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13 El Paso's
. Only Exclusive 5SBs
j Ready-to-Wear 49t&s
1 store J&W
"BysvIL Advanc
kmtml. iffl iw n u:s& &mvu
mmk 4
1 ItsM mW II kmI Km
' III 4 fpirV ftmEJB
.';Rf fi Hfll
If! if I M i S1H
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" '"-"' u - " "H!
p ere Tomorrow
Store Closed ThursdayHoliday
By reason of the fact that we shall be closed all day Thursday, we
have arranged many'special features for tomorrow.
ularly true in ready -to -Wear. Then, too, the opening
of the Toltec Club, Friday night, will make many de
mands on the toilette that can best be met here.
We mention, in addition to the evening
gowns and wraps, such items as Fans,
Scarfs, Hair Ornaments, Gloves in fact,
whether it be the complete costume or just
one item it is here your particular need can
be supplied best.
This is partic-
Sale of Furs
Price Advantages Are Most Unusual
An important feature here this week is the Advance Sale of Furs. The
saving represented, is about 25 percent. !Not only do we offer you this
substantial saving but present for your selection a collection of furs
-which is, beyond a doubt, the handsomest it is possible to assemble.
Besides the very expensive furs ordered especially for our recent Fashion
Show, the range extends down to the more substantial and less expensive
kinds. Stocks are replete with handsome fur coats and the individual
pieces muffs and neck pieces 'from .which to make the set. We mention
a few of the various' furs on sale Black Lynx, Black French Cooney and
Black Hare, American, Japanese and China Mink, Blue Wolf and Australian
Opossum, the White Iceland Fpx, the Natural Squirrel and the Xatural
Fox, the" Silver Fox and Silver Hare.
(Childrens Fur Sets are included in this week's sale!)
A Deposit Will Hold Any Fur For
Future Delivery
Demonstration of
"Bon Ton". Corsets
A consulting corsetiere from New York is at yonr service. The Bon Ton Corset Co.
has sent to El Paso one of their most expert corset fitters. She s ready to consult
with, and advise, our customers as to the correct corset for each individual figure. For
the present, she will hold, except Thursday, daily consultation in our Corset Depart
ment. This service costs our customers nothing, and gives them an opportunity to
learn from absolute authority ju3t what corset conforms the best to each particular
figure. Notwithstanding you are tall and slender but short waisted or stout with
narrow shoulders, a little time spent at the "Bon Ton" Demonstration "will result in
Corset Satisfaction.
'uiii.i.'iu'iJiflM i ill LI. -ft .TVI "'JiffWTWJBI
s r. - " f,. ffgyyS&r77P Tzr-rr. a . ,. -,- - .
- -- - - - -Hi- ' - " .
U 'i.
Look Over These Specials
For Tomorrow and Thursday
Every one of these specials for tomorrow and Thurs
day is a real "bargain. Read them carefully, jot down
your needs, or better still, bring the ad along. It's just
like finding money.
Men's GoH Bond Box Calf Shoe,
Regular $2.00 d- ffl
Men's Gunmetal Blu. Shoe, cap toe,
regular ?3-25 d0 iJJ
value lfcrfet
Boy's 'Elkskin Shoes,
regular ?2.00 value..
Ladies' Yici KM Blucher Shoes,
regular ?2.00 dj-j (A
value pJLiVJTr
Ladies' Patent Leather Pumps,
regular $2.50 . d OP
value tp&m&iQ
Juvenel Food Chopper, r? f
& regular 85c value JJ
40 ft. Tvire clothesline,
a regular 20c value
Willow clothes basket, medium size,
regular $1.00 7E!
value . O C
Double rice boiler, QQ
regular 50c value , 3cC
12 qt. enamel water bucket oq
regular 50c value 2f3 C
14 qt. enameled water " ?0
' bucket reg. 75c value . 0 L? C
5 qt. enameled tea kettle A Q
regular 65c value TTtC
Boy's large express wagon, regular
-no. 1 wame iron, q .
regular $1.25 value P JL '
Xo. 9 galvanized wash boiler, qa
regular $1.19 value UUQ
211 Texas Street
Bell Phone 167
Automobile club of America. The de
cision of this body will not be made
known until the board of governors has
passed on it. A meeting- of the board of
governors has been called for tomorrow.
