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Harrington Hall
Steel Cut Coffee
R tDP8 Bs sfil
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14KHHTVHW?,VU:;!tlnaKfe."UL!ll MB
S 8 I
Don't Do It
I his W ay
It is real old-fashioned to
dp the House Laundry by
hand worse still to turn
it over to unsanitary Mex
icans and Chinanien. Be
Try Our Rough
This Department, just in
stalled, is meeting with a
ready response from
thoughtful housekeepers.
It is economical, conven
ient and sanitary. Place
an initial order this week
.you will like it so well
that 'you will become a
permanent patron.
7e per lb,
(No Bundle Less Than 50c)
NOTE In making Tip year laundry
please make two packages, one for
the regular laundry the other fur
the Bough Dry Department.
EI Paso La
Bell Telephones 470-471
Auto 1047
Boise, Idaho, Sept. 20. Secretary of
the interior R. A. Ballinger. -when asked
whether he read the dispatch that said
""I "V- "u '' uha;ii Liiii i,u.iu
that he -would leave ito the other
cabinet members as to whether he
would resign, said:
"Yes, I Tead every word, of it. It is
absolutely -without foundation as far
sa I am. concerned. Such a proposition
has never even occurred to me. The
report is silly, absurd, and I stmply
laughed at it."
"Do you Intend to resign?" was
"What I have said before along that
line still stands. I wHl not resign as
long as I am sustained by the presi
Mar Lun Jung, bound over to the
grand jury by justice McClintock on
a charge of murder, in connection -with
the death of Leung Mon Toon, -will be
released from the county jail at once
on $5000 bond, according to the state
ments of wealthy Chinese residents of
El Paso.
The chart for season reservations will
bo open Thursday morning at 9 oclock
at Frank Rich's office, Crawford theater
building, Main street entrance, opposite
are aging if gray hairs begin to appear.
Wells's Hair Balsam so gradually and
perfectly restores gray hairs to original I
color that no one would suspect you of
using anything. 50c and $1.00 at drug
gists. B. S. Wellls, Chemist, Jersey City. N. J.
ijv fastidious men folks
MA see tne jascmatmg
styles now snown m -
Fall Xeckwear.
OPP. P. 0.
in i
Tr tj i Hj j
if yOU W2.Ht tHe beSt i j
J 3
moo-r'c of" 4-f 1rV5Uocf' !
Both Phones
Fa .
HI ill'
Qpifz iarksf
Eli' jSTewson Voices Com
plaint of Some Farmers
That the Survey Is
Wrongly Located.
Earlham, X. M., Sept. IS. Editor
"El Paso Herald: While we re
joice with El Paso and Dona Ana
, county in the promise of the governor
of the territory and the good" roads
commission o send the prison labor
now at Silver City and a sum of money
out pf the 1 mill tax equal to the
amount that shall be raised by Dona
Ana county, I feel that the present is
an opportune time to state some facts
in regard to how the short line is be
ing sidetracked and wet blanketed by
certain interests which are not of the
people of the lower Rio Grande valley.
When the -writer discovered that the
Camino Real had been located out in
the sand hills and prepared his peti
tion to have it changed to run con
tiguous to the Santa Fe railway
through the valley, it met -with little
or no opposition until a meeting -was
called by the president of the Mesilla
valley chamber of commerce, Nicholas
Galles, the president of the Mesilla
valley produce exchange, T. Rouault,
and the president of the agricultural
college of New Mexico, "W. E. Garri
son. The call was to meet at 10 a.
m. on Thursday, August 25. There was
a large delegation from the lower val
ley on both sides of the river In Las
Cruces on that morning. When In
quiry was -made as to the meeting It
was graveiy announced that it would
be held at 2 o'clock irher at the cham-
ber of commerce rooms -or at the ar-
mory in connection with a meeting to
select delegates-for the Irrigation con-
gress to be held in Pueblo.
At noon several of the men who had
come in private conveyances were com-
penea to return home on account of
the bad condition of the roads. But
a few Were present a 2 rfor'k- frnm
thp southern Vialf nf V10 rollov Thn
...- w.. .iv- .ia-aav.?. ai.
Irrigation congress took
and at 4 o'clock
the good roads meet-
by Mr. Galles with
Ing was called
very appropriate remarks.
