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A Great Event That Defies Its Equal in The
Retail Merchandising History of EI Paso
Prices Marked in Plain Figures on Sale Tags.
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.aVataaMX. Afe
BBE EmHbuSS 7 fffiffaffaaaaaaaft I V'"!
The biggest sale
of the season is
now on. We of"
fer without re
serve every gar
ment in stock.
Room miist be
made, for 1911
'styles Come
and secure your
share of Clean
Smeep bargains.
v a v v a a .ai a w a a r .a aaan
HBHWllIJ5ttft Iffi! i'l'fl'flPM
(Contlnned From Pag One.)
well supplied with equipment and pro
visions. The forces of Cols. Diaz and Rabago
seem to have united. Col Rabago
marched from Casas Grandes toward
Batopilas evidently to head off the re
treat of the rebels from San Isidro and
other points, and to clear the road be
tween Minaca and Sanchez.
Terrazag Ranch Raided.
There is a rumor that has been
traced to good authority that the Gen.
Terrazas ranch at Encinillas about 40
miles from this city on the Central
railway, was raided by a band of in
surrectos who have taken possession,
and that the employes went over in a
body and joined them. (
This has been denied by those In a
position to know, and a statement
made that the raiders amounted to no
more than 10 or 12.
Rebel leaders Ieavingr.
It is stated upon reliable authority
that several--of the leaders -of the reb
fels In this section have abandoned their
cause and are now In the stages, leav
ing their followers In disorder. Gen.
Hernandez has received special word
jfrom EI Paso to this effect -and further
chat Castulo Herrera 'has passed
through that city on his way to the
states. Herrera was one of the lead
ing rebel officers, and has fought with
much vigor against the government.
Mormon Has Close Gall with
Three Mexicans 2Tew
Jefe at Casas
Colonia Dublan, Chlh., Mex., Jan. IB.
"While Ammon Tenney, jr., was re
turning home from Pearson he was
lield up by three Mexicans who claimed
to be revolutionists, but hevwas suc
cessful in holding them off.
He was riding alone In a one seated
rig, and as he drove up to the Corrall-
tos gate between San Miguel. and Ter
my firearms you would soon have my
Getting tired of being detained, he
dismounted, opened the gate, and led'
his horse through, all the time keeping
his gun cooked upon the Mexican who
held the other gun. He continued to
walk backwards until he saw two teams
coming towards him, then as soon as
he felt safe he climbed into the buggy
and drove home.
Secretary of state Parras came in
from Chihuahua to instal Donaclano
Mapula in the office of jefp, made. vac
ant by the departure of senor Fran
cisco Mateus. The new jefe hales orig
inally from Janos", where he still owns
property, but he came from Chihuahua
to Casas Grandes. "While secretary Par
ras and the new jefe were both here a
mass meeting was held in Casas
Grandes so the people might become
acquainted With their new jefe and to
learn who would stand In defence of
their homes and the government in case
of an encounter with the revolution
ists. Prom here senor Parras went to
The father pf Howard Toung is here
visiting hisyson. "It has been a great
many years since Howard saw his
The Home Dramatic played "Silas,
the Choir Boyl" to a crowded house i
and an appreciative audience. Two
weeks later they will produce "Uncle
The Sunday school pupils of Miss
Viva Hudsh and the day school pupils
of Prof. Adelbert Taylor gave them
pleasant surprise parties last week.
' Donald -Spillsberry of Colonla Juarez
is down with typhoid fever. Mr. Spills
berry is a brother to Josephine Spills
berry, who has been so very ill with
typhoid for the last few weeks.
There were 26 or 25 new students
entered the academy just after the
Christmas holidays. The ninth grade
students gave a party Sunday evening.
Q"t2nfffiw iHb H
LjgSterjaiii.!iM "'Saa
$16.50 Mission aia f
sg $13.50
Pat Durack, who is in El Paso from
the Sierra Madre mine near eon, on
the Mexico North Western. sav a
rband of revolutionists visited his camp
,iast weeK ana took six sacks of corn.
J.ney left -him two sacks and saying i-
xney naa no money, paid .for that
which they took, with two quarters o!
beef. '
razas, he noticed a man's
railroad track. Instead of climbing out
of the buggy immediately and opereing
the gate, he remained and watched.
