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September 20, 1910. News Of the Great Southwest
News Of tlie Great Southwest
3 T p 1 w H
Buy lots In the new town of El Oanutillo. 13 miles north of El Paso on
the Santa Fe R. E. and the new macadam rood, backed by thousands of
acres of rich valley land in cultivation. El Qnmtalld has been an important
shipping point for years and now takes flhe aaitie freight rates to East
Texas points as Ysleta and Clint. Xew station now building and numerous
stores and warehouses being planned.
Business lots $40 to $100. Residence- lots $20 and $25. We have a few ten
acre farms, rich, level land on the county road, close to the town, at $100
per acre, 1-4 cash, balance 1, 2 and 3 j ears, S percent.
EI CanutilEo Land and
Townsite Company
Address of Dr. L. D. Ricketts, Manager of the Greene-Cananea Copper Com
pany, at Cananea, September 16.
"I can not refrain, from saying to you
that I feel, as doubttess you do, that 1
am but a poor substitute for the n'on
wiho, but for illness, would have spoken
to you at this time in. representation of
the foreign colonies . of Cananea, our
friend and (townsman, the builder of the
great mining enterprise of Cananea. CoL
William C. Greene.
"This day marks a most important
point in the march of progress of a great
nation. Today closes a century of na
tional life 'begun in struggle and ended
in achievement, and today begins a new
century wihose achievement no man dare
prophesy. It is fitting that the citi
zens of tihat nation should unite in the
celebration of the auspicoius occasion,
and it is equally fitting that we who are
foreigners, though because of your hos
pitality not strangers among you, should
jxin "with you in paying homage to the
illustrious men who have made and are
making your nation great.
"Evcy true man is a patriot and
keep your teeth
whiteandsouncL J
your breath
sweet until old
age. Removes
tartar, will not
scratch enamek
25c and 50c at all
mmmwMkmmkwi ,JEk
Iff ifffflFPw
rrvTi f u iiw
mm i iii iiiiuii'ij' nwii
We want you to know this wonderful
musical instrament as we know it; to hear it
and realize as we do the height of perfection it
has reached in recent years; to enjoy with us
and the thousands upon thousands of Victor
owners, the world's best music, played as you
have never heard it before.
You crtve it to 3-ourself to hear the Victor. Go today to
the nearest Victor dealer's, and he will gladly play without
obligation any Victor music you want to hear.
&nsz oe sure to near
the Victor-Victrola
New Victor Records are on sale i
at all dealers on the 26th of each month
Victor Talking Machine Co., Camden, N. J.
cet best results, use only Victor Needles on Victor Records
XX ,
kS Lf
VW I XisiE3 lW
Victor Talking Machines and Beeords
Edison Phonographs and Beeords
Good: Sold on Easy Payments. Catalogs and Price Lists Furnisned on Application
. every nation fcas its heroes, for without
neroism. other of peace or of war, no
new nation can be born nor old nation
can live. AVe, the members of the
foreign colonies, of whatever birth, or ex
traction, or citizenship, love our coun
tries and their institutions and. their
heroes, tout this does not -hinder, but
SPheips us, to an appreciation of vour
(patriotism, of your county, of your na
tion and her institutions, of your heroes
and their deeds of valor, of your states
men and their victories of peace.
4iWe join with you' then most sincerely
on this, 3'our hundredth natal day, in
paying homage to the illustrious heroes
of 3-our national independence aud to the
glories of your country and your nation.
It would be an impossible task to name
to 30U all of the heroes who have made
Mexico great, and it is not necessary
ihat I should name any of them, for
their names are written" in history and
on the tablets of .your hearts.
"Tve honor iSe memory ana the names
of ahem all. We honor the memory of
Hidajlgo and the men with him. pioneers,
patriots, heroes, martyrs, who thought
not of themselves, nor their fortunes,
nor their honor, nor tsheir lives, but onl
of their counm ; who by their sacrifice
won for themselves undying honor and
penpeiual life in the life of their coun
try: the men who first won for you the
independence of your nation. "We honor
the memory of Juarez .and the noble
company of his compatriots who, offer
ing on the altar of sacrifice everything
else which tfhey held dear, preserved
the life and honor of their beloved na
tion and yours, and gave them in trust
to succeeding generations.
