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Tuesdav, November 29, 1910
governors ur
House Of G
Will- Discuss 'Popular Elec
tion of Senators, Income
Tax and Conservation.
Frankfort, Ky., Nov. 29. The popu
lar election of United States senators,
the Income tax, amendment to the con
stitution, conservation of natural re
sources by state legislation, uniform
divorce laws and other subjects of na
tion wide interest, will come up for
discussion at the conference of gov
ernors, which, opened in this city iron
day and closes In Louisville Dec. 1.
Not only will the subjects be dis
cussed, but: resolutions will be adopted
inaig:jthembers-t0:urgr the en- .
actment or rejection of such legisla
tionby the various state legislatures
as may be decided on at the confer
ence. Governors or their representatives
from every state in the union are pres
ent, as well as a large percentage of
the governors-elect, who xvill take the
oath of office on January 1. Among
these are John A. Dix of New Tork,
Simeon E. Baldwin of Connecticut, Eu
gene Foss of Massachusetts antf
Woodrow "Wilson of New Jersey.
Steps -will be taken at this meeting
to make the house of governors a per
manent body, which will meet annually j
to discus the enactment of uniform
state legislation, which will in no way' of tneir iocaiities, and the discussion
conflicf with the federal machinery.- J will emDody the northwestern idea of
Jordan Outlines Plans. j conservation, conservation from the
William J. Jordan, secretary of the j standpoint of the state, etc The dis
conference. In outlining the plans of cussion will be followed by considera
the organizers and commenting on the , tlon of the question of the conserva
power and influence of this body, said: t tion of human ife with its subsidiary
Though the house of governors has J
no lawmaking power, it will be able,
through its collective influence, to
urge laws which will settle once and
for all the foremost issues of the day.
It has in the past been difficult to se
cure national legislation on great
questions, and, indeed, on some of the
greatest it Is impossible to secure it
without a constitutional amendment.
"The plan by which the house of
governors will control this legislation
Is so extremely simple that its chief
wonder is that it was not discovered
before. It is simply a new Idea in
American politics to promote uniform
legislation on vital questions and to
secure a fuller freer voice of the peo
ple in such issues.
"In the house of governors, a ma
jority vote will not 'be binding on the
minority. Should even 44 members in
full session agree the ore member not
concurring will have absolute freedom
of action and he or his successor
would probably join the majority side
at the next session of the house."
The conference opened at 2 p. m. at
the state capital.
The remaining part of the afternoon
tvill be taken up with electing officers,
appointment of committees and rou
tine work.
Go to Louisville.
The visiting governors will then
take a special train to Louisville,
renews and sustains the
strength of weak, failing
babies; pale, delicate chil
dren; tired, nervous women
and feeble, aged people. It
contains no alcohol, no
drug, no harmful ingredient
whatever; it builds up and
strengthens the young as
well as the old.
Some of the leading figures in the conference of governors. At the
top, beginning on the left: William George Jordan, secretary of the confer
ence: governor A. L. Wilson, of Kentucky, wno will deliver the address of
welcome, and Judson Harmon, recently reelected governor of OMo. Below
are governor elect John A. Dix. of New York on the right; and governor
elect Woodrow Vilson of New Jersay on the left.
where the remainder of the conference I
will be held in the auditorium of the
hotel Seelbach.
Wednesday the conference will con
vene at 10:30 a. m. and listen to an
address of welcome by mayor Poles
grove of Louisville. This speech will
be responded to by governor Aaron J.
Pothier of Rhode Island.
Governor-elect Woodrow Wilson of
New Jersey will then deliver an ad
dress on the objects of the conference,
which will be followed by a general
aiscuSEion on organization and the ap
pointment of a committee to draft the
An address will then be made by
governor John Burke of North Dakota
on "The Governor, His Power and Re
sponsibility," which will "be followed
by a general discussion of the short
ballot and the enlargement of the pow
ers of the governor to permit of re
moving inefficient state officers. The
day will be closed by an address by
Ml G. Bradford of Boston on the ad
visability of a governor's presence at
legislative sessions. ,
Thursday will be given over to con
servation. The governors of the dlf-
frTit stntpc -will nrpcnt thft views
topics of municipal health, tuberculo-
I Bio, yuiiuiiuu ui aucanu, ciu
"Wilson to Speak Friday.