Soon three Mexicans came up and told
liim they needed his outfit. He sa'm
he needed it also. They said they must
have it because they were afoot but,
he said, "'If you take my rig, I will
be afoot."
It seems that they only had one gun;
they drew it on him and ordered him
to dismount. Instead he covered the
gunner with his pistol and again re
fused. One of the unarmed Mexicans
stepped up to the rig, saying, "I will
knock him off." Without withdrawing
his pistol from the man who held the
gun, he cramped his buggy and caught
th'e Mexican "between the wheel and
the conveyance. '
As he was persistent in refusing his
rig, the leader said, "If 3-ou are deter
mined to keep your buggy, at least let
us have you firearms." vMr. Tenney
laughed and said, 'If I let you .have
Denver, Colo., Jan. 10. Mayor R. W.
Speer, of Denver, in a letter which he
sent to every Democratic member of
the Colorado general assembly, today
made formal announcement of his con
didacy for the United States senate to
succeed the late senator Huerhes. In
hat' near the I the letter mayor Speer says: "I am not
ce v-unumdie 01 any corporation or in
terest, and I would not so to Washing
ton unless I could go as a free man to
work for what I believed to be the best
interests of the people and to help
Colorado." Exgovernor Alva Adams,
Pueblo, has not formally announced
his candidacy.
Former governor Charles S. Thomas
has announced his candidacy. A tinge
of bitterness has been given to th
campaign by the advocacy of the elec
tion to the senatorship of governor
Shafroth by a local paper because, ac
cording to the announcement, it would
prove that Colorado Is not corrupt and
Life Insurance Companies
They 'Are Olosely Observing
Public Health Conditions.
An examining physician for one of
the prominent Dife Insurance .'Com
panies, in an Interview on the subject,
made the astonishing statement that
the reason why so many applicants for
insurance are rejected is because kid
ney trouble is so common to the Amer
ican people, and the large majority of
applicants do not even suspect that
they have the disease.
He states that judging from his own
experience and reports from druggists
who are constantly In direct touch with
the public, there is one preparation
that has probably been more success
ful In relieving and curing these dis
eases than any remedy known. The
mild and healing influence of Dr. Kil
mer's Swamp-Root is soon realised.
It stands the highest for its remarkable
record of cures.
"We find that Swamp-Root is strictly
an herbal compound and we would ad
vise our readers viho feel In need of
such a remedy to give it a trial. It is
on sale at all drug stores in bottles of
two sizes fifty-cents and one-dollar.
However, if you wish first Xo test its
wonderful merits, send .o Dr. Kilmer
&. Co.. Binghamton, N. T., for a sample
bottle, absolutely free. "When writing
be sure and mention The El Paso Daily
Denver, Colo., Jan. 16. The sixth annual-Western
Stock show was opened
here this morning with a parade
through the business portion of the
city. The show continues throughout
the week. It Is the largest In the his
tory of the organization. At the stock
yards for the event there are 15,000
thoroughbred cattle, 6000 pedigreed
sheep and 10,000 fancy" hogs. The Den
ver horse show and the National" west
poultry show, which are being held in
conjunction with the stock show add
600 blooded horses and 2000 fancy
chickens to the show.
The attendance from the .southwest
ern and middle western states is un
usually heavy. .
Wallace Wood, wanted in San An
tonio on five charges of burglary and
theft, left El Paso Monday night, ac
companied by Charles F. Stevens,
chief deputy sheriff of Bexar county.
Mr. Stevens was formerly connected
with the federal marshal's office in
El Paso. Wood was arrested in El
Paso last week.
A. I Sheppard, charged with crimi
nal assault, left El Paso Sunday for
Globe, Ariz., accompanied by sheriff J.
H. Thompson of Globe. Sheppard was
arrested in Oklahoma last week, after
a long search.
Bos well, N. M., Jan. 16. "W.
H. Hobb, 35, a hardware sales
man, blew off the top of his
head yesterday by discharg
ing a shotgun in the yard of his
home. He was despondent over
the loss of his position. He
leaves a widow and three
.'.. , ;?;
Value Giving That Has Taken Housewives of Ei Paso by Storm-Is
Springer's Bed Outfit Club Sale
Yes, that expresses it, and the goods are here to back the strongest statements that can be made. A large number has been delivered to the homes of El
Pasonians these past few days in princely profusion, for we have fairly outdone our previous efforts in providing an absolutely new and original sale that
would be appreciated by the economical housewives of El Paso.
