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Thursday, January 25, 1912
Half Price Sale of
Kitchen Utensils
Tomorrow and for the remainder of the teeek you can supply your wants
in kitchen utensils at just 1-2 off our already "low prices. Some of the
articles quoted below are limited in quantity so don I put it off Come to
morrow and avoid disappointment.
50c All Iron Skillets for 25c
75c All Iron Skillets for - 35c
$1.50 Waffle Irons for 75c
$2.00 Waffle Irons for $1.00
50c Coffee Pots for 25c
50c Coal Skuttles for , f 25c
15c Coal Shovels for 5c
$2.00 Coffee Mill for $1.00
$L50 Coffee Mill for 75c
$1.00 Coffee Mill for 50c
75c Lamps for 35c
50c Lamps for 25c
Set of Asbestos Sad Iron's for $2.00
308 South firWWTSttf Always better
Til VaMi St IAM- I fa JUJ m I than the best ana
,1 J?UO tot. lif FURNITURE C0! forty percent
The Cut Bate Furniture Store.
Welsh Unable To
He Suffered
Baseball Was PUye4 Centuries Agio by
tie Players
CERTAIN skeptics have advanced
the theory that the ailment that
prevented Freddie Welsh from
keeping his engagement with Bobble
w a ugh at Vernon, was caused by
l- rtiAlm runrjernecKinir for a Deep at
the advance sale of tickets to the
fight, flnstead of "Torticollis", which ,
the learned pathologists have labeled i
his trounie xnis lawer ,ssury
tmpressie word, and a word that fits
his trouble This latter is surely an
the bill Being jnterpretea it means
that FTeddle got it in tne necK. wiui
out Having tne sugntest neea to cui
..Don Bobbie Waugh for assistance.
Fight promoter Tom McCarey, who was
carder hit than anybody else by the
blow, that is economically speaking.
gMes the following little song
' I am entirely satisfied that Welsh
received an injury that made him phys-
c4U nable to' compete. He called '
on me Friday evening to get his regular
allotment of passes and requested me
"ntm toxPew?ugh.frihar5mt he
Z?Z. .riA-t rf umum h
TcUng in good faith. I have no reason j
to doubt his word, which baa beea
supplemented by a physicians certi
ficate." ,
rortifled by that terrifying terns.
' torticollis." Freddie's position appears
to oe inasaailable.
The latest town to spring into the
limelight in the bid for the Flynn
Kraoke bout, is New Haven, Conn. One
ti 4be highbrow sounding name of
i Harmar Bronson. a" leading sport
P'omoter of tthe town has applied to
h police for a Mcense for a boxing
bout between the smoke and Flynn and
the smoke and Al Palzer, each bout to
travel IS rounds and both matches to
..- 'j i the same afternoon He pro
poses to land the scrags for the after
noon of JuK 4, at Lighthouse Point,
a well knowo summer resort on the
sound, five miles south of New Haven.
Johnson is to be offered as bis share
a guarantee of between S48.0W and
$50,000 Bronson's partner in the
enterprise ts Matt Larkin. of Cali
fornia. Before the Jeffries-Johnson.
affair at Reno, Larkin Interested him-
In Womens
The above cut shows one
of our smart models.
A White Buck, Sixteen
Button Boot with broad,
high toe and high Cuban
One of the season's new
est Dress Boots. Samein
tan and black.
Boot Shop
itV. 6v
Fight Because
From "Torticollis"
tbe Hittites, Says Egyptologists, ana
"Wore Masks.
self so much In Johnson that Billy
Delaney was secured as a trainer for
the smoke, largely through his ef
forts. Laxkln won $36,09 on that
mill, 'besides the gratitude of Johnson,
who is said to have declared that he'll
repay Larkin with any favor that he
asks Both Larkin and Bronson are
the best of friends, and both have
minis 01 money
Now the question is is Nevada, rolnir
to Iet tnese 51 sUiU thefr Mule
i pjgjjgf
Tommy Kilbane is said to have
changed his mind about going to the
Pacific coast tor fighting engagements
and will seek matches in Ohio,
Pennsylvania and Canada.
f -
Tom McCarey says that Los Ange-1
ie wiu soon nave tne duik or the
?2" cpf . w.,tS,."?";
ooxing cimmps within Its borders.
aIUI already oh thi wS
j AdWolRmst resides Ton th J'
"WsnavalftnT rea! SaS
CareTnd onwe t
P1' nd one we don't ln-
tena to tavltatlon."
