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li JrLfe
Monday, Xovember 21, 1910
Absolutely Pure
The only baking powder
made from Royal Grape
Gream of Tartar
Noium9NoLime Phosphate
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single -western factory produces 3,000, -000
pounds of them every year. As the
cut-nail -was the product of American
ingenuity, so also is the wire nail, of
which there are approximately 13,000,
000 kegs a year used in the United
Xalls and Pins.
The modern machinery for making
wire is also a product of the inventive
American mind. Wire is now so "widely
used that it requires more than twice
as much to supply the demands of the
country as it requires .of structural
steeL Wire nails are made from drawn
wire, as are also pins. The first solid
headed pin-making machine ever used
was brought out by J. I. Howe, of Ne-vy
York, in 1831. It formerly requ-'red
seven men to make a single pin, and
the process was an expensive one, but
the modern pin-making machine with a
single operator turns them out by the
millions a year. After the pins are cut
and the heads hammered on by auto
matic hammers, and the points proper
ly ground, they are then placed in a
bath made of sour beer and cream of
tartar. This produces the well known
yellowish color. They are then washed
and tinned, after which they are ready
to be placed in papers by automatic
The possibility pt carpets for the mil
lions was brought about by an inven
tion of Erastus BIgelow, of Boston.
who, in 1844, brought out a power loom
for the weaving of ingrain carpets. The
modern methods f felt making are the
result of patents Issued to J. R. Wil
liams, in 1820. Mechanical Tope weav
ers also were given to the world by
American Inventors. These enable a
few operators to manufacture more
rope in a year than a bundred could on
one of the old-time rope-walks of Ken
tacky. Tke Perfecting Press.
The Hoe printing press is only one
rtep forward in the application of me
chanical knowledge, and yet a modern
newspaper press, operated by five men,
will produce more papers in an hour
than a pressman and his assistant
could turn out in a hundred days,
working 10 hours a day, with an old
fashioned Franklin press. If the world
obtained its "newspapers as it did a
hundred years ago, the daily paper of
the present would nave to be a quarter
ly, provided the demand for papers was
as great. The new printing press has
made it possible for the smallest state
in the union to produce a hundred
times as many papers as were turned
out in the whole country a hundred
years ago.
The modern elevator, which has
made the tall buildings of the world
possible, and, therefore, modern city
conditions, was invented by an Ameri
can. The first ideas in safety deices
for elevators were in the shape of air
tight chambers at the bottom of the
shaft. It was figured that if the ele
vator should fall, it would strike on a
cushion of, imprisoned air, thus render
ing the danger practically nil. This
idea was followed for a long time, and
in the course of experiments, it was
demonstrated that with a properly con
structed shaft an elevator could fall 287
fee't without fracturing an electric
light globe or breaking an egg shell.
Since then the safety clutch has been
placed on the elevator and the 'air
tight chamber at the bottom of the
shaft has almost disappeared.
Ice Slaking-, an American Idea.
An American first conceived the mod
em ice making machine, and the many
blessings that have grown out of arti
ficial refrigeration had their beginning
In the crude little plant constructed by
this southern geni-is. Recent experi
ments in the use of the vacuum princi
ple have demonstrated that in the "fu
ture it will be possible to"" ship ice
cream and other perishables all over
the world, without their ever coming
irto contact with ice, either In prepara
tion or shipment. A consignment of
ice cream was shipped last year from
Washington to Seattle and then back
This food may be used as a substi
tute for meat, as it contains all the
food elements which give strength
and energy. Made from Wheat,
Kice, Uats and Barley.
Ask your Grocer.
n ! N
I nM ' f'Til
to Washington by -way of San Francis-
co and New Orleans, and when onened
it was in as good condition as when
it started.