Governor Wilson of Kentucky will
open Friday's session with an address
, on the income tax, followed by a gen
eral aiscussion as to wnetner tne siaie
shall surrender to the federal govern
ment the power to tax incomes with
out apportionment or whether they
shall reserve this taxing power to
themselves, and whether if it seems
wise to surrender this power it shall j
be done under the phrasing of the ICth
Popular election of United States
senators will occupy Saturday, the
last day of the conference and inas
much as 29 have already passed reso-
l..S.-v.r. rt-nA mrkflCk 5 nnH PQ 1 1 ATI Q trt tfmTI
gress and of the remaining 17 all but
two. have expressed their sympathy
with the movements by directly nomi
nating senators under the direct pri
maries law The only two states that
have not expressed themselves in any
form on the subject are Delaware and
West Virginia. This reform cannot
be affected in any other way than by
a constitutional amendment.
Washington. D. C, Nov. 29. Cases
from nearly all sections of the United
States were passea upon m -o uews-
' ions announced yesterday by the su
preme court of the United States.
One of the decisions sent to pHson
four Alabama men for alleged peonage
Others held that the court cannot
review the power of a legislature to
"gerrymander" a state for congres
sional purposes because the question
had been raised In connection with
the election of 1908, long since past;
that a state may regulate liability for
the non-delivery of telegraph messages
in interstate commerce so long as con-
gress does not regulate; and that no ,
constitutional rights of widows in Cali.
fornia had been violated by the asess
ment of an inheritance tax on the
wife's share of "community" property
owned by wife ana nusDana Deiore ,tna
latter's death.
Mrs. A. J. Douglas, of Tularosa, N.
M., has reported to officials at the
union station the loss of a handbag
containing $45. Witn her children, Mrs.
Douglas arrived here .Saturday after
noon on her way to Fort Bayard, N. M.
The loss of the handbag, which also
contained her tickets and checks, has
necessitated her remaining in this city.
She missed the bag before leaving the
car, but telegrams sent following the
coacn here have broucht no "information.
Meet In
At Fran
Corsieana Petroleum People
Axe Interested in the
Toyah, Texas, Nov. 29. Operations
in the oil field here have been started
on a larger scale than formerly and
great activity is shown. Ed. E. Dis
muke is sinking a well in section 44,
which is six and one-half miles north
of Toyah, and much nearer town than
the wells of the Texas company. His
drill is a rortary and the derrick is 84
feet high, which is 12 feet higher than
any other in use here.' He is doing!
work in conjunction with the Corsi
- . - . .
can a .Petroleum companj-.
Near the Glbbins place, south of
Toyah, a well has been sunk to a
depth of 400 feet and the well which
was started in the sxreets of Toyah
is still being sunk to considerable
depth. Both show traces of oil.
Why will Snyder Jewelry Co., Store
be closed Friday and Saturday?
Oklahoma City, Okla., Nov. 29. Both
houses of the Oklahoma legislature
which convened in extraordinary ses
sion here Monday, ratified tne gover
nor's act in calling the session for
Oklahoma City and received and placed
on file three bills
The first bill provides for locating
nit: siate uiiijiiiu iimueuizimiy at Kia
homa City; the second provides for the
appointment of a state capitol commis
sion to have full charge of the erection
of the buildings; and the third provides
for the compensation of representatives
and senators per diem.
The ratification resolution was
adopted by tne house by a vote of SO to
2 and by the senate by a vote of 33
to 9.
Why will -Snyder Jewelry Co., Store
be closed Friday and Saturdajr?
Mexico City, Mexico, Nov. 29. Grace
Rolph, of Pender, Neb., wno for a time
was believed to have been kidnaped
from a hacienda in Tamaulipas, by Se
gundo Severa. a Mexican cowboy em
ployed on the place, when found alone
in a small town near Tampico, de
clared that she had not been kidnaped,
but went of her own accord and that
she had not been deserted, but that Se
vero had gone to make peace with the
Wlnen that was accomplished she
said they intended to be married.
The American ambassador was ap
pealed to by relatives of the girl for
aid in effecting the capture of the al
leged kidnaper and the assistance of the
Mexican authorities had been enlisted.
Cut glass Pieces for the dining
table and dainty receptacles for my
lady's dressing table. Snyder Jewelry
Co., 227 San Antonio, 103 Mesa.
