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Wednesday, Dec. 14, 1910.
r Practical
Christmas Gifts
23b matter what else you are going to give "him," "her"
or "it," a pair of "Guarantee" Bedroom Slippers will
be a welcome as well as an inexpensive additional little
gift, a joy to the giver and appreciated by anyone.
Men's Slippers in Romeo, Paust, Opera
or Everettes, black, tan or red leather,
also in felt 'with beautiful embroidered
border, $1.00, $1.50, $1.75, $2.00 and $2.50
Ladies' Boudoirs in red, pink, blue and
black, Juliettes and in different color
felt with and without fur, $1.50 to $2.00
In Pink f ))
and Blue H U U
Special Sale of $1.25 Felt Slippers Continues Children's Felt Slippers, in red
"While they last all $1.25 plain and fur felt, fur trimmed, 80c, 90c and $1,
trimmed ladies' Felt Slippers, all colors, 75c according to size.
fTk&M y
J SkfiF comPANY?z-J- ir
Jk Jt J J $ J fy J Jr'
C !
A. A -A A
VP 2 V V
Mr. end "Mrs. J. 's. Kobertson are
spending' a. month visiting' the various
points xl Interest in Mexico.
Rev. Henry Easter is spending a cou
ple of days at Xa. Mesa, 17. "M.
BROADWAY and llfh ST.
Wkhin easy access of every point of ixi-
teeeaC twit block irosa wanetnucer.
Five isisatea vralk of Stepping District.
vjr 1 ft t. t 1 .f m hvfjjiMiii o.r Mff.tnj
comforiabie appointments, courteous
service aad ttoraeb&e mirroKoaings.
Rwms $1.H ptr riiy mi m
WHh privilege f mum
1 .50 per y and up
Tafcte fKata ifMWtlt SO
After spending several -weeks in this
city visiting- friends, Mrs. K. T. Beckitt j
returned to her home at Raton, N. M. j
Mrs. Annie Porter Krause of New
York is, in the city visiting friends.
C a
rr. H. M. Helm, of Batopilas, Mexico,
arrived the first of the week to spend
the holidays with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. C. B, Eelm.
Mrs. J. R. Lilvesay, of "La. Mesa, X. M.,
is the guest of Mrs. B. M. Williams fo'r
a short time.
Col and Mrs. James Beaumont of "Vic
toria, Texas, are in the city to spend
the holiday season with their daughter,
Mrs, Eenry Pfaff.
The members of the Charity associa
tion will meet Thursday afternoon at 2
oclock at the home of Mrs. Winches
ter Cooley to sew for the poor chil
dren of the city.
All members of the association, and
also their friends who are interested in
charity work, are especially invited to
attend, and to bring 25 cents to pay for
materials used in making garments for
the needy children of the city. -
An event of peculiar interest was the
meeting of the D. A. H.,t held Monday
afternoon at the Elks club.
The club rooms were beautifully
decorated in mistletoe, Christmas bells
and garlands of smilax, while red
shaded candles illumined the scene.
The hostesses of the afternoon were:
Mesdames F. A. Hodge, Irving McNeill,
W. L. Pitcaithly, Prank W. Brown, H
C. Zyer and Miss Clara Mundy.
At a short business session it was
decided to offer a medal to the pupils
j of the eighth grade and of the f Irst j
I year or tne mgn scnooi, ror tne Desi pa-
The committee appointed to arrange
for the entertainment to be given on
February 22 was requested to bring i
its plans before the next meeting of
the chapter, to be discussed and voted
A delightful program included: a
reading from Richard Carvel, "A Mary
land Christmas," by Mrs. Irving Mc
Neill; Christmas hymn, "Bending O'er
the Cradle Low," by Mrs. Courtney
Camp, and a pleasing recitation by
Mrs. J. F. Miller.
At the close of the program the flags
decorating the mantel were drawn back,
bringing to view numbers of stockings
hung above the fireplace and contain
ing bonbons and Christmas quotations
for each guest Upon lifting the flags,
Mrs. F. A. Hodge quoted the lines,
"Make Me a Child Again Just for To
night," and expressed the wish that the
occasion would recall many happy
memories of childhood.
Cainty refreshments were served by
the hostesses, terminating a most de
lightful afternoon.
