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The Herald's Sporting News
EL EA.SO HERALD Member 25, 1910. The Herald's Sporting NeWl
f T TT T" T"1 A f 1 OAT T"
of the Zeenxan, Bruster ? Go's. Bankrupt Stock Continues Tomorrow.
This is the stock that we bought at 50 cents on the dollar and now sell
ing it to our patrons at the lowest prices ever known. The sale, so
far, has been a good one, but will come to a termination Saturday
night. Don't take chances, come tomorrow and make your selections.
It will certainly pay you to buy.
Men's Suits Men's Plush
.Men's Suits, odd lot, fancy mixtures Xfcr"fcl Cil'rtC
and solid shades, -worth to 7.50, YV UUI. VdpD
Bankrupt Sale , 4Q IK S assortment of colore, worth to
V tmcp XUt-9 e jL Yrwr- Rintninf calA A n
ss? """"': .7 ' r 49r.
? Jien s ouils, aarK; aiui ineaiuin coiurs, inc -
all -wool, neat designs, worth ?1U.UU, MEN'S SWEATERS Gray with dif
Banlcrupt Sale (JJCJ QC ferent style trimmings, large pearl
''rljSNsTTHfctoo.. nrice ljrJ JJ buttons, worth to S1.00t Jt f
rS fi . -Tn'TTiESSBES x x ' IVII
& P v3e Men's Suits, fine quality Scotch and Bankrupt Sale price TT
r Xst Pv 'vM. .3K .English tweeds, medium and dark col- MEN'S PANTS
ft$H$f&'HMJB ors, worth $15.00, (O QC 1 lot Men's Cassimere Pants, black
Mil fZfr'W lP5i Bankrupt Sale Price VO. onlv, worth $2.00; Bank- t f O
? :, j -V' K' S'i'ssm ' -JKL -A"5 ouiLS, uue quu-uij yim iiiiu. nipt oaie price A tMV
gFiyM .fl fancy worsteds, worth to ?l.o0, Men's Pants, assorted styles, all good
M-feV'Si nkruPtSale tfj-1 -I Q patterns, worth to ?2.50; A -3 fl C
:1 3P PnCe' ll.S'O ' Bankrupt &de price.... V$lc45
fl&S&k 9W Men's Furnishings :xren's Gra' TVo1 Panfcs in neafc de-
-lfr; "m.'C" P to sijms, worth S3.00; d i nr
i y j&s9k& saa r, -,. a ,,.. -rri o," - : i nr
' wj ?5m iaPI" mens percaie ana -vuuiras uress -iaiitvi upi. ouie price.... jts-r
ifW'BlK bmrts, with laundered euro, worth -uenjs L-orauroy rants, all sizes,
4'&yMBym 75c, Bankrupt Sale f Q "north 2.50; tf flQ
5 3 fE 5 JXjMEr SHIR iai-iv-c .....,.... e. - r jjuhivi uju uuic uncc. f j
$SfeS :T-: M Men's "President Work Shirts, solid BOYS' SUITS AND PANTS
$k' 4. ;r' WM blue and fanc stripes, worth OQ Boys' Buster Brown Suits, in the new
5fe"' SK 65c, Bankrupt Sale price JU, fan colors, sizes 2 3-2 to 8, worth
&Svi J55r!- SI rn's Four in Hand SiIk Ties 2.75; Bankrupt Sale j
iCjitf& J' :K and dark, deautiful patters, worth price... PX0
5- Si? -? V'C-. SI tn 5Qct Bankrupt Sale Grt tj,. tt,. t- cn.:-. .t..t-i 1
: --xj .so-,- -., S- X " f J-"-' avaicc jliiii ouiua, uuumu ureasi-
??? ?I&- ; K pru::. . as ww ed. sizes o to lb rears, ivorth S2.50r
A l?. - K Ar.-- -r. TTir-rr. ,,.,., u'l o! T I 11
jo-? Ia."-" "' B Jitjii a j?an-y xiuii xiube, aisu in uiacK ujuMupi oaic Q? fl C
f?z Z&i'- X."" A" -'SK ' and tan, worth 15c pair p r price P A .TrtJ
i -? J' v '.. -t5S: ' TJotU-- CnT jf 'a - t Tr.-.i . .