I rne moaern macninery lor Doming
waters and other liquids was perfected
by American genius One can scarcely
i travel "far enough away from the bor
! ders of the United States to get be
i yond the range of the Influence of the
American. This is illustrated in the
fact that on the banks of the river
Jordan there is a bottling works, i
equipped with American bottling ma-
chinery, engaged in bottling the water J waters of the Pecos river, by terri
of the river Jordan for pious people j torIal en&ineer gullivan, works a hard
throughout the world. The great de- j
mand for bottle's in the United States ' shIn uPn those speculators who seek
has led inventors to perfect a machine j to feather their nests at the expense
for the mechanical blowing of them, of the Carlsbad nrolect. but makes 'he
I It is found that this machine is one of j success of the latter project doubly
j the greatest labor-savers ever devised, I sure. The reclamation service has a'
i and that it produces better and more ready appropriated more than double
uniform bottles than were made by the
n1d-fn?htnnpfl l-Yfinrl method- TCvftn ther-
I mometer tubes are now frequently
blown by machinery.
Mechanical Shoe-Making:.
One of the most striking cases of labor-saving
as applied to American in
dustry is that of mechanical shoe-making.
Under the old-fashioned cobbler
method it required the shoemaker two
days to produce a pair of shoes. To
day that same pair of shoes may be
made in 20 minutes. There are 60 op
eratives and 45 machines utilized In tne
process. In the shoemaking world, as
in many other industries, the patents
have been made a temporarj' monopoly.
The machines are only leased, and a
portion of the cost of every .shoe we
wear is made up of the royalty charged
by the holders of the patent rights.
The steam-driven sawmill is the pro
duct of American genius for making
the best use of power. Without the
modern sawmill it -would be impossi
ble to furnish the vast supplies of
manufactured lumber demanded by ha
country. The first steam sawmill was
a queer little machine, with a capacity
of only a few thousand feet of lumber
a day. Xow the huge mills, turning cut
thousands of feet of lumber a year
find the sawdust alone to be worth
more than the entire product of the
first sawmills.
It requires billions of boxes to carry
) the berries and fruits of the country to
the urban consumer. If these had to
be manufactured by the old fashioned
hand process they vouii be si expen
sive as to make their vse almost pro
hibitive. Tne same 'ngenuity '.hat has
made it possible for nn Amer'csn in
ventor to prolie a bit whici will Lcre
a square hole, has made it possible to
evolve a machine which when fed strips
of thin lumber, turns out completed
boxes.t One girl and a box-making ma
chine will turn out 12,000 berry bas
kets a day, or 4000 grape baskets.
Every year witnesse the issuance
of patents which so eliminate the labor
cost of manufacture as to materially
reduce the cost of the output of the
factories. The machinists universally
agree that there is still much room for
Rrogress. They see in the electric fur
nace the greatest step forward since
the invention of the blast furnace and
the converter, and believe, with tlie
late "Pig iron" Kelly, that it will sup
plant them both and that the resultant
improvement in iron and steel and
their products, together with lowered
cost, will give the American factory a
new lease on world supremacy.
Tomorrow Mining and Metallurgy.
Annual Election of Ditch-
Officers to Ee Held
December 5.
Chamberino, N. M., Nov. 21. A small
flow of water is reported in the river
at the head of the Chamberino ditch.
The annual, election of ditch officers
occurs Dec. 5. Those running for com
missioners are W. H. Mundy, Alfonso
Lopez and Mr. Nevil. who, it is report
ed, have no opposition. Jose Barrio 's
nominated for majordomo.
C. A. Viljoen, one of last year's com
missioners, is contemplating a visit to
his old home in' South Africa. Wm. C.
McNary succeeds Mr. Viljoen on the
Liucern company's west side farm.
The cleaning of the Chambrino ace
quia will be finished about Dec. 10.
A very progressive movement was in
augurated this year by the commis
sioners and ratified by the people at a
public meeitng. The old Mexican sys
tem of "fatiga" was done away with,
the length of the acequia ascertained
and number of acres under irrigation,
in dividing it-was found that each acre
should be assessed 100 feet of" ditch-to
clean. An additional order was is
sued to clear the ditch banks of all
brush and weeds. The result is that
hundreds of acres of alfalfa and fruit
lands, and many cosy homes that have
not for 15 years been visible to a trav
eler along 'the public road, are now in
plain view so that the old ditch and
surrounding country present a much
improved appearance.
