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1 SweLi SCHEME TO AK UmO T'LU GO THb - r -- ' ( QOK AW, FOR- ( WA.(T A KSJ LJDOK ' J SFfcce
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Timely Gossip About '
World Series Gatnes
Here-Js tbe lineup for the great world
series baseball tournament which opens
In Philadelphia on October 17 between
Chicago and Philadelphia of the Na
tional and American leagues:
First game, Monday, -October 17, at
Second game, Tuesday, October 18,
at Philadelphia.
"Wednesday, October 19, on train trip
from Phlladelpnia to Chicago.
Third game, Thursday, October 20, at
Fourth game, Friday, Oclober 21, at
In case other games are required, a
fifth game will be played October 22,
after a hurried run in a special train
from Chicago to Philadelphia and in
case another game is required, another
run in a special train will be made
from Philadelphia to Chicago in time
to play the sixth game in Chicago on
Sunday., October 23.
The Umpires.
The umpires for the big series will
be PJgley and O'Day for the National
league and Connolly and Sheridan for
the American league.
The EUsibles.
The players eligible to take part in
the series are: Chicago National league
Archer, Beaumont, Brown, Cole,
Chance, Evers, Foxen, Hoffman, Kling. i
Kane, Mclntyre, Needham, Overall,
Pfeiffer, Pfeister, Richie, Ruelbach,
Sheckard, Steinfeldt, Schulte, Tinker,
"Weaver and Zimmerman.
Philadelphia American club Atkins,
Bender, Barry, Baker, Coombs, Collins,
Donohue, Dygert, Davis, Derrick, Hou
ser, Hartzel, Krause, Lapp, Livingston,
Lord, Morgan, Murphy, Mclniris, Old
ring, Plank and Tnomas.
The Scorers.
The scorers selected are Francis
Ttichter of Philadelphia and Taylor
Spink of St. Louis.
Reserved seat prices were fixed at
from 1 to 53, while prices for general
admission will be 50 cents.
As usual, the players will receive 60
percent of the proceeds of the first four
games, but In order to allow the play
ers to'partake of the benefit of a pos
sible Sunday game, the commission put
a provision in the rules that if none
of the first four games receipts equal
Rid it of Gas, Sourness and
Fermentation in five Min
utes, "with 'Mi-o-na
Stomach Tablets.
Kelly & Pollard Sell Them and Guaran
tee Them.
You eat food to keep yourself alive.
"When you put food into a healthy
stomach it is the duty of that stomach
to extract from the food all of Its nu
tritious matter.
This nutritious -matter is passed along
to tne blood, and in turnMs carried to
and supplies life to every part of the
If your stomach is upset it does not
extract enough nourishment to supply
the wants of the body, and naturally
disease develops wherever the body Is
trouble or indigestion causes
dizziness, biliousness, nervousness, weak
eyes, sick headaches, sleeplessness,
nlo-lit-ma-ro ra tprhrasli. belchinET Of
sour food, foul breath, despondency,
constipation and even loss of energy
and memory.
For any stomach trouble, no .matter
how bad Kelly & Pollard sell and
guarantee Ml-o-na stomach tablets to
give quick relief and permanent cure,
or money back.
A large box costs but 50 cents at
Kelly & Pollard's and druggists every
where. They are small and easily
swallowed, and used regularly they
will surely cure Indigestion.
) . Independent Assay Offise
D. "Wg. BrcraAsr. E.1L, Proprietor.
ChemKxuArahjms. Mines Exarnfnsi
and. fitporttd Upon. Bullion Wtrk a
Spedtlty. p.o. rox s.
Office ziia Laboratory:
Cw. Saa FwHhn citMEifcw Sfe.
Custom Assay Office
Successors to Hughes & Critchett.
Assayers. Chemists, Metallurgists.
Agents for Ore Shippers.
322 San Francisco St. Phone 324.
4w ia M. 5-JC
wem j iaturaaj-, lvane v. .oies j
Everything 'With Ftir On Isn't a CcttUhat I, a TLA I ft Cat
those of the Sunday game in Chicago,
in case the latter game Is played, the
players' proportionate snare shall be
made on the basis of the Sunday gane
in Ch'cago.
( t.niniNxion Cites Kule.
The commission also called attention
to the rule of the series which forbid
the tesms to give any part of the
world's series proceeds to former team
mates released to clubs in the an:e
league this season and prohibiting the
j giving of bonuses by the owners of the
players or the two clubs.
