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Main Building Destroyed by
!Flames Monday Mght ;
Loss $30,000.
Las Cruees, N. M., Sept. 13 -About 7
oclock last evening the maLi building
of the A. & M. college at MesiUa Park
was destroyed by fire, entailing a loss
of about $30,000, of which amount ?1S,
000 Is covered by insurance.
Started In Basemen r.
The fire was discovered in the base
ment at. about 15 minutes to 7 oclock
but by the time the boys arrived at the
building, thej' were unable to do much
on account of tne thick smoke. The ca-
' v
Cor. Kansas
Eyster's C. 0. D. Grocery
1000 Baskets New Concord
Grapes, 'while they last,
Eyster s C 0. D. Grocery
El Paso's newest and most modern millinery store will inaugurate a
millinery business. Attend our Opening Thursday,
The Principal Event
Of the
i Op
Block Millinery
Roberts-Banner Building
We cannot repeat too often that Mrs. Lillian Johnson is connected with the Bloch Milli
nery Co. To her splendid good taste the public is indebted for the major portion of the
beautiful millinery to be seen at our Opening.
dent stores, consisting of guns, bayonets.
1 belts, etc.. were in the basement and
these were all taken out. Upstairs
were the typewriters, but only Three of
these were saved, ' probably is beius:
burned. On the second lloor were also
kept the band instruments and the
pianos, all of these being totally de
stroyed. There, was no chance to .ave
the valuable articles, as the fire spread
with almost incredible rapidity, the en
tire building being wrapped in flames
In less than 20 minutes after the first
smoke was seen.
Heavy Wind Blows.
The wind was blowing very hard, di
rectly toward the Science building, but
the college boys yent to tne roof and
played several streams of water from
hose on the shingle roof, saving the
structure from catching fire. The shops
started the electric pump and kept a
good pressure for the -nose, sufficient
to save the adjoining buildings but not,
nearly adequate to stop the flames.
The largest 4oss. outside of the build
ing, is in the surveyinw instruments;
all of these were burned. In the type
writing department, besides the loss of
the machines, all toe records of the
work done in that department, together
with samples of various (grades of
typewriting, were destroyed and these
can not be replaced.
In the burned building were the de-
and Boulevard
ew 40c
near approacn
veiling manes us more con
tain ever that we shall
not only be able to make good
every promise, but even surpass
what we ourselves anticipated.
We shall show you not only the finest and
best appointed millinery store in the South
west, but a type of millinery that is seen
only in the most metropolitan stores. Our
Opening Thursday will be overwhelming
evidence as to our claim for your patronage
Full Details Will
Appear In Our Full
Page Annoimcrnent
.1 al A X "111 7 m
partments of stenography and typewrit
ing, mathematics, English, history, mu
sic and the preparatory school. Presi
dent w. E. Garrison, however, imme
diately after the fire, made arrange
ments by whicn these departments
would be accommodated in the rooms of
the other buHdings, so that instruc
tion work would not cease for even a
single day.
To Be Rebuilt Immediately.
Trost & Trost, of El Paso, who de
signed the new college buildings, were
telegraphed to come today and draw
plans for a new building to replace the
burned one. The construction of the
new building, which will be built in
harmony with the style of the other
new structures, will be hurried as rap
idly as possible so that it can be put
in use before th escnool year ends.
The loss is estimated, roughly, at
$30,000 and is covered by insurance
amounting to $18,000.
AVns Main Building.
This building has been known as the
main college building for the past 19
years and until the new main building
was completed a year ago. In March,
1891, this building was thrown open as
the college and remained the only build
ing for about three years, when the
shops and afterward the science hall
were built. It was built of brick, two
stories in height on a concrete founda
tion and with a basement which was
formerly used for the preparatory de-
j partment.
' Many of the most prominent men in
the MesiUa valley received their educa
tion in this building, among them being
Oscar C. Snow, Fabian Garcia, W. A.
Sutherland, Edward C. TVade, jr., L. "W.
Case and others. The building, when
completed, cost in the immediate neigh
borhood of 25,000 and was considered
Brain and Nerves
Must be properly fed
If you expect to do
Successful, money-inaking
The law of cause and effect
Dominates everything.
Contains the elements
In wheat and barley
Including the Potassium
Phosphate grown in the
For feeding Brain and
s a
new era in the
or our
one of the best examples of public ar
chitecture of Its day, in New Mexico.