Phoenix, Ariz., Nov. 29. The consti
tutional convention has entered upon
what probably will be its last work, so
far as the actual drafting of the consti-
tutjon is concerned. The measure pro-
hibiting discrimination against any
method of healing, defeated last week,
was reconsidered and adopted.
The initiative percentage for county.
jtcity and town election, was set atf 15;
tne rererenaum at 10 percent.
The anti-black list measure was
finally 'passed 40 to 7, while that pro
hibiting marriage between races failed
13 to 34.
I C.--- w.,- - . . -".t -r-,- w-...
Alters Jh
Says People Cannot Mix
. Salvation and Sensation
and Get Results.
Dr. Bulgin discussed the hindrances
to religious life in El Paso Monday
j night at the tabernacle. It was a
j characteristic Bulgin talk with stories
interspersed freely to illustrate his
pc int.
Commercialism was one of the
greatest hindrances to religious life in
the city, be said, while hypocricy was
a close second. He said that a hypo-
I crite was" the meanest man alive and
would be the meanest man dead.
Dr. Bulgin said it was not' the oth
er fellow's sins that should worry a
man but his own, for he was account
able to God only for the things he has
He appealed to the men of El Paso
to have the backbone to do good no
matter what the other men do. He
said that what people in El Paso
wanted' was not salvation but sensa
tion and that salvation was not sen
sation nor sensation salvation.
Prayers for Meetlnjy.
Prayers 'for the success of the El
Paso meeting were said bv congrega
tions In Sherman, San Antonio and
Dallas, Texas; Oklahoma City, Okla.;
X.os Angeles, Chico, Berkeley and Oak
land, Calif., on Monday. Dr. Bulgin re
ceived the following message from
Los Angeles today:
"Ministerial union suspended busi
ness and gave 10 minutes to earnest
prayer for your work. Bishop Bell
gave an appreciative and eloquent rec
ommendation for you. Eight centers
of praying people Central Baptist,
Westlake Presbyterian, Pentecostal
prayer union and others are (remem
bering El Paso this week. I am with
you in fight and victory.
"Sec. Min. Union. D, A."
Stop here tomorrow. Store closed all
day Thurs. & Fri. Snyder Jewelry Co.
Prill Is Totv Down 1730
Feet and Will Go
Deeper. - -
Camp '"ity. N. M.. Xv 29. Town
1730 feet the Brant oil well is not yet
through tne sediiiontary fr-rn.ation.
though the drill is at work 24 hours
cash day. A new combination rct&ry
and standard rig is being installed in
order that the rerr.ainier of ihc well
drilling mav bo lone without it.-er-ruption.
J. A. Brant, wh- "s in chaise
of the well drilling state 1 Tutsd.iy
that he would continue to -sink the
well until the oil flow was reached.
Why will Snyder Jewelry Co., Store
be closed Friday and Saturday?
Roswell, N. M.. Nov. 29. Two younpr
couples from Artesia made unsuccess
ful attempts to get married in Roswell.
Both couples went to county recorder
R. F. Ballard and applied for licenses.
Just as he was issuing the first docu
ment, the recorder discovered that the
girl was only 17 years old and he could
not 'issue the license without her par
ents' permission.
A telephone messags from the fath
er of the girl gave consent, and the
marriage license was about to be is-
suea- wnen " was lou"a ",at "Vs u?
iri as unaera aim L,ie 6,u,u,u"
i r-r non riran nnnconr u'nn n iiiii
father had jriven consent would not
agree 'to be married unless both could
do so. Two disappointed young men
then went back to Artesia with the two
Gth Day, "Wednesday, Nov. 30.
r '" 'J' 4"3'
First race Parse, maiden 3y,earolds
and upward, six furlongs. Projectile
107, Maxim's Pride 107, Florence A.
107, Marcus 107, Pilain 110, Heart's Re
lief 112, John Sparks 112, Dick Moss
112, Joe Woods lM-
Second race Selling, six furlongs.
Napa Nick 103, St. Kilda 10S, Banthei
108, Del Cruzador 111, Flving Pearl
112, Elder 115.
v Third race Selling, five, furlongs.
Sporting Life 105, Roberta 105, Deer
foot 105, Ed Holly 10S, Tavbra 110, Sir
Barry 113, Beau Man 113.