Xo sooner had he finished even be
fore he took his seat the paid attor
ney of certain corporations took the
floor and consumed a half "hour in a
rambling speech about the condition of
the roads In the valley. In Germany.
and Indiana," and even made sport of
the road between Anthony and El
Paso. A point of order was raised that
this meeting was called for a specific
purpose and that that purpose was in
t&e interest of constructing a "road
through the Mesilla valley to connect
with the splendid road now nearing
completion from El Paso to the state
The point of order was sustained by
the chair. A motion carried unani
mously to appoint two delegates to go
to Santa Fe on the 7th of September
and secure a portion of the 1 mill tax ,
and the prison labor. The chair in-
quired. How shall this committee be
appointed? and the mover suggested ,
thp rtnir nint Avtw otf w
the chair appoint. Another motion -was
made and carried to appoint a commit- '
tee of three to name the Santa Fe com- j
mittee and provide their expenses. The
committee "was namd and here the ;
matter ended. " !
The chamber of commerce took up '
the matter independently and sent
Messrs. Rouault and Sutherland, who j
m IQ P
appeared before the good roads com- . tory arrangements w-ith the Roswell
mission and secured all that was ex- Military Institute team can be made,
pected of them. But nothing has been i the Thanksgiving game will be played
done to change the work from the or- with that team at El Paso.
Iginal survey in the sand hills to the j F. TV. McClure, highway engineer
short line, and thus the people have ' with the department of agriculture at
been tjefeated in the most important j Washington, who has been here several
movement in this connection. weeks in charge of the making of the
The county commissioners will meet j new roads and driveways at the col
on the first Monday of October and j lege, states that the gravel will be all
the chairman of the board reports tq. i placed early this week and that the
the writer that they will consider the work of nutting the oil on the roads
j report of the viewers of the road from j
Antnony to .uesquite about .Wednesday j
or Thursday. On the outcome of this
report and Its adoption hangs the weal
or -woe of this whole matter of the
road from Anthony to Las Cruces or
from Dona Ana to El Paso.
The writer has been carefully in
quiring as to the sentiment of the peo
ple south of Las Cruces and has not
found a single individual but what is
enthusiastic in changing the original
survey from the sand hills to the val
ley. And no objection has been dis
covered except the interests of certain
nonresident and resident land specula
tors. It is indeed time for the peopio
to arouse themselves and see to It
that the prison labor and the 1 mill
I tax and tho $10,000 now available In
the county are not wasted In the In
terests of these corporations.
Let the people be present by them
selves or their representatives "at the
meeting of the county commissioners
In October and see to it that the peti
tioners for the short line road are not
defeated In their purposes. Art& then
invite another committee -who are of
5 the people and not the corporations to
go to Santa Fe with a specific purpose
of having the work done on the short
line In the valley and let that be done
before January 1.
" It is unnecessary at this time to
argue the question of the propriety of
this change, as there is almost a uni
versal sentiment in its favor. Let the
people awake and the victory is ours.
Lot us sit supinely and we are de
feated. Eli XewsOm.
Letter to Governor Mills.
Earlham, X. M., July S, 1910.
To the Governor of Xew Mexico:
i I am enclosing some newspaper clip-
pings showing that the Camino Real
survey left the straight route along
l"e A. T. & S. F. railroad at Mesquite
station. 12 miles 'south of Las Cruces.
makinS" a right angle and running east
intft tho snnfl 1iill tlipnpc -cnntVi to
; the state line of Texas, Increasing the
j distance of said road three or four
. mile and. increasing the cost of con
j struction and maintenance very many
thousands of dollars.
I linVrt rdwn n 4-5 "k-i j"v 4-1-ifc Tin
- , t: . ii i ;cuLiuu c Lite llJ IL
Ana eountv. which wns sierned bv most
I of the prominent freeholders of the
county who are interested in said road,
nnr? Vfs:tv'rr55? v T -nront Vinfnra rlic rrm
mission ers' i court nn3 wns siirrn;;fiil
I in having the said p. tition granted. I
am now asking your excellency to in
vestigate this matter and have the
original survey changed and made
along the road which is to be opened
and thus correct a great error and save
the courty and territory many thous
ands of dollars and all the people who
may. travel the read a considerable dis- j
tance. It is inevitable that the road
will ultimately be built cjn this pro-posed-Hne
and we think inexpedient to
build it now.
Eli Xewsom.
' - Reply by Governor 31111s.
Santa Fe, X. M., July 26.
Mr. Eli Xewsom:
I amjust in receipt of your favor
dated July Sth and note its contents. I
will- look into the matter of the pro
posed change of the Camino Real in
Dona Ana county. Perhaps the change
is contemplated in order to take the
road above the high water mark. This
is only a surmise on my part.