City hack stand. Phone 1 or 1001.
3Iexican Aguncates
"We are receiving fresh every day
fancy Mexican aguacates, 3 for 10'cents.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phine 353.
Campeche Is Inundated.
Mexico City, Mex., Oct. 11. Tele
graphic reports state that high winds
on the gulf have caused an inundation
of the port of Campeche, capital of the
state of Campeche, causing considerable
property damage. All railroad traffic
with Merida, Yucatan, is suspended. The
authorities fear that unsanitarv condi
tions resulting from the receding waters
may cause another outbreak of yellow
fever. Tne report states that there was
no loss of life.
of citizensJiip in which he belongs?. He
declared that he is opposed to govern
ment control over the Indian, who is
entitled to the rights of citizensnip.
IiOngwell has nice hacks.
Dr. Schuller, Dentist, has moved to
Roberts-Banner building.
3rny Continue Rites.
Cincinnati, O., Oct. 11. The house of
bishops of the Episcopal church ,now
meeting nere has decided that Jews
who have been converted to the Epis
copal faith may continue Jewish rites
and practices, providing 'they do so for
moral or sanitary reasons, but not as
ary matter of religion." The bishops also
discussed proposals to revise the church
canons on marriage and. dLvorce. The
matter was made a special order for
Thursday. The present canons forbid
the re-marriage in the church of di
vorced persons.
head of t?ne Osterman concern, who
spent several hours on the witness
stand. Dolph was permitted to re
fresh his memory by referring to tl
book. In this manner a number of
pages in the book were admitted as
evidence against Frank B. Harriman,
John M. Taylor, and James L. Ewing,
the defendants. The defence, however,
fought the admission of each page.
Mrs. Jolley will be glad to see her
friends and customers at
The Pattern Hat Store.
219 San Antonio St.
Tonight at Fraternal Brotherhood
hall, the Ladies' Aid Society of the
English Lutheran church will give a
social at S p. m. Mrs. E. Schlemmer,
Pres.; Mrs. K. Hintze, Sec.
Dr. Amelia Burk, and Dr. Grace Par
ker, both of Dr. A. T. Stilus Osteopathic
Infirmary, of Kirksville, Mo.. o.'ing to
the great rush at the Dr. A. T. Still
Osteopathic infirmary 'nefe in 1 Paso
n ill both be on the staff of Dr. Ira 'A.
Collins, physician in chief. The coming
of so many this year of every kind of
disease has made it necessary. More
help will also arrive in November.
EI Paso's Newest and Most
Unique Store Building
Began Business This
El Paso Is nothing if not progres
sive! This was agaan proven true this
morning when the new Posener build
ing was- thrown open. This Is El Paso's
newest business establishment and
stands as one of the most unique build
ings in the United States. Enthusiastic
crowds began at an early hour, and
continued. To describe in detail the va
rious floors would be an endless task.
The show windows, alone, offered a
beautiful showing sufficient In Itself
to interest every visitor. Among the
endless, bewildering beautiful things
shown in the windows the one to which
all others gave place was a handsome
Parisian set of hat, stole and muif.
This was snowy white, being made of
ostrich feathers and swansdown. This
set is not only the handsomest ever
seen in El Paso but also one of the
handsomest ever brought toHhe United
On entering the store, the visitor
found a beautifully appointed sales
room. Here were shown all the novel
ties in ortrich plumes, in French and
willow styles, birds of paradise feath
ers, aigrettes and every other imag
inable conception in feathers. Here al
so were seen beautiful scarfs, chate
laine novelties, from the inexpensive to
the solid sijver kind, the new mesh
bags and many other novelties.
