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iMM"" " . Don't take a chance on being dis- I gJL
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'If there is ao eternal death, there
lg no eternal life."
"Hell" -was the title of the sermon,
and Dr. Bulgin gave them hell at the
tabernacle Monday night, handed It
out with all the brimstone and fire or
the old fashioned hell. It was a hot
subject and he -wanned up to it, nerer
handling it with kid gloves; even the
stoves that are used to heat the audi
torium -were not needed.
"There can be no law without a
penalty for the breaking of it attach
ed," said th.e speaker, "and being just,
God must hare a punishment for those
Vrho disobey as well as a reward for
those who obey. It is no sin to be
rich and no virtue to be poor, for if
the latter were a virtue, I would be
the most virtuous man here.
"When you read the Bible, do so be
lieving that God Almighty wrote it
and when you come to some point you
cannot understand, remember a great
er mind than yours wrote it. The Bi
ble Is no little book; it is a whole li
brary. It is history, poetry and
prophecy, some fulfilled and some un
fulfilled. "If you womenpaid more attention
to good literature and less to" pink
teas you would not be breeding tho
infidelity that' you are inyour chil
dren today- , .
"Whenever I see a man smoking a
citraret I think that if God intended
for him to smoke he would-have put.
a smokestack on his neck
AOat tke Papers.
"I don't think the editors should
give the people what they want, but
-what they should have," he said' n
reply to a question as to what he
Thought they should do. "If the edi
tors of Texas would combine their in
fluence, whisky could be driven from
the state in a year. I praise the way
The Herald has blazed the way in this
anti-gambling crusade. I am thankful
lor the Space that has been given us,
but I was thinking if Bulgin ran
away with another man's wife,
wouldn't I get a front page spread?
"Hell Is a sinner's own place or
choice, by fitness, by wages; he earmi
It by; bibrthright for the natural in
clination Is to be bad.
"I believe In God and If I could find
no hell in the Bible I would throw it
".Man Is damned by his own choice;
he damns himself and then blames it
on God. There is no sitting on the
fence. Not to choose heaven is to
choose hell.
"The law of -eternal fitness of things
is the mightiest law of the doctrine of
hell. God does not want you in heaven
until you learn the language.
Gees to Hell by Choice.
"No man ever goes to hell -who does
not wade there through the blood of
the son of God knee deep.
"No man ever gets to hell without
working for It and faith, not work,
gets us to heaven.
"The most expensive thing you ever
fooled with Is sin."
The evangelist took another rap at
Christian Science and what he termtl
Eddymology, when, in reading a note
Don't Suffer
Send for Free Trial and
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Cure Yourself.
There are thousands of men and
women actually -wearing pile trusses
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And all pain -will then cease, the
protrusions will disappear, 'and the
cure will be quick and permanent.
Don't befog good sense by assuming
you must be operated on for a cure.
And to test the merit of this really
wonderful pile cure, send your name
and address to the Pyramid Drug Co.,
273 Pyramid Bldg., Marshall, ilich.,
and they will send you by mail In
plain wrapper, a convincing free trial
rackage that will forever put you at
ease as to what you need for 'piles.
You can then step into the nearest
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plete and permanent. It acts like a
Nine -women in ten have piles and
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It -is a racking torture .-
But never mind how severe the case,
Pyramid Pile Cure will at once take
out the inflammation, retluce the swol
len protrusions, stop bleeding, pre
vent that infernal itching and abso
lutely prevent the soreness that often
makes an operation imperative.
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always keep in mind that you can step
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ak for. The quick relief will astonish
you the cure is certain.
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Paso Street
from some believer in that faith, he
said the writer. called him a liar be
cause he said the Christian Scientists
did not believe Jesus Christ divine.
Tuesday night Mr. Bulgin will
preach on "David and Jonathan."
especially for the benefit of lode
members. The Elks have postponed
their regular meeting In order that all
members may have an opportunity to
attend the meeting at the tabernacle.
Funds for Santa Cruz Pro-
ject Reported to Be
Nogales, Ariz., Nov. 22. CoL W. C.
Greene, accompanied by R. D. Hows
and Willis Wilkey of Cananea, passed
through in Col. Greene's car, "Verde,"
en route to Sonora points. Statements
are that CoL Greene secured a big
sum of money on his recent European
trip for his Santa Cruz project.
