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Friday, December 16, 1910.
Has Just Arrive
C? 7 1
a Monster Trainload of
Santa Claus
' . fjffflrm
-.xsFmmimtm'n i -
(If i h I
for Every Man, Woman and Child
to need .medicine or medical advice,
health and pleasure are combined in
eating of "Red Ball" oranges.
Santa Claus1 biggest Christmas present this
year, to the people of this city and vicinity, is
three million luscious, tree-ripened oranges
fresh from 5,000 California Orange Groves. Eat Them Between Meals, Sverve
They are here now, a whole trainload of Them for Breakfast and in
them, and local fruit dealers will begin distrib- Salads and Desserts
uting them at once. They cost so little that Oranges are the ideal breakfast fruit and
they will sell like "hot cakes." Everybody will "between meals" lunch. For salads, they
jump at the chance to get all the good oranges are indispensable. Orange ices, sherbets,
that they and their friends can eat. puddings, etc., are popular and delicious
.Remember, the big Christmas Sale starts Monday desserts which every cook book tells
and will continue through the holidays, or until all the how to make.
Red Ball" oranges are gone. Speak to
your own fruit dealer at once, and you
will then be sure he can take care of you.
A Wonderfully Delicious Fruit
"Red Ball" oranges are finer than any
fruit you've ever tasted most delicious
oranges. They are sweet and so juicy
they almost melt in your mouth.
They are a choice product from more than
5,000 fruit groves. They are hand-picked and
tree-ripened. Hence, sound and solid. Never
bruised, decayed, pithy or insipid.
"Red Balls" are shipped by fast freight,
direct frpm the orange groves to your dealer. They come to
your table in the "same prime, perfect condition in which they
leave California. Each orange is packed in a germ-proof tissue
paper wrapper, labeled "RED BALL." Unless this label
appears on the wrapper, you are not buying
the "Red Ball" orange, but an inferior kind.
"Red Ball" Lemons
Most Healthful of All Fruits
"Red Bair Oranges
by the Box
"Red Ball" oranges are so
carefully picked, packed and
quickly shipped they will keep
for weeks and you can make
a handsome saving by buying
by the box or half-box.
Save Your "Red Ball"
Wrappers and Get .
Valuable Premiums
By saving yotir "Red Ball"
orange and lemon wrappers, you can easily
secure a full set of genuine Rogers orange
spoonsl dessert spoons and fruit knives.
The patterns shown here are new 1911
styles, designed exclusively for us. They
are as attractive and stylish as money can
Fruit dealers at all times are suoplied
with "Red Ball" lemons. They are of
the same superior quality as "Red Ball"., oranges.
Never thick-skinned or pithy. "Red-Ball" lemons are so
;juicy that two of- them -equal three of the commonplace
kind. They, too, are packed in "Red Ball" wrappers.
buy. All are Rogers quality, standard
Doctors everywhere are now advising A-No. 1 plate and are fully guaranteed hy
people to eat more oranges in order to the maker. No advertising appears on any
counteract the meats and other heavy of our premiums.
foods we eat. People who eat fresh, pala- Read on the right the description of these
table oranges in winter are much less apt valuable premiums and how to get them.
The California Fruit Growers' Exchange, 34 ckik St., Chicago,
Rogers Orange
Spoon Free
The picture
shows our new
1911 design,
"Red Ball" Or
ange Spoon, ac
tual size; being
a genuine Rog
ers product and
of the latest
style. This
spoon will be
sent you, charg
es, packing,
etc., prepaid,
on receipt of
12 "Red Ball"
wrappers and
lie. t or each
spoon send 12
"Red Ball"
wrappers and
12 cents.
RED BALL Premiums
Valuable Dessert
Spoon Free
The picture
shows our new 1911
design, Dessert
Spoon, actual size.
It is of the same
excellent quality
and beautiful de
sign as the orange
spoon, but being
larger and heavier
is more valuable.
Sent to you on re
ceipt of 24 "Red
Ball" wrappers
and 20c additional.
For each addition
al dessert spoon
send 24 "Red Ball"
wrappers and
20 cents.
TLis Fraif
Knife Free
Our 1911
Knife is shown
here, actual size.
It is made of
special tem-peredsteelheav-ily
Fully guaran
teed by manu
facturer. Sent
lo you on receip t
wrappers and
20c. For each
additional knife
send 24 "Red
Ball" wrappers
and 20 cents.
