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This is ail we can tell yon today,
that our Fall '10 Fashion Show
occurs soon early next week if
our plans do not miscarry. One
thing you may be sure about, "the
coming Fashion Show wHl e-drpsc
any previous season, both in va
riety and number of authentic
styles shown.
One of the features of the coming
Fashion Show is a display of im
ported gowns. 3Ir. M. Ooblentz
spent most of the summer abroad,
and personally selected, at tihe
Brussels Exposition as well as in
Paris, a number of bewitching
gowns from, the most famous
mafcers in the world.
A display of beautiful furs is an
other feature of the Fashion Show.
2-Tot only sets but handsome fur
coats will be shown. Watch for
early announcement of the date of
our Fall '10 Fashion Show.' In
the meantime, let our superb
stocks supply any needed fall garment.
raiira?jiiira rmHflffl
pytsj i e m lH g t VA I. J gTi
Wr wC:. i 'tfa - j-jfj. iiX I
,SZ4FEkJ&r 2Yl
l W8Ai If
' 3& " &lfl ? ??
I!-' S?,Pcl1N
v v2S a X ls5cS,''v j&lS WW4'
Faf Sefeallng Extraordinary'
il - X
i WW-
mmuv run norm
- iHimtf I iiiei i s i s i fife
tf. Vi nnrmnTn
jSBBi ii uunuliLD
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' KiS iyt fContlnued from previous page.)
ney to erect an electric sign over a
theater at 311 South El Paso street.
City's Health.
The report of city health officer An-
i derson, which was read, gives a total
Buildings Are Being Torn
Away to Open Thor
oughfare to Myrtle.
fee io e&
Eruption Broke Out when 2 Weeks
Old Itched So He Could Not
Sleep -Hair All Fell Out
Cuticura Cured Him.
Jlarsnret Knollj-
SiaCNDER Margaret Knollj, bow, if
you please. The fascinating- leading:
lady of the Bijou, now more fas
olnaTing' than ever, astonished all her
friends on Broadway the other day by
presenting- to their admiring gaze a
selt and willowy form in place of the
plump, not to say faf, outlines with
which s9ie gaily mailed away to new
Kansas street is being opened rap- j
idly from Myrtle to Mills street. The
Malcomson building on the south side
tf TaVflo r.4-vAA mI.2.1. J . .. 4 1. A lln t
; of 10 births and 17 deaths the past , of ne neT street has been wrecked and
! tvpaTt. ThAro aro ?j rT-:Ant no con- i. i.-i i
.. .. v, , . - tue uracit cieanea.
tagious diseases in the city and but The small buildin& belonging to S.
eight cases of typhoid fever. .o new c Awbry, R. C. Semple and R. F. Bur
cases of tuberculosis are report-ed and i es nas also been wrecked and the
the total number of cases at present re- brlck buildins belonging to Joseph
corded is 3S4. Morgan will be torn away next week,
During the week, 21, inspections of elvmg a 40 feet opening on the north
meat markets were made and 93 pounds sitfe of Texas.
of meat condemned. Inspections of dai
ries total IIS and 25 Inspections of
slaughter houses were made.
Cattle Inspections number 190; hogs,
30; sheep, 34; calves, 94; condemned one
hog. Fruit and vegetable inspections
triumphs and foreign shores last Jan- j totaled 1175, and 859 pounds was de
uary. After a good deal of diplomatic ! ctrnvpfl. nthr- inoxtinns inoiudR res-
cross-examination from interested fat
acquaintances the secret was cautiously'
whispered to a few dear friends, with
the result that everybody knows it
now. It was not exercise, nor fasting,
nor sea air, nor worry about her new
venture that had brought about this
wonderful willowy change in the
charming Margaret; no, none of these;
nothing but a simple mixture which all
good druggists are familiar with and
can supply at small cost, to-wit: One
half ounce Marmola, one-half ounce
Fluid Extract Cftscara Aromatic, and
three and one-half ounces Peppermint
"Water. "Grown folks needs a tea
spoonful after meals and at bedtime,"
explained the now slender Margaret. "It
Is simply wonderful. It takes
off the fat quickly, as much as
a pound a day, and keeps It off. You
can eat what you like, too. In that
respect it is unlike anything of the
kind I ever heard of, and besides It
taurantp, 39; rooming houses, 37;
premises, 60; complaints, 57; notices
served, 7.
