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Tuesday, January 17, 1911 3
.--ri 't.arow
Shipments to El Paso Are
Now Made Through
Lake Yallej.
Eilisboro, N. M., Jan. 17. The mill at
R 0h PQHHHB jam m
I Starts Tomorrow M
the Statehood mines is now Tunning !
full time, and about 40 men are em
ployed underground keeping it sup
plied. Much development is going on
under the management of F. L Glroux,
who has decided to ship his concen
trates to the El Paso smelter by -way
of Lake Valley instead of Cutter, as
was originally intended when the
company made its tan road to that
point, as the former is the most eco
nomical. Manager Giroux has offered
the use of five stamps of the mill for
custom work, and the McPhersons are
hauling a thousand sacks of ore from
their claims south of the Wicks for a
trial run. If this proves a profitable
venture there are several other parties
in the district who, propose to take ad
vantage of the offer.
The "Wicks Gulch continues to ship a
carload of high grade ore monthly and
expects to double the output in the
near future.
A. I. Bird, -who is in charge of the
Garfield and Butlerproperties, has five
men cleaning up and preparing for
work on a large scale, as it is confi
dently stated that the $250,000 for
which the mines have been bonded to
the English parties is nearly all sub
scribed, although the bond does not
expire -until next August.
It is reported that Boston parties
are negotiating for the purchase of the
Mamie Richmond group.
Will Robins expects to resume work
on the Trio group shortly and with
the exception of the Richmond there is
not an idle mine in this neighborhood.
Xiake Valley is taking on new life iO
men are working on the property
cleaning out old stopes, clearing the
old workings, and it is the intention to
erect a smelter there as sooryas the
management has decided what capacity
will be needed. There are hundreds of
thousands of tons of low grade ores at
Lake which can be handled at a profit
now, that could not have been consid
ered in the early eighties when the
mine was first opened.
1 '-y-X X i,.-Tv?''r y.,t.y v -y t -j -y- t . f . ?.--v " "-T f- T'--7 '
'mmMIWmi'"H- and
WtMsmsfflTY . T f J ' offer
WMmiI m f -1 v
MffZ; 1 1: ; t t
Those who took advantage of our last sale can tell you we do everything we advertise
that means this is the greatest Furniture and Rug event of the year, lomorrow we
our entire $20,000 stock of Furniture, Rugs, Stoves and Ranges at cost. Every
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JKrriekerbocker Brings Re
port of Good Progress
in Grand County
C. 'Knickerbocker, one of the discov
erers and pioneers of the camp of
Sylvanite, Grant county, New Mexico,
which went through a considerable
gold excitement about three years ago,
has returned to El Paso from a visit at
that camp and reports that there are
a number of the old timers who have
Just completed their assessment work,
and a number of them are also doing
development, and says they are entire
ly satisfied' with their showing. Ed
Clark, postmaster at the camp, is mak
ing arrangements to sink a shaft on
his claim, that is located between the
"Wake Up Charley" and the "Creeper."
This claim shows considerable free
gold on the surface, with a fairly good
sized lead.
Charles Zelger, of El Paso, is large
ly interested in that camp, being the
owner of the "Wake Up Charley," the
"Broken Jug" and the "Creeper." Ho
has done a great amount of work on
his property, with excellent results.
Mike Wilcox, one of the original
owners of the Gold Hill property, re
ports doing work on the east side of
the Hachlta mountains and has struck
a streak of rich silver-lead ore.
Resumption of Alvarado Is
One Good Feature.
Other Developments.
ParraL Mex., Jan. 17. The future tor
the Parral district looms up brighte
than ever since the Alvarado started
to grind, and the Veta Colorado made
good its word to buy ore. Fifteen hun
dred tons in one lump were purchased
of P. B Butler, representing the own
ers of the Santa Gertru&is property by
the Veta Colorado company at first,
and several more purchases are pend
ing The price paid for the Santa Ger
trudis ore was not made public but the
burro freighters are receiving in the
neighborhood of U25 cents per ton for
transporting it to the company's
The Alvarado is considering several
offers for ore, and it is very likely
that the deals will be consummated
shortly. The Alvarado has at present
on the dumps sufficient ore for a two
year run, based on the present capaci
ty of the plant.
Several easterners are due in this
city within the next few weeks.
Santiago Hambleton left for his
Mlna Maria property in the Roncesval
les district to be gone a short time.