On all fe
mittancesup to 24c please
sr " one-cent
si-Jips, on
amounts above 24c, send post office money
order, express money order or bank draft.
Do not send cash. Make your money order
or draft payable to The California Fruit
Growers' Exchange, and address your let-
ters to The California Fruit Growers' Ex
change, 34 Clark Street, Chicago, 111.
You can secure these premiums with "Sun
kist" orange wrappers, "Sunkist" lemon
wrappers, "Red Ball"j orange wrappers, or
"Red Baty" lemon wrappers. If you will
make it a point to buy only "Sunkist" and
' 'Red Ball' ' oranges and lemons, you will not
only get the finest fruits that grow, eco
nomically priced, but you will soon have enough wrappers to secure &
complete set of the beautiful spoons and knives here shown.
z I
not accessible, but -would "be made so AT?T?"PQ!,TlTr""n CiT7C"D'nif',rP
were persons given the right to mar-1 ii-KXfcj&J!iJ-l bUfcrilaLri
ket the timber under restrictions dif- HELD AjS A WITNESS
ferent from those enforced. But this "
cannot be done; the government holds it -r. , -p cx-n -n j -i r
to be the dut? to protect the forest and lS-bee IS otlH JiiXClted Over
refuses to allow its timber to be cut ' "!,, T-'M "KT-.i-nAn A-n
ruthlessly. - But there are many who WIG JJOUDie lMUiUei 111
Besides this forest, known officially . ajxuv eij xjtuoxi.
as the -Tonto, there are many ojthers, I Eisbee, Ariz., Dec. 16. A crowd of
scattered from the Utah Une in the nvar 30 nprfnn? wpnt in fho Innnl rail.
'-Mexican boundary. While not so rich r station to get a sight of one of
' in timnoT thor urn oil rrrrA fnW ova1
r -a- -o '-c , T, i opment purposes and the use of their jthe ItaJias charged with the recent
lHaiail JtCeSerYeS, JD OreSt te- j timber wouia have saved more than ' aouble murder here who had been
. . i S3 nnnnnn' tn tita Vm-nto o. ti j,-v eanturpfl fit Benson. Tfa mn-n iras
j of this commonwealth, could, they have J promptly identified by some of his
I been1 used. They could not, however, countrymen as a local Italian who was
i uetause lumoermen reiusea to cut un-1 " .u.ca. jh. iumiug uusiuna an uie ,
! der proper government regulations, so J time the crime was committed. He, (
Phoenix. A-Iz Dec 16 Arizona i ' the money nt out of the territory to, nowever, aeciarea tnat ne naa seen the
made the sublecV. noSihlv f 7h?SnJ? I lumbr manufacturers and dealers in , two murderers near Douglas trying to
made the subject, Possibly, of the most t, - states and is there L cross the line. .He was taken through I
intensive conservation to be found, any- I cmJVZ J ,,lli - 7 -.-, a back door to iall as an imnnriti '
where in the union. There are more I Shipping lumber into Arizona is like a ac aoor to jail as an important
Sn 20 000 000creS of heV terrUorv j takin coal 'to NewcasUe. but Js it'nowl7itne the police fearing violence
man zu.uou.uuu acres or ner termor .,ii,. rru t ic. i i from the crowd which was verv mtmh
ttlJJXJtT'llelSl0JlLLeZ ervation of the forests, so far as e excited. Three other Italians, who wit-
land itself is concerned, is to he min-J, nessed the crjrne are also being held.
-ruiiue uuougnuui Arizona, ana at tne ,
border are keeping a strict watch. It
is repprted that one of the murderers.
serves and Irrigation Ee-
serves,, Make Her Mad.
serves of one kind or another. Amnn
these are a number of Indian reserva-
tions which have for years been con- '
aiaerea oy many as needlessly large.
There are also other Indian reserva
tions, notably that around Parker, in
one oi me ricnest valleys or tires state,
er. Arizona has in the United Verde
the second largest dividend paying cop
per mine in the world. Only Utah
per mine in me world, only Utah i '" ---" - -" "- "- uclc.
Copper beats it. It nas 22 dividend nav- . supposed to be, Pete Tavaglla, alias
ing copper properties. It 3'Ields an as-f Ue uenovese, is endeavoring to en-
tonlshing amount of gold annually and ? iaZ -i excuea mat
w 1 OllUUIll L11K Ulllll V llli I lfV I1M lirillUriiT
that have not an Indian upon them, lTlZSlln TZelllSonsho guilty1-partis be brou
yet are held tightly bv the govern- tSeedgetht great TonS rlclamation here a inching would likely occur
xnent, despite many appeals that have era S1K?Lm nJS ! Th Prdona Sanitary Laundry I
been made to throw the land.open to "e' 't ?"im.ea' f " i company has been incorporated for the !
