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September 5, i9io. News Of the Great Southwest
4 News Of the Great Southwest
'' -' J NOTICES ' I
Wejare headquarters for
Ammunition, All Kinds,
Tenets, Canteens, . , '
Cooking Utensils
Many other things will interest you
Call and see us- before you start on
that expedition. '
Overland and Virginia
El Paso, Texas
Traffic Is Delayed as a Re
sult; Ball Player Ar
rested by Mistake.
BIsbee, Ariz., Sept. 5. Heavy rains
fell in Bisbee and other places in this
county. Xo damage was reported here,
but the railroad line between Hereford
and Benson was considerably damaged
end trains delayed. Westbound passen
gers are detained in Bisbee until the
ganp of -laborers ; which were put t-'other factions.
HYUriS. Will ua.ve uuioireu juw-iut, -ii-
road in condition.
Great excitement was caused on
Youngblood Hill when the shrieking of
a woman, followed by the discharge of
a gun, shortly, after midnight, aroused
the sleeping community.- An investiga
tion proved that the woman was in P.
Caretto's house, had cried "fire" in a
hysterical fit, and a -neighbor, alarmed
thereat, had fired the shot to summon
the fire department.
A house belonging toJ. A. Smith was
burned to the ground. The loss amounts
3iore property has changed hands and more lots have been sold this sca
soh it Cloudcroft than for the entire past 10 years.
H. "!. Dennev, sheriff of Otero county, has jnst liousht W. G. Rowe's in
texest In the Cloudcroft Amusement company, -which company Is incorporat
ing for $50,000, and intends to put in largre amusement of different kinds,
consisting of a Ferris wheel, shoot the chntes, merrygoround, two 10-passen-
er balloons, which will go up 500 feet in the air, a skating rink, and many
He expects to have everything In readiness for the opening of next sea-
for whom the police are still on thej visiting her aunt, Mrs. George Crosson.
. . - ! -M- -.-! -xr- -ri t s..j i -T
-ui. . uuu .uis. juim xjivuigiiioii, au.it.
A special short session of court has
been called Nby judge Doan to dispose
i of two juvenile cases. The culprits,
boys, are now in jail.
According to an official statement,
27S cars carrj-ing ll.SSS tons of ore,
explosion. Mrs. Sinich and her children
were alone and-ad barely time to es
cape, r '
Roy Gill", new outfielder for the Bis
bee Miners, was arrested asshe stopped
off tTje train, being mistaken for an
opiTm smuggler. A woman traveling on
'the same train was also placed under
arrest. Both were promptljr released,
however, having proved that they were
not the smugglers "Who were reported
passed through Agua Prieta into Ari
zona, duriner August. The value of the
to $1000. The fire was caused by a lamp i mitral is estimated at over ?400,000,
ovnlftclnn Afra fiTTrrVi oTirJ Viol fhilrlrpn , '
W. H. Brophy, manager of -the Cop
per Queen store, as well as many other
business I men of Bisbee, is of the
opinion that business is showing a posi
tive improvement and' all beMeve that
conditions will be very prosperous this
The surveyor of the board of fire
underwriters of the Pacific is expected
"here this week to look into the new fire
and Mrs. Mabry and Miss Ruby Hen
derson left for Oklahoma, St. Louis,
and Kansas City.
Mrs. Henry "W. Schutze and daughter
left for a visit to relatives In Austin.
Mr. and Mrs. James Xormand hae
returned from a trip to Chicago ana
1010 wstone Park.
Tom Newton and family are here vis
iting Mrs. X. X. Bogel, who is Mr.
Newton's sisten
as traveling thoughout Arizona and 1 protection system with the view ef a
readjustment of the prevailing nagn
No Indigestion or
Stomach Disorder
IsTo G-as, Heartburn, Btead-
aehe or Dyspepsia Mve
jVIiiiutes Later.
insurance rates which are, in many
cases, prohibitive. The local insurance
men are naturally awaiting his report
to the board and the action of the lat
ter, with much interest.
