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Thursday, Nov. 3, 191& 45
Gains 3
Remarkable Result of the New Tsssi.
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Men and Women.
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speaking of the revolution that had
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earth that could make me fat. I tried
tonics, digestives, heavy eating, diets,
milk, beer and almost everything else
you could think of, but without result.
I had been thin for years, and began to
t'nlnk it was natural for me to be that
way. Finally I read about the remark
able processes brought about by the use
of Protone. so I decided to try it my
self. Well, when I look at myself In the
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- have put on Just 30 pounds during the
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Protone is a powerful Inducer of nu
trition, increases ceil growth, makes
perfect assimilation of food. Increases
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Nam .
City ..
Las Cruces
Sunday Closing Becomes a
Lire Issue in Las
Ias Cruces, X. M.. Nov. 3. C. O. Ben
nett, owner of a local theater, has been
circulating a petition for the past three
days remonstrating against the pro
posed closing of the picture shows on
Sunday, Although it was understood
from the notices sent out by the district
attorney that the Civic league was back
of the movement, the officers of that
body disclaim all knowledge of tne
move and several of the most influ
ential of the league members have
signed the petition to restrain the
courts from closing the place. Notices
were sent to a -picture show and one
pool and billiard hall, only, while if
the law as it stands on the New Mex
ico statutes is to be enforced, every
place ofbusiness which keeps open ex
cept for the vending of the actual ne
cessities of life, must close Its doors.
- The question now is as to whether
the people want the town closed so
tignt that one cannot get a newspaper,
a cigar or a drink of soda water, and
from the number of names that are on
Mr. Bennetfs petition it would seem
that the people do not want it. As far
as the saloons are concerned there is
not one of the five in this town whictt
keeps open on Sunday or which allows
any drinks to go out In any form, and
the law so far as the saloons are con
cerned is being strictly and literally
Las Cruces, N. M, Nov. 3. Hunters
who liave been in the organ, the San
Andreas and the Black mountain ranges
after" deer, report that there are no
quail at all in the mountain regions
this year. Heretofore the birds have
always been very plentiful in all these
localities. The dry summer and the
lack of grass and weeds upon which
they can feed seems to be the only logi
cal reason that can be advanced for
their absence from the old haunts. In
the valley all around Las Cruces there
are thousands of the game birds, the
wheat and cane fields furnishing
abundant feed.
Ducks are more numerous than usual,
which seems to be strange on account
of the lack of water. But, wherever
there is a water hole in the river bed,
and at the diversion dam, where there
are always two or three pools, these
birds have been unusually thick this
falL Teal predominate, although tnere
are a great many mallards. Hunters
are reaping rich harvests in tne vi
cinity of the Leasburg dam, a half day's
hunt usually bagging all the birds that
one hunter cares to bring home.
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pint enough for a whole family. You
couldn't buy as much or as good ready
made cough syrup for $2.50.
Mix one pint of granulated sugar
with pint of warm water, and stir
two minutes. Put 2 ounces of Pinex
(50 cents' worth) In a pint bottle, and
add the Sugar Syrup. Ojhis keeps per
fectly and has a pleasant taste chil
dren like it. Braces up the appetite
and is slightly laxative, which helps
end a cough.
Tou probably know the medical value
of pine in treating asthma, bronchitis,
and other throat troubles, sore lungs,
etc There Is nothing better. Pinex
Is the most valuable concentrated com
pound of Norway white pine extract,
rich In guiaicol and all 'the natural
healing pine elements. Other prepara
tions will not work in this formula.
The prompt results. from this inex
pensive remedy have made friends for
It in thousands of homes in the United
States and Canada, which explains why
the plan has been imitated often, but
never successfullj'.
A guarantee of absolute satisfaction,
or money promptly refunded, goes with
this recipe. Your druggist has Pinex,
or will get It for you. If not. sent to
The Pinex Co., F. "Wayne. Ind.
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 3. The con
gregation of the St. .Tomes Episcopal
church at Mesilla Park, just south of
Las Cruces, is planning to build a new
edifice early next spring and the mem
bers are now busy raising funds for
that purpose. The rector, Rev. Hunter
Lewis, who has been there for several
years, 4ias so built up the membership
and the attendance that the present
building is entirely inadequate io tnt
needs of the people. He has organized
a boy's choir, which has been increased
to 40 members, and as soon as the new
building Is completed there will also
be.a girl's choir organized.