1 -., ,. .... maniifantiiro nf lanndnf voo-c. f-nnm J
Aside from the Indian reservations," S"e"J0J paper. The inventor of this I
i w-t "uvl nuv eveu. utr pi usyeuteu. I xt t i-i,-iA t- j t i I
sss2 tbt ." - -o I "e:Tn7trtvrTJt,j, . ysr -
rizona has -no rnni sn far w w, I slEnea ms Position as corporation ex-
J 1 , - . . I u.
itmnSo ThL oro , mim, ..c. lhere is not an oil well in Arizona.
w - w 44j luiuuwj a j : Unnn T . i , i 1 teucu ii-S yuciUUU ilS t
er,:ations within the : territory which are tt tll: or the federal government, to
L?. not .?een ?ccuPied by fl Yer: rpftM1t,v ?;";:. en.a n the business.
Ing to her what she has. or thinks she
has, in abundance and may not use.
BnildiRs; Permits.
To T. M. Jones, to erect barn, lots 21
and 22, block 82, Franklin Heights, Rio
ranae street; estimated cost S295
they are, do -nOt require the tfiousands
of acres thai; surround their small tiosts.
And last, and most important of all,
there are the forest reserves.
The Grand Canyon country is a re
serve; so is the petrified forest and
the natural "bridge and ' aJ dozen other
curiosities of this nature which have
never been explored with a view to
determining their mineral or other re
sources. .
There are several hie: reservations
made for reclamation purposes, notably
ine one in the Tonto country, which Is
r corro Vii OA Ann n mz -r 1, e.14. i
. . v. ..v v,vvu auco ui 1.11V can -- -; ww.., wet.
river valley with irrigation water. Garcia! and Durango streets; estimated
That reservation stretches for 40 miles i cost oU
through the mountains and ends onlyj Deeds Filed.
when it slaps up against a forest re-j El Paso county, Peyton J. Edwards,
serve Twhich continues for almost aj as sheriff, to W. "W. Johnson and Geo!
hundred miles further, land is nearly as' M. Shelton, sections 20, 30, 31 and south
wide as it is long. j half section 17, block 53, section 2fr;
This Is the great pine forest, a forest . north half and southwest quarter of
containing the greatest amount of pine j section 13, north half and southwest
timber of commercial and merchanta-! quarter of section 23, block 63. and
ble quality of any similar sized tract In' section 19. block 53, $300; December 8,
the world- 'Local enthusiasts have de- j 1910.
clared that "it Is the larerest nine f orest El Pasn emiTifv AfnfMno t -ir-i
now standing. This has been disputed, and others to Jose Gonzales, 9.66 acre '
w .w.v.. ouwwsiuu.. wuuuvciitu mj j vi, uiic-iii.ii. nine Lroiii asieta uatno
proof. Be that as it may, the size of, lie church, 51; September 27, 1910.
the forest and its value to the develop-1 East El Paso, Rivera street, between
merit of the adjacent country cannot be j Duna and Cebeda' streets, Apolinar C.
estimated in dollars. It is at present-) Estrada to Teodoro Kyriacopulos, lot
23, block E, 100; December 15, 1910.
Charles Cunninrrhn-m zt-nA niio.ii
Holtz have left tot Chihuahua to in- I
vestigate a strike of jrold recently !
made by a German. The ground is lo- j
cated where the insurrection Is In pro-
gress, but .none of the three parties
anticipate trouble. j
Robert Castillo and L-abisla Garcia !
were married by justice High.
At the invitation of the Warren
C Chlirh in nnllI ?Xiin-r, I Domnprntln nlith .n -;.-, .
lots 28 and 29. block 73, Federal street, I at the Odd Fellows' hall which en-
Highland Park,; estimated cost $200. j dorsed the work of the constitutional
-Lovi. .Morales, to build addition, San convention
Case Against Chaufieur for
Speeding, rassed Inden-
nitely in Police Court. ;
Fitzgerald Moor, charged with cru-'
elty to animals, was fined $5 in pollci '
court Thursday afternoon. , Moor testi
fied that it was a running fall from a '
second story porch on Overland street
that resulted in Injuries- being sustain- I
ed by a small -dog, that later di3d, rath-
er than lloor's striking the dog 'vfth a
broom and knocking i; from the porch. :
On a charge of abnslug his wife, An- j
asacio Rivera v-.i& fined J3 'tnd will
do rock pile duty. Uivora nas been ar- j
raigned on other charges a number of j
times. !
