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Proposition Framed But Is
Withheld From Conven
tion at Phoenix.
Principal of Del Bio School
Seriously Out; Student
Under Arrest.
Del Ko, Tex., Oct. 20. Wart Pauley,
principal of the public schools at Juno,
Val Verde county, was seriously stabbed
in an altercation in tlhe school, and Bar
ney Bradfield, a 16yearold school IxrcO
has been arrested and is now under bond
awaiting the action of the grand jury.
From reports it appears that the
teacher reprimanded the boy for some
misconduct and later on while a class
was coming forward, to recite the scholar,
it is alleged, drew his knife. Pauley
made an attempt to take the knife away
from Bradfield and in the scuffle was
stabbed in tue nerht side of the abdo
men. Late reports say the teacher has
a good chance to recover.
Letter Prom Land Commis
sioner Answers Many
Urgent Inquiries.
Many inquiries ihave been anode of
The Herald, as to the policy to be fol
lowed by the state land commissioner
in enforcing he cayment of November
1 interest on pain of forfeiture. The
commissioner sends a copy of a letter
recently addressed to W. D. Fdsex, edi
tor of the Roundup, Upland, Texas,
iwbich answers i&ese queries. The letter
which is dated September 10, is in part
as iouows:
"I am glad you wrote me as it offers
an opportunity to correct what seems
to be some erroneous impressions that
have gained circulation throughout the
west, relative to the power or authority
of he commissioner of the general land
office with, reference to the law of resi
dence jon. school land and the payment
of interest.
"In the first placa I, as land commis
eioner, have no power ox authority to
pant permission to any one to leave his
land for any purpose, nor under any cir
cumstances In the second -lace I, as
land commissioner, have no power or
authority to say to any purchaser, that
the interest on school land need nbt be
paid on November 1st of each year.
Each. of the foregoing propositions is
regulated by laws enacted by the legis
lature and I have no power or authority
to suspend those laws.
"Many lettera have come to me ask
ing that permission be given to move
off the land and also that pavment of
Interest be postponed.
"To all I have written frankly the
substance of the above observations.
But I have told those desiring to move
awav temDorarilv on account of dTvmfch
that while I could rive -no -i-miion when he was overcome by the fumes
yet my sympathy for them is so great of the recent explosion.
that if they shouldleave and their resi
dence be attacked I would notifv them,
give them a full hearing- and then if
their absence seemed to have merit in
it I would exercise all the discretion I
could in favor of letting theni keen their
"With reference to the pavment of
interest, I have written many that those
who could pay ought to do so promptly,
but that those who could not pay would
not take any chances on having their
land forfeited by me before late next
summer, say about August, 1911, and
if at that time conditions were such
that it would seem best by reason of
crop prospects, to forego a forfeiture un
til crops could be gathered, marketed
and two Tavments could hp. sniio m
"November 1. 1911, that I would be will
ing to exercise the discretion I have in
this matter and not forfeit until later.
This discretion will auply c-oecially to
those good people in the west who are
actually making their home on the land
and by so doing .trying to develop the
country, rather than to the speculator
who is either just using the land to
trade on or simply holding it for an ad
vance in price.
"You may say to your readers that I
know by personal experience all about
the hardships incident to cro- failures.
That my sincere sympathies go out to
them and that I will use every discre
tion T possess toward protecting them,
and that each one will be notified be
fore anything is done here which will
jeopardize his borne."
Mcolas Tercero Was "Work
ing in Well rTear Haifa
When Overcome
ilarfa, Tex., Oct. 20. Nicholas Ter
cero was killed while ballasting- at the
ranch of T. Mead Wilson yesterday.
He had been lowered Into a well 96
feet deep to send up the loosened-rock,
To Give Entertainment for
Purpose of Eaising Funds
to Improve Church.