This is the church which is attended
by nearly all of the students and the
professors of the New Mexico Agricul
tural college, and with the resignation
of Rev. Lansing Bloom of the Presby
terian chufch and his departure from
Mesilla Park, it will' be the only church
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 3. This
week's edition of tne "Roundup," the
Agricultural college weekly paper, Is
being looked forward to with much' In
terest, as it will be got out by the
members of the alumni association. The
alumni association is trying to aid the
students and the Institution as much as
possible in order to help the college to j
grow to the strength which it should I
command among the educational lnstl-
tutions of the country.
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 3. Edward
Ehle, member of the American National
Realty company, who has got up sev
eral entertainments for the Santa Fe
lodge of Elks, has offered his services
to the local lodge for a big Elks' min
strel show to be held, here some time
In the latter part of December, the pro
ceeds to go to the new building fund.
Mr. Ehle has had great success in get
ting up these affairs and with the
promising material -which can be drawn
from the Elks' lodge it is oe!!eved tnat
a fine entertainment can be put on the
boards. It Is probable that the show-
may be taken to El Paso the first of
the year if it Is the success here which
the Elks think it Hrill be.
The movement for the new home is
progressing rapidly. A committee com
posed of all attorneys who are members
of the Elks, as follows: H. B. Holt, W.
A. Sutherland, N. C. Frenger, J. H. Pax
ton and W. H. H- Llewellyn, with M.
B. Thompson as chairman, has been ap-i
pointed to look into the validity of the
title to the W. I. A. park and to draw
up a lease which shall protect both
the W. I. A. and the Elks in the taking
over of the park by tne lodge. Another
committee, composed of F. M. Hayner,
of the Las Cruces Lumber company, G.
W. Frenger, of the Bascom-Porter
company, and R. E. McBride, was also
appointed to draw up rough plans and
estimates ox cost of the new home.
These committees are to report at the
next regular meeting of the lodge,
which will be on Tuesday evening No
vember 8. . '
Ed Kneezell, an architect of El Paso,
and a good Elk, has kindly offers tn
aid the Las Cruces lodge In any way he j
v,ca. in luc uidwmg up or plans and
specifications for the new building.
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 3 Frank a.
Hawley has moved nis offices to the
Don Bernardo block on Main street.
R. E. MojBrlde. one of the members
of the billfard tournament teams, has
purchased a billiard table which has
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 3. Exalted
ruler G. TV. Frenger has called a special
me'eting of the Las Cruces lodcre of
"Elks for Friday evening for the purpose
oi initiation, , -
.For thirty years I suffered with a
combination of eczema and tetter. I
had some of the best doctors in "the
country to treat me, but it was of no
avail. I recently used my last bottle
of "Imperial Remedy" and it has effect
ed a complete cure signed: "Wm. H.
Blake, 1807 Capitol Ave., Houston,
"Imperial Remedy" is a clean liquid
preparation. Instantly relieves the
Itching pains. Penetrates the skin 'to
the root of the trouble. Drives the
germs out and purifies the diseased
parts. Has been prescribed by some
of the leading physicians for more than
25 years in the southern states. Do
not suffer; go to the nearest drug store
and get a bottle. Price $1. If the
druggist cannot supply you mail us the
price and we will send you a bottle by
prepaid express. Imperial Mediciixa Co.
"Houston, Texas,
been installed a this home on the Ala
meda drive, where the doctor expects
to practice and become the champion
of the tournament.
On account of the tearing down of
the old Rio Grange hotel building, J.
H. Paxton has moved nis law offices
temporarily into the D. F. Baker
j Realty company's offices.
Miss Molly Henry, daughter of judge
Henry of Yazo City, Mississippi, and
sister of Claude Henry, of the Las
Cruces firm of Campbell & -Henry, has
arrived here and will spend the winter
at T. H. Casey's Emerald ranch, south
west of Las Cruces.
The epidemic of whooping cough and
grippe, which has held sway in Las
Cruces and vicinity for several months,
does not abate to any considerable ex
tent, but no fatalities have been re
ported of late.
Friday will be the bigday for the El
Paso fair so far as tne Las Cruces peo
ple are concerned, and from the re
ports of those who are going down to
the Pass City this city will be almost
W. P. Lapoint, secretary of the South
western Editorial association, is in at
tendance at the meeting of that or
ganization in El Paso this week.
B. B. Jones, of El Paso, is in the city, j
called here Dy a civil suit in the district
court which has been set for this week.
