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Mondav, November 28, 1910 7
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-lBite: &--.:-- I-.- lHVfilv
Royal Baking
Powder fcot
biscuit is the
luxury or eat
ind.tfieacmeof IiealtMol food
The absolute
protection of
our Bread, Bis
cuit and cake
from alum is
in the use of
Powder only.
The only baking
powder made
from Royal Grape
Cream of Tartar,
Ben. Jenkins is not -worried "a bit
about El Paso and the Mexican situa
tion; he is not a bit afraid the town
will come to any harm at the hands of
the Mexican insurrectos. The 3S1 Paso
police chief is in X,os Angeles and the
Express of that city has gravely in
terviewed him on the question.
The paper says the El Paso vchief
is of the opinion that the "war" re
ports have been exaggerated, but,
granting- the truth of the reports that
have been sent out, says the Express,
he is of the opinion that, while a rev
olujon or a readjustment of admin
lstrative affairs in Mexico was bound
to come sooner or later, the present
crisis, If brought on by intent, was
ill-timed and ill-advised.
"The death of president Diaz would
have precipitated just such a situation
as now exists in Mexico," said Mr. Jen
kins said at the Alexandria hotel. "It
could not have been averted, in my
ouinlon, but that would have been soon
enough. There was no necessity for
bringing it on now, and I am of the
opinion that it can only result in dis
aster to the cause of which Madero
has taken the leadership.
"Much depends, however, upon the
army. Bernardo Reyes, who was
banished to Paris, was the Idol of the
army, and should he make his appear
ance upon the field of action now there
might be a different tale to tell when
all this disturbance is over."
The disaffection being1 largely con
fined to the interior now, Mr. Jenkins
is not worried about the situation in
El Paso, or acress the river in Juarez.
A wholesome building-up food for
growing children. The combined
nutritive properties of Wheat,
Rice, Oats, and Barley.
Ask your Grocer.
B t
There nre many thins: which are proven; there are many thing-!
pro-ted which are not real to us, therefore our religion is of little per
sonal value until it pases beyond the realm of knovrledsre and lrecomes
experience. Rev. P. J. Rice, Firt Christian church.
There is enouffh knoTFletlse in the church of El Paso to save our fair
city, and the entire -world for that matter, but there is a sad lack of spir
itual power and consecration on the part of Christ's followers. Rev. C. li.
Overstreet, at First Presbyterian church.
The way to true Rxeatness Ls througrh the law of self sacrifice and
faithful service toward man and God. Rev. Frank TV. Ootto at First Meth
odist church.
The Marconi system, the wireless,, telegraphy, has a transmitted and
a receiver; the transmitter ilbrates into ether at 500,000 vibrations per sec
ond and the receiver is in tone with the transmitter; so the soul that would
know God must he in tune with the infinite and you will catch the hear"
enly music. E. J. Bulgin at Trinity Methodist.
L,et us as wise men make use of all the help that God has given us,
praying for a realization of our opportunities or ever it he ioo late.
Henry Easter at Church of St. Clement.
As the natural or physical birth Is necessary to bring us Into the natur
al or physical world, so the spiritual birth Is necessary to bring up into
the spiritual kingdom of God and into spiritual relations with Jesus
Christ and to tenable ns to comprehend spiritual things and to understand
the spiritual meaning- of God's hody word. Rev. L. R. Mllllcan at First Bnp
tist church.
The successful soul winner must be In love. C. R.-Womeldorf at "West
minster Presbyterian church.
The book of Genesis which shows the result of right and wrong liv
ing should be an inspiration to all of us-J it should strengthen our faith
and renew our courage E. H. Brown, of Y. 31. C. A., at Houston Square
Baptist church.
Evangelist Takes "The Man
Gralilee" as Text For"
More than 4000 persons crowded into
the tabernacle Sunday night to hear
Dr. B. J. Bulgin deliver his sermon
on "The Man of Galilee," and some
were compeled to stand in the rear of
the auditorium because all seats were
Preaching on Christ, the speaker
took his text from Isaah, sixth chapter,
ninth verse "His name shall be called
wonderful, the counselor, the mighty
God and everlasting Father and the
Prince of Peace." He spoke of Christ's
life from the cradle to the grave, of
His wonderful works.
