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Wednesday, August 24, 1910.
$s.blished April, 1881. The "El Paso Herald includes also, by absorption an
succession. The Dally News, The Telegraph. The Telegram. The TriDune,
The Graphic, The Sun, The Advertiser, The Independent,
Tno Journal, The .Republican. The Bulletin.
Entered at the Postoftice In El Paso. Tex., as Second Ciass matter.
Dedicated o the service of the people, thacNr.o good cause shall lack a cham
pion, and that evil shall net iiirive unopposed.
The.XaIJy Heraid is issued six days a wee.-c and the Weekly Herald is published
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U walts Den
tT Is not well to scoff or jeer at other people's joys; the pastime that to you i
Reems queer may please the other 'boys. One man's amusement in this life j
is playing dominoes; another fellow beats his wife, and gives his soul repose.
One packs a heavy gun for miles, through stream and swamp and fen. and wears J
all kinds of foappv smiles when he comes -home again. Another likes to risk his I
bones on flimsy aeroplane, and when Ave scrape him from the
stones we weep for him in vain. One fellow thinks it fun to
DIFFERENT dodge the ccps with speeding car; another likes to go to lodge,
TASTES where nil the passwords are. And all these things I understand,
and sympathize with folks who rummage through the bloom
ing land tor pleasures and. for jokes. But when. L watch a states- j
man try to run an office down, and talk until the fount is dry. and bore the
whole blamed, town; and when I see hkn, worn and tired, a-hahging round the I
j.olls, to find that he's been canned, and fired by .patriotic souls, I ask such sphinxes '
as are near: "What sort of men are these, who chase for office year by year? i
Does such sport really please?
T. Haskin
&Jl ERLIN, Germany, Aug. 24. The i In the first few years of the life of
J German people are crying out In j tne empire the federal revenues, al-
"" painful protest against the ever though amounting to less than a hun-
increasing burden of taxation imposed dred million dollars annually, were
upon them by the imperialistic policy of ! more than sufficient to meet all de-
itlieir government. The political con
trol of the nation Is, in the hands of the
property-owning classes who heaxtily
mands and the surplus actually was di
vided among the states In proportion
to population, just as was the surplus
Copyright, 1910, by George Alartnews Adams.
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report ot men exanunahoa on hie il the
New York oSce of the Assodah'co. No
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The Circulation Of Red Blood
THEODORE "ROOSEVELT'S vigorously independent attitude in New York
state politics is calculated to strengthen ana inspirit the Republican party,
not in'any sense to disrupt it. It is a sure sign of healthy growth and
progressive Adaptation to the constantly changing requirements of a growing
nation. Rigid conformity to traditional methods and policies means stagnation
and lack of vitality. This cannot be said of faithful adherence to fundamental
principles, for principles are unchanging; but policies oi government and po
litical programs must change as the needs change, else there ensue decay and
disintegration, with consequent loss of public confidence.
And political programs, to be successful and to deserve and retain popular
support, must develop and change gradually, so as to keep a little in advance of
the average popular thought, but not so far in advance as to appear impractical
or excessively radical. Roosevelt's idea of "efficiency" exactly expresses one of
the controling ideals of true statesmanship, for however necessary the idealist,
the impractical idealist, may be to lead the popular thought into higher channels,
it is to the practical man we must look to take care of the immediate necessities
of government day by day.
The Roosevelt idea is progressive without being impractical. Roosevelt is a
real leader, rather than a prophet. Carlyle speaks of the disposition of the masses
to tinderestimate the stature of the prophets of the race while they are alive' be
cause theyare the men who move so far in advance of their time that they ap
pear diminutive in the distance and are obscured by the dust of the long road.
The true leader does not march so far ahead of his following that he is lost sight
of and all but forgotten; on the contrary, he marches just a little in the van, so
that his presence and enthusiasm inspire his people, but so that the sense of com
panionship, equality, and common experience is not lost.
Solidity is not solidarity. Out of solidity, as applied to political parties,
may arise stolidity, prejudice, loss of the power of invention and initiative,
complaisant toleration of unworthy tosses, failure to examine critically the newer
problems and suggested remedies, failure to adapt party programs to present
jneeds. Out of solidarity come enthusiasm, progress, power of initiative, power
of efficient administration, capacity of organization to effect right ends, the fac
ulty of critical examination and of intelligent selection.