Gus Warren, formerly of Jhe War
ren & Tipton Drug company, is now
located at Shreveport, La., in the same
class of business.
Tne broken adobes and loose dirt
from the old Riley block and the Rio
Grande hotel building, are being used
on several of the side streets of the
city in grading them, preparatory to
further improvements. The dismant
ling of the Rio Grande hotel building
Is proceeding very rapidly, and the
contractors, Krueger Bros., of El Paso,
expect to have the new building fin
ished at least 30 days before the con
tract time, which was 90 days from
November 1.
M. F. O'Leary and' family left last
evening for Oklahoma where they .will
make tneir future home, Mr. O'Leary
having secured a position with the
Rock Island railroad.
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 3. The fol
lowing contest cases have been filed in
the local land office:
Mary E. Conner, of Carne, vs. Cliff
Samples, homestead entry 5941 for
northeast quarter section 21, township
23 south, of range 7 west, involving 160
acres of land. The hearing has been
set for December 28 before U. S. com
missioner McKeyes at Deming. and the
final hearing will be had before the re
ceiver and the register of the local
office here on January 11, 1911.
William E. Hines, sr. of Deming, ts.
Henry Zabel, of Deming, homestead en
try 03106 for southeast quarter sec
tion 13, township 26 south, of range 10
west, involving 160 acres. The hearing
has been set for December 2S before TJ.
S. commissioner McKeyes at Deming.
and the final hearing will be before the
receiver and tne register of the local
land" offige at Las Cruces on January
11. 1911.
Clarence B. Morgan, of Deming, vs.
Robert R. Adams, of Denver, Colo.,
homestead entry 04397 for. southwest
quarter section 27, township 24 south,
of range 10 west, involving 160 acres.
Hearing before TJ. S. commissioner Mc--Kves
at Deming on December 29 and
final hearing before the officials of the
Las Cruces land office on January 12,
Leroy Hon, of H$n'dale, vs. Earl M.
Hon, of Deming, homestead entry
03515 for southeast quarter, section
24, township 25 south, of range 10 west,
involving 160 acres. Affidavit for
publication has been filed.
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 3. Mr. and
Mrs. H. B. Holt entertained at dinner
last evening at their beautiful home on
the Alameda drive in honor of judge
and Mrs. E. R. Wright, of Alamogordo.
who have been nere during this session
of the district court, judge Wright be
in on the bench for judge Parker, who
Is at Santa Fe as a delegate from Dona
na county to the constitutional con
vention. An elegant course dinner
was served.
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 3. The fol
lowing applications have been filed in
the local land office for desert land
Mary E. Hudson, of Deming, for south
half of 'northeast quarter, north half
quarter of southeast quarter, south-re-e.st
auarter of southeast quarter,
southeast quarter of northwest quarter
and north half of southwest quar
ter, section 10, township 25, south
range 12 west,containing 320 acres.
Richard Hudson, of Deming, for
south half of northwest quarter.
northeast quarter of soutnwest quar
ter, northwest quarter southeast quar
ter section 12, township 25, south of
range 13 west, containing 160 acres.
Martin F. Akers, of Deming for
southwest quarter section 8, township
26, south range 9 west, containing 160
Charles J. Laughren, of Deming, for
southeast quarter section 20, township
23, south range 7 west, containing 160
acres. v
Thomas Hudson, of Deming, for
southwest quarter of southwest quar
ter section 1; southeast quarter of
southeast quarter of section 2; north
east quarter of northeast quarter of
section 11: northwest quarter of north
west quarter of section 12, all in town
ship 25, south of range 12 west, con
taining 160 acres. Rejected on account
of section 2 being school land.
Fannie A. Jordan, of Deming, for
southwest quarter of southwest quarter
of section 17; east half of southeast
quarter, southwest quarter of south
east quarter of section 18; north half
of northeast quarter of section 19;
north half of northwest quarter sec
tion 20, all in township 25 south of
range 11 v.' est, containing 160 acres.
Rowena E. Waddill, of Deming, for
l west half of northwest quarter, north
half of southwest quarter, southeast
quarter, southwest quarter, southwest
quarter of southeast quarter of
section 1; the east half of north
east quarter section 2, all in town
ship 26. south of range 11 west, con
taining 320 acres. Rejected because
section 2 is 'reserved as school land.
John Seifert, of Deming, northeast
quarter of section 13, township 25,
south of range 12 west, and northwest
quarter section 18, township 25, south
of range 11 west, containing 320 acres.