xrauuju ,1C Fnv. . - xwys JvnicKerDOCKer iiuits. all colors,
Men's Heavy Wool Gloves, black and all sizes, worth $4.50: tr e T
' &$.-,- colors, worth 50c. F TLo-ni-nif QoiQ t:0 ra.77i
w,m4Qni ' nr r.r rw
!r . -rr'r .---" BoJS Buster Brown Suits in finer
MPBJ.BHAiir:. Jieus inuersmrts anu drawers. ; n o,v , 1, f-.rn.
$0 hea'VT flee?e Hned a!l Sizes- a11 coIorS- Bankrupt Sale " ' d O A P
or u xo oo garmem, q price. . . .O
Bankrupt Sale price. . J J
rv ron'-- nnni-o!,; i;.,, ..: Jiovs ivnee 1'ants. all size wnrt.ii
gy -'" uuuivwimcia. !""' 'uir uiu . - -
with fancv colored borders, worth ouv; iw" ""Kiupi, oaie yn
10c, Bankrupt Sale r Price rcC
price. . .. .. .. -t-ruja juici- xi.iils, v-itssiiufre uiiu
Men's fine lisle and "all pure silk Half serge, worth 75e; Bank- CQ
Hose, plain and fancy, Avorth to 75c P1 Sale Price JU
Opair, .Bankrupt Sale Q g Bovs' Velvet and Cloth Caps, worth
ver croats ?fce,-v-, ;--, c 65-c; Bankrupfc Sale r
Men's Suspenders, extra length, many price JJK
MeiL'S OverOatS, full different styles, worth to 1 Q Boys' Felt Hats, many new ajid dif-
-, ,t ! n -, 4.wrr, 39c' Bankrupt Sale price . ..lit ferent stvles. worth to SI: rk
leilgtJl, aSSOrted Styles, Men-S Felt Hats, all the new shapes, Bankrupt Sale price 5UC
WOrtll tO $10.00: Bankrupt Wack and colors, worth to $3.50, Bovs' Grav Sweaters, worth to 75c;
Qoi , fl Bankrupt Sale d1 A J? Bankrupt &ile P) c-
bale price, price... pl.40 price... Z5c
Men's Overcoats, assorted
styles; different lengths,
lisrht and dark; worth to
t - -. I V-M T VSE.JP.lMlASL'
12; 5anKrupt aie price,
$8.95 r -e&iSXQvBRWfps,,
jvt nAr)
f-t i: TBUfc
fe. i
f V -e 'i- . 'C
, w. ? . " .8
'HS? . Sf v0
Sale of Shoes
Women's Shoes
Women's Shoes, high cut, vici kid, ex
tension sole, all sizes worth QQ
$1.50; Bankrupt Sale price. JuC
Women's Shoes and Oxfords, patent
leather, vici kid, gun metal, russet
and suede, worth $3.50; d -9 AQk
Bankrupt Sale price V-- TTw
Women's Shoes and Oxfords, vici kid,
gun metal, patent leather, button or
lace, medium and extension sole,
worth $3.00; Bankrupt d 1 QQ
Sale price tj) J. tO
Women's Shoes, patent leather with
black velvet top or all velvet, worth
$4.00; Bankrupt Sale Q f Q
Price tj .fr!
Children's Shoes
One big lot, patent leather, cloth top,
vici kid, button or lace, tan and black,
sizes 2 1-2 to S, worth 75c ; QP
Bankrupt Sale price OOC
Men's Shoes
Men's Shoes, vici kid, extension sole,
good $1.50 balues; Bankrupt fQ
Sale price JOC
Men's Shoes, gun metal, extension
sole, worth $2.00; Bank- rt - QQ
nrpt Sale price P i 5&7
Men's Shoes, gun metal, vici kid and
box calf, extension sole. Goodvear
welt, worth $3.00; Bank- $ An
rupt Sale price t J. &70
Men's Sho?. vici kid. patent leather
and gun metal, all the up-to-date
styles, worth $3.50; ; C&Q A C
Bankrupt Sale price. '. . $ Q&
Children's Shoes, vici kid, patent tip,
low heel, good school shoes worth
$1.50; Bankrupt Sale OQ
price 0 C
Boy"s School
Grame Forfeited Once 03 the
solitary Institute With
jtfo Scores.