Abe Attell declares that his bout
with "Knockout" Brown was strictly
on the level.
"I did the beet r could. I was out
weighed and outpointed by a younger
and stronger boy. I had all my gen
eralship into play to try and change
the verdict, but he would not fall
for it, but kept tearing In all the
time." he says.
"A left hand stomach punch in the
fourth round took all the fight out
of me, and the only -thing that kept
me together was my ring experience,
which has brought he through many
a hard battle.
Brown is the toughest lightweight
ine WK0,rW todaj- thought I could f
outfcox him and get away with the !
decision. I was surprised when he
not only out-fought me but out-boxed
me in uinerent styles. He has Im
proved wonderfully in his boxing and
fighting ability and looks like the
best man in his class in the coantry
Thusly does the fighting Abe sum up
his performance.
The San Bernardino baseball fans are
enjoying the sight of some big stars
in action, in their local baseball games
Big chief Meyers, of the New York
Giants, who is wintering at his old
home in the S B. valley. Is playing
regularly with his home team, just to
Keep in trim; Dave Altlzer, of the
Cincinnati Reds, captains the . team
while playing short stop and Roy Hitt,
of the Pacific Coast league is doing- a
little piUhing. s
The outlaw leagues are growing
awfully pert and sassy. If organized
baseball attempts to attack the new
league, it will be fought under the Sher
man antitrust law, according to presi
dent John T Powers of the outlaw
organization. "We don't swk- nv rio-ht
with any persons or combinations,"
.u Avncx, itui. -we nave tne
statutory right to exist and to compete
with the baseball trust, and we In
tend to do so."
The third baseman star of the Cleve
land club. Bill Bradeley, who has late
ly been with the Toronto club of the
Eastern league, has been offered the
management of the outlaws in Cleve
land. This is putting & serious aspect
on the earnestness of the outlaws.
Bradeley in his prime was one of the
freatest third basemen that ever lived,
he only man who has the right to
challenge him for the honor is Jimmy
Collins "Brad" always was recognized
as a player of exceptional cleverness,
and today there are no better fielders
than he. Bill could take the stars of
the two major leagues right now and
post them up a bit on accuracv in
throwing from third station to first.
The reason for Brad's leaving Cleve
land for the Toronto club was a slump
in his batting.
A new manager is to be appointed
for the Montreal International league
team this year, and the choice seems
to be between Fred Tenney, who led
the Boston Nationals last season, and
Billy Lush, the former Yale coach.
Hughey Jennings seems to be willing
to trade George Morlarty for a dark
horse pitcher on the Washington team.
The deal will be settled if made at
all, at the St. Valentin; day meeting
of the schedule branch of the American
Here we have been priding ourselves
on the American national game of
baseball and how scientific it has be
come in its development in the last
quarter of a century and right in the
face of it all, two learned highbrow
archaelogistB of London and Berlin
mosey up and with a lot of old slabs
of stones dug up in northern Syria, try
to show that a game similar to our
baseball existed in 1800, B. O, and
that the catcher wore a perforated
mask made- of the dried shell of native
gourds. The trace that played that
fame bore the cognomen of Hittites.
ut thl must have been before Jim
McGuirt and Cy Young broke mto the
Eddie Harlan. the Princeton athletic
star has signed to coach the football
and baseball squads of Johns Hopkins
university. He is a great baseball
coach and has had much baseball ex
perience playing on the outfield for
Prirreton and Is a streak on the base
Harlan was turned into a pitcher when
he struck Baltimore, and fell into the
nszLflszH&Km A Jm4hHeeA Jtah
1 Smmmm
i JiflsliiyflilBI
hands of Mickey Whltehurst. one of
the best baseball coaches in that dis
trict On the football gridiron Harlan
is said to be an even better man than
he Is at baseball. He was picked for
the All American team and Is Just as
clever at quarter as he is at half.
Hopkins should fiad it a most valuable
asset to haye so capable an allround
man as Harlan In touch with Us
students for the entire year.
One factor that will enter promin
ently Into the spring training tripe,
is the mineral baths. This has been
one of the chief considerations in the
selection of Hot Springs as a training
camp for so many teams. The White
Sox. Athletics and Giants have been
attracted to the lone star state for
their training -camps largely because
of the mineral waters on tap In Corsi
cana, Marlin and San Antonio.
