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10 Friday, December 16, 1910,
i, i
'jAimFS' i'tr & K,r mi
t?fcSS5s.-:aS3T.SKgt A
Strictly Fresh Meats
We never receive a com
plaint about the meat being
tough; we 'don't sell that
kind, that's the reason.
If you want to serve meat
that is appetizing and a
pleasure to eat, .buy from our
-Sirloin Steaks, per pound 15c J
Prime Eib Roasts, per pound J- J--c
Legs of Mutton, per pound -. 15c
Yeal -Shoulder Roasts, per pound 15c
Hamburger. Steak, per pound 10c v
Live and Dressed Poultry, Fancy Milk-Fed Veal, Home 3Eade" Sausage, Pure
lard, Breakfast Bacon and Sugar Cured Hams. '
Ground bone mealthe best feed for chickens that is known: it makes
them lav.
Few New Things In Local Market
To Help Out Puzzled Menu Makers
Tangerines at 30 Cents a Dozen Afford Some Relief, But Tomatoes
Go To 15 Cents the Pound.
"Vteather changes, but market prices
change not. Madam El Paso this -weekend
-will meet fey changes in prices,
and few new things to eat, or old things
out of market.
A holiday arrival of interest to the
Christmastide shopper is the Tangerine
orange, or the "kid glove" fruit, -which
arrives from tropic climes for the holi
day season. The Tangerines are
quoted at an average'of. 30 cents the
dozen. Green stuffs remain about the
same, but tomatoes are more costly,
now quoted at 15 cents a pound, or two
pounds for a quarter.
Feed prices stand pat -with the ex-
ception of corn, -which now is said to J
have reached the bottom of its down-!
ward trend. It is wholesaling at $1.40,
instead of $1.45. Chops have dropped to j
a wholesale basis of $1.50.
Prices follow:
Fresh cocoanuts 10c each.
Navel oranges 25c to 50c per doz.
Mexican- oranges 40c to 50c per doz.
Empress grapes 50c per basket
Fresh Mex. strawberries 20c per box
"1 had been troubled -with constipa
tion for two years and tried all of the
best physicians- in Bristol, Tenn., and.
they could do notning for me," writes
Thos. E- Wiliams, Middleboro, Ky. "Two
packages of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets cured, me." For sale, by j
ill dealers.
Japanese persimmons." 20c per lb.
Fresh cranberries 15c per qt.
Fresh Mex. pineapples 35c each
Gano apples 3 for 25c y$2.25 box
TVinesap apples... 3 for 25c $2.50' box
Blacktwig apples.. 3 for 25c $2.50 bos
Mexican oranges . . 40 to 50 cents doz.
Grapefruit 10c, 3 for 25c
Lemons ..25c to 30c per doz.
Limes.'. ................ ..15c per doz.
Tangerine 30c doz.
Oranges I.. 20c to 50c per doz.
Bananas 25c to 30c per doz.
Pears .' 3 lbs. for 25c
Tokay grapes 50c basket
Imported Malaga grapes 35c lb.
Brussels sprouts 20c per lb.
Artichokes , - - 15c each
California green peas iloc lb.
Hubbard squash 4c per lb.
Calif, pumpkins 4c peV lb.
California red cabbage 10c Jb.
Sweet potatoes 3c lb.
Parsnips 5c per bubch
Cauliflower - ..15c per lb.
Parsley ..5c per bunch
Rhuoarb - 10c per lb.
Green chili 10c per lb.
Bell pepper ..20c per lb.
Christmas cantaloupes .. 20c to 35c each
Cucumbers (fancy) ' 1 for 5c
Radishes 5c bunch
Green beans ., .'.15c lb.
Beets, valley 10c per three bunches
Cabbage (valley) 5c per lb.
Carrots 5c per bunch
Celery 10c per stalk, 3 for 25c
Eggplants, southern 15c per lb.
Lettuce -.10c head. 2 for 15c
Onions, green 5c bunch
Onion, white 5c per lb.
Potatoes 25c ten lbs.
Spinach 10c per lb.
Squashes 10c per lb
Tomatoes 15c lb.; 2 for 25c
Turnips :..5c per ib.
Okra " 15c Der lb
Watercress. ?c per Dunch
Fresh. Nuts.
Almonds...-. 25c per lb.
Brazil nuts 25c per lb.
Filberts 2oc Per lD-
Pecans.., 25c" Per lb-
English "Walnuts 25c per lb.