Cabe Adams of Montezuma, Mexico,
and Miss "Maud Stephenson of this
county were marrrlea in Nogales by
justice Chatham. t
Harry Williams, -for several years
with. Roy & Titcomb at Nogales, was
married at Atlas recently.
News has been received in Nogales
of the death of J. A. Naugle at Cairo,
any I
111. Mr. Naugle was well known in j can to present a petition from tne stu
'Nogales, having been superintendent dent body asking for a holiday next
of the Sonora S. P. lines for 12 years, ' Friday. ,
before which he was general freight I The Landscape class, under Prof,
and passenger -agent for -several years Garcia, has just finished drawing
for the same line. .
Col.vEmilio Kosterlitzky of La Gen
darmerla Fiscal has recovered a gold
watch stolen from George G. Graham,
agent for the Sonora railway at Mag
dalena, In 1904. The watch was found
In possession of a brakeman of the
Sonora railroad, and will be returned
to the owner in Kentucky.
Counts" treasurer Arcus Peddock and
W. S. McKnight will open a store of
general merchandise about December 1
at Tubac, on the Tucson-Nogales cut
off. News has been received in Nogales
of the death of Miss Alice Snodgrass
at Tampico, Mexico. Deceased resided
for some time in Nogales.
Jerry J. Gorman and Miss Josefina
Garcia of Cananea were married here
by judge Marsteller.
O. D. Breakman, assistant S. P. en
gineer, and force, who have been
checking' up railroad property valua
tion from Benson, are now checking
up S P. property in Nogales.
The Catholic fair for the benefit of
the St. Dominic academy will be held
in the Masonic hall here Monday and
Tuesday before Thanksgiving, also a
German supper served, and on Wed
nesday a ball will be given.
Two sanitary drinking . fountains
have been Installed at the St. Dominic
academy, doing away with the germ
distributing common drinking cup.
aivEN promotion
Goes Eroni El Paso to Okla
homa as "Western Union
J. W. Brooks, who has been chief
operator at the Western Union office
in this city for 13 years, has been pro
moted to the office of district traffic
superintendent for the state of Okla
homa, with offices in Oklahoma City,
and, accompanied by his family, left
for that city Olondar. Mr. Brooks is
succeeded here by chief night oper
ator J. W. Dudley, who in turn is
succeeded by Mr. Heinihger, of To-
peka, Kansas.
Mr. Brooks, who Is a brother of gen
eral manager Belvidere Brooks, of the
Western Union, has been connected
with, the company for 40 years.
Cloudcroft, N. M, Nov. 22. The pre
liminary contest in recitation and de
'clamation was held at the school house,
10 pupils took part, and first places
were given to Bennie McClure and
Ethel Harkness, in Miss Spellman's
room and to Lulu Hefker and Eddie
Schutz In Mrs. Redlc's room. Plans
are now being made to attend the
final contest at Alamogordo the third
of December.
A blaze was seen in Mrs. Elmori's
house and the alarm was quickly giv
en, but before all the crowd had time
to gather, the fire was extinguished.
A. G. Morgan and family have moved
Into town to be near school, where the
children have already entered. They
are occupying the Kearney house.
E. T. Baird and family are living on
the west side of town.
Miss Ida Harkness and F. B. Cox
were married In Alamogordo. It is not
yet decided where they will live-
1 fi;
Pur preparations for Thanksgiving are now complete, and you -will not
be disappointed in the Thanksgiving turkey if the selection is made here.
We have the best turkeys to be found in the local market, and special
attention will be paid to having them properly dressed.
Extra selected "Sealshipt" Oysters for the turkey dressing are men
tioned especially.
In .addition to turkey, we mention iElk Fed Veal. Prime Fed Beef
and Baby Beef, Fresh Pork Cuts and Home IMhde Sausage.
Phones: Bell 251
Las Graces and the Mesilla Valley
Agricultural College, N. M., Nov. 22.
Preparations are going forward for
the important game to be played here
Thursday. The athletic field .will be
in the best of condition, as it was irri
gated several days ago. A grand ball
wjn ue gven in iiunur vl me vjwiuib
Thankgiving night, and every effort
will be put forth to treat them royally.
