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El Pso, Texas,
El Paso's Rapid Growth
OfnciaMJnitea States Census.
Population 1910 39,279
Population 1900 15,90G
Population 1890 10,338
December 5, 1910 -12 Pages
Mrs. Eddy, The Founder of Christian
es m tier Home in ooston
BEMfeCa KKa&m ssQEbK3 Srmmtt t&P
npuT Hi
r i ' s
Science, Di
J 1 1
iiipniinnrcc r
II III I II 1 1 Iff L,
Many Long Time Leaders)
Meet for Their Last Term.
Short Session Held.
I That the Mexican government can
Washington, -D. C. Dec 5.-Congress ; c(mtrol Qf northepn Chi.
assembled at noonoday in a session huahua & tremendous loss o
of more than usual interest and im- I expenditure of money
portance.. because in three months it deciaratJon of Lee Gumm? fore.
expires by constitutional limitation man in lum-oer Camp No. 3. of the Pear
and the control of the house of repre- son Lumber company, who reached El
sentatives will be surrendered to the
Democratic party.
Impelling curiosity to se how men
long- in the public eye ?s statesmen o'
commanding influence would bear up
under the crumpling cf their political
fortunes, drew to the capltol at an
earlv hour a crowd of unusual pro- at all. lie savs most 01 nis oilmen
portions. ' v Quit to join the insurrectos and as a
Early work on the appropriation bills j result he had no camp to boss, so he
has cleared the way for prompt con- r came home. En route from Madra.
sideration of these measures and one j which he says is in the hands of the
or more of them will be reported to j insurgents, the train, flying a white
the house this week. 'Strenuous ef- flag to indicate that no Mexican sol
forts have been made by president ' diers were aboard, was met at every
Taft and other administration leaders j stop by insurrecto officers also carry-
to keep the budget down to the loweai
possible limit
Today's session was perfunctory and
brief, as the president's message and
the first batch, of presidential nomina
tions will be withheld until tomorrow, j
Comrress convened promptly at noon, '
there being a good attendance at both
Speaker Cannon received a remark
able, ovation when he took up the gavel.
Tne applause lasted several minutes, the
Democrats joining the Republicans in i
Reclaiming the eteran legislator.
Reprcsentatii e Champ Clark was ah
given a similar ovation, the Democrats
hailing him -as speaker of the next
Both houses adjourned almost imme
Jiately after formally assembling.
An lire vs smiiu auu ,uuiciui
At roll call representative W. R.
Smith or tne ibtn leas uijlhv.i, ""
delegates Andrews and Cameron of j
Arizona and New Mexico, were present, j
In the senate, Bailey and Culberson j
w,ere both present. f
Andrews introduced a bill that .J00,-
000 acres of land, to be selected under j
thp. direction of the secretary of the.
interior, be donated to J. B. Pitaval.
arenbishop -of Santa Fe, for th mam-
tenance and support of a manual
training school for the youth of !New
Mexico. It was read twice and referred
tn tho committee on territories.
Cameron introduced a bill that the
board of- control of Arizona, on or be-,
fore the second Monday in August 1911,
authorize a tax: levy the same as tne
year ending June 30, 1911, for the year
rear enoing JUn . u, - , are re,d3 to give the Mcxicai uvcrn
ending June 30, 1912, rte"?lneXit tne fight o? its life if they djn't
institutions .u ------ 1 1
SmT paid or obligated to be paid not j
J, mamo- nicn o hni mpkinir
.v innnn- nicn n hill mBkinem snow me ?:! ,.;,...
exceeding $10,000, also a mil majewb ,, : thnnsin.k I'ockn.sr
the killing or capturing of antelopes
prtor to March 1. 1915, a misdemeanor,
pnoi -u -ua"-" . I . t-t-
rot to applj' to antelope in a public
Representative E. M. lively 01 exaj.
foccmin tJri-n; shortlv
sion commenced today and- took the j
oath of office.
Senator Culberson received many
congratulations on his recovery.
Governor Sloan is here and will re
main several days.