William J. Mills.
Must Have License; Game
Wardens Watch the Kill
ing of Quail and Doves.
Las Cruces, N. M., Sept. 20. Deputy
game -warden Edward Ehle of Las
Cruces last week received -word ' f rom
the lower end of ithe county that a num
ber of El Paso hunters -were killing
doves and quail in the neighborhood
of Anthony. Sunday Mr. Ehle, accom
panied by T. Rouault, jr., drove to An
thony to Investigate the reports. He
found that illegal shooting 'nad been
going on, but the El Paso nimrods who
were on the ground that day carried
New Mexico licenses, and had in ihelr
possession oly doves and no quail.
The New Mexico game law prohibits
the killing ofquail except from Octo
ber 15 to December 31, and requires
that non-residents of the territory be
required to. pay $5 for a non resident
hunting license. Deputy warden Ehle
intends to enforce this law and will ar-
rest and orosecute anv non-resident or
resident found hunting in his juris-
j diction without a license,
Small game, especialy doves and
! quail, is very plentiful this year in the
j Mesilia valley and nundreds, of doves
have already been slaughtered by peo-
pie -who carry no license. Mr. Ehle is
going to keep a close watch on the
hunters hereafter and make an example
: of the first ones caught.
I A .r.rrviWl nf rlnvQ Viuni-orc lmd o touI l
I ii -i, ;..i n;.n;s Cofurq ntrrV.- o-ni
1 uiu'iaoiiiuucu j4i-iii tjutui uati .infill diii
' ,:iniv M-miM'nc nut nvoi. 1ct-Vi- o-ni
coming back to Las Cruces Sunday
night Tvith their game bags loaded
rlnwri Thft nnvtv istvl nf Xisrel
"-.-" .. 0.... ru.3 ..Wlv.
Flint and wife. Catarino Armijo and
. n, Anni( A.MKoifl a TT"
Be"an, Roy Bean, R. L. Miller, islas
Willis and Theodore Archibald. Thej
camped at Mr. Armijo's Picacho ranch,
barbecued a goat and lived high.
; A Jfi HOT,T,"S!tP!."F. TTAS
A- ZJz
, t
j , - r t e 1
UVlTangemeillS Made 101 tilQ
'Football Games -in El
Paso; Road Im
provements. Las Cruces, X. M., Sept. 20. The
athletic association of the Xew Mexico
agricultural college Is having two new
tennis courts made on the athletic field,
this making four courts there A ten-
nis ciub has been organized which wHl
i " 1, i?lVi !r.Vl x 1"
have several Yurnaments -with the Las
Cruces club and probably with outside
The first football game is scheduled I
-with theyEl Paso Military Institute at
El Paso on October S. A game will
also be played with the El Paso high
shool, and return games played at the
cOlleere with both teams. If satisfac-
will then start. These roads will be
oiled and rolled, perhaps two or three
times, and it is thought that the Dro-
cess as used will make extra hard and
smooth driveways.
Coinioissioiier at Las Cruces
Calls for Arrests in Dam
Reserve Case.
Las Cruces, X. M., Sept, 20. Deputy
United States -marshal Bloom Is busy
this week serving warrants for nine
other men wanted in connection with
the timber stealing case on the land re
served by the reclamation service. Yes.
terday Domingo Barela, one of the men
arrested Saturday in this connection,
was brought before United States com
missioner Chaffee He waived exam
ination and was bound over to the
grand Jury in the sum of $250. The
five other men arrested Saturday will
be heard one each day until ail the
cases are disposed of, the commissioner
ruling that only one case a day be
Jjrougnt before him.
.it is expecteu tnat aeputy marshal f
Bloom will have the other nine men in
Las Cruces and under arrest by this
evening. Their cases will come up for
hearing in the order of their arrest.
Two Teams to Meet El Paso
Bowlers on Alleys Here
Are Practicing Hard.
Las Cruces, X. M., Sept. 20. The Elks
bowling team which will play against
the Go-Easies at El Paso next Saturday
night will be composed of John H. May,
C. L. Pierce, X. C. Frenger, Dr. Barn
hill and C. D. Case. The locals expect
to have an easy victory and are going
down -with blood in their eye.
The championship team which will
accompany the Elks and play against
the crack bowlers of El Paso on the
same evening will be composed of five
out of the following six men: M. B.