3Iany Children Afflicted.
During the past week the examina
tion of school children was commenced
as to eyes, ears, nose, throat and teeth.
Examinations numbered 599 at the Aoy
school, of which 361 had enlarged ton
sils and bad teeth; three with diseased
ears 65 with defective sight, making- a
total og 429 ailng children. Of the 361
total of 429 ailing tonsils, 180 are said
to have adenoids.
The report of sewer commissioner
Hadlock states that "during the past
week 400 feet of 10 and 12 inch pipe
was laid in East El Paso; eight "y's"
were Installed; six sewers cleaned; 20
manholes and flush tanks examined,
and 1200 feet of. sewer pipe hauled In
East El Paso.
City Collections.
The report of city assessor Behr for
John Sorenson, who owns the prop
erty on the southeast corner oi Texas
and Kansas, is preparing to tear away
the Abel machine shop and will also
remodel the adjoining building to face
on Kansas street.
Messrs. Awbrey, Semple and Burges
are preparing to put up new store
fronts on their, building which will
now face Kansas street on the east
side. These will face the property
owned by Joe Morgan, who will also
improve the Kansas street front. He
will also put a new store building on
me nw street between Mills and Texas
streets. Work will begin on it within
the next 30 days.
has anorner splendid featu-o-.it is en- h total receipts of $5169.30
tlrely Harmless, and will not cause .f. ac aoM0.
wrinkles. I think it is about as essen
tial a toilet article for the woman who
is fat and wants to get thinner as face
powder. In order to get the best re
cruits, however, you should buy the
Marmola in the original package and
mix it in with the other t.vo ingredients
after you get home."
Present Location "Would In
terfere With View of the
Juarez Monument.
Perhaps the Ciudad Juarez municipal
palace will not be built where founda
tions are beins: built and where governor
Sanchez laid the corner stone last Sun
day. Talk is going the rounds in t3ie
lorder Mexican city that its construc
tion at the proposed point will interfere
with the view oi the new iJemto Juarez
However, there has been no official
action in the matter. Mayor Francisco
Portillo only expresses himself as will
ing to conform iwiuTi the general public
Bentiment, and is consulting foremost
citizens in order to gain a concensus cf
The proposed, city hall is to be of only
two stories, and only so wije that its
Imlk will obstruct the view of the monu
ment from but one point. The palace
ilans call for a structure less wide than
the base of the monument, and the
Juarez statue will greatly exceed in
height the building.
The matter will be brought before the
city council at its next meeting, and, if
necessary, submitted to the state govern
There is a strange larceny case on
docket an the court of letters of Ciudad
Juarez. It is a case of Japanese against
Japanese. G. Monpe was arrested Wed
nesday on complaint of EL Kiclijiro, who
ibewails the loss of 70 from his ihome
on Calle Ocaanpo.
Man Who Drew Plans Por
El Paso Plant Has Sub
mitted Some to Mexico.
In all probability Ciudad Juarez is to
have a sewage disposal plant to be used
at a time of year when the river is dry. J
oucn is xne result or a conierence u ea
nesdaj' between major Portillo and
Pred B. Smith, of the Public Works
Engineering company.
There seems little question but that
the verdict of the- American engineer
will be followed. He believes that no
menace will be afforded either Juarez or
Bl Paso bv dumninor the sewage in the on $50 bond; Tom Boyd, vagrancy, re-
river below the Mexican citv, when there l leased on $100 bond; B T.-Miller, va-
is an ampie mow or water, .t otneni bi"'. acicocu U11 v- ., -""
Number of Men and Women
Are Arrested in Night
On the charge of conducting a
disorderly house or vagrancy, a
number of El Paso men and wo
men will be arraigned in police
court at the Thursdaj- afternoon ,ses-
sion, as a result of raids Wednesday
night, conducted by police chief Jen
kins and officers Early and Smith. A
number of he arrests were made on
South Stanton and San Antonio streets.
Bonds -were given for appearance at
the Thursday afternoon session of
court. Those arrested and the charges
Include: Bert Oaks, running a dis
orderly house; Mrs. Mack, running dis
orderly house, released on $100 bond;
Xi. Erving, vagrancy; Nellie Thompson,
va'grancy, released on $20 bond; J. E.