Five teams will work out, -the kinks
and tricks of rusty muscles at Hot
Springs alone. Fred Clark will lubri
cate his Pittsburg Pirates there,
Charley Dooln will take the Phillies
to this spot and Hank 0Day with his
Cleveland Cincinnatis mid nil! TlihW
with the Brooklyn's will toss the ball
around In this Arkansas resort. Connie
Mack is going to break the world's
champs into their paces at San Antonio.
Jim Corbett, In sizing up the boxing
situation, declared that there was not
a man In sight who could stand off
Johnson, unless possibly it was Palaer
Corbett makes the reservation that
Palzer is extremely crude at the pres
ent time and merely has the makings
That and nothing more.
In paying his respects to the present
champion Corbett served the latter a
few hot shots. Here Is Johnson, seOa
he. a year and a half after the awful
blow at Reno, flirting around amoag
the melancholy examples of "white
opes" and getting the softest moqej
on record, when there are three efficient
members of his own eofnr TjiWai
McVey and Jeanette, to give him a real
' i.d" a "SotweigBt flghteri
who Is well known fn El Paso is go
ing to do some ring work In " Mexico
City, in February 10, where he Is slated
for bis Initial appearance In a fight
of Mexiea The "Sd will tSISf a" 30
round mill, the finZriJ2
r ti . -",i'y""I"P ugmwetgnt title
round mill, the winner to o-at itatut
and the loser $1600.
"Kid" Lea baa been in action repeat
edly In Kl Paso and Juarez, and has
an eye on the championship lightweight
title of the southwest
" A
52d Day, Jan. 28. 4.
"r '
First race Selling, 2 year olds, three
and one-half furlongs. Queen of the
Turf 100, Tlldy Wolffarth, Rosa Rablee.
Tenderest, Maud McKee. Josle Lee 106
Blue Jay 108, Velie Forty, Casanova!
Inquieta, Beulah Mc 110, Maggie Cun
ningham 10S.
Second race Selling, one mile. Boe
der Battle 95, Dottle B. 98, Velslnl 100
Hearts Relief. Kiddy Lee 10I Pedro'
Oscuro, 105, Onatassa 108, Wicket 110
Hannls 116.
Third race Selling, fillies and mares,
six furlongs. De Cesarian. Ferrona 89,
Fleeting Fashion 94, Lillie Levya "102
Ala Marchmont (ran as Ala March)'
Iwalant, Tender Bloom 104, Belle of
t)ie Bay, Chllla 107, Zool 109, Keen
Moving. LitUe Jane 112.
Fourth race Handicap, six furlongs
Dr. Dougherty 10S. Flying Wolf 106
Lackrose, Irish Gentleman, Kootenay
110, Pride of Llsmore 125
Fifth race Selling, fne and one
half furlongs. Isom 91, Morallght 9S
Myeenae 98, Golden Ruby 101 Phii
Connor 103, Salvage. Tallow Dip, Lyte
Knight, Annual Interest, Toy Boy, Hid
den Hand, John H. Sh&han 107, Waner
Angelus 114. Hex 117.
Sixth race Selling, one mile. Chantl
clor 98. Ed Keck -100, Ocean Queen
10S, Tom Franks, Jack Laxson. Danger
ous March 105, Lotta Creed 108, Miami
'Apprentice allowance.
Wednesday's RcMUlts.
First race Three and one-half fur
longs, purse, maidens, yecr olds, value
5300. Negligee, 109 Keogh). 7 to S,
won; John Hurie. 112 (Gross). 5 to 1,
second; Pat Gannon, 109 (Callahan) 8
to 6, third. Time, 0.40 4-6. Blue Jay,
Phflopena, Icicle. Reckless Lad ran.
Second race Six turlongs, selling,
3 year olds and upward, value 5300.
John H. Saeehan, 112 (BoreH. 7 to 2,
won; Col. Marchmont, 109 (Gross) 8
to 1, second. Bob Lynch, 112 (Moles
worth). 2 to L third. Time, 1:18. Fer
rona, Regards. King Elk. Orba Smile.
Parnell Girl, Florence Roberts Dave
Montgomery,, Jim Mc ran.