The -art department of the Woman's
club met this afternoon in the club
rooms. The program, given under the
direction of Mts. C. H. Campbellwas
one of unusual interest-
afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. H.
Winter, when the hours were spent In
Refreshments of sandwiches, coffee
and cake were served to the workers, I
who were: Mrs. William H. F. Judd,
Mrs. Guy L. Warren, Mrs. J. E. Bar
clay, Mrs. Clyde Holmes, Mrs. W. H.
Cook, Mrs. C. S. McKinney, Mrs. L. L.
Mundy, Mrs. W. J. Cox, Mrs. J. J.
Pearce, Mrs. L. L. Howland and others.
K ! K - ! ! v
T !
' ! " ! ! v
X : : T -
has arrived to visit Mrs. B. M. Wor
sham, and will be nere some time. Miss
Womack visited El Paso last winter
and jinade many friends during her
On Saturday evening, December 10,
at the parsonage of Trinity M. ,E.
church. Miss Bertha Walker and C. G.
Kemp were married in the presence of
a few friends by Rev. C. S. Wright.
The young couple, both of whom are
El Pasoans, have taken apartments at
the Crawford flats, and will make their
tiome in this city.
The marriage of Miss Beulah Stoker
to William "Terrence Stanberry -will be
celebrated this afternoon at 5 oclock
at .he home of the bride's parents, 1137
Arizona street. Rev. C. Ii. Overstreet
will officiate at the ceremony.
Miss Florence Reed will give a mis
cellarieous shower Thursday afternoon
at her home on Montana street, for Miss
Lily Brown, whose marriage takes place
the latter part of the month.
Mrs. R. Laskins will entertain this
evening with a bricabrac shower in
honor of Miss Sadie Baron, who will be
married Dec 25 to Benjamin Swatt.
Something Here for Every Member of the Family
A LL your Christmas gifts can he selected here. We show gift things
' that will please the older members of the family, and things to
delight the young people. Jtzst to gain an idea of the resources of the
ecFeldman Gift Shop9 read the classified lists below.
For Your Mother
Framed pictures a big picture for theliving room
or some little intimate thing for her own room.
"Van Briggle" and "Royal Doulton" pottery.
Old Batch glassware, copies of the antique Dutch
glassware, also copies of English antiques.
Something in "Cordova" leather a fotograf
frame, land bag, card case, pillow, etc
Tapestry and tile traya.
For Your Big Sister
A Craftsman hand bag ooze leather with orna
ments of beaten brass. 1
Ahand bag in the beautiful Cordova leather or a
card case, purse, fotograf frame, desk set or watch
A handsomely bound-book.
A' framed picture perhaps a dainty watereolor for
her bedroom.
For Your Father
or Big Brother)
A saf ety razor the "Gillette' "Durham Duplex" .
or "Auto Strop."
Something in leather cigar or cigarette case,
wallet, slippers, pocket fotograf cases, etc.
,A beautifully bound book from the famous
Mbsher Press.
If he loves Dickens, a terra cotta. placque" repre
senting some famous English scene.
A framed picture for his ''den."
A watch fob in Cordova leather.
For the Younger Boy
(or Girl)
A kodak, 'kodak album, developing tank, enlarg
ing camera, etc.
A mirrorscope, which reflects post cards, news
paper clippings, any picture or print you may
have. A mirrorscope will furnish many pleasant
evenings for the whole family.
A good picture, well framed.
Tese, of course, are only "suggestive" lists. A few minutes in the "Gift
Shop will show you a wealth of out-of-the-ordinary and very acceptable
gifts for every member of the family.
308 San Antonio Street
ILast evening the music department
of the Woman's club gave the first of
a series of . evening musicals. The
opera was "Bohemian Grl," and every
number on the program was given
with feeling and musical taste. Mrs.
L. T. Moore and Mrs. Margurite
Buckler Stevens'on were special favor
ites with the audience, Mrs. Buckler
Stevenson being compelled to respond
to third encore.
The affair was held at the home of
the president of'the club, Mrs-W. R.
Brown. A conservative estimate of
those present would be at least, 200 of
El Paso's musical talent and society
folk. The soft lights and the glowing
warmth within, emphasized the per
vading spirit of hospitality and put the
audience In a happy receptive mood
for the following excellent program in
charge of Mrs. L. T. Moore and Miss
Duo "Barcarolle" Schy tie
Mrs. Leonard Hanson and Miss Barnes.