Civic improvements in Ciudad Juarez
are about to appr6ach the very
grounds of the old Guadalupe mission,
which for centuries has withstood the
advance of things modern. It is pro
posed to build cement sidewalks about
the timeworn church, replacing gravel
To raise funds for this work, the
society women of the Mexican city
will entertain Oct 30 at a fair and
festival. It is planned to have the
function about the base of the new
monument of Benito Juarez
(Continued From fage one.)
mg, states that for toe week ending
October 20, the total borths number 23,
and the deaths 19. As to scarlet fever,
It Is stated that there is but one case in
the city. Typhoid fever patients num
ber 5, only one of whom is a resident
of the city. Only one new case of tu
berculosis Is reported.
During the week, meat 'market in
spections totaled 243, and 371 pounds
of meat were condemned. Other in
spections include dairies, 90; slaughter
houses, 30; milk wagons, 30; meat
wagons, 7; cattle 316; hogs, 24; sheep,
68; calves, 92; fruit and vegetable wag
ons and stands, 975; premises inspected,
53; complaints, 51.
That the winter campaign has been
started toward preventing smallpox
and its spread, in the event the disease
is brought into the city, is evident, the
total vaccinations performed the last
week numbering 200, according to the
I Tobin Area
de I
The Postoffice Is Behind
El Paso's New Thoroughfare in the
heart of the business district. Extend
ing from Oregon St. to Mesa Ave. just
south of the postoffice and Morgan
huilding. The Elite Confectionery is
on the Oregon St. corner of Tobin
Arcade and the Buckler Building is& on
the Mesa Ave. corner.
The report of plumbing inspector Ma
loney, reporting receipts of $105.60 -for
September was approved.
The report of chief, of police Jenkins
announcing receipts of $1531.50 during
September, was also read and - ap
proved. Sewers Extended.
Sewer commissioner Hadlock re
ported the instalation of 300 feet of 8
inch sewer in East El Paso; the clean
ing of eight plugged sewers in the ca
nal west of Santa Fe street; also the
hauling of 1000 feet of 8 inch pipe to
East El Paso.
Several petitions were referred, in
cluding that of John Caragnes, w'no is
conducting a flower stand at the Rio
Grande "Valley bank corner and wants
to continue it. A petition from resi
dents of the 1000 block on Arizona
street, asking that sick patients be or
dered removed from 1005 Arizona street
was also referred to the sanitary com-j s "
m? oa TVia notitinn rwf TT T rri-Kvi I HlOnd StUd
for electric signs was referred to the
fire and water committee. The peti
tion of 4rown street residents asking
for the grading of that thoroughfare
from Arizona street to Cliff street, was
referred to the street and grade committee.
Phoenix, Ariz., Oct. 20. The temper
ance forces have framed a proposition
for the constitutional prohibition, but
have withheld- its introduction for the
present. It is understood 'a poll of the
delegates indicates a majority in fa
vor of the submission of the question,
which would be a surprise to the wet
forces. 4
The major portion of the work is
now being done in committees. The
taxation committee is working on a
proposition for making some ohanges
in methods of taxation of the present
The legislative committee will make
a report on the initiative and refer
endum early next week. It probably
willi recommend no percent.
Standing committees of the conven
tion will from now on not wait for in
dividual members to introduoe proposi
tions but will proceed with framing
and Introduction of proposals covering
subjects that must be dealt with in the
constitution. This will expedite the
work, and was brought about by a
resolution offered by Cunnif of Yava
pai. May Enforce Time Limit.
After Oct. 31 it is probale that no
propositions can be introduced except
bv committees, the time limit to be
placed in order to hurry up delegates
who have pet ideas of their own. Two
weeks longer is deemed sufficient
A railroad commission or corporation
commission will be created by the con
vention. One proposition provides that
the commission shall have three mem
bers, elected for six, four and three
years. Another proposition to be of
fered will make the term four years
for all three. Jones of Maricopa,
chairman of the committee on rail
roads, will favor making the powers of
the commission broad enuogh to cover
other corporations, including tele
graph, express and public service utili
ties. BIoyt at Incorporation.
