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TIe Herald's Sporting News
The Herald's Sporting News 23
Holmes Dyeing & Cleaning Works
Plain Skirts, cleaned .-..,..'. $1.00
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Fancy Dresses, cleaned . $1.50 to 3.00
Coats, cleaned $1.00 to 1.75
Coat Suits, cleaned . $2.00 to 2.50
Coat Suits, dyed $2.50 to 3.00
Opera Coats and Capes, cleaned $1.50 to 2.00
Short Gloves, pair, cleaned .. 15c; 2 pair .25
Long Gloves, pair, cleaned - 25
Plumes and Fancy Articles cleaned. "
Coats, cleaned and pressed $1.00
Trousers, cleaned and pressed - ....... 50
Vests, plain. or fancy, cleaned andpressed 1 25
Suits, sponged and pressed - -75
Overcoats, sponged and pressed .. .;..... 50c to .75
Overcoats cleaned ....' j....$1.50 to.2.00
Heckties, cleaned, 10c each; dozen . ....A.. ZT. 1.00
fiats, cleaned and blocked ". ..7.. .75 v
Hats, cleaned and blocked, new trimming ,, $1.25 to 1.50
Tightwaddo the Monk.
Our New Plant and Equipment Enabled Us
to Turn Out More and Better Work
TELEPHONES 736, 787, 79-
701 Texas Street. Branch Office, 218 Mesa Ave
Irrigation and Mining Machinery
Witte Engines and Eoists
Centrifugal and Spiral Pumps
Pumping Plants Installed Complete
See Our Witte Junior Line.
303 San Francisco St.
Our Modern Steel Safety Deposit
Are now open for renters and offer a 'secure and convenient place- for
your valuables." ' -'" r
We also receive valuable packages for storageat moderate rates.
The American .National Bank
Of El Paso.
Capital and surplus. t .$240,000.00
Now being increased to .$... 360,000.00
J - ikf&- j 'Z- - Z i - i j?z
: mWEdmm- -x&st;- ifL
h -fru J. H -rHrlHB V V tfuW v 1 H J
i wpp arn 32n&) mm
m fC j L 'LJ rns Y ( i II
a s v -c3 CL
1 : , ' . ( CteANLD J f OM WELL ONsss
I 5 . , Iss'M snow Better TJck: N
J ",-.' ' ALL OFF BUTJ "r j
r. " f -i , , FWD THE ) - BJ
.pMooc aDlS-feJbc i'
fVr? PK ffWV Vjft:
I -"- - - . ... a al
C tnts
He Sides Witli Eadicals in
Meeting Beings Held in
Chicago, 111., Jan. 14. President
Taf t's action in taking sides -with the
radical g-olf element lends additional
Interest to the United Golf association'
meeting today, and gives color to t
rumored dissatisfaction of the ea;
.golfers "which may lead to a golf
that will divide the playersr
country Into two rival camps.
The president. In a letter to palter
J. Travis, -who is one of the leaders of
the eastern agitation against fhe ar
bitrary methods of the Royal pd An
cient Golf clubs of St. Andrews, Scot
land, expressed the opinion Ahat the
sticlc to -which that club took excep
tion -was "sportsmanlike and' gives no
undue advantage." This action on the
part of the president has gained for
Travis and his friends a host of sup
porters and it is freely rumored that a
determined effort tvIH be made to or
ganize a national golf association
which "will be entirely independent of
the St. Andrew's club.
The Kolf situation as it stands to
day presents the -western golf clubs,
which are admittedly radical in spirit,
favoring a secession from St. Andrews
rules, -while most of the golfers of the
east are said to be against a break
-with the British club.
The ruling of SL Andrews organiza
tion against the Schenectady putter, a
mallet headed club that has found fa
vor among golfers of this country, is
credited, however, with stirring up a
spirit of antagonism among eastern
golfers much in accord with western
radicalism. The first eastern organi
zation to voice a protest against the
mallet headed putter ruling was the
Plainfield Country club, one of the
strongest golf clubs of the east.
The western golf organization, as
far back as last year, showed a spirit
of radicalism that made it evident that
they were dissatisfied with the St. An
drews rule. In fact, it i3 said that it
was only the conservative spirit of the
eastern representatives at the conven
tion that prevented decided steps being
taken toward the establishment of a
new national body at that meeting.
New York, 'Jan. 14. Abe Attell, the
featherweight champion, outpointed
Patsy Kline, of Newark, in a snappy 10
round so here last night. Klihe kept
after Attell throughout the fight and
iook a lot of punishment In' his en
deavor to land a knockout- But At
tell's clever footwork and ducking
caused many of Kline's vicious swings
to go wild.