Stevens, Dan Xeese, F. J. Amador, G. W.
Frenger, L. W. Case and Catarino Ar
mijo. The boys vl both teams leave Las
Cruces at 5:10 oclock on Saturday even
ing, September 24
Autoinobiles to Be Watched
and Arrests Made if
Speed Is Excessive.
Las Cruces, X. M., Sept. 20. Sheriff
Felipe Lucero states that from now on
he intends to enforce the speed limit
ordinance of the town of Las Cruces.
There have been a number of complaints
made concerning the fast driving of
cars on the madn streets of the town,
and several narrow escapes from serious
accident on account Df this fast driving.
Sunday night sheriff Lucero -stopped
several cars and warned the drivers
against driving the machines too rap
Idly. If, the practice is not stopped
arrests wil follow and the offenders
will be severely dealt with.
Took Trick at the Key There
25 ye'ars Ago; Visits
Old Friends.
Las Cruces, X. M, Sept. 20. F. C.
Fox, the general manager of the Santa
Fe western lines, was an operator
here in the early days of the railroad
and John H. May was his messenger
boy 25 years ago. Among those who
met Mr. Fox at the train when he
passed through here were John H. May,
Will F. Jacoby, Frank J. Amador and
T." Rouault jr.
las cruces elks may
erect home this fall
Crnccs Boy Who Was Shot Is Recover
ing in El Paso Hospital; Fort Bliss
Soldiers Win Ball Game.
Las Cruces, X. M., Sept. 20. The Las
Cruces lodge off Elks win put the
antlers on four candidates at the next
regular meeting, a week from tonight,
with three more applications to work
on. Plans are now on foot for the
building of an Elks' home, work on
wnich will likely be started this tali.
The band concert given bv the Las
Cruces band in the public plaza Sun-
dav night was well attended. These l
Sunday night concerts are beginning to
be looked forward to with eagerness.
j pasQ gu Qn businessVnnected with
the construction of their new store
i building.
' Jiir.uun i'l. -i.u. v. iccmncu auiiui.j iiiti
T -wn n -. Trt T f nfninril C! , ,- 1 O t. -firT
j Pas? v,'he,re .he ad be.n. called Tby
the accidental snooting of hr son Lo-
1,.. t --.A TJT.1 T?-n. t
eiwu. J-iie uui is in cue xiutcx .cu
but the physicians state that the wound
i Is not fatal and that he will recover
within a short time..
Miss Josephine, Xevarez returned
Sunday from El Paso where she has
been visiting relative for several days.
I The adjusters for the various insur
ance -companies which carried policies
on the burned building of the Agricul
tural college arrived here tnis morn
ing to adjust the loss.
"W. F. Messman returned today to his
home at Tularosa after spending several
days in Las Cruces the guest of "W. D.
Dr. and Mrs. T. C. Sexton spent Sat
urday evening and Sunday in San Mi
guel, the guests of friends.
Judge F. "W. Parker returned Sunday
. w farKer returneu una
to Silver City where court is
evening to &nver ny nere court
bej5 lfia; , . . Toc?
The first tent show to appear at Las
Cruces this year will make its appear-
, c. 1 01T V, '
kncf .on ?ayJ SePtembe f- !
.Burke's combined shows and Uncle
I T "L,,!' '" Jlr .,,,- m t-nB fi-pv-
fand sive, a performance in tne afte-
J noon and evening.
-Z? Z, " :J . r ... vQ.
"W. E. Garrison, president of the Xew j
Mexico Agricultural college, was In Las
Cruces yesterday in his .touring car.
- - nir'"' " ";lvVftn ,,?' I
Crucesffor the J past ten dajs ion busi-
ness connected I with the Hoffman &
Tipton drug store, left this morning for ,
his home in Tularosa.
W A utherlind ind Luther Foster
; f ilfJ;"?! " hJ tn thl
-.&.,- Trro o -o.iov.1tk r. ronro. I Las Cruces; considration $60. i Until the first week in February,
senftie NeMexiS college of agri L- H" anderwerf. of El Paso, to A. Miss Leneve had slept regularly at
cuUure and "Sc SL Mr. Sutb- K Jeag,a of Pueblo Colo., warranty , Mrs Jackson's. After that she stopped
.,,, : ,-h-r. i,o r,r.ai-ri nf rp. deed to lots 1, 2, 3, 4. o. 6. t, S, 9. 10, i at the house only occasionally. She f
gents of the institution and professor! f. . ;", . V, ' w u
Foster is tne head of the agricultural Mn Mock o, of Millers Washington J
i department and director of the United
1 States experiment station. j
Ihe steam road roller belonging to
i:.eWnof Las Cruces is being used by I
Mr. McClure in the making of the new
drivewavs at the Arrlcultural college
The baseball team of Company E ot
the 23d infantry played against a
picked-up team of the Las Cruces boys,
the score being 5 to 2 in favor of the
soldiers. Another game is being ar
ranged for when the boys return from
Forbe's ranch.
