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Monday, November 28, 1910
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This is the harvest season for robberies of every
kind. It was discovered yesterday that burglars en
tered the -store of the W. T. Hixson Company, .where
they made a good haul. . "
Mr. Merchant:
Your Store May Be Next
During the past two weeks several El Paso
homes have been robbed and your house may ba the
next visited by robbers.
The cost of burglar insurance is so low that you
can't afford to be without the insurance.
Caples Building
(Continued from Page One.l
Phone 352
Deal on for ' Sale of Rio
Grande Building to In
surance Company.
If the deal now pending- is consum
mated, the Two Republics Life Insur
ance company, which is composed
largely of local capital wHl have the
Rio Grande Valley bank building as
its general office building. Negotia
tions are now pending between the
officers of tihe Rio Grande bank and
the Two Republics company for the
purchase of the seven story bank
building. Should the deal be closed
the bank -will continue in Its present
quarters on the, first floor of the build
ing, a long tearm -lease being one, of
the considerations in the prospective
The proposed purchase is to be sub
mitted to the stockholders for their
approval before tihe deal is closed. One
of the directors stated Monday that
it was probable that the new company
would take over the ownership of the
H. "V. Crockett has been appointed
regular clerk In the registry depart
ment of the postoffice to fill the va
cancy caused by the resignation of A.
S. Horton.
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Some Very Peculiar Circum
stances Attending Re
cent Mutiny.
, Rio Janeiro, Brazil, Nov. 28. The
warships of the fleet are again in the
hands of .the government. Trains from
the interior have brought back fam
ilies that fled in fear of the bombard
ment of the mutineers.
The mutineers did not lack for cer
tain supplies, but had difficulty in
securing water and coaL The princi
pal grievances, adjustment of which
the men demanded, was the employ
ment by the officers of a leather whip
called "callada" and the stories of the
sued by the leaders of those opposed
to the present government, possession
was taken of several small towns
throughout the state, and of which
they are still in possession. Coyame,
in eastern Chihuahua, and San Andres,
San Isidro, Guerrero and MInaca, west
of this city, are reported still in pos
session of the revolutionists. A troop
of 50 soldiers has been sent east to
Coyame, but no news has been received
of them. However, the malls have
been coming through from that point
regularly. One hundred and fifty sol
diers were sent west on the Mexican
North Western on the regular passer
ger train, leaving Mondas, the 21st.
Through the negligence of some one in
authority, passengers were ailowefl
upon this train, which when it
reached San Andres, about 50 miles
west, was fired Into by the revolution
ists and four soldiers, including the
commanding officer, were killed out
right; also a woman with a baby at
her breast. One curtain over a window
in a coach has 11 bullet holes. The
engineer pulled out as fast as possible,
running as far as Bustlllos, where the
sodliers "disembarked and took quar
ters in the magnificent ranch houses
of the Zuloaga estate, where they now
Train Wrecked.
The train from Madera, several hours
behind time, attempted to run through
San Andres without stopping. About
one mile beyond the station a rail had
been taken up by the revolutionists to
prevent the sending out of any more
troops, leaving 15 men and the station
agent at San Andres to warn trains
coming from the west, as they had no
desire to hurt anyone. The train ran
through without stopping and was
"wrecked, but no one hurt.
A prominent American railroad con
tractor, accompanied by the brake
man, went over to the little town of
San Andres, two and a half miles away,
to ask permission to buy food for the
people on the train and also to ask
permission to repair the telegraph line
to Chihuahua, that a train might be
asked for to take the people In. The
leader of the Insurrectos expressed
great regret at the derailment of the
train, gave them breakfast and sent
don, it is declared that six lieutenants
have been executed at Gomez for trea
son. Troops Active.
