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Two Demonstrations
THE FIRST--Demonstrating the ad
vantage of buying wearing apparel
and accessories where styles are ab
solutely "correct" and prices the
The balance of the week,, we demon
strate fully our ability to offer bar
gains. In addition to the bargain
items, special attention is directed to
the display this week of suits and cos
tumes that will satisfy all requirements
for the Horse Show.
New Persian Waists
We Lave just received a special shipment of the latest
ideas in Persian Waists. These are satin waists, and the
designs and colorings are much more beautiful than the
waists brought out earlier in the season. To these
new Persian -waists we add a special lot of taffeta silk
waists, that range regularly up to $6.75, and give you
choice from both lots, the balance of the iweek, at $4.95.
$1 Silk Hose 50c
Another shipment of silk hose has arrived, and will be
included in our bargain list for the balance of the week.
These are blacK silk Jiose, a regular $1.00 grade; on sale
the balance of the week, per pair 50c.
Handkerchief Special
Tomorrow we place on sale 100 dozen pure linen hand
kerchiefs. There are six patterns to choose from. Some
of these handkerchiefs are simply hemstitched, others
are finished with imitation Armenian Jace, and still
others hemstitched with hand embroidered spray or
initial. Regular 25c handkerchiefs; on sale as long as
they lost. 3 for 50c.
The Newest Idea--
Velvet Bags
One of the novelties of the season is Black Velvet' Bags.
These are finished in either gold or pearl, have hand
some silk cord handle, and are, altogether, very hand
some bags. In addition to velvet bags, we are showing
black velvet belts, one of the fashions of the moment.
THE SECOND-Demonstrating the
merit of the celebrated CModart"'the
improved front laced--Miss Elizabeth
Smith, special corsetiere from New
York, in charge.
and practicability have been
combined in the
All the rigid requirements of mod
ern gowns are met in the Modart
Corset. It is perfectly comfortable.
It is graceful and symmetrical. It
laces in front and is easy to adjust.
It moulds the figure to a stylish
contour.. It conceals and retains
without compression any surplus
flesh of the back, hips and limbs. It
aids full chest development and un
restricted breathing. It establishes
a correct poise, an artistic, attract
ive figure. It gives positive sup
port to the abdomen. It fits per
fectly whether the wearer is stand
ing or sitting, thereby meeting
every possible requirement.
'A '"! Jft This
iCIBfe &&&' j&ZSflL nine
IP1 Mt
jilam BHr Hats. illlllB
JaHmg 1 The Best LJf Mf mI W m M W
flpjpf $3.oo Hat m Mr Jmm rmW M Mr m
mJBEBBSWjK Made. M JT f jM AY K m JtL
Bagffffji H I - "Best by Test"
JmW i Iff
TAe Need
of the hour
Krdt Underwear
Every kmtlSnderwear need can be supplied here, most
satisfactoHlir. We carry the three superior brands
"Kaysg" "Swan," and "Viola." In addition to the lisle
and jilk mixtures and the lisle and wool oomibinationa,
"we xiave the pure lisle, pure wool and pure silk gar
HpTnts both union suite, also vests and dra-wexs.
'SPECIAL NOTE Women's Flannelette Gowns -white
and colpss -are also included in our underwear stocks.
Extra ! Extra !
We are now closing out our entire line of
Children's Knit Underwear, also our entire
stock of Children's Woolen Hose, at just
One Half Price
See the Windows.
El Paso's Only Exclusive Ready-to-Wear Store.
We now show a full line of
"Bitedley", and "Phoenix".
Mufflers for men, women and
ra no
(Continued Krom Page One.
e. boundary established by congress.
The Rio Grande.
A- B. Pall asserted that it maHe
little difference whether the Hio
Grande or the Rio Bravo del Norte,
are named in the description, for both
names hae been in use since 1619. A
map of that: date in his possession
gives both names, and a French map
of 1720, also in Ms possession, gave
both names, although strictly speak
ing, the Rio Grande is that portion of
the Rio Bravo del 'Xorte below the
mouth of the Hio Concho.
Majority Gets to "Work.
After a lengthy caucus the Republi
can majority has decided m caucus
once and for all that the judges of the
supreme court and the members of tfoe
proposed corporation commission shall
be elected by the people and not ap
pointed by the governor; that the ini
tiative will be left out of the con
stitution "altogether; that the refer
endum in a modified form and the em
ployers' liability act will both be in
corporated into the constitution.