Judge Parker Goes to the Constitutional
Convention so October Term "Will
Be Held by Mencliam.
Las Cruces, X. M., Sept. 20. Owning
to the fact that judge Frank W. Par
ker will leave here on October 1 for
Santa Fe to attend the constitutional
convention, his place' on the bench when
court opens here on October 3, will
probably be filled by judge Mechem.
It Is very probable that oefore tne
term of court for this district is com
pleted that there will have been three
or four judges in the chair, judge
"W-right to relieve judge Meacham and
one of the other judges to relieve judge
TVrlght. This is made necessary on ac
count of the conflict In the time of
holding the various district courts in
this part of the territory.
Las Cruces, X. M., Sept. 20. "Word
was received yesterday from Capt. Pnil
Dessauer of the Las Cruces company or
the Xew Mexico national guard, an
nouncing their arrival at Atascadero,
Cal., where tlfe national encampment Is
being held. Capt. Dessauer reports
that the chaplain of ,the First regiment
of Xew Mexico is E. G. Shields. Mr.
Shields was register of the Las Cruces
land office 21 years ago, going to the
Pnillppines several years ago. Ho is
well known in this section and his
friends will be glad to 'learn of his
To Rniie Money fox- the ChrLstmns Fund
of the Order Miss Elennor Hnber
"Will Appear There.
Las Cruces, X. M., Sept. 20. Miss
Eleanor Haber, who -was leading lady
with the Frank Leak Stock company
in El Paso several years ago, will be
in Las Cruces on Thursday evening to
give an entertainment for the benefit
of the Elks' Christmas fund. She will
be assisted by local musical talent,
among which can be mentioned Mrs. A.
M. Branigan, Mrs. L. A. Broaddus and
Mrs. T. C. Sexton. The entertainment
will be givenat the armory beginning
at S:30 aclock. Miss Haber will leave
here Friday morning and that evening
will give an entertainment in El Pasf
for the benefit of the El Paso Elks'
Christmas fund.
Las Cruces, N. M., Sept. 20. Porfirio
Duarte, Eduardo Romero, Rodrigo
Mendoza- and Santiago Arimjo, the lads
who were arrested on the charge of
malicious destruction and disorderly
conduct, were fined $20 each and sen
tenced to imprisonment in the county
jail for 30 days before justice Lopez.
Their attorney, M. O. Llewellyn, gave
notice of appeal to the district court.
Appeal bonds were placed at $100 each j
and given. I
CRUCES REAL ESTATE COMPAXY August 24 Daughter, to Felix Go
MOVES ITS OFFICE mes and wife, at Santa Teresa.
Las Cruces, X. M., Sept. 20. The j August 19 Daughter, to Daniel Mi
American National Realty company is ! randa and wife, at Colorado,
moving Its offices to temporary quar- j September 14 Son, to Aaron Lea and
ters in the Murphy building. The move wife, at Las Cruces.
was made necessary on account of the
fact that the block In which their of
fices were located is to be torn down in
the next few days to make room for the
new Riley block. When the new May
block is completed the realty company
will occupy a suite of rooms in it.
Las Cruces, X. M., Sept. 20. Sister
Marie Loretto arrived Monday from the
Loretto academy at 'Santa Fe to take
rne place of teacher of music at the
Loretto academy here. The Las Cruces
academy now has 80 boarding students
and over 60 day scholars, with"' many
more to come in during the next three
Las Cruces, X. M.,Sept. 20. The firm
of T. S. Hunt : company, insurance, nas
been 'dissolved, M. B. Stevens buying
Mr. Hunt's interest in the business. Mr.
Hunt wiK continue the practice of law,
wnile Mr. Stevens will add real estate
to the insurance business and conduct
the two in future.