In the clinches Attell pummeled the
Newark boy's kidneys severely. Kline
landed a stinging left on Attell's jaw
in the ninth, angering the champion,
who retaliated with a volley of rights
and lefts to the head and body, which
drove Kline to the' ropes. Both boys
were fighting sturdily when the bell
WOT Compete With Other
outhwestern Teams for
Preparations are being made for the
of the El Paso Country club golf
ers to Bisbee and Douglas and enter
tainments of various kinds are being
arranged to be given In their honor by
the golfers of that section.
The El Paso Country club "will leave
El Paso on Tuesday night, Jan. 19. The
following day the El Pso team will
meetxthe team front the "Warren Dis
trict club at Bisbee and in the after
noon 'iridividual play will be the 43rder.
On Saturday the Southwestern cham
pionship for individual play -will be
held at Douglas, all clubs in this sec
tion contesting, and on Sunday the El
Paso team will play the Douglas Coun
try club.
Invitations have been extended to
the E1 Paso club to take a woman's
team to Douglas to contest against a
team of women from the club of that
city, but it has not "been definitely de
termined how many women will be
able to go.
A. N. Brown will go in his private
car with a party and there will be spe
cial Pullman coaches for those attend
ing the matches from El Paso.
A team of 20 members will be picked
from the players and games will be ar
ranged for the others. D. S. Livie., the
El Paso County club professional, will
meet professionals from the other
clubs, and others who will make the
'trip are: Dr. James Vance, A. W.
Houck, "Waters Davis, P. J. Edwards, R.
G. Crowder, J. F. Williams, E. E. Neff,
W. V.. Sterling, D. M. Sutor, Garnettj
xviu, iiee o. .gravis, w. x. oneiton, u.
A. Trost, W. E. Race, C. A. Beers, H.
A, McLean, W.' T. Hixson. W. F. Pavne.
Lieuts. G. V. S. Quackenbush and F. B
Turner. R. C. Semple, Richard Sparks,
C. E. Kellog, L. H. Vallery, C. H. Iea-vell.
Who successfully treats and cures all forms
of Chronic. Nervous and Private Diseases of
Men and Women, and who, from his long- ex
perience in the treatment of such diseases., is
better capacitated to 'treat and cure you than
others who have not made the treatment of
such troubles as yours a special study.
Specific Blood Poison, Stricture, Sexual
Weakness, Bladder and Kidney Troubles, Rheu
matism, Piles, Fistula, Contracted Diseases,
Varicocele in any of its forms permanently
cured. A guarantee given In every case; no
pain or loss of time from business.
Blood poison of a specific character perma
nently cured in the shortest time possible. All
cases guaranteed.
Bladder and Kidney Troubles under our sys
tem of, treatment rapidly and permanently
Strictures cured without dilating or cutting;
no detention from business.
Acute Private Diseases cured quickly, per
DR. J. H. TERRIIili. fectly and permanently.
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treatment, and all Sexual Weaknesses, Lack of Development, no matter
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and shoulders' above any other book that you. have ever read, lrixg tk
book, to roe and I -jvIII treat you absolutely FREE.
If you do not find more Diplomas, Certificates and Indorsements from,
business men in this book than inany other book you have ever seen
I will treat you FREE.
Dr. J. H. Terrill is the pioneer of Specialists, the Specialist with tha
Best Reputation, the Specialist with the Indorsements of Governors, Law
yers, Judges. Doctors, Mayors, Ministers. Commercial Clubs ad Business
Men generally.
Book will be sent in plain, sealed envelope to any address, if you
Inclose 8c for postage. Write today.
Dr. J. H. Terrlll,
Terrill Medical Institute
Office Hours i 9 to 12 a, m.; 1 to 5:3 y. bb.
SOS Conroy Bldgr Sam Antonio Texas.
American League Team to
Come Here at End of
El Paso may get some early spring
baseball if the plans of the Boston Red
Sox (American league) teannare real
ized. The Beaneaters will be in El
Pase on March 29 and 30, and manager
M. L. ONeill has written the local G.
H. offices to endeavor to arrange
games for the two days, between tha
Boston team, and an El Paso team. So
far, no definite arrangements have
been made, but it is hoped that local
fans will organize a team for the oc-pasion1.
iiy or weakn
of men, Tromea
; d children.
Chronic Blood
PoisOn. Eruption
all Skin Disease?
