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14 v Friday, December 16, 1910.
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Any product which contains hog fat is subject
to the taint or possibility of disease germs. Lard is
made from hog fat it may be pure and it may not.
At any rate, it is at best indigestible, and 'will raise
havoc with any but the hardiest stomach.
Gottolene is a vegetable product, which is far
superior to lard for all shortening and frying pur
poses, it is an absolutely pure ana neaimrui
fat made from cotton oil.
Cottolem is a product of nature and is bound to be
wholesome. It is the one dependable, healthful product
v for frying and shortening, and is carefully inspected and
made to conform with all pure
food laws.
Made only by
TTHE n. k. fairbank company
The Swine or
the Flower?
Dr. David Starr Jordan, president of
Leland Stanford university, who in his
speech on "Peace" in Goddard chapel
at Tufts recently, declared that he was
for an international supreme court. Mr.
Jordan in part said:
"A war Is a crime. Seventy percent
of our public taxes are used for past
Damage Amounting to$15,-
.000 Gansed by ffire at
Mormon Colony.
Colonia Ihiblan, Chihuahua, Mexico,
Dec 16. The furniture plantof Gas
icell Eomney ihas been destroyed by fire.
"Within-15 minutes after the blaze was
discovered by A. D. Thurber all hope
of savins the building- or its contents
-was, gone- It "was built mostly of
lumber and there were pieces of lum
ber and shavings every place, and the
drouth had caused everything to be as
dry as kindling wood. The fire threw
large sparks and pieces of burning
wood for two and three blocks. The
stack yard of Mrs. "Pratt, two blocks
away, was set on fire in several differ
ent p'laces, but quick action prevented
its spread.
Mr. Eommey had just completed a
$1000 order for Pearson of doors and
windows, and it was all burned. It is
thought that some of the highest priced
machinery can be retempered and made
to do service. If it can the loss will
be greatly reduced, otherwise the Joss
will be between $15,000 and $20,000.
An amusing feature of the fire was
that when men neard the explosion
of the gasoline tanks, heard horsemen
running through the streets calling,
something, and listened to the ringing
of the school .house bell, they thought
the insurrectos had come to take us,
and they rushed around for their guns
while the flames were eating -up the
house, trees, fences, etc
XfeRoy Skousen ihas returned from,
his Scandinavian mission.
Mary B. Eyring, of Colonia Juarez,
lias pneumonia. "
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. William "Wal
ser, a son.
Diphtheria has "broken out in Colonia
Morelos, Sonora, and they have closed
their school and are taking every pre
cautionary measure possible to pre
vent its spread.
Josephine Spillsberry is reported as
being very, very ill with typhoid fever.
. Salina, Kas., Dec. 16. Earl "Ward,
SO years old who, It is said, robbed
the State bank at Paradise, Kansas,
securing "52500, killed himself when
surrounded by a posse of farmers, 14
miles north of that place yesterday.
I "Ward's suicide came as a climax
"to one of the most sensational robber
ies in the central west In recent years.
He had made a hard race for liberty,
"but as the farmers over the entire
section "had been notified by telephone,
the posse easily picked up his trail.
For five hours he succeeded in elud
ing the farmers, who were after him,
but about sundown he "was surrounded
at a place 14 miles north of Paradise.
At first he seemed to be seeking a
route to liberty through the lines of
the determined farmers but, failing to
find it, he turned the gun "he had
bought earlier in the day, upon him
self and sent a bullet Into his brain.
"When the members of the posse
reached his side they found $2500
i which "Ward had stolen from the bank.
"Washington, D. C, Dec. 16. Mexico
has given her consent for the con
struction by the United States of a
levee in Mexican territory to control
the waters of the Colorado river for
the protection of Imperial valley, Cal
ifornia. Congress at its last session appropri
ated $100,000 for this purpose, but it
was necessary to secure the sanction
of Mexico because the work will be
done In that country. All the necessary
authority for the dispatching of la
borers to the scene has been granted.
Ambassador "Wilson, at Mexico City,
has telegraphed the state department
that Mexico ihas appointed Fernando
Beltran y Puga, boundary commission
er at El Paso, as her engineer in con
nection with the construction of the
Valentine, Texas, Dec 16. J. M
Stroud has sold his home northwest
of town to George Pullam and has
purchased six sections of land of H.