Las Cruces, X. M, Sept. 20. The Las
Cruces order of the Knights of Colum-
.bus have completed arrangements for
1 a H!cr" rtnnf n t Vio nrmnrv nn t"ho A1TA.
nlnf Af Rfnfpmhpr 73- AlnRifr Will hft
furnished by the K. C. orchestra,
Las Cruces, X. M., Sept. 20. The fol
lowing deeds and other papers of rcorl
have been filed in the office of the
probate clerk of Dona Ana county:
Deeds FSled.
Sunshine Valley company of Xew
Mexico to A. Sambrano, warranty deed
to lots 13 ?nd 14 in block 24 of Mesa
Heights addition Xo. 2 to the town of
Lns Cruces. Consideration $70.
L. H. Vavderwerf of El Pa6o.to Joe J.
Pate of Stephenvile, Texas, warranty
deed to lots 39 and 40 in block 74 of
Millers Washington .paric aaaition to
LUC IUI1I JL J-0.i3 AIAV-J. VWV- - ---
SI and other valuable considerations.
Jose Manuel Sanchez. Baca grant, to j
Xicolas Sabedra. quitclaim cieea to a
, f &nd 216x698xl57x69S yards, In
., ,.. n t. ooc , ,. f thft
.. t- ,a f the g
Miguel community ditch: consideration
and other " valuable considerations.
j T ,niler to T p. Helm, of Olney.
J- T- Miller to T. F. Helm, ot umey.
Texas, warranty deed to lots 3 and 4.
ahiw Washington
in block 19, of Miller's Washington
Park addition to the town of Las Cru
. consideration ?1 and other valu
ahle considerations.
CT..Mr.V.;nn Trtllai- rtftTYnni- r "Vf"ttT
n rrK- ,Wri
to lots 21. 22. 23 and 24. in block 34,
of esa Heights addition Xo. 2 to the
of ts Cruces-, consideration $130.
Sunshine Valley company of Xew
Cadema warranty deed
. ,.. , , , ,, ,, o ir,
LU lois v auu "" "l "'" -J UJ- -'"" i
Heights addition Xo. 2 to the town of
nr i i 4-1 jo in I IC 17 J AQ I
-fane aaaition to me town ot x.cis wu - . -
ces; consideration $1 and other valuable
E. D. Vuillaume and wife to A I. J
Kelso, quitclaim deed to a part of ,
U1UCK. OI, UL Llltt -rt-lilllieuti UUUl, livi Lit
of Las Cruces, on the east side of the
acequia Madre de Las Cruces: consider
ation $1 and other valuable consider
ations. Oscar Lohman and wife to "U'illiam
Dessauer, quitclaim deed to 29.3S acres
of land one mile east of Las Cruces and J
bounded on the west by the Las Cruces
Park Association lands; consideration
Elephant , Butte Land company to
Mrs. Charles "Watlington, of Albuquer
que, warranty-deed to lots 9 and 10,
l, t(
of section 11, township 19, south of j
range 3, west of the Xew Mexico prin
cjpal meridian, containing 20.70 acres;
consideration $1300.
J. T. Miller to "W. M. Rowles, of Ok
lahoma, warranty deed to lots 5 and
7, In block 34, of Miller's addition to
the town of Las Cruces: consideration
$1 and other valuable considerations.
"William H. Large and wife, of Ok- j
lahoma Cit3r. Okla.. to J. R. Drake and j
W. H. Kirby. of Olustee. Okla., war
ranty deed to lots 25 and .26. in block !
2, and lots 36, 3S, 40 and 42, in block
3, of ilillers addition to the town or
Las Cruces; consideration $1 and other
valuable considerations.
J. D. "Wollett. by J. H. Xevarez, his
attorney in fact, to Fred Allen, war
ranty deed to lot 3, in block 15, of
"Westmont Heights: consideration $15.
"William Dessauer and -wife to James
T. Smith, warranty deed to 29.53 acres
of land one mile east of Las Cruces
and bounded on the west by the Las
Cruces Park association lands; consid
eration $1.
Satisfaction of Mortgage?.
Joshua S. Reynolds to the Ho-Ra-Co
Ranch company, partial satisfaction -f
mortgage, being a release of mortgage
on 105 acres of lard out of tne north
west quarter of section 9. township 26
south, of range 3 east, of the Xew Mex
ico principal meridian, being a part
of the grant of the United States of
America to the heirs of Juliet Freeman
by patent.
Ethel Maclver to Enrique Bocan and
wife, satisfaction of mortgage.
Report Filed.
Pedro R. Gonzalez has filed a report
as administrator of the estate of iSll
vana McGuire, deceased, showing col
lections of $2S and disbursements of $25
of the funds of said estate.