The Maria struck a nice body of ore
about two weeks ago and some ship
ments have been made that have
brought pretty good values
A total of 412 tons of ore were ship
pd from the Los Muertos property
Brass Bed, has 2-inch continuous post,
satin finish, full size, a very strong
and rigid bed, usually sold for $30;
Stock Reduction d 3 Ql tf g
Sale price f) JL c? o O
? 65.00 Brass Bed in latest style,
satin finish, extra heavy 2 1-2 inch
post, extra, heavy filling, the prettiest
style bed madej Stock Reduction
price . vdieO
$50.00 Brass Bed in bright finish,
highly polished, extra heavy fillings,
knuckle corners, a beauty, at the
price of a cheap bed; Stock Reduc
tionSale qq flf
price PJJ JJ
$40.00 Brass Bed, heavy filled, 2
inch post, heavy top rod, a new style
and very handsome; Stock Reduc
tion Sale
Iron Beds
$15.00 Iron Bed, continuous 2-inch
post, Vermis Martin (geld) enameled,
a special value rf g -f f"
at only tpil.DU
$12.00 Iron Bed, a beautiful round
pattern, white enameled (!Q 5C
for only tPOD
$7.50 Brass Rod Bed, white enameled,
a very good value at regular price;
special at d A Qf
Sale price' p7U
China Closets
China Oloset in genuine quarter
6awed oak. firmed finish, regular
$32.00 value; special d0 jGQ
sale price only PfaioJOvr
$30.00 golden oak China Closet,
highJy polished, a beauty; Stock
Reduction Sale OA 7C
$50.00 fumed oak extension, 54 inch
top, 10 ft. long when extended, ex
tra heavy pedestal; a d Q 7 OC
fine table at only J)3 aO
$45.00 Early English extension table,
48 inch top, massive square pedestal,
extends to 8 feet, genuine quarter
sawed oak and good as the best;
special sale (jjOQ Q(
price $rkZrUJ
$2S.OO golden oak extension table,
quarter sawed oak, highly polished
round pedestal, a splendid value at
regular price; special d0" ff
sale price tPlvU
$17.50 Early English extension table,
square Tedestal. 6 feet lonjr when ex
tended, 42 in. round top; a splendid,
strong table; special
sale price
Office Desks. All Office
Desks Included in
This Sale at Cost
Stoves and Ranges Must
be Sold. Don't
Miss This Department
V Wmm(
$ 1 1 .75
New Stock, New Patterns, Latest
$60.00 Gothic Wilton Velvet Rugs,
in. genuine Persian patterns, J)x:12
size, tans and greens; d?0 EO
Special sale price T'O.OU
Seamless Velvet Rugs in beautiful
new patterns, Tegular $35.00 values;
special sale f QA
price dioDXj
Axminster Rugs, all new stock right
from the mill.
9x12 Axminstor Rug, regular $27.00
value, special
on sale
Colorings. Don't Miss Them-
9x12 Brussels Rugs, our regular $22
seamless rug; special rt - "9 rj j
sale price tP A f O
9x12 seamless Brussels Rug, our
regular $20.00 value; rf A ? f
special on sale P JL TT.OO
$10.50 Brussels Rugs, 9x12, in deli
cate patterns, dj n qa
special t.OU
71-2x9 fit. Manor seamless Brussels
Rug, $12.50 value;
Special sale price . .
If T I T rlljff t
tTTMsr 'It - WW
;' ?r Tl !lr&-4
Buffet in fumed oak, mission style,
genuine quarter sawed oak, old cop
per drawer pulls; regular $35.00
value, for (hnn OC
only tpZtouD
Buffet in genuine quarter sawed oak,
wuzed golden finish, has shelf and
large plate mirror, lined silverware
drawer, elegantly finished, regular
$35.00 value, Ano CA
sale price JO.OJLI
$30.00 golden oak Buffet, genuine
quarter sawed oak, highly polished, a
splendid value at regular price;
special sale $OA Qf
price p&J9ZJ
Kitchen Cabinets
$35.00 Kitchen Cabinets, Stock Re
duction sale SfcQf OS
price P.OD
$20.00 Kitchen Cabinet, finished
light maple, roller bias, glass front;
special sale (1 J wg
price P i. O O
Good Graniteware
at the Price of the
Cheaper Kind
108-10-12 North Stanton Street
Gemiine mahogany dresser, dull fin
ish, wood knobs, 60 inches long, 30x48
inch mirror, full Colomal style, a
regular $100.00 value; Stock Reduc
tion Sale 7Q pr
price (POiOO
Chiffonier to match, colonial ma
hogany dresser, a $75.00 value;
Stock Reduction Apn r7(
Sale price J)Drf. U
Genuine mahogany dresser in princess
style, large oval mirror, full swell
front, (highly perished, a $40.00
value, for 9Q A
only iPO.OU
Zdajhogany Princess dresser, $25.00
value, for 17 7P
orfry 3 1 O
$40.00 oak Princess dresser, genuine
quarter sawed oak, extra large mir
ror, serpentine front "5"f tf
at only 4rf UXJ
Birdseye maple Princess dresser, a
novelty, with three drawers, wood
knob, oval nurror, regular $27.50 val
ue; Stock Reduction (hi q m f
Sale price t&lOcDU
'largest Hne of gocarts in the city.