Milllndorff, vagrancj-, released on per
The report of plumbing and meter
Inspector Maloney shows total receipts
for August of $131.40.
A two weeks' leave, of absence was
granted city chemist Thatcher, owing
to ill health.
A petition asking to have Cotton ave
nue from Grand View avenue to Den
ver street repaired and wet down was
Street Sot For Sale.
The proposition of Tobin and Newell
to purchase part of North El Paso
street, north of the buildings of
Krakauer, Zork & Moye, was rejected.
A communication from H. M. Mundy
asking the city to accept the second re
vised map of Mundy Heights addition
was referred to the streets and grades
On recommendation of alderman
Clayton, a motion that the city enter
into a contract with the Petrolithic
aompany to put Cliff street on grade
from Mesa avenue to Stanton street,
and Hills street from Mesa avenue to
Stanton, carried at the contract price
of $2000.
Thanks to Mexico.
A motion of alderman Blumenthal
carried instructing city clerk Fassett
to send a letter of appreciation to
Manuel Gonzales Cassio, Mexican secre
tary of war; Enrique Creel, secretary
of fomento, and Col. Corrella, of Juarez,
for the concert Tuesday night in Clove
land square by the third cavalry band.
The Thursday morning meeting of the
"I wish to have you accept this testimo
nial, as Cuticura did so much for .my baby.
At the age of two weeks
his head began to break
out with great sores and
by the time he was two
months his face and head
were an awful sight. I
consulted a 'doctor, who
said it was nothing but a
light skin disease which the
baby would soon get over.
But he seemed to get worse
so I called another doctor.
His opinion seemed to ba
the same. They both pre
scribed medicine that did
not do a bit of-good. A
friend advised me to take
him to the hospital, which
I did. Two doctors there
gave me medicine in a liquid
form. It did him no good.
"Nearly every day I would read a testi
monial In regard to Cuticura and my wife
thought she would try it to see if it would
help the baby. I got a box of Cuticura Oint
ment and a cake of Cuticura Soap and after
nsiaz these he was entirely cured Before
Cuticura cured him he could not seem to
sleep, as his face and head would itch so.
What hair he had all fell out but soon hs
had a nice head of hair and his face was per
fectly clear. It is now nearly five years since
he was cured and there has been no sign of
the eruption returning. Chas. H. Evans, 81
Flint St., Somervffle, Mass., April 19, 1910."
A single set of Cuticura Soap and Ointment la
often sufficient to cure, rendering it the most eco
nomical treatment for affections of the skin and
scalp. Sold throughout the world. Potter Drmi fc
Chem. Corp Sole Props, Boston. Mass. JJS-MsOed
free, latest Book on Care of Site and Scalp
IS lbs. best sugar
4 lb. can Obttelene
10 lb. can Cottolene
3 lb. can pure lard
5 lb. can .pure lard
sonal recognizance; Etta Burnett va- J c0uncil was attended by may0r C. E.
grancy, released on zu Dona; reaa
Cain, vagrancy, released on $25 bond;
Margaret Griffith, vagrancy, released
Purchasers Make Final Pa"
ments to Clark and
. Book.
Deeds have been filed for the final
possession of the Orndorff Hotel com
pany farm down the vallej'. The ranch
includes 363 acres, a mile from Belen,
near the county roaa, and was pur
chased by Seth Orndorff, Lee Orndorff
and Charles DeGroff from Judge Leigh
Clark and VT. P. Book.
Tnoro. .li . .
onT7xrTrl Z ,' l V ,Sfs The entertainment of Miss Eleanor
aSdalSd S Monn?yneV l0 ' Haber and Miss HeIen CoPer tomorrow
sSnton street b2wan qf2 0nUtU I niht 'or benefit Elks' Christmas fund
oiamon street between Sixth and Sev- is f0r everv onp not lnt t vwrv
SrSorrr.6""11, $8,00 and Seth onetme S Homonforrow night"
Orndorff s homestead, including a nine -pnnrRATT "'gun
room ranch house and a 10 acre tract rn. xr -v"fx-a-,A
of valley land at San Enzario aIi?aH inSSons. ' " ron1Sues and
ucU cl uuu, are given in addition to a
cash consideration amounting in all to
The Orndorff company has been In
possession of the ranch for some time
and is preparing to have a model. hotel
supply farm for supplying: the Orndorff
and Sheldon hotels, owned by the mem
bers of the company.
