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Monday, February 26, 1912
j0g' Buy v3ft
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i to bring back. jey
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Phone 49
nor left
i nnu uinnuinTi sssitTs
The Vaaqtiista Junta In KI Fnxo de nle thnt F.mlllo Vnxqicz Gomez lind
anything to de -rrlth the proclamation natch iraa made public bj- The Her
ald FridtfjeBlSfct, aad dealer a niaement In the morninjr paper that Vasquez
l.esiex wa a aitfiperter of the Clentll leo partj". The junta farther denies
that the 'PrMar proclamation xcas ant horlxed by the representative Vas
(jBixtaji. The feHoTTlHK pretest in Rddressed to
The Herald TJ" the VasqHlsta Janta.: sire publlcltv to thin protest foe -the
In the Rt Pue Mornlns Times or i -nm we American paoiic
today there appears n notice that Gon
x.ale C. Kuril and Umlllo Vasquez,
t.arza Galan, Garza. Aldape. Dello Mo
reBs CaHtoa. Meaaor Valder, Jose Garcia
"nadraand Jose Cordoba signed a procla
mation launching the candidature of
t.en. Gcrenime Trerliio and of Gen. Pas
rnal Urozee jr. for president of the
Mexican republic and chief of the array,
respectively. pHtttec these men In their
iroelaraatleB as saying: things these
men have never expressed.
also bailee supported the Clentlflco
(Signed) "La Junta Kevoluclonarla
en KI l'aso. Tex.
There Is no further signature to the
above pretest, which is typewritten on
blue paper under date of Feb. 24, 1012.
Infirm pivp Minn mm unT nr
mm DHiD mm will nui dl
Declares Also Thg,t No Shots Will Be Fired Into El
Paso Says He Believes Madero Will Resign
' and OrBz&q Will Join Vasquistas When
Juarez Is Taken Wants No Inter
1 vention by United States. - -" v -
"If there Is firing Into the Vnlted
States when we take Juarez It will not
be our fault. The least thine vve desire
! germinating throughout the sun ''
district and that Cery miuuir ......
new iidhrrcnts for them. While their
force Is TOO now they-feel assured thnt
1 it will multlpl by three Uetore xnrcc
davs hae passed.
I The earnestnes of Madero w' n
more manifest than thnt of the -qclstas.
It Is manifest In their every
move and the carriage of Gen. Campi.
.o vrhlclcs of nny kind coming froiA
, il l'nso will be allovted to net as near
! Raucbe as we were fortunnlc enoujh
I to get today.
A rnther humorous Incident happened
! an we npproached. l'hotographer Scott
t.nfi irnin nhrnil on foot while we re
turned to Bl Paso with the Miss Elean
or Wilson part. Hastening back and
ncnrlng Ilauche. a portion of a cavalry
troop was seen lined up ns In target
They Mere pointed towards l.aticne.
Chauffeur and Interpreter "MIHe
Itangel "cut oh(" the muffler ana
roarcil up behind the nsquitas,
looked neither to the right
nor back of them.
Getting out of the auto and walk
Ins around In fro.- of this segregated
sqnrt. we found the rcaon. The
aforesaid Scott had them lined up for
a picture and from the wrapt ami
sublimated expression on their face
-ou would have thought them on the
wnv to church rather than to war. If
Juarez had been suddenly attached
from the rear It Is doubtful If they
would have glanced about nntll Scott
gave the signal.
! Is Brought From Marooned
Train in Auto by Her
ald Man on Sunday.
Miss Eleanor Wilson, daughter of
governor "VVoodrow "Wilson, of New
Jersey, possible Democratic candidate
for the presidency, arrived In El Paso
shortly after 9 oclock, in aa automo
bile from Bauche. where she ana her
party were taken from the lortlj
Western train. -which had brought
them to that -point from Pearson.
"There really hasn't been a. thing
interesting: about our trip, no excite
ment whatever." said Miss Wilson at
breakfast In the Sheldon.
"We left Madera on Wednesday and
went to Pearson in a private car on
the-North Western road. We were tied
up for two days at Pearson but .there
was not a bit of danger, no excitement
"We left Tearson at noon Saturday
and came to a point 17 kilometers
down the road at 7:S0 Saturday night,
where we found a burned bridge.
There we remained 'until Sunday morn
In? when we ware taken in an auto
to J21 Paso.