The case of Mrs. Kockett, charged '
w ith disturbing the peace, was passed '
until Friday afternoon. Mrs. Hockett '
lives at the Southwestern hotel, near
the Southwestern railway office build- i
ing. John Barbrick is the prosecuting ,
witness. He alleges that Mrs. Hockett '
he was showing a prospective tenant !
tnrougn tne hotel.
The charge of refusing to be vaccin
ated, registered against Frank Martin,
was withdrawn. Martin was arrested
Wednesday night.
The case of Walter Williams, charged
with violating the traffic ordinance ami
exceeding the speed limit, was passed'
indef tritely. Williams, who is a chauf-j
feur, was arrested following the col-1
lision Thursday afternoon with Juan I
Renteria, at the corner of Stanton and ,
Mills street. Renteria, when pulled .
from under the auto, presented a face ,
that looked as If a sewing machine
would have to be pressed Into service
to make the necessary repairs. I
C. Doll, prosecuting wltms in he
case against A. Stanger. insisted that,
"a lady," "not a woman," was the cause
of the trouble. Stanger, who was
charged with displaying a dangerous '
weapon, told a different stor3' and v as !
acquitted. He conducts a tinshop on '
South El Paso street and said that the '
tinners' union was after him. He also
stated that Doll and a comnaiiio.i visit. !
ed his shop and that Doll threatened to i
kui mm.
Marshal Watkins states that un to
date $15,000 in taxes have ben collected.
Gafe in the stomach comes from food 1
which has fermented. Get rid of this
badly digested food as quickly as pos- J
sible if you wou!d avoid a 'bilious' at
tack; HERBINE is the remedy you !
need. It cleansefc and strengthens the j
stomach, liver anti oowels, and restores j
energy and cheerfulness. Price 50c !
Sold by Scott White & Co.. -204 Mills S
street, and Depot Pharmacj'.
Licensed to Wed.
Jose Ramirez and Maria Astoga.
To Chas. B. McGonagill, American,
410 Montana street, girl, November S.
To Henry . MIeraw, German-American,
1606 Boulevard, girl. December 8.
Walter "Douglas, second vic- presi-j
dent of the El Pasc 'C- Southwestern'
f-ystem, and Jam M"l.-aM. n director!
of the Phelps-Dodge company, passed
through the city Thursday en route to!
New York. Col. Geo. B. Agnew, a New
York senator, was a guest on the trip. I
Mr. Agnew was joint author of the bill
passed by the 'New York legislature
which put a stop to race track betting
in New York.
Alto, N. M., Dec. 16. A sudden
change In temperature, caused by a
cold, damp fog has changed into a
snow today.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Schaeffer, a 10 pound boy.
Mrs. Gussie Kirkley left this morn
ing for Lincoln, N. M , to take a po
sition in the office of Dr. T. W. Wat
son treasurer and fexofflcio collector
Silk waists and fine skirts nnT--
j priced at The Bee Hive, 208 E. Overland.
Funchal, Italy, Dec. 16. Troops fired
into a crowd of rioters at Santa Cruz
yesterday. The casualties were not
made known. Twenty persons were ar
rested. . The disorders originated in resist
ance of the uneducated classes -to the
strict measures taken by the authoii
ties to check the cholera epidemic. The
disease is still claiming many victims.
Your Health Worth?
You start sickness by mistreating nature
and it generally shows first in the bowels
ar dJ A loc box (week's treatment)
of CASCARETS will help nature help
you. They will do more using them
regularly as you need them than any
medicine on Earth. Get a box today
take a CASCARET tonight. Better In '
the morning. It's the result that makes
millions take them. ' M, i
CASCARETS ioc a bor for a week's
treatment, all druppists. Bfeeest seller
la tie vrorld. Million boxefa monuL
Tightwaddo the Monk.
(Copjrijrbt, 1910. by the Xev lork ETealaj Joenul PnbMshing Cospany.)
Present '. -
(fine J
j v ' y
Mp"ll have to Pay
HOPE the'
Kill him I
This cobblestone
I Crpat' )
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He opems it:
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