Purity Butter
2 lbs. for 65c
10 lb. can pure lard
4 2-lb. cans standard Bal
tirrrore tomatoes for. . . ,
2 l-lb.cans B. & 2S.
baked beans for
2 2-lb. cans B. & M.
baked beans for
2 2-lb. cans extra stand
ard tomatoes for. .
2 lbs. fresh fancy val
ley honey for ,
3 nice fresh fat mack
erel for
IiptonJs .tea, per lb.
10 lbs. fancy sweet po-
' W- Ij. Nicholson has bought a cot
tage in East El Paso from Simon
Laughlin for $2500. The cottage Is
located in Alamosrordo strict n tt-qc
bought through the Lone Star Land
.jiuija.iy agency.
The Anson Mills buildiner nonHmiH
n -r-r-m mi-- .. " " !
;" ,foi"V- lue -o-uri', -rorv, w-.uiiin
boxing is now being i nt and the con
crete pourpd. The sixth floor will
then be built and run.
Miss Helen Cooper, vocalist.
1. Her First Experience t
Miss Haber.
2. (a) Erists H. "Wolf
(b) Dergartner H. "Wolf
Miss Cooper.
3. A Bill From the Milliner's and
Mrs. Dean's Diplomacy
Miss Haber.
4. Negro Dialect P. S. Dunbar
Miss Haber.
5. Die Junge Spinnerin H. "Hitter
Miss Gooper.
6. Jean Val Jean and the Bishop
". Victor Hugo
Miss Haber. I
i 7. Sognai A. Schira
Miss Cooper.
(a) The Pudding
(b) The Shop Girl .'
Miss Haber.
tatoes for
S bars Diamond C soap
6 bars Sunny Monday, Fairy,
Crystal White or smail " np
Ivory for 3 C
5 gals, best gasoline
5 gals, best oil
2 qts. Cranberries
for .-
Barrington. Hall Steel Cut
Coffee, 2 lbs. for ..
Strictly Freh Eggs,
per dozen
Grocery Co.
Bell Phones 367 ana 348
Auto 1901
208-210 St. Louis St
J. R. Harper, Presiding-
R. G. Richardson vs. El Paso and
Southwestern Railway company, suit
for damages for alleged personal inju
ries; on trial.
A. M. Waltfeall, Presiding:.
J. R. Shockless vs. El Paso Electric
Railway company, suit for dama&es; on
times of the year engineer Smith ad
vises the employing of a screen sys
tem, whereby the drainage will be sifted,
allowing the water jo irrigate land, and
the dregs to e retained and burned.
Some time ago EI Paso officials became-
alarmed that -Juarez was going to
dump its sewage at a point of menace to
this city. However, mayor Portillo ex
pressed himself as eager to cooperate
with El Paso in health measures, and. his
consultation with the same engineer
who drew plans and specifications for
the El Paso system appears proof of his
good spirit. Mr. Smith will submit plans
for the Juarez system, which will be
sent for approval" by the state government.
Millinery opening tonight. Calisher's.
"I triad U kinds of blood remedies
mich' failed to do tn Any good, but 1
hars found the right thing At last. My
face was full of pimples and black-heads.
After taking CfcKxrets they all left. I am
continuing the use of them and recom
mending them to my friends. I feel fine
when I rise in the morning. Hope to
have & chance to recommend Cascarets."
Fred C Witten, 76 Elm St., Newark, N. J.
Fleoaaet. Palatable, Potent, Taste Good.
Do Good. Never Slcken.Weaken or Gripe.
10c, 25c. 50c Neyer sold In hulk. The sena
tes tablet stamped C C C. Guaranteed to
core or your money back. 922
Denison, Tex., Sept. 22. While en
route to visit his daughter, who is ill,
C. J. Todd and wife were seriously in
jured when their team, frightened at
a passing bicycle, ran away, throw
ing both from the wagon today.
Todd's skull -was fractured and he
was possibly injured Internally.
Mrs. Todd's ankle and three ribs
were broken.
