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Thursday, jNoy. 24, 1910.
Henry G. McFarland and Russell S. j
Brooks recently entertained with a I
delightful 10 course diniier, celebrat
ing the birthday anniversary of Mr.
MT?fair occurred at the home of j Acts directly and peculiarly
Mr Brooks, 1901 Boulevard, and those , on theblood: DllrifieS. enriches
. j TT TX " HI! At- s! I JT 1
i i attendance vert. n. "-. -...-, -
A Vaughn and W. H- .Schutz.
The elaborately appomtea taDie neiu
a vase of vari-colored chrysanthe
mums as the central decoration.
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Sullivan gave a
dinner at the Harvey house Monday
eenlng at 6 oclock. Covers were laid
for 10 quests and the color scheme
"was yellow.
A dinner will be given on ThtXTHAijr
evening at the Country club.
Lieuts. F. TV. Brabason, Charles A
Thuls. Joseph C. Morrow. J. A. Coles
and H. G. Sharpe entertained last
evening at the post with a delightful
dinner, complimentary to the debu
tantes and their visiting friends.
Capt. and Mrs. Thomas F. Schley
were the chaperones, and following
the dinner the other officers and their
wives joined the party and dancing
was enjoyed.
In addition to the post people those
in attendance were: Misses Frances
Clark, Anna Lee Gaines, Dorothy Kin
ney, Lillian Newton, Ruth McCurdyv
Mrs. T. M. Corcoran entertained very
charmingly yesterday afternoon in
celebration of the eighth birthday an
niversary of her little daughter, Lil
lian. Red and white was the attractive
color scheme emphasized, and the deco
rations were carried out in Japanese
The table presented a most alluring
picture, spread with embroidered
Japanese centers, and doilies over a
red background.
The most observed decoration
the handsome birthday cake occupy
ing the center of the table, and sur
rounded with white chrysanthemums.
Eight red candles, on6 for each year,
adorned 4he cake, and red shaded can
dles in silver holders were placed
about the table. From the chandelier's
hung numbers of red popcorn balls,
suspended by red ribbons. Tiny red
baskets filled with bonbons were at
each cover, and dainty little Japanese
fans, parasols and lanterns were given
as favors.
Assisting the hostess in entertain
ing the small guests were: Mesdames
William Glasgow, J. F. Williams. J.
A. Happer. TV. L. Tooley. George Sauer.
The guests were: Nancy "Williams,
Margaret Neff, Laura Latta, Helen
TDunn, Octavia and Harriet Glasgow,
Ned Glasgow, Joe and Mary Magoffin,
Kathrine White, Kathrine and Eliza
beth Pfaff, Thomas and Margaret
Woodside Irene Campbeli, Josephine
Morfit,- Jack Olden, Robert Turner,
Mary Merrill, Jane Burges, Marian
Howe Irene Tvy, Helen Beaswlger,
Lydia and Mary Happer, Carolyn and
Marv Sims.
and revitalizes it, and in this
way builds up the whole sys
tem. Take it. Get it today.
In usual liquid form or in chocolate
coated tablets called Sarsatabs.
J. Rowe also gave a talk on the same
Miss Annie Ilfrey presided at the
piano, and Mrs. J. F. Cox read a pa
per on the work of the W. C. T. U.
A new member was added to the
union, Mrs. Collier, who was state
superintendent of the t '"Sabbath Ob
servance" in Arkansas, and will hold
the same office here.
The International Sunshine society
held its regular monthly meeting in
the T. W. C. A. rooms, on Monday
The attendance was very large, and
a great deal of enthusiasm was mani
fested in the work.
The organization continues to grow,
25 new members having been added
during October.
The president, Mrs. "William H. F.
Judd, presided, and after the business
session, Miss Carolyn Payne delighted
the club with two vocal solos.
Mrs. Kenneth D. Oliver gave two
w m
Mrs. TX M. Payne will entertain with
a dance for the debutantes on Friday
evening at her "country home, "The
Tvas Orchard," down the valley.
