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EI Paso's Rapid Growth
Official United States Census.
Population 1010 39,270
Population 1000 15,000
Population 1800 -..10,33S
EI Paso, Texas,
Saturday Evening
November 12, 1910-26 Pages
Cold Water Delegates Hold
Balance of Power in the
State Legislature.
Chicago, 111., Nov. 12. Prohibition
ists and independents may hold the
balance of power in the lower house of
the next legislature, which meets
January, next. According1 to incom
plete returns, neither Republicans nor
Democratic will have a constitutional
majority of 77 in the house, and two
prohibitionists and two independents
roaj dictate who shall be speaker.
Massachusetts Recounting-.
Boston, Mass., Nov. 12. Recounts in
many of the districts where Tuesday's
election left only a narrow margin be
tween opposing candidates will begin
next week. Interest centers in the
fourth and. 14 th congressional- dis
tricts. In the former William P. Wilder,
Republican, is apparently elected foi
both the short and the. long terms by
23 and 142 votes, respectively, over
John J. Mitchell, his Democratic oppo
nent. In the 14 th district the first returns
show a margin of 72 votes in favor
of Robert O. Harris, Republican, over
Thomas C. Thatcher, Democrat.
Montana Look: Democratic
Helena, Mont., Nov. 12. With both
parties claiming control of the legisla
ture, partisan feeling is beginning to
run high, owing to the closeness of the
rei-ult in many counties.
United States senator Thomas H.
r .- tr-VkAco cmrocOT" will Yi cllOSGH
by the next legislature, said tonight: j
4 1 do not care to go into details, out
vou can quote me as saying that the
legislature will be Republican on joint
Neve Hampshire.
Concord. N. H., Nov. 12. Complete
unofficial returns of the vote for mem
bers of the legislature show that the
state senatgwill consist of 1C Republi
cans and eight Democrats, as against
20 Republicans and four Democrats
two years ago.
In the house of representatives this
year 223 Republicans and 166 Demo
crats have been elected.
West Virginia.
Elkins, W. Va., Nov. 12. The politi
cal overthrow by which the West Vir
ginia legislature becomes Democratic
lias led to statewide speculation as to
a candidate to succeed Nathan B. Scott,
Republican, in the United States sen
ate. It led to the announcement that
nenry G. Davis, the Democratic candi
date for vice president in 1904, has en
tered the contest- There are other
prospective candidates under discussion-
Alix, Alberta, Canada, Nov. 12. -Great excitement has been caused here by the report that a woman who
arrived In town Wednesday is Belle Elmore Crippcn, for whose supposed death Dr. Hawiey Crippen Is under sen
tence to he hanged in London, November 23.
After the womaii alighted from the train Wednesday, she went to a livery barn and ordered a team of horses,
saying: she would send them back next day by a friend. The horses were returned by a farmer. AVhile the wo
man was waiting for the horses the Crippen case was being: discussed' by a group of men. One remarked: "I guess
they will make old Dr. Crippcn squawk over in London." On hearing: this, thu woman fainted.
Later, while in a store, the woman was eagerly reading: a number of newspapers and again fainted on read
- Ing: something: concerning: the case.
The police have her under surveillance and she may be arrested today- V
f "" " "
Count Tolstoi Disappears; Wife Tries
DLiiciCie oy LJrownmsr Ihrough lc
- r
ft ' ' ' -d
i i ' n i i i i ii ,, ,
The Toyah Oil and Pipe Co.,
Has Abundant Capital Be
hind It.
Phoenix, Arizonp. Nov. 12. Af
ter three hours devoted to oratory
on the woman suffrage question, the
constitutional convention administered
a decisive blow to the "votes for wom-
er" movement by defeating the Con-
yielly proposition, 15 to 28
The suffragists have maintained a
lobby at the convention ever since the
first day and, although it was known
a week ago that the elections com
mittee would make an unfavorable re
port, they have waged a persistent
campaign, concentrating recent efforts
to obtaining the passage of the Con
nelly measure, which would haYe made
it mandatory on the part of the first
legislature to call' a special election
at which men and women would have
voted on the questjn.
