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Wednesday, Aug. 16, 1911
. f
vi? r&
If M
Here is a desk with a hand
some "Y. & E. " Vertical
Tray. Every paper filed al
phabetical or by subject. You
can lay your hands on what
you want instantly.
"Y. & E." Vertical Trays
can be indexed to suit YOUR
"Y. & E." filing methods are the
result of 30 years' experience.
Let us show you how this experi
1 1 laM"! tffl
'Continued Ironi pasr- one.)
any kind of statutory laws without
the approval of the governor. .
The antis are -working hard to pre
vent this situation, but as the pros
are in the majority In both branches
of 'the legislature, it begins to look
as If they will succeed in their pur
pose. This means that in the event
the new districts are arranged the way
the pros want them, the- next legisla
ture will 'pass with impunity, a statute
to prohibit the sale of liquor in Texas.
Probe XoBey Unavailable.
The contingent expense bill Is now
before the governor for approval or
disapproval, the senate having con
curred in the house amendment. This
amendment is nothing more nor less
than the house blll which reduces the
appropriation from $30,000 to $20,000.
Contrary to general impression, the
governor is expected not to approve
or disapprove the measure, but will
file it in the state department and al
low it to become a law within 90 days
after adjournment. This means that
there will be no funds available for
the payment of the expenses of the
senate and house probing committees
until about December 1.
This decision, not to veto the bill, it
is said, was reached by. the governor
after a conference with --friends, in
cluding several members of the legis
lature. As the contingent expenses of a
special session are close onto $10,000,
there "will be only ?10,000 available to
pay the expenses of the probers.
For "Serr Text ook Iavr.
Immediately after the governor's
mesage submitting the question of
a new uniform text book law had been
read in the senate, senator Ward in
troduced a bill providing for the
creation of a text book board to select
and adopt a uniform system of text
books for the public schools of Texas.
This bill provides that a committee
composed of the chief justices ofthe
supreme" court, the president of the
University of Texas and the superin
tendent of public instruction shSl sub
mit under seal the. names of 25 teach
ers of recognized ahility, five of whom
shall be primary teachers, and who
have been engaged in teaching for tr
jiast three years and submit these
names to the governor and from this
list the governor shall not later than
August 12, 1912, appoint -five teachers,
one of whom shall be a primary teach
er, and thev, together with the govr
ernor and the state superintendent o
- ' - r - shall, constitute the
text book board. ,1
One important feature of the bill
is that it prohibits lobbying before the
board by local and special representa
tives of authors or publishers of any
books offered.
(Continued from Page 10
i wnen $adger was Killed. Harry I. At-
wood, who Is flying from St Ixuis to
New "York, sent Identical telegrams
today to every afternoon newspaper,
characterizing the nonaction of th
management in this regard as "fero
cious and 'uncivilized."
"Walter Brookins and Andrew Drew
expressed themselves without restraint
while assent to their remarks was
nodded by the bystandlng fyers.
"We tvere all unnerved by the ac
cidents, but we were not signaled to
come down, and so continued our
flights. There was not an aviator on
the grounds who felt able to handle a
machine after Badger's death. "We
knew him and liked him. The program
never halted."
A coroner's jury, being unable to fix
the cause of Badger's death, returned
an open verdict, merely stating that
death was due to a fall from an aero
plane. "Walter J. Fontaine, a mechan
ician in the Baldwin camp fainted when
he saw Badger's body. Inquest over
Johnstone's body was postponed until
Trouville, France, Aug. 16. Jules
Vedrines, the French aviator, flew
from Paris to this place today in five
and one-half hours. He missed landing
on the beach and fell, into the sea, but
was rescued unharmed.
(Continued from Page One1
the senate, after senator LaFollette
had presented the conference dis
agreement. The same conferees who
served before were named. l
TVoel Bill Signed.
Speaker CTferk and vice president
Sherman today signed the wool bill,
which passed the house Monday and
the senate yesterday. It now goes to
the "White House .for the president's
action. He will return it with a veto.
C. P. James has been appointed chief
clerk to E. N. Leamaster, district Pull
man agent at the union station.
Lrouls Graham, superintendent of au
ditors on the Texas and Pacific from
Dallas, is here on business.
David ilcKniffht, chief clerk of the
railway postal service, is now at Tu
cumcari, N. M., and will return from
his inspection trip Saturday.
R. EL jCarrington, general agent of
the T. & P. in El Paso, leaves "Wed
nesday for Galveston to attend a meet
ing of the general agents of the T.
& P.
Fireman B. Depperman, of the Sun
set station, will leave for Houston,
"Wednesday on a two "weeks' vacation.
Mrs. Depperman will accompany him.
"Walter B. Bull, official stenographer
of the 41st district court, has returned
from Globe, where he has been report
ing a case in the territorial court.