Thira race One mile, selling, 3 year
olds and upward, value $300. Oscuro,
107 (Taplin), 5 to 1. won. Robert. 95
(Callahan), 15 to L second. Setback,
115 (Keogh), 3 to 6, third. Time. 1 41.
King White, Error. Little Marchmont,
Charles Green, New Capital, Wey
mouth ran.
Fourth race Six fnrlontra sellinsr 4
year olds and upward, value S300.
Frank G. Hogan, 112 (Molesworth), 3
to 1, won, Light Knight, 106 (Borel).
9 to 5, second, J B Robinson. 100
(HillK 4 to 1. third. Time 1:13. Ange
lus, Faneuli Hall, Serenade, Plt-a-Pat
Fifth race Slx furlongs, selling. 3
year- olds and upward, value 3800. De
Cesarlon, 8 (Hill), 10 to 1. won; 111
Meter, 112 (Molesworth) 4 to 1, sec
ond; Kuropatkln. 112 (Post). 8 to 1,
third. Time. 1:18 2-5. Defy, Brave With
ers, Tender Bloom. Novgorod, Elder,
Swede Sam, Black Domino Juarez, Tom
Franks ran.
Sixth race One mile, selling, 4 year
olds and upward, value 3300. The Monk,
105 (Selden). 3 to 1. won. Gelico, 108
Taplin) 10 to 1, second, Sona, 106
Molesworth 1 to 1 third Time, 1 40
HanoK Pipe Vision Yankee Pooh,
Anne McGee Frog Lena Lech ran.
Slaughter of
Men's High Grade Shoes
French, Shriner & Urner in all
styles and leathers, $6.00 and
$6.50 values
for $4.85
shoes on earth for the price
asked, $5.50 and $5.00 values,
TILT SHOES, all leathers,
$4.50 and $4.00 values,
All styles of $3.50 values $2.95
All styles of $3.00 values $2.65
All styles of $2.50 values $ 1 .95
Shoe Store
10 Mesa.
What is Talcum Cloth
used for?
Greo. A. Mansfield & Co.
Mills Bldg.
jimmy Mcdonald
visits el paso
Prize Fighter and Trainer
Goes Through En
Route to Coast.
Jimmy McDonald, prize .fighter,
trainer and one time sparring partner
with such ring stars as Wolgast, Ad
Moran and Freddie Welsh, anjl who
has lately been wearing the gloves o
spar with Jimmy Burns in Los Angeles,
stopped over in El Paso long enough
Wednesday afternoon to take in tile
sights of El Paso and Juarez. '
Jimmy is making the journey from
Los Angeles to Anson, Tex. to take in
hand the training of the latest hope
that has dawned, on the white fighters
horizon. This hope bears the name of
Cass Tarver, and is the heavyweight
find of one Or. Jack Piatt, of Jones
county, Texas.
Cass Tarver is a husky, six and a
half foot fellow that tips the beam at
285 pounds, is Just 29rausVoML and
according to reports tteF areT being
circulates, is ine most active uig man
J in the ring that has been seen for some
time Jimmy Mac says tnat lr tne iei
low has half the stuff in him that his
friends claim .he will .sure be some
Tarver has been giving some exhl
tion bouts in Jones county and has the
population quite worked up to the pos
sibilities that in the confines of Texas
this hope may yet wrest the- heavy
weight title from the big smoke. It
wouldn't be half way bad idea for a
white man from this state to -win back
the title, inasmuch as the big "spade"
came originally from Galveson.
Jimmy McDonald is taking Charlie
Cavanaugh with him as an additional
sparring partner for the new hope, and
in the party that came to EI Paso are
Bobble Waugh and Jake Burk. These
two latter will remain in this vicinity
for a while, sight seeing.
According to Jimmy. Tom McCarey.
the fight promoter of the Pacific coast,
has no hankering for staging heavy
weight fistic encounters. Lightweight,
and featheweight bouts, traveling 10
short fast rounds are the thing there,
and the longer mills don't go. Jimmy
says McCarey is considering the ar
rangement of a match with Sam Lang
ford and some hope, to be staged at
Los Angeles, but this is very doubt
ful at present
If the hope doesn't pan out as ex
pected, Jimmy will go on to Oklahoma
City, which has just been opened to
the fight game again, and arrange to
take part in some matches there, as
he Tiad fought several bouts In Okla
homa and Is well known.
