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Wednesday, August 24, 191va 9
On fome CeLU$es .
For Divorce
rHgfl'XTr ify
This i the first article of n series by
Dorothy Dix, -which Trill give many of
i.n Tt-rA reasons for divorce anil -will
point out some remedies for the cure
of the evil.
THERE are two -ways of looking at
the divorce question.
There is the highly ethical that
makes marriage a sacrament, a religious
tie that it is impious to even think of
breaking, and that talks beautifully
about the -welfare of the child and the
solidarity of the family.
There is also the practical way of
viewing the subjtect, which asks why we
should be bound for life by our matri
monial mistakes when we try to cor
rect every other mistake we make. It
demands to know also what possible
good can result to themselves, or so
ciety, in keeping a warring man and
woman, who bring out all that is worst
In each' other, bound together instead of
letting them go in peace their separate
It questions, too whether the children
of such a household are elevated by the
spectacleof their parents' daily spats,
and whether the child subjected to the
influence of an unworthy father or
mother would not be better off In al
most any other environment.
Their Dream and Ideal.
All persons must answer these conunr
drums according to the light that is In
them, and I. for one, shall not pretend
to.trv to ae'-Ja the problem of whether
divorce Is the curse of the age or the
greatest modern improvement
Of course, the great ideal hat is be
fore the eyes of every man and woman
when -they marry, and that is the ro
mantic dream of every heart, is a home
.where peace and love abide, and where,
as the years go by, husband and wife
grow closeV and closer together in
vmpathy and affection, until they have
at last really a common life in which
they are all In all to each other.
Unhappily, this vision of domestic
bliss is seldom realized. Most mar
riages are a blighting disappointment,
and, rightly or wrongly, more and more
disgruntled husbands and wives are ap
plying to the divorce courts for relief
from the tfe that has come not only to
bind but to gall.
Why Is Marriage a Failure
Each, state has its own little list of
shortcomings for -which divorce may be
granted, and so we have decrees granted
ffor desertion, or nonsupport, or drun
kenness, or unfaithfulness, or incom
patabllity of temper, and so on, but
none of these things explains the real
cause of the divorce
In America, where youths and maid
ens select their mates without either
parental Interference or guidance, and
.n ya m-irrir?( of convenience, or
the marriage for money, is practically J
unknown, almost every iiuuimbc
Texas, OMahoma, Colorado,
Kansas, Montana and
Dakota Represented.
Dalhart, Tex., Aug. 24. The West
Plains Dry Farming congress is meet
ing in Dalhart. Delegates from Fargo,
Edgely, Dickenson, Willeston, Belle
Fourche, Highseer, N. D., North Platte,
and Lincoln, Neb., Manhattan,, Hays
and Garden City, ICans., Akron and
Denver, Colo., Philbrook; Mont., Good
well, Okla., Amarillo, Chillicothe, San
Antonio, NTex-, and Washington, D. C,
arrived and were escorted over the city
in carriages.
An address of welcome in Felton's
opera house, was made by Clifford
Brawley, after which a smoker was
tendered them at the Desota hotel.
The weather remains cool and pleas
ant and the delegates express them
selves as delighted with Dalhart and
the wonderful crops.
The city Is decorated for the occa
"Visitor. Are Numerous; Valentine Sum
mer Visitors Leave for the
Winter Season.
Valentine. Tex., Aug. 24. T. P. Klea--ver,
manager of the experimental farm,
has gone to Oklahoma,- where he will
be joined by his family. They will
Laurie Hardware
love marriage. And yet America leads
the world in its number of divorces.
This is a phenomenon as curious as any
that society offers.
"Why do we get divorces? "What is
back of the divorce? Why did the
couple who were so sure they were
made for each other find that they can
not live together through incompata
bility of temper? What has happened
to those who swore to love and" cherish
each other until death, that one or the
other is charged with infidelity?
In a word, why is marriage so often
an "unexpected failure? For the road
to the divorce court is not a pretty one,
and none, we believe, treads It will
ingly. .
Perhaps the plain blunt answer to
this querj' is that most people marry
for sense, instead of sentiment, and
that when the physical attraction they
hv.'e for each other Is exhausted, there
Is nothing else left.
Undoubtedly Old Mother "Nature is
really at the bottom of the divorce evil.
She is a conscienceless old marplot that
makes matches, and then washes her
hands of the results. Her business is
to keep the race going physically, and
she cares nothing whether it is happy
or not.
Therefore, by some strange, mys
terious process that we are equally
powerless to explain or resist, she draws
together a man and a maid who have
nothing but a fleeting personal attrac
tion for each other. In mind one may
be a giant and the other a pigmy. In
character one may be noble and gener
ous, and the other sordid and mean. In
tastes one may be delicate and refined,
the other gross and brutal. In social
position one may come from a palace,
and the other from a hovel. In soul
one may soar among the stars, the
other grovel in the gutter.