The big electric elevator carried the
visitor quickly and noiselessly to ths
second floor, where were shown the
Parisian pattern hats. Such a display
has never before been seen in El Paso
and to miss seeing it will be unfor
tunate.. The elevator being crowded, the vis
itor used the spiral stairway, which
connects the entire six floors, and so
Reached the third floor. .Here nJareH
shown an array or stunning tailored
jnodels from such representative
makers as Bergesser, Phipps, Gage,
Fisk, Dunlap, Knox and every hatter of
repute. This collectfon of tailored hats,
like the display in the Parisian salon,
it would be impossible to describe In
dividually. A visit is the only way to
fully appreciate their beauty.
The spiral stairway again did serv
ice and the visitor arrived at the fourth
floor, which is a duplicate in point of
beauty and completeness of the other
two, but the stock presented is entirely
diferent. Children's and misses' hats
comprise the major portion of the
showing. In addition, are seen a vast
collection of street hats.
Upon trying to reach the fifth floor,
which is the millinery workroom, the
visitor found that this floor was not
open to public inspection yet, but
would be in a day or two.
Entering the elevaitor, the visitor
quickly descended to the subsection
of the Posener building, which is the
beauty parlor. This being something
entirely new to El Paso, it easily di
vided attention with the other depart
ments. The beauty parlor is really
a white marble hall. It 'is equipped
with white enameled sanitary furni
ture and all . scientific equipment
known. Sterlizing cabinets,, basins with
hot and cold distilled water, all gave
evidence that no point has been over-
i looked.
As the store space on the various
floors 1s limited, the Posener opening
continues all week, and there is no '
doubt that everybody in El Paso will
avail themselves of this opportunity
of visiting this unique Bl Paso establishment.
I Days of
Dr. Leslye Hyde, osteopathic physi
cian, 814 Mesa.
Train Bulletin.
All afternoon and evening trains ara
reported On time.
Xevi Codfish
We received this morning some of the
nicest new boneless codfish we evei
saw, 20 cents a box.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery.
Phone 353.
Aviator Takes Tumble.
St. Louis,' Mo., Oct. 11. While at
tempting to make a sharp turn at an
altitude of about 25 feet, at the aviation
grounds, Ralph Johnstone in a biplane
Jost his balance and with the machine,
fell to .the ground. He was only slightly
bruised, and will be ut again in a few
days. His biplane is a total wreck.
near here. Snyder was crushed beneath
the engine and Hinton was scalded to
j Dr. B. Staten, Roberts-Banner Bldg.
Jones Dairy Farm Sausage.
"We are now receiving fresh every day
the famous Jones Dairy Farm little pig
sausage, 35 cents a pound.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phine 353.
Tour baggage is safe with Longwell.
Two Growing: Towns.
Washington, D. C, Oct. 11. The pop
ulation of Decatur, 111., is 31,140, an in-
I crease of 10.3S6 or 50 nercent a? com
pared with 20,754 in 1900. The popula
tion of Macon, Ga., is 40,665, an increase
of 17,393, or 74.7 percent as compared
with 23,272 in 1900.
Dr. W. R. Weeks, chronic diseases.
Dr. Cameron reliable dentistry, reason
able price. Over Guarantee shoe store.
To Seize Deltz's Venison.
Chippewa Falls, Wis., Oct. 11. Five
game wardens passed through en route
to Winter, to seize five deer carcasses
found in John Deitz's store Saturday
evening at Cameron Dam fnlinwino- vii
surrender. The tram wnrfloo -a i I
" w -. u.o -A C AX I
sLiuciea to prepare formal charges
against Deitz for violating the game
laws. Deitz, when asked by a deputy
why he had so much venison, replied
lie was rushed over time to keep a sup
ply of jerked venison on hand, to present
to the newspaper correspondents who
visited his home.
Longwell has nice 'nacks.
Dr. Prentiss, practice limited to dis
eases of stomach, Intestines and liver.
Rio Grande Bank building.
Turkish baths for gentlemen at Gem
Barber Shop, 206 S. El Paso.
