman very happy.
Chung goes further. Ue give3 the
names of the men he alleges are smug
gling Chinese into this countrj'. The
police have these names. Chun-- is still
in consultation with the police, and other
raids may be ex-pected to follow in the
near future. ,
The nine Chinese captured in Monday
night's raid, which occurred at 227 Ore
gon street, will be tried on charges of
gaming, in police ccurt Tuesday after
noon. All are out on bond.
A hurryup caW for the police patrol
was rung in from Chinatown Tuesday
morning and a squad of police from the
central station rode the black Maria
down to the Oregon street Chinese quar
ters In jig time. But nothing could be
found in the nature of a riot but a Chi
nese smoking a "hop" pipe in front of
a wash house.
"Walter Butler, assistant cashier of
the First National bank, has returned
from a fishing trip to the headwaters
of the Rio Pecos.
JLt us suggest, a dainty frozen dessert.
Phone the Elite an- time.
If! II Hi
I Money in El Paso?
I yZu-??!7. globe flour
b Every little bit added to what you've got, makes
j I " just a little bit more
Canutillo Townsite Company
Buys More Texas Man
Makes a Buy.
Activit3- in valley lands is centering
in the new townsite of Canutillo, 2i". 1L,
on the Anthony road.
Mathews & Dyer closed a deal Monday
afternoon for 2000 acres of land in a
'body adjoining the holdings of the Ca
nutillo Townsite company. This sale
was made to the Canutillo Townsite
company, composed of a number of El
Paso business men, including maor C.
E. Kelly, judge A. S. J. Evlar, judse J. K.
.tiarper and others, las -price paid lor
the 2000 acres -was 563,500.
This in-
creases the holdings of the townsite
company to 3500 acres.
It is the intention to have the entire
tTnrf. TklnffoH onrl fn call 1 in Zfl 001-0
pieces, reserving enough ground for the
future town of Canutillo. The property
sold yesterday was apart of theVhomai
Zimpleman eatate, the firm of Mathews
&, Dyer being the representatives of the
W. H. AWridge of Aldridge, Texas, has
bought 200 acres of upper valley land
i near Canutillo, X. M., from Baum and
j lute for ?11,000 cash. The sale was
made through the W. C. Davis aaenc
j and the land will be improved at once.
Several New Business Build
ings Are Beino; Erected
in Juarez.
Already remodeling of Juarez in the
Tray of sewage S3'stem and promised i
street paving has had an effect on com
mercial building. Besides a number of
residence structures, business streets are
taking on an El Pasolike torn up ap-
Two new brick store fronts are com
pleted on calle Comereio, nearly opposite
the customs house. They are" the prop-ert5-
of Spanish consul Locumberry, also
a grocer of the border city. The stores
will be rented when finished. Three new
stores, built on modern plans, are lo
cated at the rear of the customs house J
Sffi IWni, They Tl,TrZlZti
a wealthy Mexican woman and will be
Domingo Trueba, a wholesale grocer,
has occupied new quarters on upper caHe
vomercio. worK ot wrecKing a portion
of the buildings which formerly projected
into calle Lomercio at the Lordo avenue
junction, is completed.
But what the
finishing of the fronts Trill be is not
known, as George Saner, the owner, is
in Europe at pre-ent. It is understood
that a modern building will be erected
at that location, one of the best in the
Southwestern TTiU Improve
Cutoff Opposite the
vMain Plaza.
A cutoff is to be ''cut off. The space
between the G. H. tracks and the build
ings that are now being wrecked -by
the South-western between Mesa and
Stanton, has long been a short cut for
wagon drivers ' and pedestrians who
wanted to get from Mesa to Stanton or
the reverse, in jig inie. Since the work
of wrecking the old buildinirs has bemin
ffthe railroad construction crow has start
ed building a hoir tight fence along the I
alley between these two streets. This
fence will permit of teams passing north
and south through the strip, but no more
short cuts on the bias through these
grounds. As soon as the old Holmes
building is wrecked, the ground will be
leveled and parked. x
All Are for Repairs on Residences, Ex
cept One, Which Is for the Destruc
tion of the Holmes Plant.
Three building permits were issued by
building inspector S. B. Haggart Monday
for repairs on three buildings, the most
important of which was issued to Eliz
Brown, who -will erect a two story ad
dition to his house on San Antonio street
at a cost of S2600
Building Permits.
To Eliz Brown, to erect two story ad
dition to house on San Antonio street;
estimated cost $255b.
To King Worlcy to tear down two
one story brick buildings. Xorth Stanton
and Main streets; estimated cost $150.