The pugiisto left El Paso Wednesday
The Tuttle and Globe Mills 'teams
tied with a 2 to 2 score, in the bowl
ing match at the Cactus club. Wednes
day night. Clark, of the Tuttle team,
made the record high total of the tour
nament, realizing the mark of 672.
High game was his also. The scores
mads were
Tuttle team.
Clark .... 204 204 264 672
Stratton .. 179 163 164 506
Turtle 138 188 141 447
aul 127 l 124 444
Bryan .. . 246 193 214 653
To'-als .894 921 907 2722
dobe Mills.
S'lierman 123 210 178 oil1
? 142 149 157 448
Ptrkins i4 137 155 3z
Jacobs . 1S7 176 IIS 480
Rriesh . 151 196 m 628
Totals ... 74S 867 739 2399
Handicap 343
Globe Mills take 114 pins per game
Points won, Tuttle 2; Globe -Mills. 2.
High game, Clark, 264.
High total, Clark 672.
Strikeout. Bryan
F,'k2toial -f 672 te the record to
tal of this tournament.
?WYr,k- .. I-' Ja5- ?6.-Manager
....-, ! tllc .iew xotk nationals
has received contracts irom five of his
playera. two of them being members
of last vest's champions. The old nlav
ers who came tett line were Devlin the
veteran third baseman and utilltj' in
fielder and Grover Hartlev. a catcher
The youngsters who sent in their con
tracts were outfielders Johnston and
Jacobs and pi teller Munsell
Manager Wolverton, of the Amer
icans has received the signed contracts
from pitcher Gerge McConnell and of
George Simmon?, an infielder, the two
stars of the Rochester team.
Wolverton als.bas signed Edwin Ber
gln, a local semi-professional catcher
Houston. Te:f., Jan. 25. Jay Graham,
of Long Lake HI-. won. the southern
amateur chanhpionship event in the
Sunny South lhandicap shoot with a
score of 33 out of a possible 100 Wil
liam Crosb plrofessional of O'Fallon.
HI was nigh fer all the davs shoot-
lntr breaking 3 of the :oo targets.
iw m
In the Basement Store
The Remnant offers for this week are unusually, attractive. While
every imaginable kind of Remnant can be bought tomorrow, in the Basement
Store, at an underprice, it is Silk Remnants that are featured. Our Mammoth
Silk "Sale this week'has produced hundreds of desirable Remnants. To give you
an idea of value we mention
$1.25 Silks at 48c a Yard
This remarkable offer embraces many different kinds of Silks and the lengths
run unusually well. When you consider the quality of Silk Remnants
offered and note the price you will certainly make a purchase. Values are up
to $1.25. The price Less Than Half . v '
It Is Declarer! a Draw With
Condition& Favor-
rng Hays.
Indianapolis, Ind Jan. 25. Monte
Attell. of Pittsburg, and Chick Hayes,
the former Memphis boy. who has been
training here both bantamweights,
fought Ml rounds to. a diw with a
slight shade m-favor of the local box
er. Hayes landed more clean. "bWWs,
was faster, and carried more of the
fighting, while Attell excelled at In
fighting. In the urst rouna .nayes punu mo
Pittsburg boy's eye. The second was
even and Attell cut Hayes's Up In the
third. The fourth and fifth were even
exchanges and the easterner had a
shade in the sixth. Hayes was quicker
in the seventh, but Attell blocked many
of the blows and tbe round was eyen.
In the sixth Attell forced the fight
ing, but the Indianapolis boxer landed
several swings to the Jaw. which, did
not do much damage.
Attell seemed to be holding off in
tbe ninth, but came back in the Wth
and the fight ended in a whirlwind of
Defeats Englishman in a
Six-round Bout in
Philadelphia, Pa, Jack Ward, the
English lightweight, was completely
outclassed by Packey McFarland Jn 1
tneir six rouna wui ueiuie me -ttonal
Athletic club last night.
The Englishman was apparently be
wildered by the Chicago boy's speed,
and in the second and third rounds he
scarcely laid a glove on MoFarland.
In the third round in particular.
McFarland smothered Ward with left
jabs and right swings.
In the fourth round McFarland struck
Ward several times with his open glove
and early -in the fifth round, when he
again tried those tactics, the crowd
hissed and called for more action.
Toward the close of the sixth round.
McFarland drove the Englishman
across the ring with right swings, one
of which caused Ward to go to the
mat. He was up in an Instant and
fought back hard until the bell rang.