In case any of the games are prevent- j
ed by weatner conditions, the succeed
ing games are to be moved ahead, ex
cept that in any event the game sched
uled for Sunday, October 23, Is to be
played in Chicago.
Having in mind the trouble with
ticket sellers during other world's
series, the commission added the fol
lowing warning announcements: The
public is cautioned against paying any
higher prices for tickets than those
fixed in the official schedules. Every
effort will be made to prevent ticket
scalping and the license granted to
the ticket sellers w411 be revoked if they'
are found in the hands of scalpers.
4. (By Tim.) 4-
Mud horses took It all at Ogden
"Wednesday, and the very card was
mud splattered. Young Belle look the
feature with, eclat (French.)
Hound coursing is good sport, and
they are having lots of it at Sutton,
Neb. "With 135 crack graj'hounds com
peting for the national "Waterloo cup
stake, the National Coursing1 associa
tion has finished the second round. This
Is the American class grayhound event
and kennels from 10 states have en
tries in the race.
At Philadelphia, "Wednesday, the
American league team of all stars
again defeated the Philadelphia Amer
ican league team, the score being 5
to 1. Bender, Plank and Coombs
pitched for Philadelphia, and all of
them were far more effective than In
the first game of the series. "Walsh
kept Philadelphia's hits scattered.
General H. won the 3025 McDowell
stake, "Wednesday's feature event of
the card of the Kentucky Horse Breed
ers' association, trotting the second
heat in 2:05. The 2:20 trot, carried
over from Tuesday, proved a surprise,
when Carnation took the last three
heats from Betsy, who won the first
It is estimated by representatives of
the' national commission having charge j
of the distribution of seats for the first !
two baseball games in the world's
series next week, that $70,000 has been
returned to applicants for tickets
whose orders cannot be filled. The
demand for tickets has broken all rec
ords. The amount of money returned
is the largest ever turned back.
At Chicago, "Wednesday, Michael Mc
Dermott, of the Chicago Athletic asso
ciation, broke the world's record for
100 yard break stone swim, by two
and two-fifths seconds. McDermotc
covered the ristance in 1:11 3-5.
'9 "F""
Cactus club bowlers, at home, de
feated the Country club five in the sec
ond game of the city league. The mar
gin was 132 pins, with exceptionally
high totalxmarks. High game was taken
by TVeaber at 211, while Houck took
total at 553. Hardiker made an only
strike out. The play gave the home
team 3 points to i the visitors' one. The
next game will occur October 21 on Y.
M. C. A. alleys with the Country club
team as guests. Scores of the last
game were:
Cactus club
Hardiker 210
TVeaber I92
'Schutz 157
Bryan 152
Barella 1SS
170 162 542
146 211 549
182 168 507
170 163 485
1SI 190 529
819 894 2612
151 159 487
169 16S 462
163 205 531
159 168 447
196 169 553
Totals -Country.
Davis ,...177
Christy 125
Ridley v 163
Wines 120
Houck 188
TotaIs 773 838 869 2480
Chicago, 111- Oct. 13. President B.
B Johnson, of the American league,
ainnounced last night that umpire Ev
ans in a detailed report regarding the
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 3:15 P. M.
Friday, Sorrells vs. Olmstead
haturdaj-, Kane v. Abies
Lajoie incident at St. Louis last Sun
day, had given Lajoie an absolutely
clean bill in relation to his securing
his eight safe hits in a double header.
With the debate regarding Lajoie's
performance becoming more heated
daily, president Johinson is -said to (
have offered as the best solution of
th3 matter, the returning of the auto
mobile prize to the donors.
Two Camps Combine Forces
to Send Team to El
v Paso.
Clifton, Ariz.. Oct. 13. The baseball
germ in the Morenci-Clifton district is
not wholly dead yet and the enthusi
asts are again showing signs of ac
tivity. A little over a month ago it was de
cided by the management to withdraw
their clubs from the Cactus race, as
the struggle was plainly a hopeless
one and the teams were getting little
or no support. The move was consid
ered a wise one by the fans and the
withdrawal practically marked the
close of the ball season in Clifton and
Morenci, -and although the teams dis
banded the majority of the players re
mained in the two camps.
"Won't Join "Down and Outs."
Now the fans of this section refuse
to be classed in ' the "down and Out"
club for very long at a stretch, and
with the coming of the big tournament
in El Paso fair week, came the desire
to enter a team representing the Morenci-Clifton
district that would loom
up somewhere in the standing.
