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4 Friday,
October 28
, 1910. T!
IBM lpyl
Hand-Made SL 9fifc
Mrs. Gabriel Writes From
Lisbon Regarding Ques
' tion of Interest to
Lisbon, Ohio. "The future looks
bright to me," -writes Mrs. Helena Ga
briel, from this place, "now that I have
found this blessed medicine, Cardul the
woman's tonic I have been cured of
many female ailments and regained my
good health, by using CaiduL It is
the only medicine I care to have in my
house- I would not be without it. Car
dui Is building be up, and nelps me
whenever I take it,
If a personal friend should speak to
you at" highly as Mrs. Gabriel does of
Cardiii, wouldn't you believe her, and
try it? Consider Mrs. Gabriel a friend,
for she writes to benefit you.
- TVe have thousands of similar letters,
received from grateful women all over
the country, who have been relieved
from serious troubles and helped to
health and happiness by Cardui, as was
Mrs. Gabriel.
They write, because they want other
women you to know what Carfiui has
done for taera.
TVe publish what they -write with
their permission.
"Will you believe what they say?
Will you tryf Cardui for your
-Will you do it today?
At the nearest drug store.
B. Write to: Ladies' Advisory
DepL, Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chat
tanooga, Tenn., for Special Instructions,
and 64-page book, "Home Treatment for
-Women sent In plain wrapper, on re
quest. ews
Train BHlletin.
All afternoon trains are reported on
time. The T. P., due at 11:45 a. m.,
arrived at 2:30 having been delayed
by heavy traffic.
City hack stand at Longwell's.
Dr. Cameron, Dentist, reliable dentis
try, reasonable prices. Guar. Shoe Bldg.
A Xew King.
Washington, D. C, Oct. 28. Tne
ceremonv of the accession of the new
Icing of biam, Maha Vljravudha, will
begin on November 8 and the corona
tion will take place on November 11,
according to state department advices.
Festivities Incident to the coronation
will be postponed until next year after
the cremation of the dead king.
Aunt Jemima
"We have just received a fresh ship
ment of Aunt Jemima's Pancake flour,
which we are selling at tne special
price of 2 packages for 15 cents.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery.
Phone 353.
For fun, be sweet; El Paso Candy
"Wheel, Overland Trail.
City back stand at Longwell's.
Reduced Rates Stopped.
St Paul, Minn., 'Oct. 28. Judge Van
deventer in the United States circuit
court late yesterday afternoon issued an
injunction enjoining the interstate com
merce commission from putting into
effect a -reduced rate on lemons from
Pacific to Atlantic coast points The
lemon rate, challenged by the railroad,
is known as a blanket rate of one dol
lar per 100 pounds for the transporta
tion of lemons in carloads from south
ern California to any point between the
Rocky mountains and the Atlantic sea
board. The present rate is $l.o5 per
100 pounds.
Don't delay If you need beds or
dressers. Sheldon Furniture Store, 412
Myrtle Ave. Phone 400.
ScuerkraHt "Weather.
This is fine weather to have some
good sauerkraut for lunch. "We have
the kraut.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery.
Phone 353.
Philippines Investigation.
"Washington. D. C Oct. 28. The fight
for a complete Investigation of ihe sales
a abases of public lands In the Phil-
Jarrell Ballard & Co.
112-114 South Oregon St.
Is showing a rery strong line of men's Overcoats. Tliey
come in cravanette rain proof coats and other fancy wool
materials; also black and blue Kersey coats. Prices be
ginning at $8.50, $10.00, $12.50 and up to $15.00. Every
coat guaranteed. 4 ! ''
Men's Clothing Men's, and Boys' Winter
Our line of men's suits is up to date in Underwear
materials, style, cut and fit. They are
made of the newest materials and after i .
Sela?esl T models. At prices that will Gray wool shrrts and drawers Jg
please you Thev begin at $27.50, $25.00, each
$22.50, $20.00, " $18.50, $16.50, $15.00,
$13.50, $12.50 and $10.00. HT weight gray wool 1 QQ
shirts and drawers .b.w
Boys' Clothing Specials Heavy grSLJ ribbed sbirts - ge
S10.00 bovs' 2-piece suits, &0 CA d drarS
Saturday POjH
$8.50 boys' suits, peg top d fy O g
knicker pants, for V
$5.00 children's Russian Q Q
blouse suits for $ & v
$4.00 children's Russian d0 OE
blouse suits P5AiD
Boys' Reefer Overcoats
Bo-s' long school coats for $1.75, $2.50, For 25c 35c and 50c
$3.00, $3.50, $5.00 and $6.50. Union suits, 35c and 50c.
ippines will be renewed early In the
next session, of congress. Members or
the committee througn an exchange of j
letters have decided to hold an Inqulry
at the capitol in December, meantime
the insular bureau officials have placed
themselves at the disposal of the com
mittee and persons in the Philippines
mentioned in the series of resolutions
introduced In congress, it njow ap
pears, are ready to come to "Washington
to answer charges.
