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El Paso herald. (El Paso, Tex.) 1901-1931, August 26, 1911, Annual Advancement Edition---Section 3, Image 18

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14 Miles Of New Macadam
Road At Alamogordo, N. M.
New Scenic Highway Through Box Canyon To Cloudcroft;
Schools Grow; Mining Attracts Attention.
5-Inch and 6-Inch Pumping Wells, Alamogordo
Beautifully Located at the Base f the Sacramento Mountains, Recently Changed Hands and Made Thoroughly Modern.
and in a kind and easy soil to handle, i on three sides insures a place iree
-.rn xm aoalir coo whnf tttA rmK.sihil- I from wlnrl in the "Winter, dust and
A1: - T' ities are in that line of farming.
Otero county has under con-J umogorde Saaitarhraft.
-A. i -t 11 ,.3.,. I .. J- 1 4. Vc4-
iuamosorao as una uj. me um
(By Dr. J. 3L Gilbert.)
LAMOGORDO, N. M., Jkag. 28.
Otero county has under con-,
struction. 3.4 miles of macadam.
road frem Alamogordo through Tjs.
Luz t Tularosa. "This is one of the
best piece of road in the territory.
J3ids have been called for on a por
tion of the road between -Alamogordo
and dtvsdcroft by -wray of High Rolls
and Mountain Parle. "When huilt it
will b one of the most valuable as
sets e-f the county as 'well as one of
the meet notable gcenic routes in the
Rocky mountains. It will give ac
cess to ih'e" frnH section about Sigh
Rolls and Mountain If ark as well as
the, farming and stock section about
A number of promising copper pros
pects have been opened p in the foot
hills east of Alamogordo. "With pros
pects of some active development
work -in the near future.
The Sacramento Mining & Milling'
company has recently incorporated
and is ew busy getting affairs in
shape for the development of the
copper mines they have purchased
in these mountains.
Tke Schools.
Alamogordo has' one of the best
public schools la the southwest and,
above the average of towns of its -size
in any state.
The Baptist college is located at
Alamogordo and issupported by that
church in the southern part of the
territory. It premises to he one of
the leading educational institutions of
the southwest.
PHmptrng VlsMtd.
"Wells pat dewn over this valley
have desaonstrated that there are
three -strata of Trater Teached within
206 feet, the third one between 140
feet to 18 feet In most places; the
water rises to about 30 feet of the
surface, staking an easy pumping
proposition. It has been demonstrated
that the soil will grow anything In
the "way of "vegetables or fruit of ex
ceptional quality and quantity. .Onions
have been planted, on a commercial
scale fr the first time this year by
Mr. Sanborn, who has seven acres in
onions, and while his crop was plant
ed late and conditions -were not as
Ideal as he would have had them, he
will make about $2,000 clear of all
expenses on the seven acres.
"With a pumping proposition, a man
can take care of ten acres of onions
equipped sanitariums for the treat
ment of tuberculosis in the south
west. The sanitarium was recently
purchased by Dr. "W. C. Rountree and
has been renovated and made modern
in every respect. Being located "at
the base of the Sacramento, mountains
and being protected by tbe mountains
e summer.
Blind Institute
The territorial Institute for the
blind is located at Alamogordo. The
progress the school has. made during
the past- two years has been phenom
enal, especially in athletics. th.9 school
having won, during the past year,
two silver trophies as first prizes,
competing with a score of eastern
schools for the .blind.
Lordsburg, N. M., An Im
portant Mining Center and
Railroad City Is Progressing
LORDSBURG, N. M, us" ii.-5-Lordsburg,
division point on the
transcontinental Southern Pa
cific railroad, mining center of
a wide area of country", is one of the
growing towns of southern New
Olexico, with a future even brighter
than Its past.
Considering the difficulty of tran
sportation to and from many of the
rich mines adjacent to this place, the
growth of Dordsburg and the progress
of mining in the Dordsburg region,
have been flattering. Capital has be
gun to appreciate and understand thet
value of these mines in the past few
years, and the transportation arrange
ments are righting themselves. Rail
'road communication with the rich de
posits of gold, silver and lead in the
hills comprising the Dordsburg dis
trict. Is expected, with confidence and
assurance "in the next lew years, or
or even months.
Meantime, the work that is now in
progress, the improvements that are
being made, the new properties that
are being opened up and developed,
are contributing largely to the sup
port and the growth of Dordsburg.
Recognizing the favorable location
of the place and the splendid quality
ot water secured here at a compara
tively shallow depth, the pionter
railroad builders made Dordsburg a
roundhouse a,nd division point, and
operatives and officials coming after
them have continued to recognize the
advantages of the' place for railroad
purposes. Mining men1 have also rec
ognized the advantage in the location
of Dordsburg as an outfitting point
and Dordsburg has been active for
Alamogordo's Water Supply;
Pumping For Irrigation
(By Ed Oliver.)