Roasted peanuts 20c lb.
Butter and Kggs.
Butter, fancy grade 40c per lb
Eggs, Sunflower t.40c per doz
Fresh candled eggs -- 35c per doz
Eggs, ranch 60c per doz
Pimiento cheese . . 15c glass
German breakfast cheese. ...5c a cake
Imperial cheese ...15 to 35c each
Holland cream cheese 40c per lb.
Camembert, 35c; imported ..50c per can
Cream dairy 25c per lb.
Edam, small $1.15 each
Neufchatel Wc each, 2 for 15e
Pineapple 65c and 70c each
Roquefort - 60c per lb.
Swiss, imported 40c per lb.
Limburger 25c per lb.
Sage 30c per Id.
Circle Brand 10c each
Dutch Girl 40c per can
Brick cheese 25c per lb.
Fresh Fish.
Speckled trout ...17c perlb.
Various Cal. fish 15c per lb.
Salmon '.-"20c per lb.
Sirloin steak' .' 20c per lb
T-bone steak 20c per lb.
Round steak 15c per lb.
Chuck roast 10c lb.
Rump roast 15c per lb.
Rib roast. ...15c per lb.
Prime rib roast. ..I7c to 20c per lb.
Beef livers - 10c per lb.
Corn beef .' 12c lb.
,eg 20c per lb.
Shoulders 12c per lb.
Chops 24c per lb.
Breast p'ieces 8c to 10c per lb.
Leg .' 20c per lb.
Chops 25c per lb.
Shoulders 10c per lb.
Neck pieces Sc Per lb.
Breast pieces 10c per lb.
Crown roasts 35c per lb.
Leg 20c per lb.
Chops 20c per lb.
Steaks 20c per lb.
Sausage 15c per lb.
Dellcntessen- Prices.
Home cooked tongue 50c lb.
Home cooked ham GOc lb.
Home cooked vea 60c lb.
Home cooked pork 60c lb.
Jellied tongue 50c lb.
Salima sausage. Milwaukee. .. .40c lb.
Cevelat sausage, Milwaukee. ..40c lb.
Head cheese, Milwaukee 40c lb.
Liver sausage, Milwaukee 40c lb.
Ham sausage, Milwaukee 35c lb.
Blood and tongue sausage, Mil
waukee 40c lb.
Brookfield sausage, Swift's 25c lb.
Jones Dairy arra little pig
sausage 35c lb.
Kosher weiner 25c lb.
Kosher Frankfurters 25c lb.
Kosher cooKed corn beef 40c lb,
Smoked halibut
Smoked salmon
Smoked sturgeon
Smoked eels
Smoked white fish
Smoked bloaters
Herring milchers..
Anchovies .... .....
Alfalfa, wholesale-. . .'-.
, .40c per lb.
.40c per lb.
40c per 10.
40c per lb.
, . 40c per lo.
5c each
,'5c each
35c per keg
$17 -per ton
By T. E. Powers
3B9jrCit. 2910, hy the New York Eveaisc 3a
Publishing Company.
Never Aa'airi!
YJAHTYouTo&y Ofcrl 2 Jy - tiSl
( soolHoo! THE. coukt ( Vou HAVE NoV EXCU5E AE O0UHT ( OH MR. KIU.&U3HEL.1
mtCJS HURRY I YbuR5ELB1 lf-'W Tcal ti'i-U'lU'1
vC (33 ? Z&K back y , wofjnq-qo ) tkrAlby .
3 y 5X - 5 irIoYou5Tt fa Jr AGENCY
j Alfalfa, retail v. $1S per ton
-ortnern Texas nay SIS per ton
Corn, wholesale $1.40 per cwt.
Corn, retail $1.50 per cwt.
Texas oats, wholesale. .. .$1.60 per cwt.
Texas Oats, retail $1.70 per cwt.
Chops, wholesale $1.50 per cwt.
Chops, retail $1.60 per cwt.
Bran, wholesale $1.45 per cwt.
Bran, retail $1.65 per cwt.
Chicken feed, wholesale. .$2.25 per cwt.
Chicken fed, retail $2.50 per cwt.
Woman Says He Made Mar
riage Contract With Her
and Destroyed It.
Los Angeles, Cal., Dec. 16. The mot
tled fabric of Elias J. (Lucky) Bald
win's variegated past is being unwound
in the trial of the contest instituted
by 17yearold Beatrice Anita Baldwin
Turnbull, his putative daughter, for a
$2,500,000 share of the big estate left
by the noted turfman when he died
nearly two years ago.