Fourtli race Handicap, six fur
longs. Sterlin 102, The Wolf 105, Ocean
Queen 105, Royal Captive 110, Suffra
gist 112.
Fifth race Selling, five furlongs.
Gilpy 105, Creston 105, Lady Eliza
beth 105. St. Joe 110, Cotytto 110, Dr.
Mack 113, Gypsy King 114.
Sixth race Selling, one mile Barney
Oldfield 100, Vesme 105, Misprision
105. Alma Boy 105, Bonnie Prince
Charlie 105.
FIve pound"? apprentice allowance.
Waco, Texas, Nov. 29. W. L.
Thompson, about 35 years old, who
came here six months ago from Mis
sissippi, committed suicide in a room
ing house early this morning by tak
ing a dose of carbolic acid. Thomp
son was employed here as a cabinet
maker. He left a note requesting that
his body be sent to his father in Me
ridian, Miss.
The cornice is being built around
the top of the Anson Mills building,
and within another week the big 12
story building will have assumed its (
permanent form. The buffer crew Is
at work putting the finish on the out
side of the building.
Why will Snyder Jewelry Co. Store
be closed Friday an'd Saturday?
Texarkana, Texas, Nov. 29. Luther
Owens, a Cotton Belt switchman, was
struck and killed by a locomotive in
the yards last night. Both legs were
cut off and his head crushed. He
was standing on the track signaling
a train when the engine came upon
him from the rear.
On Baby's Face, Head and Shoul
dersParents Decided He Coujd
Not be Cured Cuticura Made
His Skin Perfectly Clear.'
"Our boy was born in Toronto on Ocs. .
13, 190S, and when three months old a slight
rash appeared, on his cheek. What appeared
to be a v.'atcr blister would form. When it
brofce, matter would run
out, starting new blisters
until his entire face, head
and shoulders were a mass
of scabs and you could not
see a particle of clear skin.
Other parts of his body were
affected, but not to such an
extent. Wc did not know
what to do for him and
tried about every adver
tised remedy without avail,
indeed some of them only
added to his suffering and
one in particular, the
Remedy, almost put the
Infant into convulsions.
The family doctor pre
scribed for him and told
us to bathe the baby in
buttermilk. This did not do any good, so
we took him to a hospital. He was treated
as an out-patient twice a week and he got
worse, if anything. We then called in an
other doctor and inside of a week the boy was.
to all appearances, cured and the doctor said
his work was done. But the very next day
it broke out as bad as ever.
"We decided that it could not be cured
and must run its course and so we just kept
his arms bandaged to his side to prevent his
tearing his flesh. We left Toronto and
shortly after our arrival in Duluth. the Cuti
cura "Remedies were recommended. We
started using them in May, 1909, and soon
the cure was complete. You would not
think he was the same child for Cuticura-rnade
his skin perfectly clear and he is entirely free
from the skin disease. There has been no
return this timv. We still use only Cuticura
Soap for babv's bath. Robert Mann, Proctor,
Minn.. May 3, 1910."
Cuticura Remedies sold throusbont tbe world.
Potter Drue & Chem. Corp . Sole Props . Boston.
S"Matled tree, latest boot on TreatmeatoitheSkto.
.;.. .;. .;. .;. .j. ... .;. .. ,:. .. ... ... ... ... ...
JThere was bowling Monday night,
both at the Cactus club and the Y. M.
C. A.
On Cactus club alleys play in the
National league resulted in a 74 pin
victory, for Campbell's team over tho
Business Men, giving the victors three
points to the losers one. Andreas
made 215 and high game, while Camp
bell landed high total of 611.
In the American - league the First
National beat the State National by a
margin of 98 pins. This gave the First
three points to the State's oner Hill
made both high game at 181 and total
at 450. Tuesday night the Independ
ents will play the Juniors and the Go
Easy will meet the Butchers.
At the Y. M. C. A. team No. 4 won
from team No. 2 by a 48 pin margin.
Rumsey made high game at 165 and
Fruit- took total with 455 pins.
At the Cactns Clnb.
Campbells 12 3 Tl.
Suggs 1S1 170 127 478
Thompson 19S 156 167521
Lehman 176 156 131 463
Krome ' 1S4 135- 153 472
Campbell 207 202 202 611
Totals 946 819 780 2545
Business Men 12 3 Tl.