Joseph Divenez, of Quemado, N. M., j
for southeast quarter of northeast
quarter of section 31, township 1, south
ol range 16 west. !
Robert B. Snyder, of Deming, for J
south half of northwest quarter sec
tion 19, township 24, south of range
8 west, containing SO acres. I
James L. Hougland, of Deming, for
south half of southeast quarter section I
5, township 26, south of range 9 west,
containing 80 acres. J
Homestead Entries.
Juan Jose Padilla, of Montecello, N.
M., for west half of northeast- quarter,
north half of southeast quarter section
IS, township 10, south of range 7 west,
containing 160 acres.
' Richard F. Hamilton, of Deming, lots
4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, section 6, township
24,south of range 7 west, containing
120.67 acres.
Harry E. Wilsey, of Deming, north
east quarter of section 19, township
26, south of range 9 west, containing
160 acres.
Carl E. Taberman, of Cutter, nortn
west quarter section 34, township 14,
south of range 2 west, containing 160
Joseph G. Parsons, of Deming, south
west quarter section 20, township 26,
south of range 9 west, containing 16U
Herman E. Bechtel, of Deming,
northwest quarter section 20, town
ship 26, south of range 9 west, con
taining 160 acres.
Paufila Molina de Rocha, of Gar
field, east half northeast quarter, and
east half of southeast quarter section
29, township 18, south of range 4 west,
containing 160 acres.
Newton J. Yarbrough, of Columbus,
southwest quarter section 29. township
2S, south of range 7 west, containing J
160 acres.
Edmond A. Pearce, of Columbus,
southeast quarter section 12, township
29, south of range 8 west, containing
160 acres.
William S. LeBaron, of Columbus, J
nortneast quarter section Zi, township
27, south of range 8 west, containing
1C0 acres. '
Nathan J. Brechbill, of Deming,
southeast quarter section 21, township
26, south of range 9 west, containing
160 acres.
William A. Edle, of Hondale, south
east quarter section 23, township 26,
south of range 10 west, containing 160
Martin F. Akers, of Deming, north
west quarter section 8, township 26,
south of range 9 west, containing 160
Ft. Davis, Tex., Nov. 3. The Civic
club entertained with a Hallowe'en so
ci?.l at the school auditorium. The
house was beautifully decorated with
yards of black cats and brooms, au
tumn leaves, chrysanthemums and
pumpkins. Fortune telling and a fish
pond was very much enjoyed by the
young people and children.
A large crowd attended and the pro
ceeds will be used for improving the
school grounds. About 590 was
The first stone for the new court
house is being laid.
Edwin Folks killed- a large bear on
his ranch.
Lunch was served by six young wo
men, each having a table and collecting
for their own table. Those who waited,
on the tables were Misses Joe Norea,
Grace Stewart, Alice Sproul, Genievo
Thompson, Jettie Pruett and Eva
A dose of
the Bitters is
i Tvtr -fn-r 4-Vt Tvac?--
-HEftSeWSiAri ' "
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If Id rJPoor Appetite,
Colds, Grippe
and Malaria.
A trial today
will convince
Will Be
Dan Patch
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The Pyramid Smile.
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Pyramid Bldg., Marshall, Mich.
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In addition to Dan Patch, the
king of the turf, there will be
baseball, the regular program
of races, a race between Minor
Heir, Hedgewood Boy, Lady
Maude C. and George Gano in
an attempt to lower the world's
record for a mile on a half mile
track; the first game of the
polo tournament, a balloon as
cension" and a vaudeville per
formance on an open-air stage
in the infield. Admission to
the grandstand, 50 cent$. Box
seats 75 cents.
For Friday Afternoon Only
Free List Positively Suspended,
Friday Night at
Pains Gone
The Eight Medicine
For weak women, who suffer from women's ills, there is
a certain, standard medicine of proven merit CARDUI, the
woman's tonic. This great medicine has been helping sick
women for more than half a century, and has come to be
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Letters reach us from all over the country, from women
who have used CARDUI. Note this letter from Mrs. Nellie
Duncan, 1917 So. 11th St, St Joseph, Mo. She writes: "If
it will help some other woman, I am glad to send you my
testimony about CARDUI. I had never been well since I
came to womanhood, and suffered with female trouble until
I could scarcely get around. Four bottles of CARDUI have
done me more good than $25.00 of doctor
ing, I feel fine and don't have that awful
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G 239

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