"I shall telegraph my family where
I am, and how I am and would appre
ciate it if The Herald would answer
ihy father's query in regard to my
sfet." It was The Herald's automo
bile -that brought her in. The Herald
having received a telegram fr-m Oov.
Wilson asking that his daughter be
looked after.
"It is not possible for me to say
what my plans shall be. but for the
present I will be at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. F. H. Todd, 1017 Mundy ave
nue. At least I hall be tnere until I
make some further plans.
"Oh. es: in the party with me are
Miss X.Htntner, Mrs. I Campbell and
D. M. King, the latter of San Fran
cisco. We visited at Madera for five
weeks, where I was the guest of Mrs.
P. A. Hutchins. All the time I was
there it was quiet."
Miss Wilson has a smile that would
win everv rote in the country for h,er,
fathr if "she were to go on the stump
Pfor Htm. qpe laughs out of her blue
yes. too. ana inouarn sne was m
tired after the trying trip and Inci
dentally her appetite had been whet
ted, yet she was most pleasant, and
between bit of grapefruit answered
questions cheerfully, though reallv
she ha no exciting experience to re
late. Not even one.
Is Intervention, though we do not put
posed mobilization of the forces which fw--DTJ XI rtTVT TCfiT A Th'Tl'
i. Campa I A 'J.WJ.VJJVXX JLvVJJJ3. J. i 1 1 ' ;
are to advance on Juarez Gen.
"We have TOO men here now,
cavalrymen and 10O Infantrymen.
Manuel Ramos, former fire eating
fighter under don Porfirlo, says that
he will take 100 seasoned federal eain-
Tbey deny j naiTners tn Banpho snri run ihs re-hei
.. r t . .- - " i
ran Kb baclc to Jhihuahua. Kamos is
the excitable type of soldier, for
It past the Madero ndmlnlstrnttun to I Lave five three and one-half Inch
:tse this point, working toward the
cessation of the present movement,
which Is to sweep Mexico."
So spoke Gen. Hmlllo Campa. com
mander of the Vnsqulta forces at
Bsuche Sunday, when I visited his
camp for The 1 l'aso Herald.
He continued: ,
non. We are eipectlnp Generals Inez
Salazar and Antonio Itojas at any min
ute and estimate our total strength at
17(9 men at r. minimum, possibly VOOO.
"Whether vie will advance on Juarez
tomorrow or the next day or the next
vreeK Is entirely problematical. It Is
certain that when we do advance that
"c are for Kmlllu 1 ascmcx (.mrx j . ian oe cqnipped and prepared not
narfy which statement heads the proe- I not
iamntlea of the signers. This party Is I fighting Is his business and killing Is I for the provisional presidency and will j Ry to take Jnarez bnt to march from
t all times seeking methods to Injure I only a matter of making up the score I t aecept any one else. Gen. Trejlno , Juarex to Mexico City, after the fashion
after the game.
In respect to Kraillo asqaez Gomez. He fought in central Mexico during
we are authorized to protest against the early part of the revolution, went
the abuse which these men hare made to Lower California, where he maie
f his name by pHttlng It thereon. Xer peace a much coveted thin? among t'i
do we believe that any of the men 1 filibusters. ,and since that time lie has
and Garcia Cuadra could ' -keen in the. Mexican secret service
save Knrlle
hate had any part In preparing the
a( sternest.
"Karile and Garcia Cuadra are ad
venturers who are In no way connect
ed with the 1 asqnlsta revolution In
the north of Mexico and by taking
such action la a foreign coutry they
violate the laws of neutrality.
"For esr part, we ask; yoH, sir, to
Ramos is waiting at? the Mexican con
sulate for orders like a soldier. He
says he will go to Bauche with 100 ex
perienced federals and put at rest all
apprehension regarding the possibility i zent tell:
oi intervention by chasing tre rebels I wished to interview mm ami He re
back to Chihuahua and into the bullpen I iiiondcd Immediate!?, lomlng on herse
at the federal orison, where Rofax I liack.
I made his start. Answering the queries as to the sup-
I Summer Sweetness 1
I of the Com Fields 1
I -Fresh, Pure -and Wholesome 1
Open a package of
I Post Toasties I
1 and youTI find a sweet, dainty food made of selected white com. Fust cooked, then I
toasted to an appetizing golden brown.