It was the consensus of opinion that
McFarland was an easy winner.
New York, N Y , Jan. 25. Dr. Joseph
Sofian, physician of the National Sport
ing club, "Knockout" Brown and sev
eral other witnesses were heard at a
continuance of the investigation by the
state athletic commission of charges
made by "Abe" Attell. that he was
"doped" In his fight with Brown at
the National Sporting club last Thurs
day night.
All denied the allegation of the
featherweight champion. In addition
Brown said Attell had fought as well
as he ever had seen hlpu perform.
It is probable no decision as to
whether Attell shall be debarred from
participating in further bouts in this
state will be rendered until several 1
other witnesses are heard. I
Paris. France, Jan. 25. American 1
fighters scored heavily In a series of '
bouts here last night. Frankie Lough- ;
rey, of Manayunk, Pa., knocked out
the Englishman. Dick Roberts, in the ,
second round. Frank Moran, the Pitts
burg heavyweight! knocked out as
Englishman, Stoker Smith. In the first
round. The American. Swamoat, fought
a draw with the Englishman, Win
greve. Moran is a nephew of Mike McNally,
of EI Paso, and belongs to tbe EI Paso
lodge of Eagles.
Artesia, N. M., Jan. 25. The number
23 proved lucky to the Artesia basket
ball players at Artesia. Western col
lege defeated Carlsbad high school by
a score of 2" to 16, and In the after
noon Artesia high school defeated
Carlsbad high school by a score of 23
to 22. in tne morning at Koswell the
Artesia high school girls defeated the
Roswell high school girls by a score
of 23 to 6.
Denver Colo , Jan 25 The colors of
Alfredo de Oro world's champion,
were lowered here unofficially last
night when he lost his handicap exhi
bition match with James Maturo, of
Denver, by a score of 457 to 51o De
Oro undertook to give Maturo 90 balls
In 600 At the end of Tuesday night's
Ila tbr score was Maturo. Zi de
Oro . ' Last nights bl..Lk tne third,
rf-uited Ie Oro. ISC Maturo 163
Forty Eight Cents
Jack Britton Wins lrom
FranMe Burns in a
Ten-round Bout.
. Oakland, CaL. Jan. 25. Jack Brit
ton. the Chicago lightweight, won a
decision here last night In a round
bout with Frankie' Burns. Burns was
a -1ft -to 8 2avorlte.in the .bettag.
Britton now is eligible to meet fight
ers of the standing of Packey KcFar
laad and "One Round" Hogan.
In the second round Britton closed
Burns's eyes and from then on the lat
ter ted no chance. In eight of the 10
rounds Britten forced his oppeaent
around tbe ring, hammering him- at
will. The local man's stamina saved
him from a knockout.
In two rounds, the sixth and ninth,
Burns showed some signs of his former
ring ability, but in those two he only
broke even.
Play Games by Telegraph;
School Teams Are
to Meet.
Beginning a series of five telegraph
bowling matches with the Y. M. C. A.
of Douglas, the "Y" team of bowlers
will take a whack at the pins for three
games tonight. A series -of five, three
game matches will be lilayed every
Thursday night.
The High school Tigers will bowl
against the E. P M. I. Grenadiers to
night at the "Y."
Oakland, Calif. Jan. 25 Billy De
laney, the famous trainer, died last
Delaney trained many of the most
prominent fights s of the last 25 years,
lnculding Johnson. Jeffries. Corbett
Choynski and Kaufman. He trained
Johnson for his championship fight
with Jeffries at Reno and was also in
strumental in arranging the match and
backing the negro fighter.
los Angeles, Calif, Jan. 25. Carlos
Alastalre Raoul Gotesmani, marquis de
Mljana, Province, France, died at his
home here today He was said to have
been at one time world's champion
fencer, and a duelist of note in his
home country
Th marquies, who came here from
Ft. U orth, Tex., was 25 years f age.
xoungstown. O.. Jan 25. Abe Attell.
champidn featherweight, who will meet
Johnny Kilbane in California on Feb
ruary 22. came here from Chicago to
see- a doctor for treatment of an in
jury to his right thumb. The doctor
found the thumb badly jammed, but
tj nJrv was not serious. At
tell left for the west
Rochester. V Y , J.in. 26. What is
believed to be a world's record for one
game b a two man team, was estab
lished yesterdav by Keisky and Kon
dolf bowling against two other teams
for a aide bet Reisky rolled 267 and
Kondolf 26S fora total of 521.