Dr. F. S. Cary, Robert-Banner Bldg.
Dr. J. A. Hedrick. surgeon and gyne
cologist. Roberts-Banner building.
Dr. Prentiss, practice limited to dis
eases of stomach, intestines and liver.
Rio Grande Bank building.
Eliminating the Xcgro.
Columbia, S. C, Oct. 28. Tine .Lily
"White Republican convention called by
Jno. E. Capers, national committeeman
from this state, met here with dele
gates from all but nine counties and
formed a party organization, the prime
object of which is to eliminate the ne
gro from the councils of the party.
Gold and blue El Paso candy wheel,
QverlandTrall Tnat's us.
Home Made Horseradish.
"We have some real home made horse
radish, mighty good on Jones Dairy
Farm little pig sausage.
t. Jackson's Sanitary Grocery
!? a Phone 353.
Cliolera Abating.
Rome, Italy, Oct. 2S. Only three new
cases of cholera and four deaths were
officially reported in thelast 24 hours.
J)r. istarker, diseases of the eye, ear,
nose and throat. 319-320 Caples Bldg.
Longwell bas the nice hacks.
C L. Billington, 70S Magoffin. TeL
14S9, painting, paper hanging, decorating
German Ambassador Recalled.
Mexico City, Mexico, Oct. 28. Karl
Buenz, German minister to Mexico, to
day received official summons to return
to Berlin at the earliest possible mo
ment. It is rumored here that he is to
be offered some 'nigh office in the home
government. . . . . .
Dr. W. AV. pickels, suite 304 Roberts
Banner Building.
Cooked Meats.
"We have all kinds of homecooked
meats in our Delicatessen department.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phone 353.
Big Texas ire.
Fort "Worth, Texas, Oct. 28. House
hold goods, including 100 pianos, val
ued at $200,000, were burned last night
when the warehouse of the Coon Stor
age and Furniture company was de
stroyed. Dr. W. R. Weeks, chronic diseases.
Hotel Sheldon furniture Is selling
fast. 412 Myrtle Ave". Phone 400.
Longwell has the nice hacks.
Serious ,Jew York Strike.
New York, N. Y., Oct. 28. The strike
of express wagon drivers and helpers
has spread from the New Jersey water
front to Manhattan and simultaneously
assumed a more serious aspect. Service
was almost halted at both the Grand
Central and "West Shore stations in this
city, and the threat of a general strike
in ane ffort to tie up the wnole metro
politan district is made.
El Paso candy wheel for Fair.
' aiexlcan Strawberries.
j"We are headquarters for Mexican
strawberries. 20 cents a box.
T.nL-tnii'ii Sanitary Grocery. (
Phone 353.
Investigating Dynamite Disaster.
Los Angeles, CaL, Oct. 28. Examina
tion of 30 witnesses anade a hard day s
work for the special grand jury which,
is investigating the Los Angeles Times
explosion. Most of these witnesses
were called merely to establish the fact
that 21 men met death In the disaster,,
but two of them, William Mulholland,
chief engineer of the aqueduct, and "W.
S Crab ill foreman of the Times com
posing room, gave testimony indicating
that the wrecking of tne Times was
the work of dynamiter plotters.
E. A. Hersperger, aren't. Trust Bldg.
Dr. Wamock, Dentist, over Postal
Telegraph. Gold crowns, ?5.
Phone 1 or 1001 calls for baggage.
I .Tnnanese Persimmons.
Better have some of these, they are
good and an excellent relish.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phone 353.
Taft Reoelies Bishops.
Washington, D. C, Oct. 28. The
score of bishops of the Methodist Epis
copal church attending their semi-an-
nual meetinfi- in thi3 city, were received
Heavy tan wool shirts
and drawers
Fine medium, ribbed shirts
Cot011 ribbed shirts and drawers, the
best made for each. 50c, 75c, $1.00.
