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For tomorrow's shoppers we offer a service
that will certainly give you added cause for
thanks. One of the most important items for
tomorrow is the sale of dresses two special
lots, one at $9.85 worth to $16.75, the other
at $15.00 worth to $24.50. The sale of skirts
at $4.85 is also not to be overlooked-
Petticoats At
We have just received another shipment of silk petticoats,
whicn nvill be on sale tomorrow at $2.95. These are the same
quality as the petticoats sold earlier in the season that gave
our customers such satisfaction. At this price, petticoats are
limited to tomorrow's selling, and one to a
customer. Every color is offered, including
black. Choice tomorrow
Proves A Big Surprise To Customers
"Without exception, every customer and there were
many who purchased one of our exclusive patternt
hats yesterday was most agreeably surprised at the'
radical price concession she obtained. As we stated
in our announcement of this sale, these are the hand
somest hats to be seen in El Paso and price reduc
tions the most radical to be found. This sale still
continues, and there yet remain many handsome pat
fern hats to select from.
Three specials in plumes are noted for tomorrow. These
are the handsomest plumes ever shown in El Paso, and
at the reductions they are phenomenal values.
OFHER NO. 1. Two-tone effects in Willow Plumes,
unusually handsome, in regular $20.00
values: Thanksgiving Special
OFFER XO. 2. $45.00 Willow Plumes,
black and white, Thanksgiving Special. .
OFFER NO. 3. $35.00 Willow Plumes,
black and white, Thanksgiving Special..
pi.i&f C&0
Eagle Pass, Tex. Nov. 22. -When the
rebels attacked Torreon, artilley was
placed in a position on the hill over
looking the city and the guns opened
up. It issaid as soon as the garrison
ran up the white flfg; cavalry and in
fantry dashed into the city and took
charge of all stores and public funds
and new municipal officers were
General Geronimo Trevino at the
head of two regiments of cavalry and
infantry, left Monterey last night for
Torreon and fierce fighting is expected
in that city when they arrive.
Francisco Madero, leader of the anti
reelectionists, was reported to be near
Las Esparanza this morning en route
with about 600 cavalry to join the rev
olutionary forces at Torreon.
Fighting is reported in the city of
Durango last night and early this
morning, but no details were, received.
Zacatecas, Orizaba, Chihuahua and
San Luis Potosi are still in the hands
of the government forces according to
reports received here.
Geese for Thanksgiving at Ardoin's.
If you want your horses and
mules to give you an honest
day's work, you should feed
them well and in order to do
this, you should favor us
with your orders for feed.
Thone and mail orders will
receive prompt attention.
0. Go Seeton & Son
Third and Chikisdma Sts.
Austin, Tex., Nov. , 22. Adjutant
General Newton today received with
drawal of the resignation of Capt,
ILinnard and members of his company
at Dallas, who sought to quit the Tex
as national guards on account of the
conviction of Sergt. Manly.
Ma;j. Roach is the only officer who
has not withdrawn his resignation.
It is very unusual to guarantee a
cooking fat, but your grocer is author
ized to make you this unqualified offer
if you do not find Cottolene per
fectly satisfactory, he will cheerfully re
fund your money.
There is a reason why1 he can do this.
Cottolene is purer andWnore wholesome
ttian lard or other cooking fats; more
over, it is packed in air-tight pails,
which keep it fresh indefinitely.
You wouldn't buy so-called "fresh"
iggs when you could get "guaranteed
fresh" eggs. at practically the same price.
Why, then, take chances with other
cooking fats, when Cottolene is abso
.utely guaranteed? "
u nl iiiB I
s II
Make Our PJ
Rest Hoom . pL ;
Your Shop- !!"