You Always
jgagigCTepfegg-TiM '11
Box calf, extension sol", jrood ua!itv,
sizes S to 2. worth $1.50- QQ '
Bankrupt Sale price &OC
Sizes 2 1-2 to 5; Bank- rtb g q
rupt Sale price J) J. &
BoVS',. n metaI shes, '(lranite
Rock.'" lino for school wear, ail .izes,
strong and durable, worth to $2.50;
Bankrupt Sale rf A C
price njJi .tj
Taboo won the Independencia han- event, which closed the meeting- and
filcap at the opening of the Juarez
race track Thursday afternoon from a
field scratched to three starters. Jaclc
Atkin was picked to win against the
favorite, but was not right and, after
running his race with a weight of 132
pounds, was pulled up at the finish
and breezed home- Harrigan was al
lowed to set the pace, and he took
command soon after the harrier was
up, to a perfect start. Harrigan led
all the way around with Jack Atkln
second to the half when Taboo over
took him and started after Harrigan.
Jockey Benschoten saxed his mount
for the final effort and made a driv
ing finish to beat Harrigan, who was
tiring from the long drive.
John Griffin, upon whose ability ,to
cover the distance many were depend
ing, failed to show anything of his
old form and was bunched among
those present at the finish of the first
race. Trance was the winner of this
event, taking the money in a gallop.
Meadow got away eighth, but picked
up distance after getting up steam
and finished second, ahead of Ocean
Queen, -svho ran a good race.
line Easy "Winner.
The second race, a five furlong af
fair, was an easy one, Rue, Uncle Ben
and Flying "Wolf finishing without ef
fort in the one, ttvo, three positions.
Eue allowed Flying "Wolf to lead to
the stretch turn when she broke loose
and came on for a two length win
ning. Benschoten, the winner of the
handicap, also had a winning to his
credit in the third, when Pedro was
sent under the wire a winner. Pedro,
an old time, last season favorite, al
lowed the others to do the real work
and cam on when ready. Marian Ca
sey, strongto the stretch, lacked the
endurance to cinch the winningand al
lowed Pedro to take command at the
finish. Hannis was third.
Fifth Event Exciting.
The fifth race was bet-ween Rio Pe
cos and Lomond with Lomond show
ing the most speed and endurance. Rio
Pecos ivas running first at the stretch,
but Lomond came on with a burst of
speed under Rettigs handling and
finished in front with Chapultepec sec
ond and Clint Tucker third, Rio Pe
cos tiring badly and dropping back
to sixth. Fred Mulholland. used to
I won from Dorante and Ortilo. Mul
holland ivent into first place at the
head of the stretch and remained there
to the finish without serious oppo
sition. Not over 3000 people saw the races.
First race Five and one-half fur
longs, purse, all ages, value to first
$400. Trance, 112 (.Kennedy) won;
Meadow, 107 (Molesworth) second;
Ocean Queen, 107 (Ganz) third. Time.
1:07. Angelus, John Griffin, Gene
"Wood, "Work Box, Br. Smoot, ran.
Second race Five furlongs, 2year
olds, purse, value to first ?300. Rue,
105 (Molesworth) won; Uncle Ben, 110
(Smith) second; Flying "Wolf, 108
(J. Murphy) third. Time, 1:02. Beach-
mont, Jack S3kes, Stalwart Lad ran. J
Third race Seven furlongs, 4year
olds and up, value to first $300. Pedro,
97 (Benschoten) won; Marian Casey,
105 (Ganz) second; Hannis, 102 (Rey
nolds) third. Time, 1:28. Fancy, Alma
Boy, Bon Ton, Vosme, Bellflower, St.
Kilda, Cuban Boy, ran.
Fourth race One and one-eighth
mile, La Independencia handicap,
3j'earolds, value to first $1500. Taboo,
110 (Benschoten) won; Harrigan, 112
(Thompson) second: Jack Atkin, 132
(Kennedy) third. Time, 1:54 3-5.