To R. S. Bnvis, to repair building,
South Francisco and Santa Fe streets;
estimated eot $175.
Deeds Filed.
Tobin. TexasFrank R. Tobin to Belen
G. de Realy asquez, lots IS, 19 and 20,
block 150, Tobin, Texas; consideration,
$40. June 3, 1909.
Magoffin addition, corner Park and
Sixth streets El Paso Reafov company
to Jonnuin Bernal, lots 1 and 2, block 49,
Magoffin addition; consideration SG50.
Nov. 1, 190G.
Licensed to Wed.
P. W. B. Williams and Lillian A. Fog
will. - Automobile License.
Francis E. Lester, Mesilla Park, N.
M., No. 514. ,
To Jesus -Tinrnez ami wife. S10 South
El Paso street, boy, Mevican, Aust 19.
To Xativddad and wife, 5091-2 South
Broadway, boy, Mexican, August 17.
It's the beginning of the end at the
old Sheldon. The big mirrors which have
done service as vanity glasses -for the -fair
guests of the hotel for the past 10 years,
are being taken from the dining room and
! second floor of the Popular store. The
(glass postcard cases have been taken
from around the pillars an the main lobby
and the railroad pictures removed from
the avails. Only three days of grace are
I 'left tor the old hotel, when the front
doors .will be nailed up and the fwreckers
will start to -work remodeling.
Sunny Monday was wash. day at the
Calisher store, or rather what is ieft of
it. A wash line which extended around
the Mesa avenue and Texas street fronts
of the ruined building, contained an as
sorted variety of -underwear, muslins,
Hosiery ana otner anncies oi "wearing
apparel, which had been taken from
the stock room under the sidewalk of
the store. This stock was damaged by
water only, and is being hung oud on
the improvised clothes line to dry, before
1C 1S SKrea-
pnRVUTAwwTro -ctttt -rvr-wn
As classic as it is classy, the cornice
and frieze of the new Roberts-Banner
: building is 'beginning to look like a sweet
rI graduate at a country school com-
! Eiencement. The irames have been taken
away tram the rneze or the cornice ana
the outlines of the modelHons may now
be seen. There is one on each pier of
the big fireproof building, and tie cor
nice, which will be .poured this week, will
be equally artistic.
The wreckage of the Buckler building
and its contents are to be removed at
once. Hurwkins Bios., agents for Mrs. C.
V. Buckler, are advertising tor bids for
the removal of aU rubb.. and frame
work of the 0'irned building.
All of the personal effects which were
lefc in the buiMinr by the tenants will
be cared for by tRe owner's agents and
will 'be held for identification.
The first floor of the Tri-State Tele
phone company's new office building on
Texas street has been completed and the
company is moving part of its offices
into the new building. This structure is
to be used as a combination storeroom
and ortice building for the new long
in different parts of the southwest to
connect -with El Paso.
. , ,el J? bein.sr isted to the top ot
i ri,c 3JllwlJfu -
National hank buildTnT for
! e sevenh and final story of the big
uanK structure.
it has now been definitely decided that
the building will go but seven stories. A
company was planning to rent the entire
eighth floor, but as the deal was no
closed, the skyscraper will go hut seven
Cnlisher's big steel safe, -which went
through the Buckler "building fire with
out being damaced. is to be set in front
j of the receiving headquarters of the J.
-aiisiier company as one ot the curiosi
ties of the big fire. The safe was not
damajred exceDt bv .he water ttit. r-r
poured on it. The contents are safe.
H. C. Trost and J. Calisher, who. have
been in the east inspecting department
store buildings for ideas which are to
be incorporated in the new Calisher
buildi.., are expected to return Tues
day eveninjr on the limited train tmm
i Xew York.
Hewitt &' Son are building a cottage
for Mrs. Anna Harris in Government
Hill addition. The cottage will cost
$3000, and will be built of pressed orick.
irail subscribers should watch the
date which follows tljeir name on the
yellow label pasted on the wrapper or
first page of their paper. The date
there shows when the subscription ex
pires. When a remittance on subscrip
tion is made, this date Is changed. If it
is not changed soon after remittance,
allowing, of course, a reasonable time
to reach El Paso, the subscriber should
call the attention of this office to x;i
oversight. By doing so when the matter
is fresh in the minds of all concerned all
further trouble and inconvenience will
be avoided.
You can easily sell it. Call Bell 115.
Auto 1115. tell the girl what it i3 a
The Herald will sell it. No bother, na
In Men
I am personally
interested m all
my customers.
Come in and see.
I have something
to suit your Indi
vidual require
ments in new
Fall furnishings.
Opponlte the P. O.
1A El 1

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