Tie Women's Catholic Order of For
esters will give a dance on Thanks
giving eve at the Knights of Columbus
Miss Kathleen Myles was the charm
ing young hostess who entertained at
a delightfully informal dance Monday
evening at her home on Magoffin ave
nue. The affair -was complimentary to
the young debutantes and their visit
ing friends.
The message we present today is so important that we feel it can be dignified by calling it a
"Thanksgiving Proclamation" without infringing on any of the institutions of the, day.
Since the opening of our new store, one of the most complete jewelry stores in the United States, we have made
a most comprehensive study of the local situation as regards mail orders and out-of-town shoppers from the
immediate El Paso territory. Recently, when in New York, one of our representatives obtained access to the
names of one of the large mail order houses in our line of business. He was surprised to find 110 names of people in El
Paso territory who had sent orders to this one house within the past eighteen months. This particular house is only one
of many mail order houses catering for trdde in El Paso territory. It is our desire to offset this foreign buying as much
as possible and keep the money in the Southwestthis being the basic principle of future prosperity.
Briefly stated, this is what we propose to do in connection with Holiday buying.
il Orders
Duty Free
UntilJan. 1, 1911, we will allow out-of-town First, we prepay express and mail charges on We realize that the Republic of Mexico, re
customers a rebate of 2c per mile on each all orders amounting to $5.00 or more, gardless of the present disturbances, offers a
dollar's worth purchased here, taking the num.- Second, mailorders, like those selected in fertile field for El Paso business. We make a
ber of miles traveled as a limit for amount pf person, are on a money -hack basis. In case special bid for this businees. We will forward
rebate. We ask that you take a receipt from you can't come to El Paso to do your Christmas goods into Mexico duty free, when order
your railroad ticket agent. buying, write to us and let us know your wants, amounts to $5. 00 or more.
One of the charming social affairs of
the week was the luncheon, given yes
terdav by Mrs. W. H. Austin, In fconor
of her daughter, Mrs. Thomas R. Ha
san, of Mexico City.
Green and white formed the attrac
tive color scheme. A mound of white
"hrvsantfhemums occupied the center
of the table and a bouquet of the same
flower was also at each cover. The
place cards were in the shape of.birds,
and of most attractive design. The
green and white color tones were fur
ther accentuated in the delightful six
course luncheon. -ch,i
The guests were: Misses Ethel
White Ethel Walz, Carolyn Payne,
Henrietta Buckler, Elizabeth Barton.
Leigh White, Maud Austin. !Nell Pol
lard, Mrs. Guy Priest Mrs. L"1" -Montmorency,
Mrs. James L. Marr, Miss
Kathleen Myles.
fr 4- 4 5
The art department of the Woman's
club met this afternoon in the club
rcoms in the library. Raphael was the
study of the day, and the pleasing
program was given under the direc
tion of the chairman, Mrs. C. H.
Mrs. Leila T. Moore will t be the
hostess for the Thursday Lunch club
this week on Saturday, at the Harvey
The Beta Beta club was very pleas
antly entertained this afternoon at
the home of Miss Eva Hunter.
The Shakspere Reading club -will
be entertained in two weeks, at the
home of Mrs. Williamson, 1305 North
Kansas street.
The W. C- T. U. social meeting
was held Saturday afternoon at 3
oclock. in the Y. W. C. A. rooms.
Mrs. W. C. Davis presided. Mrs.
M. I. Golden gave a report of the W.
C. T. U. convention held at Waco, to
which she was a delegate.
Mrs. J -W- Hadlock gave a talk on
"the needs of El Paso," and Mrs. T.
A good audience filled the Christian
-"u'-" Jit iiie"i- -j near ine -recital
given by Mrs. Gertrude M. Coffin, as
sisted by Mrs. Frances S. Hollin'gton
and Francis Moore. Beautiful plants
adorned the stage and curtains of
California smilaxj and chrysanthe
mums made an artistic background.