Rumors are rife as to the move
ment of troops throughout the coun
try and some of movements show that
the government is neither vaclllatory
in its plans or is trying to put down
the rebellion merely by displaying the
troops in the disturbed centers. Last I
Thursday 500 troops Infantry and ar- I
tillery reached Parral, were unload
ed and paraded the city and that night
loaded on a train and pulled to Go
mez. On Friday several cars of troops
followed behind the passenger train,
stopping at Gomez and another train
of 500 "troops, reembarked from Par
ral, reached Gomez, making about loOO
troops in this section.
punishment inflicted upon the men asid ,ver to the Peonle on the train
told in the newspapers show this to
have been a veritable torture.
A series of curious coincidences in
connection with the mutiny is set
forth in one of the local papers. In
1711 the French ship Duguay Trouin
bombarded the city prior to its cap
ture by the French, tin 1910 the French
training ship Duguay II. was in the
harbor when the mutineers threw
shells into the city.
On November 23, 1S91, marshal Deo
dore Da Fonseca, then president of the
republic, was deposed by the navy. On
November 23 the present revolt took
practical form, a day prophetic for
president Fonseca.
The names of the three warships on
which the mutiny started, the Sao
Paulo, the Minas Geraes and, the Bahia,
are the same as the three states which
opposed the candidacy 'of "Hermes-Da'j
Fonseca for the presidency and final
ly when the Portuguese cruiser Ada
master bombarded the royal palace at
Lisbon, the Brazilian battleship Sao
Paulo was present,' and when the Sao
Paulo bombarded Rio the Adamaster
was present.
H. H. Townsend, bridge foreman on
the Mexico North Western railroad,
fell from a handcar at San Bias on
Friday last and was brought to El
Paso Saturday evening for medical
Records 1
He also took men for the purpose of
getting the tram back on the track, if
possible, and repairing the telegraph
line. It was found impossible to put
the train on the track, but the wires
were repaired and a train sent cut
from Chihuahua, and all passengers
arrived safely Tuesday evening.
Bullion Xot Molested.
On this train. were se"verf.l shioments
of bullion from the mines and several
shipments of money, none of which
were molested, but brought safelv to
town on the relief train. Mexican
passengers were searched for arms, but
no foreigners, of whom there were
a number on the train, were molested
in any way. 'The leader repeatedly ex
pressed regret that the train should
have been delayed, and notified all
foreigners theyj need, have no hesi
tancy in pursuing their usual avoca
tions. The railroad authorities were
notified that their trains would not
be molested, except those In govern-
.ment service. . transporting troops or
munitions of war; that it was not their
desire In any way to interfere with the
business of either foreigners or non
combatants of their own people.
Insurrectos Xot Robbers.
The insurrectos seem to have a well
concerted plan for gaining control of
the government and insuring the
protection of all vested Interests,
particularly those of foreigners. They
are mostly small land owners and
farmers, who. In the towns of which J
No Soldiers Rushing About
in That Region and All
Is Quiet.
Cananea, Mexico, Nov. 28. There
has not been any excitement here re
cently owing to the insurrection.
There have not tteen any more soldiers
sent here, as they were not necessary.
As for soldiers being sent from here, J
only about 40 were sent to Naco 10 J
days ago, and since then no more have
been sent. Three soldiers went to
rsaco yesterday .from :Nogales, to re
turn to their company, and that start
ed another story about additional sol
diers being sent to the border town.
There have been no soldiers moved
to Augua Prieta, opposite Douglas, as
reported, unless they used aeroplanes,
as trains from this section, have not
carried any.
The town is strictly on its good be
havior and there has not been any act
committed which could be Interpret
ed to mean trouble on a rebellious
The officers are watching every
move of known anti-Diaz men and so
far nothing suspicious has been seen
in their actions.
There Js no truth in the rumor thai-
Mexicans are not permitted to cross i
the International boundary line to the
states from here. They can go and
come at pleasure.
ow a
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too late; make up
your mind to ar
range it today.
Stop in at our
office; we'll ex
Ilain the details.
Insurance in All
Its Branches.
209 Mesa Ave.
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Pluv Best M
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R Will Be fi
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Diamond" mM
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I s I
' "
Timely Arrival of Special
Officer Probably Pre
vents a Third
Gen. Thomas Goes to Confer
With Gpn. Torres ou
Douglas, Ariz., Nov. 28. For the
first time since the campaign resulting I
in the capture of Geronimo, United
States cavalry squadrons are stationed
on the border here. Two troops of the
Eeighth cavalry arrived yesterday.