Xaramie, "Wyo., Aug. 16. The body
of an unknown man, believed to have
taken his own life, with a cinch knot
in. a rope about his neck, wafe found
last night at "Walcott, west of here,
almost within sight of every passenger
train on the Union Pacific
The man Is believed to have killed
himself two or three months ago, tne
body lying undiscovered all that time.
Little "was left but the skeleton.
The coroner of Carbon county burled
the bones where they were found.
Tou can easily sell it. Call Bell 115,
yihe Herald will sell it. No bother, no
New York, N. T., Aug. 16. Admiral
Togo's first stop this morning was
at Governor's Island, where he was
the guest of Gen. Frederick D. Grant
at luncheon. He expected to return
in time to leave at 5 oclock for Boston,
& Cb.'s
for Men
newest .of
T is our pleasure to an
noTinr.fi to men who
appreciate high art in
clothes that we have se
cured the El Paso agency
for this famous make.
These clothes represent
the highest degree of per
fection ever attained in
the manufacture of men's
They are perfect in cut
and tailoring.
Th models are exclusive,
and show the
iew York, styles.
They are clothes of refine
ment and will appeal to
men of good taste in dress.
Advance styles for the
Fall season show the
coats with lapels a 'trifle
smaller and with vests
cut a little higher.
Trousers are of moderate
width, but not extreme.
Fall suits are now shown
in brown and grey mixed
tweeds and cheviots, wor
steds, navy ' blue and
black serges.
The prices of Eogers,
Peet & Co.'s clothes are
from $25.00 upward.
First Arrivals of this Store's Famous
Coat Suits and Dresses at $19.50
. -I .
WOMEN whose needs or purse demand, good garments at moderate prices
have learned by past experience to depend upon this store for those
garments. The business woman who must dress neatly can find the tailored
suits exactly suited to her need the woman whom necessity limits in 'the mat
ter! of price will fare best here.
The -first arrivals of the Coat Suits and fall model Dresses emphasize this
j fact forcefully in the excellence of the style and the superior values shown.
' Tomorrow we will display Coat Suits and Dresses, new models, of the newest.
fall woolens at $19.50.
S-ifl4-Q Plainly tailored styles, the coat in the
11 LO stylish length, the' skirt made in the
high waist effect, and of the correct width, with
the very new loose panels front and back. The ma
terial usedfis an excellent quality all wool cheviot
.serge, in black, electric, navy and brown. Extra
quality satin is used in lining the coat. This is one
of the POPULAR'S very special rf -j Q g P
,. cj? JL J J
FifPCfiPC 0ne Pece dress63 of French serge
llCJJ&CS n navy and black, with broad
collar and long lapels of silk braided in contrasting
color, and with broad band of silk around the skirt.
Dresses of the very popular double faced novelty
suitings, similar in design to the above, in a variety
of color combination. These are .modeled on the
favored straight line effects and most d? 1 Q Kfl
desirable pleOU
$1.95 x
Petticoats, made of good
quality silk taffeta and
imessaline just a little
better than most kinds
that are sold foK a little
more, made with deep
pleated or ruffled flounce
and with foot ruffle of
near silk. In black and
all colors. A real $4.50
New and Very Smart Styles in
Womens Coat Sweaters
FOR early fall or for wear in the mountains, the
coat sweater is the ideal garment warm and
comfortable and practical. We are now showing the
new ones for fall, in a wonderful variety of attractive
styles the plain coat in the hip length, the Norfolk
jacket style with knit or patent leather belt, and
others. The color range includes, red, green, white,
grey, black, blues and color combinations. Perfect
fitting garments, made of best alLjwool yarns.
Women's' Coat Sweaters from $2.95 to $8N.50
Misses' Coat Sweaters from $1.95 to $6.95
Infants' and Children's from .'. .50c to $3.50
Of rich satin finish mes
saline, with deep pleated
flounce and of . extra
weight silk taffeta with
tailored flounce. In black,
and all the pastel and
staple shades. A
ment . which cannot be
equaled at considerably
more in fact it's a gen
uine ?5.00 value.
0 JfiauiifTi I J
tJH i Iff m ijBSrJr
gar- FW if'
mr , -
for Boys
WHEN you buy the
Ivan Frank make
of boys' clothes you get
the best your money will
buy. The coats are as
carefully hand tailored as
a lean's and cut on snap
py lines that the boy
And theitt they?re the
kind of clothes that edu
cate a boy in the matter of
good taste in dress.
lew fall styles are here
now good, new ones that
you'll like and your boy
will look well.in.
Cinnamon brown is one
of the stylish colors shown,
and' some greens, and of
course, the good, service
able grey and brown mix
tures and blue serges.