$17.50 collapsible Gocart in green,
black or tan leatherette, mekel plated
trimming; extra A-i 4 Qf
special $lldU
$14.00 collapsible Gocart, Stock Re
duction Sale Q C
price $ D
$8.50 collapsiblie Gocart; Stock Re
duction Sale C OC
price pOD
last week and the outlook seems ra
vorable for another Us shipment this
week. While the quarlity of the ore
is not very high, it nevertheless pro
duces a fair margin of profit Hoy H.
Allen, manager of the property, con
templates doing more development
work in the near future.
At the Mmas de Almoloya in the Al
moloya district, development work is
being done and plans are being made
to start shipping In the near future.
E. Ernest, manager of the Mexican
Mines Corporation, in the Almoloya
section, Is doing considerable devel
opment work on the properties.
The Hines Consolidated maintains
Its shipments of six cars per month.
Rumors are that the company antici
pates opening on a much larger scale
in the near future The properties are
situated at Santa Barbara
At El Hayo mine, Santa Barbara, the
work of sinking a three compartment
shaft on the Adela property has start
ed and is progressing rapidly. During
the past month a double track tunnel
was drivfen m 247 feet within a period
of 30 days The new five feet by 20
feet tube mill is set up and ready to
run. More extensive improvement and
development work is planned for the
next 60 days.
The CIgarrero mine, at Almoloya,
which stopped shipping about nine
monthh ago and concentrated all ef
forts toward development work, has
struck a new ore body that runs very
high In value, and shipping will be
resumed about the latter part of this
month. Alfredo Rodriguez is in
Wofnan's Power
Over Man
Woman's most glorious endowment is the power
to awaken and hold the pure and honest love of a
worthy man. When she loses it and still loves on,
no one in the wide world can know the heart agony
she endures. The woman who suffers from weak
ness and derangement of her special womanly or
ganism Eoon loses the power to sway the heart of
a man. Her general health suiters and she loses
her good looks, her attractiveness, her amiability
and her power and prestige as a woman. Dr. R.V. Pierce, of Buffalo, N.Y., with
the assistance of his staff of able physicians, has prescribed for and cured many
thousands of women. He has devised a successful remedy for woman's ail
ments. It is known as Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It is a positive
specific for the weaknesses and disorders peculiar to women. It purifies, regu
lates, strengthens and heals. Medicine dealers sell it. No honest dealer will
advise ycu to accept a substitute in order to make a little larger profit.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulsie and strengthen Stomach, Liver end Bowels,
Mexican Property in WliieL
El Pasoans Are Inter
ested Produces "Well.
A 30 ton carload of ore was shipped
to the El Paso smelter during the past
week from the Fortuna mine in the El
Tlgre district of Sonora. This prop
erty has shipped much ore during the
past year. It is largely owned in El
Paso and Morris B. Parker has had
charge of all the development. Values
In the ore last shipped were $145 per
ton, being 3.7 ounces gold, 127 ounces
silver and 4.9 percent copper, 14 per
cent lead. Another carload of ore is
at the railway at Tsabel station and
will soon be brought to the smelter.
The North Tigre under the same
management as the Fortuna Is driving
the No. 12 crosscut, and have about 100
feet more to go in order to tap the
,Aein 300 feet below the present lowest
workings. The parallel vein of the
Santa Maria, which is the main ship
ping property of the Fortuna, has been
uncovered for a length of 225 feet and
shows the vein an average width of 3
feet, and it has a continuous streak of
shipping ore nine inches wide that as
says 120ounces silver, 1.35 ounces gold,
5 percent copper, and 12 percent lead
the balance of the vein averages $2&
per ton gold values.
The directors of these companies
have recently authorized a joint bond
issue of 5250,000 to be secured by the
entire holdings of both companies. The
money realized from the sale of theso
bonds will be spent in the continued de
velopment of the properties, and the
erection of a 100 ton concentrator and
cyanide plant.
The Cinco de Mayo property, located
north of the Fortuna and Tigre mines,
is being developed by the present
lessees, H. V. Hermann and associates
of New York, who have been from the
past 60 days- taking out from two to
five tons daily of high grade shipping
ore, assaying from 250 to 400 ounces
per ton. The gross production of the
mine will aggregate ?20,000 at present.
an early date. The prices of properties
have already advanced with a pros
pect of an additional profit of $15 per
ton being added to the profits. The
Predilecta company has demonstrated
the existence of high grade ore in the
camp, a condition which was hitherto
It is said on good authority that the
Towne and othec interests in Mexico
hae combined to construct a railroad
from Gutierrez on the Mexican Central
and the citw. of Durango. This will
open up a large and rich territory in
the state of Durango. The road will
touch the famous Sombrerete mines,
the property of the Towne company,
and willreduce freight charges on the
output of that property, which is now
transported overland to Gutierrez.