Fifth race Six furlongs, selling,
3yearolds and up, value to first $300.
Lomond, 111 (Rettig) won; Chapulte
pec, 100 (Benschoten) second; Clint
Tucker, 104 (Murphy) third. Time,
1.14 1-5. Jacquelina, Royal Captive,
Rio Pecos, Lena Look, Kopeck, Bar- J
aonea, seau Juan, ran.
Sixth race One mile, purse, 3year
olds and up, value to first $300. Fred
Mulholland, 109 (Rettig) won; Do
rante, 114 (Thompson) second; Ortilo,
105 ("Warrington) third. Tugboat, La
Dextra. ran.
to the struggle through the final quar
Jacksonville, Fla., Xov. 25. Donald
McDonald, carrying top weight of 124
pounds, and a favorite in the betting
at 3 1-2 to 1, won the Thanksgiving
handicap, the feature of the opening
day on the Moncrief park course yes
terday, from a high class field of
horses. About S000 persons attended
the first day's racing. Nineteen book
makers v. ere in line and speculation
was brisk.
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 24. The high
score in Thursday's contest is the world
record since the game has been re
duced to 60 minutes.
Nebraska carried the ball for a total
of 1150 yards, while Haskell was able
to gain only 43 yards. The forward
pass was used to good advantage by
the Cornhuskers. The play was used
11 times for a total gain of 265 yards.
The Indians made only two first downs,
while their opponents accomplished
the trick 48 times.
The final score was 119 to 0 In favor
I of Nebraska.
There was a battle royal on the grid
iron at wasningion pane inursaay
afternoon. The combatants were the
El Paso High school eleven and the
team from the Military institute, and
neither side scored, though the game
was forfeited by the Military institute
in the first quarter, the official score
being 1 to 0.
It all happened with 11 minutes to
play. Institute was on its own 25
yard line and was penalized 15 yards
by field judge Hahn for pushing and
pulling their man through the line,
contrary to the regulations. The Mili
tary Institute team objected to this
decision, which was enforced by referee
game was given to the High school,
1 to 0.
Gnmo Resumed.
There was considerable wrangling
between the captains of the two teams.
"When the argument came the ball was
in the possession of the High school
on their opponents' 15 yard line, when
coach Van Surdam said they would not
stand for those officials presiding dur
ing the rest of the game. It was then
agreed to continue the game with Van
Surdam of the Military institute as
referee and coach Coldwell of the High
school team as umpire and the game
went on.
HiKh School Outweighed.
Outweighed nearly 10 pounds to the
man the boys from the High school
with bulldog tenacity and grit held at
critical moments and at times threw
their opponents back for losses. The
superior weight of the institute boys
told at times and they went through
the High school line like steam plows,
only to be stopped after making long
gains of 10 and 15 yards and being fre
quently penalized. The High school
team was also frequently penalized for
offside plays.
The forward pass was used by both
sides, but nearly every time a ma5
from the opposing team would catct
the ball. Military institute fumbled
frequently and was not fast enough to
get away from the speedy tacklers of
the High school team.
One Chance Lost.
High school had one fine chance to
score a good victory when they made
20 yards on a triple pass, little Cheno
weth carrying the ball to the oppo
nents' 15 yard line. TVith the ball on
their opponents 15 yard line Grady
tried for a field goal, but missed, and
the only chance to score was gone.
It was the High school's ball in the
center of the field when the first half
ended with the score 0-0.
In the second half it was the same
thing over again and the end cr the
second half with the field covered
n-irh irini nf dust and the clouds of
right gathering so dark that one could
hardly see the ball on a rorwaro pass
or kick, the institute team held the
ball in the center of the field when
the game was eallecl. and the score
tztnnfi 0-0.
"When they got back to town, both
! teams sroing through the game with-
out a man being hurt, the High school j
crowd had a parade witn me siuaem
dressed in sheets. Tooting horns and
giving the school yell, they marched
through the streets of the city and
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niGTomons j
Xew Mexico A. & M. PutsJ
up Game Fight But
Loses 5 to 0.