An inventory of the assets was rath
er surprising, as it developed the fact
'that the particular stars of the two
teams are still in camp and that by
combining forces Clifton and MorencJ
can send a team to the tournament
that ought to land something.
Representatives of the two manage
ments are now busy talking up the
combination In their respective camps
in the hope of stirring up the fans and
; making the team a go.
Outlook Is Promising.
The outlook is very promising and
there is ample material to make up a
fast team that ought to hold Its own
with any o the southwestern clubs
without sending outside for a man.
The lineup of the allied forces as it
now appears Is as follows: From Mo
reci: Catcher, Dean Woods; pitchers,
Merritt and Ashley; lb, manes; 2b,
O'Brien; ss, Jim Wilson and L. F.
Parks, while Clifton contributes pitch
ers, McCleary and Mcllveen, 3b, Earl
Mason; and outfielders Leidich and
Scanlon. There is also Crittenden of
Morenci and HIrchman and the inevita
ble Pete Riley of Clifton for utility
a he arrangements are not as yet
completed for combining the two clubs,
but from the enthusiasm already dis
played there should be little difficulty
in making a success of it and the
chances are that the Morenci-Clifton
combination will be one of the big con
tenders in the tournament.
- '
On Saturday, October 15 and 22 will
be neld the first annual tennis tournar
ment in singles and doubles. Thre
gold medals will be awarded the win
ners. The Country club' will be represented
by Hal Christie and Walz; musicians'
club by Schutz and Vaughan; smelter
club by Bateman and Wilkinson; Y. M.
C. A. club by Grugan and Raura.
Matches will be held on the Country
club courts beginning at 1:30 sharp.
Singles will be run off on Saturday,
1!he 15th, with the following combina
tions to play.
Walz of Country club vs. Bateman of
Christie of Country club vs. Wilkin
son of smelter.
Schutz of Musicians' club vs. Grugan
of Y. M. C. A,
Raum of Y. M. C. A. vs. Vaughan of
Musicians club.
Finals will be played in the inter
vening week or the following Satur
day, according to arrangement.
Drawings in doubles resulted as fol
lows: Musicians' club vs. Y. M. C. A.;
Country club vs. Smelter club.
All games will be played according to
tne TJ. S. National tennis rules. Pre
liminaries, best 2 out of 3 sets; finals
best 3 out of 5 sets. Every additional
game sides will be changed.
The public will be admitted free to
all games.
" X 3MP"-
Thirty-eight men reported for play
in the "Regulars" league at the Y. M.
C. A. Wednesday night. Four teams
were chosen, each to bear the name of
a local merchant.
Schedules will be made up next Wed
nesday and play will begin October 26
at S:30 oclock.
There will be a pennant awarded the
winning team. Play to continue through
to February 22.
From tnese teams the best men will
be picked to make up the representa-
tive "Y" team whicn Is to play in the
city league and for outside competi
At Brooklyn (1st game) R. H. E.
Boston 0 0l0 0 0 0 0 1 8 9 11 5
Brooklyn ...00000001 1 2 7 4
Batteries Boston, Frock and Rari
den; Brooklyn, Bell and Bergen.
Umpires Klem and Kane.
Second game R. H. E.
Boston 00 00 0010 2 ?. 9 0
Brooklyn ...10000100 0 2 4 1
Batteries Boston, Parsons and Rari
den; Brooklyn, Barger and Miller.
Umpires Klem and Kane.-
At Chicago R. H. E.
St. L.ouis ..0 0100001 0 2 9 2
Chicago ...0040015 2x 12 12 0
Batteries St. Louis, Alberts and
Phelps; Chicago, Overall and Archer.
Umpires O'Day and Rigler.
Y. M. C. A. GYW-
The annual election of officers of the
Leaders lub was held Wednesday night
and the following officers elected to
serve one year:
President Homer Thomas.
Vice president W. R. Dorris.
Sec'y.-Treas. D. L. Pickens.
The Leaders will be equipped with
special uniform consisting of blue
trousers and white shirts. '
These men are to act as assistants to
the physical directors in taking care of
the class work on Monday and Friday
nights. Wednesday nights they are to
receive special instruction in all lines
of gymnasium work.
At Point of Pistol, Miss Gib
son Demands Immediate
Long Beach, Calif.. Oct.