Gen. Thomas left this morning for
Naco, where he will confer with Gen.
Torres on the situation. It is probable
that the cavalry now here will be sta
tioned in the San Simon valley, east of
Douglas. Passengers out of Mexico
say there is a heavy movement of
troops toward northern Sonora and
Chihuahua, indicating that the Mexico
government is striving to concentrate
its forces to surround Madero west of
Monclava .
Headed FreedmanVs Bureau at Austin
In Reconstruction Days and Fought
In Arizona and Mexico.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 28. Gen.
James Oakes, who was retired in 1379,
after 30 years of active service In the
Mexican and civil wars, as well as in
indian uprisings in the southwest, sank
unconscious to the pavement yesterday
near his home, and died 20 minutes
later at a local hospital. Death was
caused by heart trouble.
He was born near Limestone, Pa.,
April 4, 1826, and was educated at the
university of Pennsylvania and the
United States Military academy. He
served for a time in the faculty of
the academy, but at the outbreak of
the war with Mexico accompanied Gen.
Zachary Taylor and was breveted first
He was later assigned to frontier
duty against the indians in northern
Arizona and In 1861 reached the rank
of lieutenant colonel in the fourth
cavalry. He became colonel of the
sixth cavalry that same year and, after
distinguished service in the Tennessee
and Mississippi campaigns, -was made
brigadier general, brevet March 30,
At the close of the civil war, he was
head of the Freedmen's bureau at Aus
tin, Texas, and later again saw service
against the indians of the southwest.
He was retired at hS; own request on
April 28, 1879, and had spent most of
his time since in New Tork, Pittsburg
and "Washington.
J. S. Ward, of Arizona, who purposed j
to recoup his fortune as a result of
the unpleasantness in Mexico by ob
taining employment, he said, as a -line
rider at 10 per day, was arrested Sat
urday night on Broadway on a. charge
of drunkenness. When searched at th
Parral, Chih., Mex., Nov. 25.
they have possession, have appointed Editor El Paso Herald:
the proper authorities, permit no loot- I have in hand your paper of todav
ing or riotous conduct, and are giving j and refer to an article therein entitled.
receipts for such arms, munitions and
provisions which they take for their
cp.use. Under no consideration do they
j take arms or provisions from foreign
ers, except in the case of dynamite
taken from C. Jungk of Minaca.
Jewelry valued at over 700 was
taken from the Hixson jewelry store
in the Roberts-Banner building, cor
ner Mesa avenue and Mills street, some
time Saturday night. Entrance to the
establishment was effected through a
transom over the rear door, which
opens Into the hal.
The stolen jewelry constats of a
number of watches, rings, bags, gold
match safes and other -nolielay goods.
The loss may approximate 1000; ac
cording to the statement of Mr. Hix
son. The articles already missed total
over the S700 mark.
stnrfin T,nrpi i nniicft station a revolver was found
The Feldman studio on San Antonio i on his person and a charge of that na- j
street aiso lost merchandise vaiuea at i ture was prciciicu
100 Saturday flight. Goods taken con
sists of kodaks and safety razors- En
trance to the store was effected
through the skylight.
Meers Prevents Robbery.
The arrival of special officer Meers
at the Bazaar, 310-312 San Antonio
street, prevented an attempted burglary
Sunday night. The officer, in making
his rounds,- found a jimmy in the rear
of the show window which stands out
side the store. An effort had been made
to break the padlock on the door. It
is thought the robbers were fright1
ened from the job
Your Store ma? be
robbed next; don't
dodge the point at is
sue; remember,
We Write
and for a few dollars may save
you hundreds. The satisfaction of
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Some Say Army Is Infected
by Rebellion High
Glass Insurrectos.
Torreon, Mexico, Nov. 2S. The sit
uation here is intense and one of sub-
1 aued excitement among all classes.