Boyg, ghirts and Drawers
by president Taft at the white house
Married Women May Lose Jobs.
Washington, D. C, Oct. 28. Many
unmarried women, who have lost gov
ernment positions through the introduc
tion of recent economics m making ap
plications for reinstatement, have sug
gested that they be given places now
held by married women -whose husbands
are able to support them.
Dr. Scbnller, Dentist, has moved to
Roberts-Banner building.
3-4 iron beds and springs. Sheldon'
Furniture Store. 412 Myrtle. Phone
Xngel Speaks In Misourl.
Washington, D. C. Oct. 28. Secretary
Nagel, of the department of commerce
and labor, left for St. Louis last night
to begin his campaign speaking tour of
Everything for the Fruit Cake.
If you want a real good fruit cake,
one that Till qause the taste to linger,
get the necessary things 'to make it at
this store. New raisins and currants,
inew shelled nuts, etc.
' Jackson's Sanitary Grocery.
Phone 353.
Dr. Leslye Hyde, osteopathic physi
cian, 814 Mesa.
Prominent Girl Suicides.
Paris, France. Oct. 2S. Miss Lucinda
Farrar of New Orleans, daughter of
Edw. H. Farrar, president of the Amerl"
can Bar association, committed suicide
by gas in her rooms In the Latin quar
ter early yesterday morning. She had
been In bad health. A letter explained
tnat no one Tas to" blame.
Phone 1 or 1001 calls for baggage.
Hot Chocolate with whipped cream
and cake. Elite Confectionery Co.
Sues Motherlnlaw.
Spring Lake, N. J., Oct. 28. "Jack"
Howland, the young swimming in
structor who married Miss Helen
O'Brien, daughter of a St. Louis million
aire at Avon last summer, has filed a
suit to recover ?100,000 from his
motherlnlaw for the alleged alienation
of his bride's affections.
Hot Clam Bouillon with salt sprays.
Elite Confectionery Co.
Dogs Missing.
Assistant chief of police Ten Eyck has
been asked to locate a Scotch collie,
answering to the name of "Cllnker.v and
a bull dog with a cork-screw tail,
named Frisco.
Attends Fathers Funeral.
L. M. Barber, chauffeur at the Can
tral fire station, has returned from To
ronto, Canada, wnere he attended the
To Our Patrons and the General Public
I take this means to inform the patrons of the C. H
Stetter Market and the public in general that Mr.
Stetter having, because of ill health, been compelled
to retire temporarily from active management of
the business, the market will for the present be con
ducted under my personal supervision.
The same liigh grade meats will be supplied and the
polite and efficient service that has always charac
terized the Stetter will be continued and we ask a
continuance of patronise irom our old patrons and
a trial from those who are not.
Anyone having complaints to make regarding goods
or service will please phone Bell 2421.
Mrs. C. H. Stetter.
Sirloin Steak,
per pound . . .
19? T-Bone Steak,
Afci per pound ....
Porterhouse Steak, - Q
per pound JL2C
(Formerly of Stetter & Schnieder)
funeral of his father. Mr. Barber died
three days before his son arrived.
Dill Pickles.
We sell more dill pickles than any
otner store in town.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phone 353.
The Best Place to Eat.
The Woman's Exchange restaurant.
Roberts-Banner building, is now realy
to serve you.
During the past few years many peo
ple have come to El Paso from differ
ent sections of the country, have es
tablished themselves in business here
and are voters. A large percent of
these people are Republicans by in
heritance but perhaps have not aligned
themselves politically on account of
their party locally being in the minor
ity, or have carelessly allowed them
selves to acquire the habit of partici
pating In Democratic primaries and
voting that ticket at general elections.
In this way the local Democratic or
ganization has practically acquired
control of the county, has become
somewhat arrogant and does not even
respect the rights of the minority. On
several occasions, however, in the past
when some particular nominee of that
party was particularly distasteful to
the voters, the people would assert
themselves by electing the Republican
candidate. Thus two years ago the
present efficient and obliging constable,
R. F. Mitchell, was elected over the
regular Democratic nominee. This
year again the voters have a chance to
elect some splendid men in the place of
men who, should not be entrusted with
responsible positions of trust. There
Is no reason why J. E. Rhein, E. ".
Earl, Lew Gasser. J. J. Ormsbee, O.