A report has been Issued by Miss
Cummings secretary of the local board
of charity, showing that $100 was spent
during August to assist the destitute.
I Employment Tas procured for several
PQrsons. '
"Why not get some now tnis. mo
ment, and forever, rid yourself of
Stomach trouble and Indigestion? A
dieted stomach gets the biues and
grumbles. Give it a good eat. then take
Pape's DIapepsin to start the digestive I
juices working. There will be no dys-
Dance Given by the Yonug Men of the
v Town; Marfaites Sloving to Okla
homa and Other Points.
Marfa, Tex., Sept. 5. The Methodist
pepsia ox belching of Gas or eructations I Sunday school gave a picnic at Ante-
of undigested food; no feeling like a
lump of lead in the stomach or heart-3
burn, sick headache and Dizziness, and
your food will not ferment 'and poison
3our breathe with nauseous odors.
Pape's Diapepsin costs only 50 cents
for a large case at any drug store here,
and will relieve the most obstinate case
of Indigestion "and Upset Stomach in five
Tnere is nothing else better to take
Gas from Stomach and cleanse the
stomach and intestines, and, besides, one
single dose will digest and prepare for
assimilation into the blood all your
food the same as a sound, healthy stom
Rch would do it.
When DIapepsin works, your stom
ach Tests gets itself in order, cleans
up and then you feel like eating when
you come to (the table, and what you eat f Fioresville
lope ranch, which was attended by a
large crowa.
The young men gave a dance at the
opera house.
Mrs. Arthur Humphries of Sierra
Blanca is visiting relatives.
Mrs. Charles Colquitt, who has been
vlstiing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. K.
Colauitt. has returned to her home iD
I Shreveport,vLa.
Mrs. Chenault, of Gonzajes, has re
turned to her home, after afew weeks'
visit to-her daughter, Mrs. R, A. Kyle.
Ashley Gillet and family have gone
to El Paso, where they will make
their home in the future.
J. U. White and family have moved
to Oklohoma.
R. S. McCracken left Saturday morn
ing for. a visit to his old home In
rrrSIl lr -m mrA
Absolute relef from all Stomach
Misery is "waiting for you as soon as
you decide to take a little DIapepsin.
'Tell ypur Gruggist that you want
Pape's Diapepsin, because you want to
become thoroughly cured this time.
Remember, if your stomach feels
out of order and uncomfortable now,
you can get relief in five minutes.
Miss Sue Greenword has returned
from a visit to friends and relatives
in San Antonio and Del Rio, Tex.
R. K. Colquitt has just received a
new auto, j
Mrs. A. J. Stone left for a visit to her
parents in Hueco. v
Edward Cassin is visiting his aunt
Mrs. X. X. Bogel
Miss Coulter, of San Antonio, is here
a -fa
Avail Yourself7
Of tlie facilities afforded by the American
National Bank for the prompt, satisfactory
transaction of your banking business.
"Whether accounts be large or small, every
courtesy is extended.
We invite your account' subject to che.'k.
Capital and Surplus, $24 0,000.00
Now being increased to $360,000.00.
Shot in Face, j)j:m and Leg.
' Trouble Arose Over a
Disputed Lease.
. ,Por tales, X. M., Sept. 5. -Word has
been received from Bovina, Tex., that
Charles S. Hart, of Portales. a,.-pioneer
ranchman of this country, had been
shot on a ranch some distance from
Bovina following an argument with a
man named Gregory.
The difficulty arose over the settle
ment of a. land lease, Mr. Hart having
gone to the owner's home to setttle for
the lease. The wounds of Mr. Hart
took effect in the face and right 'arm
and In the right les-
Mr. Hart succeeded in reaching his
ranch, where he remained all night,
suffering great loss of blood, there being-
no one to give him assistance. That
morning some 60 shot were Temoved.