Krakauer, Zork & Moye have install
ed a pumping plant on the Peterson
Washington alfalfa and stock farm,
near the head of the Chamberino ditch.
The centrifugal pump run by a 12
horse power Stover gasoline engine
stands an undisputable demonstration
of the success of lifting water in the
valley for irrigation as continually agi-tateL-by
The Herald. The strainer lies
in a 17 foot bed of gravel and is attach
ed to a 60 foot four inch galvanized
iron pipe connected to a six-inch dis
charge casing from which flows 750
gallons of water per minute. Tne lift
is 15 feet, as the water from the
ground bed rises to within that dis
tance of the surface.
Anthony, N. M., Nov. 21. Work Is to
start at once on the remainder of Hia
Anthony cutoff,which has straightened j
the river near here. The cutoff was
completed last year with the exception
of about 300 3rards, which could not be
finished because of the high water.
This part is being finished in compli
ance with the orders of the court. The
entire cutoff is 3100 yards long and
takes a kink out of the old Rio Grande
and prevents errosion and. scouring on
Mesa, Ariz., Nov. 21. One of the most
heartless deeds ever known here was
discovered when a new born girl was
uu,m .u uc iuub wnere u naa oeefl
thrown by its mother and left to die.
The child is a healthy one and evident
ly has both indian and American blood.
Authorities are trying to find a home
for the waif, the Crittendon Home at
Phoenix declining to take a baby so
Phoenix, Ariz., Nov. 21. George A.
Jeffries, of Dallas, S. D., has estab
lished a colony of 12 families in the
Salt river valley, between Florence
iuu uisa uranue. zney nave taKen up J
about nOflf) rrAC! Toffrioc 0-mnr vJ I
ers to move here next winter.
J tqi a pjp TTTT'T "P TO
-1-3 JjJ-w HHii-lIr J
Headwaters of the Pecos
Will Not Be Permitted
to "Waste.
Carlsbad, N. M.. Nov. 21. The re
jection of all applications for the np-
J propriation of water from the L-ead-
the normal flow of the Pecos for the
local project. The United States gov
ernment has bought and paid for the
Carlsbad project and has expended
$700,000 or ?800,000 in Its construction
and is yearly adding to these figures.
The reclamation service has contracted
to deliver the water to the farmers
under the project, who in turn have
agreed to pay and have already par
tially paid for the same. The action
of engineer Sullivan is based on opin
ion of attorney general Clancy.
Teams are at work grading and
leveling the block known as Hala
gueno park. A commission composed
of Mrs. C. M. Richards, J. R. Linn and
I. S. Osborne, appointed by the city
council, decided to begin the work, use.
what funds are available at this time
and then proceed with ,the work as
liditional funds are procured. A small
tax levy is allowed by the territory
which affords some help to the strug
gling commission. The people of
Carlsbad wish a park and public rest
Carlsbad has a local dramatic com
pany which will present "The Iron
Hand" in the near future. This com
pany presented "The Honor of the
Cowboy" last season most succesully.
The Carlsbad band will give an
open air sacred concert Thanksgiving
The announcement of the W. C. T. U.
contest In declamation has been made
to be held in the high school auditor
ium next Friday evening. A musical
program will be rendered. A medal
Is offered to the winner.
The town council and also the board
of governors of the Carlsbad Commer
cial club each held a meeting in their
J respective halls and drafted a set of
resolutions protesting against the ac
tion taken by the constitutional con
vention in forming a judicial district
composed of Eddy, Chaves, Roosevelt
and Curry counties when the business
to be transacted by the court now, of
the district is said to be far in excess
of time allotted for its disposition.
The protests were unanimously
signed by each of the organizations
and forwarded to the Eddv county
representatives in the convention.