"We honor the memorv of those men of
lesser renown but eoual patriotism, who
by their heroism and devotion to country
helped to- make and keep your nation
free. We honor the memory of chose
humble soldiers in the ranks who of
fered tbeir all upon the sacrificial altar
of their countrv. even to irivinjr their
lives upon battle l-ield
to win and hold
the flowers of victory and liberty and
independence. We honor the memorv of !
those huanfcle citizens in -rivate life who.
through their unselfish patriotism,
wrought so well in the making of your
nation, for ieace hath her victories no
less than war. And we honor the name
of vour first citizen and chief magis
trate, Gen. Porfirio Diaz, and with his
Victor I, $2S
Other styles
$10 to $250
j the names of your other leaders and
! executives in nation state, and niunici-
I pality. who have won and are keeping
tor -Mexico the Sionoreu ipiace wnien is
hers by right in the congress, of the
great nations of the world.
"We are 3our honored guests toda-1.
but it is no mere spirit of politeness
which prompts us to say that 3oxu joy
in this worthy celebration is ours. We
join v i'th you then in reverent homage
to the heioes of thsj wast, the illustrious
dad: in respectful hciiiae to the
1 7atriotsiof the L-resen-, the illustrious
i Ihinir: to the I ml patriot-soldiers and
crtiens of nil o. te years of your na-
tional life: and to your president, the
j greatest anion e the world's living rulers,
J Don Porfirio Diaz. We congratulate vou
on the heritage which is vours in the
lives of 3 our soldiers and. statesmen
! whi-h no power can take awav from
I vou. and whose luster shall not dim but
j brighten through the 3-ears; and we
I felicitate you upon the golden prospect,
j the glorious certainty of better things to
t come, of gremter achievements for the
! future: above all. of the men to rise
j in 3 our midst a't the call of need -n ho
among their peers in the councils of the
nations of the woTid shall hold for
Alcxico the high and honored' place which
lia 'been won for her b3- the heroes of
her independence."
I Several (Mrsjed With Kill
ing Will Be Placed
on Trial.
Socorro, 2sT. M.. Sept. 20. The Septem
ber term of court of the seventh judi
cial district is in session, judge Merntt
C. Mechem, associate justice of the su
preme court and judge of this district,
presiding. There are several important
cases which will be investigated by the
grand jury and some of them will be
called for trial.
Among the criminal cases tto come up
are the Beall and Putman case arising
out of the killing of Chas. Clark, of
Mogollon. Beall is a member of the
mounted police force of the territory,
and Putman was newly appointed c6n
stable. at Mogollon. Tnere are a num
ber of witnesses on hand and owing
to the great interest throughout New
Mexico in the case, developments will
bo watched with unusual interest
The next case in importance and in
terest is the Johnson case. Sam John
son is the man who is s?id to have
gone with Conway to San Marcial after
the killing of Emil Katzenstein. John
son was arrested at San Marcial while
Conway has not been located.
The case of Phil Estes and TVilliam
Day, in connection with the last stage
hold-up and murder of Jose Dommguez,
near Mogollon, will also be acted upon
by this grand jury. These men re
cently had a preliminary hearing be
fore United States commissioner Sweet,
of Socorro, on the charge of conspiring
together to interfere with the stage
driver of the United Staes mail coach.
None of the evidence adduced at that
hearing showed any conspiracy, but
officer John Collier related some con
versations had between him and the de
fendants at different times before their
arrest, showing some slight conflic
tions. Theorigmal bond was fixed at
$15,000 and commissioner Sweet re
duced it to $5000 in each case.
In addition to these cases, there will
be several minor felony cases to be
taken up and a busy term is antici
pated. The grand jury has been em
paneled and all the wheels of the judi
cial machinerj- set in motion.
H. O. Bursum, chairman of the Cen
tral Territorial Republican committee,
has gone to his ranch for a short vaca
tion. TJTn A "p A frj7TUs rJT n"fcT
-Li-Cl-ii-' -tiOL?.UJ.i!iJN UJN
A, Front "Wheel Comes Off
' Auto; Much Fruit on
Market at Tsleta.
Ysleta, Tex., Sept. 20. Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Lander and little daughter, and'
-wrs. w neat, while motoring- from El
Paso to Clint, came near having- a se
rious accident. One of the front wheels
suddenly Uwisted off the auto. For
tunately Mr. ILander was not driving
the car very rabidly and it was stopped
In time to avert any injury, except
shaken nerves to the occupants.
There are plenty of pears, apples
and peaches on the market here.
Miss Violet Anderson has been ap
pointed to the fourth teacher's place
George Buchanan has returned from
an extended trip through Mexico.