Certificate of Shares.
The Southwestern Abstract and Title
company to Isidoro Armijo, certificate
1 of transfer of 90 shares of stock In said
j company. - " '
j Mortgages.
One .mortgage dted has been filed in
! the probate clerk's affice.
I Two mortgages have been filed in
the probate clerk's office.
J Satisfaction of 3Iortgage.
j Oscar Lohman to Daniel Ackenback,
! satisfaction of mortgage.
j Annie D. Edwards to Elephant Butte
j Land company, partial release of mort-
i gage.
Certificates 01 liirtn.
September 18. son, born to Maximo
Garca and wife at Las Cruces; June 21,
daughter, born to Francisco Sainz and
wife at La Mesa; July 4, son, born to
Braulio Valencia and wife at Cham
berlno. August 16, son, born to Atan
riio Gonzalez .and wife at Garfield:
August 20, daughter, born to Roman
Herinandes and wife at Earlham;
August 31, daughter, born to Anastacio
Berdugo and wife at Las Cruces.
September 4 Daughter, to J. L. Xe
erete and wife, at Santa Teresa. -
Issue Special Stationery to
Attract Possible Settlers
in the Yalley.
Berino. X. M.. believes in boosting
its level best. Tony A. Ferlet, of the J
advertising committee of the Bermo
Anthony Farmers association was in El
Paso Monday arranging to expend $200
in the decoration of a large order of
envelopes for the use of the members
of the Farmers' association. These en
velopes are printed in two colors show
ing the Berino-Anthony district of the.
Mesilla valley represented in red as the
heart of the valley. A map of the river
and railroad fs also shown with the
stations on both sides of the Rio
Grande marked. The envelope also con
tains a large amount pf data about
the valley and the big dam. On the
front of the envelope is the cheerful
greeting, "Come and Xeighbor With
Us," with more data about the valley
and its resources. The other members'
of the advertising committee in addi
tion to Mr. Ferlet are Claude Thomp
son and Royal Jackman.
Las Cruces, X. M., Sept. 20. Arrivals
at the Don Bernardo hotel Frank E.
Cox, El Paso; H. A. Houghton, Denver;
Charles A Sc.iroeder, Kansas, City; Leo
M. Perrin, Los Angeles; J. T. Hasley
Albuquerque; M. L. Stern, Albuquerque;
Miles Berry, St. 'Louis; Mrs. Eva R
Swayze, St. Paul; J. P. Sheehan, Albu
querque; W. R. Hildebrans, Denver; M
L. Coe, Anthony; A. T. Johnson; Edward
Eiile; Joe Gray, Denver.
Kept Making Girl Wait Un
til His Wife Should
Leare Him.
London, Eng., Sept. 20. Something
of what Ethel Claire Leneve suffered
as she awaited the fulfilment of Dr.
Hawley II. Crippen's promise to make
her his wife was revealed at Monday's
session of the inquest into the death of
Belle Elrnore. with, the murder of
j whom the doctor "and his typist are
j jointly charged.
j In her distress Miss Leneve confided
in VlT To -nillo r?T "Xtc To nlrcnTi ort1 Vio
tetnrv tht th t ti 'th -it-
ness stand rivaled the most sensa-
tional evidence "introduced at the trial.
Mrs. .Jackson said that the accused
girl gave up the room which she had
occupied at the home of the .witness
-r i. -to it; .. . O
"" iuc-ii -, eApidmiiig mat &;ie wits
leaving to be married to Dr. Qrippen.
. :j l. j. .- .11 ,-
t , , T 5s at tne
homes of friends. On one occasion
iuiss Geneve mentionea navmg been
at the Hilltop Crescent home of the
w, ,, co.. lu x-cui Uil... iu p
doctor in a search for a
which showed an account of
$1000. She added that a diamond tiara
and rings had been found in the house
and that the doctor had raised $S50
on these.
About the middle of February, the
-witness said. Miss Leneve appeared
miserable and depressed. Such was
her state that Mrs. Jackson followed
the girl to her room to learn. If possi
ble, the source of her trouble. Miss
Leneve. the witness said, was in a ter
rifying state of agitation. Her eyes
seemed fairly starting out of her head.