Mrs. C. S. Hart and children accom
panied by Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Mitchell,
B. J. Reagan and Dr. Bryan took the
firs train to Bovina and returned here
bringing Mr. Hart -withvthem.
Mr. Hart is resting well, and unless
complication set in, no uneasiness is
felt for his recovery.
Many Cottages Open During
September Many New
Visitors Arrive.
(By Mrs. TV S. Tilton.)
Cloudcroft, X. M Sept. 5. Xow that
the Lodge and resort are to remain
open the whole of September, many of
the families are planning to remain
also, and keep their cottages open.
Some of the cottagers, who have chil
dren, are planiing to put them into
school in Xorth Cloudcroft. Mrs.
Redick is the principal.
TV. G. Roe has sold out his Interest
in she Cloudcroft Amusement com
pany to Henry Denny of Alamogodo.
Assistant general passenger agent
Garnet King, of the "Southwestern, was
up Sunday on business for the com
pany. Gen. B. J. Viljoen, of Las Cruces, is
here recuperating from a slight illness.
Mrs. John La Prelle, sr., and Mrs.
La Prelle, jr., of Austin, are registered
at the Lodge and have joined the S.
"W. Fishers and the Woolridges, mak
ing quite an Austin colony.
Mrs. A. Sprinz and daughter, Miss
Pauline, and Morgan Grossman of Xew
York are spending a few days at the
J. A. Eddy and daughters ' and Miss
Janet Mack and Virginia Stewart, have
gone on a camping trip through Elks
canyon to the Ruidoso. They will re
turn by the -way of the indian agency.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Sexton and famils.
from the eastern coast of Texas, have
taken a cottage "for the rest of the
Miss Xannie McGehee, of Bay City,
Texas, is visiting her uncle and aunt,
Mr. and Mrs. Sexton, at "The Pines."
Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Payne and fam
ily have closed their cottage for the
season and returned to El Paso.
Mrs. E. W. Pew and family and Mrs.
J. C. Ponsford and daughter, who have
been occupying the Roe cottage, have
also returned to El Paso.
Mr. and Mrs. "W. G. Roe and family
went on a little picnio down Cox can
yon, and found some wild grapes. They
returned with over two bushels of the
Rev. Robert Bruce Smith returned to
El Paso after spending ten days at the
Mrs. Grace Ellis is expecting her son,
Lieut. Olin Ellis, of Fort Douglas, on
a visit to San Souci cottage.
Lodge Gnests.
Among those registered at the Lodge,
are: Mrs. H. Sprinz, Miss Pauline
Sprinz, El Paso; Morgan I K. Gross
man, Xew York; P. E. McKee, El Paso;
Craig Yeiger, Oklahoma City; Ida Ab
ney, Gail, Tex.; S. "W. Carter. St. Joe,
Tex.; Sue Renfro, Alamogordo; E. X.
Spaulding, Deming; Mary E. Black,
Silver City; A. L. Brown, Kansas City;
M. L. Parker, SantaFe; C. X. Xewberry,
Chicago; K. X. Kelush, Dallas; A. "W.
Field, Galveston; E. L. Bailey, Hous
ton; A. V. Fielding, Alpine; E. X.
Meyers, Midland; B. J Viljoon, Las
Cruces, X. M.; Mrs. John La Prelle sr.,
and Mrs. John La Prelle, jr., Austin;
Mary Smith Brown, Susanna Brown,
Denver; Anna Gordon, Lawrence, Jas.;
J. B. Sprague, and Evan S. Evans,
Pueblo, Colo. .
A Car Lot Shipment From
Ysleta Telephone Serv
ice Is Improved.
Ysleta, Tex., Sept. 5. J. J. Smith and
I' C. O. Coffin have shipped a carload of
pears to Xew Orleans. A large quan
tity of sweet potatoes have been
, shipped to points alongthe G. H. rail
way. ,
Mrs. Grossblatt and Mrs. Kelljv of El
Paso, are here for a two weeks' ..visit.