It does not matter. For the time be
ing there is only one woman in the
world desirable to the man. To the
woman there is but one man in the
universe. They never suspect even that
this fascination of one for the other,
this inability of one to live without the
presence of the other, this thrilling of
the flesh that sets every nerve aquiver
at the mere touch of a finger tip, is
love in its profoundest respect-
They marry in a delirium of ecstasy,
with never a doubt that their affection
Is eternal and their happiness assured,
and then, almost before they know it,
something terrible has happened. They
find themselves miserable. Their mar
riage is a failure. They bore each other.
They get on each other's nerves. They
have different ideals, different ways,
different aspirations. No one can say
-who killed it, but love lies dead be
tween them.
Sense for Sentiment.
Their error has been In mistaking
sense for sentiment, and the love. of the
return to "Valentine at once where they
will make their future home. They vill
occupy the Wells residence.
J. B. Ladd, of St. Paul, and Grant
Robinson, of Minneapolis, Minn., are
here looking after their land inter
ests. '
F. Hackett, G. H. paymaster, Is in
D. G. Knight, who has be-a attend
ing court at Marfa, has retarded to
his home.
Miss Cora Cavender, who has oeen
-visiting Miss Mary Smith, has return
ed to her home at Coresa Springs,
"Uncle Joe" McLean has gone to Car
rizozo, N. M., where he w 111. spend the
winter with his sons, "Will and Dee.
Mrs. LUlie Howard, who has been vis
iting at the Mayfield ranch, has re
turned to her home in El Paso.
T. P. Garrett, of Kent, Tex., is in for
well drilling fixtures.
W. A. Foley has resigned bis position
with the Valentine Mercantile com
pany. Bob C. Breeding, of Sierra Blanca, is
in town on special business.
James Ewing from near Goliad is
visiting his son, P. ?L Ewing.
Clay Holland, of Alpine, is visiting
Valentine friends.
L. C. "Wilson and wife, of San An
tonio, have charge of the night work
for the Brown News company.
F. M. Lege, S. H. Rohleadfr and T.
H. Schmidt, of Eagle Pass, are in-Val-entine
on business.
Roswell, N. M., Aug. 24. D. R. Pat-
Nature cares not so much for the individual as for the race, and ofttixnes im
plants attraction instead of loie in the hearts of a mau and woman.
,tsE lki .. gjg-jyNfaoy7
The divorce conrt it resorted to so frequently because a lasting sentiment
does not inspire the bond between husband and wife.
senses is the most transient of all love.
It Is an appetite that perishes of satiety,
a fire that flares up and flames fiercely
until it burns Itself out and whose
ashes can never be rekindled.
Perhaps such marriages will always
be made and ivill alwaj's furnish grist
for the divorce mill. The only remedy
for them is to teach young people, and
especially girls, more about the mys
teries of their own being and what a
poor guide one's senses are in picking
out a husband.
Jn the false modesty that prevails be
tween mothers and daughters girls are
led to believe that they are as passion
less as marble, and so, when some man
rick, who has been conducting the
Green Front cold drink stand and who
was arrested on the charge of violating
the prohibition ordinance, waHtried be
fore justice A. J. Welter.
Liquors were offered in evidence and
numerous witnesses were heard by the
prosecution, but the defendant after
pleading not guilty did not testify and
Robbed Of
xx.x i VC. vKV x? y A VCOlmJ j v Vx. . v w 'xvx j O'w I
Beautiful Mrs. Daniel Bacon of Nctt York, who wns recently robbed of
S4.,000 -worth of jewels while tourln;? thronjrh Switzerland vrltli her brotherin
law and sister, sir Gilbert and lady Parker of Canada. Just -rrhen and where
the theft took place seems a mystery to Mrs. Bacon, as well as to the police.
A coincidence is that lady Parker, who is the younger sister of Mrs. Bacon,
-was robbed of 87,000 worth of jewels in 19CG at the Carlton hntel, London,
where she was living with her husband, the famotn novelist, and now a mem
ber of parliament. A man knocked at the -Parker apartment door, and then
profusely apologized for having made a (mistake. Later when lady ParKer went
out, the Toom was entered, presumably by the same man, ,and the jewels
,Wr "
comes along who sets their pulses
thrilling they are not able to distinguish
between ephemeral sex attraction and
a lasting affection that is founded on
the things of the soul instead of the
body. This explains why good, pure,
little innocent girlsso often wreck their
lives by marrying rogues and debauch
ers, and why cultivated and refined
young women elope with their chauf
feurs and grooms one year and divorce
them the next. x
Yes, Nature is the great matchmaker.
Andalso the first aid to divorce. 'More
Is the pity, because Nature is some
thing with which we have always to
did not offer any evidence in his behalf.
Judge Welter found Patrick guilty and
the case was immediately appealed to
the district court.
Mayor Veal says three separate ap-
j proaches have been made to him to
compromise me wnisney cases, out. ne
determined to let the law take its
Costly Jewels
4b"hS "" -I) Hr i
BIk Wool Crop Is Held for Hih Price:
Three Births and Two Deaths
Are Recorded; Personals.