Th n-v.itP hnnsft was the mecca of i
many insurgent Republicans today. '
Scme said ,thev had been invited by .
the president. Senator Bristow of
Kansas was among the first callers. 1
He was quickly followed by represen
tati'ses Norris of Nebraska, Murdock
and Madison of Kansas, and Hayes of
Although they admit that efforts at
conciliation are in the air, the insur
gents continue to sins: a militant tune. 1
Representative Murdock declared ne
"had traveled all over the country dur
ing the last three months and he knew
the temper of the people.
Petiple "Want Revision.
"The5r want the woolen schedule re
vised at this session of congress,, re
gardless of whether the tariff board
Is ready to report," said Mr. Murdock.
"Everybody is talking wool and a re
vision of the tariff, one schedule at a
time. They are willing to wait for
everything except wool, and when the
schedule is revised. The people want!
wool in cloth tagged to show the
amount of wool and the amount of cot
ton In it. The people want congress
to do something and quit talking so
much. The people also have their eys
on the higher courts and don't want
decisions rendered merely on technical
phoiroimnnn Tphh Dpo K Suit in I
the sum of $3000 wa,5 filed in tne cir
cuit court here aga-Jist Charles K.
Hamilton, the well known aviator, and
Nat Reiss, his former manager, by
.Tohn P. Daly of Chattanooga, on an
plleged breach of contract. Daly
daims he had a contract for a flying
exhibition here last April, which he
claims Hamilton and Beiss breached
by returning to New York- from Nash
ville. Instead of coming on here. Ham
ilton does not seem to be much dis
turbed by the filing of the .suit.
Seattle. Wash., Dec 5. Tom
my Burns, former heavyweight
champion, announces his perma
nent retirement from the ring in
a letter received here last night.
His retirement is due o an
injury to his knee, which was
received in a game of lacrosse
some months ago.
Stoddard Johnson, a real estate man
of Carrizozo, N. M., and Prince Rupert.
British Columbia are in the city for a
few dav
successor to judge Gordon Russell, was ! revolutionary army when it started to
escoCr?edrto tlie fpeaker's desk by con- wards Mexico City, and It made up
American Says Ail His Tim
ber Cutters Quit to Join
Them Near Madera.
Paso today, returning to his home at
Marion, $outh Carolina. He declares
that the revolutionists have absolute
control of all the towns in the Sierra
Madre region of northern Mexico and
that the Mexican regulars cannot drive
them out without a long campaign, if
insr white flags, and searched.
He says allvAmericans were treated
'courteously and also that they receive
most cordial treatment in the towns.
He brought out a collection of postal
card photographs of the insurrectos,
many of them showing groups of oltl-
cers. They aTe so confident of succes3
that he says they are making no at
tempt to conceal their identity.Printed
on some of the postals of the enterpris
ing photographer, are the names of
maT,v of the insurrecto leaders below
their photographs. While the train ser-
vice between Madera and Chihuahua I
was interrupted, Mr. Gumm says over j
50 people,, walked overland to Pearson,
where they could catch a train to Ei
TT. .... 11 -r.-.mnrt and 1t 51 r?T- An liaVP
been sent out by Americans and that
preparations are ready for hot fight-
ing. The fighting is expected at once,
he gayg as troops were going out from
ChihuanVa as he come in Saturday. He
confirms the rep0rt that the Mexican
troops jn the battle of Perdanales who
werg nQt kiUed j0ined the insurrectos. j
He gayg the mayor of Madera, when
- , ., , , rornii.tinnnrr hamis.
- Vo El Paso and then back' to ChL-
huahua and tlat the feaeral
chlh'uajllua n0W liave him a
.,acoi ic nnf aithous
a prisoner
for deserting his post, although he was
' the only man in Jthe town who refused
to ioin the insurrectos xne insurrec
tos at Temosachic, Madera, La Junta j
and. other places in that region, de
clared Mr. Gumm, "have been preoaring
I for mon1hs for :oiis trouble aid thev
win. I believe the first time the Mexi-
can troops lose a
will show the weal
real big battle, it
"" " ;-"-". "
to the revolutionists.