Telephone linemen are here making
extensive improvements in the valley
R. E. Seay and W. D. Laus'den have
bought a ranch near here and will
t make extensive improvements on it-
Judge and Mrs. Foijc entertained tor
a number of relatives and intimate
friends. Ices and cakes were served
and a musical program enjoyed.
-Miss Elizabeth Lucy, 5f El Paso, has
organized a music class here.
Large Party Goes There From Tucson.
Heaviest Hall Storm of the Season
at Xogales Personals.
Xogales, Arjz., Sept. 5 Frank Hitch
cock, postmaster general, and party,
pomposed of Hoval Smith, TV. S. Stur
gis, J. L. Hubbell, J. Crobbett and yR.
S. Stubbs, arrived in Xogales from
Tucson. The party was met by a re
ception committee, entertained at
lunch at the American club by Bracy
Curtis, and after a reception at the
Lyric club, returned to Tucson.
Xogales and vicinity was visited by
the most severe hail storm of the
season. Several roofs and garages
were damaged.
Dr. "W. F. Chenoweth and family have
arrived from the City of Mexico, where
they tvisited.
Deeds Filed.
School Land. S. P. warren and wife-
ito T. H. Moore, sections 13 and 14, and
east Ntf 24, block 40, public school
land. Consideration $6060- August 31,
East El Paso, Durango between C"opia
and Stevens Eas El Paso Towii Co.
to Phiiip Ma this lots 18 and 19, block
40, East El Paso. Consideration $275.
August 8, 1910.
San Elizario Vicente Areas and wife
to Cruz Hernandez, three quarters of.an
acre at San Elizario. Consideration 60.
April 15, 1910.
Ysleta Grant Darlo Madrid and wife
to Felipa M. de Duarte, one-fourth of an
acre, Ysleta Grant. Consideration ?100.
August -26, 1910.
East El Paso, corner Luna and LiCluz
M. F. Parnsworth to Alex Toot, lots
27 to 32 Inclusive, block 10S, East El
Paso. Consideration ?2000. July 18,
Ysleta Grant. A. Lucero t al to
Dorio Madrid two and four-tenths
acres, Ysleta. Grant. Consideration .
August 24, 1910 y '
Republican Candidates for Convention
on Electioneering Tour; Woman
Dies on Ranch; Personals.
Solomonville, Ariz., Sept. 5. At the
Democratic political meeting at the
courthouse, Mr. Webb and Mr. McAlis
ter were among the speakers
Mrs. Juana Van Order died at her
late home, on the ranch, near Sanchez,
Ariz. Cancer, it is said, was the cause
of her death. She had been very sick
for months. She leaves three sons, a
married daughter and an aged mother.
Frank Ringgold came down from
Clifton to visit his wife, "who is with
her mother, Mrs. John Parks.
Mrs. E-.-'S. Mashbir, postmaster at
Safford, Ariz., has returned from Cali
fornia. Lee X. Stratton and William Xelson,
Republican candidates for delegates to
the constitutional convention, . have
gone to Duncan, Clifton, Metcalf and
Morenci, electioneering.
Ben Ryan is employed 'at the ice
cream parlor for a few days.
Mrs. C. Dawson, who is to teach the
school at San Jose, has arrived. C. A.
Finley, who is to, be the principal of the
schools at Solomonville, has -also' ar
rived. Mrs. Juana Van Order was buried at
Sanchez. - Only relatives and near
friends attended the funeral.
Jose F. Garcia, th& son -of C. .Garcia,
the-merchant at San Jose, has gone to
Las Cruces, X. M, to enter the Agricul
tural college. x
X. A. Rose is here from his . ranch
at Bonita'for a visit with his mother,
Mrs. R. H. Samuel.
Mrs. T. J. Stewart hag moved into a
cottage close to the school house. She
has come In from her ranch on the
Gila river to send her little girls to
school. The Gila river is very danger
ous to cross when high water comes.
