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Saturday, September; 9, 1911
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f tb days -Klieii faswon
seems to cater almost exclu
sively to the tall aad ril
krwy, tbe woman of (the
tbelkht referred to as "corn-
lag ivmt ap to Ms iearf has oae ad
raatage tbat hx big sistsrs are denied,
and thel kt the misses' djepartaoect,
where, from coats to eyeniag gowas,
gbe may often, find exactly wnat is
aLted to btr nseds.
I bay aimost all my gowns and
coats tbete," s&id a ywkhfill tecklag
womaa. of somethlag wider fire feet,
"aad sotaetimeg ssyi suits. I find that
in the ntieees garjaaaots- ail the pre
Tailing modes are modified Into slm
pl effects, jg fSmt one may-dfesi la.
style without being axtreaie, which is
not always possible if one has to de
pend os. the .regalar offeraags of
wosien's appareL",
farored by her modish mother this
fall, with the slight modifications just
mentioned. Skirts moderately narrow,
jackets medium length, coats cut on
straight, long lines, a prevalence of
sailor collar and wide rerer effects,
there you have the characteristics of
the yotmg giri's winter outfit.
Her party frocks are simple aad
(dainty with a preference for floral'
effects, carried out in bordered chiffon
-or tiny artificial flowers. One attrac-
tiTe little gown In pale bloe mescaline'
snowed a nappy use or tne Doraerea
chon scarf. Pour of these scarfs,
which were not very wide, were used
to form a sort of paneled tunic, be
ing allowed to hang loose In tire front
and back- and' on, either side, caught
in &t "the waist by a blue silk cord.
The ."border was a vague clouded ef
fect in pale brown roses on a blue
In a word, the striesjfor the row- ground,, with a shimmery. satin .stripej mimic the extremely "narrow lines of
fag daughter JlowTery ; closely tsjruming through it. j grown-up fashions, most of-them are
-For the, -tiny tots-there is' a surfeit
of practical, pretty garments. .The
new fall and winter coats show al
most invariably adaptations of the
Bailor, or shawl collar, with very wide
revers. Many models are so fashioned,
however, that -they may be fastened
up snugly about the little throats.
Bough materials will predominate
cheviots, Scotch mixtures and partic
ularly double-faced cloths. These lat
ter are very smart when the garment
is made up with the reverse' side, eith
er In a plain color or plaid, used for
trimming. The trimmings tftfo season
are very simple, consisting usually of
self-color braids, or big buttons; Of
course, velvets and plushes and broad
cloth will be used for the dressier
coats, with trimmings of fur, or hav
ing elaborate lacs- collars.
In wash dresses, although
a ;few
boxplaited all around, it thelsidej or
In clusters. A boon for the woman,
who makes the kiddies' play dresses
herself are the dress patterns in ging
hams ' and other material which may
now be obtained put-up in packages
which contain the required amount of
trimming, even to .the "buttons, 'and
full directions for making up the
goods that Is already cut but
Hats and bonnets are demure lijtle j
affairs this season, framing the face
bewrtchingly. For ordinary wear the'
close-fitting beaver or f elt with sim
pler bcw trimming, is most practicable
With the plush or caracul' coats bon
nets or hats fashioned of the 'same,
Bwterial are attractive. Velvet hoods,
with odd little tumed-up points over
tae ears, are trisamed with soft bows '
of light ribbon matching vfhe "bonnet
lining. Delicate chiffon-llhed and
draped' sbonnets trimmed", with tiny
flowers or feathers are indng. the dres
sier modek.
Copyrighted, 1911, by L JV Robinson.
TI5VOI7LD father wear an in
expensive piece of jewelry
I said a wen dressed woman
the other day, "that was in
perfect keeping with my
costume, than a more elegant one that
did not harmonize with the color
scheme and general lines of the gown,
ylt is a simple matter to ruin a good
effect by an awkwardly placed coral
brooch, for instance, on a rose pink
gown, or by a locket suspended1 at just
the wrong distance from the throat."
It Ts doubtless this increasing f astid--lousaes
In the details of correct jo-j
fuming that has brought out so many
artistic designs in medium priced jew-
ielry. It Is usually posslblefo find ex
actly the sort of brooch or chain or.
bracelet that seems to give that nec
essary last touch to tiie hew gown.