Roosevelt stands for solidarity. That part of the Republican party that
makes overmuch tof solidity is in danger of falling into the errors that have j
long deprived the Democratic party of a proportionate participation m the direc
tion of national affairs. The inanimate stone typifies solidity, the living tree
typifies solidarity, or efficiency of cooperative effort. Roosevelt lays much stress,
and wisely, on the importance of working within the party for progress and re
form; he does not preach independence in the sense of mugwumpery or intellec
tual anarchy, but he preaches interdependence of the living organisms making
up a forceful group. With such ideas and ideals, he is a capable and efficient
leader, and his success in establishing his ideals among the people is the surest
guarantee of continued publican ascendancy in national affairs.
Reatrice f
airfax ?n ,'Jn ?ear'-
And a Typical Case
THEY were spending their vacation
In the mountains and, for a while,
theirseats in the dining room
were at the same table as mine.
She was a little delicate woman, with
a vivid, eager face.
He was a strong, burly looking man.
I hate a burly man. I felt I'd dislike
this one before he opened his lips; after
he opened them, I knew I did.
There was a third member in the par
ty. Ameek little old lady, the man's
The first evening they appeared at
dinner, there was an exquisite bowl of
poppies in the middle of the table. j
"Oh!" cried the wife, clasping her
hands. "John, dear, did you ever see
anything more beautiful?
"John, dear" Hooked up from his
soup. "I hate flowers, all over the din
ner table;" he growled. "They bring
insects and the leaves drop into the
food; Its unsanitary-"
The wife subsided, and ate her soup j
"I thougnt I would HKe to shaKe
that 'John, dear.'' ,.
The mother fluttered in a few minutes
late, with a scared, apologetic look at
"John, dear."
'I'm so sorry to be late," she mur
mured, "but I could not find the wlHst
of my dress; it was in the very bottom
of my trunk-" ,
"We've been here two hours, and you
women might have unpacked your
trunks Instead of gazing at the sunset."
"But It was so beautiful, son."
"Well, It'irbe just as beautiful to
morrow. A time for everything and
everything in Its place; that's what .1
say. That s the way l make my qusl
ness a success."
I felt like shaking "John, dear," but
his women folk gazed at him in abject;
awe and adoration. '
"With every course that was served,
the best was left for "John, dear;" and
wnen tne waitress came first to me,
and I deliberately chose the best piece
of chicken, the mother's gentle eyes
looked indignant reproach at me.
"Is that the right one?" she asked,
as she dropped breathlessly into a
seat beside him. "There were two, and
I hardly knew which to choose."
"No," he grumbled, "but it will
have to do, I suppose; trust a woman
for doing the wrong thing, if she has
any choice to make."
"John, dear," thoughtI to myself, in
the friendly darkness, "I'd ike to
punch your head."
They were in the mountains for two
weeks and, during the entire time those
two women waited on him, hand and
At the end of thejr visit, "John
dear" had gained in weight and looked
brown and well; but the little wife
looked wan and weary, and the mother
nervous and old.
They had a boat in which "John
dear" spent much time, taking pretty
girls about the lake.
He also played a great deal of ten
nis. "Don't you play tennis?" I asked the
wife, one day.
"Oh, yes," was the answer, "but not
nearly well enough to play with John.
It would bore him to death to play with
me. Mother and I are quite happy if
he Is enjoying himself. " Some men
go off on their vacations, all alone, bt
John Is not that kind; he loves to have
mother and me go along."
"Of course he does," I thought, in
dignantly, "to "wait on him and see
that he gets the best of everything."
For two "weeks "John, dear" scintil
lated and was the life of the place.
When he left everyone said "how de
lightful he was" and "how much he
would be missed."