"TV ivmct ho rpmpmhprpfl that the
army of Juarez, which unseated Maxi
millian. was as small as the present
he said in conclusion.
Enid, Okla., lec. 5. Sheriff McAr
thur, of Watonga, Okla., left today for
Austin to arrest Mrs. W. M. Black,
who. it is alleged, attempted to cash,
a forged certificate of deposit at the j
Lockwood National bank, in San An-
tonlo. The certificate was made on the .
I armers ana Jiercnantb djbh 01 ran- :
view, UKia., ana otticers are seiirciiiuji
in Galveston for G. TV. TVilkerson, a
Fairview cattle buyer, who is alleged
to have forged the instrument. J
Mount Pleasant, Tex., Dec. 5. Forest i
fifires which have been raging Income
parts of east Texas for several days.
still continue and all efforts to extin
guish it have proved futile. A large
amount of fencing has been destroyed
and a number of barns burned, but the
property loss has been small. The
drouth made everything as dry as tin
der and the fire swept everything in
its path.
"Woatherford, Texas, Dec 5. Burglars
entered the Texas & Pacific passenger
station Sunday and rifled mail poucnes
of registered mail. The sacks were
found split open and a quantity of mail
found on the track indicates that the
robbers are headed eastward. Federal
authorities have been notified.
1 .
London. Encrland, Dec. 5. About 40
persons were seriously injured, a num
ber fatally,yin a collision on the London
Northwestern railroad at Willenstenden
Junction today.
The train was occupied chiefly by
clerks coming to offices in this city.
Weatherford, Texas, Dec. 5. Fire
Sunday caused a loss of $16,000 in the
business section. The First State bank
and King & Dyer's barber shop were
totally destroyed, the building being
valued at $10,000. The bank valued Its
fixtures at $4000.
Henderson, Texas, Dec. 5. Nat Arm
.strong,, aged 30. was shot and killed at
his home, six miles north of here this
morning. According to reports reach
ing here, it is believed that hurslars
J shot Armstrong, wno was a well know
rarmr. His faiuii? a9? away at !.ie
San Antonio, Texas, Dec 5. The trial
of Aleb'andro Calderon, charged with
the murder of D. Morales, began in the
37th district court here today. Morales
was killed last July
aftr he ses- ' 01 tnese ugius s ui ""i n ...i-.-,
Both Sides Seem Pleased at
Eesults of First " '
London. England. Dec. 5. Another
hatch of unopposed returns in the par
liamentary elections today made the
status of the parties this afternoon as
Government coalition Liberals, 56;
Laborites, SzIrish Nationalists, 7;; to
tal 71.
j Opposition: Unionists, 7S.
Polling took place in 67 constituen
cies today returning 75 members. y J
Although the returns indicate that
the next parliament will be similar in
complexion to that of the dissolved
house, both sides profess to be pleased
with the results.
The Liberals point out that every
Unionist majority in Birmingham was
reduced and tha the Liberals improved
their position in Wolverhampton and
other manufacturing districts under
Chamberlain Influences.
The London boroughs, like Blrming-
ham also show an increased majority
for the Liberals yvho-anticipate that
their success in Manchester and Lon-
dQn v.m &reatly influence the coming
JoJtCiljiaJS. Jjta.i.J- Al
One "Man Is Shot Whie Dis
.,-. -y-, ttt ,
Tiller V JDUi'LlS UilltJJJ.
Hut in Eunaway.
Nogales. Ariz., Dec 5. Ramon Al
varez. Dlonicio Verdugo and Samuel
Vaidero, prisoners in the district jail
in Nogales, Sonora, escaped, while tho
inmates were receiving their dally ex
pense money. Rafael Ruis. another
who attempted, to escape, was shot by
the guard. The other three have not
been apprehended. All except Ver
dugo, who was serving a six years
The Villasenor wine distillery ha3
erm, were on sliort terms,
been destroyed by fir in Nogaltes. So
nora. Driving into Nogales from the ranch
Mrs. J. A. Harrison and Miss Alice
Baer received painful bruises and nar-row,lj-
escaped serious injuries by the
horses running and overturning the
buggy, hurling them over an embank
The. Bulgin meetings are starting
on their final week and the members
of the congregations which are con
ducting the revival services have
started to make the final week the
most successful of the entire four.
