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Wednesday, Dec. 14, 1910.
- '(Continued From Page One.)
distance - westward from Cerro Prieto
to Guerrero and, now that the fighting: I
has been started, the insurrectos choos- J
jug- to open it before the federal troops j
were ready, further hot fighting is J
looked for.
MIhIbk Mh Relate Story.
A mining man from Mexico, just in
from the region where the fighting
took place, tells of the oattle of Cerro
Pri'eto.' lie says:
"Cerro Prieto is nearly due south of
Pedernales. The town is located at the
ftase ,of large hill. Extending north
east of the hill is a ridge, and there
the 'federals had placed two mountain
guns. Te-st of the ridge is a canyon
and then flat country stretches as far
as La Junta, on the Mexico North
"Western railway west of Pedernales.
"With the guns were placed some cav
alry, and the infantry were stationed
at the town of Cerro Prieto- A de
tachment of cavalry rode over the flats
toward La Junta, where about 250
revolutionary cavalry were stationed,
waiting for reinforcements. A long
range engagement occurred, and the
rebels followed the federal cavalry in
to the trap, right in the face of the big
guns. Just 19 insurrectos fell when
the guns openea fire, but they did not
retreat. The infantry sallied out of the
town to cover the rear, and the rebels
retreated slowly, firing as they went.
In that fight 150 soldiers fell, killed or
wounded, . and three officers were
wounded, one fatally. The ranchmen
shot ' straight, I tell you, turning iu
their saddles .and bringing down sol
dier after soldier. They finally re
treated west.
Gea Blamco Escapes.
"Now the condition is this: Assisting
the 250 were a few scattered hands of
riders, making their total about 300.
But reinforcements from the west
were on the way, and must have ar
rived by today. The government also
has soldiers marching west. They
started Saturday from Chihuahua.
Gen. Jose de la "Luz Blanco, the revo
lutionary general, was not in the fight
at Cerro Prieto. He is in command of
a large detachment at Santo Tomas. It i
is true that the leader of the 250 was :
killed, but he was not captured. He I
was 'shot from his saddle. I couldn't i
learn his name.. All the inhabitants of!
Cerro Prieto were rounded iip l5y the !
soldiers, and tljose whom jefe politico !
could not identify were shot like dogs. J
The fight was -not a victory for any- j
body, but In view of the odds against
the revolutionists and the way they j
fought out of a trap, well, you can
draw your own. conclusions. j
iBsurrectes Capture Hagrerty. j
"Gen. Navarro has given warning J
that any American newspaper man will"
be shot. j
"The Associated Press man, C. D. j
Hagerty, was held up by revolutionists
returning to Pedernales from Cerro j
Prieto. He carried a letter of introduc- j
tion to Gen. Navarro, and that nearly !
caused his death and that of fthe pho- j
tbgrapher with him. But they finally I
were satisfied and let him go, or you I
never would have heard from him.' j
3 Itewort Ib Juarez. j
Official information of the battle at j
Cerro Prieto was" received Tuesday by 1
mayor irancisco .fortillo. of Ciucaa
-Juarez. A duplicate message prohably
has been sent to every "jefe politico"
and small town president in tie state
of Chihuahua. The message is signed
hy J. M. Ponce de Leon, and translates
.as follows:
"If is my pleasure to inform you, at
request of the governor, that 'the com
mand under Gen. Navarro defeated and
dispersed In Cerro Prieto, between
Cusihuiriachic and Pedernales, the In
surrectos from Ciudad Guerrero who
have formed into bands and may rob
and pillage the cotrarnr. I ask your
vigilence to impede the "fepredation
and to destroy the bands who are per
6ued hy the federal forces."
There has been no trouble reported
in the vicinity tif Ciudad Juarez, which
is far removed from the scene of war.
Train For Troops, 3Iaybe,
A train of eight empty second class
roaches departed Tuesday night irom
Ciudad Juarez over the National Hall
ways. It Is not known whether the
"empties" are to be used for troop '
movements or passenger traffic, which j
in the south, is heavy at this time. '
All is quiet on the local division of
the Mexico North "Western railway, ac-'j
cording to advices received here.
Trains Alia wed io Run.
"That in spite of real fighting, all is
GUiet alone tho rcsrl nll t.v ha ineriiT--
'rectos" is the statement of A. S. How- !
ren, engineer "n chart's of maintain- i
a nee of way.for the Mexico North "West- J
era. Mr. Howren, Who arrived this i
morning, says: "I just came from Ma- ,
dera. All is the same on the line, and '
-Americans need have no fear of any- I
thing on the trains. Insurrectos still !
permit the regular trains to run and
no soldiers are being hauled." ' j
Ie "La Barra Gets Report
"Washington, P.'c., Dec. 14. Sstior
ae la Bar-a. ih- Me ui amlassacior, i
has received the following drspatch I
from Enrique 'Creel Mexican minister'
of foreign affairs. , j
"Gen. Navarro's forc-is defeated the !
seditionists at Cerrb Vri&t. in rfhihiia. i
hua. Sixty were ,Kile3 and manv mere
are wounded. The seditionists "are in
flight and the federal troops are pur
suing them."
Larcde Iteeelvs..- "Ycvh
Laredo, Tex. De? 14. Seieutv Mex
ican revolutionists -vrre killed "anJ o
small nuiPbT v. -ded in a little with
federal troocs in Cerro l'rS?:o, sfste
of Chihuahua, accordisp- t: aicletiiara
Received last nighz bv- Misi.el Jo Mo
noid. Mexican , ormiJ. Maurired at
tfeuvo Laredo, from Enrique C Cieel
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the Mexico North Western railroad
the Mexican --vo-ca 1Vu:ern jailir.ji.j
between Concepcion on thp &euthv.tst
and Cusihu'r.-achic on ll: umttwest.
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