"He was so charming to everyone,
one enthusiastic girl cried. x
support the world-empire campaign in- I of the lederal American treasury under
-n.na.rew jacKson. jut it was not long
until the empire embarked upon a
broader policy of both domestic and
foreign enterprise which increased the
imperial expenditure more rapidly lian
the revenues were able to meet if
This Necessitated levying contributions
upon the several states. This year the
total revenue of the empire will amount
to $712,000,000, of which the several
states will contribute directly more
itiated by their emperor. They are
willing to instruct their deputies :n the
federal reichstag and in the several
state diets to vote the necessary taxes
to maintain Germany's magnificent
army, to build a German navy which
will challenge the power of Britain, and
to carry on the German program of ag
gressive diplomacy in the near east.
The property-owning classes vote these
taxes with a fervor of patriotic devotion
which would be sublime if it were not
for the fact 'that they vote these taxes
altogether upon the Industrial classes
and not upon themselves. It is just the
same thing that exists in Great Britain,
where the tory land-owning party is
most insistent upon big expenditures
for a bigger navy, bat is wholly un
willing to contribute toward paying the
bills. In England Mr. Lloyd-George,
for the time at least, has forced a small
measure of the taxation upon the property-holding
classes, but in Germany
they still have complete control of the
governmental machinery and therefore
they have protebted property and have
placed the burden upon Industry.
Indirect Taxation.
As In the United States the revenues
of the federal government of Germany
are derived from Indirect taxation, and
the state governments raise money by
means of direct taxes. The imperial
revenue is derived from customs and
excise duties, and from the profits de
rived from the comparatively few imperially-owned
productive enterprises.
In the states the direct taxes, for the
most part, are levied in the form of
income taxes. The system differs from
that of the American union in that the
Abe Martin
; than $57,000,)00. Last year .the state
contributions amounted to more than
$100,000,000. These federal contribu
tions are assessed according to popula
tion at a rate per head fixed in the
annual Imperial budget. This powdr Is !
exactay the same as that given to the
American congress by the constitution,
but which never has been exercised.
," Custom and Excise Duties.
The greater portion of the federal
revenue. In fact practically all that is
applicable to miHtary and other general
expenses, is derived from the customs
and excise duties, precisely as it is In
the United States. Of course the deficit
from the Income taxes levied directly j payeTS having an income-of more than
by the states. The people do not $2400- et English investigators
know how much they pay toward the of Svernmental affairs in Germany
federal revenues, since the taxes are ! comment upon the comparative lowness
indirect- But thev are keenly alive to of thls ation as compared with
the burdens of the direct taxation Jritish taxes. They find that the dir
Strangely enough the direct taxes in !erence results from greater frugality
an or tne principal states are about
Uncle Niles Turner is now nearly a
hundred, an' four years ole an' never re
ported. 3. conductor ar' wuz'n born in
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Miss
Fawn Lippincut appeared before th Art
Embroidery club t'day an' read a paner
on How t' Hold a Husband's Love Thro'
th' Rhubarb Season."
the same, regardJess of the character of
the particular local srovernmVmt
In Prussia the income tax svo i owned enterprises. Prussia, for
I stLciuwt;, ueiives more man na.iL ox
in budget making, but more because of
ic lout iuM nie- vxei-iuitu sLcutvs uenvo
substantial profits from their state-
well nicrh all-emhrapiro- Th otam
taxable income Includes all receipts of total reveriues from its railways, forest
money, all payments in kind, the rent and other property. If it were not for
",l . ",e "ie"n u'on i "at tne value of housss OCCUDifia bv th nmi tnis source of income, the taxes in
r;r:TJZl inZ?JZ so - Liability for the payment Germany would be so great that the
peopie couia not Dear tnem.
The Imperial government, by which
is meant the emperor and his chancel
lors and their immediate associates, has
the taxes upon the head of the familv i recognized the danger of corstinuing to
ueauctlons are made on account of
sickness, otid age, to widows and or
phans, and for each member of the
family under 14 years old
"John, dear," himself looked coldly
:ne, and I knew he thought, "You
are one of those new women
V are man's equal."
His Patient Slaves.
think they are man's equal."
After dinner I sat near them on the
veranda. "John, dear," and his patient
slaves fascinated me. He presently
found that he had left his cigar case
upstairs. "Pshaw!" he muttered, "I left
I my cigar case upstairs," and he made
a faint effort to rise.