1 "Toasties" are ready to serve direct from thepackage with cream and sugar I
a luxury you can aiord. S
I "The Memory Lingers" I
H Pattern Cea! Cosskt. LaL, Pore Food Fifiorio. BUo OkV. Mkt. Jg
Is an old and respected man. but we or jour Atlnn .. ..- -- .-i. t
do not feel that any one can meet the ; 1. ,.,.... pBnjiivpvm ,,-
exigencies of the present s'tuatlAn us , " "-- I KOill.Ms.1 ME..
can Gomez. With Goinex a provisional Here the general shrOKged his shoul-
presldent and quiet restored, there ' 'era and smiled as though he had
hall follow an ethical election. j tracked n very pertinent simile.
STOPPED OUTSIDE REI1I3L C VMP 1 t,c,B. Campa has amonj; his force
The writer and Homer Scott, staff manr s?n who formerly were munt
photographer for The Herald, were 'l'"r important In Mexico. Maj.
stopped an elchth of 'a mile this side ; Jloc7 formerly chief of police of Gal-
of the vasqulsta camp. -V aispatcli was ". one i int most enthusiastic
They most resent the terming of
their advance as one of lniii,lif. ,an,i
i vadals. Gen. Campa was most explicit
""" expressle on thin point, saylne
that everything had been done In
ethical fashion: that they hnd burned
no bridges, stepped no trains, robbed
no stores nnd stolen no horses.
"Had we wished to ateal horses."
asked the general, "would we now
hate HHI Infantrymen who nre forced
to walk instead of rldef"
KeJIpe Carnrez. quartermaster of the
Tlanche troops, declared that to his
knowledge nothing had been stolen or
Illegitimately secured since he was
placed in charge: furthermore, that
there was no need of It. as they had
plenty of money to procure provisions
tVsked about the definite position of
Gen. Pascual Orozco. Gen. Cnampasald:
"Me believe that Oroirn -rrili i-t
Believed that 10,000 Tas-
quistaX Are in Sur-
rounctffee Country.
Torreon. Coahtma, Feb. SI. iVia.
Cuidad Juarez. Fefc23. Torreon is
completely isolated Sjsl has been for
the past three das. U railroad and
telegraph communicatitSL is cut off.
A famine is threatened Merchants
of the city have wire.l amprotest to
president Madero. but it isxeared the
telegram did not reach nlm.sv j
It is believed a total of i m as-
I quistas are blockading rorreomv i ne i
The consular officers of the valwus '
governments in the city asked
iifft ja arma fnr a B19tIDnf a
the true conditions fi'stine here. The
jefe replied that the conditions araj
not so alarming as had been expressed!
at a meeting at the German club. The j'
reply rewevea in insin prevailing
among foreigners. The jefe de armas j
has also notified ail the merchants
that they will not be permitted to
charge more than seven .pesos pef sack j
for corn. i
ns. I cannot ery well tell whv and It
will hate to be sufficient to say that
to believe that
we have every reason
Orozco. whom we esteem mn,t .ii.i
SmSiVcA" ihe mnrch "om Jaar
The Vanqulsfa commander iicclareit
that It was his best Information ,,'
Madero was ready to abdicate when
Junrez surrendered.
"AVe shnll ask Juarez to surrender
peaceably. We shall take extrao-uN
nary precaution to notify all forelcn
ers In the city when we expect to at
tack nnd we cannot he responsible
after that. AVe shall advance from he
river and place our artlllerr h.
firing parallel with EI "so! "'"'
"Oar best advice Is that nr..i,i.-
Madero I. vacillating nd tha? he wUl
resign when Jnarez surrender, it l'l
I we shall proceed aanthivn.j ,''.' L
Inrce ennnch detachment i- t c
to maintain quiet. "uaTn
"In conclusion. I wish to reiterate
an,, emphasize thnt ours 1, not a de! ,
snltory movement created by acltn- '
tors. It Is the conscientious effort hV ,
principled men to restore Mexico i
economic nnd political Indenendence "
From the time I met Gen r .,...
til pholorrapher Homer Scott mnn ,7
behind a Cnmpa V,nn, '"H J?"? .
to go Into their cam n Vnr '. ,1'" I
llir t tit bile of Gen. Campa to- -4iHPrinnH
np0 lnlte.1 ...:
newsresers Mr- those. ,ml.- 1.1.
one of respect
Mexican consul E. C. Llorente re- ,
ceiied the following telegram, dated ,
Chihuahua and signed by Abraham 1
Gonzales, governor of the state, Sat- j
urday night: v
"General Orozco authorizes 'yon to
denv energetically the affirmations
j contained in the manifesto which has ,
neen circulates in mat cuy ana in ;
Juarez, in which use is made of his ;
name in the contents of the aforesaid ,
The manifesto referred to is the one
declaring for Geronimo Trevino for
president and purporting to have been
signed by Vasquez Gomez, Orozco and
Mr. Llorente said Sunday that lie
had received advices from governor
Gonzales to the effect that Pan. ho Villa
with S00 men had arrived in the Ga
leana district surrounding Casas Gran
des and would attempt to dispel the
'rebel forces there.