Two Killed in Wreck.
Salina, Kans., Oct. 11. George Sny
der, engineer and Roy Hinton, fireman,
were killed when a Missouri Pacific
freight train was wrecked at Falum
City hack stand, Phong 1 or 1001.
Dr. J. A. Hedrick, surgeon and gyne
cologist. Roberts-Banner building.
Savannah Being Considered.
New York, 2. Y., Oct. 11. The formal
application of the Savannah Auto club
for a sanction to hold the second inter
national grand prize race over the
course near Savannah was presented to
day by a committee of tne cluo to the
All water users and business men in
terested in the development of the val
ley are hereby requested to attend a
conference with the board of army en
gineers who are now investigating the
different irrigation projects in charge
of the reclamation service, including the
Elephant Butte dam and canal system,
to be held at the chamber of commerce,
Wednesday morning at 10 oclock.
Felix Martinez,
Chairman Executive Committee.
El Paso Valley Water "Users' Association,
Ballinger Talks to Indians.
Muskogee, Okla., Oct. 11. A large
audience of whites, indians and negroes
last night heard secretary of the in
terior Ballinger discuss the questions
that confront the national government,
in winding up the affairs of the five
civilized tribes of Oklahoma. He spokp
at the opening session of the National
Indian congress. Secretary Ballinger j
raid tnat todaj- it is not a question of
trving to conserve the indian as an in- '
dian, but to conserve him in the class '
Office Constructing Quartermaster,
Fort Bayard, N. M., October 7, 19 L0.
Sealed proposals, in triplicate, will be
received here until 11 a, m., October 31,
1910, and then opened for the construc
tion of an extension of the sewer main3
and a relocation of the water mains at
this port. Approximate quantities are
as follows: 1750 Lin. ft. 6 in. vitrified
sewer pipe; 5 hanholes, 190 Lin. 'ft. 3
in. C. I. -sewer pipe; I motor driven
automatic sewage ejector o about 75
gallons per minute capacity; 470 Lin
ft. 6 in. C. I. water pipe; 110 Lir.. ft. 4
in. C. I. water pipe. Plans, specifica
tions and blank proposals furnished on
application J. R. McAndrews, Captain
& Q. M., U. S. A., Constructing Quartermaster.
are aging If gray hairs begin to ap
pear, Wells' Hair Balsam so gradually
and perfectly restores gray hairs to or
iginal color that no one would suspect
you of u?Ing anything. 50c and $1.00
at druggists.
E. S. Wells, Chemist, Jersey City, N. J.
Desertions Decrease.
Washington, D. C, Oct 11. A three
percent decrease has occurred in deser
tions from the army and every effort
has been made to decrease the number
of summary court trials says Brig. Gen.
Albert L. Myer, in his annual report on
the department of Texas. He says the
absence of many officers, especially cap
tains, and the turning over of com
mands to the younger officers of the
companies has much to do with the
"increasing lack of knowledge and ex
perience in handling men."
The manager of the Princess theater
announces that he has on the program
for tonight a great picture in Thelma,
adapted from Marie Corelli's book, and
produced by the Thankhouser compa
ny. The staging and photography in
this picture are very fine, says the
Smoked Bloaters.
They are new smoked bloaters it 5
cents eacn.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery
Phone 353.
C. Ii. BHIington. 7CD Magoffin. TeL
1489, painting, paper hanging, decorating
Little Bed Boole in Evidence.
Chicago, 111., Oct. 11. ''The little red
book," the personal expense record of
Henry C. Osterman, former president of
the Osterman Manufacturing company,
was presented in evidence In tne Illinois
Central car repair fraud case in the
municipal court. The book, tendered bj
the prosecution as its trump card, was
presented by Henry C. Dolph, one time
Manager Rich says El Pasoans are
not slow in recognizing talent when
the opportunity is presented, and on
Monday the word was passed, "See
Brown of Harvard' at the Crawford,
for it's worth several times the small
prices, and Bert Gagnon Is fully as
good as was Harry Woodruff in the
role of 'Brown.' "
There will be a Wednesday matinee
at 10c and 25c prices. All seats will be
The Irish Senators are entertaining
the patrons of the Majestic, and man
ager Rich says that, judging from the
reception they are receiving at each
performance, they are more than
pleasing. Two shows nightly; prices
10c and 25c.