"Oh, Jet me go," exclaimed' his wife,
I and he sank back and let her go, though
out a Tew minutes oeiore sne had con
fessed to a bad headache.
T coir? irrtmli'
""Why, Miss Fairfax," she said, won
deringly, "whatever do you mean?'
Just that: he :aever did one thing for
them or with tnem; he let hem wait on
him and give him The best of every
thing. If you want my candid opinion,
'he is a selfish pig.' "
And, what's more. I know other "John
Dears" who are letting their wives
wear themselves out in loving service.
The women are largely to blame; the
mother begins it; the wife follows suit.
Every woman, w'ho loves her husband,
likes to fuss over him and show him
little attentions; but slavery Is ruinous
to him, and undignified for her.
"John Dear" will quickly contract the
habit of letting you wait on him; so be
careful how you begin It, '
meet the requirements of the Imperial
government, and the deficit is made up
by matricular contributions levied upon
each of the states in proportion to pop
ulation. Two Taxation Methods.
When the empire was formed there
were two propositions for raising im
perial revenues. One proposed to give
the federation the power of direct taxa
tion; the other proposed a system of
ieaerai support Dy wfrtcft all the ex
penses of the imperial government were
to be contributed by the several states
In proportion to population. Blsmaick
was opposed to both of these plans, vet
he was not willing entirely to exclude
either from the constitution. He said
that the United estates had wisely
placed its federal
or the tax begins when, the annual in
come reaches $225 a -year, and all of
tne incomes of every member of the j
iamuy is cosnted together in assessln
Increase the levies upon the states.
which inevitably increase the burden of
direct taxation in the states. There
fore the Imperial government in the
Suhiapt to iur tue
these alleviations the seal of inm . last tevr years has attempted to adopt
taxes begins upon an annual income of
"Everyone but his wife and mother," Placed its lederal government upon the
oasis oi indirect taxation, after the
complete failure of a system of state
support. Following the example of the
United States and, of the federal re
public of Switzerland. Bismarck pro
vided for indirect taxation to meet fed
eral expenditures, but left the power of
direct taxation with the federal gov
ernment to be levied in proportion to
population, just exactly as the right to
levy direct taxes was left in the con
stitution -of the United States.
irom ?2o to $250 with a tax of 12
cents. This is increased gradually until
a family in receipt of an income of $600
a year must pay an annual tax of
$12.50. When the income has reached
$1000, the tax has increased to $30.
And the tax becomes heavler.and heav
ier until an income of $25,000 a year
is reached, upon which the tax is $1000
Above $25,000 a year there is no in
crease in the rate of tax.
Poor Pay Big Taxes.
The annual direct taxation ner nanlta
m .frussia is about $2.
This falls uiion
rich and poor alike, but as 90 nercent
Of the total taxes nnllertprl rnmac rntr, I
taxpayers with income of 1p. thon of the membership In that body, pre-
the policy always pursued by the fed
eral government of the United States
namely, so to increase the indirect taxes
as to make the levies upon the states
unnecessary, and that without using
any of the federal powers of direct tax
ation. In attempting to -levy this in
creased taxation it must be said for
the credit of the government that it de
signed to place the burden of the in
creased taxes" upon the wealthy and
property-owning classv rather than up
on the laboring masses.
Rich Refuse To Pay Taxes.
But the inequitable apportionment of
seats In the reichstag, which gives the
agrarian landowners an unequal share
$uc a year it is apparent that the
poor pay a great deal more than the
Oply a Street Boy
By E. Mullenhoff.
The Herald's
Daily Short Story
Our exports of manufactures steadily increase, proving the wisdom of the
j&merican protective policy and showing that we are strengthening our prestige in
the world's markets.