Las Cruces. X. M., Xov. 25. The
Thanksgiving football game played on
th nollpsre athletic field vesterdav
went to the Crawford theater, where , afternoon between the New" Mexico
tvif- hammered and nounded on the
balcony and gallery doors, givintc the
school yells and shouting loud and
Insnes Challenge.
C&pt. H. E. Van Surdam of the Mili
tary irstitute has issued a challenge
to the High school to play off the tio
at any place they may wish, with coach
Brown of the New Mexico Military in
stitute. Coach Ballewock of the New
Mexico A. & M. college and coach
Shipp of the university of Arizona to
College of Agriculture and the New
i Mexico Military institute of Roswell,
was one of the hardest fought gridiron J
battles ever seen on the college field,
the game resulting m a score of 5 to
0 in favor of Roswell, this victory giv
ing the Military institute the terri
torial championship -
The game was as clean and free
from any objectionable features as
could possibly be, there being abso
lutely' no slugging or kicking at the
decisions of the officials. The cadets
came over here prepared ,and confi-
technic Institute, 42; Bradley institute
of Peoria, Ills., 0.
At Birmingham Alabama, 9; Wash
ington and Lane, 0.
At Laramie. Wyo. University of
Wyoming, 10; Colorado Agricultural
college, 0.
At Oklahoma City EDworth imivpr-
sity, 30; Texas Christian university, 0. Hoover (captain); quarterback. Cheno
At Emporia Kansas college, of Em- weth: backs. Ronan. Kuhn and Loraax.
poria. 0; States Normal, 0. Military Institute Center, C. Bald-
At Walla Walla. Wash. Washington win; guards, Long, white and Albro;
State college, 80; Whitman college, 0. tackle Sorenson, Snyder and Ford;
At St. Joe Wm. Jewell, 11; Otta- I ends, Bateman and Davis; quarterback,
wa. 6- I Tenant backs. Pomeroy. J. O. McCoy
(captain) and B. C. McCoy.
Officials Referees. Elfers and Van
Surdam; umpires. Linour and Coldwell
field Judge, Hahn; head linesman,
Coach Ballard Coldwell of the High dent that they would win the game by
school team bade his men farewell j a large score, and the result was a
after the game Thursday night and I bigger surprise to them than it -was to
said he had been wel satistlea witn
the work they naa aort auring me ,
season just closed and hoped they
Would have as good a team next year.
The Lineup.
H;gh school Center. Grady; cuards,
Wright and Thomas; tackles. Turner,
whita nnfl Rurch: ends. Lyman ana
ithe college. Heretofore this season
the cadets have been winning by
scores that ran as high as SO, and they
thought they had an easy victory
here. However, after the game, the
players and their coach. state"d that
they had been in the. hardest fought
Battle of their career and that after
the first five minutes of play they
felt very much in doubt as to the out
come. The only score made was a touch
down by Roswell eight minutes after
the game started. The cadets secured
the ball on a forward pass by tha
college and ran 90 yards ,to, the" goal,
but failed to kick goal. After that tha
ball was first on one side's territory
and then on the other, and although
the college fwas unable to score the
cadets were held down to one touch
down. The crowd at the game was
the largest ever seen on the athletic
The Elks went down in a body with
the Las Cruces brass band to head
them and paraded around the field be
fore the game, being joined by a large
crowd of the students- During the in
termissions the band rendered music
the college students performed 'their
serpentine parade, the Elks gave a
military drill and the Elks' orchestra
made its first public appearance.
Last night the members of the vis
iting team were entertained . with a
dance at Hadley hall, which was at
tended by a large number of people
from Las Cruces, Mesilla Park and
Mesilla. The visitors returned home
this morning by way of El Paso, well
pleased with their trip and the treat
ment accorded them at the college.
the course, hung back in the mile j able to ditch Spellbound when it came
Oakland. Cal. Nov. 25. In the pres
ence of the largest crowd of the sea
son, Spellbound won the Thanksgiv
ing handicap from a high class field
at Emryville yesterday. There were
light showers during the afternoon
but the track ivas good. Bubbling
Water was the favorite f jr the han
dicap, which was at a mile and a fur
long. She lost considerable ground
uiruugn ianure to clearing ana un
At Des Moinesi Ames, 2; Drake, 0.