- tt A Ja
ping Head- l
quarters eT
45c . t jj
55c jA 'sgB
25c gI jg "
. nr?n.,UiUU TT., ' VUML't.t -uw.w TlWlt A -tftliS.-
m imjj s e 8
Looms Large on Our Banners
They Come, to See, to Enjoy, to Profit
The response of the buying public was instant and unanimous. The
men and women of El Paso were quick to welcome the sale that cele
brates the 26th birthday of this popular House Eurnishing Store. The
souvenirs which we have been offering in the shape of wonderful bar
gains have been snapped up eagerly, producing a record-breaking at
tendance, far beyond our expectations. Tomorrow new specials greet
you. Come, share this BARGAIN BIRTHDAY OAKE. Get your
slice of these very extraordinary values:
mdahls Home Furnishings at Sensational Price
mwwSMmm ES
- a - --
Fumed Oak $Q
Rrtission Rocker ifc
This decidedly tow price -quoted on this
'Gssion Roclcer of this pattern is with
the sole object of inducing you to visit
our elaborate display of Home Furnish
ings now displayed during this sale.
Golden Oak SQi.OO
Buffet Special
Simply another instance of a sensational
value for our Anniversary Sale. Made
of thoroughly seasoned. Golden Oak with
bevel plate mirror and leaded glass doors
to cupboards. Handsomely finished and
Last Chance Before Thanksgiving on Wanted Kitchen Ware
Special Anniversary Pri -s on Wanted Kitchen Utensils. A sprial offering on Turkey Roasters, an ex
tra large display of all k ads of kitchenware has been opened up, fresh from the manufacturers, at prices
vrithm reach of all parses.
50c Square Turkey
Eoastef s
fioc. Square Turkey
$1.25 Oval Turkey
$1.50 Oval Turkey
$2.75 Enameled Tur
key Roasters
Xo. 7 Heavy Steel "
p J. d&3
Xo. 8 Heary Steel
Skillets .
Xo. 9 Heavy Steel
Skillets ....... A.v
: : :
' m . ,Jt
2!6 ,-
San Antonio
San Antonio
f26 -18 San Antonio St., Street
Come Visit Our New Rest Room on First Floor.
Maple $IQ-5
Dresser . 0
The now elegant finish f on this.
Maple Dresser adds much to it3
effective appearance. Of colonial
design with wooden knobs and
large bevel French plate mirror at
the above special price, for tomorrow.
Matamoras, Tcmatflipas, Jlexico, N ov 22 Iore ilinn a dozen federal sol
diers and revolutionists Trere killed last night In a batttle In the streets o
A hand of 75 revolutionists attacked the garrison, hut Trere driven Into
The country after a fierce encounter. ,
Ticket Broker Arrested on
Indictment From Fed
eral Grand Jury.
Local railroad officials "have re
ceived information from Lks Angeles,
Cal. to the effect that a new method
has' been adopted in their fight upon
ticket scalpers, the Interstate com
merce act or federal injunction being
used as a basis for action. Officials
say that Charles Jordan, a ticket
broker, with an office at 414 South
Hill street, was arrested by the fed
eral authorities on an indictment
a scheme to defraud the, scheme in
a scheme ot defraud the, scheme In
question being that of selling non
transferable railroad tickets.
In the indictment against Jordan,
he is specifically accused of mailing
a letter to B. R. Claywell of Hunting
ton Park, informing him that he had
two tickets over the Santa Pe, reading
tn TiMnts in Missouri and Kansas. The
letter is alleged to have stated that j
the tickets would "fit" tne jiaywens,
meaning that the descriptions of the
original purchasers corresponded with
those of Jordan's prospective oligom
ers. Jordan is said to have offered,
in the letter, to sell the tickets for
$50 or about half price.
Jordan's ball was fixed at ?2000. He
probably will be arraigned in the
United States district court today.
John Pillow, a negro charged with
burglary, was found guilty Tuesday
morning by a jury in the 34th district
court and his punishment assesed at
two years in the state penitentiary.
Pillow -was charged with attempting to
take several sections pf hose, belong
ing to the city, from the basement of
the city hall.
i z . . .
y ! ! ! ! !