Dr and Mrs. N T. Moore are spending-
a few days at their ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Booth and Mr.
and Mrs. P. H. Curran drove and mo
tored down from El Paso and- were din
ner guests at Valley Inn.
Southwestern Officer Restores Order nt
Mining- Camp: Socorro School of
Mines Has Large Attendance.
Sacorro, N. M., Sept. 20. Cipriano
Baca, formerly- special officer of the
E. P. & S. "W. Railway company at El
Paso, and who was selected by sneriff
Kanchez as a deputy sheriff at Mogc-lon,
is succeeding in his work at that min
ing camp. Since he has been on duty
there all feeling and opposition 0 legal
interference has diminished.
The Knights of Pytnias of New Mex
ico who will hold their grand lodge con
vention at Albuquerque on October 3,
announce through ithe grand chancellor.
commander, "W. Homer Hill, of -Socorro,
that invitations have been sent out to
all officers, representatives and mem
bers to be presemt. Conductor Hugh
"Williams of the Santa Fe railway, who
runs between Albuquerque and El Paso,
is slated for grand chancellor.
The School of Mines will have about
80 students this year. Prof. Drake,
president of the faculty, announces tnis
is the banner year of the institution.
The campus is a scene of lively activity,
baseball, football and other games re
ceiving due attention at the hands of
the students while the freshmen are
competing hard for places on the col
lege teaons.
There are many visitors in town, the
majority of whom are here in attend
ance upon court. The hotels, places of
rcreaition and amusement are feeling
the pressure of business and it is ap
parent more accommodations are neces
Fort Sumner, N. M., Sept. 20. The
board of control has been holding
special meetings trying to get its ar
fairs straightened out ready for the
settling of its business when titles are
granted this fall.
A report has been received here that
the victim of a fatality- in the switch
yards at Amarillo, a few weeks ago, is
now thought to have been Leon Spann,
a boy who recently ran away from his
I ome here.
mm :p3LQ i mm flfcjf -''&-
r., .r k. - "" "" XT- ; lix
" i' - - -
Is ew Ice and Creamery Plant
at That Place Is Eeady
For Operation.
Colorado, Texas, Sept. 20. With tne
completion and testing of the deep
-n-tll bv tho nO erallon oer minute pump.
this wppk. the Citizens' Ice and
I Creamery company is ready for the
tryout of the plant before it is accepted
bv the stockholders. A practical de
monstration of its efficiency and ca
pacitj will be made as soon as the
water is turned into the freezing vats.
A need is felt in this community for
just such an institution as this and it
is believed that it is going to be one
of the best paying investments in west
Iexa!. The people of Colorado fell that
it is only one of the many industries
that will soon recognize this as a manu
facturing center in the immediate fu
Colorado, Texas, Sept. 20. Misses
Juliette Lomey, Lillian Lyles and L.ois
Prude left for Dal'as, where they will
enter St. Mary's college.
A. A. Daly, brother of R. E. Daly,
whose death was reported in The Her
ald, arrived from Spokane, "Wah., and
left for New York City, accompanying
the body of his brother there for
Misses Ethel Fitchett and Lucy Syl-
vester of Portsmouth, Va., were tne
guests of their aunt, Mrs. Norman Mar
shall, on their return home from a trip
to the Yellowstone Park and other
northern points.
Mrs. E. T. Collins and son, Harry,
departed for Galveston, where they
will make their future home.
' flames Riley and wife, of Alpine,
were the guests of friends here.
Mrs. TV. C. Neal, of Abilene, is visit
ing Mrs. J. E. Hooper.
Miss Elenor Coleman left Thursday
for Decatur, Ga., fhere she will re
enter Aguen Scott college.
Congressman TV, R. Smith and fam
ily left for TVashlngton, D. C, where
they will remain until next summer.
Charles Adams has returned home
frorri eastern and northern markets.
Ed TV Smith and family have gone to
Sweetwater, where they will reside In
the future.
Professor Gowan Tones, principal of
the Colorado high school, has arrived.
Union revival services will begin
Thursdas night at the tabernacle under
the direction of Rev. Halcomb, of Nash
ville, Tenn.
Mrs. R. D. Ingram and children have
returned from a visit to Midland,
Odessa and Judkins.
Manv Attend From Tucum-
eari: Southwestern Trains
'Kimning on Time.