Rheumatism, Ca
tarrh, Heart Dis
ease, Luny Trou
ble, Liver Com
plaint and Con
stipation. Female Internal
trouble, inflama
tion or acuta
fice XQS N. CampbelL 311 Pnone 2S14,
' HY
Lima Beall Runs Away and
Throws Her Eider.
Closer Wins. '
New York, Jan. 14. Announcement
was made last night that the contest
board of the American Automobile as
sociation has decided to award sanc
tion for the Florida automobile races,
March 27 to 30 Inclusive to the Jack
sonville automobile club in preference
to the Daytona automobile club. Un
der this arrangement the races will bo
run at Atlantic (Pablo) beach.
Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 14. The date
of the Frankie Conley-Tommy Dixon
10 round fight here Is changed from
January 23 to January 18.
Muskogee, Okla., Jan. 14. Carl Mor
ris, the "white man's hope," has post
poned his bout here with Miks JVhrfc
until January 27. The Dostnonftmont ?
the result of an injury to his right
and which Morris received in his fight
with Kennedy at Bartlesville Monday.
The injury Is not serious.
Chicago, IlL, Jan. 14. George Hack
enschmidt lost a handicap wrestling
match to Charles Cutter here last
night when he failed .to throw Cutter
within an hour.
"Buy and boost home products."
Use Globe Mills Flour.
Hot Clam Bournon witn salt sprays
Elite Confectionery Co.
Friday, the 13th, was all of that and
more for the piker boys at the race
track. Of all the touted ones but one
favorite was returned a winner and the
bets were off in the first race, when
Luna Beall ran away going to the post,
threw her rider, went the distance
and ran away again with jockey Lou
der unable to control her until she
had run another mile and a half. As
she was carrying a lot of the money.
her backers were given a wallop by
her unruly performance. Preen was
the onlj favorite to get home ahead
and the play on her -was not heavy at
the prevailing odds of 2 to 1.
Closer "Wins the First.
Closer ran closer than ever Friday
when he was outrun at the first and
then came on strong to win in the
final furlong. Twenty One went away
well and looked a winner until Closer
made his move, then he hung and was
in tsecond place at the finish. Royal
Tea was third after a nice race. Preen,
the favorite in the second race, was
rated in front and always held her
field in safe position. Ashwell was off
bad at the barrier, out managed to
make up enough ground to finish in
second place Lista also came from
behind and finished gamely. Sebago
made 'the most of a rough journey in
the third race. He was cut off by Lady
Tendi, recovered In time to get going
good, and beat Uncle Ben out at the
finish, after Lady Tendl had run her
race. Uncle Ben had no excuses.
3IolesTortk Rides Well.
Molesworth rode a nice race on Bob
Lynch in the fourth. In this purse
event Lynch was allowed to follow
the pace until the stretch turn, where
he picked up his feet and beat it home
ahead of the rest, with Molesworth
forcing him to the front. He was bare
ly able to stick It out, and the race
was a nice estimate of the horse's
stfeed powers on the part of the
jockey. Enfield got away fifth, but
was working his way to the front,
and would have beaten Bob Lynch in
another stride. He looked best of them
all in this race. Napa Nick lost all
chances to win by hanging in the final
Ten to One Shot Wins.
Tom McGrath, a 10 to 1 shot, won
the six furlongs race, fifth on the
card. Creston followed the pace
through and challenged the winner in
the stretch, but was outgamed in the
final race. Alice George was In third
position at the close, after running a
good race. Crossover was last until
the far turn for the finish, when he
loosened up and won going away.
Florence A. ran a fine race and was
easily the second best all the way: To
Beau Man was given the task of set
ting all of the pace and the best he
got out of -it was third position at
the finis.
The Summaries.
First race, three furlongs, purse,
2yearolds, value to first $300 Closer,
113 (McGee), S to 5, won; Twenty One!
108 (Howard), 6 to 1, second; Royal
Tea, 113 (Rice), 10 to 1, third. Time,
:35 4-5. Polly Pucell, Edna S., Luna
Beall, Texture, ran.
Second race, six furlongs, 4yearolds
and up, value to first 225 Preen, 106
(Reynolds), 2 to 1, won; Ashwell, 105
(Rice), 8 to 1, second; Lista, 103
(Molesworth), 6 to 1, third. Time, 1:14.
Pllain, Perwinkle, SIscus, "Valley
Stream, Queenfull, Lady Quality, ran.