The late report from Parral
brought by a mining man who
was there at the time of the
shooting, confirms the report
of the fighting. No Amer
icans were killed. A total of
55 Mexican officers were Jellied,
including two police and a
number of rurales. it is said.
. : T
"We manufacture jewelry to order.
Give our jeweler an idea of what you
have in mind and he will p'roduce a
beautiful artistic and original bracelet,
pin, fob or "whatever it is you -want.
Snyder Jewelry Co.
Soeckled trout at Ardoin's.
''Sunnyside" butter at Ardoin's.
Meeting m regular weekly session
at the Mesa school Tuesday afternoon,
the Parent Teachers' association of that
School discussed, and endorsed the
Texas child life conservation, which
was started in Austin. Several dif
fernt societies wiir meet in Abilene in
December and rt is possible that a dele
gation may be sent from this city to
represent the various El Paso societies.
Out-of-town orders for Tnanksglving
turkeys, and other good things to eat
for Thanksgiving, will be filled prompt
ly and satisfactorily. Adress Ardoin's
Market, El Paso, Texas.
No instructions have been received
by Capt. T. F. Schley, commanding of
ficer at Fort Bliss, to hold his men
in readiness to preserve neutrality on
the part of the United States at El
Celery, cranberries, oysters and
everything to go with toe turkey can
be best supplied at Ardoin's Market.
Canned oysters at Ardoin's.
Two Indictments were returned by
the grand jury Tuesday, neither of
the parties being in custody.
MONITION NoJLice is thereby gHen
that there have been seized In this
collection district, for violation of the
customs laws, the following described
articles, whioh will be staid in front
of the custom house, El Paso, Texas,
at 10 oclock a. m., December 13, 1910.
Anyone claiming the same is required
to appear within the time prescribed
by law.
Alfred L. Sharpe. Col. of Customs.
Seizures: No.. 7530. 8 pes. drawn
work; No. 7930, 1 photo lens; No. ,.931,
1 silk shawl. 1 wool blanket; No. 93S,
2 drawnwork handkerchiefs, 1 pr. silk
hose; No. 7939, 1 pc. drawnwork; No
7940, 1 drawnwork doily; No. '941, -black
cotton shawls, 2 wool shawls;
No. 7944 5 silk handkerchiefs, 2 leath
er pocketbooks, 2 polished unset opals,
1 pc. unpolished opal; No. 794o, 1 la
dies' pocketbook and belt, 1 leather
pocketbook 9 polished unset opals, 1
pc. unpolished opal, 1 drawnwork
dolly; No. 7948. 2 silk shirts, 6 opals;
No 7949, 4 pes. drawnwork, 2 stick
p'lns, 2 hatpins. 1 pc. lace, 1 belt. No.
7950, 6 drawnwork handkerchiefs, 1
drawnwork centerpiece; No. 79o-, 31
drawnwork wheels; No. 7953. 6 drawn
work dollies; No. 7959. 1 pc. drawnwork-
1 pc. statuary; No. 7960. 1 silk
shawl, 1 miniature hair hat. 6 "wheei
doilies, 1 horsehair watch fob; No. i961,
1 pipe; No. 7962, 1 Panama hat; No.
7963, 3 drawnwork doilies; No. 7964, 1
silver spoon; No. 7965, 1 statute pa
perweight; No. 7966, 4 gold rings (set) ;
No. 7970. 2 pes. drawnwork: No. 7971. 1
pc. drawnwork, 1 opal; No. 7972, 3
opals; No. 7973, 9 silk handkerchiefs;
No 7974, 1 shawl; No. 7975. 1 Panama
hat; 'No. 7977. 1 shawl; No. 7978, 3
bead strings; No. 7979, 5 pes. cut coin
jewelry; No. 7980, silk scarf; No. 7990,
1 shawl, 1 pc. shawl goods; No.7991,
4 pes. percale; No. 7992. 3 silk hand
kerchiefs, 3 pes. drawnwork. 1 pocket
book. 1 Illigree pin: No. 7993. 1 shawl;
No. 7994, 2 lace collars. 1 silk scarf;
No. 7995, 7 pes drawnwork; No. 7996,
2 silk shawls: No. 7997. 1 pc. lace. 1
lot thread wheels, 3 pes. drawnwork;
No. 8002. 1 silk handkerchief: No. 8003,
1 leather purse, 3 silver pins: No. S004,
1 wool table .cover; No. S01 6. I Mexi
can blanket: No. 80S1. c silk handker
chiefs: No. 8032, 3 silk handkerchiefs,
1 pr. doll's silk underwear. 2 pes. sil
ver jewelry, 24 postcards; No. 8033,
1 pc. drawnwork. 1 pc. jewelry; No.