St Louis. Mo, Jan. 25 Outfielder B
M. Rlggs, of Houston, pitcher FMll. of
Jersey City, and pitcher Earl Hamilton,
of last year's St Louis Americans, have
signed contracts with the local. Amer
Milwaukee. TVia. Jan. 25. Jimmy
Walsh, English bantamweight, defeated
Young Krause, of Milwaukee. l a six
round contest here last night
Fall raensare at Southwestern "nel Co.
Pasteurized milk. MFMOjDiry.
Artesia. N M.. Jan. IS. -Hiram H.
Wise was buried here, the funeral ser
vices being at his residence under the
auspices of the local Masonic lodge.
The deceased came here a year ago
from nna III, for his health and
leaves a wife and two children.
Pasteurized milk. B Paso Dairy.
F-iII measure at southwestern Fuel Co
What is Talcum Cloth?
j Geo. A. Mansfield & Co.
Mills Bldg.
Win Be Dined by the Mem
bers of the Local
Masonic Body.
It will be the Shrlners' treat Thurs
day. Feb. 1, when John F. Treat, im
perial potentate of the Ancient Arabia
Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine,
will make an official visit to El Maida
temple and brand his official O K. up
on the camel of local Shnnedom.
Imperial potentate Treat will come
from Los Angeles, and will be the guest
of the El Paso Shrlners at a reception,
ceremonial session and banquet, to be
given in his honor Mr Treat is .1
Fargo, N D, product and was elected
as head of the imperial council at the
iast meeting, which was held In Roc' -ester,
N. Y. He Is an active business
man of that city and is a member of
the park commission, which has under
taken the bear.tiflcation of the city of
Fargo. He is a real estate agent there
and has held a number of important of
fices in tee Masonic bodies of Nort 1
The banquet in honor of the head of
the Shrlners will be given at th Shel
don hotel, said will be a good nature.
gridiron dinner with the local Shrine
members as Hie subjects. The imperial
potentate will ba ir.et at the train bv
tue entire membership of El Ma!U
Shrine who wQl wart him t tfce Shrine
j- 1-ge room on Overland and Oregon
streets, w'.ere a eacemenial sea ion wi .
be held preceding the banquet.
Mr. Treat will be. accompanied by a
number of important Shrtae officials
who are making tbe inspection trip
with him.
Property in .Bailey County
to Be Used 3?or Ranch
ing Purposes.
Plain view. Texas, Jan 23 J t
Walker has sold to Jas. R. Gibson, of
Coleman. $I,00 worth of land in
Bailey county. Ten days ago Mr Gib
son also turnsd $536,000 worth of land
in the same section to central Texas
parties. The land Is the J J. Perkins
I tract and has been leased by the Van-
were made la the main with parties
who will become actual settlers ani
the cutting up and improving ot these
sections is to begin at once.
The O. E. Green Machinery companv
of. Plalnview, begins today on the first
of two contracts for the putting in of
irrigation plants in Bailey county It
is thought that the extensive vein of
water which underlies the Plain view
country is also present In Bailey coun
ty, hut at a slightly greater depth.
A Mexican laundry wagon driver fo
tbe El Paso laundry attempted to run
over G. H. switch engine No. 8 Thurs
day morning at the Santa Fe street
crossing The horse was killed, the
wagon damaged, but the Mexican es
caped, and is yet at large. He disap
peared Immediately after the accident
and before his name or age could be
discovered by the crew of the switca
Rome. I tab, Jan. 25 The subject of
the detention of 29 Turks, said to be
members of the Red Crescent society. b
the Italian authorities, who captureu
them on tne French steamer Manouba
was discussed" fully at conferences yes
terday between premier Glolittl, for
elgn minister marquis dl San Guiilano
and the French ambassador to ItaJh
Carallle Barrere. The conferences are
said to have been cordial, but the
Turks still are held under arrest at
Cagliari, Island of Sardinia
Italy maintains her right to capture
and search ships of neutral nations sus
pected of carrying contraband of wa-
The incident is practicall close '
The onl question now being discuss
is that of finding a method b nh
the Turkish prisoners can be rel,.s 7
or delivered to the French auth t ?

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