Loss of Baud Instruments.
The loss of the band instruments will
be one that will be severelv flt : tho
boys had just completed an efficient
organization and were prepared to fur
nish music for ail college festivities.
The college boys worked valiantly
and heroically in saving the adjoining
buildings, remaining on the roofs with
hose when the heat from the burning
structure was most intense. The roof
.and the partition walls in the burned
building collapsed, but the outside walls
were still intact at an early hour this
Three of. the Boys Are Ee-
leased But Two Are Held
to Grand Jury.
Las Cruees, X. M., Sept. 13. After
considerable scouting and detective
work sheriff Lucero and his deputies
Tounded up five boys who copfesseu
having entered M. B. Stevens's home
last week and they were brought before
Justice of the peace Manuel Lopez Mon
day morning. Three of the boys, Juan
Olaga, Ernesto Talamantes and Faus
tino Gamboa, were released on account
of extreme youthfulness, after being
given a severe lecture by the justice
of tne peace and the sheriff. They
promised not to repeat the performance
and were let go without punishment.
The other two, Pedro Duran and Gre
gorio Talamantes, are boys almost of
age and the justice of the peace held
that they were old enoucrh to know bet
ter, binding them over to the action of
the grand jury In the sum of $200 each.
Failing to give the required bonds, the
boys were placed in the county jail.
Las Cruees, N. M., Sept. 13. S. F.
Bean, of this city, who has a ranch
north of town, is interested in the
growing of flowers and has a fine col
lection irrigated by river water only.
His American Beauties and Marschal
Niel; are as perfect as any that are
shipped to Las Cruees from old estab
lished nurseries. Mr. Bean has devoted
a considerable portion of his spare time
to the cultivation of his flowers. He
also holds the record of having brought
tl'is season's first roasting ears to the
local market.
Las Cruees, N. M., Sept. 13. Bernard
McCall, an old time resident of this
county, died here Monday. Death oc
curred at the McCall home in this city
after only a short illness, the deceased
having been attending to his duties on
Saturday. Mr. McCall came here In
1S07, having fought tnrough the civil
war with the California column. He lo
cated in Mesilla, at that time the most
thriving town in New Mexico, and aft
edward moved to Lns Cruees, where he
had remained almost continuously, en
gaged in -vcriuus kinds of business.
Governor Mills Promises
Convict Labor for Anthony-Las
Las Cruees, N. M., Sept. IS. The Ca
mino Real Is an assured fact and Las
Cruees will soon be joined to El Paso
by a good, hard road that will be the
delight of .automobilists and of the
greatest advantage to the farmers.
W. Alex. Sutherland and T. Rouault
returned Sunday night from attending
the good roads commission at Santa Fe
and report even more success than had
been hoped for. In an audience witn
governor Mills they were promised by
him that he would send 43 convicts to
this county to do the work on the road
as directed by the leaders here. These
43 convicts are now at work on the road
from Silver City to Mogollon and It is
expected that road will be completed
by January first.
Just as soon as It is completed gov
ernor Mills promised that the convicts
should be sent direct to Las Cruees to
start work on the Camlno Real. Gover
nor Mills, together with territorial en
gineer Vernon Sullivan, also gave Mr.
Sutherland and Mr. Rouault the assur
ance tnat the territory would appro
priate for the building of the Camlno
Real a sum of money equal to that
which Is available In the Dona Ana
county road fund.
As this fund reaches in the neigh
borhood of 510,000 this promhe assures
almost -5i'0.f 00 for the work. This work
is to be done on the road from Anthony
on the Texas line to Dona Ana, six
miles north of Las Cruees. The plan as
anproved by the governor and the ter
ritorial engineer includes tne clearing,
the grading, rolling with a steam roller,
graveling and rolling a second time,
together with the construction of sub
stantial culverts and bridges wherever
such are needed.
The people of Las Cruees are jubilant
over the outcome of the conference with
the territorial officials, especially so
because it is assured that the work will
start about the first of the year.
Las Cruees, N. M., Sept. 13. Mr. and
Mrs. O. C. Snow entertained today for
their daughter, Marie, the occasion be
ing Marie's sixth birthday. There were
about 50 little friends present, who en
joyed an afternoon of unrestricted sport
around the big Snow ranch. Refresh
ments were served.
Las Cruees, N. M., Sept. 13. The
following deeds and other papers of
record have been filed in the office of
the probate" clerk of Dona Ana county:
Deeds Filed.