.A new' club under the symbol of
K. G. O. has been started. The mem
bership of the first meeting was neces
sarily small because it was the obi
ject of those Instigating the movement
not to disclose any of the proceedings.
A committee of one was appointed to
post a notice inviting any college peo
ple to attend the meeting next Wednes
day noon. Brownlee, Thomassen, La
ferriere, "Windsor, Campbell, W. Pat
tison and Wilson E. are the moving
spirits in the new movement. '
The subject in the Christian En
rfpavnr unrAtxtv n Mfisilln. Park was i
"Thanksgiving." Burton Fite led
the meeting, which was well attended.
A hard fought game was played on
the field between the third team and a
team from Las Cruces, which consisted
largely of college boys. The score was
12 to 0 In favor of 'the third team.
A new college song "has been com
posed by one of the professors to the
tune of "Tale Ah Boo Lu.'' It will
be sung by the students at the game
Thursday. President Garrison is ex
pected home today from the conven
tion at Santa Fe. A committee of stu-.
dents will meet him as soon as they
planting plans for the El Rita Span-
i- . .... -. -..-.
ish-American Normal school at El Rita,
N. M. Each student prepared, a dif
ferent style and blue prints were rnade
of the plans and forwarded to the
management of the new school.
Miss DIckerson and Miss Shearer,
both of Chihuahua, ilex., sisters of
Frank DIckerson and Ethel Shearer,
respectively, visited a few days on
their way to California
Miss Ethel Clapp, of Hatch, N. M.,
has been visiting the Lewis family at
Mesilla Park for a few days.
LaS Cruces. N. M.,' Nov. 22. Consid
erable vandalism 1s being perpetrated
by young boys around the town and
the officials state that they propose
to deal severely with all who are
caught doing wrong, Irrespective of
A house belonging to William Des
sauer, which has been vacant for a
short time, has been ,damaged to the
extent of probably 100, all the win
dows being broken, shutters carried
away and even part of the interior fin
ishing taken out Mrs. WT A. Suther
land lost 'her fine chrysanthemums,
which she had been saving for spec
ial exhibition, and a number of arti
cles were taken from the exposition
hall after the agricultural fair closed.
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 22. Henry
Stoes, who was so seriously ill for sev
eral days that he had to be taken to
Hotel Dieu at El Paso, his sickness
resulting from a blow over the kidneys
received while playing with his chil
dren, has so far recovered as to be
able to be at the store for an hour or
two each day, but is still very weak.
T. J. Fletcher, of Big Springs, Texas,
came up from El Paso yesterday and
has taken a position in the Hoffman &
Tipton drug store.
The Gamble Concert company has
written to the local lodge of Elks ac
cepting the terms made them for a
concert to be given here in February.
Las Cruces. N. M.. Nov. 22. The
concrete mixer which is being used
for the -foundation work on the new
May building has been a source of
considerable interest and quite a crowd
can always be seen around the place
watching its operation, as this Is the
first machine of the kind to be used
in Las Cruces. The work Is progress
ing rapidly and the Las Cruces Lum
ber company will begin on the car
penter work within a short time. May
brothers expect to get into the new
building in February.,
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 22. Another
Auto 1234
burglary was attempted at Freeman &
Walker's grocery store, which, follow
ing so soon upon a previous burglary,
leads the authorities to suspect that
there may be an organized gang of
young thieves in town.
Sunday night a front window was
broken out of the grocery store and
several bottles of olives taken. It is
J supposed that the night marauders
, were frightened away before they naa
gained entrance into the store, the
stuff that was taken having been reach
ed from the outside through the brok
en window.
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 22. The fol
lowing deeds and other papers of rec-
! ord have been filed in the office of
the probate clerk of Dona Ana county:
Deeds Filed.
El Paso Bank and Trust company,
trustee for Emma L. Berkey and hus
band, Oscar H. Baum and Hattle A.
Baum, to Mrs. L. E. Jordan, warranty
deed to lots 5. 6 and 7. block 13, "Val
ley view addition oi juas truces, $iau.
Mesilla Valley Land and Investment
company to J. J. Brown, Shawnee coun
ty, Kansas, warranty deed to lots 13
and 14, block 1, of Mesilla Valley Land
and Investment company's Grand View
subdivision to Las Cruces, $1.