, io
Stability is, after all, one of the chief objects of government, and constant
meddling with the statute laws makes for anything but stability. Business can
adjust itself to almost any requirements provided there is steadiness and a fain
basis of calculation for the future. Legislative tinkering is baneful-
A Little Talk On Busipess
Therefore, on account of his Inferior
ity in this respect he was looked down
- - upuil TJJ ills uuiuiiauiuus, uuu n ncu-
k ters. Trade at this season is normally inactive, as compared with the fall ever he tried to compete with them,
& ; 4- ; ,o:- M.. .. -. .-u. j.-t .- as for instance, by hanging on behind
the water carts and ejoying a short
ride, he was Invariably caught by th?
coachman's lash, while the others ran
away. He was an unlucky little
lucky little fellow, though he himself
scarcely realized it.
Today, sitting on the doorstep, with
the sun gleaming on his little thin,
bare legs, gazing at the clouds flying
over the housetops, 'he felt at peace
with aall the world. These few hours
of the day, when his father was on
the wharf and his elder brothers and
sisters at school, were the most enjoy-i
able in the whole day. S1 '
Dick was only five years old and
the youngest, but !had already begun
doing bottle washing for the landlord
on the other side of the street, and in
his way earning a few pence. But
after his having once fainted and been
carried home as a result of bad air and
long standing, his mother had put in
a word- for him. and 3ie was allowed to
stay at home. He was her favorite, be
cause sometimes, when work was over
and she was standing knitting stock
AmeriMTi P-mnrs nf TnaTm-FariTroa annA ,haA;i ;n,.. -a i.: mi I lnSS in tne courtyard. 'He would ruo
sr -ww- """ "" """ ""3 w-1" LrhJs small fair head aa-ainst hftr nr
maintain our xavuraoie xraae Daiance even though our ability to export farm
products is decreasing through our increased horai consumption without corre-
"f TEADY improvement in the financial situation is noted at the eastern cen
ters. Trade at this season is normally inactive, as compared with the fall
and spring; it is a waiting season as to crops, merchants are disbursing
heavily and making large engagements without collecting much cash out of their
going business, investors are on vacation even though they be at their desks every
day and banks are holding the lines taut in preparation for the strong demand
for money always due wnen crops are moving and merchants are discountingctheir
bills. Consequently there is nothing to cause apprehension in the condition of
bank loans and deposits through the interior. j
At New York the banks have pifed np their surplus reserves, the last few
weeks having shown a remarkable accumulation of idle money. This is merely a
wise provision against the needs soon to arise, and does not in itself indicate
any lack of confidence in the general situation. As a matter of fact, there is a
v general disposition among eastern banks now to reduce the pressure on. cus
tomers and to let out money more freely than at any time in the last two months.
This more liberal disposition will in due time be reflected in the interior. How
ever, the banks hold out no hope that they will take care of purely speculative
demands, nowr in the near future. They will take care of legitimate business
demands without difficulty, but they cannot finance speculative operations or
furnish new capital based on immovable assets. Their resources must be kept
liquid, for this policy most surely guarantees the widest service on the part of
each bank to its own constituency.
Tes, It was trtfe, most decidedly
had Dick missed 'his vocation. He was
a street boy, and street boys have the
reputation of being happy-go-lucky,
clever and sharp; he possessed none of
these qualities. When ordered to pick
up the coals dropped on the harbour,
he fell into gazing at the glittering
water and the waving flags; in con
sequence his basket generally reJ
malned empty. Dirtying his fingers,
rumaging in the gutters and in the
dustmen's pails was distasteful to him.
Xever by arfc' chance, while prowl
ing about the streets, did he alight self!
to hand it back, he met a softer glance
from the weather beaten old face.
"You are at least good for some
thing!" said the fishwoman. '"Now
help me carry these basket's."
He did as he was told, picked them
up, staggering under their weight and
helped her to put up the stall. The
exertion made him hot, but at last all
was ready.
"Here is something xfor yourself,
said the woman, giving him a bloater
still warm from the recent smoking.
It fairly took Dick's' breath. A whole
undamaged bloater, entirelv tr him-
He conld hardly realize his
rich. Only 2 percent of the total tax Provided -for raising $125,000,000 add!
collected In Prussia comes from tax-
vented the adoption of the .government
measures. The bill as first introduced
(Continued on BzgQ Seven!)
rubbed the bruises 'on his legs, and
once more gazed thoughtfully at the
Evidently the fishwoman was right.