But a Few More Remain-Gome Tomorrow
Cut this ticket out, as
it is- worth $5 to you
if you are one of the
lucky 50.
The above is just a sample of the bar
gains that await you at Springer's,
tjust as illustrated, a 6 -foot extension
mission, ' dining, " pedestal, round-top
table at the above reduced price
f -I I
v S VlJl AM
Jr .mmmiUjPJjkmJj
Springer Club Plan Bed
Outfit Ticket.
The presentation of this Tipket at
Springer's, 216-218 San Antonio St.,
providing you ,are one of the first 50,
will entitle you to $5. This to apply
as one payment on our liberal Club
Plan Bed Outfit. Limit of this ticket
is to Feb. 1st, 1911.
JName: Mr..,
H Address.
$20 Mission
Drmtr ,
.Kb other value is more noteworthy of
your attention tfhan this special price
cutting on a handsome weathered oak
mission dresser, .as pictured, with large
tevel plate mirror and wooden knobs
drawer pulls.
Bring this ticket and $1 and we will
deliver the outfit at once. The balance
of $19 you can pay on -our Club plan
of $1 & wek.
These outfits ae going fast. The Club is iHpidly attaining its full membership
of 50 representative El Paso homes and families. The plan is simple, for just
50 live, up-to-date persons are going to have this Outfit at the saving of jnst
$5 to each membership.
One full sized. Bedstead in
White Green or yernis Mar- .
tin (gold) enameled, as illus
trated, value $16.50
One woven wire reinforced
Bed Spring, ' same as illus
trated, of regular value 3.50
One Cotton Mattress of 25- '
pound weight, in a handsome .
ticking, full size, value . &.00
IBli PHii m
$12 Mission
for itmiM'tw
You'll wonder how tfiis can be made up
and sold for so, low a price. It cannot
regularly, but we must, close out -our
samples and our stock to make room for
new goods arriving: This, rocker is of
solid oak in a fumed finir-h, with cush
ioned seat npholstered in Spanish leather.
Regular Total Value of Outfit. . .$25.00
x This truly wonderful special Bed Out-
- fit will add further prestige to this
"w 'store as" the leaders in value-giving.
. jlnvolved is a magnificent enameled
bed, as illustrated above, in white,
green or gold, of 2-inch continuous
post, one cotton mattress and a woven
wire reinforced spring. In fact, this
outfit gives you the best at a saving
of $5, besides the privilege of paying
for it on the club plan of $1 a week,
while enjoying its comforts.
$12 AU WmI
Ingraia Xh
There- is no question as to the design
and quality of these rugs as that stand
A No. 1, in both handsome patterns with
fringed ends, making a most inestimable
bargain fortomorrow. r
$20.00 Dinner Set of Fifty Pieces Austrian Imported China Offered Tomorrow at
This is bargain value giving bona fide in
every sense of the word and merchandise;
for never before has such quality of Aus
trian China been offered at this ridiculously
i i
low price. Imported goods of artistic dec-
orations in both floral and gold patterns.
Out of town customers will be re
funded $10 railroad fare on every
$100 purchase made at Springer's.
Kfm s W Jr w y yyB K M
r - . el
This 50-Piece Set consists of
1 Creamer!
1 Sugar.
1 Caserole Covered.
1 Covered Butter Dish.
1 Deep Vegetable Dish"! f
1 12-inch Platter.
6 Cups and Saucers.
6 Individual Butters.
6 Fruit Saucers.
6 61-2 inchSoup Plates. k
6 61-2 inch Tea Plates.
6 71-2 inch Dinner Plates.
$13 50
Limit One Set to a
Customer; Fone Sold
to Dealers,
8 SanAntobjoSt
We fill mail orders on the above
specials the day, received for out of
town purchasers.
Eesolution Approving the
Minority Report Is
Washington, D. C, Jan; 16. A re
newal of the fight on secretary of
the interior Ballinger isf contemplated
in a resolution presented today by
senator Purcell, which seeks to force
into the open the report of the joint
congressional committee that investi
gated the charges made against the
secretary by Gifford Plnchot.
The report has been in posession
of both the house and senate for some
time, but no action has been taken.