Skipper. This land is located in the
best portion of Holland's Valley.
J. A Moore, of New Mexico, has
rented the Sparks place for the winter.
Cook Moore, whose family three in
number have recovered from a seige
of typhoid fever, has moved to his
ranch home in the , Fort Davis moun
tains. Mrs. R. A. Everett, who has been
111 some time with fever, has recov
ered and returned to her home.
Mr. and Mrs. "Walter Twyeffort are
the parents of a baby girl.
The Mission society of the Union
church will give a Christmas bazar
Saturday in -the Foley store building
from 3 until 10:30.
Valentine will have a ' Christmas tree
under the auspices of the Sunday
R. I. Means has recently completed
a four room cottage. 4
C T. Hawker has put down a well
for John Baumgart Abundant water
supply Is afforded.
Grant Robinson, of Kansas City, is
j here -with seven prospective home-
A Curicus Toast.
"And now," said the clergyman, hold
ing his glass of water high in air with
a bacchanalian gesture, "and now I
will propose a splendid toast"
He paused. Then he said earnestly:
"Rusty swords and dirty Bibles!"
The guests looked at one another.
Was 1he toast not irreverent? Per
ceiving finally, however, that it was
a toast to" peace and godliness, they
I clinked their glasses merrily together.
and future wars and this on our own
initiative. In Europe the war debt is
$26,000,000,000, allowed to the unseen
vampire and wnich the nations will
never pay and -which taxes poor people
9,500,000 a year. I say that future war
Is impossible, because the nations can
not afford it. England" and Germany
cannot possibly go to war, especially
because the German emperor will not
fight, knowing that a conflict means
the end of his family reign."
Denise Orme, the English actress,
who, through the death of her hus
band's father, the second baron Onurs
ton is one of the many stage favorites
who have entered the ranks of the Eng
lish peerage. Miss Orme, the only
daughter of Alfred Smlther, married
secretly on April 24, 1901, Capt. John
Women's Tailored Suits Reduced!
AH the new styles our entire stock of
Women's Tailored Suits is now offered at
one-third less than the regular prices !
There are no exceptions every tailored
suit in the store is included in this big clear
ance sale.
This is a splendid Christmas opportunity
-ran exceptional chance to save money on
guaranteed garments.
You don't have to pay cash. Select any
suit you wish, and we'll charge it.
$ 18.00 Suits, $12.00
320.00 Suit's, $13.50
$22.00 Suits, $14.50
$25.00 Suits, $16.5Cf
$28.00 Suits, $1$.
$30.00 Suits, $20.00
$32.00 Suits, $21.
$35.00 Suits, $23.50
W z&Lu tsi i2 w
216 South B Paso Street
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mr Revolution ,
My in baking methods which gave the L
$ world Uneeda Biscuit also resulted In a
M ; Revelation s l
ml fjN tealizt this the moment you W
M oir Pen e roya PwrPe Pacage . m
1 ZdfnMk) and find soda crackers so tempt- B
Ul ing and good that they cannot ju)
B JmWJirJ 9PH & Mm)
Roswell, N. II., Dec. 16. The peo- (
pie of Ros-well are emphatic iu their
expressions of disgust with the mail
service they are getting since the mail
service over the Rock Island railroad
and auto line from Vaughn to Ros
well was discontinued by order of the j
Territorial secretary Nathan Jaffa
on xclfo aftr snendlner several davs
here visiting relatives and friends In j
Roswell, have gone to spend the holi
days with their daughter, Miss Julia,
in "Washington. D. C, where she Is
attending school.
J. C. Hamilton, eminent commander;
John H". Jenkins, generalissimo; j
Frank X. Brown, captain general, and
"W. "W. Phillips', recorder, were elected
by Rio Hondo Commandery No. K, '
Knights Templar, as officers for the
coming year, and E. A. Lohman,
prelate; Claude Hobbs, senior warden;
J.'S'. Lea, junior warden; Harry "White,
standard bearer; H. W. Axtell, sword
bearer; L.. A. Sandero, warden, and D.
C. Pearson, sentinel, were selected to
fill the apointlve offices.
Kansas City, 'Mo., Dec 16. "I give
you my word before God that I am not
guilty. I gave you men the credit for
better sense."