Christ was wonderful, first because
He was born of the Virgin Mary with
no visible father, wonderful because
at the age of 12 He astounded the
greatest doctors and philosophers in
the temple, wonderful because He
worked His miracles in the presence of
His greatest enemies. He was jenni-
less ana pemesa auu jet a wuj.gg 7TO10
He established a kingdom in the
hearts of men that is sweeping the
He preached no superstition of the
900 that the Jews had except in" regard
to the sky "Red at night is the sailor's
delight, red in the morning is the
sailor's warning," and this is proven
by science to bb true. His resurrection
is the greatest truth of history proof
oil His divinity.
Dr. Bulgin again devoted the allotted
time Saturday night to his question
box. He had announced that he would
preach on civic affairs but the ques
tions were so much to his liking that
.na Aav-n nA nil rf Vlfk tlmP fn flTlS"Wer-
ing them one after another. He
rapped the temperance opponents in
Texas, told the people that they would
have to organize to fight the liquor
interests, rapped the divorce evil and
punched a saloon interest letter full of
oratorical holes. George L.. Rose sang
a special song for the service.
Sunday afternoon Dr. Bulgin held a
men's meeting in the tabernacle which
was attended by a majority of the
cnurchmen of the city. His sermon was
"The Man of Galilee," and he told of
the life and character of the man of
First Methodist.
Tuesday night the fllrst quarterly
conference will be held. Dr. Bright,
superintendent of the New Mexico mis
sions of the M. u. church, will preside.
First Christian.
The "Woman's Missionary society
meeting has bee)i postponed indefi
nitely. Houston Square Baptist.
Rev. J. J. Buelen, of Philadelphia,
the new pastor of the HoustonSquare
Baptist church, is expected to arrive
in El Paso Thursday and will occupy
the pulpit for the first time on Decem
ber 4.
First Baptist.
Rev. W. C. Terry, D. D., of the
Raleigh,- N. C, First Baptist church, is
expected to occupy the pulpit Dec. 4, as
a candidate for the place. Rev. Mr.
Terry is well known in North Caro
lina and has a, number of friends In
TJ1 Paso.
Calvary Baptist.
Children's services were ooserved
Sunday morning, an address being
made by Rev. R. T. Hanks, pastor of
tne church.
niiiiT-oiH of St. Clement.
The Ladies' Guild will meet Tuesday i
afternoon at J ociock.
The Altar Guild meets Tuesday after
noon at 4 oclock.
Men's Get Together meeting will be
held Tuesday night at 7 oclock at the
parish house.
Friday the Woman's Bible class
meets at 4 oclock at the parish house.
Phoenix, Ariz., Nov. 28. The bonds
of the Union high school district,
amounting to $150,000, have been sign
ed by chairman D. M. Hoghe. The bonds
have been purchased by Woodin, Mc
Near & Moore, of Chicago, through Al
len Frake, and draw 4 percent in
terest, running 20 years. This is the
first sale- of bonds made in this coun
ty at less than 5 percent interest.
Phoenix, Ariz., Nov. 28. Ramon Or
tego, one of the most prominent Mexi
can citizens of Phoenix, is dead. He
was a pioneer in this section and was
for many j-ears an enthusiastic horse
man, owning some of the fastest horses
in the southwest in his time-.
To the
(All communications must bear the
signature of the writer, but the name
will not be published where such a re
quest is made).
Editor El Paso Herald:
I appreciate the reports you give
of the Bulgin and Rose meetings, but
wish you would give more.
The moral element, of El Paso is
thankful for the stand you take on
gambling and the bull fights.
H. A. Taylor.
El Paso, Texas, Nov. 26.
Editor El Paso Herald:
It is with great surprise that I have
read the article signed by Prof. J. W.
Curd and approved by R. M. "White,
principal of the High school, relative
to a challenge issued by the Military
institute to the El Paso High school
to play off the tie game of football.