Is Selling Fast
Be sure and give us a call before
you buy elsewhere.
Special prices on more than one
Iron Beds, Bed Springs, Cotton
Felt Mattresses. Bird's-Bye Maple
Dressers, Commodes, Tables,
Chairs, Rockers, Woolen Blankets,
Lace Curtains, Linoleum, Gcmforts.
50 h. p. Frost Engine, 3 h. p.
Gasoline Engine, 1 28 k. w. Akron
Dynamo, 1 10 h. p. Motor, 1 No. 7
Buffalo Blower.
Bell Phone 400.
J. W. Fisher
Waco, Tex., Sept. 22. A mass meet
ing of insurance men is called for this
afternoon to plan a cure for the al
leged evil effects of the railroad claim
bill known as the I & G. N. measure,
passed at the special session of the
legislature. "
A movement is expected to be start
ed to try and secure a repeal of the
act next year.
Gonzales, vagrancy, released on '$10
bond; Harry Brown, vagrancj', released
on $10 bond; Julia Smith, running dis
orderly house, released on $100 bond;
E. Stanthell, vagrancy, released on $10
bond; Mrs. Fenley, vagrancy, released
on personal recognizance; Mrs. Gra
ford, vagrancy, released on personal
recognizance; Mrs. C. C. Earthman, va-
grancv, reieasea on $xu uunu, na. v.
Kellj', aldermen McGhee, Blumenthal, 1
Hewitt and Clayton, as was the special
meeting Wednesday aftiemoon when
the contracts of the sewage and garbage
disposal plans were awarded Sorenson
& Morgan being- awarded the contracts
for the construction of sections 1 and
3, and W. E. Anderson for the construc
tion of section 2.
It was decided to Have the chimney
it was decided to have the chimney vesting money in the fields and tlMr
for the plant built of brick, rather than they will not be allowed to ProduV n-
THAT OIL IS SURE home Wdnesday morning:. The young-
ster is xne iinest ooy nis iatner nas,
nflrtlo-i. 1,j. Tn t i hein& the only. There is nqthing do-
-UeCiaieS tliat JiiHiplOyeS OI ing- in the rate line at the chief clerk's
Texas Company Told Him I aesic Ior a Iew aays-
suspect you of using Wells Hair Bal
sam, it so gradually and perfectly re
stores gray hair to natural, original
color. 50c and $1.00 at druggists.
There Is Oil -There.
m ll says t,hat an employe of
the Texas company told him that oil at
loyah is sure, that every employe is in
vestincr nionev in th fiaic i.i.
concrete, as- provid-ed in section 2, as
tne DricK for the work can be secured
in El Paso. The instalation of the addi
tional screen and sprinkler has not
been deeded upon as the engineers can
S. Myers, vagrancy, released on $100 make the instalation at any time. If
bond; ilazei J-.e-K.oy, vaerauuj, reieewcu
on $10 bond; A. Saint Clair, vagrancy,
released on $10 bond.
Millinery opening tonight. Calisher's.
the council makes the necessarv or
Actual contracts for the construction
of the plants will be made as soon as
possible and work wll be commenced
at once. The plans and specifications
provide that the work shall be com
pleted April 15, 1911.
Result of Courtmartinl Trials at Fort
Bliss Some Changes Made In
Personnel of the Conrt.
Before a general courtmartial at
Fort Bliss, private Harry B. Carlton,
company H, 19th infantry, tried on
charges of desertion, in violation of the
47th article of war, was sentenced "to
be dishonorably discharged from the
service of the United States, forfeiting
all pay and allowances due him, and
to be confined at hard labor for six
Private Charles Brentan, company
B, 19th infantry, tried on the same
charges got the same thing except
that his sentence is three years.
First lieutenant Fay W. Brabson,
23d infantry, has been detailed as
judge advocate of the general court
martial at Fort Bliss, for the trial of
musician Frank Leggitt, company G,
23d infantry, only, vice first lieutenant
Charles A. Thuis, 23d infantry, who
is relieved from such duty during this
trial. Captain Thomas F. Schley and
first lieutenant Gerrltt Van S. Quack
enbush, 23d infantry, are detailed as
additional members of the courtmar
tial. First lieutenant Fay W. Brab
son, 23d infantry, is also detailed as
an additional member of the court' to
taKe enect upon completion of thetrial
of musician Leggltt.
