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Fe try to offer better bargains each succeeding Saturday. The half dozen noted
for tomorrow are, we think, better than any previously offered. Read each one
carefully, remember that this is new fall merchandise at bargain prices, then
come early tomorrow morning and make your selections.
A Bargain in Chatelaines
The Chatelaine 5s one of tihe fancies of the Fall
season. Many and varied are the Chatelaines we
shonr, and tomorrow ,we quote a bargain price on
Genaan Silver Chatelaines. These are faur-piece,
consisting of a dainty mesh purse, a pencil, a
memorandum cam ana a aear gr v
little coin purse. Eegular $1.50 Jfc t
ChateJaines; Saturday Bargain ir
$2 Hand Bags $1
A genowras sized hand bag is reaHy a necessity
on an extended Ettoppirig fcr.n iwhere many small
bandies axe accumulated. Tomorrow we offer
serviceable leather hand bags, nicely lined and
fitted w3th coin purse, Uolors are black, navy,
green, tan and brown. Eegular ft if
1.50 to $2.00 bagsj tomoxroiw fh 9 JJ
oaly for .... - . r
$1.50 Veils 89c
2vew CMffbn 'VeOs of a serviceable quality chiffon.
Tra-o yards long, yard wide, hemstitched, come in
all the fashionable shades. Veils that should sell
for L50j Saturday pnly Bargain 89c
Extra ! Extra I
$1.50 Belts for 25c
A reduction that seems almost unhelieve
able. This is a collection of leather belts.
Mostly, they are only one or two of a kind.
A great part of them are a special pur
chase. "We want to close them out, and do
it quickly, so' "we make this unheard-of re
duction. Every kind of leather belt is in
cluded in tihe offer, every color, every style
of buckle, every size. They are belts that
sell regularly up to 1.50; on
sale tomorrow, while they jt
last, choice for
$7.50 Skirts
We place on sale tomorrow
'morning a lot of about 75
stylish fall skirts. They are
made of the wiry, hard finished
materials that shed dust
readily. Come in handsome
mannish mixtures as well as
tthe staple blacks and navies.
All the late sfcyles of the sea
son, including the modified
"Hobble" are represented. The
size range is complete. If you
'. need a stylish, serviceable skirt
at a anoney-saving price, come
early tomorrow and secure one
of these. Regular $7.50 skirts;
.we make them a Saturday
Bargain at
$ jM.95
Closing Out
Sample Hose
A few -dozen pair" still remain of our recent mammoth purchase
of sample hose. These are hose worth 50c and 75c a pair; they
have been on sale at 35c a pair, 3 pair $1.00. To close OP i
them out, we give you choice tomorrow at "
All kinds of women's hose are included in the lot. Take this
opportunity to secure reaHy fine hose for a nominal price.
KJ4! . ft 7 TJkWtW;
Tomorrow's paper will give
definite information of our
Fall '20 Fashion Show.
(Continued Front Page One.-)
business. The first celebration will be
held in Juarez on Saturday evening,
October 15. the day that president Diaz
arrived on the border and when he
dedicated the Benito Juarez monument.
iThis celebration will take the form
of the dedication ceremony of the tab
let at the custom house, which will be
attended by the mayor and city of-
liclafs of El Paso.
' Following this, a band concert is to
be arranged at the new Benito Juarez
plaza, where the monument was un
veiled Sunday. This will give many El
Pasonans an opportunity to see the
beautiful monument for the first time.
A reuest win probably be made to the
military department of Chihuahua for
the famous Third Cavalry band of Chi
huahua, which gave such a splendid
concert Tuesday evening to be dele
gated to furnish the music for the band
concert that will be a part of the Mex
ican celebration.
The following evening, which will be
Sunday, October 16, will be celebrated
in El Paso with a sacred concert by
the Municipal and Twenty-third infan
try bands and the unveiling of the tab
let in the chamber of commerce. The
city officials of Juarez will be invited
to attend this function and the mili
tary officers of Fort Bliss and the
Juarez garrison will be the special
guests of the two celebrations.