Mrs. Lillian Ashley Turnbull of
Brookline, Mass., mother of the girl,
took the witness stand for a long siege
of direct and ex-cross examination,
which . her own attorneys assert will
reveal a monstrous betrayal, but which,
the lawyers representing the estate de
clare, will expose only the self-seeking:
of an adventuress.
The story of the old turfman's asso
ciation with Mrs. Turnbull had a senti
mental setting in the garden and park
of an old manse at "Winchester, a
suburb of Boston, where she said she
first met Baldwin, following a' corre
spondence which started when she
wrote to him to ask for a clipping from
the mane of a famous race horse.
Mrs. Turnbull or "Lillian Ashley,"
as she then was was 22 years old and
Baldwin 63. He wanted- to adopt her
as a daughter, she said, but two years
later when she came to California and
went to his hotel in San Francisco he
quickly made the suggestion that she
become his wife instead.
Marriage Contract Draws.
That was on March 3, 1S93. Whenr
she told him that she believed he al
ready had a wife, she said Baldwin
replied that he had been divorced, but
instead of seeking a clergyman or a
justice of the peace, she added, he drew
up a contract on hotel stationery, which
both signed. Four days later, Mrs.
Turnbull testified, he took the contract
form her, telling her that she might
lose it, and that he would put it in a
safe place. '
The sentimentalism of Baldwin
showed all through Mrs. Turnbull's
story. On several dinner occasions, she
said, he wore boutonnieres, all of which
he gave to her, telling her to preserve
them. She did, and they were intro
duced to the jury. Photographs of her
which he had taken at the time of the
alleged marriage were introduced in
One of these bore the number "22."
"That does not refer to my age," said
Mrs. Turnbull. "I had counted on the
morning after our marriage the num
ber of kisses Mr. Baldwin gave me.
They numbered just 22, and he told me
to write tha on the back of the pic
ture." ' "
At the Santa Anita ranch in the San
Gabriel valley, she said, Baldwin treat
ed her as his wife, although at his dic
tation she had registered at his hotel
there as Miss Lillian Ashley.
It was there, according to her sfory.
that she told Baldwin of the interesting
eve'nt she expected,
"He seemed glad," she testified, "and
told me that if the baby were a boy 1
should name him Elias Jackson Bald
win, jr. If it were a girl, he insisted
that it shoulu be named Anita. That
Is why the name Anita is borne by
my daughter."
Ths Wedding Ring:.
Mrs. Turnbull wore on the third fin
ger of her right hand a plain gold
ring, which she said Baldwin had given
her as a wedding ring. . This rinr,
she said, she had worn constantly on
her left hand until her marriage f
Dr. Turnbull of Boston. Then it was
transferred to give place for the circlet
Dresented hv th nhvuiVinn
The name of Col. Albert Pope bt Bos
ton was brought into the 'case when
Mrs. Turnbull, answering the questions
oi tne cross examiner, declared that,
on discovering in May, 1803, that Bald
win had deceived her in stating that
his wife had been divorced, she told
him she would no longer live with him.
"You did that' because of your re
gard for the moral code, did you not?'
asked Mr. MsNab.
''"Yes," replied Mrs. Turnbull.
"Then," the attorney continued, "it
is not a fact that you sustained the
same relations to Col. Pope in Boston
during October, 1892, that you assumed;
with Baldwin a few months la.tr?"
Mrs. Turnbull denied it, and then j
came a series ot questions which con
cluded witn this:
"Is it not a fact that you know the
monej- with which your hons nnH tf
in Pasadena was purchased came from
uoi. ir'opev
Mrs. Turnbull admitted that she did.
Albuquerque, N. M., Dec 16. W. A.
Gray, 35 years old and married, a
farmer residing on a homestead claim
near Lucy, N. M., was yesterday sen
tenced to serve from 75 to 90 years in
the penitentiary for the murder of his
niece, Miss May Williamson. The crime
was committed Monday morning, De
cember 12. Monday afternoon Gray
was captured by the sheriff and ta
ken to Estancia, where the grand jury
was in session.
Tuesday he was indicted for wilful
murder. Thursday the prisoner, while
protesting his Innocence, pleaded guilty
to murder in the second degree, say
ing he did so to escape the gallows.
Gray will be taken to the penitentiary
Miss Williamson was a school teach
er and resided on a claim adjoining
that of the slayer. Gray's version of
the crime was that he shot the girl,
mistaking her for a burglar when she
sought at dawn to enter his house.