Third race, five and one-half fur
longs, purse, 3yearolds and up, value
to first 300 Sebago, 110 (Rice) 3
to 2, won; Uncle Ben, 115 (MeGee),
4 to 5, second; Lady Tendi, 98 (Cook),
12 to 1, third. Time. 1:06 3-5. Fred
Essen, Compliment, ran. 4
Fourth race, six furlongs, purse,
4yearolds and up, value to first
300 Bob Lynch, 104 (Moles
worth), 5 to 1, won; Enfield, 110 f(Den-
ny), 20 to 1, second; Napa Nick, 107
(Reid), 6 to 1, third. Time. 1:12 4-5.
Baltronia, Otiio, Vreeland, Collnet,
Gilpy, ran.
Fifth race, six furlongs, selling,
4yearolds and up, value to first 225
Tom McGrath, 110 (McGee), 10 to 1,
won; Creston, 112 (Louder), 4 to 1,
second; Alice George, 106 (Cotton), 8
to 1, third. Time, 1:13 1-5. Cobleskill,
Doc AJlen, Tavora, Salnfox, Elder, Gene
Wood, ran.
Sixth race, one. mile, selling, 4year
olds and up, value to first 400
Crossover, 98 (Benschoten), 4 to 1,
won; Florence A., 102 (Molesworth), 15
to 1, second; Beau Man, 108 (Keogh),
10 to 1, third. Time. 1:S9. The Wolf,
Ellerd, Kopek, Ramon Corona, Pedro,
Light Wool, ran.
HH .
The bowling contest betwe'en the
Houck-White and the Bryan-Roberts
two iriAn teams at- thn Cactus drib.
jFriday night proved to be one of the
most interesting and exciting games
of the season. It ended with the
HouckWhite team the winners by the
small margin of two pins, the final
scores being'1818 and 1820.-
The Houck-7hite team won three
out of the five games, their opponents
surging way ahead in the second and
third games which they won. At the
end of the fourth game the score was
IIOO ..3 1400 1 .. . J.1 T-
Referee Frew claimed that Conley , JT Eft"1 Z?UX 1
SaTawIv TfS!?Ctn t0 P iHoutac ran 223 and nis partner M"
man away and refused to permit the h,vw tt,ht, o- , nnnnOnt0
or this game of 5S pins, giving them
the decision by two pins.
Houck ran both high game with 223
J and high total with 955, thus proving
his right to the title of city champion.
The scorer
White -...159 1S9 184 16S 165 865
Houck ...212 16S 148 206 223 -
Milwaukee, Wis., Jan. 14. Frankie
Conley, of Kenosha, claimant of the
bantam weight championship, was dis
qualified by referee Frew at the end
of the eighth round of a 10 round no
declsion bout, with Freddie Andrews,
of Milwaukee, last night.
TIZ-For Sore Feet
Cures Tired, Aching. Swollen, Sweaty
Feet. Callouses, Bunions and Chilblains,
right off.) At all druggists, 25c for a
big box.
bout to go further. Only in the first
and second rounds did Andrews seem
to have the advantage, when he got in
several stiff rights to Conley's head.
After the second period, Conley went
after his man and wore him down with
severe body punches In every round.
Early In the bout the referee warn
ed Conley for his mauling tactics. At
the end" of the fifth round, Andrews
seemed to be all in and was bleeding
from the cheek and nose.
The seventh and eighth were Con
ley's in which he landed many hard
rights and lefts to the body.
At the conclusion of the eighth the
referee claimed Conley failed to take
advantages of several opportunities and
stopped the contest.
Bryan .
...371 355
..168 194
..1SS 178
3S8 1820
159 9Q1
178 917
Torreon,. Mexico, Jan. 14. The Club
Lagunera, of Gomez Palacio, held a
special meeting this week and elected
the following officers: J. F. Britting
ham, president; Pedro Franco Usrarte.
Vice president; Pedro de Heras, treas
urer; xia &. barabla, secretary; W7. 13.
Giesecke, Dr. "Viesca Lobaton, Pedro
Camino, Abraham Terrazas, directors.
Mr. Brittingham was unanimously
elected president for the third time.
The two best basket ball games of
the season are slated to take place
Saturday evening at the T. Ml C. A.
gym. The first game will be between
the old athletic rivals, the high school
and the Military Institute-teams. Both
teams are in fine form and are in for
blood in this contest
Coach Beaten of the Institute team
has been working his men hard during
the past week, in preparation for the
game, while the High School boys, al-
tnougn witnoux a coach, have been
putting in all their extra time on the
The New Mexico A. & M. college team
which is to play the Y. M. C. A., ar
rived Saturday morning with vten men,
including coach A. H. Badenoch. This
team Is one of the strongest in New
Mexico and a fast game is assured.