Vice consul G. C. Enrlle, of Clifton,
Ariz., spent several days in Solomon
ville. The 'small son of D. H. Cloridge is
sick with scarletina.
Louis and Bernard Frudenthal, sons
of Ph. rruedenthal, have gone to Xew
York City to reenter school.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Bobbins, formerly
of Solomonville, are now located at
Kiowa, Kan.
Other Building Improve
ments at Vaughn Re
vival Services Inter- n
Vacationists ReturH; Many Boys and
Girls Leave for School; Politics Ex
citing; Old Resident Dies.
Safford, Ariz., Sept. 5. Messrs. B. F.
Thum and Jesse Foster have let the
contract to Barnes and Meyers of Los
Anelos for the erection of their new
homes on L street. A well is being
sunk on Mr. Foster's lot this week and
the foundation for the house will be laid
at once. L. X. Stratton, Peter Ander
son and J. E. Carpenter have lots In
this new addition and are contemplat
ing building soon. The Wickersham
bungalow is asuming well finished pro
portions and the interior work will be
started next week. B. S. Foster, sr.,
has completed and rented two cotages
on P street. All vacant houses are oc
cupied and as the fall month advances -
the demand for more dwellings grows.
Among those returning from their
summer trips are Mr. and Mrs. H. J.
Dowdle and daughter, Madge, who have
been spending the past month at their
ranch In Stocton Pass; Mr. and Mrs. J. J.
Birdno and daughters, who have spent
the month in southern California. Miss
Lucy Purdum, principal of the public
schools, has returned from Coronado
-Beach and will open scnool Monday-
Miss Anna Pickles has also arrived
from her home in Illinois. Miss Mar
garet Hunter, from Cloudcroft, X. M.,
who will also begin her work in the
school room Monday. Geo. A. Olney has
returned from his vacation to the coast.
B. F. Foster and family have returned
from Camp Inception, where they spent
the hot months. Mr. and Mrs. T. T.
Hunter are home from a short stay at
Los Angeles. E. T. Ijams Is also home
from the coast. Mr. and Mrs. J. R.
Welker have returned from an extended
visit to eastern cities. Besides having
a pleasure trip they bought goods for
the fall stock of their store. They
were accompanied by Miss Marguerite
Long of St. Louis, who will have
charge of the millinery department.
Howard Moore, who has been in the
employ of the Gila Valley. bank at this
place5 for the past few months, has re
signed his position and gone to his
home in Kentucky.
The political outlook for this part of
Arizona is very interesting, the dele
gates nominated to -he constituional
convention being very busy holding ral
lies and mass meetings. A rally will
be held at the Brier, hall, when Messrs.
A. R. Lynch, Lamar Cobb, Dr. A. M.
Tuthill, Mit Simms and 7. T. Webb
will speak. There will be band music.
The Republican nominees have begun
their speechmaking in the east end, of j
the county and will hold .rallies in all
the towns there before coming down in
this section. Stratton and Lynch, one
of the most prominent law firms In the
county, present a unique case in them
selves, since Mr. Lynch is a nominee on
the Derhocratic ticket and Mr. Stratton
on the Republican ticket.
' Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Xaquin have re-
j turned to their home at Globe, Mrs. Xa
quin having spent the past month with
friends here and Mr. Xaquin visiting
sveeral Texas and Xew Mexico cities.
Mrs. T. S. Bunch accompanied Mrs.
Kinsman of Chicago, en route to Globe,
and stopped over here. Mrs. Bunch re
ports the judge as much improved dur
ing his stay at the coast. He will riot
returnVto he valley until the Jast of the
j month.X Mrs. Kinsman will spend the
winter with her daughter, Mrs. J. D.
Wick, at the Copper City.
Dr. H. J. Warner has gone to the
City of Mexico to attend the Centen
nial celebration at that place.
G. S. Andrus is spending the week at
Ft. Thomas, where he is doing some
surveying for a number of ranchers
who are building extensive fences.