A proposition that will bring no joy
to the companies doing an incorpora
tion business in Arizona is that intro
duced by Ellinwood. Under the pres
ent law companies may be incorporated
on payment of a fee of $20 to the terri
torial treasury. The total amount of
fees amounts to $600,000 annually to
Arizona. Ellinwood's proposition pro
vides that the general assembly shall
pass a law fixing a franchise tax
based on the capital stock of all cor
porations organized under the laws of
Arizona. As it is likely the legislature
would make it higher than $20 the aim
of the proposal is to restrict the In
corporation business, and make the
laws less lax. Some think it would
mean a net loss to the state and drive
the business to other states with more
liberal provisions.
County Division.
Propositions for the division of Mar
icopa into two .counties, cutting off
Tempe and Mesa, and for the division
of Yuma, making a county of north
Yuma and southern Mohave, are slated
to be come before tfiis convention.
The latter proposition has considerable
support on account of the distance
people of the A and C section must
travel to reach the county seat. What
is known as the "Southside" that all
of Maricopa county south and east of
the Salt river, seems in a measure to
favor making a new county with Mesa
as the county seat. The result of such
division would be to make one Demo
cratic and one Republican county
where one Democratic county was be
fore. Commission Government.
Commission government or home
rule is destined to pass the convention.
Chairman Sims of Cochise of the com
mittee on counties and cities reports
that a poll of delegates shows them
favorable. The proposition which he
has introduced is practically the same
as the California law, which makes it
applicable to towns of 3500 or more
population. Phoenix, Tucson and
Douglas will probably be among the
Arizona cities to adopt the commission
Submission Possible.
Prohibition advocates, it is under
stood, will attempt to force the dele
gates into the open on submission of
state wide prohibition if a public hear
ing is granted. Prohis believe they
have a fighting chance to get the mat
ter before the people.
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Chicago, 111., Oct. 20. Miss Mar
guerite Sherlock, the 20 year old
daughter of J. F. Sherlock, president
of the Ilinois Nail company, of Chi
cago, has been kept in strict seclusion
all her life, never being allowed on the
Diamonds and Other Pre
cious Stones Taken From
Home of Hotel Keeper.
Burglars entered and robbed the
residence of Luiz Lopez Acosta in
Ciudad Juarez, Wednesday, making
away with jewelry to the value of $250,
Dr. C. E. Edwords, general manager
of the Industrial Corporation, of Mex
ico, who returned recently with en
gineer Tom A. Stiles from Durango,
has gone to New York, where he will
sail for London to consult with the
officials of the London affiliated com
pany regarding the Mexican promo
tion projects. Mrs. Edwords is now so
ourning in Europe and will accom
pany her Ihusband home. v
suspect you of using Wells' Hair Bal
sam, it so gradually and perfectly re
stores gray hair to natural, original
color. 50c and $1.00 at druggists.
and a brooch set with costly
stones are missing, besides a number
of articles of clothing contained in a
trunk. Juarez police have arrested two
servants employed in the Acosta resi
dence. They are Procopio Arega and
Pedro Escalantes. Both are held by the
court of letters. Mr. Acosta is propri
etor of the Porfirio Diaz hotel, but his
residence Is on Calle La Paz.
m 1 " J. .- . . . .aiM& Nab. MmHH 1
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100 lb. sack Bran
100 lb. sack Corn or Corji Chops .
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Befl Phones
367 and 348
retary of internal affairs to have
charge of" labor, mining, agriculture,
horticulture and lands failed.
Mrs. Edwin Fowler, wife of deputy
county clerk Edwin Fowler, is seriously
ill at her home with pneumonia. Mr.
and Mrs. Fowler intended leaving Mon
day for a three weeks' vacation to be
spent in Dallas and St. Louis. Thev
may take the trip following her recovery.
street save in the company of a
chaperone, and never being permitted
to talk to a member of the opposite
sex. Society in Chicago is looking for
ward with keen interest to her coming
out party, and her friends are wonder
ing how she will act when thrown into
the company of young men.