Oh, if we could all be as wise as the
Years Ago To-
From The Herald Of J-T
This Date 1S93, , HlcLj
Chas. N. Burke and Miss Lottie Jack
son have been licensed to wed.
According to the Mexican journal, El
Indepejjdiente, the gallant mayor of El
Paso has called on Santa Teresa, the
modern Maid of Orleans, and assured
her of his protection.
Some of the G. H. men met last night
and organized a social club. T. A. Brady
is secretary and Joseph Grant presi
dent. The Elks had a great time last night
at the McGinty club. Music was fur
nished by Pitzer's orchestra. Others on
the program were Messrs. Rose, Ro-
kahr, M. Douglass Stewart, Brown,
fjorothy ")
f y On Some Causes Of
Divorce. No. 2
THE second thing that leads to di
vorce is that almost every mar
riage is foun.ded on deceit and
Courtship is a confidence game in
which both youths and maidens en
deavor to take each other In, and if the
music of the wedding bells' could be
translated into prcse they would crv
out. Stung! Stung! Stung!
It is true that, except in rare 'cases,
a man does not engage In a deep, dark,
nefarious plot in order to lure a woman
to the altar, nor are there many women
cold and crafty enough to deliberately
ensnare men into marrying them. Nev
ertheless, the man in love and the -wo
man in love unconsciously act a part
plans their little home that! it is no won
der that he believes that he Is getting
a household angel.
Is it any wonder when these twopeo
ple get married, and naSdrop the lovely
macques that they have been holding up
in front of their faces, and see each
other as they really are, that there
should be trouble? I once heard a wo
man say that she felt as If she were a,
bigamist, because the man she "was
married to was so different from the
man that she thought she was marry
ing. Without doubt, the majority of
marriages might be annulled on the
ground that a different bride or bride
groom was substituted at the altar,
for the one that the man or woman
before the one he or she is trvinir to I thought he or she was marryins
win, and are no more like that real Ir marriage is a failure because men
upon a copper, a- -damaged orange, or
any such treasures, as did k$ burly j the doorstep. How fat it was, an dso
friend Bob, who, like himself, lived ; golden, shading off to rich brown on
in tne nacK regions or tne nouse. j tne dsck. tie passed a loving finjrer
T2vrrrA n"-frw TC TT7a - -? 3 A T3T.
riches as he narsed Tiis treasure nn J tor- ori ttyk-o "m-h- wn nrA tv xt
over it, but thecolor still remained
wnat a beauty!" ho said, anfl
Engineers Follett and Flores, of the in
ternational dam commission, leave to
morrow morning for Santa Fe ;ip.
Deminc to be cone for fvprnl iri(b-!.
turned it from one sideto the other. I Col. Mills is ranldlv nrnvprfntr frrvm
even licking it, but only near the tail. ! his operation at Fort Bliss.
' What would his mother say? She, In spite of the threatening weather
too, had but little opportuaity of tast- j Saturday night, several parties were
ing such delicacies. out bicycling and serenading.
The poor little dreamer had los all The Trinity league will give an en-
! count of the world, including the tertainment tomorrow night, at which
! school just opposite, in which his sDec- J an excellent program 'Kill be rendered.
lai enemies were Inclosed. In his de
light he failed to hear the school bell,
and unexpectedly he fouad hiiriself
surrounded by big and small torment-
sponding increase -in production per capita. Our average production per acre in
the staple food crops is lower than in any European country, and only our im
mense acreage and cheap transportation make our slack methods profitable.
Out of the soil must come America's surplus wealth or capital for reinvest
ment; this is the primary source of wealth, and the only capital available for re
investment is the difference between what is produced and what is consumed
a truism so true that it is generally forgotten or only half believed. This i$
as true in El Paso as anywhere else, and the greatest source of new capital fox ns
in the future will be the surplus product of. our irrigated lands.
It is. true that there is a -divorce in NewYork city every eight hours, but
there is a marriage every 13 minutes, so the average is kept np.