Emitorio Nunes and wife to Nicolas
Gamboa, warranty deed to a lot 25
by 50 yards in La Union, in the Refugio
Grant colony; consideration, ?50.
R. L. Edwards of Bexar county, Tex.,
to M. F. Essex of Lubbock county, Tex.,
warrantv deed to lots numbered 12, 13,
14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24,
25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33. 34. 35, 36,
and 37, in block 15, Miller's College
Park addition to the town of Las Cru--ces;
consideration, $1 and other valua
ble considerations.
J. T. Miller to D. L. Sims, of Tucum
cari, warranty deed to lots 26, 27, 28,
29 and 30 in block 30 of Mailer's "Wash
ington park addition to the town of
Las Cruees; consideration, ?1 and other
valuable considerations.
Sunshine Valley company of New
Mexico to F. E. Tanner, warranty deed
to lot 19, block 10, of Mesa Heights ad
dition to the town of Las Cruees. Con
sideration, ?30.
Wm. Moeller, A. Krakauer, "ttr. B.
Latta and John A. Happer to Miss Mad
elene Jackson, warranty deed to lots
27 and 2S, in block 33 of Altura Park
J addition to the town of Mesilla Park;
consideration, 20.
Ignacio Gonzales to Emelia Rosa de
Barela, warranty deed to a plot of land
in precinct 3 of the town of Las Cru
ees, said plot being 25 by 50 varas
in size; consideration, 33.
Jesus Barela and wife to Gernimo
Martinez, warranty deed to lot 25 by
50 varas in precinct 3 of the town of
Las Cruees; consideration, $40.
Geronimo Martinea of Clifton, Ariz.,
to Abran Martinez, warranty deed to lot
25 by 50 varas in precinct 3 of the town
of Las Cruees; consideration, 270.
Gregorio Barela, administrator of the
estate of Jose Marie Flores, deceased,
and Agapito Montoya and wife and
Aruleia de Barncastle, heirs of said es
tate, to Felipe Barela, warranty deed to
a lot of land in precinct 2 of Dona Ana
county, said land being 100 by 300 yards
in size; consideration, ?1 and other val
uable considerations. 8
Felipe Barela and wife to M. C.
O'Hara, warranty deed to plot of land
100 by 300 yards in precinct 2 of Dona
Ana county; consideration, ?75.
Two mortgages were filed in the pro
bate clerk's office and one satisfaction
of mortgage from Lorenzo Telles to G.
A. Schafer.
Birth Returns.
September 8, son to Candido Jose
Trujillo and wife at Las Cruees.
J September 4, son to Pedro Banegas
and wife at Dona Ana.
August 4, son to Ignacio Luna and
I wife at Mesilla.
August 15, son to Simon Alejo and
wife at Berino.
September 3. daughter to Pedro Arias
and wife at Anthony.
Death Returns.
September 2, Teresa Marufo, aged 3
months, at Las Cruees.
Marriage Licenses.
Cruz Jimenes, aged 19, and Teresa
Lopez, aged 17, both of Rincon.
Antonio Cardon, aged 20, of Las Cru
ees, and Carmellta Padilla, aged 15, of
Dona Ana.
Letters Issued.
Letters testamentary have been is
sued to Martin Martel as executor of
the estate of Amelia Martel, deceased.
Location Notices.
Notice of location has been filed by
John S. Dodd to a mining claim in the
Organ district on the east side of the
Organ mountains and about one mile
south of San Augustine peak. Said
claim to be known as the Sam Brooks.
Notice of location filed by John S.
Dodd to a mining claim in the Organ
district on the east side of the Organ
EL PASO SCHOOL Sc'noolpens Thnrsday'SePtl5'8:30a-m-
1111-1115 Terrace Street,
Sunset Heights.
Makes Your Out-of-Order
Stomach Feel Fine in
Five Minutes.
The question as to how long you are
going to continue a sufferer from Indi
gestion, Dyspepsia or out-of-order
Stomach is merely a matter of how
soon you begin taking some Dlapepsin.
If your Stomach is lacking in diges
tive power, why not help the stomach
to do its work not with drastic drugs,
but a re-enforcement of digestive
agents, suci as are naturally at work
In the stomach.