A little Mexican boy climbed on a
saddled horse in a South Stanton street
corral, and that was the beinninsr of 3
saddle horse runaway Avhich interested
nearly the whole of the down town dis
trict Wednesday afternoon. The hor-i
ran from the yard into the street, and
galloped through the business district.
The lad hunw on, and that was all. Near
the courthouse, the horse came in con
tact with a buuST and leaped over the
hitch between horse and vehicle, knock
ing the lines from the driver's hands.
The run culminated at the starting
place in rabbit fashion.
The body of Thomas C. Shearer, who
died Wednesday from burns received
at the Southwestern Portland Ce
ment company, will be shipped to
night to Galveston, Tex., where inter-
! ment will be made. A sister living in
Dallas was notified of the death, but
undertakers Nagley & Kaster have re
ceived orders from the collector of
customs at Galveston to ship the body
Key West, Fin., Oct. 20 The French trans-Atlantic steamer Louisiana,
from Havre for Havana and New Orleans, Is ashore on Sombrero reef, 30
miles east of here. About half of her 47 paHseuKer have been brought
here, and the others are thought to be In no dan-er
The Legislative Committee
Passes Initiative Question
Up to the Convention.
Santa Fe, X. M., Oct. 20. The com
mittee on legislative department has
completed its work for the constitu
tional convention, except that It could
not reach an agreement on any of the
many initiative and referendum propo
sitions submitted to It and will pass
the subject up to the convention which
will refuse to adopt any provision of
that nature. The report of the commit
tee provides for a bi-cameral system of
24 senators to be presided over by the
lieutenant trovernor and 49 house mem
bers, each to serve four years and to I
receive $5 a day for actual attendance
besides 10 cents a mile for traveling
to and from the capital. The legisla
ture is to meet every two years, not
to exceed 90 days the first time and
60 days at the second session. It may
be called in 30 days special session by
the governor. Heavy penalty Is pro
vided for bribery, and special and local
legislation are prohibited. The num
ber of the legislative employes is lim
ited who are enumerated, and these
are to receive from $2 to 6 a day.
I No Changing or Losing Bills.
Changing any bill or causing It to
disappear while it is pending in the
legislature, is declared a felony pun
ishable with penitentiary senterce. No
legislator shall be appointed to any
state office, or to any county offke he
has helped to create or whose emolu
ments were increased by the legisla
ture in which he served. No appropri
ations are to be made for institt.tions
not entirely controled by the stace and
no donation shall go to any railroad
or other private enterprise. Corpora
tions 'and individuals shall be ?;iven no
exemptions or Immunities that do not
fall to every citizen alike.
Executive Committee Repons.
The committee on executive ot the
constitutional convention today com
pleted its report providing for the elec
tion of governor, state secretary, treas
urer, auditor and superintendent of
public instruction, the term to be four
years and salaries liberal. Reelection
is prohibited, although a fight was
waged to exclude the superintendent
of public instruction from that 'rule.
An effort to create the office of sec-
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To Keep a "Coffee Complexion V
The body of Jong Jung, a proprietor
of the Green Light restaurant, who
died Monday, will be shipped to
China. Instructions came, from friends
in San Francisco. Jong was 50 years
of age, and had lived many years in
El Paso.
Kingman, Ariz., Oct. 20. An Indian
boy and girl arrested for playing
hookey from school at Truxton, eluded
the vigilance of the Indian policeman,
went before the probate' judge and
were married. "When the policeman
heard it, he submitted as gracefully as
possible. The couple left school for a
good home at Chloride.
The board of trustees and stewards
of the Highland Park Alethodist church
will meet this evening at 7:30 for the
purpose of formulatino- plans for the
work of the ensuing 3Tea
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ZEMO soa- axe the most economical as
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acalp, whether on Infant or-grown per-
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