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p EI Paso Fair
t October 29th To
1 Nov. 6th, 191S
EJ Paso, Texas,
Thursday Evening,
September 29, 1910 - 12 Pages
El Paso-Mesilla Delegation and the El Paso Municipal Band
At the Eighteenth National Irrigation Congress In Pueblo
Hundred Thousand People
See BrooMns Make Start
From Chicago.
Chicago, HL, Sept." 29. At 9:23 this
morning "Walter BrooKins. in his
Wright biplane, xhe Hawk, started
for Springfield, 111., 187 miles away,
in an effort to break the long distance
sustained flight record of the country
One hundred thousand persons,
massed on Michigan avenue and the
lake" front, cheered the air navigator
as he left the ground easily and shot
away like a homing pigeon to the
Brookins' destination was the state
fair grounds at Springfield, and his
object the winning of the Chicago
Becord-Herald prize, of 10,000 Half
an hour later a special train, crowded
with spectators, started in pursuit of
t the aviator.
Tfio rPijiFft nf Monee. 34 miles from
Chicago, was passed by Brookins at 1
10:10. He was flying steadily about iv
miles an hour.
Brookins passed over Otto, 60 miles
from Chicago, at 11 a. m., maintaining
hour at a height of 2000 feet. Country
roads and fields everywhere were dot
ted with people watching -the flight.
Brookins stopped at Gilman for oil.
This precludes making the record fbr a
sustained flight, as Gilman is but 81
miles from the center of Chicago -and
75 miles from "Washington park, the
actual starting poin.t of the flight, but
will not prevent him winning a prize.
Crack Aviators Plan Victory
at the American AviaL
tion Meet.
Paris, France, Sept. 29. French avi
ation cracks are tuning up for ' the
American meet and the thoroughness of
their preparations betrays a determin
ation to bring back to France the. in
ternational trophy which Glenn Curtiss
won at Ttheims a year ago.
The team is made up of Alfred Le-
(Continued on Page Three.;
Berlin, Ger., Sept. 29. It is officially
reported today that 73 persons were
severely wounded in conflicts between
the coal strikers and police in the
Moabit department last night, when
the police received orders to ride down
the rioters without mercy. Quiet pre
vails today.
Carrying out an ord-ir to "suppress
disturbances without mer.y," the po
lice during the night rode down and
sabred mercilessly wherever a small
He Is the First Teetotaler to
"Hold the High Office
in That City.
London, England, Sept. 29. Sir
Thomas V. Strong was today clecled
lord mayor of London without opposi
tion. Sir Thomas is a temperance ad
vocate and enjoys the distinction of
being the first teetotaler to be chosen
chief magistrate of the metropolis.
Assistant Secretary of Cattle RaLsersr
Association Is victim of Pick
pocket at Fort Worth.
Fort "Worth, Texas, Sept. 23. A. C
"Williams, assistant secretary of the
Texas Cattle Raisers' association, was
irobbed of 100 by a pickpocket late last
night whi.e starting on a honeymoon
trip with his bride, who was Miss Alice
"Van Zandt They were boarding the
train for San Antonio when the robbery
It happened at one of the -dl 4
Paso fall fashion shows not so 4i
very long ago. Gowns and mil- 4"
linery the equal of whicn could 4"
not be found west of Paquin's
in Paris, were on dress parade. "
By deduction of the Billy 4-
Smith variety she was a school 4-
ma'am for she turned her head on 4
one side like a listening little 4
bird, when spoken to, a habit 4
she had acquired from hearing
the "A" class in spelling recite. -
"Do you know," she said to
her companion, "I have seen 4,
only one dress I would have, 4
and it was light blue. You 4
know light blue does not go well 4
with my complexion." 4.
Correct answer The monthly 4
pay day for pedigogs was three 4
days distant in the dim future. A
Twostep Arrah "Wanna . .Morse
Overture Preciosa "Weber
& Softly, Unawares Lincke
-$ Selection Faust Gounod
' Japanese intermezzo Ha-
nako Aletter
& Twostep Tehama Haines
& 4 to 5 p. m.