Julian Mlnjares to Antonio Minjares,
quit claim deed to lot 50x50 varas in
precinct 2 in the town of Dona Ana,
$1 and other-valuable considerations.
J. T. Miller and Vife to J. D. Camp
bell and L. H. Vanderwerf, El Paso,
warranty deeds to all lots in blocks num
bered from 1 to 63, both inclusive, in
Miller's University Heights addition to
Las Cruces; also lots in block 1, 8 and
9; 16 to 20, both inclusive; 27 to 34, both
inclusive; 41 to 4S, both inclusive; lots
1 and 2 in block 49; lots 25 to 48, both
inclusive, in block 49; all the lots in
the blocks numbered 57 to 64, both in
clusive; and all the lots In blocks num
bered 73 to 80, both inclusive, all in
Miller's College Park addition to Las
Cruces, $1500.
Rafaela G. Barela to Daniel S. Arias
and Edward W. Earl, confirmation quit
claim 'deed to all the land owned by
the party of the first part situated
within the Refugio Colony grant, $500.
Rafaela G. Barela to Daniel S. Arias
and Edward W. Earl, deed to the above
described land, comprising 14 different
tracts, same being described on the
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 22. The local
lodge, Knights of Columbus, has in
itiated a class tof 12 'members. The
local lodge was assisted in the degree
work bj a team from EI Paso.
The initiation commenced at 11 oclock
in the courthouse and continued until
late in the afternoon, after which th,e
lodge and the visiting brothers ad
journed to the Park hotel where they
enjoyed a fine supper. After supper
i the lodge members went to the court
house and had a smoker until late in
the evening.
The following were initiated: Ben
jamin H. Wray, Silver City; Joseph
Singer, St. Louis; George Frietze, Mes
illa; Frank Bell, Pines Altos; Otto
Bomback, Mesilla; Jose Romero, M. H.
O'Connor, John L. Lerma, Lester J.
Katzensteinj Serapio A. Telles, Louis
M. Mortimer' and Joseph A. Chester.
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 22. C. O.
Bennett is mourning the loss of his
valuable Scotch collie dog, Teddy,
which was poisoned by some miscre
ants. The dog was a thoroughbred,
absolutely harmless, and the wanton
killing of the animal has caused a
storm of protest.
Las Cruces. N. M. Nov. 22. Word
from Clem De Wiggins, former um
pire for baseball at El Paso, who went
from here to Oklahoma, is that ho
is again back at his trade as a glass
blower in one of the glass factories at
Coffeeville, Kansas. .
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 22. Louis
Norwood and Felix Nash brought in
a bunch of fine, fat cattle yesterday
from the T. C. ranch across the river,
the cattle being sold to local butchers.
Bernard Faymonville, vice president
of the Fireman's Fund Insurance com
pany of Dallas, accompanied by J. V.
Spears, state agent for the same com
pany were here Monday, the guests lf
H. B. and C. B. Stevens. Mr. Fa;
monville left Monday night for San
Francisco and Mr. Spears returned .'J
Dallas .
on acco
The E. P & S. W. system will sell round trip V
tickets between all points on its lines at one IJHk
1 4-UA " TT
IcUC piUd Uiit;
New York, Nov. 22. In raids so
important that postmaster general
Hitchcock took charge in person, his
inspectors raided two concerns yester
day afternoon, which they charge with
swindling the public out of more than
$40,000,000 by fraudulent use of the
Sheldon H. Burr, president; Eugene
H. Burr, secretary and treasurer, and
Frank H. Tobey, vice president of Burr
Brothers, were arrested In the first
raid and held in 20,000 bail each.
The government charges that the
firm sold between 40,000,000 and 50,
000,00 of mining and oil stock worth
little or nothing.
Charles L. Vaughan, a director of
the Continental Wireless Telegraph
and Telephone company, Incorporated
in Arizona, was taken in the secord
raid and held in 10,000 bail. Inspec
tors say his company has sold stock
amounting to at least 1,000,000, whi'-h
has brought in no return to the in
vestors. Vaughan is treasurer of the Colum
bia Finance company, which acts as
fiscal agent for the Continental Wire
less Telegraph and Telephone com
pany, and had charge of the Continen
tal office In this cits.