PLAN $10,000 HOME
Bisbee, Ariz., Nov. 21. Two lots lo
cated across the street from the Cen
tral school. have been purchased by the
Knights of Columbus, who will erect a
club house. The building will be two
stories high and will cost approximate
ly $10,000. Construction work will be
started in December.
The local police are trying to detect
some pickpockes who are at work in
Bisbee. A gold watch was cleverly ab
stracted from M. D. Ret's pocket, while
$S5 in bills were taken away from
John Wade in a mysterious manner.
A contest for the National Rifle as
sociation medal will be held by the
Bisbee Rifle club on 200, 300 and 500'
yard ranges.
The annual Thanksgiving dinner will
be served at the Y. M. C. A. next Sun
day. A Thanksgiving ball will take i
place at the Country club Thursday
T. O. McGrath was elected secretary
of the local lodge of Elks, which po
sition was vacated by Mr. McKeehan.
John Lynn has been taken to the
Copper Queen hospital, ill with typhoid
After strenuous efforts the firemen
succeeded in extinguishing the fire In
the six room house of Nick Majeno-
vich, located in Dubacher canyon. The
house was damaged while Its prop-i-etor
was working in the Junction
mine. An investigation was made by
chief Norton ho found one room
soaked with kerosene o!l and a can
full of oil, which had failed to igni'.t.
was discovered in another room. The
house, it is claimed, was insured i r
While running a drill press at the
Ilolbrook shaft, J. H. Hart had his
hand drawn into a set screw and sa
verelj hurt. Help arrived in time to
save Mx Hart's arm from being
caught in the machine.
A meeting of the stockholders t
the Bisbee Extension Development
company will be held here on Decem
ber 8. The purpose of the meeting, as
announced by the board of directors,
is to make final arrangements for te
sale of the property, whieh was au
thorized some time ago.
The trial of Hart, charged with Ihe
murder of Arthur Beane, started to
day. Notwithstanding the fact that llui
police are keeping up an active chasv,
pickpockets took another chance by
stealing a gold watch and a chain
from Frank Carretto at Do well.
B. S. Hart and Miss Banigna D.
Power were united in marriage by
Rev. Meurer.
The case of special officer Delanv
of the El Pnso & Southwestern, who
was charged with assault upon a' Mex
ican, laborer, was dismissed by justice
A mothers' meeting was held at
Lowell. Dr. Reese of the Calumet and
Arizona medical staff delivered an ad
dress on the care of children.
Farmington, N. M., Nov. 21. -With a
view of bringing relief in the way of
supplying more rent houses for the
many families who are camped in and
around town, carpenters have been in
structed by local property owners to
continue building-, and by spring It is
hoped the embarrassing situation will
be overcome and all newcomers be
Threft oanffalists nf firm-id TnnMn
Cclo., are spending several days in the
Farmington country making invest
ments in ehpun irritArf lav,
ments in cheap irrigated lands.
A high class comedy play, entitled,
"The Elopement of Ellen," was put on
at the opera house for the benefit of
the Episcopal church. Every seat was
sold at good figures.
Capitalists of Colorado Springs and
Denver are figuring on purchasing
land near here and planting 600 acres
to fruit next spring.
A party of prospectors from , the
Panhandle of Texas, headed by J. C
Wynn, are making purchases of fruit
and alfalfa farms here this week.
County district court is in ses
sion this week with a light ticket.
IHSiniP'tf uaas tjou pctj oum' suosaea
) PeCOS Firm tO Build Willk- often a forerunner of prostrating dis
I -i-. ,,-,-j-'o. "vr. "r ease.
ler County's New Ju
diciary Building.
Kermit, Texas, Nov. 21. The com- j
missioners' court has let the contract j
for the erection of the Winkler county j
court house to Morris & Key, of Pecos, ,
Texas, at $5690. 1
The entire Democratic ticket, of j
Winkler county was elected at the re- '
, cent election, there being only eight !