Vernon, Texas, Sept. 29. Dr. A. P.
Howard, charged with shooting and
killing Harry Burns here two weeks
ago, was today granted a change of
venue by the district court and the trial
will be held at Quanah, October 11.
group of people had gathered in the
district of Moabit.
For two days this district has .pp,
I the scene of riots, the Jike of -.vnich
nave not been witnessed m Berlin for
many a day. Hundreds of persons
have been injured and pitched Parties
between strikers and their sympa
thizers and the police have occurred.
The hospitals are crowded with those
who were injured, but most of the vic
tims who dropped before the blows of
the police went to vheir homes or 0
other Dlaces of-refusre in ordpr in nra.
i vent arrest.
Southern Pacific Car Men
Are Granted Demands
After Week's Conference.
An increase in -wages of from one-
half to onue cent per hour for all
carmen on. the Southern Pacific lines In
Texas," of which the G. H. is a part, and
I a recognition of their , union, the
Brotherhood of Bailway Carmen, Is the
substance of the victory gained" by the
carmen of these lines in their contro
versy with the road. It affects about 100
carmen in El Paso.
An increase of one cent per hour was
granted on April, as a voluntary act of
the company on April 1 last, applicable
to all car department employes receiv
ing over 20 cents per hour. The addi
tional cent just granted as a result of
the conference between strikers and J.
J. liyan, G. H. superintendent of motive
power, makes an increase of two cents
per hour within six months. The new
wage scale will go into effect on Octo
ber 1 and by the terms of the agree
ment it is said that the additional in
crease will date from April 1, 1910.
Those Who Are Benefited.
According to the terms of the agree
ment, coach carpenters now receiving
less than 3G cents per hour will be giv
en an increase of one cent per hour.
Transfer inspectors, those who Inspect
cars transferred from other lines, nave
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-ARE - A
McAleKter, Okla., Sept. 20. Upon the refusal of United States judge Mar
shall to widen the lntitr.de allowed the government In the prosecution of 'the
"Muskogee town lot cases," Involving Kovemor Haskell in conspiracy
charges to defraud the government, peclal prosecutor Rush todny entered
"nolle prosequis" in all four cases. The defendants were discharged.
This ends a two years' prosecution by the government against governor
Haskell, Walter Eaton, William T. HutcMngs and Clarence Turner, wealthy
3Inskos:ee land owners.
Chicago, III., Sept. 20. ."carly ull of the great fortune of Georcc A. Pnt
ion, millionaire grain op-vrator, who died last night of tuberculosis at he
home of his brother, .lames A. Putton', will go, it Is said, to public charities,
including a larjce donation for the furtherance of an anti-tubercitlosls cam
paign. Patton's fortune is estimated at $3,000,000.
appy tlie Kids, JTis Circus Day
To the Big Tents El Pasoans
If, as the long headed logicians say,
the boy is father to the man, then by
the same sign, an El Paso bos' and nia
dad are going to the circus tonight,
wind and weatner not preventing. j
Men may come and men may go but
the genus boy goes on forever. He
was the same Thursday morning as he
was in the' olden days before the time of
knickers and an old sweater which
hides an absence of collar and tie on
circus morning when day has not yet
broken and the circus trains are tooting
at the smelter crossing. Back tnereiu
the dim days when the circus xmeant a
bull ring with chariot race attachment,
ihe small boys of Rome would arise be
Murphy Easily Dominates
the New York Democratic
State Convention.-
Rochester, N. Y., Sept. 29. It was
anybody's race for the governorship
nomination when tne Democratic -state
convention. met this morning.
Chas. F. Murphy, of Tammany Hall,
was in position to dominate the conven
tion as the result of a coalition of dele
gates from New York, Kings, Queens
and Erie counties, but Murphy's re
peated declaration that upstate dele
gates would name the ticket leaves
things In the air.
Friends of "Edward -M. Shephard are
trying hard to convince Murphy that
Shepard was the choice of the upstate
delegate's. Efforts to induce congress
man, James HavShs to withdraw by of
fering the alternative of a seat on the
supreme court bench, failed and
Havens's managers claim 150 dele
gates pledged to him.