The crusade of postmaster general
Hitchcock against these "get rich
quick" concerns. Is expected today to
cause a general exodus of fake pro
motors from the city. The postmaster
general is determined to send to rprison
this class of promotors who, he says,
have sold the unsuspecting public a
hundred million dollars" worth of
worthless securities in the last five
years. Many arrests are expected
throughout the country within the
next few days.
Mr. Hitchcock declared today that
the government would drive from the
country every "wild cat" scheme to
separate the gullible investors from
their money.
Postofflce Inspector's Story.
Carter R. Keene, postal inspector,
told the story of Continental Wireless.
The company was organized, he said,
in Arizona on October 1, 1909, with a
capital of 5,000.000, but did not be
gin operations on a large scale unMl
May of this year.
It obtained control of the Collins
Wireless Telephone company, the Pa
cific Wireless Telegraph company, the
Clark' Wireless Telegraph-Telephone
company and the Massie Wireless
Telegraph company. The Columbia Fi
nance coroporation was organized to
make the stock, and an ambitious
selling" campaign was- carried on all
over the country. In spite of the great
amount of business done, Continental
Wireless today has no bank accounts,
he said, that the inspectors have been
able to find, and investigation has
shown no trace of where the money
realized has gone.
The Collins Wireless company was
Notice to Fat Women
Presumably you know, ladies, that
the proper caper nowadays is lines.
Curves are passe. You have got to
take off your fat. This must be done
in one of three ways. By dieting, by
exercises, or by means of MarmoTa
Prescription Tablets. The two former
will keep you busy for months and
punish you pretty severely, the latter
will cost you 75 cents at the drug
gist's. The tablets will not make any
alteration in your diet necessary, and
yet in all probability, before you have
used up one case, you will be losing
from 12 to 16 ounces of Xat a day.
Which method do you like the best?
If you fancy this pleasant method
of getting off the fat, see your drug
gist instantly, or else write the Mar
mola Co., 737 Farmer Bldg., Detroit,
Mich., to send you a case by mail.
These cases contain so generous a
qantity of tablets that the treatment
is very economical. It is, also, quite
harmless, for the tablets are made ex
actly in accordance with the famous
Marmola Prescription.
Desirous of Curing the Drinfc
"We are honestly desirous of curing
all who are addicted to drink, and it
you are interested in any one needing
Orrine we invite you to write us. Our
correspondence is confidential and our
replies are sent in plain sealed envel
opes. Orrine No. 1, is the secret treat
ment and No. 2, for those who wish the
voluntary treatment. $1 per box.
Write for free booklet on "How to Cure
Drunkenness.' The Orrine Co., 4S7 Or
rine Building, Washington, D. C. The
leading druggists endorse Orrine. Sold
in this city by Kelly & Pollard, Sheldon
Produces thick, luxHrlaat fcalr vrkea aU
tber reinedle fail. We gruaraatee
Daaderine. All Druggrfrfts, 25c, S6e aad
41, r send tbis AA -rrltb 16e (ataaaps ey
llvar) for a Iaree fr saaspla.
Ohlax. XlllMi
Tickets on sale
limited to. Nov.
Ask jour local
.ufene rox,
General Passenger Agent,
organized in the District of Columbia.
The Collins Company.
The Collins company, said inspector
Keene, had headquarters for a nuniber
of years in Newark, where A. F. Col
lins, a wireless inventor, had his laD
oratory .
The Clark company was organized
and controled by Thos. F. Clark, an
electrical engineer of Detroit.
He had his headquarters at Los Aa
geles. The Massie company was or
ganized by W. W. Massie, an electric
al engineer of Providence, R. I.
In a circular letter sent out from
the Continental Wireless headquarters
in this city, there was given the names
of first set of officers. F. T. Davis,
of Philadelphia, was listed as presi
dent: Vaughan as vice president anl J
treasurer; Massie is director of the
.operating department; C. B. Walter
sas secretary; Clark as general man-
asrer. and Collins n; tpphTiinnl rUrpntnr.
Branch offitfes of the Burr Brothers
at Bakersfleld, Cal.; Los Angeles, and
Seattle, were closed by the postal au
thorities several months ago.-
The Collins Wireless company, a
part Qf- the Continental sytem. Is the
company that opened offices in El
Paso in the trust buildins- last .Tnn.