13. Julia
a retired
the home
Ward Gibson, daughter of
Presbyterian minister of
was arrested yesterday at
of A. D. Myers, a Nevada mining mil
lionaire, it Is said, after she ha.d
chased Myers out of his apartments
with a revolver, and forced him to take
refuge in the house of a neighbor.
Miss Gibson was taken to the county
jail in Los Angeles under 3000 bonds
to answer charges of assault with a
deadly weapon.
Miss Gibson acquired a prominent
place in the news columns recently
when she filed a suit against Myers
for $100,000 damages for breach cf
promise. Yesterday she came to Long
Beach after having purchased a re
volver, which it is claimed she said
she intended to use as a persuader in
the event Myers proved reluctant to
accept her proposition of immediate
marriage. She brought her father, V.
E. Gibson, along to perform the cere- j
mony without delay.
Entering Myers's home she made her
"way to his apartments and demanded
to know whetherhe intended to marry J
her. When he said no, she whipped
out the revolver, according to Myers
and decTared he had just half a minuto
to make up his mind.
Before the half minute had expired
: Myers found a door, and -lartiag
mrcugn il lie nurrieu uowu a uacK
stairway and dashed across the
grounds surrounding his residence to a
neighbor's house. From there he tele
phoned the police, who found Miss Gib
son in full possession of the mansion.
Manager Rich says Brown of Har
vard, the current bill at the Crawford,
has proved to be the best stock bill
ever seen at this popular stock house,
and the Glass-Gagnon company has
made a decided hit, and is" gaining
many new friends nightly. Brown of
Harvard, the rest of the week. Start
ing with Sundaj- matinee the great
comedy success, The Man on the Box;
seats now selling. Last matinee of
Brown of Harvard Saturday.
Denver, Colo.. Oct. 13. Hon. Robert
Wilbur, chief justice of the Colorado su
preme court since 1907, and member of
that bodAr since 1901, died at his home
here last night after an illness of about
three weeks.
Mutt and Jeff are with us. Another
appearance today on sport page. Every
day in The Herald hereafter.
Turkish baths for gentlemen at Gem
Barber Shop, 206 S. El Paso.
i ,
fTfc:k?0 rII
I Wednesday's Results.
Author of "The Colonel's
Daughter," 'Toss in
Ambush," Etc.
(Continued from yesterday.)
Curbit lowered his voice. "That's ex
actly the trouble, doctor. Go to the
back of the quarters and see for your
self. His trail starts and ends here."
In all its history Fort Cushing had
never known such a day of bewilder
ment as that which followed. Guard
mounting was held as usual at S a. m.,
and Colonel Button, awaiting in his
office the coming of the old and the
new officers of the day. directed his ad
jutant to drop his own work at their
entrance and give attention to what
took place.
All eyes were on the two burly cap
tains who entered at 8:30, fur capped,
fur gloved, in huge overcoats and arc
tics. The wind had begun to whine
and stir.
"Blizzard coming." said Scott as he
glanced at the sullen skies.
"I report as old officer of the day,
sir," said Curbit. with brief salute,
tendering the guard report book.
The colonel went straight to busi
ness. "Xo sign of Trooper Rawdon?"
,"No. sir."
"His horse and kit all right?"
"All right, sir."
"Police notified to watch all trains
and stages?"
"Yes. sir."
There was impressive silence In the
Eight men had gone with Sergeant
Stowell as escort to the paymaster
when, nearly four weeks earlier, he
had set forth on his trip. Then the lit
tle iron safe was full of money. Seven
men had come back with him. when,
as the safe was well nigh empty, the
paymaster said he hardly needed an
escort. Of the eight who started, four
were "casuals" who belonged to com
panies stationed at Fort Frayne. well
up in the Indian country, and there
they remained when the duty was
over. Of the seven who came with
Stowell. three belonged at Fort Frayne.
a corporal and two men of Captain
Raymond's troop, and they came forti
fied with the orders of their post com
mander, a copy of which was now in
Barker's hands.
"What I don't understand," said the
colonel, whirling his chair to the right
about and addressing the paymaster,
"is how or why those men should be
down here."
"It seems simple," answered Scott
Dont Buy a Heating Stove Until You Look Over
Our Stock and Get Our Prices
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quire a little heat of some kind to keep the house comfortable, we want to impress
on 'ou thatwe offer superior quality and low prices in all kinds of stoves. x Our
st6ck of stoves is the largest in the Southwest. No matter what kind of a stove
you prefer or what price you want to nav, if vou bivy of us you can save consider
able. We have
At ridiculously low prices for CASH.