Spinning song Francis Moore
Part II. -Synopsis
of the opera. .. ...Miss Barnes
Overture ....Francis Moore
"Cavalleria, a Soldier's X.ife"....
R. J. Carson
Chorus "Come With the Gypsy Bride"
"When the Fair Land of Poland".-..
Parvin WItte
"I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls"
.. . Mrs. Moore
Quartet "From the Valleys and Hills"
Mr. and Mrs. Witte, Mrs. Moore
and Mr. Lamea.
"The Heart Bowed Down"..E. E. Nold
"Then You'll Remember Me" . .Mr. Witte
Trio "Through the World, Wilt Thou
Fly With Me."
Mr. and Mrs. Witte. and Mr. Lemen.
1 Final Aria 2 repeated 2nd encore.
Mrs. Marguerite Buckler Stevenson,
3 "Kathleen Mavourneen."
The next meeting of the club will, be
that of the art department this after
noon. The Sunshine society met yesterday
Mrs. A. H. Goldstein will entertain
tomorrow afternoon at the last of a se
ries of three bridge parties.
The Tuesday Bridge club met this
week at the home of Mrs. Edward
Miss Loretta Brick will be the next
hostess of the Girls' Thursday Bridge
club, which will meet between Christ
mas and the New Year.
The last meeting of the High Five
club until after the holidays will be
held Friday at the home of Mrs. Edward
Miss Alleen Hague entertained very
beautifully on last Saturday afternoon
at six tables of bridge.
Red and green was the. attractive
color scheme chosen for the decorations
and was developed with smilax and
numbers of Christmas bells.
The first prize, a silver picture
frame, was won by Miss Henrietta
Buckler; the second, a cut glass bon
bon dish, went to Miss Joel Lapowski, .
and Miss Agnes Eadie received the
consolation, a pair of silk hose.
The young hostess was assisted in
entertainingjher guests by her sisters,
Mrs. T. M. Corcoran, Miss Clara Hague
and Miss Rena Coldwell.
Refreshments were served from tlje
small tables, and the ice course was
most attractively served from molds
in the shape of a Santa Claus, and hold
ingN1n one hand a candle, and in the
other a tiny Christmas tree.
I - - -
j Miss Essie Darbyshre entertained
I very delightfully yesterday afternoon
at four tables of bridge, an honor of
her guest, Miss Edith Bailey. -
The first prize, a pair of gold beauty
pins, was won by Mrs. J. W. Lorenzen,
and second prize. The Rubaiyat of
j Bridge, went to Miss Julia Coldwell.
runuwuig tut; guuca ucuiuui re
freshments were served from the small
. ..
: . "
A" A A A A A A
Mrs. J. P. McFadyean entertained
very pleasantly on last Saturday even
ing in celebration of her birthday anniversary.
The home was attractively decorated
throughout with mistletoe and chrys
anthemums. Mrs. Joseph Thew added to the pleas
ure of the evening with several beauti
fully rendered piano solos, and a deli
cious oyster supper was served.
Those present were: Mesdames T. W.
Grace, C T. Race, Albert Winn, F. A.
Savage, Esther Fraser, Joseph Thew, !
Spaulding, C. S. Wright, Mr. and Mrs.
C. H. Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Ayers,
Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Daniel, Mrs. Rosa
Ashley, Miss Lucille Ayers.
m m
Dorothy Williams, dauughter of Mrs,
B. M. Williams, will entertain a num
ber of friends on Wednesday, Dec. 21,
in celebration of her eleventh birthday
The first of a series of informal re
ceptions to be given by Rev. and Mrs.
Henry Easter will take place tomor
row evening at the rectory.
Mrs. H. M. Xorthup, of Las Vegas, N.
M., who Is in the city and who con
templates organizing a kindergarten,
will give a parlor entertainment on
Wednesday afternoon at 3 oclock, at
the home of Mrs. H. E. Steyenson, on
Corto street.
Mrs. R. F. Campbell will discontinue
her Tuesday at homes until after the
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thurston, of 800
Montana street, entertained at dinner
last Thursday evening at the Toltec
club. Covers were laid for Mr. and
I Mrs. Shumate, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Crow-
aer ana Air. ana .airs, xnurston. ah at
tending the informal dance afterwards
at the club.