Saturday evening 'resolutions en
dorsing Dr. Bulgin's work were passed
by the congregation after they were
read by Rev. Caspar S. Wright.
Sunday afternoon a meeting for men
was held in the tabernacle anil Sunday
evening separate meetin'-- were held
at the First Presbyterian churoh for
the women of the united congregations
and for the men at the First Baptist
Dr. Bulgin reDeated his sermon on
'The Ma'h of Galilee" Sunday evening.
This was given 'by request. Dr. Bulgin
having delivered the same sermon one !
-week previous.
Waco, Tex., Dec. r. The sixty-first
annual session of the Grand Royal Arch
chapter of Texas Masons convened hero j
this morning with 103 subordinate
lodges represented. Grand high priest
J. G. Gallagher, of Whltewrlght, deliv
ered the anEual address following the
opening ceremonies. Over 1000 are attending
17P& JZXAJZy &7rP,& &I?n5r
She Passes Away Saturday
isfight, But 4N ews Not An
nounced Ujitil Sundav. '
- -Boston ' Mass.. Dec. in Mrs. Mary
! Baker Glover E3dy, the founder of
"ChristiaV Science," is dead. Announce
ment of the- passing of th& venerable
leader which occurred late Saturday
night at her home at Chestnut Uill. was
made at the morning service of the
Mother church in this city Sunda'.
Officials of the mother church of
Christian Science decided this afternoon
that the funeral-of Mr. Eddy would take
place at her late residence Thursday aft
ernoon at 11 oclock. The services will be
simple in deference t-o Mrs. Eddy's
wishes. 'Her soil, Geo. V. Glover, will
be present. irom South Dakota.
In deference to Mrs. Eddv's well know
taste for simplicity, the funeral services
IK-ou&uiyvniii uc Pmiwf wuuu ui
urajei nu reauiiij; iium mv ajiuh:, wim
selections irom ocieiice ana xli-uuu.
It is probable also that interment will
be at Tilton, X. H., where Mr. Eddy's
husband, George T . Glover, is buried.
It is possible, however, that the remains
will be buried in the crypt of the
'mother church at Boston, as many high
in the ..standing ot the church favor
causes" explained the death, j
TV. (J 1. Wocf o ;Tl;o '
according to
medical examiner, who was summoned a
- r (
few hours alter Mrs. Edav parsed away.
Later Dr. AVest 'added that the more im-
I mediate cause -probably was pneumonia.
"She had been indisposed lor about
"nine da-s." said Alfred Farlow. of the
Christian Science publication committee,
"but had been up and dressed, and as
late as Thursday transacted sonic busi
ness with ;one of the officials of the
'She took her daily afternoon drive
until two da's before" death. Saturday
night she fell quitl3 asleep and those
around her could at first hardly realize
that she had rone. Her nind was clear
until the last but she left no final
"Xo physician was in attendance, but
she had the assistance of the students
who comprised her household. With her
at the time of her departure was Calvin
A. Frve, Mrs. Laura E. Sargent. Mfs.
Elln S. Eafchvon. v the Rev. IrviiMf -C.
I Tomlhison. her corresponding secretary;
TVm. Rathvon and her secretary, Adam
H. Dickey.
"No arrangements regarding the time
or the place of her burial have been
decided upon. It is well known to her
household that she believed in simplicity
on such occasions and, in compliance with
this knowledge, it is expected tlie service
will be nrivate and of a simple nature,
probably consisting of prayer and read
ing from the Uible with some Dnet selec
tions from the Christian Science text
book. 'Onlv her relatives, her household
and the officials of the church are ex
pected to be present.
:A telegram was sent tb her son. Geo.