It fis expected that Taf t-Diaz day will
become an annual event in El Paso and
Cool weather reminds people of Ar
doln's fancy family sausage '
A Burglar In Town
his name is "bad cough." He doesn't
care for gold or silver but he will steal
your health away. If he appears in
your (house arrest him at once with
Ballard's Horehound Syrup, it may
mean consumption if you don't. A cure
for all coughs, colds and chest troubles.
'Price 25c, 50c and $1.00 per bottle.
All druggists.
Cameron Will Eeturn in jESFo-
Ternber for Hunting Trip
With Cecil Lyon.
Delegate Ralph Cameron, of Arizona.
j who accompanied postmaster general
Frank JHitchcock from Deming to El
Paso, left Thursday evening for Albu
querque on business and will return
from there to his home in Flagstaff.
"While here delegate Cameron, secreta
ry Albert M. Sanies, of the Arizona Re
publican committee, and Hoval A
Smith, of Douglas, held a political
powwow and mapped the plan of cam
paign for the Arizona political fight.
Delegate Cameron will return to El
Paso in November and will meet Cecil
A Lyon, the Republican oracle of
Texas, here and will accompany him on
a hunting trip to Mexico following the
November elections. - i
Ardoln's special sales Saturdays save
people money.
H J intended for 1 Z cTI I TL &F
Opening Occurs Next Monday Evening,
j j September 26th
JSSggf &? Read full details in Herald tomorrow I
fnn&ur SP60 invitations! Again we remind you that our newspaper announcements"
f tWwi are only itations to he issued. ' v 1
I Texas and Mesa I
I t ' "Tlie mere thought of .buying a diamond should suggest Silberljers's." 1
Important to All Women ,
Readers of This Paper
Thousands upon thousands of women
have kidney or bladder trouble and
never suspect it. .
"Women's complaints often prove to be
nothing else but kidney trouble, or tne
result of kidney or bladder disease.
If the kidneys are not In a healthy
condltion, they may cause the other
organs to become diseased.
You may suffer a great deal with
pain In the back, bearing-down feelings,
headache and loss of ambition.
Poor health makes you nervous, irrit
able and may be despondent; it makes
any one so.
But thousands of irritable, nervous.
tired and broken down women have re
stored their health and strength by the
use of Swamp-Root, the great Kidney,
Liver and Bladder Remedy.
Swamp-Root brings new life and ac
tivity to the kidneys, the cause of such
Many send for a sample bottle to see
what Swamp-Root, the great Kidney.
Liver and Bladder Remedy will do for
them. Every reader of this paper, who
has not already tried it, may address
Dr. Kilmer & Co., Blnghamton, N. T.,
and receive sample bottle free by mail.
Tou can purchase the regular fifty-cent
and one-dollar size bottles at all drug
the Middle West." Wm. D. Williams, a
member of the board of railroad com
missioners of Texas, was elected chair
man and John S. Dawson, attorney for
the Kansas board of railroad commis
sioners, secretary.
jkf ews
Train Bulletin.
All afternoon and evening trains are
reported on time.
To Lock Out Metal Workers.
Berlin, Sept. 23. The metal working
employers' organization has voted to
lock out the organized workmen in the
trade on October 8 unless striking ship
builders return to work before that
World's Best Table Water.
"White Rock table water is superior to
any other known water. A carload is
here, both distilled and charged.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phone .353.
Car Jumped on Owner.
Prosser, "Wash., Sept, 23. C. A. "Wil
der, a photographer, was killed on the
street by his own automobile Thurs
day while he was cranking the ma
chine. The car jumped upon him, roll
ed him and mangled him -and then
Dr. W. R, Wee&s, chronic diseases.
Dr. Leslye Hyde, osteopathic physi
cian, 814 Mesa.
Colorado Peaches.
"We have some nice Colorado peaches,
both clings and freestones. Make good
peach preserves.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phone 353.