Invitations have been Issued by the El
Paso Social club for a masque ball, to
be given New Year's eve at the Toltec
club. Many beautiful costumes are
being planned and the affair promises
to be one of the brilliant events of the
holiday season.
Miss Sophia RoaraeL niece of Mrs.
Bernard, of the Green Tree hotel, very
pleasantly entertained a number of her
friends on Saturday evenins: at a tvni-
cal German "Kaffeklatsch." The house
was attractively decorated in a. color
effect of green and white, intermingled
with American flags.
The Whatsoever club of the Houston
Square Sunday school was entertained
last Saturday afternoon by Mrs. Irving
McXeiL Her pretty home was made
even more attractive by the use of
To buy glasses not scientific
ally to suit your eyes, to buy
cheap lenses which, are more
harmful than none all mean
future eye trouble. Not only
do we give you the best skilled
optical service, but the results
of our eye examinations are
embodied in the finest mater
ials that can be purchased.
Ask Segalf
El' Paso Optical
Established 1901
Pioneer Plaza. Opposite Sheldon
Mrs. L. Blumcnthal and daughter,
j Louise, have returned from a sojourn
of some length in Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. McNary are ex
pected home tomorrow from New
York, where they have been the past
month enjoying the grand opera sea
son. Mrs. James McMinn returned the? first
of the -week from' a' six months' sojourn
at various points in California.
Mrs. W. R. Martin returned last week
from a three weeks-' visit to San Fran
cisco, Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa, California.
greens and Christmas bells. A short
business session was held, In which
each girl reported the amount made
at her table in the bazar held the last
of November, the whole amounting to
? 37. Then, in order to worthy of the
name of the club, they decided to have
a box at the Sunday school on Christ
mas morning to hold gifts for the chil
dren of the Mexican school and to ask
all members of the Sunday school to
bring something to put Into the box,
whether clothing, food,, toys or money.
After adjournment of the business ses
sion, the hostess gave each girl a wire
tied with red ribbon and they were told
to hunt sleighbells. This made a pleas
ant jingle for some time, and the one
who secured the largest; number re
ceived the prize, a dainty white apron.
Then it was announced that Santa
Claus had "been there and they must
look for their stockings of candy,
which they found among the greens
on the dining room mantel. Ices and
cake were served and the girls made
several original and unique Christmas
wishes for their hostess.
j j j j jt j
' " :
Mrs. Frank Carr is quite ill at Hotel
Mrs. Frank Coles, who has been ill
the past week, is somewhat improved.
Your nails should bo manicured reg
ularly. Elite Parlors, S-7 Stevems Bldg.
Among the many suitable Christ
mas gifts shown ere is an extensive
Kne of fine perfumeries handsomely
boxed. With only nine shopping da'M
til Christmas, selectlors must be made
quickly. You will find here" dozens
of suitable gifts for "both men and
women, all are conveniently displayed
with plainly marked price. Besides
perfumeries, there is a good line of
prettily boxed stationery, also tailet
articles, things in leather, and all sizes
and styles of Waterman fountain pens.
A fev minutes here will mean the sat
isfactory selection of a number of ac
ceptable gifts. Scolt White '& Co.,
Prescription Druggists, 204 Mills St.
Rl Pasn'n Chrlitma Store.r ZZZZZ.
Silk and
your Xmas shopping.
Plenty of time to get the
proper attention and
stock is new and com
plete. Our store is the
chief Cases
The Most Sensational Millinery Offer Ever Made
Trimmed Hats
$4.00, $5.00 and $6.00 values
Choice $1.00
To insure complete clearance of a lot of
hats we have on hand that sell regular
ly at $4.00 to $6.00, we offer them
beginning tomorrow at the unheard-of
low price of choice for $L00.
There are about 200 of these hats, styles
suitable for women and misses. They are
all this season's hats, all made of worthy
materials, all worth the regular prices. We
desire to make complete clearance in the
Millinery Section before Christmas, so we
offer this big reduction.
m . .
ming tomorrow morning. dUU
stylish hats worth $4.00, $5.00 and
$6.00, on sale at
- -
TrWft 'SWKZZrtf'Z' M3W I
J.Calisher Dry Goods Co. Cacorpesd)
111 II

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