There, are the pin sets, for the dres
sier gowns, that come In. every con
ceivable combination of metals and
gems platinum set with amethysts,
or coral, or rhinestone, or inlaid with
enamel, and gun metal and gold treat-,
ed in the same way, although platinum
just at present is in the lead for
mountings of all kinds.
Th prevalence of the collarless
waist, which Is likely to endure through U
the winter, and according to some sn-l
thuslasts till the crack o'.dooin, has
created a greater demand for bea'ds,
chains, necklaces, La Yallieree- and
jeweled -velvet bands. Gold beads al
ternating with beads of onyx coral,
jade,- amethyst or any suitable stone
are being much worn. Onyx is espe
cially favored this season. A stunning
necklace seen in one of the shops was
a string of the brilliant onyx and tiny
seed pearls, with four pear-shaped
pendants of the onyx In the frost
Sotair chaias appear to hare 1fiuper
ceded aU others for the locket or
watchl These are tbetcbaine, that have
a separate piece, about three inches
In. length depending from the juncture j
to which the locket is .usually at-
tached The; locket or watch which is
often worn in this way, when fastened
to the end of this chain thus lies much
lower than formerly. Very attractive
are the enamel lockets suspended from
their slender gold -chains, having the
enamel also introduced Into the chain
In small discs.
Nothing could be .more fragile and
dainty than the Italian filigree silver
now so much In evidence. The brace
lets 'and- necklaces, simulating .tiny
gold centered daisies axe particularly
prettyj althougti some may prefer
those, coaeisting of small squares of
the lacy metal that form a solid chain'
Something new in hair
are the combs and barrettas. fashJosMdl
from what is called efcesttis. It is a..
sort of ivory-toaed celluloid qwte slab
of&iely carved, 'with a Sue of Mack
following the caning. Tkey are ospt
ciaily designed for wear with, tie assd
ish black aad white eostimiss, bet ia
grey or white hair, thsy acre a try
rich effect, appearfeg jsecht ssora ex
pensive than they are, siace a avoi
ftised barretta aiay be bought far 11.00.
Rhinestone hair oraaiaeats awaated
on atamiixaat are also to the fora
or rather decidedly t the hack;- foe
f the barrstte is the juamdaml nraasif
and need of. -the pressot coiffare. Tba
wide velvet bands with Jewtfed aHas
will- be worn by the yoaf
this winter. Another ptecty
for evening wear esceciaXfe.
to the coiled hah? dreseiagi the bead
ed or filigree baud finished at either
with a large fiat
for wrist or neck;
-I that esse jmst bad: the, eat,.
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- il
We try to 3o our Gleaning- in sucH a way that it will Be
to pur advantage tb have you critical, exacting and particu-
, ! , I f
larto the last detail of our work, for in the due course of
time if you are critical and exacting, you'll become a patron
of this establishments Your efforts to find the best cleaning
and-pressing will inevitably bring you here.
(Butv.-whyvnot come before v.e;m vcdst-
If- Jexperi'ments H
'k-' '.. -. - 'i
if .4'
. t --i
sb -
'.-'.lS ,-, A
Qur plant is the most complete and up-to-date: plant in
the entire southwest. . Absolutely fire proof and sanitary.. It
equipped vvijth all the modern machinery, of the day.!-
i .-ri-'Vi.- .r'' -VO--'-" - -
1 -.r-'
Mo Plac TOOce
Dyeing and Cleaning Works
All the Feminine
Fancies In Jewelry
To Be Found at, .
A. D Foster
Ottr fall stock is not yet complete bwt
new goods are arriving ciaily and with
the selections being made by oar Mr
A, D. Foster, who is now in the East,
we will be able, to offer you this fall
everything new in Jewelry. Exclusive
designs in artistic creations in every;
imaginable class, of jewelry will be
offered in a wide range of choice. . ' '
f " -
Wedding Gifts
We call particular afetentioii to tfofacfc
that this fall you "wiE find here wedding :
gifts that have individuality and will
be most pleasing to the young bride and
groom, xThis applies to gifts of a simple
nature as well as. to the most elaborate.
Mail Orders
The facilities of the A. D. Foster Co.
for filling mail orders are unquestioned.
We invite full correspondence at all
times and all out-of-town purchases
are made on the the basis of entire
Jewelers Opticians
Herald Bldg., ,E1 Paso, Texas.

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