The "question of separate submission
at the convention to ratify the consti
tution still remains, but suffrage lead
ers have not lost interest, holding the?
can get submission at any time by the
-T,.HI. -,. w r".U$ CHAH3MS. IIAUATtA.
St Petersburg, Russia, Nov. 12. A private message from Tula says the countess Leo Tolstoi twice attempted
to commit suicide today by drowning; herself through a hole in the fee. This follows the disappearance of her
husband, the noted writer and social reformer.
, 4
The -Novoe Vremya lias received the following: telegram from Tula signed vby,priuce Demitry Obolonski:
"Count Leo Tolstoi left Yasnaya Polina on the morning: of October 10 (?) accompanied by a physician, anil
neither has been heard1 from since.
"The countess "is "in despair. In a letter to his wife, Tolstoi says he has decided to spend his remaining
days in solitary retirement." . , - A ' - '
The last neys concerning count Tolstoi, on October IS, last, said, he'hafl- suffered several fainting spells
that day and for several hours was incon;cIoun.
In the evening, however, his condition was somewhat improved. '
s Tolstoi celebrated his S2nd birhday anniversary last August.
River Rhine Rising.
Cologne. Germany, Nov. 12. The
river Rhine here is 17 feet above
its mean low level tonight and is still
Mannheim reports the river 18 feet
and Moselle 22 3-4 feet. At Metze the
river Is the highest it has been for
years. The lower parts of that city
are flooded, as are those of several
towns below Metze.
They Turn Down Agreement
Once Made; He Says
Strike Will Be
- - Broken.
New York, Nov. 12? The striking
express drivers and helpers of Jersey
City nullified the agreement reached
between the New York strikers and
the fire transcontinental companies.
The - agreement was conditioned upon
the consent of the Jersey men to re
turn to work. They have refused.
The situation now reverts to the po
sition it occupied before mayor Gaynor
took a hand, with this exception, that
the mayor is angry and resolved to
temporize no longer.
"They can reject the agreement if
they want to," he said, ' "but I beg to
say that a committee of their own se
lection came to me voluntarily, with
no request of mine and made an hon
orable agreement- If the men reject
that agreement, I shall teach thein
that express wagons can. be run with
out their help, even if w'e have to man
every one of them with policemen.
Bruce Brown Wins Grand
Prize Event on Savan
nah Track.
Savannah, Ga., Nov. 11. Bruce Brown
won the grand prize; Hemery,' second;
BurmaH, third. ;
Toyah, 'Texas, Nov.' 12. The enter
ing of two new operating oil companies
into the Toyah field has given the oil
business a decided boom. The Toyah
Oil and Pipe Line company composed
of Midland and Toyah capitalists with
a capital stock of $25,000. has been
incorporated and will begin active oper
ations in the Toyah field at once, the
promoters say. The other company is
known as the Lone StarGa-s company,
or the Corsicana Petroleum company,
which is reported to be a branch of the
Standard. This company has located
its derricks ten miles north of Toyah
and the rigs are being built and the
well boring machinery installed.
"Wealthy MeH in Toyah Co.
- The-Toyah-OU arid Pipe Line company
is composed of wealthy cattle and
sheep men and bankers of west Texas.
They mean business and the advent of
the new company in the field -here
means the Immediate development of the
oil field surrounding Toj-ah at once.
The new oil men say that there will
be none of the secret operation busi
ness about their work. They have all
the land they want and are willinjr that
i everything they do shall be known to
tne public. They have capital suffi
cient to sink a well to China, if they
wished to, the men say, and they are
determined to develop the Toyah field
to make it a producing oil section.