This was the statement of John
Fea'gle, alleged slayer of Mrs. Emellne
Bernhardt, one of the four persons
killed on the Bernhardt farm south 6i
here last weekt when asked if he had
anything ta say about the charge.
"Feagle's sister, Mrs. Lucy Monroe, of
Kansas City, Kan., made a petition for
a writ of habeas corpus on te grounds
that the police there had no right to
hold her brother longer. Mrs. Monroe
is the wife of , Gustav Monroe, the
American who was killed in Mexico Citr
on November 2S, as he walked out of
a cafe.
Miss Helen Taf t, the
"Queen Of the White House"
Every family has nded of a good, re
liable liniment. For sprains, bruises,
soreness of the muscles and rheumatic
pains there is none better than Cham
berlain's. Sold by all dealers.
inlTTWn Ttti f ' i i i 1 1 "i i Mi Ml T i xV - ..- .Bj
JiifHiP Fl HiIFT T i vTTpr i i i IlirWnillt Tfi " - W
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Every Mother Should Read
and Semember This.
In any home where a child has a ten
dency to croup, a bottle of HYOMEI
(pronounce Hlgh-o-me) should be. kept
constantly on hand.
A sudden attack of croup with diffi
cult breathing and extreme distress Is
apt to come on at any time.
The course- to be pursued is plain.
Send for your doctor at once, and in
the meantime drop 30 drops of HYOMEI
into, a bowl of boiling water, and hpM
the child's head over it, cover vith a
towel or cloth, so that only the air filled
with Hyomei vapor Is breathed.
This method' of treatment has saved
many a child's life, and mothers of
croupy children should see to It that
HYOMEI is always on hand- Full in
structions for prompt relief of croup is
in eaon- package.
A 50c bottle of HYOMEI is all iyou
need in reating croup. This Is known
in all drug stores as Extra Bottle Hyo
mei Inhalent- Kelly & Pollard and
druggists everywhere sell it. Breathe
HYOMEI. It is guaranteed to cure ca
tarrh, -croup, sore throat, bronchitis,
coughs and colds, or money back.
To break up a cold in a few minutes
try this: Pour a teaspoonful of Hyomei
into a bowl of boiling water, put towel
over head and bowl, and breathe the
soothing, healing vapor that arises. It
makes your head feel clear in two min
utes. It is pleasant to use. Free trial
sample of HYOMEI can be obtained by
writing booth's- Hyomei Co., Buffalo,
N. Y.
Yade-Buller, the eldest son and heir of
the baron who has just died. "When the
beautiful Mrs. Mabel Louise Atherton.
wno has figured in several domestic
sensations, found it out she sued Capt.
Yade-Buller for $25,000 for breach of
promise. The suit went against the
captain and bankrupted him, the judg
ment and expenses of the suit amount
ing, it is said, to 5250.000.
Two years ago Denise Orme returned
to the stage to provide for the family.
She has two daughters and a son.
Drink Lots of it
It's pure, rich, swect.
' It's good, and good for your sys
tem. It's nature's purest food
drink. It's a health food.
Many families uae three' to five
quarts per day.
i'honcsr Hell 3-tOr Ants. 1138.
OfTice 313 X. Oreos.
. y,
''2 &
sol. wjwiu yfJ
T1 Mggest Pw&y Fttd Marafsefen
hi tft wirW. Try a bag ci hi Hi
ifafos Hsns Lay
Saves Bslsy Chicks
(Atotys in tocksrte&rd Kat
E i$Z in JKmmTm rL tl J
Photographic study of ?illss Helen Taft, daughter of ihe president of the United States, who recently made her de
birt into American society, nt a tea given in the enot room of the AVhIte House, under auspices and conditions that
were -without precedent in their brilliance and enthusiasm. There va. a decided innovation In this affair, -which
Tins due to the tact snd discrimination of airs. Taft. Heretofore it hss been the custom to Rive a dance for the j
younger set, after which the president! -l bud was at liberty to accent invitations and be considered formally out-M i
Mrs. Tnft, howe er, reverted to the colonial custom, hlcli included a reception and n personal presentation to
society, yonnsr and old. In this Mrs. Taft has revised a fashion of the ciders vrhich vrlll undoubtedly be adopted hy j I
.lie society of the national capital,
0. G. SEET0N

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