Taicumcari. X. IL, Sept. 20. The
"Church of God'" is holding an annual
camp meeting at Grady, tliis county,
with an attendance from allover the
county, "partly attracted through curios
itA Foot washing: is one of the or
dinances of tiheir faith. v
:Mr. and Mts. T. A. Muirhead gave a
duck supper at their home on South
Second street. The guests were: M.
and ilrs. Claude Shelton, Mr. and Mrs. T.
H. Sanders, Frank Liebendorier, Miss
Biggb, Earl George.
V. IL Blackburn and 3L C. Fagg, of
Hhsael, were in Tucumeari to purchase
a mower with which to cut a fine crop
of grass on their farms.
The total "vote casx in the recent elec
tion waa 1S40. Two yeais ago it was
2542. The loss was in the rural dis
tricts, as Tucumeari is cainin".
W. S. Crawford of McAlister was in
the city and reports the crops in fine
condition. He has 41 acres of maize and
15 of millet.
Denver Pankev, son of A. D. Pankev.
has returned to Santa Fe, where he will
attend the institution for the deaf and
dumb, this beinir his second year.
The 4 yeaT old son of C. W- HHrrison
is ill with tj'phoid fever.
Oscar Sandusky will move into his
new home on First street this week.
George Wells, east of Tucumeari.
brought in a load of bailed millet for
the market this week. He will exhibit
at the fair.
Mrs. R. L. BodsiVi, of Albuquerque,
who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs.
J. 2L Sj'lvester, for a, week, returned to
her home.
S. E. Rorrers. of Olatha. Kas.. was a
Afraid of Ghosts
Many people are afraid of ghosts. Few people
are afraid o germs. Yet the ghost is a fancy and
the germ is a fact. If the germ could be magnified
to a size equal to its terrors it would appear more
terrible than any fire-breathing dragon. Germs
can't be avoided. They are in the air we breathe,
the water we drink.
The germ can only prosper when the condition
of the system gives it free scope to establish it
self and develop. When there is a deficiency of
vital force, languor, restlessness, a sallow cheek,
a hollow ey, when the appetite is poor and the
sleep is broken, it is time to guard against the germ. You con
fortify the body against all germs by the use of Dr. Pierce's Gold
en Medical Discovery. It increases the vital power, cleanses the
6ystem of clogging impurities, enriches the blood, puts the stom
ach and organs of digestion and nutrition in working condition, so
that the $erm finds no weak or tainted spot m which to breed.
" Golden Medical Discovery" contains no alcohol, whisky or
habit-forming drugs. All its ingredients printed on its outside
wrapper. It is not a secret nostrum but a medicine of kot.n
coMPrsmoft and with a record of 40 years of cures. Accept no
substitute there is nothing "just as good." Ask your neighbors.
as a Creamery
visitor here looking for a claim on which
to file. J
The King Construction company,
which has been doing some grading for
the T. and JM. between this city and
Amarillo, Te., 7)asd through here with
its outfit to begintrack repairs on the
Dawson road.
Eneiv Keajjran and Miss Bertha Davis
were married at the court house by j
ludge J. D. Cuthp. They haA-e gone to
Loyd. X. M.. where ther will make their
future home.
Dr. H. D. Nichols will leave this week
for Philadelphia, where he will. join hi3
wife and children, who are at the borne of
her parents. They will return to Tu
cumeari in a week or two.
Frank Ankele and Miss Petra Maes
of Nam Visa were married at the
courthouse bv judge Cutlip. They re
turned immediately to Nara Visa, their
future home.
Mrs. E. Wilson and children, who
were visting friends here for a few davs.
have returned to their home in Missis
sippi. Koadmaster J. I". McKinzie and fam
ily will occupy the new- bungalow on
South Second street just build by J. E
McMurtrie. Mrs. Fair Herring and baby have leen
visiting friends in Tucumeari for several
J. W. Aiken has moved in to the I;.
E. Taylor house on Center street.
Mrs. Jas. Lanigan. wbo has been
visiting friends at Cripple Creek and
Denver, has returned home.
Jessie Johnson is here from Okla
home City with his family seeing the
E. H. Douglas has purchased a ranch
near Barancos and will move there.
Miss Ruby Dixon, who came here for
her health, died, and her body was
shipped to her home at Eskridge," Kas.
Miss Ethel Cowart is -visiting friends
at Amarillo.
Rin Sakurae. tfrom Tokyo. Jatpan. was
in Tucumeari on bis way to Oberlin
college, Ohio.