The new company has three loca
tions, al northwest of Toyah and south
west of the Texas company's field of
operations. A pipe line will be con-
Lai Cruces, N. 31., Nov. 12. Reports from the Pecos valley and from the
range country near Silver City and Lake valley to the Agricultural college
are to the effect that the cattle are dying In large numbers, and it Is thought
that they have been poisoned either liy the water or by some plant which
they mav have eaten.
The chemistry department at the college is investigating the matter with
a view to determining the source of the sickness and the elements In the
plants or water which causes it. '
Assistant professor 31itchell of the chemistry department, and professor
Simpson of the animal husbandry department, are contemplating a trip to
"the ranges near Lake valley is order to make an exhaustive study of the
plants and water, samples of which will he brought hack for chemical
, analysis.
New York, N. Y., Nov. 12. Three thousand boys and 1.1O0 girls, orphan In
latcs of a Catholic protectory in the upper part of New York city, were
(routed from their beds by a fire that destroyed the five story wing of the
main building early today, entailing a loss of $150,000.
Thanks to the discipline and conlsess of the 60 Christian brothers in
charge of the Institution, there was no panic, and the shivering children
went throagh the routine) fire drill like little soldiers, marchinrr out of ta
buildings to the assembly hall.
Savannah, Ga., Nov. 12. The grand
prize of the automobile racing world
was raced here today. Fifteen'drivers,
noted the world over for their cold
nerve and daring, were sent off at
minute intervals, beginning at 3
o'clock, for a run of 415 miles, or 24
times around the course, for a prize of
a $5000 gold cup and $4000 cash to
the winner. '
Chevrolet, driving a Marquette
Buick, was first off, with Mulford in
a Lozier second, and Basle in a Pope
Hartford third.
Hemory was driving a Benz, one of
the favorites, and Nazarro a Fiat, as
were also Wagner and De Palma'.
Chevrolet -twas first around the
course, retaining the advantage of his
start. He'made the lap in l minutes
and 19 seconds. Hemory, going 72
miles an hour, was close behind.
Hemory, with a great burst of sneed.
took the lead in the second lap and EDITOR APPOINTED AS
REACH $30 0f)0 (KM) i structed fr the field to the railroad,
JCWJ.ttA.a. ?OU,UUU,lAW should oil be struck- ir, Twiino. o,. '
'Increase in El Paso Tax
Values Does Not Include
New Skyscrapers.
Increases of property values in El
Paso of more than $1,500,000, making
tne total taxable
ties and It will be shipped direct to El
Paso and the mining sections of the
Toynh Company Officers.
The officers of the new Tovah Oil
and Pipe Line company are: George D
Elliott of Midland, Texas, president!
7.' -?rown. Midland, vice president;
G. G. Nesbitt, Toyah. vice nrManf. t
Wiley Taylor, Midland, secretary and
"Wealth mnr thnti
$30,000,000. is exnected tn ho shown
by the compilation to the assessment I treasurer. The directors are: George
upon the completion of the work of
the board of appeals. The property,
valuation in 1909 was $28,500,000.
The $30,000,000 valuation represents
but half the wealth of the city as the
property is assessed at but approxi
mately 50 percent of its real value.
The $30,000,000 valuation includes the
rendered tax roll of $25,500,000 and
tliat the unrendered roll will make the
total $30,000,000 is stated by city asses
sor Behr.
The taxable wealth in 1911 is ex
pected to be much greater, as the many
new buildings under construction in
El Paso at present will be subject to
taxes at that time.
The city council sitting as a board
of appeals. Is scheduled to hold its last
meeting Mondajf, after which the prop
erty values as determined, will be an
nounced as a whole.
D. Elliott, George Grav. .t wnT t,-
lor Z. T. Brown, H. N. Garrett, all of
Midland; G- G. Nesbitt, of Toyah, and
W. H. Granam, of Fort Worth. Mr
Graham is a practical oil well driller
and will be in charge of the operations
The list of stockholders includes W.
B. Elkins, cashier and D. "W. Brunson
president of the Midland National bank
and TV. J. Moran, of Midland, who was
appointed an inspector of the' Toyah oil
field by the district court during a re
cent trial.