Millinery opening tonight. Calisher's.
Waco, Tex., Sept 22. The Texas
Central railroad stockholders did not
consider the issuance of $20,000,000 in
bonds for extension and improvement
at their meeting here today. The rea
son given is the banks are not con
sidering financing a deal of this sort
under existing conditions. It is be
lieved here the banks are not consid
ering financing such deals because of
the fate of the railroad claim bijl shar
ed at the special session of the legislature.
Coffee's Weight on Old Age.
"I came down to cut out the booze,"
said A. Fall, of Duran, N. SL, in police
court Thursday morning, "and "
"Seems like -some one switched decks
on you after you cut, doesn't it," judge
Lea cut in.
"My usual fine in such cases is $3.
Sit. down please."
John Sanders, a S,wede, who was also
arraigned on a charge of drunkenness,
said he came to El Paso a week ago
from Casas Grandes, Mex., with $100
and that, about all he had left was a
headache. He was released on his
promise to abstain.
One size only. Regular price 50aBoihe
The loss of $213, tvhich was taken
from a room occupied by three men at
204 North Campbell street, was re
ported to the police Thursday morn
ing bj' L.. G. Pino, one of the losers.
The money was drawn from El Paso
banks Wednesday and it was the in
tention of the men to leave the city.
The theft was made after 11 oclock
Wednesday night. No clue has been
"When prominent men realize the in
jurious effects of coffee and the -change
in health that Postum can bring, they
are glad to lend their testimony for
the benefit of others.
A superintendent of public schools in
a Southern state says: "My mother,
since -her early childhood, was an in
veterate coffee drinker, had been
troubled with her heart a number of
years and complained of that 'weak all
over feeling and sick stomach.
"Some time ago, I was making an of
ficial visit to a distant part of the coun
try and took dinner with one of the
merchants of the place. I noticed a
somewhat peculiar flavour of the cof
fee, 'and asked him concerning it. He
replied that It was Postum. I was so
pleased with It that, after the meal was
over, I bought a package to carry home
with me, and had wife prepare some for
the next meal; the whole family liked
it so well that we discontinued coffee
and used Postum entirely.
"I had really been at times very anx
ious concerning my another's condition,
but we noticed that after using Postum
for a short time, she felt so much bet
ter than she did prior to its use, and
had little trouble with her heart and
no sick stomach; that the headaches
were not so frequent, and her general
condition much improved. This contin
ued until she was as well and hearty
as the rest of us.
"I know Postum has benefited myself
and the other members of the family,
but in a more marked degree in the case
of my mother, as she was a victim of
long standing."
Ever read the aboe letter? A nvr
one appears from time to time. Tney
are Benulne, true, and full of human
! P1 legislature straightens out the
lauu unice. naturally the name of the
employe is withheld?
A syndicate of west Texas business
men has been formed recently and pur
chasedowo or chree sections of land near
the lexas company's well. It i3 com
posed of sheriff F. J. fiall, J. p. Prim,
E. Move, and others of El Paso, and J.
E. Bowen. a Toyah banker, ilr. AToye
denies that P. W. Freeman, local maa
agei of the Texan company, is a mem
ber of the syndicate, lnii "sa-pc if m.
chased land desjred bv Freeman's con
cern before Freeman could get it.
Director Villalva Wants to
iteturn tne Compliment
to El Paso Sunday.
Now director Antonio Villalva of the
Third cavalrly band wants to give a
concert to El Paso. So pleased was
he with the El Paso crowd which pack
ed Cleveland and Carnegie squares
Tuesday night that the Mexican army
bandmaster desires to send a return
If the Mexican band is not ordered
away from Juarez before Sunday the
concert will be given -n Constitution
plaza and the people of El Paso in
vited to attend.
' Z. T. White, et als. vs. Howard I.
W. C. Barnes, chief clelrk of the gen- Young. sur$. to try title and for dam
eral freight department of the South- i ages, filed.
western, is the proud father of a fine i Herrman F. Schmitt vs. Peter Mi
baby boy, which arrived at the Barnes I chero, suit to foreclose deed of trust:
A. S. J. Eylar, Presiding.
Galbraith Foxworth vs. El Paso Mili
tary institute, Wm. Moeiler and W. H.