People with weak Stomachs should
(take a little Dlapepsin occasionally,
and there will be no more Indigestion,
no feeling like a lump of lead In the
stomach, no heartburn, Sour risings,
Gas on Stomach or Belching of undi
gested food, Headaches, Dizziness or
Sick Stomach, and, besides, what you
eat will not ferment and poison your
breath with nauseous odors. All these
symptoms resulting from a sour, out-of-order
stomach and dyspepsia are
generally relieved in five minutes after
taking a little Diapepsin.
Go to your druggist and get a 50
cent case of Pape's Diapepsin now, and
you will always go to the table with a
hearty appetite, and Wnat you eat will
taste good, because your stomach and
intestines will be clean and fresh, and
you will know there are not going to
be any more bad nlgnts ana miserame
days for you. They freshen you and
make you feel like life Is worth living.
mountains and one mile east of San
Augustine peak. Said claim to be
known as The Dodd No 1.
Meet With Gen. B. J. Vil
joen; Twenty-One Are
Present at Ban
quet. La Mesa, N. M., Sept. 13. Saturday
night La Mesa was the scene of a
unique and interesting celebration. The
Boer colony of the Mesilla valley gath
erad at toe home of their former leader,
Gen. B. J. Viljoen, where the first re
union of the exiled sons of the old
Hugenots was celebrated in typical
South African style.
The general's home was decorated
with flowers of the valley and draped
with old glory, and the Transvaal flag,
thf heloved four colors of the plucky
iittle Boer republic. The banquet table
was arranged on the lawn and decorated
and Illuminated by Japanese lanterns.
Twenty-one Boers sat around the festa
board with some of their friends of
American birth. There were present
Mr. and Mrs. Gert Snyman, John, Hans,
Henry, Paless and Ivy Snyman, Mr. and
Mrs. C A. Viljoen, Mr. and Mrs. Ger
'nardus Snyman, Capt. Van Gass, Col. "W.
J. Viljoen," J. C. Viljoen, E. Van Dyke,
Gen. and Mrs. B. J. Viljoen. B Low, J
Gay, Mr. and Mrs. Potter, Mrs. J. C
Linn, Mr. and Mrs. Hannum, master
Hannum, Mr. and Mrs. Richard, Mr. and
Mrs. Ault, Miss Hurst and R. Jones.
After dinner tne guests were entertained
by a string music trio and vocal se
lections. At 10 oclock the company -was
invited to the spacious dining room
where dancing was enjoyed until mid
night. Rev. H. P. Bond preached at La Mesa
Sunday m the M. E. church.
The La Mesa ditch commission de
cided not to send a delegate to the ir
rigation congress, as in view of the
drouth and loss of crops it would be a
burden on the water users. The farmers'
association wHl take up the matter at
its next meeting, which Is called for
"Wednesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Bartlett's young son
hs been quite ill for some time, but is
again on the way to recovery.
Mr. Hannah is busy clearing his
newly acquired farm.
Ne-sv Settlers Arrive in the Valley: Horse
Injured by Barbed W ire Fencej
Visitors in Old Town.
Las Cruees, N. M., Sept. 13. "W. A.
Sutherland and T. Rouault have re
turned from Santa Fe.
R. H. Buvens and family, O. L. John
son and wife and H. H. Kennedy and
wife comprised a picnic party wnich
spent Sunday on the west side of the
Rio Grande. They report seeing large
numbers of ducks which tley say are
very wild at present.
Ed Viuliaume had a valuable horse
badly cut Sunday by running into a
barbed wire fence near Dona Ana. The
animal was severely lacerated, especial
ly on the front quarcers.
J. T. Smith was in El Paso Monday on
A. D. Graham, of Alouquerque, dis
trict manager for the Colorado Tele
phone company, was in the city yester
day and today, the guest of G. TV.
Thorpe, the local manager for the Trl
State Telephone compary.
Joseph Gaines, of Couer d'Elene,
Idaho, is In the city looking over land
with the intention of Investing and
making this valley his home.
A. L. Mitchell, of Socorro, Is 'in the
city today to visit his family. Mrs.
Mitchell and daughter came here ten
days ago In order to place the daugh
ter In the Loretto convent, and Mr.
Mitchell has joined them witn the in
tention of locating here. Mrs. MItchc.l
will remain all winter.