ADAMOGORDO, N. It, Aug. 26.
That the water supply of the
9rtileSacamento valley of
southern New Mexico is lasting and
practically unlimited has been
proved by the development of the
"Carl Wells," and the splendid water
they pruuce.
So far as water is concerned Ala
jnogordo is blessed beyond compari
son with any other section. Her two
immense reservoirs furnish the city
with the purest of sparkling moun
tain spring water. They are fed
from the canyons above the city, by
nature, -without the aid of man, and
there is enough to supply a city of
four times its' present size. Alamo
gordo's fine water system has long
been one of its most valuable as
sets. The city itself is municipally irri
gated in order that the beautiful shade
trees that line each side of each street
may thrive and thereby shade and
beautify the city.
Fine PnmFlHg Wells.
There have been many "deep well"
propositions here and several unsuc
cessful attempts have been made to
secure "artesian" water; but the last
call is water development in or
around Alamogordo is the "Carl
"Wells.", They are the biggest thing in
the valley, (and bespeak more devel
opment than all other agencies. They J
point the -way to independence, pros
perity and happiness.
The "Carl "Wells" are located just
across the railroad tracks from the
town proper at the Carl ice plant.
There are three of them, each 186
feet deep, and only 20 feet apart. One
well supplies all the water used in
the ice plant, and Mr. Carl's home.
The other two are used for irrigating
garden, yards, orchards and a field
of alfalfa.
The pump throws continuously, day
and- night, 700 gallons per minute,
with no perceptible diminution of the
flow. The tests show that this water
contains absolutely no alkali, which
cannot be said pf the spring water of
this section. jjp
The pictures herewith show the
flowing water from the "Carl "Wells"
which have aroused such tremendous
interest. Much enthusiasm is mani
fested by the visitors who go 'twere
every day to investigate the possibil
ities of this favored valley.
It has long been conceded that the
one thing needful for the substantial
growth and development of this part
of New Mexico is water, and now with
the assurance of an inexhaustible sup
ply, at a most reasonable cost, we are
sure that it will be only a lew yean
until Alamogordo will grow and pros
per and all the world will hear of her
wonderful climate and inexhaustible
resources. Her fruits are and always
will be the envy of other' places and
the fragrance of her blooming orch
ardsand rose-embowered homes Will
rival Araby the Blest )
years as a shipping station for ores
and as a destination point for miners
and machinery for the camps in the
mountains. The result11 has been that
hotels have usually been taxed and
the stores' of Dordsburg1 have been
busy supplying prospector and the
active miners, mine officials, visitors
and others.
Following the Southern Pacific, the
El Paso & Southwestern an.d the Ari
zona & New ' Mexico roads have also
built to this point giving Dordsburg
connection with three railways and
bringing the traffic for an extremely
large region through this place from
several 'directions.
Dojrdsburg has developed many
beautiful yards and gardens -as a re
sult of careful cultivation under irri
gation, proving that it has the right
kind of soil. Irrigation for garden
truck and even for forage crops Is
talked of and Is no remote possibility,
&s water Is plentiful and obtainable
at such depths as to make pumping a
commercial possibility, while the soil
away from the. hills is rtch and pro
ductive. Much substantial progress has been
made in Dordsburg in the past year,
both by merchants and among the
home owners, and the spirit of com
munity interest exemplified on num
erous occasions has aroused favorable
comment and presaged great things
in a development way in the future.
'witH strength and ease
tHey always please"
wwavayEBgsuHBKSBtcvwavEBMHMaBVBsKMaBaHBHBSBPMHE MT"S-jr-wytf2yi Tf
El Paso Business Men To
Visit Pecos Valley and
the Roswell Exposition
A trade .excursion into the west
Texas territory by the business men
of El Paso would be the best trade
getter this city could arrange. This
Is James A. Dick's opinion and as he
has been covering the western Texas
territory 4with a team of traveling
salesmen, his advice is 4both timely
.and expert Fall is the time, for the
excursion, Mr. Dick says, prereraDiy
October 2 to 6, when the Roswell
Products exposition is in progress.
This trade trip, 3Ir. Dick believes,
would result in thousands of dollars'
worth of permanent gpod to the trade
interests of El Paso.
"Let the heads of the various -wholesale
houses make the trip on this ex
cursion and the results will be re
markable. There should be -no effort
made to sell goods on this trip, but
eerely"t,o get acquainted and to pro
ote a more -friendly feelings among
the business men of the Pecos valley
and El Paso. EJ Paso has sent trade
excursions to Mexico City, to Arizona
and New Mexico. Now it is up to the
business men tp arrange for a trip
Into west Texas. It could be arranged
for a special train to go to Sanderson
on the G. H. & S. A., from there to Pe
cos and up' the Pecos valley, return
ing on the cutoff to Vaughn and back
on the eastern division of the South
western. "The Pecos country is more pros-
perous at tliis time than it has been
at any tipie in the past five years.