This road has already been surveyed.
Surveys have also been cdmpleted to
Guanacevi, on the Meloy concession.
" That the Arizona Smelting and Re
fining company will build just outside
Tucson, Ariz , a smelter costing 350,
000, capable of treating all classes of
ore, and that the foundations will be
commenced within the next 30 days is
the statement of H. J. Thompson, man
ager of the company.
"Our or contracts, which we made
last spring still hold," he said. "They
provide fbr the delivery of 2000 tons
per -week for a period of five years
The bonds for the erection of the smel
ter have been placed and the industry
Is fully financed.
here Xrom Cody, Wyoming, to spend the
remainder of the winter, Col. "W. F.
Cody announces that he wil spend
thousands of dollars during the year
in making improvements and in devel
oping ore at his Camp Bonito proper
ties near Tucson.
One of the principal improvements
will be the instalation of a 50 ton mill
to supplement the 75 tons mill which.
is already in operation. The Cody mine
is situated near Oracle In the Catalina
J). S. "WElliams, lxxfnl manager oi
Nacozari Consolidated Copper company,
received word this morning hat the
Tharsis York company, which is sink
ing a shaft on the west line of the Cop
per King block of the Nacozari Con
solidated, has struck a body of high
grade copper glance said to assay 40
percent copper at a depth of 100 feet.
Considerable excitement is prevail
ing over the strike.
' ' M
All womankind is
interested in
Torreon, Mex , Jan. 17. The Predi
lecta mine is producing profits of be
tween ?14,000 and $18,000 per month,
its high grade ores averaging 10 kilos
of silver and 40 grams ofgold per ton.
The news of the probable construc
tion of a railroad to the property
acted as a tonic upon the camp and
the owners of many properties in that
part of the country which are now idln
are preparing to resume operations at I
Cananen, Mex., Jun. 17. W. Spen
cer Hutchinson, of Boston, a well
known mining engineer, is here on
business pertaining to the Mexican
Metals company, of which he Is con
sulting engineer. The company has
made a shipment of a carload of high
grade copper-silver ore to the smelter
of the Greene-Cananea company and
the returns are expected to run high.
He will return to Noria, where the
Amelia mine is located.
Panama Moving Pictures and
It is announced that the Lake Valley
Mines company of Sierra county, New
Mexico, will reopen its old silver
properties at Lake 'alley and put 50
to 100 men to wcrfc. It is also un
derstood that otl'tir old silver mines
near Kingston ni ' be started again.
T,ucson, Ariz, Jan. 17. Returning
The lecture, "The Truth About tho
Panama Canal," to be given at the Ma
jestic theater tonight and Wednesday
by "Wayne O Adams, foreman and en
gineer on the isthmus for three years,
will be something out of the ordinary
and quite worth while according to the
statement of those who have heard the
Mr. Adams has 1500 feet of moving
pictures and 200 steroopticon views in
colors which show the progress of the
work, sanitary conditions, etc. At
Ryan's drug store Mr. Adams is show
ink skins of animals which he killed
in Panama.
Mr. Adams wears a medal which he
received from expresident Roosevelt as
a reward for his services on the
isthmus. He has a letter from the
coloneI which praises his show highly.
No amount of newspaper and maga
zine literature and illustration can be
gin to give the quick conception of this,
colossal, $500,000,000 undertaking than
the moving pictures and Mr. Adams's
brief, m-a-nut-shell talk do. One sees
the scrap heap monuments which fairly
bewail the blasted hopes of the French
company and its engineers, and the tri
umphant progress of the American
steam shovel, aided and abetted by ter
rific dynamite explosions which wero
caught in the act by the camera,
"The Panama railroad Itself, every
tie in which represents a life lost, be
comes intensely interesting. In fact
the audience finds itself riding in an j
The World of White
The greatest of all White !
Sales. Offering surpassing
observation car over the 50 miles of ,
swamp and mountain which dit ide the
oceans. No American who cannot visit
the -isthmus should fall to take this I
ride in a theater."
The lecture will be given in connec
tion with the regular show at the thea
ter. There will be no advance in admission.
Clearance Sale closes Saturday.
El Paao Household Furnishing Co.
Cincinnati, O . Jan. 17. In the same
courtroom in which ie was convicted oi
his first crime 21 years ago, "Col." A.
Li. Ward was convicted today for the
sixth time in his career, and sentenced
to xo years in the penitentiary for ob
taininjr money snd oods under false
pretenses. He i3 77 years old.
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