George J. Miller, of Chicago, repre
senting the Rock Island railroad, is here
in the interest of the South West Trail,
the official organ of the Rock Island
The Quay countv Fair association has
appointed the following committees:
Finance. J. W. Com. Benito Baca. A. D.
(ioldenberg: exhibits. C. H. de Yanip- 1
ert, H. S. Brickie v, J. R. Danghtn- J
sports. S. T. Hopkins. A. D. Pankev, R. j
F. Hutchinson, Silas Mav; culinarv and
arts. Mrs. F. S. Hinds. Mrs. T. S.' San
ders; premiums. J. W. CanrnbelL W. B.
Jarrell. S. G. Lawson; parade, H. J.
Wofford, C. J. K. MooTe, A. Falkenberg;
marshal of dav. M. B. Keator: aid, J. A.
street. T. L. Welch. A. R. Carter. The
officers are: President. A. R. Carter;
vice presidents. -Jos. Israel, T. A. Muir
head; secretary. W. H. Slaughter- treas
urer. Earl George.
A. E. Curren. register of the Ft. Sum
ner -land office, which is to be opened
Oct. 1. is in Tucumeari on important
Eugene Gordon has tfoe plans for a
new residence to be built on Monroe
street adjoining his home. The struc
ture will be a modern bungalow.
The Aid society of the First Presbv
teriaoi church gave a lawn social nt the
'home of Mrs. Al Gaudin on H'rh street.
A large number of ouests enjo-ed the
evening's entertainment. Refreshments
were served, consisting of cake and ice
. The Electric theater hns closed
awaiting the return of J. W. Porter, the
nresent lessee, who is expected liome the
first of October.
A son has been born to Mr. mid Mrs.
Chas. Eskridge, formerlv of this citv.
but now living ai San ford. Fla.
The trains on the E. P. & S. W. are
again running on schedule after the
wreck of Sunday near , Sa"nta Ro3a.
Number four, due here Sunday evening,
anived at 7:30 a. m. Monday." Number
two, due at 7:10, was nearly one hour
nnd a half late as it carried part of two
William Lauman has gone to Dalhart
to take a position with Frank E. Record,
proprietor of the De Sotn hotel.
Tie Misses Stark, daughters of J. M.
Stark, the railroad contractor, have left
for points east to isit friends.
Alto. X. M.. Root. 20. Professor IL
F. Jones is erecting a two room dwclHng
on his homestead one mile north, of Alto.
Miss Estelle Linam left for Jicarilla,
where she will teach -chool.
Shirley Linam left for Guthrie. Okki.
Little Elvie Lane, who has been very
sick with the grip, is reported nnioh bet
ter .
Do Xot Want That Form of:
Government; El Paso
Presbytery Holds
Roswell, X. M., Sept. 20. The Ros
well Socialists have gone on record as
being opposed to "the socalled commis
sion plan of government" proposed for
the city of Roswell declaring that "they
believe that the motive for such
change is not so much for better gov
ernment as it is a means whereby the
saloon interests may again dominate
the city affairs."
That the sprinkling ordinance enact
ed by the mayor and city council of
Roswell a few months ago is unconsti
tutional, is the claim of W. S. Bateman,
of Roswell, and his brotherinlaw, J. P.
ilcCord, of Coleman, Texas, in their
complaint filed in a suit brought to en
join the city from collecting the sprink
ling tax.
The El Paso Presbytery of the South
ern Presbyterian church elected the
following officers for the next six
months, at the close of its two days
session here: Moderator, Rev. J. P.
Wood of Lubbock. Texas: clerks. Rev.
! A. T. Miller of Pecos, and B. C. Bell of
Cisco, Texas. Other Presbyterians at
tending were- Revs. J. A. Cumston and
A. A. Davis of Carlsbad, N. IL; L.. O.
Cunningham of Haskell, Texas; U. B.
Curne of Roswell, X. M., and W. L.
Downing; elders W. B. Wilson of Carls
bad; Geo. H. Sparenberg of Big Springs,
Texas; J. A. Espey of Van Horn, Texas;
W. H. Irving of Barstow, Texas, and B.
P. Harlow of Roswell.
Bids Called For $5000 Struc
ture; Cattle and Crops,
Are Doing "Well.
Obar, X. M., Sept. 20. The Ob&T
school board is asking for bids on a
$5000 concrete school building, to be
built this fall, Bids close Oct. 10.