The Republicans came together after
milling around ever since the conven
tion was called to order. There was a
wide difference of opinion among the
members of the majority and an agree
ment was reached -only when the vari
ous factions each surrendered some
thing for paTty harmony. A strong
fight was made for the Initiative but
it was finally defeated In the caucus.
The things decided in caucus -will be
adhered to in the convention.
In the convention yesterday tie en
tire morning was devoted to a dis
cussion of the preamble and the
boundaries.' The preamble definitely
states that the name of the new state
shall be New Mexico. The report of
the boundaries committee annexes 600,
000 acres in eastern New' Mexico, now
claimed by Texas.
To Resalate Railroads.
The committee on corporations co
day adopted an absolutely unique sug
gestion in corporation commission
procedure, which was suggested by its
chairman, H. O. Bursum.
It provides that if the party or com
pany against which an order of the
commission has been issued refuses to
appeal it to the supreme court, that
the order and the documentary evi
dence shall be submitted to the su
preme court, which shall be considered
In session at all times for the purpose,
to be passed upon judicially. If terror
is found, then ttie commission is im
mediately to correct it and resubmit
the order. If no error is found, the
order shall be' affirmed "without delay.
such order to have precedence over all
other cases.
This would establish a precedent
which the supreme court would be
bound to follow and therefore wo'uld
make such order effective immediately
and would avoid litigation.
The Republican caucus has decided
upon an elective corporation commis
sion and elective supreme court but
decided against the initiative and prohibition.
Fort Bliss, Tex., Oct. 26. Capt.
Samuel M. De Lofffe. medical corns,
U. S. A., stationed at Fort Bliss, has
been ordered to Manila. He has re
cently returned from Ihiblin, Ireland,
where he received a diploma in gyne
cology and obstetrics in the Rotun la
Mrs. De Loffre and her sister, Miss
Heard, spent the summer traveling
through Europe.
Col. and Mrs. Alfred C. Sharpe have
moved Into their new home and are it
present lentertalning Mrs. Sharpe's
moths, Mrs. Richardson.
Iiieut. H. B. Clagett has gone to
Liberty, Tex., to take up work sf
making military maps.
are aging If gray hairs begin to ap
pear, "Wells' Hair Balsam so gradually
and perfectly restores gray hairs to or
iginal color that no one would suspect
you of using anything. 50c and $1.00
at druggists.
E. S. Wells, Chemist, Jersey City, N. J.
The voters at the election to be held
November 8th would do well to care
fully consider the merits and qualifi
cations of the following men, und if
so we believe they will be given sup
port. Robert M. Webb is the Republican
nominee, for congress from this, the
Sixteenth District. Mr. Webb rlives at
Colorado, Texas, where he has' extens
ive business interests, and has long
been known as an influential and use
ful citizen. '
Edward W. Earl, the nominee for the
legislature, is a well known lawyer of
El Paso, having lived(here for the past
six years. He is a graduate of the law
department of the University of In
diana, but is a thorough going Texan,
Is wide awake and has a thorough
knowledge of the needs of this section.
J. E. Rhein, an old time resident of
El Paso, is the nominee for district
clerk against Ike Alderete. Mr. Rhein
is a well known citizen and taxpayer,
has held responsible positions and in
every way qualified for. the office he
seeks. We appeal to you to remember
him when making up your ballots.
Lew Gasser, the nominee for smerlff,
needs no Introduction to the people of
El Paso. He is a product of the old El
Paso, grown lully up to the standard
of the new. He is a thoroughbred and
a hustler and would make a great
J. J. Ormsbee, the candidate for com
missioner from the city precinct, is su
perintendent of the El Paso Smelting
Works, a citizen always identified with
every movement for the betterment of
the community. He stands high in
f business, social and church circles and
his election to tine board of county
commissioners "would be a great event
in the history of the county.
C. M. McKinney, the candidate for
commissioner from the third precinct,
is a well known business man of Clint.
He has lived in El Paso county for
more than twenty years, and there Is
not a better informed man In the
county than he as to its needs.
R. F. Mitchell, the present efficient
constable, is- a candidate for reelection.
He has a splendid record as an officer,
is well known and universally liked.
