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Wednesday, Nov. 30, 1930.
i r5J SSK5Si fer2
. Wmi .Mm C
0r j
Jl tlM!
JT fill K 'sSfiSp?-2
f III 4.
Come, Little Children and
ace The Tre
and. See Tin
ouse of Santa Claus
HRISTMAS Time! What a world of -magic there is in these two words. It's the
Demonstration of
Steam an Mechanical
Toys Each Afternoon
3 to 5 o'clock.
folks live in anticipation of the wonderful things that Santa Clans is going to bring to them, and of the
pleasure of bestowing gifts upon others. And now, goodold Santa Claus has prepared a wonderful place
in our basement filled with the most beautiful toys and dolls you ever saw. Saturday the portals of this won
derland will be thrown open, wide. All the beautiful things that this golly old teUow has brougnt to us will be
and fast.
And, oh, what beautiful dolls the dainty flaxen haired ones the ones with dark hair and eyes
babv dons truly, there's every kind here to gladden the heart of the "little mother
And, then, there are hundreds of the sturdily built toys for the boy the ingeniously contrived mechanical ones
the steam toys the kinds that really run. . '
Old Santa Claus has been most generous in providing the Christmas things 'and among them there is surely
just the one that the little girl or the little boy wants rnost.
Mechanical Toys
Steam Engines
Talking Machines
Magic Lanterns
Musical Toys
Foot Balls
Foto Scopes
Flirt Dolls
Hobby Horses
Undressed Dolls
Toy Pianos
Crokinole Boards
Humpty Dumpty Circus
Printing Presses
Express Wagons
Doll Furniture
Children's Furniture
Rubber Balls
Jointed Animals
Shooting Galleries
-Growling Bears
Performing Bears
h Droo a Post Card to Santa Claus TelF Him What You Want
7, i.
vwii- ij ATTr -,- Aoi'fli Trtrill Sonfn niono "TiTirl An-f- tt1-o' t-ah -no-- 1-iiin f . lTiinr if vAii t XVO1!! "fnll rnn inof 1-Trf 1-ji-n-i o
qJ! y r v tr ST
MiM ""jfeard. EQs Mail Box is in Toyland and on Saturday we will give each boy and girl who visits us a post card
au.uresseu lu nun. j lilis vie Liie biLUigs yuu inusb wissu o cuup iu niiu me iMciix dux ami, wuu khuws per
j haps he '11 bring just those things.
9 OVl3.tlcL ' grfl WSA
s 'Wondrous fa JmPWjKzm
time when the little i;5B3m m m-.-iit 1
sffejK MmSSM T t
il If
Dressed Dolls . M . gj0
Toy Ranges i x sfraStiMliQtefc. -
ohs' and "ahs" thick
the ciinning
Target Guns
Doll Dishes
Kitchen Sets --
Brass Doll Beds, Iron Toys
and hundreds of others.
7by Selections
May be Made Now, to
be Delivered
When Wanted.
Fancy Neckwear
Sale of Manufacturers'1
Samples Continued
If the quantities are sufficient;
this great sale of sample neck
wear will be continued through
the entire week. But our advice
is,N don't wait select the ones
you want now. Hundreds of
pretty pieces have been sold in
the past two days and each piece
was a genuine bargain. Many of
these are sold for only one-third
of the real price.
Saturday, All Toys Left From Last Season, at Half Price
LINE 1 consists of pieos
worth to 50c each
iSSLg Dresses Silk Lace- chiffon and Net Waists Children's !ss
$13.85 s3deuRCtol2f5yoo $ 3 48 '' $3'95
To buy such dresses as these at . x ' r J? e , For tomorrow and the, rest of the 1
this veiy low' price is, indeed, t UST the way the "Popular" takes to keep its stocks week, we place on sale a. special
rare, goqd fortune. -This sale is J new, bright and fresh. A grand lot has been made lot of coats and capes for chil-
one which should bring to this up 0f several handsome waists, odds and ends of this dren of tvro to f ourteen years,
store, every woman who needs a and last season's selling and marked at a seemingly im- Made of flannel, broadcloth, rep,
dress for street or evening wear, possible price. ' serge, tweeds and kerseys in
for the saving is close to half. , These are beautiful styles suitable for street or evening ail colors, styles regularly
The gaments in this grand lot are made after made of chiffon, messaline, net, marquisette and other sold up to 4Q
the newest, and most attractive models of s fabrics. Some of these are slightly inussed in dis- $6.50 v DJD
the season, ot evtra quality wool serges, wool , -
chailies, voiles, fanev mixtures, messalines and play and handling, bllt are Otherwise perfect. CHILDREN'S CLOAKS in a large variety of
ra -wonderful variety of the dainty frocks for styles, neat, and nobby ones worth regularly
dancing, mado of preltv nets, marquisettes and StVleS ForEIieflv Sod Ut tO $25 00 from $10.00 to $1S.50 Aq "a
plain and bordered chiffons. J " j r w for : ?OctO
cresses worra up xo $.ou . , - - CHILDREN'S CLOAKS mad of ovti- nol?f
, ' cravenette covert cloth, sizes 6 to 14 Years.
qshh j xt-cuiur ?v.ou lo-o.uu styles (
LINE '2 consists of pieces
worth to 75c each . .