The local team has been, resting since
Friday, but is in fine shape.
The lineups for the -various teams
will be picked from the following men:
High Schools Shea, Hoover, Chenoveth"
Thomas. Lyman. Militarv Institute:
snyaer. .Baldwin, Jenkins, Jones, Kee
nan, Hilburn, Derbyshire.
Y. M. C. A.: Block, Miller, Peralta,
Rumsey, Garwood. Blckens. Kindle-
Atkinson. A. & M. Colletre: TTno-o
W. Hall, Blaine, H. Hall, Smith, Brigg!
Boote. -
$100 Reward, $100.
.J1??13?3 ol thXs W-Vtr frtll be pleased to leam
that there Is at least one dreaded disease that science
tos been able to cure In. all its stacts, and that Is
wuinu. mna viiarrn cTire is the only positive
cure now known to the medical irateniltr. Oitarrh
being a constitutional disease, requires a constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken In
ternally, actln? directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces ot the system, thereby destroying the
foundation ot the disease, and giving the patient
Btrength by building up the constitution and assist
ing nature In doing Its vrork. The proprietors have
so much faith In Its curative powers that they offer
One Hundred Dollars for any case that It faus to
cure, fccad for list of testimonials.
Address F. J. CHENEY & CO . Toledo. O.
Sold by an Drugztsts. 75c
Take Hall's Family Fills for constipation.
Totals ...358 372 39S 354 335 1818 I
Margin, two pins, Houck and White.
High game, Houck. 223. r
High total, Houck, 955.
Strikes, Houck, 2Q; White, 16; Rob
erts, 15; Bryan, 13.
Spares. Bryan, 29; Roberts, 27;
Houck, 20; White, 19.
Splits, Houck, 11; White, 7; Roberts,
6; Bryan. 4.
Errors, Houck, 1; Roberts, 2; Bryan,
4; White, 8.
. . v !
' . ! !
Sydney, N. S. W., Jan. 14.
Longworth, the New South
Wales swimmer, today clipped
three and fourth-fifths seconds
from the world's record for 1320
yards, held by C. M. Daniels, an
American. Longworth swam the
distance in 17 minutes and 42
. ! . ! ! O
r0R I
Arctic or Matador
IT Brand Lard Compound, the Pure j
11 Vegetable Lard,
II r 1 3 t J
I) aiapuiaccurea uy i
SI Paso Refining Co.,
El Paso, Texas.
WWrW eHsTSd In f
i wlii ii fur 24 Hours l
t OLgLflfi Each Cap v S
Bi name JW J
2 Beware ofcaunterfeiis
PztlMes tfcicJc luxuxiMMt JuOar wke all
vtker reielle tU. We furutH
Daxdertae. All DnHncbs. 3S, Se am
-51, r Bmi tikis Ad vritk ! (staatya
liver) tmr m. larxe tree uH,
KXfWLTOX DAxaxitnraE o
Could Not
Guess Her Age
Mrs. J Jones, at 52, Rides
Horseback as Well as She
Ever Could.
If you are the owner of a car
that you value highly be
sure and keep our telephone
number in your mind so that
in case of emergency you
may call up our repair de
partment. Christy Automobile
ompany, inc.
Accessories and Supplies
615 N. Campbell St.
M. B. Christy, Mgr. Both.-phones
Kenny, II1L Mrs. Anna Jones, of this
place says: "I used to be troubled with
a weakness peculiar to women. For
nearly a year, I could not walk, with
out holding -my sides with my hands.
I tried several different doctors sup
posed to be the best, and was. never
even relieved. I got worse, and I told
my husband I believed they were ex
perimenting on me.
Finally, our druggist advised Cardul
for my complaint. I was so thin, my
weight was 115. Xov I weigh 163, and
I am never sick. I ride horseback as
good as I ever could. I am in fina
health, at 52 years. Some think I am
about S5. It was Cardui built me up. If
I ever need medicine for womanly trou
bles, I shall use Cardui, for It is all
you cTalm."
Thousands of ladles have written,
like Mrs. Jones, in the past fifty years,
to tell of the benefit received from
Cardui. Such testimony, from earnest
women, surely proves the great value
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peculiar to their sex.
Cardui Is the medicine you need.
Try Cardui. (Tour druggist has it)
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Found at. Last
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doubt, that Tuberclecide, which is
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