To dealers who buy in large quantities we will offer interesting figures.
Hardware, Plumbing and Heating Material, Stoves and Ranges, Smelter and
Waterworks Supplies.
S. W. Cor. Overland and Virginia Sts. Bell Phone 18
General Charles King, U, S.
placidly, he being entirely independ
ent of the post commander. "From
Frayne I had to go to the cantonments
up along the Big Horn, and we doubled
the size of the escort .accordingly.
When we got back there these three
were permitted to come all the way,
Whether to buy Christmas things for
the Frayne folk or for affairs of their
own I didn't inquire."
"To whom did you assign them for
rations and quarters?" demanded the
colonel of Barker.
"Captain Snaffle, sir, C troop."
"Are they there the others, at
"Corporal Watts and Trooper Ames
are there, sir. Trooper Rawdon, as
you know, is not. He has not been
seen about the quarters since some
time last evening."
Again a pause. Then presently,
"You arrested Kelly. 1 see, the man
who was on No. 5."
"Yes. sir. Both Dr. Schuchardt
and the steward said his sickness was
due to drink. I believe he was doped."
"That he could get whisky any
where along back of the officers quar
ters." said the colonel reflectively as
well as reflecting. "Is not improbable.
That it should have been doped, judg
ing from the way one or two .have
misbehaved, is not impossible. The
usual orders for the present, captain,"
said he to the new incumbent. "And
you are relieved. Captain Curbit," to
the old. "But I shall need to see you
later, so do not leave the post."
"The man that leaves the post this
day."-said Major Scott, with a squint
through the f upper and unincumbered
panes of the nearest window, "may
need a seven days leave."
"And that, colonel," said a quiet
voice at the commander's elbow, "is
what I applied fdr earlier. Pardon me,
sir. but I need to know your decision."
It was Captain Sumter who spoke,
and the colonel flushed promptly at
sound of his voice.
"I had intended sending for you.
Sumter," said' he. "but these rather en
grossing matters had to be taken up
first. I have your application," he
continued. "It is an awkward time,
and these are awkward circumstances.
It will leave your troop without an
"Mr. Lanier will be here, colonel."
"Here, but in close arrest." frowned
the colonel, "and. yquhayen't hada
Thursdar, October 13, 1910. 5
Copyright, 1909, by J. B.
I first' lieutenant since I" Save been in
"My misfortune, sir, but hardly my.
fault," answered Captain Sumter terse
ly, yet respectfully. "General Sheri
dan selects his aids-de-c&mp where he
will, and last month you thought it a
compliment to the regiment and to my
troop. Our guest, Miss Arnold, is in
no condition to travel alone," added
Captain Sumter gravely. "My wife
and I desire to accompany her to Chi-1
The colonel bit his lip and bowed.
"I see," said he. "Miss Arnold wast
very much shaken by what happened
after she got home?' s
"Rather by what happened before
she got home," was the calm yet sug
gestive reply.
"Captain Sumter," said he. flushing
angrily, for no one of his officers held
he in higher esteem, "your attitude is
that of opposition. If not of rebuke, to
the official acts of the post com
mander." "Then let me disclaim at once the
faintest disrespect. Colonel Button, but
as Mr. Lanier's troop commander
and personal friend. I beg leave to say
that, so far as I know, his offense is
one which his comrades have often
committed without rebuke."
"Which simply goes to show, sir," re
sponded the colonel, with glittering
eyes, "tha t you do not know the twen-
i tieth part of his offense."
"If that be true. Colonel Button, of
course I cannot think of going. I
withdraw my application." And, turn
ing slowly ' ' rb office.
(To Be Continued Tomorrow.)
Guthrie, Okla., Oct. 13. John H.
Brennan, attorney for the old Amer
ican National bank of Bartlesville
lias filed suit in the district court of
Washington county against governor
Haskell, members of the state banking
board, Commerce Trust company, of
Kansas City, W. .L. Norton and others,
charging them with a conspiracy to
defraud plaintiffs out of oil stock
worth $100,000.
Cholera Situation ia Italy.
Rome, Italy, Oct. 13. The official
report on the cholera situation in Italy
shows that there have been 24 new
cases and eight deaths during the last
24 hours.

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