I No fear is felt for foreigners or
tlielr property from either side. Ke
i ports of encounters of the troops with
j armed revolutionists are current here
j from various places. One story is to
the effect that 80 troops were killed
' east of Lerdo and another encounter
j is reported at San Antonio ranch,
south' of Torreon. Rurales, cavalry
and infantry are marching back and
forth from the towns of Lerdo, Gomez
and Torreon, but are not reaching far
into the country.
28 Are Killed.
The fighting at Gomez and Lerdo
the first 'of the week, from the best
information, resulted in 28 deaths and
many wounded; many of whom are
concealed by their friends to avoid
capture by troops. The entire com
munity, foreign and domestic 95 per
cent at least Is in full accord with
the principles of the insurrectos and
give it sympathy and moral support
and. in many instances active help.
The insurrectos" at Gomez -were com
posed almost entirelj' of men from 25
to 40 years of age, and were railroad
men, street car employes, small land
owners and workmen frpm the fac
tories and shops in Gomez. They were
not bandits but men of respectable
standing in the class to which they
Insurrectos of Good Class.
The high class of these people is
most significant and how and where
these men secured the arms for six or
seven hundred men and shows "the
sympathy and perhaps secret activity
of the substantial people of the com
munity. The Lavins, a family o.f large
land owners, are reported to have
purchased arms and armed their
workmen to defend their property,
and these men and arms were used
by and are now in the possession of
the insurrectos out in the hills, it Is
Is Army Infected? (
The trouble has Infected the con
stabulary and army to some extent
and It Is not improbable that if the
insurrectos gain any control ot any
section the army will be greatly
weakened by desertions. From reli
able parties, the statement is , made
that 25 soldiers and officers have; been
arrested and. and in the face of the
vehement denial of governor scan-
"Farral Isot Expecting Attack." The
person who wrote this article probably
did not know that the town was bet
ter defended than he described. He
did not mention the city police force.
neither about 100 men who rushed with j
ammunition to protect the official
Speaking about the "Rifle club," he
does not seem to know that more than
the third part of all the members are
foreigners, among whom are twd
American citizens. It is a fact that
some of the members were asked for
protection and eight responded. The
i Cither the Original 3Ir. Raffles or His
Counterpart Visited El Paso
Saturdny Night.
El Paso has been honored time and
time again by characters of note, but
it Is hard to realize that Mr. Raffles
would pay El Paso a visit. Yet, such
must be the case. This is proved
clearly by the burglary of Feldmaifs
Saturday nignt. Mr. Raffles being a
person of discriminating taste chose
he Feldman store knowing that only
articles of intrinsic value could be se
cured. While the loss Is considerable,
Mr. Feldman says he Is in a measure
Saturday night had Christmas gifts, of
a high character to make, Bo selected
the Feldman establishment to get tnem
the same as any other wise person
would do.
rest of the members were all without repaid, as he feels sure the burglar
exception under arms protecting their
own interests.
The loss of life is 13, all told, one
American being dead and one, J. "W.
Story, wounded and under medical
The. town is under the protection of
the government troops and no further
trouble is expected. All the business
houses are open and doing business
as usual. E. Luser.
Elks will hold their annual me
morial services at the Trinity Metho
dist Church Sunday afternoon at 3 p.
m. Zack Lamar Cobb and B. F. Mc
Nulty will deliver the two addresses
at the memorial and a special program
of music will be given by a quartet
and soloists. As is the Elks' custom,
the church will be profusely decorated
with palms and Christmas greens. The
ritualistic memorial service of the
lodge will be, given by the officers.
Seeing, in The Herald that
his mother sought him, six
teenyearold Marion Craig re
ported to the officials at the
union station Saturday night,
and will be sent nome. Super
intendent Martin had received
a letter from the mother, Mrs.
Nattie Craig, of Centralia
Wash., She offered to pay her
son's transportation back
home. Young Craig has been
washing dishes instead of be
ing a cowboy or a filibuster.
$$""$" $
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