Austin, suit on two notes for 3500 each:
I on trial.
Brakemen F. D. Pino and J. M. Gill
ham have left the service of the South
ern Pacific
Arizona Delegrate Eesents
Implication. That Visit
Was to Stir -Up Political
mcCLintock: decides
The suits of D. D. Drake, a loan
broker, against the E. P. & S. W, rail
way, in an effort to collect assignments
ot wages by former employes, met with
various results in justice IcOlintock's
court Wednesday afternoon. Of the
seven suits, judgment in favor of the
defendant was announced by the court in
the assignment of wages :pr 0. H. Mav,
the claim in which nvas 150; J. M. Bren
nan, $95, and C. F. vSorslev, $53.40.
Judgment for the plaintiff was given in
the assignments made bv Fred Madsen,
$42.60, and F. L. Weike'rt, $30.50. The
assignment of J. A. Edwards for $22.25
was passed by agreement, and the plain
tiff was ordered to name new parties in
tbe assignment of Afonroe Walker, in $
w r icn juagmem, was asuea ior isi)o.u5.
Lass dhem schreihaen' Let 'em howl!
Sol Berg is back. Arriving with a
trunk full of seaweed, wild flowers
Ralph Cameron, delegate to congress
from Arizona, resents any Implication
that postmaster general Frank H,
Hitchcock's visit to Arizona Vas an
attempt to meddle in the political af
fairs of the territory.
"I invited Mr. Hitchcock to come to
Arizona and attend the snake dance
and to visit me in the territory," he
said. "There was no political motive
in his coming and he left for Califor
nia before the election, after he visited
Jimmie Wiliams, his close friend, at
Tucson. The territory of Arizona and
every resident In it ought to be glad
to have him. He was our staunchest
friend in the statehood fight through
thick and thin, and it was due largely
to his efforts that statehood was
granted the territories. He Is a per
sonal friend of mine and I am d
proud of it."
Snowed under but still fighting and
certain to come back is Mr. Cameron's
nut shell analysis of the Republican
political situation in Arizona at the
present time. "Although the consti
tutional convention at Phoenix on Oct.
10 will be composed of 41 Democrats
and 11 Republicans, as near as we can
tell from the returns," he said, "the
Republican party Is not through fight
ing yet and Arizona will be returned
to the Republican fold."
Republicans Hopeful.
"Although the Democrats are in con
trol in the territory, I hope and be
lieve that the people will frame a con
stitution that will be acceptable to
congress and that actual statehood will
be granted. Statehood Is what we
want and I think we will get It with
out delay."
"Will you be a candidate for the sen
ate?" "I do not know yet. I have made
the statement in the campaign that the
constitution should be cared for first,
and a strong constitution framed. Then
it will be time for politics' to follow.
Neither do I know who will be candi
dates for offices in the territory, al
though a number of names have been
mentioned. The past Is history and
the future is. before us. We are still
fighting- and mean to continue out
fight until Arizona Is again Republi
can." Congressman Cameron is the owner
of the Bright Angel trail at the Grand
Canyon, having located it in 1SS4 and
made the first trip down this path from
the rim of the canyon 'to the Colorado
river. His fight against delegate Mark
Smith for delegate to congress, in
which Mr. Cameron won is still live
history in Arizona and his campaign
was one of the most sensationally suc
cessful in -the history of southwest
ern politics.
r. Cameron will go to Albuquerque
Thursday evening on a brief business
trip and from there to his home in
Flagstaff. He accompanied postmaster
general Hitchcock to El Paso, together
with territorial chairman Sames and
former chairman Hoval A. Smith. Mr.
Smith left Thursday afternoon for SI'
ver City on mining business, and Mr. '
Sames returned to his home In Douglas.
Tor the mother in the home to he
strong and "well, able to devote her
time and strength to the rearing of
children, is one of life's greatest
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abroad, which has been second import
ance, to Sol's friends, of the .one made
by 'The Great Moral Forces" precedng J fectly prepares the system for the
the advent of the El Pasoan in Euro
pean courts.
To the sorrow of thp foreign post
masters, Sol has returned to El Paso
and has ceased sending post cards back
to his friends.
He has been spending the summer
and considerable small change in Eu
rope seeing the sights.
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