Las Cruees, N. M, Sept. 13. The
Catholic women are planning a big
Tne reason the Bitters is so popular l
and safe for ei ery member of the fam
ily is because It contains no nauseating
or habit-forming drugs, and the weak
est stomach can retain It. Therefore,
In preference to anything else and be on
the safe side. It is for Poor Appetite,
ZaiiHen, Belching, Heartburn, Indiges
tion, Dyrpepslc, Costlveness. Bilious
ness, Malaria, Fever and Ague. Try a
bottle today. All druggists.
principals and teachers will be at the
school Wednesday from- 10 to 12 a. m.. and
from 3 to 5 p. m. to see parents and to as
sign new pupils to classes. The principals
may also be seen at any other time by ap
pointment. Full high school courses, seventh and
eighth grades intermediate, and special elec
ti e courses. '
The Talk
of the Town
It takes something entirely new
to make every woman in town
start to talking. This is what has
happened hers this week. We fully
expected to be in the new store by
this kite. Although disappointed
ourselves, we determined than:
none of our customers should' be
disappointed, so we have scheduled
for the week two most iinusuoJ
events. They are
This sale is now at its height. Be
yond a doubt, it is the most
gigantic sale of French and Willow
Plumes ever afforded the women
of El Paso, and it has created more
interest than any sale we ever
held. One of the principal reasons
is that the savins in most cases is
easily one-half. In addition to the
"standard" plumes, we have on
sale this week all the novelty ef
fects in. faney ostrich plumes. Such
beautiful harmonizing color effects
seem the work of magic instead
of human intelligence.
The millinery displav is really
magnificent. The major rortion of
the hats we now offer at consider
able jrice concessions were intend
ed for the new store. In. addition
to tailored and dress hats, a splen
did line of turbans is on sale this
week one extra special being the
celebrated "Madame Sherry" tyle.
We know our present quarters are
considerably crowded, but we be
lieve that the price advantages of
fered will offset ,any inconven
ience. Gome and see any way!
bazaar for December which will eclipse
anything of the kind ever attempted in
Las Cruees. The bazaar will start on
the afternoon of December 7. and con
tinue every afternoon and evening un
til the night of December 9. There will
be music for tae entertainment of tbe
people on each afternoon and evening
and on the night of the 9th the bazaar
will close with a dance and supper.
EI Fo Minister Holds Services There;
Church Tea Proves Financial and
Social Success.
La Mesa, N. M., Sept. 13. The Colon
ial tea given by the Junior Guild was a
success both socially and financially.
A party of young people leave today
to spend the rest of the week In the
mountains. Mesdames F. S. Jones and
F. H. "White are chaperones. Those in
the party are Misses Grace Hyland, Hat
tie Jones, Mary Livesay, Messrs. Hart
Greenwood, Fay Stamper and "Wayne
Rev. P. H. Bond preached at the
Methodist church both morning and
evening Sunday.
Rev. Henry Easter, of El Paso, will
hold services in St. John's hall Tues
day evening. TVhile here he will be the
guest of Mrs. J. R- LIvesay.
Mrs. A. L. Mead Is expected home
this week after an extended visit to
Las Cruees, N. M., Sept. 13. Las
Cruees experienced one of tne worst
sand storms of the year yesterday aft
ernoon and evening, at times it being
impossible to see at all, much less to
navigate the streets In safety. Th9
wind was from the south and this was
what endangered the Science building
during the fire at the college.
Las Cruees. N. M., Sept. 13. Arrivals
at Don Barnardo Hotel: James F. Mc
Morrls. Pittsburg, Pa.; Mrs. J. F. Mc
Morrls, Pittsburg. Pa.: Dr. C. D. Ar
thur, Pittsburg, Pa.; Mrs. C. D. Ar
thur, Pittsburg, Pa.; Frank Farmer; C
F. Waugh, El Paso; W. A. Tray lor. El
Paso; R. A. Croxton, El Paso; TV. E.
Baker; S. K. Baker, Bradford Hardie,
El Paso.
W. K. Morris, who was arrested Sun
day, was fined ?25 in police count Tues
day morning bv judge Lea on the charge
of his attentions being obnoxious to the
women residing at 205 South El Paso
Vr. T. W. Crof&der.
Practice limited to diseases of the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
602 Rio urande Bank Bldg.
Office Hours 9-12 a. m.; 2-5 p. m.
Bell Phone Res. 2931; Omce
Artistic Embossing at
Lowest Prices
Ellis Bros. Printing Co.
Ellis Building, 110 S. Oregon.

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