The program was not heavy. Two
pretty little songs, then "Like the
Rosebud," by La Farge; "The Nightin
gale has a Lyre of Gold," by Whelp
ley, find "Come Into the Garden, Love,"
by Mary J. Salter. Massenet's Air De
Salome suited the singer's voice best
of all; it is a beautiful piece of tone
Mrs. Hollington's charming recita
tions lent excellent variety to the pro
gram. In "Sally Ann's Experience"
there was splendid character work,
while in "Said the Rose," a delicate
bit of poetic fancy, and the delicious
wiaow Jiaione' which was given I
with piano accompaniment, Mrs. Hoi-
""swa naa ample opportunity to dis
play the beauty of a splendidly modu
lated voice under perfect control.
Francis Moore's Chopin numbers
were also received with enthusiasm.
Raff's La Fileuse was , played with
great delicacy and purity of tone.
Srosicl NnfA We ask E1 Paso peopl? to -10in with 11S buMinS
Jt;detl IUL2a up this out-of-town business. It is a mutual proposi
tion, when you realize that the out-of-town customer comes to El Paso, spends
monev with the local hotels and various other institutions, diverts monev from
the Eastern mail order houses and leaves it in the Southwest, where it was
made. "We gladly offer our services to El Paso people wrho receive orders frorn
out-of-town friends. This is the beginning of an active campaign toward con
centrating business in El Paso. We ask your support.
"The mere tbouffbt of buying: a dia
mond should suggest Silberhers's."
- 7lj ' ''' "?. Jw
The grand opera concerts given on
Thursday nights have been chinked ta
Wednesday. Tonight at 7:30, in the
Talking Machine warerooms of W. G.
Walz company, 103 El Paso street, will
be heard selections from some of the
greatest operas sung by the world's
best singers. Admission is free 7-30
to 9:30.
The Proof That El Paso Readers
Cannot Deny.
Wfeat could furnish stronger evi
dence of the efficiency of any remedy
than the test of time? Thousands of
people testify that Doan's Kidney Pills
cure permanently.
Home endorsement should .prove un
doubtedly the merit of this remedy.
Tears ago your friends and neighbors
testified to the relief they had derived
from the use of Doan's Kidney Pills.
They now confirm their testimonials.
They say time has completed the test.
Thomas Tousend, 418 N. Oregon St.,
El Paso, Tex., says: "I can recom
mend Doan's Kidney Pills as highly
today as when I gave a statement for
publication in their favor over two
years ago. For some time my kidneys
were weak and I was obliged to arise
often during the night on account of
an Inability to control the" kidney se
cretions. The use of one box of Doan's
Kidney Pills, procured at Kelly & Pol
lard's drug store strengthened my
kidneys and made a marked improvement-
I have not had much trouble
from my kidneys since then and con
sequently I am always willing to make
the merit of Doan's Kidney Pills
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co.. Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
Last time "Courtmartlaled." To
morrow matinee "Facing the Music"
Special matinee prices 10 and 25 cents.
Seats selling for all week. Friday
night the amateur program.
Manager Rich says the coming of
"Arizona" to the El Paso theater will
be marked as a red letter engagement
by theater goers who have witnessed
the performances of the play in New
York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washing
ton or Chicago. New York critics
unanimously declared that it is the best
play which Augustus Thomas, author of
"Alabama" and "In Missouri" has ever
given to the stage. Mr. Sill, in the
evening World, said of "Arizona" on
the Tuesday following the first produc
tion at the Herald Square theater: "It
is the best play on Broadway." It will
oe at the El Paso theater Thursday,
Nov. 24. The prices are 50c to $1.50.
Seats are now selling. There will be
no matinee.
Dr. Bulgin Praises Lodges,
but Condemns Some of
Their Features.
Saturday morning at 9 oclock at the
Crawford box officce, the sale of seats
opens for "The City."
As a special feature today and to
morrow, the Bijou will show the
World's Championship series Baseball
pictures, recording the most exciting
and interesting events of the different
games between Chicago and Philadel
phia, tosether with the Individual play
ers, old veterans and noted personages
of the national sport. It will be shown
matinees and evenings.
Dr. Bulgin talked to the fraternal
lodgemen of the city Tuesday night.