The VT. C. T. TJ. of Obar has inaugu
rated a series of moonlignt socials,
with refreshments and program. They
gave a chicken pie supper at the old.
Ranch house on the South Canadian
river and had a big crowd. These so
cials and entertainments are not to
raise money and are all free.
The grass on the prairies never was
finer and stock of all kinds'is in prime
The crops in northeastern Xew Mex
ico vary greatly in different localities,
according to the time the rains came.
The country aong the main line of the
Rock Island got little ram 'before Aug.
1, but along the Memphis branch earlier
rains resulted in fine crops. The
"Plains" section of Quay did not fare
very well in the matter of rains this
year. However, it was again demon
strated that good farming pays.
I Summer C
Everybody has his own Sumnier Concerts at Home,
if he owns an
or a
Buy one on the. Easy Payment Plan.
W. G. Walz Company
Talking Machine Dept. 103 El Paso Street.
September Records Now on Sale.
Has dtynonstrated its purpose in giving depositors every advantage ob
tained by years of experience and it is a definitely settled policy to study
their requirements thus meeting intelligently their needs. Diligence in
pery department with this end in view has brought success to the bank
and its customers alike. x
Capital 5 600,000
Surplus and Profits 225,000
Deposits 3,500,000
We cordially invite new business connections.
Our new savings department pays 1 per cent on deposits.
C. R. MOREHEAD, President. GEO. D. FLORY, Cashier.
L- J. GILCHRIST, Astft Cash.
State National Bank
A Legitimate Banking Business Transacted in All Its Branches.
to Grande Valley
W. W. Turney, Prest.
S. T. Turner," Vice Prest.
W. Coolev, V. P. &. Mgr.
Capital, Surplus and Profits, $350,000
U. S. Stewart Frank Powers C H. Leaveli H. J. Simmons
A. G. Andreas W. B. Latta B. Blumenthal
J. F Willi uns H M Andreas J. H. May
With Pain. Itching Settled from
Knee to Toes, Physicians Cost
a Fortune. No Relief. Went to
Hospital 3 Years. Unable to Help.
Finally Used Cuticura and
Completely Cured.
"I be;;an to have an itching over ray whole
body about seven years ago and this settled
in my limb, from the knee to the toes. I
went to see a great many physicians, a matter
which cost me a fortune, and after I noticed
that I did not get any relief that way, I went
for three years to the hospital. But they were
unable to help me there. I used all the
medicines that I could see but became worse
and worse. I had an inflammation which
made me almost crazy with pain. When I
showed my foot to my friends they would
get really frightened. I did not know what
to do. I v.0.3 so sick and had become so
nervous that I positively lost all hope.
"I had sen the advertisement of the Cuti
cura Remedies a great many times but could
not make up my mind tobuy them, for I
had already used so many medicines. Finally
I did decide to use the Cuticura Remedies
and I tell you that I was never so pleased
as when I noticed that, after having used two
sets of Cuticura Soap, Cuticura Ointment and
Cuticura Pills, the entire inflammation had
gone. I was completely cured. I should be
only too glad if people with a similar disease
would come to me and find out the truth.
I would onlv recommend them to use Cuti
cura. Mrs. Bertha Sachs, X21 Second Ave.,
New York, N. Y., Aug. 20, 11509."
"Mrs. Bertha Sachs Is my sister-in-law and
I know well how she suffered end was cured
by the Cuticura Remedies after many other
treatments failed Morris Sachs, 321 E. S9th
St . New; York, N. Y.. Secretary of Deutsch
Ostrowoer TJnt.-Vexein. Kempner Hebrew
Benevolent Society, etc."
Cuticura Soap (25c), Cutlcnra. Olntnent (50c.)
and Cuticura Resolvent (50c ), (or In the form of
Chocolate Coated PH13 25c. per vial of 60) are sold
throughout the world. Pottar Dru; & Cfcem. Corp..
Sole Props . 135 Columbus Ave.. Boston, Ma.
-KS-Malled free, 32-psge book on Skin Humora.
We never get tired of talking the
Quality of the Meats we sell. We
find that exercising care throughout
is our best investment. Customers
are absolutely protected on Quality.
When it comes to Service this market
stands without a rival.
Successor to Robinson's Market.
114 If. Stanton St.
3oth Phones. Prompt Service.
Peach Ice cream celivered after sup
per. Phone the Elite.
Bank & Trust Co.
V. E. Arnold, Cashier.
F 2d. Murchison, Asst.
H. E. Christie, Secy.

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