804. 3 pc. jewelry: No. 8035, 1 silk
h Itdkerchief: No. S040. drawnwork:
No. 8042. 3 daggers: No. 8043. 4 doz.
iewelrv pins; No. S044. 1 wool blanket;
No. 8045. 1 silk shirt. 2 silk handker
chiefs; No. S046 1 silk shirt, 2 silk
handkerchiefs: No. 8047, 1 wool blan
ket: No. 8048. 6 pes. lacework: No. 8049,
1 silk handkerchief. 2 leather purses,
l 'cloth purse: No. 8050. 3 pes. drawn
work. 1 silk shirt: No. S051. 2 pes. lace,
2 pes. drawnwork; No. S052 2 coils
rope: No S061. 1 silk shirt, 4 slik
handkerchiefs; No. 8062. 2 drawnwork
handkerchiefs; No. 8063. 1 pr. spurs;
Delicious Fruit Cake
40c Per Pound
Extra Fine Mince Pies
15c and 25c Each
E! Paso High School vs.
El Paso Military Institute
Game Called Promptly at 3:30 P. M.
409 N. Oregon aid 222 Mesa
Both Phones
No. 8064, 3 silk handkerchiefs; No.
8065, 14 pes. drawnwork; No. 8066", 1
pc. drawnwork, 1 spoon: No. 8075, 3
wool cloaks; No. 8076, 1 silk handker
chief, 13 hair baskets; No. 80S5. 1 lot
potterv; No. 8087; 1 alexican saddle;
No. S094. 1 wool blanket: No. 8095, 1
silk handkerchief, 4 pes. lace wheel
work, 3 toy jars. 1 pin; No. S097, 3
Mexican opals, 4 coin pins, 1 wool
blanket, 3 pes. pottery, 1 pc. drawn
work; No. S10S. 1 bottle perfume. 1 silk
shawl; No. 8109, 1 silk handkerchief;
No. 8110, 1 watchfob, 1 pin: No. 8111,
3 silk handkerchiefs; No. 8112. 1 pc.
drawnwork. 1 purse, 1 fob; No. S113, 1
pc. wheelwork; No. 8114, 1 pc. wheel
work; No. S119, 3 cotton towels, 3 prs.
hose; No. 8120. 1 wool blanket; No.
S121. 3 silk handkerchiefs; No. 8122,
S pes. drawnwork, 1 pr. silk hose: No.
S123. 4 pes. drawnwork. No. S124. 2
handkerchiefs, 6 doilies, 2 prs. silk
hose. 1 shirt waist.
TOR. "Rough on Rats." a powder. Do your
own mixing-, pay for poison only, then
you set results, for Roaches, Ants,
Mice, Rats, etc See directions how to
use In out-buildlngs. loc. 25c, 75c.
TVe will have ror Thanksgiving' a
special shipment of extra fine dressed
turkeys. Ardoin's Market.
Perhaps some member of your fam
ily has a broken bit of jewelry put
carefully away to be mended "some
day." Why not have it mended as i
Cnristmas surprise? Our jewelry re
pairer is an expert in the delicate art
of makiiig broken tniUtjs look like new.
Snyder Jewelry Co. '
Ducks for Thanksgiving a.t Ardoin's.

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