: :
had the lead by a minute and a half
on the fourth lap. Nazarro was sec
ond. Wagner took the lead in the ninth
lap, Hemory and Nazarro having tire
Haupt, in a Benz car, took the lead
in the 11th lap, going 75 miles an hour
E. Haupt struck a. tree while round
ing the turn on the 13th lap and the car
Haupt was not seriously injurey but
hi? mechanic, Fahyl, was taken to the
Chevrolet went out of the race on the
ninth lap with a broken shaft.
"Wagner's car overturned on a sldd
away road on the 17th lap. "Wagner
and his mechanician, Louis Ferro were
both badly hurt.
Chicago, 111., Novr 12. Johnny Evers,
the Chicago Nationals' crack second
baseman, will coach the navy team at
Annapolis next spring and will not
join his team until June 1. His broken
ankle, which has knit nicely, will bo
taken out of its plaster cast tomor-row..
St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 12. A capias for
the arrest of Theo. E. Henderson, vice
president of the Afterthought Copper
company and the parent concern, the
Great Western Gold company, was is
sued today by the United States com
missioner. Henderson is cnarged with
a scheme to defraud. Receivership
proceedings were brought against the
Afterthought and Great "Western companies.
Des Moines, Iowa, Nov. 12. Governor
Carroll today announced the appoint
ment of Lafayette Young, editor of the
Des Moines Capital, as United States
;senator to succeed the late senator
Clarksville, Texas, Nov. 12.
H. D. Beeman, aged 56, a farm
er, was killed by a Texas & Pa
cific freight train, two miles
east of town today, when an en
gine struck a carriage in which
he was driving to the city. The
horses became frightened and
dashed in front of the locomo
tive. One horse was killed.
Beeman's head and legs were
Mexico City, Mexico, Nov. 12. A dispatch today
from Guadalajara, says that Carlos B. Carothers, Amer
ican manager of the West End Realty company, last
night fired into a crowd of anti-American rioters stoning
his residence, killing -Jesus Loza, a f ourteenyearold boy,
and -wounding Prudenta Chavez, a watchman.
Carothers, the dispatch says, was taken from his
home at midnight and placed in jail.:
j. v v .. . ; ... ... , .;. v v v v v
Abilene, Texas, Nov. 12. N.
S. Lundy, charged with the
murder of A. H. Anderson in
Jones county six years ago, was
acquitted by the verdict of the
jury in the district court at
Balrd this morning.
Lundy was tried seven times
on the same charge and was
twice convicted of manslaugh
ter. The case was tried in five
different counties and the court
of criminal appeals reversed
the case twice.
Laredo. Tex., Nov. 12. Juan Mar
tinez, who tried to create a disturb
ance here last night among Mexicans
following riots in Mexico City, was
San Antonio. Texas. Nov. 12. The
nnrHd.ifv of Sam Bevburn of Bonham arrested and jailed, following which a
for tEe speakership of the next house f large number crossed the river to New
will De launcnea ton'gnt at a cumex ..-. ...c vi.o cAicircuteu no
arranged by A. P. Barrett, formerly further trouble, but fear disturbances
state senator, and Chester H. Terrell, in. Neir Laredo similar to those In C. P.
former member of the legislature frcm
Bexar county. Members of the legis
lature from all over the state have
signified their intention of attending.
Houston, Texas, Nov. 12. When the
Baptist general conference adjourned
for two hours this afternoon only
.uiaz yesterday, when the
consulate was stoned.
uuaaaiajara, Mexico, Nov. 12. In
course of the anti-American
demonstrations in this city an Amer
ican flag was burned amid cries of
"Death to the Gringoes."