They're not expensive,
Quality considered for
boys of six to eighteen
they are $7.50 to $14.50.
mt&m iialP mil I
Hmxvv mpgri
Jgr -tk.N. -Stv hi THli ir iT - i "UlfcVJS
jilSgjfeXiilM f ffiSByPyBFRiftgSr
AEm&E&Mai2fyiKf7 0ffiJOLJy&mf$r
j49&Uk1v3VL'Ts we LvSsL,uMtn &r
I mjmm L
We are Showing Nearly a Thousand Handsome New
Popular Price
THE selling of standard quality Rugs at "little less" prices, has made our
basement Hug Dept. a splendid success. That the saving of from $2.50
to $7.50 on each is appreciated by thrifty folks is evident from the immense
quantities sold each season.
A part of our new fall line is here nearly a thousand room size and small Rugs
arrived this week, grand values and in the newest of designs and color ef
fects. The range of choice is almost without limit designs large ' and small,
colors of every hue.
Our pricing of these means a tidy saving to you.
Special Values K
9x12 Saxony Axminster. . .-.$19.50
8.3x10.6 Saxony Axminster . -. $17.50
36x72 in .Saxony Axminster... .$3.75
27x54 in. Saxony Axminster.. . .$2.20
912 Colonial Velvet $23.50
9x12 Wilton Velvet $29.50
Special Values
9xi2 Smith Axminster .$22.50
8.3x10.6 Smith Axminster $19.00
6x9 Smith Axminster . .$13.50
36x72 in. Smith Axminster.. .$4.00
27x54 in. Smith Axminster $2.45
18x36 in. Smith Axminsfer $1.00
9x12 Tapestry Brussels $16.00
8.3x10.6 Tape'stry Brussels $13.00
6x9 Tapestry Brussels $9.50
9x12 Xew. Ventnor Wilton $40.00.
9x12 Royal Wilton $57.50
9x12 . Figured "Crex" $9.50
9x12 Plain "Crex" $8.75
8x10 Figured "Ores?' $7.25
8x10 Plain "Crex" $6.50
Special Display Extra Quality Bed Spreads
The "Popular Special" Shoe for Women
IT'S unnecessary to go into details about the quality of the "Popular Spe
cial" $3.50 shoes every woman knows that they're quite equal to any
$4.00 kinds in fact as good in both style and quality as many which sell for
$5.00. New fall styles are arriving and among the smartest of these is the
new fourteen button boot of patent leather with cloth or dull kid top. some
with plain toe, others with-tip. New short vamp style, in all
sizes and widths .
Women's black velvet, fourteen button boots, very dressy, a pair $4.00
Little Folks' (Shoes
FITTIXG the little (folks with the right kinds of
shoes is a specialty heTe. Children's styles are
carefully selected from the lines of the greatest man
ufacturers of the country, and each pair is fully
guaranteed. One of the especially pretty fall styles
is the "Xapoleon" boot of patent leather with red
kid or dull kid top. Prices according t0 yC
to size $1.75 to ipfiJ
New Serpentine Crepes
Fifty or more new pieces of genuine Serpen j
tine crepe, the kind that washes without
losing its color or crinkle. Handsome new
designs, floral, oriental and bordered ef
fects, 'in every imaginable color, for ki
monos. Al60 plain colors.
White Canvas Shoes
FOR late summer and early fall wear for misses
and young ladies we show an extremely neat
style button boot of extra quality white canvas.
These are made over very shapely lasts, are very
dressy and most comfortable. Best quality leather
soles, military and Cuban heels and pearl buttons.
All sizes and widths are shown in two dQ Chfi
excellent qualities at $2.50 and J)5JU
"B. V. D.
for Men
TTTPi most comfortable sum
mer sleeping garment made
for men made by the makers
of the famous "B. V. D." under
garmetitSj which is assurance of
correct cut and make. These are
made in both knee and full
length styles, of iwhite checked,
dimity, plain white nainsook
and tan soisette, neatly trim
med with braids.
Regular $2.00 styles $1.49
Regular $1.00 styles 85c
Men's garters, especially de
sirable for wear with the knee
length "underwear, as they are
made, so thatj no metal touches
the skin. '
Best lisle webbing, a pair 23c
Best silk webbing, a pair 50c
20c a yard
"Bates Street" Shirts
All remaining summer styles, of fine qual
ity madras and percale, plain or pleated
fronts, in neat stripes and small figures.
Perfect fitting. The line of sizes is slightly
broken, but every size can be found in the
lot. Regular $150 styles,
If you want a cook, maid, nurse or
janitor, SAY SO through a Herald
"Want" ad. All El Paso reads Herald
"Want" ads daily.
Bell 116
Auto 1115
State what you
want or a messen
ger will call.

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