M. McKinney and R. F. Mitchell should
not receive every Republican vote. Our
effort has been to nominate men who
are a credit to their party and to the
office, should they be elected. If you
are a Republican, vote your ticket in
full; if you are a Democrat, assert
vour independence and vote some good
men into office; if you do not claim to
belong to either party, we only ask you
to investigate tne qualifications of the
respective candidates and we feel sure
that the Republican nominees will re
ceive your support.
New stock new store visit us.
Snyder Jewelry Co.
Who on earth is Snookums?
Masonic Emblems. Snyder Jewelry Co.
Willie Brantford, of Toronto, Canada,
traveled ajone to New York to see Buf
falo Bill at Madison Square Garden
New York. The youngster, a particu
larly bright little fellow, was unes
corted and as unconcerned as could be.
In the, lapel of his coat was tied an or
dinary shipping tag which read: "De
liver me to Buffalo Bill, Madison
Square Garden, New York City." The
little fellow's father and Cody are old
time friends and the lad had his 'neart
set on seeing Buffalo Bill for the last
time. When it became known that the
exhibition was, not going to Canada
this year Willie made his papa promise
to take him to NewYork At the last
minute an 'important business matter
prevented the elder Brantford from go
ing to New York sfnd Willie wrote to
Col. Cody of his great disappointment.
The little fellow's heart was broken.
Cody wired Brantford to send the boy
on ,by express, and seeing the humor of
tne thing, the fathtr consented, gave
the lad In charge of the conductor
properly labeled, and In due time WUe
arrived in New York as the guest of
Cody. Three of the most important
days in Willie's life then transpired
and the youngster was relabeled and
shipped back to Toronto. As soon as
the episode became known Buffalo Bill
was besieged with requests from all
over the country to have the youtnfui
hero worshippers shipped on to him.
Buffalo Bill hopes to see all his young
friends this season to say good-bye to
them all in person as this will be his
last visit in this city. He retires
after thirty strenuous years to a well
earned rest.
Buffalo Bill's Wild West , combined
with Pawnee Bill's Far East will be
here tomorrow. Col. Cody states it is
by far the finest exhibition he -nas ever
had. There are many new features, in
cluding the most sensational and real
istic conflict ever enacted in mimic war
fare The Battle of Summit Springs,
reproduced with vivid veracity. Then
there's the broncho busting, marvel
ously thrilling, and the great sturdy
roughrlders; the wonderful herd of
buffaloes; the military tournament;
feats of horsemansnip; wall-scaling, and
artillery maneuvers; the- breath-taking
game of football on horseback; Rossi's
Musical Elephants; Johnny Baker,
world's greatest rifle marksman; and
an Oriental spectacle of pomp; pagean
try and splendors of the romantic Far
East. These are but a fow of the many
spellbinding incidents.
Buffalo Bill will say good-bye to you
personally in El Paso Tomorrow, Octo
ber 29.
Former Assistant Manager
of Bostonians, Weds in
El Paso.
Culmination of a pretty romance oc
curred in El Paso Friday, and honey
mooning is still in progress, but the
facts have just leaked out. It was W.
H. Runkle, stationed at Ft. Bayard In
departmental service, and Miss Latta
Davis, of Hot Springs, Ark., who were
married on that day by justice McClin
tock. They are at Hotel Zelger.
After more than four years' service,
the army cierk presented his resigna
tion and journeyed to El Paso to meet
his wife-to-be, who came from the
Arkansas city. Mr. Runkle believes
that army life and married life don't
always agree, so he is going to live in
California sunshine at Los Angeles
for a year before going in business.
He was formerly in the managing end
of the thea'rical business, at one time
sub-manager of the Boston'ons. He
met Miss Davis h. Hot Springs, his
former home.
Tomorrow being the last Saturday of
the month, The Herald carriers will
present bills for the month of October.
Subscribers will kindly note the above
and be ready for the boys.
Look out for Snookums!
Tomorrow is Ardoin's great sales da
New stock new store visit us.
Snyder Jewelry Co.
Y. M. C. A. orators of the forum will
dine at Hotel Angelus at 6:30 tonight,
and the weekly discussion will occur
over the coffee cups. Paul Boykin will
be the principal speaker.
Have you seen Snookums?
Ardoin's Sunny Side Special butter
New stock new store visit us.
Snyder Jewelry Co.