The landlady insisted on an exnlftna-
tion, telling the girl she must have
sometning awtul on her mind. TnP
witness said that the other replied:
"Would you be surprised if I told
you that it was the doctor and Miss
Elmore? He was the cause of my trou
ble when you first knew me. She is
his wife and when I see them go away
and gently reared, women will find in
all the seasons of their lives, as maid
ens, wives and mothers, that the one
simple, wholesome laxative remedy,
which acts gently and pleasantly and
naturally and which may be talten at
any time, -when the system needs a
laxative, with perfect safety and real
ly beneficial effects, is Syrup of Figs
t and Elixir of Senna.
It has that true delicacy of flavor
which is so refreshing to the taste,
that warming and grateful toning to
the stomach which responds so favor
ably to its action and the laxative ef
fect which is so beneficial to" the sys
tem when, occasionally, its gentle
cleansing is required.
The genuine, always bearing the
name of the California Fig Syrup Co.,
may be purohased from all leading
druggists in original packages of one
size only, price fifty cents per bottle.
rfX J?L ill " W -9--
is ros. best i.ugar a
for X
20 bs. fancy brown j
susar for D A.
4 lb. can Cottolene 2 f
for OtiC
10 lb. can Cottolene rt - j" r
for P1. OU
3 ib. can pure lard pa
for OUC
5 lb. can ipure lard Qf
for OUC
10 lb. can pure lard $
for tS
4 2-lb. cans standard Bal
tifmore tomatoes for bO
2 1-Ib.cans B. & 21. g
baked beans for IOC
2 2-lb. cans B. & $L ey
baked beans for &iDC
2 2-lb. cans extra stand- - f
ard tomatoes for A O C
2 lbs. fresh fancy val- Of
ley honey for feiOC
3 nice fresh fat anack- c pa
erel for OC
Iipton'3 tea, per ib. n
only i OlC
10 lbs. fancy sweet po- OP?
tatoes for 6iOC
8 bars Diamond C soap r p
for ZOC
6 bars Sunny fonday, Fairy,
Crystal White or small Q f
Ivory for i0 C
5 gals, best gasoline fiA
for OUC
5 .gals, best oil 7C
for ' . .f. .. t
2 qts. Cranberries p
for OC
Grocery Co.
Bell Phones 367 and 348
Auto 1901
208-210 St. Louis St-
together it makes me realize my posi
tion as to what she is anC what I
Mrs. Jackson asked:
"What Is the use o'f you worrying
about another -woman's husband?"
To this Miss Leneve answered:
"Miss -Elmore has been threatening to
go away. Dr. Crippen has been wait
ing for her to do so, when he would
divorce her."
Solicitor Xewton, who is looking
out for the interests of Crippen and
Miss Leneve, closely cross examined
Mrs. Jackson, " suggesting that her
lodger's excitement was due to tha
landlady having resurrected a trouble
which the girl experienced during he!
earlier association with Crippen, bu2
the witness maintained the correct
ness of her evidence as given.
Louisville, Ky., Sept. 20. Dr. Doug
las Snyder and wife of Pittsburg, who
were arrested following the death of
three incubator babies at the Stale fair
here, were released on 500 bond.
Dr. Snyder said: "Jly arrest has
come entirely through misguided sen
timent. I am not exhibiting these ba
bies for the money tnat I asked as ad
mission, for I would be a fool to do so.
I have bought this machine and am try
ing to introduce it to the public.
"As far as the babies have been mis
treated or neglected, that is all foolish
ness. I always have treated these chil
dren with the utmost care and have
constantly an expert trained nurse to
watch after them."
"Cascarets are certainly fine. I gaTC a friend
one when the doctor -was treating hha for cancer
of the stomach. The next morning he passed
four pieces of a tape worm. He then got a box
and in three days he passed a tape-worm 45 feet
loar. It was Sir. Matt Freck. of Millerabarsr.
I Dauphin Co.. Pa. lam quite a worker for Casca.
j rets. I use them myselfand find them beneficial
ror most any cisease caused Dy impure dioos."
Chas. E. Condon, Iewiston, Pa, (Mintin Co.)
Pleasant. Palatable, Potent, Taste Good.
Do Good. Never Sfeken. Weaken or Gripe.
10c. 25c, 50c! Xever sold In bulk. The genu
ine tablet stamped CCC Guaranteed to
cure or your moaex back. 921
Is to feed your stock veil if
7011 expect to get good serv
ice from them. We have the
right kind of feed at the
right prices. Prompt and
courteous treatment is a se
cret of our growing trade.
We would like to add you to
our list of satisfied custom
ers. Third and Chihuahua Sts.

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