Temporary organization, the address
of judge Alton B. Parker, temporary
chairman, and the appointment of com
mittees took up the greater part of the
first session.
Young and Old Vend Their
fore the crack of day, slip on their
togas and go forth to watch the char
ioteers unload the racing steeds and
springless carts fro-m the barges on the
It was the same Thursday morning.
In as many El Paso homes as tnere are
red blooded boys, the sound of the alarm
clock was abroad in the land before the
first flat wheeled smelter car had gone
bumpity-bumping up Oregon street and
over the smelter hill. Mere formalities
such as face washing and hair combing
were dispensed with on an as important
occasion as the arrival of the circus in
town. Besides it was dark and no one
could see whether a face had been
washed or a shock of 'nair combed in
accordance with the household custom
Pueblo, Colo., Sept. 29. In substan
tiation, of El Paso's and New Mexico's
claims in the Rio Grande dispute with
Colorado, the following statement .has
been presented to 'the irrigation con
gress: ' ,
New Mexico and Texas object -to the
attitude of certain Colorado delegates
because it asks the Irrigation congress
for the first time in its history to dis
cuss and attempt to pass upon the
merits of a specific irrigation enter
prise, which is entirely foreign to the
principles and purposes of the organ!-.
" Also because it calls upon the con
gress to sit as a court of "review upon
the action of the interior department
and. reclamation Services -as to the
regular and engineering features of a
particular project.
New Mexico and Texas contend oniy
for the fair and impartial distinction
of prior appropriation, of which bene
ficiary use is the measure and test.
The national government of neces
sity must exercise supervisory juris
diction over the distribution of waters
of interstate streams. The United
States supreme court has plainly
enunciated such distinction in the Kan-
sas-Colorado contest-
Colorado cannot successfully main
tain the contention that under the
terms of her enabling act she is -en
titled to .hold, appropriate and divert
all of the 'torrential flow of the Rio
Grande, which is not only an inter
state, but an international stream and
also one which- is navigable in part,
the obstructing or the repairing of 'the
navigability of which is prohibited by
the terms of the treaty of Guadalupe
.Hidalgo and the Gadsden purchase,
save by consent of the republic of
Mexico; again by specific legislations
of congress, by the -act of 'December,
1S90, wherein among other things it is
provided: '
"The creation of any obstruction, not
affirmatively authorized by law, to the
navigable capacity of any waters of
which the United States has jurisdic
tion, Is hereby prohibited."
It follows that niy the "United
States government by consent of tb?
republic of Mexico can construct or
authorize the construction of works
which obstruct or impair the .navigable
capacity' of the RhxGrande where same
forms the international boundary with
.Mexico. Such consent has been ex
pressed by Mexico with reference to
th Rio Grande project by the treaty
of June, -1906, and by virtue of the
terms of which an obligation has been
imposed upon and assumed by. the
Unitel States to restore to the re
public of Mexico for irrigation pur
poses in waters of the Rio Grande of
which 'the lands 'of that republic have
N. M. Walker
which causes a boy so much trouble to
In groups of twos and fours the fu
ture El Paso men swept over smelter
hill, from the far end of Montana, and
from out on Arizona. Lantern lighted
groups hurried along the dim haze of
early morning, the sole topic of dis;
cussion being the relative size and im
portance of the"elep.oant herd as com
pared with another equally famous cir
cus which showed here last year. The
G. H. yards was the gathering ground
and the long string of cumbersome yel
low, circus cars, as ponderous as th
pachyderms they encased, were the
lodestones which attracted the boys
.(Continued on rage F.lye.)
been deprived by reason of continued
and increasing appropriation and the
diversion of such waters higher up the
stream, and congress has already ap
propriated, one million dollar's for the
express purpose of aiding in the con
struction of the works necessary for
such ' purpose.
Purs.uant- to . and. in line with the
treaty" obligation thus accepted, the
secretary of the interior has recently
officially declared in substance that no
stronger or more impairing reason
could exist for sustaining the action
of his predecessor In declining to per
mit further diversion of the waters of
the Rio Grande pending the fulfilment
of such treaty.