He praised the good of the secret or
ders, said that they were what men
needed, took the Elks and other lodges
to task for having bars in their club
rooms and advised them all to ac
knowledge and accept Christ and be
come members of the greatest brother
hood known, the brotherhood of the
Changing his tactics from those used
Saturday night in his attack on Chris
tian science, Dr. Bulgin talked with the
lodge man as lodgemen talk together.
He divided his subjects Into three parts
and discussed the evils of the lodge
along with the good. His subject mat
ter was taken from the well known
story of David and Jonathan.
"The one thing this world wants is a
brotherhood that has been proved," he
said. "The Elks, Maccabees, Masons
and the other lodges give more to one
another, to help each other over the
rough places, than most church mem
bers. I want to commend such broth
erhood. There
U. S. Good Made Chief
Deputy Retiring Sher
iff to Enter Business.
Pevton Edwards qualified and became
sheriff of El Paso county Wednesday j
deputies as X. S. Good, chief deputy;
B. Holmaii, Jack Breeding. Ed Mebus j
ami Jose Garcia. Mebus and Garcia aie j
in charge of the jail. i
Hobnan is well known in El Paso !
having formerly been connected with the
real estate firm of Holman & Hatcher.
He began work Wednesday morning.
Breeding is a former member of tin;
"Xlice force, having driven the patrol
wagon. He was removed from office
under charges.
F. J. Hall, the retiring sheriff, will
devote has attention to cattle, ranch and
real estate business. His chief deputy
Ed Br3'ant. has not yet announced hi5;
intentions. Ir. Bryant has been a
peace officer for 28 years, commencing
as assistant town marshal of Y&leta
when he was 17 vears of ase.
Juan Franco, also a deputA' under Mr.
Hall, has been an officer for 20 years '
serving in various capacities, and W. D
it. another office deput" under Mr.
Mexico. srsuSH Ir vnly"wl,lpplnE the dcvi,isv soTe. "i: srasrs sss.Se ins ."" 'r-r
Eagle Pass, Texas, Nov. 23. Untrust
worthy advices received here today are
to tne etrect that San Luis Potosi,
large city or central
captured by insurrectionists
me sucj.iiwi ui i. net, i. slate is neid a
prisoner. A company of rurales sent to
Cuatocienoges last night joined the in
surrectionists. It is learned that the
guide whom iladero secured at Carrizo
Springs, Texas, was captured by Amer-
j jv,citi vii.n-v.io auu jo UCixl UrOUgnt TO
this city. The guide refuses o tak.
uuerro, where 100 troops were sent
yesterday, is in control of Madero's
is another tbing you , Greet
do. Yqu give men sympathy when they Hall, has, been acting in an official capa- J
need it. This world wants an idea ritv for 10 vean I
1 I
County Surveyor So Decides
After Making Investiga
tion of Surroundings.
The island in the Pvio Grande, 30 mile
southeast of Sierra Blanca, is United
States land, incidentally vacant Texas
land, according to J. W. Eubank, countv
surveyor, who returned Wednesday
morning from a trip to the itland
where he was called by state lniul c-nm-
j.c jo .to misojoner ivooison
much a crime to drink over a lodge bar
as to go into a saloon, lo pay harbilla , ;tfr. Jtobison. as land eo!mniimn.
where men will not stand alone but
will have a mutual brotherhood for The
benefit of man. The brotherhood cf
Christ can supply this want. Next to
that, I commend the brotherhood - of
the Elks, the Masons and the other
"One of the three great evils of fra
ternal organizations is that too many
men get inside of the human brother
hood and rest there for salvation. If
they could get to heaven by means of
the secret societies, why was Jesua
Christ sent to earth?
"I hope the L.ord will help the Elks
to get rid of every dirty old bar where
men learn to drink. The order would
then grow over the country, for it is
based on the right principles
roiTCDBiii nonroe rniMiiQnc nnniinrc In 'iiis. v .
J rtlH i LIlilnL UiiULIld LUsnmiiUu UUilLIMLU X-$S Q . T . ate lour umce
I GOOB BUT 101 AND APP0INT& 8aauMet Route Anso; Mills
-- - Fire Proof
Los Angeles,
San Francisco,
Portland and Sea
For tickets and sleeping car accommodations, call at
Gty Ticket Office-St. Regis Hotel Building
W. C. McCormick, G. A. J. E. Monroe. C. T. A.
Vactrcm Cleaned
3 High Speed Elevators, Best in
$15.00 to $35.00
Space Can Now Be Reserved.