High lanxl values are not the only tiling desirable they may scare off de
sirable citizens. Too ranch, wash-hand selling in the valley to force up prices must
he regarded as trndeaxrable at this stage. The first thing is to get in the settlers,
the actual fanners who -win cultivate the soil and make it produce new actual
"Just look at that fish? Where did
he get it from? Out- with it! It is
just lunch time!" echoed . around him
from all sides.
children every
none of the other
dreamt of doing.
How the wind "blew today. Paper
bags and straws whirled round the
gutters, the curls" flew about the girls"
faces, and the goldsmith at the corner
had to hold on his hat with both
hands. N
And the cloud1?. When passing the
sun their rims were touched with kold;
for a moment a strip of sky became
visible, then another cloud came up
and all together rolled over the big
"Don't stare like that, but give me
a hand," Said an annoyed voice in his
The little street boy was so startled
that he had to recall his thoughts be
fore recognizing the fishwoman who
had her stall at the bottom of the
narrow street. The wind had torn off
her neckerchief, and it was whirling
like a brown ball half way down the
street. He rushed after it and caught
it as it was on .the point of being
blown into a big pool; turning round
Mr. Gaither is the -new orga'nist at
the Trinity church.
President Julian of the fire depart
ment has been presented with a $25
check by R. A. Allen for the excellent
work the department did the other day
in extinguishing the fire at his store.
An attempt was made early yesterday
morning to burglarize the quarters of
Dick nut his "hnri uh hQ . "1C ."" vy "- uurSiar TvaS ce-
ea-sr hri T," h-V .: -" - tected and chased off by one of the
Metal market: Silver, 66 3-Sc: lead,
S2.50; copper, 10 C-4c; Mexican pesos
El Paso, 53c; Juarez, 53c.
trying to
treasure beliind his bade.
"It is my fish!" he cried
look firm.
"Pooh! Tours? Rubbish! Give it
up!" cried shock headed Philip, push
ing him so that he and' his' treasure
both fell into "the scuffling mass.
How they pushed and kicked and
yelled! They took off their shoes aad
banged eacn other on their heads. They
tore one another s coats and made their
noses bleed.
The poor bloater was thrown about
in the tumult; first minus head, then
minus tail, it was finally trodden un- i
"Dashvrhe lot of you!" said a passer
by crossing to the other, side. Tlie
police had other things to thiak about,
and had probably done just the same
In their youth.
Heads were poked out from various
basement window,s to watch the fun,
when fortunately the school bell rang,
putting s.n end to the wIld confusion.
Some odd buttons, tora.,, leaves, and an
old bookstrap alone remained on the
battlefield and in the gutter lay the
bloater, now unrecognizable and long
since forgotten- as the object of their
quarrel. -'
Dick alone looked back at It,
brushed a few tears from his eyes,
glancing first at his lost treasure aad
then at the fishwoman, who, however,
remained unmov.ed.
'"It serves you right!" she said. "You
are no worse off now than you were
From Paradise (Ariz.) Pecord.
Paradise picking up; people plan
prosperity, predict plenty. Plucky Por
tal pioneers plod on premeditatedly.
From Albuquerque (N. M.) Morning
Estancia and Clovis should try build-
i ing houses of asbestos.
From Santa Fe (K. M.) New Mexican.
The Albuquerque Tribune Citizen
person than a dog rose is like an Amer
ican Beauty, or a cold boiled potato
resembles the pommes de terre au
gratia of the fashionable restaurant.
Nor is the deceitfulness of mankind
and womankind altogether responsible
for this. Dame Nature, who, as we
have shown, is tiie great matchmaker.
Inspires us in the courting season to
put the best foot foremost. The same
instinct that puts, in Spring, the live
lier iris on the burnished dove, and
that makes the peacock strut and pose
before his mate, makes a young man
put on his best clothes when he goes
a-courting, and makes a girl Marcel
her hair to the roots when her. best
young man is a-eoiniag.
A Gaac of Pretend.
It is what causes plain, prosaic John
Jackson to pretend that he adores Ger
man opera and understands Browning
because Gladys Gwendolyn Smith af
fects these things, when his real taste
is musical comedv and Gf-orcrA Artf
It is what leads Angelina Jones to sit
up with a rapt expression at the base
ball game to which Bill Jenkins has
dragged her, athough she is enduring
a martyrdom of boredom and wondering
why her escort yells himself black in
the face over what some crazy look
irrg men are doing to a measly ball.