This makes the time right for such a
trip. "WSth the representative business
men making the trip and not the .clerks
and. assistants, the trade relations
that would be established would be
worth much to the business men of
this city. 'We sent traveling - men
Into this territory for four or nve
years at a loss, but they have now
built up a good trade with the west
Texas merchants and the same can be
done by every wholesale house In El
"The trip would also be a revelation
to the peopleof El Paso for it would
shdV what can be done by irrigation,
when it is applied scientifically and
the soil tilled Intensively.",
Call Bell 115, Auto 1115, tell what
you want. The Herald boy will collect
the next day.
Dearn. Bookkeeping, Stenography, Eng
lish, Spanish and Penmanship.
Draughon's Business College
JL. F. Davis, Manager. FiORes 14S4,
The World Owes Us a
Living and More j
Put .the "MOBE" in a-good bank' wlfere it may
grow in safety.,
r . ' . v - ' i
The high position which this bank has attainedvis
T- 'due to its conservative policies and the sat
. isfactory service tendered to each" ,of its
clients. . J ,X-
We have space on our ledgers for you. s ,
. The - .-'- r
American National Bank
of El Paso
Capital & Surplus $360,000.00.
Banking by Mail Our Specialty.
" Fer Descrlptlaa of the Pictures in tie F"ret Page GtJPb 1? m
This . Section, See the Folleirtes Pages:? , ,
Resvrell, X. M Artesla TVelW, pge X. , "Mvi
.V--r " S"3 !- ia-
Pccos, Tex:, PhjhfIhjc lor IrrigratiOH, yae " -&&"
DeiisliMr, Ariz., Artesian Well, page T. - .. "pV
WIllcox, Arix PHHiplHg fer IrrigatieB, ge T. r t-
Artesla, N. M., Artesian "Well, age . -,-.?"..-
Demfar, N. 3f Pamplagr fer Irrigation, iwge4 ax S, aarplr
la section 4. y
Your Checking Account
THiS Bank cordially invites all persons '
who receive " and pay out - money,
whether in large or Ismail amounts, to open
checking accounts, thereby providing posi
tive safety' for money Kand the greatest con- '
venience for the handling of funds.
The First National Bank
EL PASO. v l
Banking Hour 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
10 a. m. to 12 m.
5 j. m. to S p. mi'
Independent Assay Offio
D. yf. BscMAxr. E.M., Pronrietor,
Agent for Ore Shippers Assays and
Chemical Analysis. Mines Examined
and Reported Upon, iullt&n Work 9
acuity. P.O.Box,
Office Mid Laboratory:
CrP Sm FraMicM & CfcamilrWlfc
Custom Assay Office
As3ayers Chemists
210 San Francisco St.
Bell Phone 334 ' Auto Phone 1334
Manufactured Daily -
Mark tke School Children's llaea
vrlth aa Ellis Stamp.
Office Outfitters.
Looking for Ready Money?
You know as well as anyone thai
opportunity is always looking for
Ready Money, It's the man who
commenced to save a year ago
.who is prepared to cinch the
"good thing" ot today.
Your opportunity will come. Get
ready by starting ahank account,
here NOW. ' '
4 s
City National Bank
Open Saturday Evenings Until 8 o' Clock
Capital and Surplus . .-. .-. . ,r... . . . .:. . .$ 350,000.00
Resources Over . . 2,000,000.00
Orgaaized October, 1905.
A Good, Strong Bank For Your Deposits
4 Interest Paid On Savings Accounts 4
$,Mt Saiw&ed Deetktr
Our Officers Are Always Glad, to Talk With Yom
State National Bank
C R. M OREHEAD, Preeidest. 0. N. BASS3TT, VS Pmitoat.
JOSEPH MAGOFFIN, V. Pre. GEO. D. TL0RY, Casfciir. (
lu J. GILCHRIST, Aset, Caafciar.
Just s easy to open & strings sccowit witk m as taoagk ye Jtni
next door. "'
WE PAY 4 Interest compounded Twice Ererr Yer. W it
business under the Depositor's Guaranty Lkw of tbe State Texas sat
are a Guaranty Fund Bank as provided by snch LaV.
Onr plan, in addition to being conrenient, is safe, profitable ad bca
Nobody has ever ioat a dollar in a State Bank in Taxas
Write today for our free booklet AfTTTTfTn. BY If ATT,,
or simply mail your deposit.
Fraternal Organizations
The Union Bank and Trust Company will be
pleased to welcome the accounts of fraternal or
ganizations, as well as firms and individuals, and
will accord its depositors the most liberal terms,
consistent with sound banking principles.
BankTrust CO;
""" ' J

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