Mrs. F. F. Mashbir has returned from
teh sanitorium at Long Beach, Cal.,
where she underwent an operation two
months ago.
Joe Swift has gone to Iowa, where
he will enter high school for the win-,
ter. William Wakefield will leave soon
for Albuquerque, where he will attend
school. Misses Edith Jennings and Sa
rah Wilson are preparing to enter the
normal at Tempe. Misses Zona Robin
son and Henrietta Olney will attend
a girls school in Los Angeles.
Grandma Woolsey died at her daugh
ter's home at Lone Star and was burled
at the Union cemetery after the rites of
the Latter Day Saints.
C. E. Woodson and wife have return
ed to El Paso, after spending some
time at the Sparks canyon,, in the Gra
ham mountains.
Miss M. Brlscal and Mes,dames Stew
art and Boyd of Glohe have gone to
Camp Inception for a two weeks' rest.
T. B. Longwell, who was bitten by a
centipede at the reconnisance camp on
Mt. Graham and came to town for med-
leal aid, is much improved and his re
turned io his work.
Vaughn, X. M., Sept. 5. V. F. Grubb,
manager of the Romero lumber yards,
will commence putting up a fire proof
warehouse In the yards.
W. E. Jeffries will build a meat
market adjoining his store, which he
will le"ase to B. F. Straughn.
Rev. C. H. Grim, of the Christian
church, of Albuquerque, has been
holding well attended protracted meet
ings here. ,
Mrs. Jacinto Jones has leased the
building lately occupied by W. H.
Angell, and will open a restaurant.
Mrs. Frank Traxler has gone to Me
silla to place her son and daughter in
the Agricultural college.
Rev. J. H. Ziiner, presiding elder of
this district of the Methodist church,
visited in Vaughn on his way to his
'home in Albuquerque.
Miss Ruth Andrews has gone to Sil
ver City, X. M., to attend tfc normal.
E. C. Baber has moved into his home,
jus.t completed, near the public school
C. S. McDonald, who visited his sis
ter, Mrs. G. W. Garlington, has re
turned to Waco, Texas.
Mrs. A. E. Lucas and sister, Miss Ida
Edison, went to Dalhart, Tex., to visit
their parents.
Minnie Ruth, the little daughter of
Mr, and Mrs. M. P. Ruth, died after a
short illness.
Lawrence and Kathleen Hodges of
Duran, are visiting their father, W. K.
Hodges, In Vaughn.
J. F. Kobe has sold his Interestshere
and gone to Denver.
Dr. J. O. Michael is backfrom a trip
to Kansas City, Mo.
P. R. Page left for an extended trip
through Xew Mexico. v
Hotel Sheldon
9 .
Tron Beds, Bed Springs, Cotton
Felt Mattresses, Bird's-Eyc Maple
Dressers, Wardrobes, Chairs, Kock
era, Rattan Chairs and Rockers,
Comforts and Woolen Blankets,
Goose Feather Pillows, Silverware
and Queensware of many patterns.
Good Quality
and Cheap Prices
See 105 X. Campbell
hereditary debil
ity or weakness
of men, women
an d children.
Chronic Blood
Poison. Eruptions,
all Skin Diseases,
Rheumatism, Ca
tarrh, Heart Dis
ease, Lung Trou
ble, Liver Com
plaint and Con
stipation. Female internal
trouble, incarna
tion or acute
Bell Phone 2910.
Has demonstrated its purpose in giving dopo3itor3 every advantage ob
tained by year3 of experience and it 13 a definitely settled policy to study
their requirements thus meeting intelligently their needs. Diligence in
every department with this end in views has brought success to the bank
and its customers alike.
Capital i 5 600,000
Surplus and Profits 225,000
Deposits . 3,5G0,000
We cordially invite new business connections.
Our new savings department pays 4 per cent on deposits.
C R. MOREHEAD, President. GEO. D. FLOSY, Cashier.