An Associated Tress dispatch from
Monterev sav that Gen. Trevino de
clares he is as loyal to the existing
government as ei er and that he will
die fighting to defend it.
Mexican consul E. C. Llorente. of El
Paso, received a similar dispatch Sunday.
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What Is known is the "Blues'
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great majority oi cases by a dis
ordered Li ER.
For &ood Cleaning Try
Town Is Amply Prepare
With Ammunition to
Resist Attacks.
army "bandit.,'
flnl coarleay.
HI raen. appnrrntlT. nre. lbf In
, mr. ,c ainiTrtrrt ilrxirnn nb ran
r.BJ- .DTO. 4 OCT RhoTr ,n,.hr,l
lent, of fnmlnr or the coM.- Thor nre
hnj.py even smlUnx. and thcT anpar--nl
fed fhenelvf, nemonnly Ctpa
llre.l to "rr!for Mexico.'
Camon cout arc ranxia,; fhe hllN.
Flr nllc fownril El r, t a pnrtv
of jHarez i' tutu nnd of . im b'.
VnnnnM fi-nn-il rmln-n.lv more
read. tn- bnt'V.
ruiMv inn mii i, n
TI.CV nro ItflttatlC Th. Ti.lfav. Ah.
the aplrlt which thcr rcprenenf !
which may be demonstra-
td by trying a course of
Movini? -ns. accustomed to th
peaceful task of movlnj; chiffonicres
and fumed oak dining room sets from
Mundy HeiKhts to Eat Rio Grantle
street or vice versa, have been im
pressed in the service of warnnsr Mei-
iV-aaCb5,1?SenoUghtocarryacomp.viX,1th Western To Scild t
or reoeis on Its quarter deck rnmbled
across the Santa Fo bridge Sundav
night with coffin shaped pine boxe.
fat, squat cartons and boxes contaimni:
American made arms and ammunition
for the volunteer defenders of Juarex
against the rebel hordes now at Bauche
t nr arms ano ammunition went u
kmrme to Look For
Abandoned Cars.
ifceycontroinndresulatothe LIVER.
They bring hope zn d bouyancy to th e
mind. They bring health and elastic
ity to the body.
ported to Mexico by request of Mexican North Western tram nh , v,
consul K t". Uorente. who arranged for. leae Momlav afternoon v
the clearance at the El Paso port and run south until ;,ip io,e-
"" mmtrj to tne Mexican officials
In charjte in Juarez. Xo manifest was
made cf the ammunition and arms at
the custom Mouse, but it is believed that
the equipment was suficlent to arm
another battalion of linl men for ser
vice in the field on the nlains of Juarex
should the expected attack materialize m-wnd brought in.
i ne machine gun. most hated of MIL The National line wire -
modern marklnAa r .. aimn th PhihnKiw .! ..- ...
.-v ,.. cm-. i mum rHnv itii ii uiiirs m ifii- r-ii operates tnto
.lua'e wit'i iti m n iirothr Th" 'mn i, luTr.' ?s also
'"'' ' I'i't' were rf;ia'red in i.l Pis.. mf :nai .in .am 1i ,,
B'l.i me Run reiu"-nea i 're atucso i ih'.hi t ;r4 n .no
i'i1 fn- use in i a ' attack. o' T-n-r.
Passerger mti' f on a'i Mexican i r
leaving Jiiare;. for the sou-h ha he
suspended. The National line t-ai.
has been anni. llrl nnii the r-
was r1':-
Tlll no-
rrpxireii . ireic"! fiin x as made
to go out Mon.iax a'-er- .on on -Pearson
1'ne. to r-'n -tout ..r -and
arrj an extra fiei t . -ew to ta
charge of any of the t raided t t
whi"h might be found alon? the 1 , ,,'
"" iihiiuu oi lunir-er - .
aeaia tu

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