W. GioA-er, of Lad,. S. D., apprising him
of his mothers demise, nml requesting
information as to his attendance and
that of his family. ,
""lVa F.rllv- -n-o hnrn tti P.ai N. TT
Julv 16. 1821. and was therefore in her
j ninetieth year."
i Future of the Wo'k.
As the churchgoers scattf red after the
services, the question of future leader
ship was referred to with reat reserve.
Those who expressed a a ipw said there
wonld 1)e ,,c cxanc in the methods of I
carrvinjr on the wqrk. thqt Mrs. Eddy's!
teachings and instructions' would be im
plicitly followed.
It was pointed out tha wifch tlie ex-
Continued on Pasu Two.)
Xorthem Texas, Missouri
and Oklahoma Are
Kansas City. Mo., Dec. 5. A snow-
storm of unust i severity for this time
of the year, which began in Kansas
City, Mo., yesterday, continued through
out the night and morning.
From two' to four inches have fallen
over this section. The storm break3
a long drouth in central Kansas.
Oklahoma Shivers.
Guthrie, Okla., Dec. 5. A snowstorm
thaf has almost assumed the propor-
uons ot a onzzard, prevails in central
Oklahoma todaj-.
A high wind accom-
panied the snow.
Oklahoma. A .severe wind is
s blovring.
"rfte snow breaks a drouth
1 of four
Cold In Fort Worth.
Fort Worth. Texas, Dec. 5. Reports
received here today from over the pan-
handle, north -and" central- Texas say
a terrific norther is blowing, accom-
panied by much dust. The temperature
ieii over nignt from 10 to 20 degrees
'in north Texas. Blinding oi,ic of
dust are blowing through the Fort
Worth ctroAte -
Pnhhandie Slizznrd.
Amarilfo. Texas, Dec. .". Flurries of
snow, with the temperature at freez- j
ing and a strong gale from tne north
wasexperiehced by Amarillo today. The
entire Panhandle is swept by a norther,
which has reached the nronortions of a !
blizzard in some localities.
Sno-vv In -lovta.
Sioux City, la.. Dec. 5. The first real
storm of the winter, lasting 24 hours,
left a blanket of snow from three to six
inches deep over northern Iowa, north
ern Nabraska and southern South Da
kota today.
Man in Penitentiary Shoul
ders Crime Another Is
to Be Tried For.
Columbus, O.. Dec. n. Steve Scott,
who is under sentence of electrocution
at the penitentiary December 31, may
yet be found innocent of the crime of
Charles Jones, of Miami county, an
accomplice ,.of Scott's, who turned
state's evidence and who was sentenced j
to 20 years for manslaughter, has con- !
fesed that he and not Scott committed J
the crime. 1
The men are charged with killing
Gulseppe Tasmantio, a Syrian peddler. I
Washington, D. C. Dec. 5. The su
preme court of the United States today
held that the federal court of New
York erred in dismissing certain counts
of indictments against F. Augustus j
Heinze, charging misapplication of
funds of the Mercantile National bank
of New York. Further proceedings
must now be held ii the lower court.
Washington, D. C, Dec. 5. The
census of North Carolina shows 2.20G,
2C7 people, an Increase of 312,477,. or
1C.5 percent over 1900.
Kentucky has 2,2S9,905, an Increase f
iz,tJi, or b.t percent over 1900t
Mississippi has 1,797,114, an increase 1
of 245.S44, or 15.S percent over 1900. 1
' Enid, Okla,. Dec. 5. The mercury fell j u alters was stauaing on top 01 a oo.v j Antonio and New Orleans
" I :ll rtflnrofte iav rtv.A.. -..l. . x ,1 f f TU I" lit rriJIlL Ui Lilt? CllCIlIt; ailU r;ao I troinp . n-rt V ...... V.. ..
'snow is falling- throughout northern hurled onto tne pilot. TJie injured man rand ?an Ant0nio. their ff
Telephone Message From Marfa Brings Report Troops
Forwarded From Gliihuahiia'Must Gross the Desert
Country From Falomir Mormons Arming
Themselves Peace Commission Fails
in Its Mission.
