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"Wednesday, October 26, 1910 S
tore for Men
. Dress
The Distinctive Styles Shown in Hand
Tailored Suits and Overcoats and the
Correct Dress Accessories Make this
Store the Ideal Buying Place for
Men of Good Taste in Dress.
For the
.ir-TfifTTlrT" i .tMHMMnMn 3BiMaB"n"""""i",,BB,--,--"B",n-Mll,"B " """" "
jbbbw r
The S
?"Jt nV4-- I'.iT'Xr w wcr
P r
ll ffl iK I Aft
iT HOSE who have waited nntiltlie "eleventh
hour" to make their Selection of the" cos
tume to be worn on this occasion, will find in our
splendid stocks, garments which will more than
meet their expectations. We have arranged the
work in our alteration rooms so that all fittings
and alteration's will be completed in ample time
and in a satisfactory manner.
We are showing many unusually handsome,'
Exclusive Imported Costumes
and Reproductions of Imported Gowns
Beatrtnfni costumes, each, one exclusive in.
design, tie conceptions of the most
famous Parisian. Modistes are shown in
Tare variety. Rich silks veiled with
iheavily hand beaded nets; satins -with
over dress of spangled net: silks "with
lavishly trimmed -over dress of chiffons;
a truly ."wonderful assortment .-which
surely includes one to suit your taste.
Prices, $50.00 to 250.00.
Correct Dress for
-Satisfaction 'in appearance is of as much
importance to men as to women. In
our Men's Department hand tailored Full
Dress, Tuxedo, English Walking, "Prince
Albert and Cutaway Suits may be ob
tained as perfect in fit, style and work
manship as any tailor can make. -Also
the right sort of Shirts, Xeckwear,
Glc-ves. Hats, Overcoats in fact, every
thing for men's wear.
M lain villi m lillllillllllli The House of Kuppenheimer
Abe rousc of KjippeoIjesnoT
riSi ,, -"" ed
iliiiiery !
Emphatically demonstrat-
for millinery such as
we offer at prices such as we quote here scarcely
seems possible onthe very brink of a season.
You'll want a new hat for Thanksgiving
look forward to then 'buy now
The World's "Special"; Hats That are plume .trimmed 'and
that you'll pay $8.00 for at -worth double this price are
other stores, now on sale now on sale "for
$15. 00
"' m
E make a specialty of dressing men well in this store of selling them
clothes that will be a credit to the "Popular" as well as to the man who
wears them. In other words, we lend the customer the experience it
lias taken us vears to acquire, to aid him in choosing his clothes rightly
in selecting a style suited o his "build" in selecting a color which is becoming.
And above all, the constant aim is to give men the very best values ever given
in good clothes.
The splendid lines of -hand tailored suits and overcoats offer a range of choice
which includes every styb for dress or business the low priced ones or the finer
ones as you may like.
The names of the makers Kuppenheimer and Hart, Schaff
" ner & Marx tell the Tyhole story of quality and goodness.
Suits at $22.50
A reasonable price for a good suit, isn't
it? Especially so, when that suit is a
genuine hand tailored one one with all
the "city, style" that can be put into a
suit. We are showing a most attractive
lot of good suits at this price this season
. a quality that is better than most $25
kinds in styles which will suit the bus
iness man or the young fellow. They
are shown in the fashionable browns,
greys, navy and black. Ab
solntelv the best values . . '
Overcoats at $13.50
Stylishly made overcoats, of all wool
tweed in grey imd black striped effects,
lined throughout with extra quality
wool serge. These are made with the
patent combination auto -and regular
collar; an unusually good a -i o fLf
coat for the price . . r 1 JDJ
Yery serviceable overcoat, made of all
wool diagonal grey mixed tweed, full
lined with wool serge lining. A medium
weight, and strictly hand sy r tLf
tailored, extra value at . . r && D v
"C1 11 "" f. o -fr-p "4 For tne Sorse Show and for the many
IT Ull JLrCSS WIOLllCb ICjr lViCll events" of the season we are showing- corre
other "dress
correct clothes for
mi .! 1-1- l.nJ .r:lri-nl up T101-fttff IT! fTQlT -rl Tlll1T" OC OTTV Q T llnr fmlr? "moL-A r TrflllT- frdtTr TlWIl
men. nese are sincuj uauu. Lnvn.uf !-"". --j c.. j . , . . .
dress' Tuxedo Prince Albert and Cat-away styles made by Kuppenheimer and H. S. & AT., of the best quality ma
terials. Prices range from $35.00 to ?45.00.