LINE 3 consists of pieces
worth to L25 each
LINE 4 consists of pieces
worth to $1.75 each
35 c
Bath Robes
Very pretty styles for women, neatly made
of the bath robe blanket ; some plain, others
satin bound and with heavy girdle. All
colors. $6.50 styles OlA OC
Taflor-Made Suits and Wimer Coats
Are all offered this week at markedly reduced prices.
We are making no exceptions but have lowered the price
on every garment.
Siik Petticoats
Made of extra quality all silk taffeta in
all the plain colors and persian effects.
Deep f 'ounce and amply wide. Equal in c erv
way to the & A A C
$C50 kinds tpLIO
Trimmed Hats -
Entire Stock Offered at
Half Price
All of our ' handsome trimmed
hats are offered at exactly half
the former prices. The fine pat
tern hats, the dress hats, street
hats every krid, without re
serve. This store's aim is to
never carry goods from one sea
son to the next, and we prefer to
give our customers the benefit
of the reduced prices now,
rather than to wait until the
time for wearing these hats is
Your unrestricted choice of all
our trimmed hats at
Exactly Half Price
When you consider the fact that the "Popa
lax's" prices are from ten to fifteen percent
less than is usually asked for hats of like
quality, you will appreciate the importance of
taking advantage of this sale.
1 1
l try. reasonable prices. Guar. Shoe Bids.
Train Bulletin.
All afternoon and, night trains are
reported on time.
Gifts For 3Ien.
There is not a store In the southwest
that has more thing-J to' please the man
than this store. It's a pleasure to
show you.
3ryn 3ros.
Society and Business Stationery.
Engraved, embossed, printed. All
work done in El Paso.
J. B. Sutton Co.. S2S Texas St.
Worthen V Succeed Dillon. v I
Atlanta, Ga Nov. 30. Announce- j
ment has been received here that H. C. !
"Worthen of New York, has been ap
pointed general superintendent of the
Southern "division of 'the "Western Union
Telegraph company to succeed the late
late B. F. IMllon. The appointment is
effective December 1.
Jackson! Grocery Comtmny
Devotes this space tonight in "boost
ing" the Chamber,of Commerce.
This year your membership helps to
advance the interests and identity of
ji x-iiso ctuu win iiu.ve ajsisieu in aouig t
sometmng ior tne betterment ot ; ;
Join now, it's Xi ttcII invested.
Horse Show Xotice.
All persons having horses anG desire
to exhibit-in the coming horse 'show,
December 26. will please notify John
F- Robertson, secretary. 108 Soutn
Stanton, on phone 250.
El Paso Horxe Show Association
Ifavialinn Sliced Pineapple.
TVe have jui(t received a special ship-
I ment of Hawaiian sliced pineapples, 2
j pound cans, 20 cents; 8 pound cans. 25
I 'cents.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery.
Phone 353.
Gaynor'js Assailant Indicted.
New York, N. Y., Nov. 30. James J.
Gallagher who shot mayor Gaynor last
August was indicted by the grand jury
in Hudson county. N. J., charged with
assault with Intent to Irill the mayor
and "William Edwards, street cleaning
commissioner. Another charge placed
against Gallagner was that of carry
ing concealed weapons.
Rich Clubman Arrested.
Savannah. Ga., Nov. 30. Harvey O.
Miller, millionaire clubman of Phila
delphia, president of the Soufnern
Steamship company and of L. F. Miller
& Sons, of Philadelphia, was arrested
here today charged with "unlawfully
obtaining transportation of property in
interstate commerce at less than lawful
HS9. painting, paper hanging, decorating
L,arge queen olives. 25 cents a pint.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery.
Phone 353.
'Drink more El Paso Dairy milk and
eat less and you'll feel better.
Gifts For Men.
There is not n tore in the southwest
fhat has more thing;' to please the man
than this store. It's a pleasure to
show you.
Bryan Bros. ,
that has more things! to please the man
than this store. it's a pleasure to
show you.
Brvan Bros.
Dr. Crowder, ey&.-'jar, nose and throat
602 jtio Grande lrtdg.
New picked strawberries every day.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery.