Republican votes polled in the county. J
The new county officers are:- u. B.
f fnrMv rniinf-v- iililjTA? TV TT SftflS
! trunk, county and district clerk; W. A.
I Priest, sheriff and tax collector, re-
I electea; a. kj. w ltners, county treas
urer; Jim .fayne, assessor or taxes, re
elected. All the old county commis
sioners were ( reelected, except E. B.
Estes, who was not a candidate, and
Geo. D. Hogg was elected to fill his
Kermit will soon have telephone
connection with the T. & P. railroad at
Pyote; the line now owned by Sitton
Mercantile company, of that place, and
some citizens of Duval, is to be ex
tended to Kermit.
It is said that the Sitton Mercantile
company, of Pyote, will soon begin the
erection of a large business house at
Roswell X. M., Nov. 21. 1 he Chaves
county district court grand jury for
the present term has so far returned 65
indictments. Among them are a num
ber for violations of the prohibition
ordinance, six against butchers for
buying beef cattle and failing to keep
a record, as, required by law, several
for alleged stealing or hiding of cattle,
carrying firearms, etc.
Of the $400 worth of dry goods
stolen from the store of M. Price &
Co., about $100 worth has been dis
covered hid in trunks and other
places about a house in the south
west part of town.
W. N. Green, who owned 4G acres
of land two or three miles northeast
of Hagerman, has sold the tract to
J. E. Levers for $5000.
Colonia Dublin, Mex., Nov. 21.- -Ne-phi
Paez. a convert from the City of
Mexico, died here of typhoid fever this
week. He took sick In El Valle and
was removed to this colony and the
moving proved to be too much 'for him.
Rev L. Pratt and family leave this
morning for the City of Mexico, where
he will resume charge of the Mexican i
-The play given by the Clover girls j
was a success both financially and ,
Thieves broke into Joseph Wright's
chickfen house and carried off two big j
turkeys and a set of harness.
A new case of diphtheria has devel
oped acrbss the river, but it is hoped
that it can be confined to the one case.
President Junius Romney and H. S.
Harris held conference in Colonia Diaz
Mrs. Caroline Eyring, of Colonia Jua
rez, has a new babj boy.
Prof essor "Guy C. Wilson has return
ed from visiting the schools in the
mountain colonies.
Bishop Bentley is able to sit up part
of the time. '-
Some Mexican boys were caught tak
x , l n. . , :,:i )
Colonia Juarez All of them are m Ja.1)
ing a trunk: from tne ivms nome
in Casas Grandes.
Portales, N. M., Nov. 21. The final j
test of the Portales water, light and j
power system has been made and ev-
erything seems to be in excellent (
shape. Many business firms and ,
dwelling houses are putting in electric t
lights. The town is well lighted by S5
street lights of to candle power eacn. ,
Portales is organizing a band. Lr. "V t
Fiscus has taken hold, and a temporary
.. m. - rr -
organization oi some io or .su wiieu- i
enced band players has been formed, j
They expect to get an entirely new set (
of instruments and new uniforms as
soon as possible and do the thing up j
right J
A fire alarm has been placed m the i
public school building and the pupils j
have been given their first fire drill, j
The Woman's club met with Mrs. J.
B. Priddyi Aside from the regular pro
gram, committees on arrangements for j
the clubs annual reception, which will
be given soon, were appointed. !
Mrs. A. B. Austin's Sunday school
class gave a very interesting program
at the Wonderland theater to a highly
appreciative audience.
Tony Hunter and Fred Broadhead
have returned from Kansas City, where
thej had shipped cattle.
x. xj. Xjiirsuii, kx. o)nu;;uaie, An j
was here this week prospecting. J
Marfa, Texas, Nov. 21. The Marfa
Light and Power company has install
ed two new gasoline engines to take
the place of the old coal burners.
George "Withrow has sold his home to
Mrs. W. F. Wilkins. '
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Schutze have re
turned from Austin and will take
charge of the St. George hotel Dec. 1.