Washington, D. C. Dec. 16. Senator
LaFayette Young of Iowa, Thursday
gave the legislative body of which he
has been a member exactly 10 days, the
surprise of Its existence.
He had prepared to make an attack
on his colleague, senator Cummins, who
seeks the passage of a concurrent res
olution changing the rules of the sen
ate and house so as to permit piecemeal
revision of the Payne-Aldrich tariff
He lectured the grave and dignified
senators from the standpoint of an edi
tor, which he is in private 1fe.
The senate gasped and then laughed
when Mr. Young told it that the coun
try would feel relieved were congress
to adjourn altogether for two "solid"
years. It gasped again when he al
luded to its members in breezy fashion
as "boys," and when he declared thp.t
the editors of the country, and not con
gress, ruled the country.
0: There's One Thing in . a,
w Uneeda Biscuit
m that other soda crackers lack l
m National - Biscuit - Goodness M
sl ln,Hoisture Troof Packages. Ml
American Women Working
In the British
x -.3: -jt. '.. .:K3Kac?.B- .-? jf ... ,.jss. avr .i . .?..: . c r ts. v .-.' .m-. jjm. -rjj.rnr jaj- w t
V-wi SSMJSfSlarfSr" 'f-ii 'Jr33HBS88B I
i UP ia'-iiinHffg!rfT-gaBaiaj J tp
K$ IP"'! itTTlfi Iff T 9bfrnPff;?Jsrm'' ft'iMft,1 ifr SiaAH i
Mk .iwKaBasssssmsim TniW
When your-feet,are wet and'cold. and
your body chilled through and through
from exposure, take a big dose of
Ch'amerlain's Cough Remedy, bathft
your feet in hot water before going tr
bed, and you are almost certain to ward
off a severe cold. For sale by all
Keep It Free From Dandruff
and it Will G&om Lovely
Being the best hair dressing for men
and women, Parisian Sage is also best
for children. Try it once and see how
clean and healthy it keeps the scalp.
"My daughter used Parisian Sage on
her children's hair, and it is as good as
you recommend it to "" be.'" Hannah
Anderson, 1021 Divine St.. Columbia
S. C.
Here Is what a -North Dakota woman
says: "'x
"Parisian Sage' certainly has done my
hair a Sot of good, and will highly
recommend it as a very good, tonic for
the hair. Have used various kinds of
tonics and have found Parisian Sage the
best. 'I have my head free from dan
druff now, and. it has a healthy lustre
and has an even color. It used to be
streaky. Many of my friends are using
It and they speak highly of it." Mrs
Anna Ttooney, 101 Second St., X. Fargo,
N D.
Parisian Sage causes the hair to grow
thicker, more luxuriant, and puts so
much new life Into it that It grows
lustrous and beautiful.
Always bear in. mind that there is
nothing for the hair that can compare
with Parisian Sage. There are many
imitations but none of ttem are guar
anteed to eradicate dandruff, stop fall
ing hair and itching scalp in two
weeks or money back.
A large bottle costs 50 cents at Kelly '
& Pollard's and druggists everywhere.
The girl with the auburn, hair is ok
every bottle. v.
I will teach yon.
M. J. Ely's
Moving Picture
102 N. Campbell St
El Paso, Tex.
P. 0. Box 757.
Licensed Operator.
American omen who have been workers la the British elections. Above
on the left, is viscountess Acheson (Miss Mildred Carter), and to her right the
duchess of Marlbcrouch (Miss Consuelo Vanderbllt). Below Is Mrs. "Waldorf
Astor, jr. (Miss ISnn:;Ie Langhornc).
The duchess of Marlborough, although she Opes not advocate militant
tactics, is a finu believer In woman suffrage, and she has persistently voiced
the suffrajjette cry at semi-public gatherings and in private.
On the other hnnd lady Acheson frequently attended anti-suffrage meet
ings besides working quietly but steadily for the Conservative Interest.
3Irs. Wnjldorf Astor gave vigorous help to her husband's fight for the
capture of Plysmouth from the Liberals. It wax uphill work, too, owing to
the bitter fight-made against the American dollar looming so lara:e in this
gray j 4 1 A j
Special Sale
OX OUR. 50c
Vanilla Marsh
25c Pound
with at our fountain.
206 N. Oregon St. Phone 347
Under the Electric Fountain.

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