Society News
Many Women Now Doing
Without False .Hair.
Rats and other false paraphernalia
for the upbuilding of women's thinned
out hair may be necessary, but the
sight is far from pleasing
With care nature can supply to most
women all the hair necessary for at
tractive dressing.
Many thousands of women, refined
and educated, nave learned that it is
not hard to ha-CeTahd to keep an abund
ance of lustrous hair, if Parisian Sage,
the hair grower, is used daily.
since its in
troduction into
America, Par
isian Sage has
become a prime
favorite with
women who de
ls i r e luxuriant
hair that will
not fall out or
turn gray. Used
dally it will keep
the scalp immac-
l 5 ulately clean ;
will stop itching and falling hair, and
remove every particle of dandruff.
It causes the hair to grow because it
is able to penetrate into the roots,
where besides nourishing the nair, it
destroys the dandruff germs. Kelly &
Pcllard and druggists everywhere guar
antee Parisian Sage to do exactly as
advertised, or money back. A large
bottle only costs 50 cents, and It is a
most Invigorating and refreshing hair
wm mm
v V n&X&X KiT ftt f sb.
fi&$7 Rosvntil-iil niillir-rk
Will open for business tomorrow morning in the room
formerly occupied by the Snyder Jewelry Go. Our
policy will be quick sales and small profits, preferring
to sell 10 pairs of shoes at 10c a pair profit rather than
spend the same time selling one pair of shoes at 75c
Courteous treatment extended to all; satisfaction in all transactions.
Shoes exchanged cheerfully or money back if wanted.
You will find, here shoes selected from the shoe markets of the world
shoes imported from England shoes made by the best factories in America
shoe3 for the baby at 10c a pair for the school boy or girl at $1.15 a- pair;
cowboy boots and dancing suppers; in short, a complete shoe stock.
To quickly introduce the El Paso Shoe Co. to the
people of El Paso and nearby cities, we have marked
our shoes greatly below the usual retail price, as the
following prices will testify:
The Following Prices Will Testify
Men's $7.00 imported English, shoes,
in patent colt, vici and velour, better
than any shoe you have
Men's $6.00 patent colt, vici kid and
velour, calf shoes, ail the very new
est styles and
Men's $5.00 shoes in a large variety
of styles, either lace or button and
all leathers, Q QC
at pOZJJ
$3.50 and $4.00 shoes in patents and
oirn metal, lace or but- Q Q
ton styles, for &&&&
Men's $2.50 and $3.00 work ahoes,
made of solid leather soles and heels
in a variety of d ?QE
shaoes PX.i7U
Infants' 25c moccasins in as
sorted colors, sizes 1 to 4...
Infants' 35c silk stitched, soft OA
zrJa qInvk; assorted colors fcivt
Child's 75c hand turned vici
45 c
Idd shoes; patent tips
El Paso Shoe Co.
208 Texas Street
Importers of English Shoes
J.Calisher Dry Goods CaCorpoaW)
Special Invitation
Lovers Of
m jr -m V a V V
WS-MM"' r ...
T' OMORROW evening, from 3 till 5, living models
will display in our Millinery Section some exquisite
Horse Show" Millinery
that came in only this morning. It is certainly the
most exquisite millinery seen in El Paso this season,
and a hat for the Horse Show can now be selected
with utmost satisfaction.
FREE-Next Monday, the first
day of the second week of our
Inauguration Sale, we will
distribute 100 dozen beautiful
See Our Saturday
Shopping List On
Page 16
Child's and misses' $1.50 and $2.00
school shoes, vici and d 1 QC
boxcalf q1.00
We are showing the largest line of
children's shoes in El Paso, 1 A
priced $2.45 down to i Vl
ladies' $5.00 shoes, new styles, every
one; and in all leathers; 0 QC
lace or button pOVD
Ladies' $4.00 patent colt, vici kid or
gun metal, Blucher, lace d0 QC.
or button shoes &aJJ
We will sell ladies' $3.00 and $3.50
shoes in vici kid or gun dJO A HZ
metal, at . P.lU
Do not fail to see our display win
dows, showing shoes priced, at a sav
ing .to you of from $1.50 to $3.00 a
Ladies1 $2.50 vici kid, lace shoes, with
patent tips, d QC
. j
L0"? " -
. S V
rs? 1 -r . t
K- T-vj
n vjf jv
oy ik v xv.
: -MAB.Vn'k -vCv v

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