Xo man who was trying to win a
girl would dream of such a thing as
showing himself to her with a three
days' stubble of beard on his face. Nor
would he let her see that he was by
nature overbearing, and tyrannical, and
stingy, and selfish. On the contrary, he
Is chivalrous, and tender, and self-abnegating,
and lavish towards her. He
anticipates her every wish and has no
thought except to please her. and she
naturally argues from tnis that when
she marries him she will get the one
perfect husband In the world.
In the same way a woman deceives a
man. You don't catch her appearing
before him in curl papers ard a Mother
being aroused. There are evi
two of them now.
of the Democrats in Valencia j Hubba,rd -wrapper. You never hear of
any sri who reeis cauea upon to tell
the man she Is Ih love with that she
Is utterly useless and no account, that
she doesn't know how to cook an cs,
or make her own cllothes. and that sh
hates the sight of a cooking stove, and
has the incurable bargain sale habit,
and that if he marries her he will have
to board In a hotel and hustle early
and late to make enough money to pay
her bills.
She's Mllr nml Angelic.
Nor does she warn him that she is
selfish and high tempered and has
nerves and that all of her family are
afraid of her Far from it in his pres
ence sne is so mild and so gentle that
From rhe New York World.
Another mayor who made good was
W. F. Robinson, of EI Paso, Tex., who
was killed under a falling wall while
trying to save the lives of five firemen.
From Albuquerque (N. M.) Morning
Endee, N. M., "has watermelons weigh
ing over 50 pounds. The Rio Grande
He reseated himself n the ,Wrt ' , "u . ."-.r .. ' .... .S u "Ul" r uian m ' her mouth, and
.w,,, llUu.,j Wi mm ,in iiiu uu puuuus. i she purrs so
and women deceive each other as to
what -they really are. It is also a failure
because men and women do not deal
honestly with each other In regard to
the conditions of matrimony. Jt is. as
you may say, a skin game in which.
neithe the principals nor the prospec
tus is on Ihe level.
A Hand-Painted Dream.
When a. man is courting a girl, in
speaking of their future life he deals
in glittering generalities. Ke may tell
her that he is poor and that they will
hdve to-live in a vine-wreather GOttage,
and the girl translates this to mean
about a ?75 a month suburban home,
full of white enamelled furniture and
rose-strewn chintzes the real import
ed English kind, you know.
He doesn't come down to brass tacks
as he should, and say: "Look here,
Maude, if you marry me you will have
to live in a four-roomed flat in Harlem,
and do your own cooking, and make
your own hats and dresses, and scrap
with the butcher, and inch and pinch
and scxinch. and have no amusement
except my .society and a walk in the
park on Sundays. Now, do you think
you love me enough to pass up every
thing else for the joy of being at my
Nor does a girl give a man. a chance
to withdraw on the safe side of the altar
by telling him that she is one .of the
light-minded, frivolous sort of women
that has got to have fine clothes, no
matter if she works her husband to
death or drives him to stealing to get
them, and that she is a charter mem
ber of the race suicide club, and that
shemeans to devote her life to bridge
Instead of babies.
AVhen the Showdown Comes.
Is it any wonder that, when a man
marries the woman who has led him to
believe that she is one thing, and finds
out that she is another, he falls out of
love with her? Is it any marvel that,
when the woman who thought she Was
marrying a man who was a perfect iov
er discovers that she Is united to a
grinding tyrant, she ceases to care for
him? Is it surprising that matrlmony
that must be lived under conditions
that they never bargain rbr is full of
disillusions to both men and women'
Nor need any one throw up his hands
in horror, when such people complain
to the divorce court. The wonder is
that all of the flim-flam couples do
not squeal, and that so many duped,
deceived men and women are dead game
sports, who stand by their sorrybar
gains to the end.
One of the great remedies for the di
vorce evil would be for men and women
who ar thinking of getting married to
ry t deal honestlv h Mih - oti
under his hand -nhen he J by themselves, in tie dajs of courtship.

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