Federal jurisdiction is not only
clearly established, but it is apparent
that only by the exercise 'bf such juris
diction can the international obliga
tions be fulfilled and the representa-
tive rights of Colorado, New Mexico
and Texas in the Interstate stream be
All Mi., K. & T. Shops Or
dered Closed When Ap
propriation Is Ex
hausted. ' Denison, Tex., Sept. 29.,-All locomo
tive shops of the Missouri, 'Kans-is ' z
Texas railroad: were ordered closed to
day, because the appropriation for the
-maintenance, of such shops .was -ex-hausted.
Several thousand men ' ar.e
.thrown qut'of employment and the en
tire system affected.
' ;"
' I
4" m Owing to the fact that the
4 ' Cotton addition show grounds 4,
4" opposite -the car barns, 'have "4
5 been platted and streets cut
$ through the grounds the circus
4- was forced to change its loca- 4
4 tion. The site of the big show. 4.
4 is on-the upper -end of-the Cot- 4-
4" ton addition at the end of the 4
4 Boulevard, Highland Park, Gov- 4-
4- eminent Hill or Fort Bliss car 4
4" lines. ,$.
"! '4.
Los Angeles, Calif., Sept. 29. The
problem created by state versus na
tional control of water power sites,
which are exciting the National Irri
gation congress at Pueblo, came be
fore the resolutions committee of the
American Mining congress today in a
resolution demanding that the state
control be recognized, and that laws
be passed forthwith which will enable
the leasing of sites and developing of
power, -Revenues from such leases to
be devoted to the protection of water
sheds from forest fires.
Coloradoan Presents It. '
D. L. Foster, of Colorado, presented
the resolution. It calls for 60-year
leases of water power sites and de
clares the power to be essential to fur
ther development of mining interests.
The resolution is likely to cause an
By Courtesy of the Pueblo Star Joul nal.
Twitchell Selected for Presi
dent of the Next Irrigation
(By G. A. Martin).
Pueblo, Colo., Sept. 29. -"Whipped t
a frazzle, the Colorado delegation has
set up the baby cry.
'The papers toaay charge that Texas
and New1 Mexico came to- the congress
on special trains loaded down with sou
venirs and are spending money like
water and that "gang politics" are coh
trollng the convention.
To hear the Colorado eelegation talk,
"Poor little Denver" has been out gen
erated and outfought by "rich and
mighty El Paso," but that is not what
they say, for- Colorado never admits
.that anybody is mighty but Colorado,
but the effect is the same. Colorado,
from the. Colorado standpoint, has been
unmercifully whipped aad denied her
rights by a greedy delegation from an-
:otherstate, just because Colorado could
not have the whole cake.
Fight Near' at Haai.
The great fight comes off this even
ing or tomorrow morning." It is not
yet ' decldled just when the committee
on common resolution will report, but
on. effort is -being made, to have the
report brought In ithis afternoon- Colo
rado wants it put-off another day In
the vain hope that something will turn.
'up. "Like the drowning "man "grasping
at 'drift wood, Colorado wants "the pun
ishment put. off as long as. possible. In
the committee Colorado, stood alone in
its fights on Elephant Butte and did not
get a second .,
Certain of Victory.
The Texans- .and . New. .Mexicans are
certain of viptory. Gffford Pinchot will
be here this afternoon and he is ex
pected to put on the -finishing touches
that Bryan started so well when he be
gan "trimming the" Cdrorado-delegation
Monday night- ". -
The committee on permanent organl-
(Continued on Page 2.),
Interesting session either in the com
mittee or before the congress, as state
control has warm friends and strong
The resolutions committee has re
ported favorably on plans to eliminate
"wild catters."
A resolution was adopr3I demanding
the immediate Investigation by tha in
terstate commerce commission of rates
extracted by the railroads for carry
ing ores. It was charged both in tle
resolution and in an address by Tracy
Becker, of Los Angeles, that the rail
roads wore "charging all that the traf
fic would bear."
The resolution commended the ap
pointment of a special committee by
the congress to procure prompt action
by the interstate' commerce commission.

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