"We have understood that there is
some report circulating among our for
mer patrrns that we were going out of
Any such report Is erroneous and
false "We have some new men with us
that are experienced transfer and liv
ery men and fully capable of running
our business in perfectly satisfactory
manner with our patrons and we appre
ciate favors extended us in past and
are ready at all times to serve our
Pomeioy El Paso Transfer Co.
"W. J. Harris, President.
"W. C. Davis, "Vice President,
J. W. Davis, Manager.
Seize Unstamped Opium.
Honolulu, Hawaii, Sept. 23. Un
stamped opium valued at $5000 has
been seized by United States district
attorney R. "W. Breckons in a tenement
house in Chinatown. The tins contain
ing the drug evidently had been in salt
-water for some time, probably thrown
into the ocean from some steamer ap
proaching this port.
Home Made Horseradish.
"We (have some excellent home made
horseradish which goes nicely with that
"Weisel sausage in our Delicatessen de
partment, Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phone 353.
Establish Xerr Panama Line.
Seattle, Wash., Sept. 23. A steam
ship line between Seattle and Panama
has been organized to carry freight
only and to connect with a similar
fleet plying between Colon and New
York. The steamers of the new line
are the Mackinaw, Stanley Dollar and
Geo. H. Fenwick. The Mackinaw will
sail for Panama October 10.
Dr. Cameron reliable dentistry, reason
able price. Over Guarantee shoe store.
C. L. BUlington, 709 Magoffin. Tel.
1489, painting, paper hanging, decorating
Tariff Commission Flanj.
"Washington, D. C, Sept. 23. Plans
are announced of a campaign to be
conducted by the National Tariff Com
mission association to have congress
enact legislation making the tariff
board a permanent body to be affiliat
ed as a bureau with the treasury department.
Let us suggest a dainty frozen desert.
Phone the Elite any time.
A Barrel of Sauerkraut.
Another barrel of that most excel
lent Heinz sauerkraut was opened to
day at this store. j
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phone 353.
To Cruise In Medlteranean.
Washington, D. C, Sept. 23. The
protected cruiser Des Moines has been
temporarily detached from duty on the
west coast of Africa, where she has
been loolking after American inter
ests at Liberia, and has been ordered
to proceed to Gibraltar for a short
cruise in the Meliterranean.
Kermit Roosevelt to Wed.
New York, Sept. 23. Kermit Roose
velt was a returning passenger last
night on the transatlantic liner Lusi
tania. Asked about the reports that
have "connected his name with that of
Miss Rutherford, a step-daughter of
W. K. Vanderbilt, he answered: "Oh,
those reports are not true. Do I know
Miss Rutherford? Well, I hardly know
Dr. Anna Reum, lady physician, resi
dence 812 Magoffin. Both phones.
Peach Ice cream fiellvered after sup
per. Phone the Elite.
ilexlco Still Celebrates.
Mexico City, Mex., Sept, 23. With
ceremonies of quiet dignity, the Na
tional University of Mexico yas inaug
urated here yesterday. President Diaz
and other high officials and .distin
guished educators from abroad were
present. The presidential luncheon
and ball in the national palace tomor
row night promises to be the most
brilliant social eVent in the history of
Dr. Prentiss, practice limited to dis
eases of stomach, intestines and liver.
Rio Grande Bank building.
Dr. J. A. Hcdrlck, surgeon and gyne
cologist, Roberts-Banner building.
Weisel's Sausages.
Weisel, of Milwaukee, Is known all
over the United States as the king of
sansatre makers. We handle Weisel
f sausage because, it's the best. Just
received the following:
TTead cheese.
Hard salama.
Bloodwurst. t J
Ring bologna.
All in our Delicatessen department
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phone 353.
Still Struggling "With Revenue.
Berlin, Germany, Sept, 23. The gov
ernment is still struggling with the
problems of revenue which failed of
solution through the fiscal legislation
of 1909. It has been rumored for some
months that the government intended
to introduce at the next session of the
reichstag a bill providing for addition
al taxation.