MMEhium tiff
rw rz.'- -.r
fi!1 .QlnVc
A iaUXlVi UUll .3 r
Xesligee Shirts made of fine Scotch flannel shirtings in neat
lifrft color stripes. Made with neck band and can be - orn w ith
linen or soft collar or s.tocK. These wash
perfectly and will not shrmk ,nor 'tajle -?&J
d wearers ' y
Hnaf stvles made oi cotton. iaa-t wool and all wooJen;yamsn
. - -i c . .
red. grey, brown, navy, blacfc and white, and many cflorf.coj
CPTTPTAT. VAT.TTTT T'n.it Kivpatftr Tnr?A rf lOOfl
"-r.'irr v ......... m tmkviiii
nn.!ilrr2wool -arn. .oJl OOlors'OlL s-izes j'Z. t"m2y'
-V --cv; r- :ww:v
$Jr.Djj Cluster vuriB n.Dy
Our popular prices have placed stylish hair
goods within the reach of all. Every new
thing for hair dressing is shown in qualities
surprisingly good for the prices. Tomorrow
we offer very handsome. " cluster curls," in
all shades, a regular J
$2.50 value, for :
SANITARY HAIR ROLLS Made of fine quality wavy hair,
coered with silk net. all colors, each,50c.
Dress Trimmings ,
ISTewly arrived in the Trimming Department
are handsome matched sets of the gold and
silver threaded allover nets with the bands
and gallons. Many of thfee show designs
in the Persian colorings.
"Popular Special
55c- Neckwear
Equal to any 75c tie sold anywhere!
This season we feature handsome style
neckwear at this rather odd price. Our
first, showing of these consists of the
liesliape, extra wide end-four in handsj.
hand finished, new designs in exur
quality silks just the same qualityas
you usually pay Toe for.
Good quality fleeced cotton and ribbed undershirts and
drawers, and the "Girard" genuine Pepperell drawers, with
elastic seams and ankles, the kind sold A Q
everywhere for 50c, for .' TxO C
Genuine Scrivens patent elastic seam dnnvers, J Q
the regular 75c kinds, a pair , DO C-
" Hats, - ;;
We are showing a full line of the staple shapes in the John
B. Stetson and theHawes von Gal Hats in. both blackand.
light'colors.--1; j ' " . "
Also all the novelty' shapes of this season, in all colors,, for the
young fellows and for men of every age.
A Silk Petticoat Free!
SPECIAL A lot of Persian
bands, lace bands, embroid
ered effects, fancy edges,
galloons and braids in all
colors. !Many of these are
worth 50c to 75c; 1 A
special, a yard 3L tJ
SPECEAL A lot of bands,
galloons, edges, braids and
medallions, showing all the
stynsh fall colors and many
Persian and tinsel effects.
Included are values
to Sl.25 a vard
Very "Chic" Neckwear
Lots of pretty little neck things are shown,
that add much to your dress. We show
everything from the simple how to the elab
orate Irish hand crochet collars.
Persian silk bows and jabots
and fancy bows of plain col-or,f-
silks, and fancy lace
trimmed stocks and jabots,
extra 9
values aJ
Jabots, stocks, bows and
dutch collars of plain and
Persian silks, some made
plain, others pleated. Very
handsome styles, E?f
each OUC
Each Purchaser of
made Suit Worth
$2 Z. 50 or More
EVERY woman who ptu-chases a suit
worth $27.50, or more, this week, will
be given, without extra charge, a hand
some silk petticoat. The entire line of the
season's newest and handsomest suits is
offered for you to choose from no excep
tions, no reservations.
And the petticoats they're beauties.
Made of extra quality all silk taffeta,
Showing the newest Persian, Eonian
stripe and Dresden designs and all the
plain fall colors and blacks. Theyre our
regular $6.50 styles. Don't you think it
worth while to 'take advantage of this
offer a petticoat worth $6.50 and a suit
worth $27.50 all for $27.50 ?
NOTE The petticoats we give with these suits are guar
anteed by the "Popular" to give the wearer three months'
satisfactory wear.
Women's Union Suits
We make a special feature of extra quality
union suits at this price. These are made of
the fleeced cotton ribbed or plain ribbed,
finely finished and perfect fitting. In white
a 1 ailor- or cream in all regular
Extra size garments, usually hard to find, can be gotten here
in all qualities, both in the separate garments and union suits.
Extra Value Handkerchiefs.
We show especially good Handkerchiefs
for women at this price. Pretty embroid
ered, lace trimmed, hemstitched and initial
styles in sheer linen, linen cambric, and fine
swiss. litxtra good values,
$1.25 Black Kid Gloves 98c
Tomorrow we offer good quality glace
gloves, made of splendidly soft and pliable
skins, in the two-clasp length, in black only.