Four Indictments were returned by
the grand jury Tuesday, j. h. Hicks
Is charged with criminal assault; J. T.
Bentley, alias J. C. Smith, Is charged
with assault to murder and burglary,
arid the other party indicted is ndt in
Sample line at Manufacturer's prices
Pattern Hat Store. 219 San Antonio St!
High Priced Millinery
Have Departed
Previous to the opening of our establishment,
El Paso people were accustomed to pay almost
fabulous prices for handsome millinery that hap
pened to please their fancy. We decided, from
the beginning, to do things differently, and we
have already proven conclusively that handsome
millinery can be sold at a reasonable price and
still afford a legitimate profit. We much prefer
to do a volume of business at small profits
than a small business at enormous profits.
One Price No Reduction
One of the hardest things we have had to
overcome is to disabuse the public's mind as.
to price-cutting. Time after time, prospec
tive customers have walked out of the stoi;e.
because of the fact that we would not cut a
price. However, the majority of them caii 3
back, and told us frankly that after making
a comparison they found our millinery su
perior to that .shown elsewhere even when
prices were cut and re-cut. We respect the
public's intelligence too much to make an
ridiculous claims,, and at all times every
assertion made in our advertisements anxk
in our store, will be fully backed up.
Styles Superior
Values Better
Unanimous approval has been accorded us for
the superior styles we show and the better val
ues. The beautiful hats that we have secured
from noted millinery artists, together with those
from our workroom, form a collection of millin
ery that' is not approached in El Paso. This has
reference to both styles and values. TThether
you select here a hat from foreign fashion cen
ters, or one of those we have prepared from our
own general ideas of style, the result will be thb
same satisfaction. On the other hand, if we
haven't a hat that conforms to your exact needs
of face or figure, we have unquestione'd ability
to design something especially for you.
Millinery of the Hour
At Joint Meeting Officers
! Decide to Assist the
' Women's Charity.
Under the patronage of the city and
county, the work of the Woman's
Charity association will be carried for
ward. The county and city fathers at
a meeting late Monday afternoon voted
to subscribe $100 each per month to the
fund. The action was the result of the
appeals to the county and city by the
charity association.
Ii Means
Original and Genuine
The Fcod-drink for All Ages.
More healthful than Tea or Coffee.
Agrees with the weakest digestion.
Delicious, invigorating and nutritious.
Rich milk, malted grain, powder form.
A quick lunch prepared in a minute.
Take no substitute. AskforHORLICK'S.
Others are imitations.
Inspection of a proposed preliminary
grade for the street railway company
during the building- of the viaduct on
the smelter car line, has been made
by acting mayor J. I. Hewitt, alder
men Clayton and McGhee and city en
gineer Todd. It will require about
four months to complete the viaduct,
H. L. Canfield was in the city Mondav
in charge of a government fish car, re
turning from Arizona, where the reser
voir at the Roosevelt dam was stocked
with several varieties of fish.
The Knoblauch Drug Store says tt
every person, be it man, woman 02
child, who has an irritated, tender or
itching skin to come to our store and
procure a bottle of ZEMO and cake oi
ZEMO soan onrt if -L-rtu o-a t,. s ,..
- -- - - jwvi .& uui cutiraiy
satisfied with results, come back and
set jT)ur money, so confident are we o
the efficacy of this clean, simple treat
ment, that we make you this unusual
ZEMO is a clear liquid for external
use that has cured so many cases 01
eczema, pimples, dandruff and other
forms of skin eruption. ZEMO and
ZEMO soap are the most economical as
well as the cleanest and moat effective
treatment for affections of the skin or
scalp, whether 01? infant or irrown person-

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