Rate Organization Formed.
Topeka, Kan., Sept, 23. A permanent
organization was formed here under
the name "The Traffic Federation of
(Continued From P&ga One.7
precaution signal fires were lighted
and .beyond Domodossola flags marked
the route and buoys showed the T;y
across Dake Magiore. Alpine solaiers
sent up heliographic signals in the
mountains, while the summit at Mon
scora was Illuminated with oxyhydri
que lights. A captive balloon at a
height of 6500 feet marked the aero
drome at Milan, which is about 75
miles as the crow flies from the start
ing point.
Chavez drove his monoplane, the
same trusty little macriine with whih
he recently soared to an altitude of
8792 feet at Issy. When he arose he
expressed perfect confidence In the
success of his attempt and the fact
that failure meant almost certain death
did not dampen his spirits. Weymann
was equally confident.
Elaborate preparations had been
made for the event and early today
each hamlet along the course to be
traversed was the scene of a gathering
that eagerly looked toward Brig for
the first sight of an approaching aeroplane.
Denver, Colo., Sept. 23. The discovery
of the bodies of two babies in the
sewer in the same section of the city
where two other bodies have been found
within a few days, has caused the Den
ven police to start a rigid Investigation.
It is thought the babies anay 'have been
Cincinnati, Sept. 23. President Taft
has promised some of the Ohio Repub
lican leaders that he would try to
help them out in this state by asking
several speakers of national promi
nence to take part In the campaign.
The president said he might also ask
secretary Naegel, of the department of
commerce and labor, to make a few
speeches in the state.
Fort Worth, Tex., Sept. 23. Rev. ,T.
P.- Hicks, pastor of the Hemphill Pres
byterian church, of this city, has an
nounced as a candidate for chaplain of
the next legislature.
States' Rights Conservationists.
Seattle, Wash., Sept. 23. Governor
M. E. Hay, of Washington, announces
that he has sent to the governors of
the Pacific coast and mountain states
letters asking their views on the ad
visability of holding another conserva
tion congress at which there might be
a fuller discussion of conservation as
viewed In the west than there was, ac
cording to governor Hay, at the recent
St. Paul meeting.
Do your own mixing, pay for poison
only, "Rough on Rats," a powder, then
you get results, for Roaches, Ants,
Mice, Rats, etc 15c, 25c, 75c. See di
rections how to use in out-buildings.
The Y. M. C. A. will entertain stu
dents of the high school, military insti
tute and business colleges at an open
house at 8 oclock Friday night. There
will be music, a program in the athletic
departments and a swim for all in the
A Specialist's Advice.
In a recent issue the New York Her
ald published a special article on the
eare of the hair. In which was given
the formula for a home-made Hair
Tonic, which was highly recommended
for its remarkable hair-growing prop
erties, as well as for stopping falling
hair, revitalizing the hair roots, and
destroying the dandruff germ. This ar
ticle was of special interest to me, as
the formula was one which I myself
have seen used in countless cases with
most astonishing benefit, thus confirm
ing my belief that home-made hair
preparations are the best. For the
benefit of those who have not seen it
before, I give the formula herewith.
Procure from your druggist an eight
ounce bottle containing six ounces of
Bay Rum, also purchase a two-ounce
sealed bottle of Lavona de Composee,
(Smith's), and one-half drachm Men
thol Crystals. Dissolve the Crystals
in the Bay Rum and then add the La
vona de Composee; shake thoroughly
and apply night and morning to the
roots of the hair, rubbing into the
scalp with the finger tips. This prepa
ration contains no coloring matter, but
restores gray hair to its natural color
by its action on the hair roots. If you
desire it perfumed add one teaspooiiful
of To-Ka-lon Perfume, which com
bines perfectly with the other Ingre
dients and imparts a most pleasing
scent. Be sure to get all enclosures in
the Lavona de Composee package, as
they give much valuable advice on care
of the hair and besides entitle you to
a sprinkler top for your bottle free of
A. E. Ryan &(Co., the well known
druggist, states that they have had
many calls for the preparation and are
prepared to fHl the formula at all
times. Do not apply where hair is not
Corner Kansas and Boulevard
A Good combination you will find them all at the
C. 0. D. ' ,
Bell Phones 884-844-823 Auto Phone 1691
Sugar, 18 pounds
Best Butter,
per pound
Fresh Kansas Egg3,
per doz
Extra Good Quality Pota
toes, 10 lbs. for .v.