Nowl I did" not see the game of foot
ball, to which I presume Mr. Curd and
Mr. White have reference, therefore,
I am not capable of saying whether or
not the same was clean, but wihat does
surprise me is the fact that Mr. White
and Mr. Curd both admit that they are
not able to force the El Paso High
school to play clean football. Captain
Van Surdam tells me that he is thor
oughly competent to force the El Paso
Military institute to play clean foot
ball, and, in fact, to produce clean
n.th"etics at all times.
I furthermore very greatly deplore
the fact that Mr. Curd and Mr. Whitei
should both in a signed letter make
the astounding statement that there is
bad feeling between the El Paso High
school and the Military institute boys.
Now I would call their attention to
the fact that the El Paso Military in
stitute is as much an El Paso institu
tion as the El Paso High school; it is
supported by the people of El Paso In
practically the same manner that the
El Paso High school is supported; it is
ot as much importance to the city of
El Paso that the El Paso Military in
stitute continue its work as it is that
the El Paso High school continue its
work, and as a citizen and taxpayer
and a supporter of both Institutions, I
wish to protest against the action of
Prof. Curd and Prof. White.
If there is any bad feeling existing
between these two institutions it is
the duty of those in authority to as
certain the source of such bad feeling,
and I would suggest that the board of
directors of the El Paso Military insti
tute meet with tha El Paso school
board and if any professor pr principal
of either institution is found tc be at
fault in this matter that the .same be
dismissed summarily from the institu
tion. Yours truly, C. M. Newman.
A. Courchesne, President Board of
Directors. t
1 ! li
By Frances Garside.
- . .T. ! !
OUR idea of a waste of energy is
to take books to a train for a
bride to read ou her wedding
journey. f
A man never knows how many paths
there were by which he could have
avoided a bad place in the road until
after he has fallen in.
How little and dried up the cheese
appears to the rat after it is caught
in the trap!
A woman never knows what It is
possible to do with only one arm to
work with until she has. ababy on .the J
The trouble you prepare for is the
one that never comes,
Build a fence around daughter, and
if slie is impulsive make it several bars
higher. .
What is the Higher Life? A woman
who has seven little noses to wipe,
and does it well, wants to know if she
is leading it.
It happened once upon a time that
a man complained because none of the
pictures his wife had ever had taken
looked like her. Being a. wise woman,
she did not - blame the photographer,
"but sat again, and the next picture was
a perfect likeness, for she carried a
crying baby on one arm. held a broom
under the other and a dustpan in her
When you have a cold get a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It will
soon fix you up all right and will ward
off any tendency toward pneumonia.
This remedy contains no opium or ether
narcotic and may be given as confi
dently to a baby as to an adc!i. Sold
by all dealers.
Las Graces and the Mesilla Valley
The Majority of Dona Ana
County Voters Will Ac
cept IsTew Mexico
Las Cruces, N. M, Nov. 28. The ma
jority of Las Cruces citizens seem to
think that the constitution is as good
as can be made at present and favor
its adoption and indications now are
that the constitution will carry in the
Grandpa Nicholas Galles is happy
over the arrival of a girl baby at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Thomp
son, the little stranger making her
arrival on Sunday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. George Armijo .and son
arrived from Santa Fe Saturday to
spend several days in Las Cruces. They
were accompanied by Mrs. Armijo's
sister, Mrs. Mandefield. Mr. Armijo
was chief clerk of tflie constitutional
convention and is also probate clerk
of Santa Fe county.
The first regular meeting of the
Farmers Institute will take place at
the Produce Exchange offices at 1:30
oclock on Saturday afternoon. Wheat
will be discussed.
Watson Ritch, one of the pioneer
cattle and business men of Engle, was
in the city Saturday as a witness be
fore the land office. Mr. Ritch will
be back later this "week, accompanied
by four other citizens of his neighbor
hood to take the initiation into the
Elks lodge. A special meeting for
this purpose will probably be called for
Thursday evening.
Wild .Animals "Killed in
Dona Ana Coiunty Bring
$To Cash Now.
Las Cruces, N. M, Nov. 28. D. M.
Walton, who lives 10 miles north of
Organ in the Organ mountains, Satur
day brought in to the probate clerk's
office of this county, seven wolf scalps
and two wild cat scalps, which he
killed on his ranch. Some "time ago a
sack containing $73 worth of scalps'
was sent in from .the lower end of thC'
countj', but on account of the fact that
the scalps were sent C. O. D., the clerk
refused to receive them.