The voters could not do better than to
leave Mr. Mitchell where 6io Is at
Is The Opportune
For Clothes Buying
Our assortments of Fall Suits and Overcoats
are full of attractiveness from the standpoints of
style, quality, fit and price. By buying here you
not only get better 'clothes at better prices than
you can possibly get elsewhere, but you have a
much wider range to select from. TVe; only need
to mention that we handle
If ,ybu have never worn one of these suits, you
probably know some one that has. Ask him.
Anyone who 'wants to see the difference be
tween our methods and those of other stores
should take notice of the lines offered bere and
compare them, value and price, with those offered,
elsewhere. It exemplifies our policy and is an
object lesson in remarkable values.
S h a w- W a 1 k e r
Filing' Devices
These are the Best Sectional Filing Devices
Ever Manufactured.
They perfectly equip any office whether
large or small.
Loose Leaf Ledgers, Price Books
and Memorandum Books
Every Style and Ruling.
LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine, the world
wide Cold and Grip remedy removes
cause. Call for full name. Look for
si&nature E. "W. GROVE. 25c. '
That we are now agents
for the
See our exhibit at the fair.
It will interest you.
;e Co. inc.
Garage and machine shop
accessories and supplies.
615 No. Campbell St.
Both Phones.
Begins Tomorrow
15 00 Children fs
Hats and Infants'
Bonnets to be.
Closed Oat at
i "& ALosoime isosz
In Some Case, Even Less
The mother of every little girl in El Paso .will be greatly
interested in this sale, which begins here tomorrow morning
Beginning tomorrow morning, we offer our entire stock of Children Hats and
Infants' Bonnets at cost and even less than cost. Our whole object is to dispose
of this stock and do it guickly. We have no thought of profit.
Now, the reason for such a'sale. It is simply, we are doing too much business.
When we opened our doors, we expected a. certain amount
of patronage, but we did not even hope for the immense
volume of business that we are doing- So, aS our store
space is rather restricted, we have decided to dispose of
our stock of Children's Millinery and devote ourselves and
our store exclusively to supplying stylish, millinery for
the women and misses of El Paso.
Bear in mind, that this is an entirely fresh, new stock,
a great part of it has never been taken out of the boxes.
As great care was exercised in the selection of this
stock as in the selection of our highest priced hats.
There is nothing lacking i we know you can find in this
sale a hat that pleases you and pleases your little girL
Read the prices come tomorrow morning.
For Girls 5 to 10: Years of Age
We have divided into 3 lots. 250 beautifully trimmed
Hats for the little misses
Values to ?6.00, sale price $S.95
Values to $7.50, sale price . $4.95
Values to $8.50, sale price ,.$5.95
Untrimoned Felt Hats for Children, all shapes, colors,
and sizes; values up to $1.50; . 7Qr
sale price - 7 W
$1.50 Children's Pelt Sailors, all colors; QQr
large style range; sale price 0l7L
$1.75 Sailors, handsomely trimmed; come in QO
all colors; sale price O v
$1.95 Felt - Sailors, trimmed with Persian material;
colors, black, navy, red and brown; rt -QQ
sale price. ... ..V J) X O&Z
. -
$2.50 Children's Sailors, best quality felt, large ribbon
bows and streamers; Gfi 77
sale, price j. . A V X s
$2.95 Children's French elfr Sailors, newest colorings,
prettily trimmed with velvet; Ctt QQ
sale price ." iplttO
$5.95 Fur Sailors in black only;
unusually handsome hats; sale price .
Individual Millinery for Ihf ants
c mrriiifa "Put- Pn,iw. trpll made in newest
of fvta kjiIp nrice - J
95c Bear Cloth Caps in white, trimmed with 2 Q
miniature -fur heads of mink; sale price J C
$1.35 Felt Bonnets, all new shades and colors; trimmed
with contrasting ribbon errects;
sale price ,
$1.50 Krinkle Plush 'Caps, in assorted stylos
and colors; sale price . . ..
$1.00 Felt Bonnets, an immense selection of ia
styles and colors; sale price O C
$1.25 white Bear Cloth Gaps, with rosettes of p
ribbon; sale price O&C
$1.95 Plush and Felt Caps, large variety of rt n
styles and colors ; sale price J)A mJtJ
$2.00 Gaps, materials, Bear Skin and Felt, in all the
leading fall colorings; a er
sale price tf) A (U
See Special Window Displays
h Millinery of the Hour k xJ

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