Extra Nice Sweet Potatoes,
10 lbs. for .'
Xew Corn Meal,
83-4 lb. Sack for
National Oats (new) and fine
quality, per pkg. -...
Xew Dr. Price's All Grain
food, per pkg.
Xew Cream of Wheat,
per pkg.
Baker's Chocolate,
per cake
Lipbon's Jelly Tablets, all e
flavors, 3 pkgs. for -
Large fat Mackerel,
Bayles' Horse Radish and
Mustard, per Jar ,
Bayles' Hot Relish,
per jar
Fresh California Lettuce, 1 P
2 heads for IOC
4 Large Rolls Toilet Paper, for 25c
5 gals. Eupion Oil (the very best) for 8Qc
5 gals. Best Grade of Gasoline, for vH. 85c
2 cans Standard pack. Tomatoes (not seconds) for 15c
The C. 0. D. for Quality, Lower Prices and Good
Eyster's C. O, D. Grocery
Cor. Kansas and Boulevard.
Extra Fine Large Celery,
2 .bunches for
String Beans,
per pound
Fresh Tomatoes,
2 lbs. for-
Bell Peppers,
per pound
Fine Fresh Okra,
per pound -
Mountain Cabbage,
per pound -.,....
Fresh Pie Plant,
3 lbs. for .'
Fancy Colorado Peaches,
3 pounds for
California Grapes, extra
fine; 3 lbs. for
Good Oranges,
per doz.. 25c and .
Best Lemons,
per doz
Crystal White Soap,
6 bars for ...
D. C. Soap,"
8 bars for
Large pkg. Gold Dust,
each -
4 lbs. Best Bulk Starch,
for .
for .
;. Crescent Corn Starch
iking Is Equal to
the Home Product
Why worry yourself with Baking a cake for the Sun
day dinner? It takes a lot of time andtrouble so
why not let us do your baking. 'Anything' you need
in the way of cakes, pies and pastry you -can get here
and in most cases cheaper than you could do-it. your
self. We especially commend this
Special for Saturday
Angel Cake, a regular 35c value,
on sale Saturday only
ian Bakery
Phone Bell 310.
210 E. Overland St.
Auto 1310.
Miguel Ciniceros, "wiia hosi been con
fined in the county jail since February
on a charge of murder! as a. result of a
killing' near Ysleta, has given bond in
the sum of ?1000 and has secured his
Three 'large salt mackerel for 25c at
Ardoin's tomorrow.
W oTLbupsj iPm
Sunset Route
Through Tourist
leeping Cars to
Chicago, III. '
St. Louis, Mo.
Memphis, Tenn.
City Ticket Office
St. Regis Hotel
"The Philippines as I Saw
Them," by General James F.
Smith, ex-Governor of the Philip
pines, and "California's Black
Gold, the Romance of the Oil
Wells," by Walter V. Weelke. In
Sunset Ilagazine for August, now
on sale at all news stands, fifteen
All You
Fastidious men folks
WA see the fascinating
styles now snuwn iu
Fall Neckwear.
opp. p. o.
Is to feed your stock well if
you expect to get good serv
ice from them. We have the
right kind of feed at the
right prices. " Prompt and
courteous treatment is a se
cret of our growing trade.
We woidd like to add you to
our list of satisfied custom
ers. 0. G. Seeton & Son
i Third and Chihuahua Sts.

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