The money available for bounty on
wild animals is very low just at pres
ent and those who bring in the scalps
must take a receipt and wait for their
money until the counts can catch up
with the back bounties now due and
get a surplus in the fund.
Owing to the wild animal bounty
law, the coyotes, wolves, cats and other
animals inimical to the Interests of
the stockmen are ra idly becoming
Trial of Anthony Mexican
on Murder Charge Opens
at Deniing Tuesday.
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 2S. Morgan
Llewellyn has been appointed assistant
district attorney to take charge of the
prosecution against David Guadarama,
Indicted on a charge of murder, com
mitted at Anthony two years ago. Mr.
Llewellyn, accompanied by sheriff Fe
lipe Lucero, who will be a witness at
the trial, left for Deming, where the
trial will be opened before judge Par
ker Tuesday. H. B. Holt, attorney em
ployed by the father of the murdered
man to assist In the prosecution, left
for Deming last night. The case will
doubtless take up considerable time.
Las Cruces, N. M-, Nov. 2S. F M. i
Gallaher, of El Paso, and C. A. Ed- j
wards and M. W. Holllngsworth, of I
heard of the Ideal man ever since
his wedding day, and finding .him
self alone one evening wjth a lot of his
wife's favorite literature on the table,
and no one to catch him in the act of
reading It, he searched the books and
magazines carefully that he might find
out the pattern of his wife's ideal hus
band and make himself like him. And
when he arose and went to bed an hour
later, it was with a brain sagging like
an overweighted hammock with the in
formation he had obtained. And a no
ble resolution was added to the weight.
He had found her ideal in the books
and would be like him!
The next morning the steak was
burned, but on the plate beside the
meat his wife (who had been anIdeal
wife for years without appreciation)
had placed a rose.
Lysander John sniffed at the rose in
manifest joy. "Nature," he said, "is
wonderful. Who is there among us
mere mortals who can match a creation
like that?"
Mrs. Lysander John , gasped. For
years she had tried to raise his mind to
such lofty heights, and had failed.
Then She Swooned.
The coffee was poor, but tjaevater,
ah that water! Sparkling and clear, it J
reminded him of a spring away back in
his boyhood 'home, and he quoted po
etry as he drank, ignoring the steak
and the coffee.
"I have had a delightful breakfast,"
he said, putting down his empty glass.
"The memory of that rose with the dew
on it, and the simple joys of my boy
hood home that that water has recall
ed, will sustain me throughout the
Then he raised her hand to his lips
and kissed it and bowed-himself out
of the room. But his wife did not note
the manner of his exit, for she had
swooned away.
Note Some women faint, but it is a
later style to swoon.)
H. D. Bowman, President; V. B. May Vice President; E. E. McBride. Sec
retary; Charles E. Miller, Anthony, K". M.; W. W. Cox, Organ, N. M.
Paid Up Capital $50,000.00
This Bank is in a Position to Undertake Any Kind of Banking Bu.nesa.
Will Act as Executor, Administrator, Trustee. Assignee.
Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Santa Barbara. Cal., who are the own
ers of the Brazito grant sojth of Las
Cruces, passing through here return
ing from Elephant Butte dam, state
that the preliminary work is progress
ing very Tapldly, there being now
about 150 men employed.
As soon as the railroad to the dam
site is completed, this force will be
increased immediately to 300 and more
laborers will be added from time to
time as the work progresses.
Las Cruces, N. M.. Nov. 2S. Only '
one game has been played in the bil
liard tournament since the last report,
the score being as follows: Sims 61,
high run 7; Cardinal 39, high run 6.
Schneider 69, "high run 9; Hale 23, high
run 3.
The standing of the teams is as fol
Flint and Lopez S
Sims and Cardinal 9
Broaddus and Gonzales.. 4
Armijo and Laub S
Angel and C. D. Case 8
Nevares and L. W. Case. 2
Biscarra and Willis 4
Schneider and Ehle 3
McBride and Miller 2
Las Cruces. N. M.. Nov. 2S. Special
agent J. R- Galusha, of the Rio Grande
division of the Santa Fe. was down
from Albuquerque Saturday, called
here by petty pilfering from freight
and express at this station.