" ' ' i
Rifles purchased 1 the Mexican KO'.crament tlivoujjh an El Paso 4
. house are pna.vicp: in Krest qnantltles Into lie-vlro. A ivecX: agro a larp:e
fa xhlpment of Vinclieter earliines '.-n-re sent south, and Monday 15 cares 3
Jj? of 10 arms each were shipped. 4
X- '
. rj, . . . cj. . r J. .. 4. 4- kJ.. .Jx'J'A.....iA-J. V
Marfa, Tex., Dec. o. Hart! flKhtlnjc in rnmored at Cjluaga. Last niffht
3IIss Juanita Gilleple telephoned to her parents thnt she could plainly hear
tire shots. She la at Ilsciendlta, ahoirt four 111 ilex f-oni the river front.
Troop.s from Chilmahun -.vcrc diseiuharfced at J'olomir on Saturday ly
the Orient railroad anil are aoiv lasrclduff in tlie direction of Ojina a. It Is
ICO mile, from Falomir to Oj!naaT HO mile's, -without -natci:, and a very hard
march. It "III take the lroo;s at leant four daj to make the journey.
Alpinej Tex.. Bee. . Since h: return from BotaiI!a. where he and his
pnse fount! affair much a ur.aa:, sheriff Walton hrv reeeivQla letter
from a rnnchman in another part of the herder In ,. th county, Teriln?nin,
cmplalnin?r that a number of armed Mexicans visited his ranch and forced
one of his vaiiueros to o -ivith theai acr.-s the river. Another vaquero, he
-writes, ivent vrith tlse party v.illinv:ly.
?Co one in this county appears to fea- nnjthinjr like an armed invasion, but
there Im an wneas? feelingcv amonsr ranchmen pnd miirri aIon;r the river.
CIonia Dulilan, Mexioo, Dec. 5. At a result cf i'ac insurrectionary excite
ment here the military oranimation for the colony has been couxpleted and it
takes in rll the male inhabitants from 24 tu TO years of ;c. They vrlll de
vote a part of each Saturday afternoon to vrr tactic.
The reijuest to brinic in firearms was received hy the governor- of the
state, and he has recommended to "Hacienda- that the request, be rant-ed.
Chihuahua, 'Vlesico, Dec. .". The work of the peace commissioners sent
out from Chihuahua to treat with the insurrectos, has been materially inter
fered with by the dispatch of troops from Chihuahua, and the conference has
been called off peudlnjr efforts of the commissioners to have the troops re
called to Chihuahua. Governor ijanchcz admits appointing: the commission
ers, who are sow In the Interior. The? met the iasurrcctos Sunday, but
when the report reached them that the troops were coming out from Chihua
hua, the insurrectos withdrew. 'The troops arrived here Saturday from Mev
ico City and were immediately despatched t-j the interior.
Alberto Madero, an .uncle of Francisco I. Mndero, leader of the yiexIcaB
insurrection. Is. in EI Pa.vo, en route -east on business connected with a ranch
deal, It is .said. He comes from Chihuahua.
Conductor Walters Seriously
Injured and Six Cars
Piled in Wreckage.
Alpine, Tex.. Dec- 5. In a yard
wreck here Sunday afternoon a 5
oclock for which the wind is held
partly responsible, conductor H. -U-
"Walters, of Sanderson, sustained inju-
ri tn thA idf and snine. beiner bad-
' , -. , ," , i. i
1J oruisea. ai nu vr oi. --
j cal freight east No, 246. The tram had!
been cut in two to do SOIRe switching
1 ""-hen the detached portion got in mo- j
""" oetme a. nca wj.i ta.uc u...
down, colliding violently witn tne rear
! of the big mogul engine, conauctor
vas tal5en to notei uieu m ri wiu.
, . ., T-i 1
of four'nere 1X itiw ne 1 uumg .v
l "renere 1Z stateu h? 1S "oJg
The tram proceedeu east 111 -charge
I ' brakeman Stewart. The mogul was
i ROt damaged, although five flat cars
and a box car ere piled up in the
r" reckage behIud ir-
i No one but Mr ters Avas .