Holmes 157 214 140 511
Andreas ' 215 135 151 501
Ridley 139 ISO 142 461
Christie 170 125 126 421
Houck 206 190 181 577
Totals SS7 S44 740 2471
First National 12 3 Tl.
Roberts 138 114 124 376
Bunting 136 122 161 419
Benton 147 133 109 3S9
Smith 143 135 125 403
Quebedeax 140 S4 175 399
Totals 704 5SS 694 1986
State National 1 2 3 TL
Ronan ' 145 125 173 443
Lackland 117 111 154 3S2
"Wolfe 54 89 74 217
Hill 132 181 137 450
Deane 139 126 131 396
Totals. 5S7 632 669 1888
At the Y. M. C. A.
Team 2 i 1 2 3 Tl.
Byles 151 121 135 407
Wilkinson ..." 108 137 157 402
Bateman 155 115 128 393
Totals 414 373 420 1207
Team 4 1 2 3 Tl.
Multane 154 103 143 400
Fruit ." 156 144 155 455
Rumsey 122 113 165 400
Totals 432 360 463 1255
Chicago, 111., Nov. 29. Presi
dent Comiskey made a definite
announcement last night that
Mineral Wells, Texas, had been
selected as the spring training
camp for the Chicago White
Mike Donovan, who managed the
Salt Lake team the last season, is in
the city on his way from Los Angeles
to Denver. Donovan is an old New
England plaj'er of the Eastern league.
The motorcyclists of the city are
planning for a New Year's motorcycle
maat nt TVntjVilnirtnTi nnrlr. Amntcnr
and professional motorcycle races will
be held.
Portales, N. M., Nov. 29. The Por
tales football boys, though but recent
ly organized, defeated the Clovis team
by a score of 6 to 5.
Xogales, Ariz., Xov. 29 Harry Creigh
ton lias been given the post of customs
ant, newly created in this district, (
and Harry "Hannah has been promoted
to the cashier's desk in the local custom
L. C. Comveil. formerly a resident of
Xogalos, and in the customs sen-ice here,
has been elected commonwealth's attor
ne.y of Russell county, Kas.
George Salcido, ofIibac. was fined
15 in justice's court hero for wrecking a
motor car on the Tucson-Xogales rail
road by placing chips on the rails.
The Catholic fair and ball netted
nearly $600 to ao to the St. Dominic's
Wrlte for Our Watch Catalog It Is Free.
M The Mere Thought of fir
H Buying a Diamond Should 3w
P Suggest Silberberg's if
"W Copyright, 1910. 61))
Send Us Your
Victrola Concert
Wednesday Evening, 7;30 o'clock
W. G. Walz Company
Talking Machine Department (03 1 Past Si.
la ppeferencia
Has the
The blending
the mellow Virginia
Carolina tobaccos imparts
m itttt i
. ' Havana
imparts Delict ously IS
Mild. Observe the
i finished appearance and lil
I uniformity due to the I ,
III highest class hand work, if t i P
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I Dallas and San Antonio. ffl -- J
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flavor. The Wheat Straw paper wrapper
is what you have always preferred in rolling
your town cigarette. Old Mill Cigarettes
give you the pleasure without the trouble.
FuR Flavored and MKd
lOfor Sc
Texas League baseball pictures and
a valuable coupon in each package
Old Mill Cigarettes are packed in TINFOIL
Phoenix, Ariz., Xov. 20. Charles
Goldman and H. H. Stone of this city
have appliea for a franchise to- bmM
an interurban oiectric raiiwav from
this city to Mesa. Tne petition pro
vides that --he work shall commenco
within one year after tle completion
of the Center street bridge.
Members of the Men's club of the i
Church of St. Clement will dine Tues-.'
day night in the parish house. The
affair is called at 7 o'clock. j
Mall Orders.
an exquisite
'', Jw
Ulf- ' r
Muskogee, Okla.. Nov. 20.-0. F.
Sensebaugh. express messenger, W. H.
Kelsel, driver, and F. O. Givens, sta
tiou agent of the Midland Valley Rail
road company, arrested and charged
with embezzlement of $16,000 of tho
company's money, which was carte.1
away in a "Wells-Fargo safe Sunday
night, today were put through a
sweating, but betrayed nothing:
A clock whether a handsome one
for the mantelpiece or a tiny travel
ing clock is an acceptable Christmas
srif t Snyder Jewelry Co.
rf " M

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