L. J. GILCHRIST, Asst. Cask.
v State National Bank
A Legitimate Banking Business Transacted in All Its Branches.
Rio GrandeVaiiey Bank &Trust Co,
W. W. Turney, Prest.
S. T. Turner, Vice Prest.
W. Coolev, V. P. & Mcr.
"V. E. Arnold, Cashier.
F 1L Murchison, Asst.
H. B. Christie, Secy.
ColofiJa Juarez Resident Reported To
Have Lost Saddle; Students Leave
For School: Personal Xews.
Cdlonia Dublan, Mex., Sept. 5. Joseph-
Galbraith, Colonia Diaz's inventor,
was here to buy n gasoline engine,
which he needs to attach to his newly
invented and completed pump.
President Ivins, who spoke at .the
school meeting-, will remain until after
the ward -conference in Dublan.
Mr. Chandler has purchased the home
of Mr. Hedder and will take possession,
at once. t
A number of students have gone to
Colonia Juarez to attend school.
A farewell party was given Margie
Xaegle prior to her leaving with Mr.
Xaesle for Salt Lake, Utah. Mrs.
Xaegle is already in Utah, where Mr.
Xaegle and Margie will meet her. They
expect to remain a year.
It is reported that while a Colonia
Juarez colonist was driving a team
with a saddled horse leading behinil.
a Mexican riding a borse bareback
overtook him, and without making his
pieser.ee known, cut tlse horse loose,
pu,t the saddle on his own horse,
mounted and galloped by the owner.
The primary association of Colonia
Juarez presented the play, Ben Bolt,
and the Spinster's Convention, to
large audience.
Family Moves to Capltan foe School
Advantage; Chickens Are Sold at
Cnrrlzozo: Personals.
Alto, X. M., Sept. 5. Bucner Mc
Kinney, of Alto, and Miss Xora Xeavitt,
who has been teaching at Ruidoso, X.
M., were married at the parsonage at
Angus, X. M., Rev. P. M. Logan per
forming the ceremony.
Mrs. Marshall West has moved to
Capltan to place her children in school
for the coming winter term.
Jamie Tully, of St. Louis, Mo., who
'is spending the summer with "his" uncle,
James V. Tully, at Glencoe, X. M., is
visiting the family of A. J. Gilmore.
'to Carrizozo with a wagon load of
chickens, and brought back a load of
supplies for Mr. Reeder's store.
Pete Phillips base gone to Tularosa
for a load of fruit.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Murphy and Mrs.
Joe Coleman have returned from Tula
rosa, whore they went after fruit.
Charles Schaefer, the photographer,
is 111.
Arthur Burrell, of Capitan, X. M., ia
here visiting his brother, Charles Bur
rell. Mrs. Elmer Lane, who has been visit
ing her mother, Mrs. E. A. Crawford,
and sister, Mrs. Will Marr, of Llttl
Creek, X. M., has returned home.
fisjrvi-hal .CSnr-nlnct n.nri "P-m-fifc Qn HOA
U. S. Stewart Frank Powers C. H. Leaveil H. J. Simmons
A. G. Andreas W. B. Latta B. Bhimenthal
J. F. Williams H. M. Andreas J. H. Mav S
1 KM
The Texas State Laws are very strict regarding the
Securities for all Savings Deposits. The Guaranty Trust
and Banking Co. has complied with the laws in every fj
Our Savings Accounts are secured by first mortgages
on improved Texas real estate, bonds and cash, and
besides by our Capital. Surplus and Stockholders liabil
ity amounting to 5650,000.
rcl i
S5S "" J..MMtlfc- n. j, f n
ii "l"j
El Paso Bank S: Trust Co.
319 San Antonio St.
Solicits Your Patronage
Capital Stock $1005G00
8. M. TURNER, Pres. R P. JONES, V-Pres
A. R KERR, Cashier LEEH. CREWS, Asst. Cash'r.

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