I The focal manager closed the office
alter a tower had been shipped hee
and then shipped away again, and the
j wrote from San Antonio that -El Paso- j
anS WOrp a Int nf nilrorc ond -rw-i,'i;
not Duy stock, hence he had not giv
en them a station.
Stanberry Jones, a negro horse
tender, coming to town with some race
horses, fell from the train near Ala
mogordo and was brought to El Paso
suffering from a fractured skull. He
was attended by Dr. C. P. Brown and
Jtaken to Hotel Dieu, where he is still
delirious and according to the attend
ing physician 'has an even chance for
In accordance with a long- estab
lished custom, the students of the El
PasoHigh school will make their an
nual Thanksgiving offering for the
poor on Wednesday at noon. Generally
between 10 and 15 is contributed by
the students and this. Is turned over to
tne Woman's Charity association for
Pretty pins are acceptable Christ
mas gifts a scarf pin for a man, a
brooch for a woman. Snvder Jewelry
First National Bank
Surplus and Profits ... . .-..
We cordmllv invite new business
Our new savings department pays 4 percent on .deposits
C. R. 340R5HBAD, Proiaent. G0. D. FLORY, Cutter.
L. J. GILCHRIST, Astffc Caai.
State National Bank
A Legitimate Banking Business Transacted in All Its Braachta.
Rio GrandeValley
Y. W. Turney, Prest.
S. T. Turner, Vice Prest.
W. Cooley, V. P. & Mgr.
Capital, Surplus and Profits, $350,000
U. S. Stewart Frank Powers C. H. Leavell EL J. Simmon3
A. G. Andreas W. B. Latta B. Blumenthal
J. F. Williams E. Ml Andreas J. H. Mav
Nov. 23-24. Tickets
agent, or write
For El Paso and vicinity Tonight
and Wednesday fair.
For New Mexico Tonight fair,
warmer southeast portion; Wednesday
generally fair.
For We3t Texas Tonight fair, cold
er in the Panhandle; Wednesday fair,
Local Office U. S. Weather BnreaH.
El Paso, Texas, Nov. 22. El Paso
Today Yesterday
6 a m. 6 p. m.
Barometer (sea level) 30.04 30.02
Dry thermometer 31 60
Wet thermometer 25 42
Dew point 14 15
Relative humidity -45- IS
Direction of wind S. W.
Velocity of wind ,p 8
State of weather ....... - Clear Clear
Rainfall last 24 hours 0
Highest temp, last 24 hours 63
Lowest temp, last 12 hours 31
R. M. Hoover, assistant superintend
ent of. the G. H. & 'S. A., has gone to
Houston on a business trip.
The Philosophers and the
Dr. Safford, for many years profes
sor of dhemistry In the Medical Col
lege of the University of Nashville,
used to tell his students a fable tha
moral of which was "prove It." Cer
tain wise men were gathered together
to ascertain 'the explanation of a state
ment that when two glasses of water
ofequal weight are balanced on -tha
beams of a balance scale and a frog
is then put in one of the vessels the
balance remains the same, thus at
tempting to proye the assertion that
a frog 'has no weight when immersed
In water. Each, wise man had his own
explanation, and there was much
heated argument and discussion. At
length one of the wise men said: "But
is your statement true? Let's prove
It." Of course when it came to -,tov-lngr
it, they couldn't.
So when you hear people, say that
Coca-Cola Is Injurious, Just ask them
to prove it. They can't. Nobody can,
because it is not injurious. But on
the other hand it can be proved that
it Is not Injurious by chomical analy
sis. Or If you are not a chemist
yourself, why not accept the verdict
of every competent chemist .who ever
analyzed it? Eminent College and
University Chemists, Commercial Chem
ists, Government, State and City Chem
ists all have analyzed Coca-Cola and
not one has ever been able to find, any
thing Injurious In it. The very next
time you hear anyone say- that Coca
cola contains deleterious Ingredlenta
tell him to write the Coca-Cola Co At
lanta, Ga., for a free copy of their book
let, "Tne Truth About Coca-Cola." I
the meantime write for a copy for your
self : you will find, it very'iaterestins.
....$ 600,000
,.- -,:.:.-. . . 225,000
.-.-.-. . 3,500,000
Bank &Trust Co.
, "V. E. Arnold, Cashier.
F M. Murchison, Asst. Cashier.
H. E. Christie, Secy.

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