He caught one boy in the act of
stealing fruit from boxes at the sta
tion, but, owing to the high standing
of the boy's parents, his youthfulness
and the fact that this was his first
offense, 'he was not dealt with severe
ly, his father paying the damage "and
the special agent dismissing the case.
Mr. Galusha went from here to El
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 2S. May
Brothers are closing out their entire
stock of dry goods, clothing and shoes
to. go into the wholesale and retail
grocery business.
Their, new building is progressing
rapidly. The brick work will start
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 2S. The fol
lowing deeds and other papers of rec
ord have been filed in the office of the
probate clerk of Dona Rna county:
Deeds Filed.
E. L. Short to J. F. Sattely, war
ranty deed to a tract of land commonlj
known as the Short ranch, located
three and a half miles north of Las
Cruces, and one and a half miles south
of Dona Ana, containing 25.7S acres.
Consideration $2000.
James F. Sattely and wife to John
F. Lewis, of Ancon, Canal zone, Pan
ama, warranty deed to a tract of land
commonly known as the Short ranch,
located between Las Cruces and Dona
Ana and containing 25.7S acres. Con
sideration $2000.
J. D. Wollott, by J. F. Nevares, his
attorney in fact, to Charles M. Casady,
warranty deed to lots 19 and 20 in
block 90 -of Westmont Heights. Con
sideration $40.
J. D. Wollett, by J. F. Nevares, his
attorney in fact, to Dr. J. H. Fell,
warranty deed to lots 21 and 22 In
block 90 of Westmont Heights. Con
sideration $40.
The Guaranty Trust and Banking
company, of El Paso, to Ernest Kink
ier, of Beeville, Texas, warranty deed
to lots 28 to 31, both inclusive, In
block 47 of Miller's Washington Park
addition to the town of Las Cruces.
Consideration $1 and other valuable
Mlnins; Deeds.
Lycurgus Lucy and Ora Lucy, of El
Paso, to John B. Thompson, mining
deed to the Ureka mining lode, the
Legal Tender mining lode, the
Shrevesport mining lode and the Vic
tor mining lode, all situated in the
Organ mountain mining district, two
miles north of San Augustine peak.
Lives the Life of the Ideal Man
One Day.
That evening when the ideal man
came home home he carried, instead of
the customary steak, a bunch of vio
lets. "They reminded me of your eyes," he
said to his wife, who was standing in
the kitchen heating a pan for the t
steak. ,
"Where," she gasped, "is the meat?" 1
"I forgot It," he said. "That rose with '
the dew on this morning lifted my mind '
above all that is gross. Come and sit
with me in the tender gloaming while
I read a poem I composed and dedicat- s
ed to you."
"Lysander John Appleton," she snap
ped, "what is the matter with you? Are
you going crazy?" j
"It is about the Higher Life," he re- j
plieu, paying no heed to her interrup
tion. "I composed it today Instead of
doing my work. It raised me to the
heights as no work could ever do."
She Thought Him Foolish. !
"Come to your supper." she replied,
"and quit your talk about the gloamlnm j
I am rt going to let my children t
starve because I married a fool."
There was little on the table, but Ly
sander John ate cheerfully. "I see," he
said, "that you have baked potatoes. It
Is hard work to put a potato In the
oven to bake, and it is my desire that
in future you refrain from? such ardu
ous labor and relax more."
His wife dropped her knife and fork
in stunned amazement.
He made one more suggestion: "I see
no flowers on the table. Are we ret
rograding? Are we mere animals that
we care more for gratifj'ing the gross
desires than for satisfying the longings
of tho soul?"
But Mrs. Lysander John didn't reply, j
With a deep groan she stiffened and
fell to the floor, foaming at the mouth '
as if she were having an attack of hy- j
drophobia, or demonstrating a tooth
And Lysander John, the Candidate
of the Ideal, went up on the roof that
no one could see him laugh.
Last week's advertised
prices still in force.
s Best
If purchased with $5.00
worth of other groceries.
We can save you from
10 percent to 25 percent
on your grocery and
meat bill.
Gem Grocery
. . . AND. . . .