Horace B. Stevens, Asen.
122 San Francisco St. Phone 121
One of our New Tenants
DeShazo Realty Co.
The Horse Show association will have
its postponed meeting Wednesda3r even
ing at the chamber of commerce. The
association is p-kmniiifr for another
show during Christmas week.
preach a sermon
Jews on "Moses."
especially for
Judgment for alleged damages In the
sum of $999 Is asked in the suit on trial
in county court of W. A. Custer vs. the
PllllmoTi Amninv Thn rklolntlfl nl
leges that the defendant company re-
'I'lm 7-; iCTcNi.in "., 1 j. r fused to honor a ticket for a berth,
iiie trip uas niaue at the instance of TJ . -r t-iw
r Pa1,;L, ,c ij J.:" ::" . Judgment for SI, 5 was awarded by a
of .e
Tally vs.
Delay in
the transfer of a shipment of cattle,
billed to Kansas City, was alleged in
the petition.
Hied by the 1. M. C. A. in justice Jle
Clintock's court. Judgments asked in
clude $25 against J. E. EsprMa- t t
I Tvinir SIR 7ri' 17" CnmV.nnn tn-n j
court! A nr'e""Lr """' 9iuv' aua
-ri j.. caunuiui, UU.
i 1111 I I'll 1.1 illllHM S IT" MC? W-.sv r-. .
the - w,":-' ,i" T':r:.r t.T"r,tv ,v13 .LU
";un;i uue 'iiilu ouites or iovinn
New York, N. Y Nor. 23. Robert
C. Clowry, president of
union Telegraph company
dered his resignation to the board of
directors, and Theodore H. "Vail, pres
ident of the American Telephone and
Telegraph company, which control!
the Western Union, was appointed to
fill the vacancy. '
owns the Jand. The Rio Grande has
cut various channels around the island,
uut it n-, uucmeu '03- Air. Kobison and
the Western PIr- Eutoink that the land was formerlv
r, today ten- i .n the American side of the international
Washington, D. C , Nov. 23. The
population of Ohio is 4,767,121, an in
crease of 609,576 or 14.7 percent over
LAXATIVE BROilO Quinine, the world
wide Cold and Grip remedy removes
cause. Call for full name. Look for
signature E. W. GROVE. 25c.
Mrs. Rufe B. March, wife of the
editor of the Guadalajara, 7 Mex.. Times
is registered at the Orndorff hotel, with
her baby.
Juan Crus, an employe of the Star
tables was stabed m the left forearm
Tuesday night with a screwdriver by
an unidentified Mexican with whom he
had been conversing near the Zelger
hotel. Dr. A. H. Butler, assistant
city phj'slcian, pulled the screwdriver
from the man's arm. The steel part of
the tool was badly bent.
In the suit of Swltzer. Stackhouse
& Co. vs. William Moeller, Justice Mc
Clintock has announced judgment for
$200 for the plaintiff, and in the case of
J. S. Swan vs. trie El Paso Military in
stitute, judgment by default for$15C
for services was announced.
Suit asking judgment for S41.35 for
rent was filed Wednesday in justice
McClintock's court by M. Melvin vs J,
H. Gray.
The collection of taxes will he com
menced about Dec. 1, according to an
nouncements from the office ofcollector
Harper. The tax rolls, as prepared !
assessor Huffman, have been annrnvplrl
I iby the county commissioners and also
uy tne suite eoniroier. The orhce force
is now writimr out the tax rp!nfa
promised TO y. M. c. A. order to facilitate the work when 'the
Four suits on subscriptions have been j payment of the taxes bejrins
We are closing them out
at less than wholesale
cost. Look at these prices
$2.50 values cut to $1.25
$2.00 values cut to $1.00
$1.25 values cut to 75c
107 South Stanton St.
A daily short story trtery day In The
Herald; also the serial.

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