At St. Louis Syracuse, 6; St. LOuis
university, 0.
At Baltimore John Hopkins, 9;
Washington college (Chester town), 0.
Hopkins wins state championship ex
clusive of the Naval academy.
At Kansas City Missouri, 5; Kan
sas, 5.
At Savannah, Ga. Auburn, 2G; Geor
gia, 0.
At Nashville, Tenn. Vanderbilt, 23;
Sewanee, G.
At Lexington, Ky. Central, 12;
State, G.
At Lancaster, Pa. Gettysburg, D;
Franklin and Marshall, 6.
At Atlanta, Ga. Georgia 34; Clem
son 0.
At Milwaukee Marquette univer
sity, 5; Notre Dame, a.
At Omaha Creighton, G; Des
Moines. 2.
At Lincoln, Neb. Nebraska, 119;
Haskell, 0.
At Providence, R. i. Brown, 15; Car
lisle, G.
At Cleveland Case. 3; "Western Re
serve, 0.
At Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 12;
Cornell, 6.
At Pittsburg, Pa. University of
Pittsburg. 11; State College. 0.
At Terre Haute, Ind. Rose Poly-
At Richmond University of Virginia
8; University of N. S., 0. '
At Denver University of Colorado,
19; School of Mines, 0.
Ax Houston Texas A. & M., 17; Tu
lane, 0.
At Sioux City Morningside college,
19; South Dakota university, 6.
At Cincinnati Universitv of Cincin
nati, 28; Denison, 12.
At Missoula. University of Montana,
10; Montana Agricultural College, 0.
Santa Monica Race Course, Cal., Nov.
25. Teddy Tetzltoff of Los Amreles, in
a Lozor car. was the hero of the Santa
Monica road races. He not only piloted
ms oig racer to victory in the stock
car" event, winning over five competi
tors, breaking the American stock car
record and coming within one mile an
hour of the world's record, but also
started a few minutes later in tho
202.8 mile free for all against seven
other entries and duplicated his vic
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 25. Oklaho
ma team No. 1 led all competitors in
the first day's events of the Mid-West-em
Interstate Rifle association tourna
ment which opened today at the third
Missouri regiment range here.
Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Iowa
national guards were represented.
Sergt. John King of the second Kan
sas regiment made the high sco'-o of
the day with 49 out of a possible 50 it
1000 yards.
Buffalo, N. Y.. Nov. 25. George
Hackenschmidt last night met Zybszko
in a handicap wrestling match, the
conditions of which, required the Rus
sian to throw the Pole twice in an
hour. He failed. It was a repetition
of the match a year ago between
fcranK Gotch. and Zbyszko. Hacken
schmidt was always back of his man
but could never get his shoulders to
the mat.
The High School Director of
Athletics Says Clean
Is Impossible.
El Paso. Tex., Nov. 25, 1910.
Editor El Paso Herald:
In answer to the challenge for a
football game Issued over the name
of superintendent Van Surdam, I wish
to say, not on behalf of the football
team but in behalf of clean athletics,
that I cannot accept.
The pitiable spectacle yesterdv
only illustrates the Impossibility of
any officials to have a clean game be
tween the High school and the Mili
tary institute. The officials that su
perintendent Van Surdam proposes
could not possibly enforce clean play
ing any better than the coaches of the
two teams did. The repeated fouls
committed as shown by the penalties
inflicted by Mr. Coldwell and super
intendent Van Surdam Is proof enough
to me that another game would only
make still worse the present bad feel
ing between the two schools and
tempt the boys still further to un
clean athletics.
From the standpoint of finance and
for the sake of winning an unques
tioned victory, I should be eager to
play another football game and would
yield to the wishes of superintendent
Van Surdam and the High school foot
ball teamj but for the above reason I
must decline the challenge in the face
of the opposition of our own team.
J. TV. Curd,
Director of Athletics, El Paso ' High
Approved: R- M. White, Principal
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A daily short story cry day In The
Herald; also the serial.
XJ . S- r JiK. 7Jrr.

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