Today's resolution is to the effect
that the findings of certain members
of the committee that secretary Ballin
ger's administration of his office had
been marked by lack of fidelity to the
public interests, and that he should
no longer be retained In office, are in
substantial conformity with the evi
dence. Senator Purcell says his purpose is.
to press the resolution to a vote as
soon as possible.!
A Carload of Furniture Tht Has Just
Come Intp the El Paso Household
Furnishing Co., Will Be Included in
Their January Clearance Sale.
While the January Clearance Sale at
the El Paso Household Furnishing Co.
has been offering many remarkable fur
niture values, the final two days will
be the best of all. This comes about
through the arrival of a carload of new
furniture. The car comprises chairs,
upholstered library suits, fibre suits
and Axroinster rugs. The chairs are all
high grade models in quarter sawed
oak, birdseye maple and Circassian wai
nut. The 3-piece fibre suits come in
green and brown. The Axminster rugs
comprise a wide variety of beautfful
patterns, -notwithstanding these goods
have just arrived they will be placed
son sale at January Clearance Sale re
ductions. Even if you have previously
taken advantage of the Clearance Sale
of the Household Furnishing Co., it
will be a wise idea to attend the sale
the next two days, and take advantage
of the low prices offered on new arrivals.
Columbus, O., Jan. 16. About 1000
delegates from all over the country
are here to attend the national con
vention of the United Mine "Workers oi
America, which meets tomorrow. One
of the big fights scheduled is over the
proposed removal of "headquarters from
Indianapolis to Columbus. President
JLrewls, friends say, will be reelected.
The inauguration -of low cash prices
at Ardoln's market has put high meat
prices out of business In El Paso.
Meet Me At
ypp. P.O. Both
Levy Grocery Co.
L Special for Saturday-
ana monaay.
Belle Springs and Dur-
i. ham Butter, 3 lbs. for
Just received, 3Sew
Onion Sets, white, red
and yellow.
Levy's Best Flour
And You Will Never Use Any
241b. sack 90c
481b. sack.... ....$1.75
PHONE 505 AUTO 1505
Special Attention Given To Out-
of-Town Orders
lets. Druggists refund money If it falls
to cure. B. W. GROVE'S signature Is
on each box. 25c
Relief infive minutes awaits
every Stomach sufferer
If your meals donlt fit comfortably,
or you feel bloated after eating, and
you believe It is the food which fills
you; if what little you eat lies like a
lump of Jead on your stomach; If there
is difficulty in breathing after eating,
eructations of sour, undigested food
and acid, heartburn, brash or a belch
ing of gas, you can make ur your mind
that you need something to sop food
fermentation and cure indigestion.
To make every bite of food you eat
aid In the nourishment and strength
of your body, you must rid your Stom
ach of poisons, excessive acid and stom
ach gas, which sours your entire meal
Interferes with digestion and causes
so many sufferers of Dyspepsia, Sick
Headadne, Biliousness, Constipation,
Griping, etc. Tour case is no- different
you are a stomach sufferer, though
you may call it by' some other name:
your real and only trouble Is that which
you eat does not digest, but quickly
ferments and sours, producing almost
any unhealthy condition.
A case oxPape's Dlapepsin will coat
fifty cents at any Pharmacy here, and
twlll convince -any stomach sufferer fiva
minutes after taking a single doss
that Fermentations and Sour StoaaacB
Is causing the misery of Indigestion.
No matter if you call your trouble
Catarrh of the Stomach, NervousnesJ
or Gastritis, or by any other name
always remember that a- certain cur
is waiting at any drug store tne mo
ment you decide to begin its use.
Pape's DIapepsin wilr regulate any
out-of-order Stomach within five min.
utes, and digest promptly, without any
fuss or discomfort, all of any kind oi
food you eat.
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Coles, Judge T.
A. Falvey and Charles R. L,oomis have
gone td Los Angeles to attend the trial
of Frank Bell, charged with killing O.
P. "Widaman. Judge Falvey and Mr.
Loomis will assist in the' conduct of thef
1 case for the defense-
T'rank R. Tobin nass returned from
Washington, .where he has beett in the
interest of the Tobia site for tha sew
Bi Paso postofflce. When he arrived
there the Bl Paso site iad not been
reported upon and there were 405
ahead of the El Paso site.

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