Roswell, N. M., Aug. 24. JudG. D.
Sutton, a prominent local Republican, (
and J. E. Snyder, national organizer of i
the Socialist party, will meet in open
debate next Friday on the court house
John B. Gill bought a carload of
apples from the A. E. Macy orchard at
Dexter arid is there loading the car.
K. I. Read and wife left for Perry,
Oklahoma, for an extended visit with
Will Denning and family left for
Altus, Okla., where they will locate. He
is the son of S. P. Denning, the promi
nent contractor of this city ami for
merly conducted a fashionable tailoring
house here.
J. 1L imier, formerly of this city, but
now ofl5enver, Colo., is in the "city
visiting his sons and- looking after busi
ness interests. He resided here for
many years and was until two years
ago the largest sheep man in New
Mexico. He has sold all of his sheep
interests and has located at Denver per
manently, where he has retired from
active business life.
Louis Mennocke. who has his sheep
camp 17 miles west of Roswell. has his
clip of 80,000 pounds of wool stored at
the ranch. The wool is extra clean and
F. J. Solis, a Boston buyer, offered 16c
the top noth price paid here this year,
and the offer was refund. The grower
will hold tho wool in the hopes that he
will receive ISc.
Misses Josephine Chisum and Inez
Cosgrovo have returned from a three
months Trip to the New England states.
Miss Cosgrovo, who is a teacher in the
public schools of Roswell, has been at
tending -Harvard university at Cam
bridge, Mass., and Miss Chisum has
been visiting her and at other points
In New England. The young women
returned by way of water, arriving at
Galveston last Sunday.
James Hagans of La Junta. Colo , is
here to receive a big bunch of the
Block cattle and will take them to Tex
llne. He is accompanied by Henry Cor
bin of La Junta,
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Hildebrand and
daughter left, for Houston. Tex , after
spending three weeks visiting Mrs C. M.
Mayes and E. E. Hildebrand. sister and
brother of A. B. Hildebrand.
Ira O. Wetmore, president of the
Monterey Townsite company, and his
wife, are in the city visiting his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. P. Wetmore.
R. O. Walters Is in Austin, Texas,
marketing his crop of alfalfa.
Miss Irene Basham has returned from
a trip to Clarendon, Tex., where she
visited friends.
Frank Morris has returned from a
trip to his old home in Page county,
Born, to Ed. Weisinger ''and wife, a
boy; to Earl Taylor and wife, a girl.
Word from Eureka Springs, Ark., an
nounces the birth of a son to Mr. and
Mrs. K. S. Woodruff, residents of this
city. Mr. Woodruff, is visiting In Texas,
i Joseph Davis, ag'ed 42 years, a well
known resident of this city, is dead at
his home In East Roswell. He is sur
vived by a wife and four children. De
ceased had lived here for many years
and for the past eight years had been
nearly an invalid and was unable to
work. Interment was made in South
side cemetery.
Mary M. J. Thomas, the 2-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John F.
Thomas, is dead at the home of the
ps.rents after a brief illness. Interment
will occur at Southside ceai-etery.
Another Old Timer Dies at A?ce of S2
Years: Building ArcciatIon De
clares a BJp; Dividend.
Nogales, Ariz., Aug. 24. The funeral
When recovering
quires the most nourishing foods in a form most easily
assimilated, to get
Wf a liquid predigested food, has no
1s bmmg in proper proportions the
of rich barley malt with the
lupulm from choicest hops, it
absolutely necessary for a
former self. It creates a desire for wholesome
food and furnishes the power
The United States Government
classifies Pabst Extract as an artxcie of
OrcLer a clozcn ioitJes from
, your local druggist.
Insist von it heing Jrabst.
c' the late judge Williams was held
from the family residence on Spnoita
avenue, 'the lodges of the Masons. Odd
Fellows and Knights of Pythias par
ticipating. Interment took place in the
city cemetery.
All business houses of Nogales were
closed out cf respect to the memory of
the late judge Eb Williams, who was
the first probate judge of the county
and had figured largely in affairs here
j for 20 years.
A semi-annual dividend of the No
gales Building and Loan associaton of
6075 was distributed; also stock se
ries number 12, amounting to $5000, ma
tured and was liquidated.
Mrs. W. C. Bndge entertained A
number of friends at "bridge whist and
a luncheon at ier home on Morley ave
nue. Joseph. Kajhan died at his home in
Tnhac 22 miles from Nosrales at the
i age of 82 ye'ars. Kajhan was a natiwa
of Prussia, had been In. this section.
40 years, and leaves a "wife and three
Bracy Curtiso, as assignee of the Bos
ton store, incorporated, has paid th
creditors 60 percent-
Regain an your former
Jtiealtk ana strength.
from illness, your system re
back health surely and rapidly.
equal during convalescence Com-
nutritive and digestive qualities
rare tonic properties of the
furnishes those elements
rapid return to you
for its digestion.

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