Meat Market
Cor. Camphell and Wyoming Sts.
BELL 707 ATJTO 2301
Consideration $10 and other good and
valuable considerations.
John B. Thompson, of El Paso, to
the Victor Mining and Smelting com
pany, mining 'deed to the T7r.eka, the
Legal Tender, the Shrevesport and the
Victor mining lodes, all situated in
the Organ mountain mining district
about two miles north of San Augus
tine Peak. Consideration $10, also
certain shares of stock and other good
and valuable considerations.
Two mortgage deeds were recorded
Saturday in the probate clerk's office.
As.xlprnment of Mortgage.
Clara E. Hatton to Samuel Manasee,
assignment of mortgage.
Satisfaction of Mortjcase.
Gustave Manasse et al to E. L. Short,
satisfaction of mortgage.
Povrer of Attorney.
John F. Lewis and wife to James
F. Sattely, power of attorney.
Blrta Returns.
November 23, a daughter was born
to Dave Wood and wife of Las Cruces.
October 31, a son was born to Fran
cisco Jega and wife af Colorado.
November 21, a son was born to Me-
nore Mestas and wife at Las Cruces.
November 19, a son was born to
Francisco Jaquez and wife at Dona
November 9, a son was born to Luis
Escalante and wife at Dona Ana.
Las Cruces. N. M.. Nov. 28. The com
missioners -of the Las Cruces commun
ity ditch held a meeti ig this after
noon, the last one to be held before
the ditch election next Monday. The
question of water rights on several
pieces of delinquent land will be taken
up at the meeting today. The commis
sioners are James Queensberry, M. H.
No case of Rheumatism was ever
cured except by a thorough purifica
tion of the blood ; just as long as the
blood remains charged with ferment
ing uric acid poison, the painful dis
ease will continue. The pains and
aches of Rheumatism are simply su
perficial effects of the impurities in
the circulation, and sometimes may
be temporarily relieved by the appli
cation of plasters, liniments, hot
cloths, etc. But the person who trifles
with this dangerous disease by de
pending on local treatment alone, is
certain to pay for the mistake with
constant suffering later on. S. S. S.
cures Rheumatism in the only way it
is possible to cure the disease. It
goes down into $he blood, and re
moves the uric acid from the circula
tion, so that the nerves, bones, mus
cles and joints are lubricated and fed
with nourish
ing elements
instead of being
continually ir
ritated and in
flamed with the
sharp, uratic
imp ur i ty .
When S. S. S.
has cleansed
and purified the
blood, the pains and aches cease, all
inflammation disappears, stiffened
muscles are made pliant, and every
troublesome symptom of Rheumatism
is permanently corrected. Book on
Rheumatism and any medical advice
free to all who write.
THE SWZET SPE0IT1C CO., Atlanta, Ga.
Crawford & Gottwald
Planing mill and office, 1200 Mo. St
Low prices on Sash, Doors, and Win
dow Glass; Cabinet Work; Bank,
Store and Office Fixtures.
Railroads. Irrigation, Power Plants,
Examinations, Plans, Management!.
20 years experience in Southwest and
406 Caples Block. Phone 723
by making this headquarters
for your fiirmshing goods.
Our large stock of every
thing that man wears assures
you of a satisfactory selec
tion and our prices well,
they will satisfy you too.
2.06 Mesa.
Peterson and Catarino vArmijo, secre
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 28. The new
organ of the "Progressive Republican
party" made its appearance Saturday.
So far it is strictly a political journal,
but it is the intention of the promoters
to make it a general newspaper. E. C.
Wade, jr., is the editor and he says
the paper will appear regularly each
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 28. The Las
Cruces Iddge of Elks will hold its an
nual memorial services, at the lodge
rooms on next Sunday, the services to
be open to the public. Special music
will be provided.
The quicker a cold Is gotten rid of the
less the danger from pneumonia and
other serious diseases. Mr. B. W. L
Hall, of Waverly, Va., says: "I firmly
believe Chamberlain's Cougn Remedy to
be absolutely the best preparation on
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mended it to my friends and they all
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$1.25 values cut to 75c
.ectric co.
107 South Stanton St.
I Electric
SB iw m

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