$3200 of the $5000 sought for the Bap- de property of Americans at
tlst seminary at Fon Worth had been f S500Q " T e""f J?
fort being made by the government
authorities to preserve order, a snirxt
renewed vio-
raised, but it was expected the balance
would be obtained. The morning was
spent in routine work and business
reports. me convention is uui '.'
to conclude its work until Tuesday
Tvler. Texas. Nov. 12. George
Gardner, aged 31, ended his life this(
morning at his home near this city Dy
drinking the contents of a bottle
which had contained carbolic acid. He
was married and well to do and no
cause is known for his suicide. He
recently returned from a trip to New
Santa Fe, N M , Nov 12 After spending three hours in a debate over
the leual significance of the word '-fix," the constitutional convention gave
up in despair and referred it to the first state legislature to "fix" the pow
ers and duties of the state board of equalization, which is to consist of the
srovernor, secretary of state, treasurer, traveling auditor and attorney
A limitation of 12 mills for the first two years and thereafter of 10 mills
is placed upon the state tax rate, this not to Include the levy for the pay
ment of the interest on the public debt.
New -railroad, Irrigation works smelters, reduction works, susar fac
tories and other industries are esnmpt from taxation for the first six years
and a ?200 general exemption4 is granted all heads of families.
The convention also disposed 'of public land matters in two brief para
graphs, which are very liberal and which will not tie the hands of the new
state, as under it a large part of 13,000,000 acres of siatc lauds can be sold
If bujers are found for It at or above the minimum rates fixed by con
gress .
Today the contention disposed of the article on corporations, whleU
leaves only the apportionment, miscellaneous provisions and the final re
vision of the entire constitution as unfinished business.
It is now certain that the convention will' adjourn next Saturday.
of unrest prevails and
violence is feared.
Manuel Cuestra Gallardo, candidata
for governor, is doing everything- pos
sible in conjunction with the comman
der of the federal troops to maintain
peace. American consul Samuel Ma
gill has been assured" by the author
ities that there will be no further
A high Iron fence surrounding tha
Methodist missionary institute was
torn down by thef mob and the win
dows in the build'ng were smashed.
Glass doors and windows in many
homes of Americans were demolished.
C. E. Meyers, of Joplin, Mo., 3nd
PIERCE AND HIS PARTY UUI hunger ot loric. Pa., railroad
SPEND THE DAY IN WACO ( empioj.es, were beaten and kicked oy
Waco, Tex., Nov. 12. H. Clay
Pierce, th St. Louis multimillionaire:
S. W. Fordj-ce and C. W. Cahoon, of
the Pierce-Fordyce Oil association, ac
companied by Mrs. Pierce and Mrs.
Bi;rrows, the latter a. daughter of
Pierce, are spending the day hero.
They will go to Dallas tonight.
the rioters -but not seriously injured.
"Washington, D. C., Nov. 12. All
possible assistance is being given tha.
Mexican consul at Eagle Pass, who is
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Fort Leavenv orth, Kan., Nov. 12. A wireless message relaticjr to the
anti-American demonstrations Ih Mexico wa received at the goernmeat sta
tion here last night. The spark was lost before the signature was seat,
but the message is believed to have been sent by secretary of state Kaox to
president Taft, who is en route to Paama. Other messages to the president
have been caught here.
The message believed to have been sent to Taft read: "Editors of incen
diary papers villi be arrested. The embassy is vigorously protected. I am
Informed on unquestionable authority that Anton Rodriguez was bora ia
New Mexico and -was an American citizen."
The lynching of Rodriguex In Texas was the reason for the anti-American
riots in Mexico
"Washington, D. C, Nov. 12. Little tfoubt Is entertained here that the wire
less picked up at Fort Leavenworth last night relating to Rodriguez was from
secretary of State Knox to president Taft. If its statements prove to be the
case, the Mexican government will be obliged to withdraw its protest and de
mand for reparation and it would leave the United States the aggrieved party
in the rioting in Mexico.
It Is expected at the .department of state that the investigation ot the
lynching of Rodriguez now being conducted by governor Campbell, of Texas,
and the Mexican consul of Eagle Pass will settle all doubts as to Rodriguez's
nationality. The state department had no new details today of new Mexican

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