Mrs. R. S. McCracken entertained the
"High Five" club "Wednesday at her
The women of the "Woodmen circle
gave a Mexican sup'per for te benefit
of the circle.
News has been received of the death
of Mrs. Charles Cameron. Mr. Camer
on was for some time employed here as
bookkeeper for Murphy & Walker.
To Keep the Hair
Light and Fiuffy
(Prom Chicago Inter Ocean).
The proper care of the hair does not
require a woman to scour her scalp
with soap and drench her hair with
water until a shampoo including dry
ing the hair takes the better part of
the day. In fact autnorities say that
the less soap and water used on the
hair the better as the alkali and
moisture tend to make the hair coarse,
dull and brittle.
If you want to keep the scalp clean
and the hair light and fluffy, try dry
shampooing. Put In a quart jar, or
any other handy container, four
ounces of powdered orris root and
four ounces of therox. Stir and snake
until thoroughly mixed. A beautiful
cleansing powder with a delicate per
fume will be the result.
Sprinkle a tablespoonful of this mix
ture on the head and then brush It well
through the hair. This brings out the
natural color of the hair, makes it soft
and glossy, and if continued regularly,
tends to make the flair long and abun
dant, for it is a natural hair grower.
Loss of Appetite
Tc incc nf vital! tv. visor or tone, and is
i It is serious and especially so to
, people that must keep up and doing or
1 get behindhand.
The best medicine to take for it is
the great constitutional remedy
Which purines and enriches the blood
and builds up the whole system.
Get jt today in usual liquid form or
chocolated tablets called SarsatabSr
. . -.
Organization Formed to En
courage Settlers to Lo
cate in Toyah
Balmorhea, Texas, Novi 21. A meet
ing of all the business men and farm
ers of Toyah valley was held at Bal
morhea Saturday evening to form a
commercial association for Toyah val
ley. Temporary organization was ef
fected and everybody enthusiastically
endorsed the move. r Through this or
ganization, backed by the strongest
business of the valley, effort will be
made to invite good business men and
farmers who wish to make homes, to
come here and Invest their money.
The first railroad train is expected
to be operated into Balmorhea the last
of the week and Balmorhea should be
on the map from now on as one of the
best business towns in Reeves county.
La Mesa, N. M., Nov. 21. "La Mesa s
annual field day will be observed
Thursday, Thanksgiving day. Features
of the spores will be bronco riiiitg,
goat roping, horse races and foor races
It is planned to make the event this
year bigger and better than ever.
Increase in membership of the pub
lic school has made another teacher
necessary and tne board has employed
Miss Katie Huron as an asr'sant
J. R. Livesay and A. M. Green-. ood,
of Anthony, spent Sunday here with
their Tamilies.
Alamogordo, N. M., Nov. 21. Owing
to the inability of the Alamo Business
Men's club to secure a quorum at its
meetmsrs. the club may disband. At
tne last meeting of the directors a res-
olution to this effect was adopted. 4.
vote will .ken on tre resolution en
Xovember -2.
Reaching the Spot
It Can Be Done, So Scores of El Paso.
Citizens Say.
To cure an aching back,
The pains of rheumatism,
The tired-out feelings.
You must reach the spot get at the
In most cases 'tis the kidneys.'
Doan's Kidney Pills are for the" 'kid
neys. Mrs. Carrie B. Taylor, 2415 Texas St.,
El Paso, Tex., says: "In Februaryt 1907,
I gave a public statement, telling how
Qan,a Kidney pms h&d mQ
j of trouble, caused by weak kidneys. I
can'a-dd at the present time that I nave
never suffered to any extent since. I
have had slight attacks, but these have
been quickly disposed of by the use of j
xoan's Kidney Pills. For some time I '
v-as iaid up by pains in the small of ,
y Da.k. Doan's Kidney Pills were
finaiiy brought to my attention and
procuring a box at Kelly & Pollard'a '
Drug Store, I began their use. They ,
cured me and therefore I can highly
recommend them."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 ' 5
- a
cents. Jj'oster-MHburn Co., Buffalo,
Mew York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's ana
take no other.