Phone 353.
El Paso Dairy milk will keep you
in condition. It contains lots of nourishment.
Drink 3111k.
Drink El Paso Dairy milk, you'll feel
better for it. You wtfll like It. It's a.
food and-drlnk combined. Both phones.
53.50 Shoes for $1.1)5.
"We still have 100 pairs of $3.50 wo
men's shoe.i which can be bought for
$1.95 2. pair, if purchased before 9
oclock Saturday night.
' Kinney Shoo Co.
Ir. Cameron, Dentist, reliable dentls-
Save $10 to $15 on uncalled
tailormade clothes at 110 Texas.
. Gifts For Men.
There is not a store in tfe southwest
that has more thingii to please the -man
than tMs store. It's a pleasure to
show you. """
Bryan Bros.
llnv HllHIv Rni-n.il !
T. H. Binkley's son. Hamilton, -was !
seriously burnt by accidentally spill-
ing a cup of hot coffee. There arc J
fears for eye sight.
Uncalled f or ' tai:ormac& suits $15 to
$25 nice selection. Pearson. 110 Texas.
Reach No Decisiou.
Washington. D. C. Nov. 30. After a
conference lasting throughout the day
between secretary MacVeagh, collector
Ix)eb of New York, attorney general
"Wiekersham and other officials of two
New York customs, no decision was
reached as to the action of the govern
ment with reference to the frauds in
woolens and linens at New York. The
frauds are said to reach large amounts.
by Loraine Mix,
wealth attorney.
assistant common-
Money Shown in Graft TrIal.
Yazoo Oity. Miss., Nov. 30. The act
ual money which state senator Bilbo
says was paid him during Mississippi's
senatorial contest la-t January was In
troduced ay evidence in tne trial of L.
C. Dulaney, accused as the bribe giver.
The package contained 73 notes of $20,
$10 and $5 denominations.
Dr. Prentiss, practice limited to dis
eases of stomach, intestines and liver
Rio- Grande Bank building.
This is the time of the year when as-
irarrjio toctnC yrsfA TTTw -
Uncalled for tailormade suits and
pants at Pearson's, 110 Texas.
' C. Jo. BlUlngton, ?09 Magoffin. TeL
very select white asparagus at
special price of 30 cents a can.
- Jackson's Sanitary Grocery.
Phone 353.
Killed Three vDeer.
J. B. Binkley, accompanied bw C. L.Z
Clark, returnedl from Van Horn. They
killed three deer.: The antlers are to
be presented to the Elks.
I)r. v. IJ. Weefcs, chronic diseases.
Gifts For Men.
There is not a store in the southwest
AVendlins: Jury Chosen.
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 30. The jury
that will try Joseph "Wendling on the
charge of murderir g eightyearold Alma
Kellner lias been completed, tne ln
dietnvMit read and the opening stato
inent of the prosecution was submitted
Gifts For Men.
There is not a store inthe southwest
that has more things! to please the man
than thds store. It's a pleasure to
show you.
Brjnu Bros.
ing against alleged
against thsi company.
XpTr Shelled Nnts.
New shelled necans. pound 70c.
New shelled almonds, pound 60c.
New srfelletl walnuts, pound COc,
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery.
Phone 353.
Dr. li. D. Robinson. Practice limited
to diseases of children and orthopedic
surgery. Office and residence 700 Mesa.
Both phones 1897. y
Women Go to Frisco Next.
Colfax. Iowa. Nov. 30. After a spir
ited contest among the members of the
directory board of the General Feder
ation of "Women's clubs, whicn has been
in session here for two days, San Fran
cisco was chosen as the next meeting
place of the biennial session. It will be
held in June, 1912.
Reaches Acute Stage.
Vienna, Austria. Nov. 30. The con
troversy between the American authori
ties , and the Vacuum Oil company, a
brancn of the Standard pil company,
lias reached the acute stage. The
Austrian foreign office has refused to
continue negotiations with the Ameri
can embassy which has been protect-
Gifts For Men.
There is not a store in the southwest
that has more thing' to please the man
than this store. It's a pleasure ta
show you.
Brjan Bros.
The Ladies ofthe S'c. Clement's Guild
will give a bazaar, turkey dinner and
enchilada supper in the basement ot
The HeraUl building ThxirspSy. Decem
ber 1.
Dr. Schnller, Tiemzzt, Roberts-Banner.
Rumor of Deal Dent-d. .
New Orleans, La., Nov. 30. Rumoi
that the Frisco system had secured con
trol of the New Orleans Great Northern
.railroad. was denied by president Wln
chell of the Frisco.
Di. J.A- HertricU. surgeon and gyne
cologist. Roberts-Banner building.

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