V "s"cci " "" " '"f . ";i
I tne ureman sav. u.e ua.wSer iu uuic ...
umV- but not in time to warn the con"
I dUCtOr.
Traffic was not delayed.
Austin. Texas. Dec. 5 The Elks
club rooms nere were gutted by fire I
oarlv tlii morning, causing' a loss o
1 '
" -
m (i(U
Sparks frain a stove started
the blaze.
, unci ui mtr uiiBiiiesnuLr party.
Dallas, Texas. Dec 5. The 12th juror j
in the case of Fred Fleming, former i XEW M VSTER 1IECH A.NIC
president of the Western Bank and 1 - .
?rust company, was secured this morn- ' "V,, ?? l't A"
Inir. Fleming is charged with receiving . Matiunore. of -eedles Cal.. has been
deposits when it was known that the I appointed master mechanic of the Rio
bank was in a failing condition. Thcrande division of the Santa Fe, with
defence filed a motion objecting to the headquarters in this city.
introduction of the bank's charter 1:1 1
Gainesville, Texas. Doc. 5. It is re
ported here today that sheriff Bring
man and a posse are having a. run
ning fight with Hey wood Clayton, a
negro, who escaped Saturday after
killing nis wife,
Clayton is heavily
Harfa, Texas Dee. u. The St. Stenhem; Land and Irrigation company
Aihich bought 10,000 acre of land In the San Extahean valle nine miles from
llarfa, from W. "W. Bojcel last AupniKt, Is spending $109,000 n a Rljcantle dam,
vhich vMI hold a Nuffleleat amount of ivn'ier to Irrigate 0C9O acres.
Thin land -will he colonized and nub divided Into 10. 20 and 40 acre tract.
Aete vtork on the dam commenced Deeembe? I.
It Is expected to he completed hy next Mny. The cowt of the dam vUl
he $75,000 and the ditches 525. Colorado and eastern farmers vtill he settled
on this land. The elevation is lite same as Grand Junction, Colo., one of
the finest fruit reurions In the world.
Fruits, vegetabls and srnln will he prrovtn.
The vallej Is betvtcen tiio fuothUIs, and Ik 11 miles lon;c and trio and a
half miles vklde. IIet-ieen 500 and S00 families are expected to moc ob
this land when the irigatlon project
The new Orient railroad vHI run
Effective Xext Sunday S. P.
Ti-ains and S Bun
Four trains a d&y will pass through
this city on the Southern Pacific and
G. H. & S. A. beginning December 11.
1 Trains 7 and S will run between Los
j Angeles and San Antonio, making- a
complete four train service from the
. coast to New Orleans.
AU d&y Sunday loca Qffices were
engaged in compiling the new card,
which will he printed at once. At
present there are onlv two trains run-
. nmg tnroug i-zi Paso, Xos. 7 and 8
ncm- making- 1
this city a terminal. But
there is a similar service between San
So wen
een El- Paso
ulf to coast
1 service will be complete.
, With the new card train No. 7. west-
With the
1 bound, will arrive from San Antonio at
4 p m remaining here until 9:55 p m
the tirae o: westra departure
j Trajn No. S will arrive from the west
j at 6:53 a. m., proceeding east at 10 30
1 a. m.
j TTsJn No the present throusn
tram, win rnve from the east at 6-30
a. m. and depart vest as at present,
at S:20 a. m.
Train No. 10 will-anive from the west
at 7 p. m., instead of at a p. m.. and
depart eastward at S p. m.
Tucson Ariz.. Dec. .- By January 1
f TliA ciTrvnv rf rTha A t-; "r; c
riiifi,, w " tt "
S and Port Lobos wHl be completed. This
bwemenc is made by K. H. Parker.
I On account of a derailment on th
Southern Pacific at an unknown loca
tion, all afternoon trains will be late
in arriviaj-T here.
Mrs. Harry Files, wire of the captain
of the X&g-hland Park: fire station ( Is
seriously III. ilrs. Files has been sick
for several months.
ii completed.
throush the entire vsller.

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