Independent Assay Office
D. "W. Reckhart. E 21., Proprietor.
Acent for Ore Shippers Assays and
Chemical Analysis. Mines Examined
and Reported Upon. Bullion Work a '
Uf,. p Q Box 88
Office and Laboratory;
Car. Sen Frsacteca k Cbfesaim&Ste.
Custom Assay Office
Successors to Hughes & Critchett.
Assayers. Chemists. Metallurgists.
Agents for Ore Shippers.
322 San Francisco St. Phone 324. I
Tht blggtst Ptultry Fttd Mtnuftctin
te thi work!. Try a btg ef his fttd.
Mikis Hans Lay I
lavts Saby Chicks
UUwxys In 6kckrkf 4 lags)
0. G. SEET0N
jggr xly jsr-
From the School of
do not hesitate to go on record as
endorsing without reservation the
theory of the economy of tailored
clothes. When a man has once
tfelt the full benefit of a fair
trial he is unreserved in his ap
preciation. A fair trial is a single
trial. One of our tailored suits is
all that is needed in this school of
experience. The beauty of ma
terial used and the individuality
of workmanship is an irresistible
combination. The experience is
not dear for they cost no more
than the other kind.
Er: si rr. ft ii! tj Hi na
206 Mesa
Locate Your Office
Anson Mill
Fire Proof Vacuum Cleaned
3 High Speed Elevators, Best in
$15.00 to $35.00
Space Can Now Be Reserved.
Horace B. Stevens, AsenL
122 San Francisco St. Phone 121
One of our STew Tenants
Robert Reinhart
Manufactured Daily.
Printing Co.
"Rush Jobs Are Our Especial
Crawford & Gottwald
Planing mill ana office, 12C0 Mo. St g
Low prices on Sash, Doors, and Win
dow Glass; Cabinet Work; Bank,
Store and Office Fixtures.
v J
j Ei Paso Pasteur Institute
J For Preventive Trcatmeal
Phone 23-10 R. 1. Ses.. 3437 '
Los Angeles,
Portland and S
For tickets and sleeping car accommodations, call at
City Ticket Offke-St Regis Hotel Building
W. C. McCormick, G. A, J. E. Monroe, C. T. A.
eatest Sale
Our First Great Sale in the new
store is now going on. Every de
partment contributes values of the
Kvery best kind. Attractively re
duced prices are made on plumes,
shopping and mesh bags, hair
goods, jewelry novelties, linens,
handkerchiefs, ribbons and furs.
Pattern Hats 1-2 Price
The biggest item of all is Pattern
Hats at 1-2 price. These exquisite
models were imported direct by us
to grace the opening of our new
store. By reason of the fact that
we imported, direct, the original
prices at which we offered these
hats Tvere just the prices which
other milliners (would pay. Now,
they are on sale at One-Half that
original low price.
Beautiful Ribbons
Plain and. Fancy Ribbons, suitable
for opera -bags, sashes or bows for
the little girl's hair, are included
in this week's special offerings.
We. note today two of the best
30c Ribbon 15c
Extra Heavy Taffeta Ribbon, 5 1-2
inches wide, comes in every color,
including black and white, a nice
ribbon for hair bows, regular price
30c yard; our special price 15c.
$1.50 Ribbon 75c
Beautiful Satin Messaline Ribbon,
S inches wide, offered In beautiful
shadings, this is a ribbon that sells
in a Tegular way for $1.50 per
yard; our special price 75c
EI Paso Brick Co.
Dry Press, Stock, Wire Cut, Mottled and
Fire Brick
I Railroads, Irrigation, Power Plants,
Examinations, Plans, Management.
20 years experience in Southwest and
406 Caples Block. Phone 723
For your heating and plumb
ing estimates. Our Repair
service is prompt and re
liable. 109 K". Campbell.
Bell 956:
Auto 2356

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