A regular $1.25 quality, q q
in all sizes 00
Womens golf and jersey
gloves, in black E!"
and colors. A pair. . O C
Women chamoisefcte gloves,
in black, grey
color, a pair,
25c and
and chamois
Children's all wool golf
gloves in fancy colors, extra
a pair
Children's Jersey gloves, a
splendid quality for rj
Gymnasium Shoes
We have just received a complete line of Gymnasium
Shoes, for men! women and children. These are. made
of best quality canvas with best quality rubber sole,
and on perfectly shaped lasts. In white and black
Men's, a pair 85c Misses', a pair '. . .65c
Women's, a pair 75c Youths', a pair 65c
Boys', a pair 75c Lit'tle Gents', a pair 60c
M . II d'
E ? " ',,,,, .sriigTsiss'-"""' '" ' ' ' ,m7mammmamm M iTr"""""MMMMMBM
school wear, a pair
Two Linen Bargains
Tomorrow and Friday we offer two excellent values
in table damask
AH pure linen full bleached satin damask, two yards
wide, in very handsome new designs. tf - Af
A regular $1.25 quality, a yard tp X T'c
Finest quality all pure ifnen full bleached satin
damask, tw yards wide, heavy and handsome in de
sign and finish., 2.00 qualitv; tf1 rf
5 yard - $I.by
San Francisco Man to Eaise
$550,000 if El Paso Eaises.
"Walter D. O'Brier, of the firm of
Clark & O'Brien, brokers, of San Fran
cisco, reached El Paso Wednesday 'ift
eruoon to complete arrangements tor
the erection of the proposed nesr El
Paso hotel to cost $700,000.
Mr. O'Brien will open offices down
town where the plans of the new hotel
will be on displaj' and -nhere stock
subscriptions will be received for the
project. lS. total of $150,000 in preferrM
stock must be sold in El Paso In or
der to insure the construction of the
hotel. The remaining $550,000 will he
taken care of by the San Francisco
brokerage firm, of which Mr. O'Brie.i
is a member, he says. He will be ''S
slsted in the disposal of this amount
of stock by the El Paso business men
-who are interested, in the movement
for the erection of a modern hdtel.
The plans for the hotel show an
eight story structure with a mezza
nine floor, roof garden and basement.
The building Is to be of reinforced
concrete -vith business rooms and the
lobby, on the first floor and 250 rooms
on the upper floors.
The new hotel, if erected, will be
built on the northwest corner of El
Paso and Ore'rland streets, where an
option has .been taken.
The Oregon and San Antonio stroet
corner may be improved by another
sykscraper office and store building.
Walter Earhart, owner of the bulldinjj
now occupied by Bryan Bros., the one
adjoining it, and the Palace saloon .
building, Is considering the erection of
a modern fireproof building on this
corner. Mr. Earhart is conferring with J
his agents, A. P. Coles & Bros., re
garding the erection of the new build
ing. Should he decide to build Mr. Ear
hart said Wednesday morning, that he
would construct a building w.hich
would be a credit to the corner upon
which the new American National
I bank building is being erected ami
where the Coles building is to be re
modeled. ,
being cleared, the old Laurie buildirg
having been wrecked and the material
hauled away by the salvage men.
The brick work on the American Na
tional bank has again been started,
and is, above the fourth floor. A de'ay
at the brick factory, caused by a fire,
stopped the work of laying the outside
veneer on the big bank building.
The site of the new Calisher build ins
'on Stantonand Texastreets., Is now
The hot stuff repair crew is again
at work on the business district
streets. The car track paving aloa,?
Mills street, and the main thorough
fare on Mesa "by the G. H. car tracks,
are being patched.
Dallas, Texas, Oct. 26. After two
jurors had been selected this morning
in the case of J. D. Manley, charged
TVith killing Louis Richenstein by a
bayonet thrust, the special venire waa
exhausted and judge Seay adjourned
court until tomorrow.
One hundred and fifty more tales
men will be summoned. S. J. Cheno
weth and F. E. McKee. farmers, wera
chosen as jurors today.
Restaurant will open for breakfast
Friday. Old and new customr4 are
asked to try our new service. Roberts
Banner building.
SHprlttly Colder With Show
When you see that kind of a weartaer
forecast you know that rheumatism,
weather is at hand. Get ready for it
now by getting a bottle of Baliard's
Snow Liniment. Finest thing ma-lg for
rheumatism, chilblains, frost bl- s"re
and stiff joints and muscles, all aches
and pains.
25c, 50c ana $1.00 a bo:tlo.
Sold by all druggists.

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